Double Impact (1991) Script

[Marching band plays]

[Baby cooing]


Come here. I'll take him.

I'll take him. Come on. Goodness, Chad. Don't be sensitive.

Hey, that wasn't worth all that fuss, was it, Alex, hmm?

[Woman] Come on now.

Is he OK? He'll be fine.

Well, Paul. Six years, three banks and $200 million later.

Congratulations, Nigel. You, too.

Mr. Wagner, it's time to rock and roll.

Time to rock and roll. Good luck, darling.


Many centuries ago, a Chinese poet foresaw a Hong Kong that glittered like the stars in the heavens.

Today, by providing an underwater tunnel to connect Hong Kong Island with the mainland and the New Territories, we hope that we have brought that prophecy one step closer to reality.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, Griffith Wagner Enterprises proudly present to the Crown colony of Hong Kong the Victoria Harbour Tunnel.

[Marching band plays]

[Crowd shouting] [Applause]

Paul. Sure you don't want me to follow you home?

Oh, I can get home without you, Frank.

I'll believe that when I see it. [Paul] We'll be fine.

You take the night off. Hey, thanks.

Without you I could never have done it.

Now, get lost, you bum.

If you say so. Katherine, take a look under the front seat, would you?

That's a little token of my appreciation.

I don't know how Paul's initials got on there, but they're there.

That's nice, Frank. It's really nice. It's cheap and there's no cigars, but...


But it's... really great. Thanks for everything, pal.

[Katherine] Hey, Frank. It's lovely. Goodnight.

[Tires squeal]

Frank? I said take the night off. I heard you loud and clear.

Then that's not your car following us?

[Chuckles] No, it's...

[tires squeal]

[Horn honking]

What's the matter?

[Baby crying]

Paul, whatever you do, don't get out of the car, goddamnit.

I'll be right there.

[Katherine screams]

Get down! Get the boys down!

[Katherine] Get them down!

My babies! Please, no!

[Groans] [Screaming] Paul!

[Exclaims] [Grunts]

[Katherine screaming] [Grunts]

[Paul] Katherine! [Screaming]

[Katherine] Paul, no!

[Man speaking foreign language] [Katherine screaming]

No! Paul! Oh, my God!

[Baby crying]

[Screams] [Crying]

Oh, God!

[Sobbing] Oh, my babies!

Oh, babies!

My babies. What'll happen to them?

You'll never know.

Ah! [Gunshot]

[Babies crying]


[Babies crying]

Get those kids and get out of there!




[Baby crying]

Oh! [Speaking foreign language]


[Men speaking foreign language]


[Speaking Cantonese]

[Children singing "Frère Jacques"]

[Speaking foreign language]

[Speaking French]


[Pop music plays]

[Man] How do you feel now? Oh, it still hurts.

[Man] Oh, I'm so sorry.


Maybe you should relax now, OK? OK.

Slowly close your legs.

Beautiful. Doing well.

[Giggling] You know, stretching is so important.

For example, because of my big legs and karate, I can do the splits, no problem.

[All muttering]

Back and forth. Back and forth.

Feels good. [chuckles]

[Man] They're right in here. I'll be with you in a minute.

Chad. Yeah?

I'm sorry. Don't move.

Take over the karate class.

Look, Frankie. I'm busy with those girls now.

No, this is business.

Take over the karate class. Like this?

Three! [grunts]


We got a little problem...


Jackie, what's wrong? No problem.

What's wrong? It's the new guy.

How you doin'? All right? Yeah.

It's gotta be him.

[Speaks Cantonese]

What are you, the ballet teacher or what? [laughs]


Yeah, I'm dancing, yeah. Also some karate.

Karate, huh? Show me one of your special kicks.

You wanna see one of my kicks? Yeah? Yeah. C'mon.



[Class laughing]

Ooh! Shit.

Chad, come up to my office, ASAP.

Hong Kong? Uncle Frankie. Get real, man.

We can't just cut out for two weeks. We got a business to run.

You have another business to run in Hong Kong.

Make this thing look like a fucking dog pound.

Another business in Hong Kong. Uncle Frankie...

I'm not your uncle.

You're not my uncle?

Suddenly, after 25 years, you're telling me you're not my uncle.

Uh-uh. And you weren't born in France. I just raised you there.

Any more surprises? Like maybe I own a grocery store in Zimbabwe?


Now, listen to me. I raised you ever since you were six months old.

I brought you up like you were my own kid.

Have I ever given you any reason not to trust me?

No. Then trust me.

We're going to Hong Kong.

