Double Identity (2009) Script

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1992 Take a breath. - That sounds... Gonna be alright. Take it easy.

She has lost so much blood, Doctor Nick.

I've delivered hundreds of babies.

John Charter won't be a problem...

The area is remote and my men have closed the only road.

Alright... look! That's it. Pull over... I'm driving.

Okay... okay!

You just calm down, okay? Okay.

Pretend you know me...

Get me out of here.

Next... they'll be after us, Doctor Nick.

So... What's this all about?

I just saw you standing there and thought of a way to leave.

Really... whatever trouble you're in, maybe I could help.

Does that really work? What?

The whole act to save the world pick-up routine?

Thanks for the lift.

This is unusual. Something must be going on.

General's orders. The road is closed tonight.

This is an emergency.

My wife is giving birth.

This is the doctor.

Will money open the road?

Breath, good... breath.

That's right.

l thought your men closed this road? lt could be him.

It's okay.

It's okay. l am an American. l'm a doctor.

Forgive us for breaking the curfew.

But my wife has just given birth.

He is a doctor.

I wonder how long you've been following us?

I'm Nick Pinter with 'Doctor's beyond Border'

I'm celebrating with my friend, a birth of his child tonight.

I think perhaps you're actually English and your real name John Charter.

No. I'm an American. My name's Nicholas Pinter. I'm with 'Doctor's beyond Border'

Check with the director... Paulo Ivanoff. lt may be him.

Check his story.

We'll soon know if he's John Charter.

The diamonds are practically... out of the country already.

There's a Mr Charter registered. He's expected tomorrow.

Find out what happen to the American doctor.

And this was left on your desk. Good night then.

How about a hot bath?

I have two things to attend to.

And after that, I'll not let you get out of my sight until tomorrow morning.

Promise is promise.

Allen Jacob will arrive on Tuesday

Paulo. Time to get you out of here.

What're you doing today, my little Katrine?

I think I'm going to Vitoshka Street.

For shopping? Excellent idea.

The American was released. Why am I not surprised.

You know what to do.

What is it?

I think it's becoming clear who our Mr. Charter is.

He's posing as an American doctor.


Have fun shopping.

You're not coming up to the room? No.

I'll pay you back for the beer, okay.

Now, you worked it of tonight. This economic offered you a opportunity.

I don't even have a bowtie. I'll lend you one.

Nick, this is important.

You must understand that many of these new republics have quite a lot of money. Their aim's to make their presence felt.

What am I going to say to them?

Tell them about the triage you said about after the bombing last year.

There... those are the ministers of the newly form Republic of Kargykistan.

It's a very mineral rich piece of land.

Vadim Abilov... the Interior Minister. He's the one with the deep pocket.

Mister Minister... I would like to introduce to you to Dr. Nicholas Pinter.

He's one of our best man in the field.

Nice to meet oyu.

Serik had identified an innocent man as John Charter.

I'm afraid he's going to do something to this man.

If anything did happen to him, it's important to remember that neither you or I is the one's that did it.

I didn't agree to participate in murder.

Find out who's supplying Serik with the diamonds.

The buyer's name is Allen Jacob.

That's amazing, I was just thinking about you.

It is you!

We haven't met. - Well, that's true. We weren't really properly introduce.

My name's Nick. I'm not her.

Alright, please say hello to your beautiful twin sister when you see her.

I really can't do this.

You did well, Nicholas.

You had them eating out of the palm of your hand with that orphange story.

Do we've time for a nightcap? Sure, I've got a bottle in my room.

One more time, bartender.

Alright Paulo, what's on your mind?

Elizabeth called me again.

She made me promised to give you these.

And to ask you to sign them.

She has filed for divorce, Nick.

Nick, it's time. You've been separated three years already.

You travel all over the world to avoid the inevitable.

She's still with that plastic surgeon?

Excuse me.

Alright, I'm gonna sign the damn papers.

You spillhead, you know... some friend you turn out to be. How long...

Paulo, are you asleep?

Pretend you know me. Get me out of here.

Dr. Nicholas Pinter, or should I say John Charter?

I'm Nicholas Pinter, I'm from New York.

Spare me the acting. You're good... Much better than the others.

The American accent is a nice touch, but you're not perfect.

You should've changed your name earlier.

I'm Nicholas Pinter. I'm with 'Doctor beyond Borders'

I know about that mister doctor beyond borders.

I made the mistake of letting you go once,

now think before you answer. How long've you been following me?

I'm 'Doctor beyond Borders' We don't take sides.

Are you alone? - I'm here for the summit. I'm here for the summit.

I'm from New York. My name is Nicholas Pinter.

I believe you.

Bury him.

I can't just disappear.

Which river runs through Iraq?

Tigris. Thank you.

People will be looking for me. l forgot to buy bread.

I'm not who you think I am.

It's a mistake.

I'm not digging.

So... with pain or without pain?

What's going on?

No, no, you've been dreaming.

There is nothing to worry about. Go wake up mama.

She'll explain it to you that you've had a nightmare.


What do you mean she is not there?

That's when you discovered he was a police officer. - That's right.

That friend of yours... Paulo. Paulo Ivanoff.

Why do you think they would want to kill him? - I don't know.

And why wouldn't they want to kill you?

They did want to, as soon as they found out I wasn't this John Charter fellow.

And that's when you climbed out of the grave? - Yes!

You have no idea why they would persecute you.

I told you... I think it was because of the road block.

That's right.

Excuse me a moment.

He is here. We're nearly there.

He's in my office down the hall.

Turn off here.

Wanted by the Police

Yes, Mr. Primstone.

A dirty black tuxedo.

Hey... stop that man.

There he is. I see him.

One ticket.

Where? Prague.

One minute, one minute. Hold on.

You have change coming, here it is.

John Charter!

Paulo's friend.

Sterling. Nice to meet you at last.

We were hoping to re-establish contact with you.

Where is your cellphone? They took it.

What the hell was that stuff at the embassy?

You were lucky we intercepted you.

Never mind... let's get you out this place.

Holden House.

You'll never clear custom's looking like that. We better get you clean up first.

Nice touch of these... making you looks like the prime suspect.

Shame about Paulo.

Mr. Charter, what a pleasure.

I think you should know I'm not who you think I am.

Oh dear... And if we believed that...

...we have to kill you.

You know what... You're funny.

Isn't he? Just like they said.

I am Murdoch. Really.

Come on John, you've got a plane to catch.

Eva will get you ready for travel.

Follow me, Mr. Charter.

The photograph for a new passport. We'll pick it up at the hotel.

That's a conference sign, Mr. Charter, so you'll need a pass.

Here's your conference id. How'll I know who's my contact?

Just wait. They'll find you.

Goodbye, Mr. Charter.

Drinks, sir?

Excuse me, sir. Sorry, it is confusing.

Looking for someone?

That was close.

We need to get you out of here safely.

You were in the cafe, wasn't it?

I'lll get you a passport. Until then you'll be safe here.

What's your name?

What would you like to call me? I was thinking Olivia.

Olivia is fine.

Where're you going? I'll be back in the morning.

I need to get you a passport.

I promise, I'll get you out.

If they grabbed him, why're they keeping him in there?

Hang on... we got something. They're on the move.

Without him.

Okay, let's follow them.

How may I help you? - Yes, I would like to know if I've a packet or any messages?

Your name? John Charter.

Is there anything else, Mr. Charter?

Yes, I lost my key. May I have another one? - Yeah.

Listen, you're in a lot of danger. There's not much time Meet me in the alley. How did you know it was me?

Look out the window.

Where are you? Just get to the alley in the back.

We'll take it as it goes.

I used to worked here as a teenager.

This is Tomas. Take your clothes off.

What? Take off your clothes.

Is this where we pretend to know each other really well?


Tracking device...

But I thought your people gave me this clothes.

Somebody on our side is not really on our side.

Tomas's gonna lead them on a little goose chase.

We will give him a head start.

Unfortunately there's a problem with your passport.

I'll take you to someone we can trust. He's an old friend.

Is he in the restaurant?

I'll have a look.

Hang on... hang on... hang on! He's moving southeast.

Hey, Katrine. Ludvik... hello Ludvik.

This is John Charter. My pleasure, Mr. Charter.

Ludvik'll keep you safe. You can trust him.

What are you mixed up in, little Katrine? l can't talk right now.

Just keep him safe.

My people want him dead.

Since you've more than one name, Mr. Charter...

Turn around... Raised your hands

Have a sit there.

Dr. Nicholas Pinter. Wanted for the murder of Dr. Paulo lvanoff.

I didn't kill him.

I'm not surprised you said that.

This is the man who killed him.

Victor Krastev. How did you get this? I took them.

And these is the man they're working for.

He speaks Russian, but I think he's Kargykistaans.

This is Malik Gelayev... A well known rebel leader.

And this man here, he's a Russian officer. What're they doing together?

I don't know. Maybe they're smuggling.

This was left at the hotel desk for John Charter.