Chad. C'mon, put on your seat belt.


[Chad] Whoa. Look at this, Frankie.

Let's go shopping.

[Pop music plays]

Bop, bop!

Frankie, check it out.

Driver. How long?

Hotel. How long? We're not going to the hotel.

What? We're gonna go to this joint first.

Nice little joint. It's highly recommended in the tour books.

Out. Out.

Thank you. Keep it close.

[Men shouting in foreign language]

Hey, Frankie. What is this?

[Frankie] It's a mah-jong parlor.

It's a cross between dominoes and five-card stud.

Try a hand. I'm going to talk to this guy.

Frank. Frank. Frank. Frank.

You wanna stay here? Beautiful.

I'll be waiting at the hotel. I'll take a shower and shave and...

It'll be great. No, we'll go together. Come here.

I want you to see something in here. C'mon.

Chad, trust me. C'mon. This place sucks.

Hey, boss. Just the way you like it. Very hot.

For your friend, too?

What's wrong? [Man shouting]

[Shouting in foreign language]


What's wrong with him? I dunno.

What'd he give you? Cash, money. I love Hong Kong.



Very nice.

Thank you.


Go on. Go see what she wants. I think she wants to talk to you.

Go on. I'll be right here.

Did you pick these out yourself?

I am impressed. Haircut, too.

You know, this really is a lovely color on you.

What else do you have in here?

Silk underwear. Mm...

Keep going. More surprises?

Oh, yeah. Big surprise. Huge surprise.

[Grunts] [Thudding]

[Man] Look at him. The way he walks. [Woman] He looks like you.

The way he touched you? I'm sorry. He looks exactly like you.

Look like me?

You, of all people, should know I'd never wear black silk underwear.

Wait, wait, wait. Look at him. A faggot.

Frank. Frankie. What's going on here?

Chad. He's your brother.

Look at him. For Christ's sake. Look at him.

Just take a look at him. He's your twin brother.

I don't believe this. My brother.

See that door? You've both got 10 seconds to get the fuck out.

Hear what they've got to say.

Five seconds! Damn it, Alex.

You stay here. Don't even think about it, pal.

Don't even think about it.

Sit down.

OK, let's talk.

You ever hear of a guy named Nigel Griffith?

That's like asking a New Yorker if he's heard of Donald Trump.

What about Raymond Zhang? Yeah.

What about him? What's this got to do with Alex?

It's simple. The Victoria Harbour Tunnel was built by a man I used to work for after my tour of Nam.

Halfway through construction he ran into money problems.

So they pulled in Griffith as an equity partner.

Griffith got his cash from a secret loan courtesy of the Zhang family.

When the tunnel was completed, and my employer's construction expertise was no longer needed, they had him and his wife exxed out by a Triad hit team.

Only, the Triads fucked up because they had two sons, babies, who they were gonna wipe out, too, so they wouldn't come back and claim what was rightfully theirs.

You're full of shit.

Paul and Katherine Wagner.

And their two sons, Chad and Alex.

Those two men, can we find them? Let's go after Raymond Zhang.

You've got an army outside, or what?

Did you hear what he just told us?

These were our parents. Look at them.

I hear bullshit every day, pal. You want some advice?

Take your fancy clothes and your silk underwear and go back to Disneyland.

That's it. I guess you and I, Frankie. Like always.


You want some real action, tough guys?

Let's do it.

[Ship horn blares]

This is beautiful.

[Frank] What's the piece for? Just in case.

In case of what?

[Alex] There.

Let's say hello.

[Men shouting in foreign language]


I don't believe this.

[Speaks foreign language]

[Horn honks]

A smooth operator.

Ah. OK.

They don't get those cars in China. The UN should give you a prize.

Cash. Yeah.


[Siren wails] Huh?

[Foreign language over loudspeaker]

This is the Hong Kong Marine Police! [Foreign language]

Prepare to have your vessel boarded and searched!

You set us up. No Mercedes, no cash.

Drop it. Get your asses off the boat.

Chad! Get down!



[Shouting] [Loudspeaker]

[Police speaking foreign language]


[Police speaking foreign language]

This is the Hong Kong Marine Police.

[Siren wailing]

[Speaking Cantonese]

[Engine revving]

Nice going. Nice going?

Nice going, my ass! I almost got killed. And the cops are still chasing us.

Trust me.

[Siren wailing]

[Chad] Hey, can this piece of shit move any faster?

[Chad] Frankie, help me.

[Speaking foreign language]

C'mon, baby. C'mon.