Mr. Allen Jacob Jeweler to the People

Those addresses here are jewellery shops.

Could be diamonds.

Katrine seems to believe you're a good man.

So I will help you.

I'll go to this, Victor and his partner You'll be safe here, in the meantime.

I don't see him. He's close. Really close...

Straight ahead, crossed those lines. Where the hell is he?

There. - There! He's wearing the coat.

Coat? Where did you get the coat? - What're you accusing me...

Where did you get the coat? Mumbling in foreign language.

I thought you checked he didn't know anyone in Sofia? - We did.

Who the hell's helping him? Damn. Come.

Do you mind if I've my people look at these?

Please, that's a sample.

Take a look at that.

As far as supply're concerned, I need something more than simple assurances.

I've over seven hundred retail outlets.

If the cartel find out about this, they'll revoked my fundings.

I'll then have 700 retail outlets selling custome jewelry.

Supplies not a problem. So you say.

How do I know? I'm the one who stands to lose.

My supplies... Mr. Jacob comes from the Kargykistaanse depository with the blessings of the government.

On August 12 next year the Kargykistan contract with the cartel will expired... if I had done my job, Kargykistan might not renew the contract.

Do you see the opportunity?

I'll have to meet this man.

Three days.

If he sit downs with me, like this, me the same promises

...then we have a deal.

But my concerns must be taken seriously.

My darling, meet our new partner Allen Jacob.

Not quite partner yet.

What will convinced you? The identity of Serik supplier?

My attitude's quickly changing.

You know every detective looks for outside work.

Why don't you tell your old partner what you know. l've heard they're working for Serik Doulova.


Do you have your claim slip, Mr. Charter?

Do I really need it? I'm definitely John Charter.

240 leva!


Aren't you going to answer?

Hey Katrine, Micholas has gone. How did he get out?

No idea where.

It's my uncle. He has lost his dog.

These people you're playing with are animals.

They won't think twice about killing you...

Call me back later.

Just put up some signs.

Reception. Hello, John Charter.

Please hold one moment.

Yes, I'll hold.

Hello. John Charter?

Who is this? This is Nicholas Pinter.

That means anything to you?

How did you get this number? I picked up your photos.

Dr. Pinter. Well, call me Nick, John.

We've a mutual acquaintances according to these photographs.

Nick, I'm sure you realised by now that you're involved in a very dangerous situation.

Well, I don't remember getting myself involved.

Yes, well. It was an unfortunate series of events. Look... I want those photos.

Yeah! Well... I want to go home. I maybe able to help you on that.

Where are you now?

Do you want a white coat?

Mr. Charter?

Shall we go to bed? Good.

What are you doing here? This is John Charter's house.

This is gonna be a very dangerous situation.

You need to keep away from this house.

Yes, I will help you if you need to find Ludvik.

What's going on? What're you doing with him?

Trust me. Ludvik and I are the only ones trying to help you.

Katrine? I'll be right there.

Nothing is what it seems.

Help me to keep you alive.

Wait until he sleeps.


You two look outside. You come with me.

What's going on here? We had an unwelcome guest.

But it looks like he's gone.

Let's go back to bed then.

Nothing is what it seems. This is a very dangerous situation.

Help me to keep you alive. lf you had nothing to do with this murder, what were you doing with the American?

Defending myself. He broke into my house.

You have a lot of protection for a simple businessman.

The American has died.

I warned you.

Your phone call could have risked the entire operation.

He would've compromised my identity.

How does he even know who you're?

I told you... I won't participate in the murder of an innocent man.

What you should give a little more concern to your own welfare.

Let him go. Then I'll make sure you get what you want fromSerik.


He'll send me to meet his source.

Be still. The doctor's giving you something.

You will feel better when you awake.

Get what we need.

They're releasing me. I told them I won't leave without you.

Did they hurt you? They're letting you go?

I'm not leaving without you.

The American is dead.

He broke into our house.

It wasn't your fault. You were protecting us.

The police wanted him for a murder. They wonder why he picked our house.

So do I.

It was just a stupid coincidence. Any decent lawyer...

They won't let me see a lawyer. They said this is a extradiction.

Then they want money. Well, give them money.

You must leave if they let you.

I'll get out soon enough.

If this thing doesn't happen by the day after tomorrow, all our work're for nothing.

I will do what you say.

Go to the embassy and speak to the deputy ambassador.

Use my name and the word crystal.

I can't say anymore. Maybe they're listening.

You've trained her well.

Remind me not to believe a word she say.

Can you stand?

Follow me.

Dr. Pinter, over here.

You know Murdoch.

And I believe you've already met our lovely Katrine.

Clearly this is not a police station.

I'm afraid I owe you an explanation as well as an apology.

John Charter's part of an operation tracking that man.

Serik Doulova. A powerful and well connected member of the Kargykistaanse mafia.

Obviously you know you're not John Charter.

All except for a brief moment today... agent Finney either.

You see, there's no John Charter.

Until that is, accidentally you stepped into his shoes.

And unfortunately for you, that suited our purpose.

And what purpose was that?

To keep Serik preoccupied with John Charter.

But the good news for you, Nicholas... Is you're headed home. - Home? - Yes!

Murdoch here will escort you to the border where he'll give you this.

From there, you go to Sarajevo, and board an aircraft to London and from London you'll go to the States...


And that Dr. Pinter will be the end of John Charter.

Something's not right. If you're a government agency, why... see why would you... Nicholas...

Please take the ticket home. It is the only way.

I should trust you with this? Yes, you would.

Safe home, Mr. Charter.


Good. Now time to do your bit.

Have you ever been to Hatton Gardens, Murdoch?

Hello. Aah...

This way please.

Where is Serik?

Something terrible has happened.

Serik instruct me to come and see you.

And to use the word 'crystal.'

You do know who I am, right? I know who you are.

Take a seat.

Tell me what happened.

A man broke into our house. Serik killed him and the police arrested him.

Who's the man, the perpetrator?

His name was John Charter.

And this John Charter is dead?

I watch but it was in self defence, he broke into our house. This man was wanted for murder.

And now they... they won't let Serik see a lawyer.

Serik will sort it out.

But time is against us on this other matter... we must make sure all Serik hard work doesn't go to waste.

You've met this Mr. Jacob? Yes, several times.


How long will you be working here?

We finish today.

Tomorrow we start at Vassil Levski Blvd.

Steer clear if you think this is bad.

Vassil Levski Blvd. L'll remember that.

Do you think the Englishman will treat you better than the Kargyk?

They promised to let Mick go if l see it through.

And you believed them? Come to your senses child.

Why should they lie to me?

Ask this question instead...

Why should the Cartel take the chance of leaving any witnesses?

There's too much money involved, and you Katrine, are very expendable.

Consider my plan again.

Use your head.

I want to speak with him, so I know he's okay.

He's fine.

Let him tell me that.

Ms. Katrine... don't forget yourself. Remember who you work for.

I'm asking someone who used to care for me, Matthew.

We didn't say goodbye properly.

Well, if history's any guide, we'll get another chance.

No, this will be our goodbye.

Listen, when this's all over, you know where to find me.

Goodbye, Nicholas.

You don't realized what she's done for you, do you?

What do you mean? Think about it, doctor.

Who do you think the fictional John Charter was created to protect?

The real agent. Oh... well done.

While Serik was busy worrying about John Charter, too busy to look for the real agent.

Even after you've became John Charter and Sterling was using you to bait Serik...

...Katrine is safe.

Despite the fact she was there all along of course right beside him.

And now thanks to you, she put her own life in danger.

We'll be crossing the border in a few minutes, come on.

Okay stopped! There's a bend up ahead.

When the train slows down, we're going to jump... okay.

Jump when I say. Look, down there.

Go to sleep. Nothing is what it seems.

This is your fault.

Your contact'll find you at the convention site.

He'll gives you a new passport. Passport...

Do you hear me... Mr. Charter, I'll keep you alive... alive.

You're John Char... Charter.

She loves you. Take the ticket.

That will be the end of John Charter.

Goodbye, Nicholas. Goodbye...

I worked for the diamond cartel.

I can't help her anymore.

You're the only one who can help her.

Who, Katrine... Katrine...

They're going to kill her. Who? Who's going to kill her?

Bloody diamond cartel.

Sterling has a plan. The plan is...

There's going to be an exchange.

They will shoot her.

And Mr. Greene, Jacob's man, is the shooter.

Mr. Murdoch. Where are you?

Mr. Murdoch... Murdoch!

We don't have much time.

Mr. Murdoch, hurry. The other patrol will be here soon.

Murdoch is dead.

Did you hear me? What happened?

He tried to throw me off the train. He broke his neck instead.

Are you alright? Murdoch told me... worked for the diamond cartel. Is that true?

Yes, that's true.

He also told me you've saved my life.

I did what was right.

You put yourself in danger. Why would you do that for a stranger?

Maybe I want to be more like someone who travel around the world...