[Speaking foreign language]


Welcome to Hong Kong.


Chad, take a bite. Be a man.

What's it supposed to do? Make my dick bigger?

All right, Alex. I think that Chad and I established our credentials yesterday.

Now, what do we do about your tunnel?

My tunnel?

Is there proof? Any legal documentation?

There doesn't have to be, girlie. I was there.

I got the scars. Those won't carry weight in court.

Let me tell you, the only law that Zhang knows is the law of a 12-gauge shotgun, one of which he used to splatter Mr. Wagner all over the Victoria Peak Road!

I don't need to listen to this any longer.

Jeez. What's her problem?

She's working for Griffith for five years now.

Oh, great. She's gonna tell him everything.

Listen here, big guy. You can spend the rest of your life smuggling cognac while some other guy collects the dividends on your father's blood.

It's your call. It's my call, I know.

That's my woman.

That's fucking great.

Danielle, stay.

Sorry. But if I'd sat there another second, I would have slapped him.

The guy's old, crazy, you know?


Look, just check on what he was saying. That's it.

And keep it quiet.


Alex. [speaks Cantonese]

No, it's my brother.

The wrong guy.

[Speaking Cantonese]

Wrong guy.


Alex, it's so good to see you.

[Speaking Cantonese]

Mr. Zhang.

I heard you had quite an adventure the other day, didn't you, Alex?


Honestly, now. The profit of four tons of German automobile versus four tons of white powder.

That is what we have to seriously discuss.

Have a cigar.

You don't seem quite yourself today. Are you all right?


Alex, because of your little escapade the other day, I've got the police breathing down my neck.

Now, if you were on my team, we wouldn't be bumping heads this way, would we?

You like that box?

I picked it up at an estate auction.

Together with this lighter.

It was 25 years ago.

[Horn honks]

[Speaking Cantonese]

[Indistinct chatter]


See some familiar faces, Alex?

They're making the kind of money you'll make when you work for me.

On Thursday, a freighter will deliver some cargo in Tolo Harbour.

All you need to do is pick it up and deliver it to my boatyard in Causeway Bay.

It's simple.

And the compensation, I assure you, is most generous.

So, what you say?

You'll do it, right?

So, what's your answer?


Go fuck yourself.


I didn't hear you.

You go fuck yourself.

Big mistake.


[Speaking Cantonese]




[Speaking Cantonese]

Alex, so sorry we couldn't do business.

Oh, by the way, if you get any more of that French cognac, you know where to find me. Hm?

[Truck departing]

How many were there? At least eight.

I could have taken them.

Except that big Chinese ugly mother-fucker with a big scar on his cheek.

All right, gentlemen. Let's quit flogging the log, here.

What's it gonna be?

I'm in, Frank. All the way.

I don't know about Alex.

I'm in.

Everything under control, Miss Wilde?

Yes. Thank you.

Does Mr. Griffith know you're here? Yes, of course.

Pardon me, please.

What happened?

I was going through some files when this security person came in.

So I wasn't able to find out anything.

Look, just keep looking. And be careful next time.

I'll try. But if I get caught I'm out of a job.

Where are you, by the way? Uh...

I'm taking my brother on a fishing trip.

Give him a big kiss for me, all right?

Big kiss? I'll give him a big kick in the ass. That's what I'll give him.


I love you.

Big kiss.

[Ship horn blares] [Whistles]

Hey, guys!

That's the place.


This place is like a goddamn fort.

Good choice, Alex.

Chad! C'mon.

[Frank] Great place to hit him from, Alex.

They'll be begging us to take the tunnel back.

C'mon, Chad. We reserved the Marco Polo suite for you.

I've slept in worse.

Oh, Frankie...

Come on in, Chad.

Don't wait around for the bellboys. Put your luggage on the floor.

Show me one spot on the floor without bird shit.

Oh, sorry. We forgot to call the maid.

Very funny!


No. That's very funny.



Frankie, I dunno about this guy.

Give him time, Alex. He'll be all right.

You think so?

[Imitates explosion]




Alex, I think they screwed you. Let me see.

Next time, I'll make the deal.

[Chuckles, grunts] [Gunfire]

Look good to me.

Chad, tell me again exactly...


Chad. Yeah, yeah. I hear you.

Tell me again exactly what Zhang told you about the drop.

Uh... Thursday night, Causeway Bay.

[Men speaking foreign language]

[Cracking] [Grunts]

[Whispers] Watch my back.

Don't fuck up.

[Engine revving]

[Men speaking foreign language]

[Man shouts]



[Dog barking]


Shit, Chad!