...helping complete strangers.

They're going to kill you for helping me.

I know.

Before he died, Murdoch asked me to warn you. Sterling has a man...

I've to go. Just stay off the phone, okay.

They'll used it to track you.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Take care of yourself.

Mr. Jacob. Aah... call me Allen And I'm so glad you phone before you left.

Serik had to attend to some other business but I've managed to set up the meeting.

Who's this mystery man I'll be meeting?

Are you familiar with the Kargykistan cabinet ministers?

I can say I'll get to know one of them personally by tomorrow.

Find out who has called her.

They look real. What do you think they're worth?

Forgotten in the evidence room... nothing.

Well they're not forgotten anymore, are they?

They better still be forgotten. lt's so easy to make me forget, my old partner.

Why did Murdoch called you last night?

To assure me that you kept your word regarding Nick.

Keep yours now.

Hello my beautiful. Hello.

Am I the first to arrive? The minister is on the way.

Is Mr. Walther ready?

Mr. Walther's standing by with the money waiting for my call.

Have you selected the location? Yes, of course.

Why has the all powerful Denoy diamond cartel allowed me to live, huh?

I'll be your Lee Harvey Oswald?

The news will say, 'Gangster goes crazy, killed minister'

And the cartel'll gets what it wants. A new contract with Kargykistan.

The minister'll be just upstairs. We'll enter his private room.

We need some eyes and ear in there. We should've wired her.


Mr. Jacob?

Alright, Mr. Greene. I'm not worried about the minister or his men.


Mr. Minister, I can't tell you how pleased I'm to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Hello.

Please have a seat. I've arranged for lunch.

Did you turn Katrine after she started seeing me?

She worked long for me long before she seduced you.

She was so convincing.

How're we doing across the street? We're about to go in.

I've over seven hundred outlets.

I would've more if the cartel increased my allotment.

The cartel has survived by using a simple strategy.

Control all 3 sides of the triangle mining, cutting... distribution.

In your case, Mr. Jacob, they control the last sides... distribution.

In our case they strove to control the first two... by limiting the number of diamonds we could sell.

Our contract with the cartel expires next year.

Tthree billion dollars of trade every year, they're desperate to ensure we renewed that contract.

I intend to create an alternative.

It can be you.

To the first of many.

Have you selected the place? Yes, I have.

It's halfway between the hotel and the embassy.

There's a lot of statues there, which make it easy to find.

Davis, are you in position? Yes, I'm in position.

Where is the bathroom?

Has Greene come back?

Leave Now!

Well, may all our future transaction goes smoothly as that just did.

That's called for a dessert.

I'll have an espresso. I'll be right back.

Waiter, we'll order dessert.

Where the hell does she thinks she's going?

Maybe she's working for me now.

I haven't hear the shooter.

Davis, anything?

No, nothing yet.

What happened? Get him in here. Somebody hit me in the back of the head.

Get him some ice.

Who did this to you?

Come on.

Who did this to you? I didn't see him.

I regret to tell you that the exchange has not gone as plan.

My men still has the diamonds.

Well Mr. Walther say he... he has got the diamonds.

Fakes, no doubt. Then who... who has got my money?

Watch the Kargykistaan.

What happened?

Hold on.

Ludvik. He is my uncle.

He'll help you. Wait here.

Your uncle is... excuse me the words, a very stubborn man.

How could you do it?

You have me utterly confused... Beyond my little Katrine.

First of course, there was the betrayal.

That was very painful.

So, imagined how relieved I was as that feeling turn to admiration and then pride.

I watched your drama unfolding and admired your courage.

No wonder I loved that woman.

But there is this the matter of the money, I want it.

I don't know where it is.

What a first rate actress you're.

You don't realized it yet, but you'll take me to the money.

Nick, look out.


It's okay.

Go ahead! I'll be fine.

Go with Tomas. Let's go.

Helping complete strangers...

Take the ticket. Goodbye, Nicholas.

Hospital in Sofia... Three weeks later Dr. Pinter, over here...

Can you give me the name of the woman? - Dr. Pinter...

Will you be returning to the United States?

Dr. Pinter... - Do you know who that woman was?

Dr. Pinter, are you co-operating?

Six months later.

Dr. Nicholas Pinter M.D. Family Medical Care

Wish you were here! Love, Katrine.



Remember me? Hey, I was just thinking about you.

I think you've got my post-card.

Yeah, I've got your post-card. How is Argentina?

A little lonely. Yeah.

Kind of wish I was in New York. Yeah, wish you were here too.

Wait... wait a minute!