The fucker, Chad.






[Man shouts]

Come on, let's go!




Yeah. Yeah! Hey, bro, we did it.

Did what? You fucked up.

[Ship horn blaring]

We're wasting our time. I've worked for Mr. Griffith for over five years.

He's as honest a businessman as I've ever met.

Just keep looking, OK?

I'll keep looking.

I miss you.

I've got to go now.


Mr. Griffith is going to an important business meeting at the Klimax Klub tonight.


You know who owns that club. Raymond Zhang.

[Speaks foreign language]

[Tapping on glass]

Gentlemen, to our latest acquisition.

The Golden Glory... [speaking foreign language]

...which will soon be exporting our shared bounty to the United States of America.

Let us thank their Drug Enforcement Agency for their efforts to stem the flow of narcotics from South America.

Demand is up. Street prices are up.

And we, in the Far East, are now more than ready to fill the vacuum.

Kara, would you like to do the honors?

Thank you.

[Dance music plays]

Excuse me for a moment.

Hey, Alex! Didn't think we'd see you around here so soon.

Those scars healed pretty good, didn't they?


You are looking well.

What's in the box?

This is the cognac Mr. Zhang asked for.

Can you give this to him, please?

With my compliments.

Now, turning to a more immediate matter.

Last night, our factory was destroyed.

I know you're all aware of this temporary setback.

Since the police are not claiming responsibility, one can only assume that it was the work of an outside rival.

Or worse yet... an inside rival.

[Dance music continues]

Yes, I know. It's terribly bad for the morale of all concerned when someone isn't being a team player.

You see, we've been letting ourselves get soft, gentlemen.

Lax in our attitudes.

We haven't been paying sufficient attention to all the little details.

Have we, now... Mr. Ngyuen?

No! No! Not me! [grunts]



More cake, anyone?

[Dance music plays]

Chad, come on. Move your ass.

[Women giggling] Hi.

Hey, who the hell are you? Alex.

Alex? Alex who? This is the cognac for Mr. Zhang.

Just arrived from Marseilles. Number one. [chuckles]

Would you like to dance? Yeah, why not?

You are very handsome man. Like Sean Connery.

Uh-huh. What?

What's that? French cognac, sir.

From our friend Alex.

He knew about last night's shipment.

Invite him in here. We'd like to have a drink with him.

Would you like to dance with me? Uh...

Would you excuse me for a minute? OK.

More cognac, eh?

Well, guess what? The big boss would like to thank you personally.

Hey, that's nice. In there.

Um, I've got one more case in the car. I'll be right back.

No. You don't seem to understand.

Mr. Zhang would like to thank you now.

Are you hearing me?

[Laughs] [Beeping]


[Speaking foreign language]



Yah! [Grunts]




Let's go.

There's two of them.

It's another bomb. Get out. Move it.

We're busted. Out. Out!

[Kara] Get out!

[Police siren wailing]

Chad, this way.

[Door opens]

What's the big hurry?

Are you, um... hiding something?

No. No?

[Kara] That's good, because... I have to frisk you.

And if I don't find anything, well...

I can let you go.

[Whispers] And we can just forget this ever happened.

C'mon, now. Turn around.

That's a good girl, yeah.

And now... can frisk me.

[Newscaster on radio] Arson investigators are exploring the possibility that the mysterious fires plaguing properties owned by Transworld Exports are the result of renewed warfare between rival Triad families based in the colony.

We'll be back with sports and weather...

[phone rings]

Hello? Chad.

Hey, Danielle. May I please talk to Alex?

Alex and Frankie... They're in the jungle.

Hey, you can talk to me. I'm a nice guy.

Chad, I found something in the files. An old document.

I... I really shouldn't talk here.


I was just searched.

Searched? What do you mean, "searched"? Who searched you?

It's not something I care to discuss on the phone.

You're right. Stop talking.

I'm gonna find Alex and... and... and... Frankie... Uh...

We'll pick you up at Alex's place. You go there now. Uh...

I'll talk to you soon.

Guys! Guys! Where are you?

Alex! Yo, Frankie!

Honey, we're home!

[Frank] Chad!

Hell of a time to take a joyride!

Express service. Where's Alex?

Couldn't find him.

I dunno what to tell you, Alex.

I'll be outside.


Frank was right about everything. About your boss, too.

Yes, I've realized that.

[Phone rings]

[Speaks foreign language] Is my brother with you?

Sure, boss. He's in the back room.

By himself? Uh, no. Danielle, she's with him.

Everything is OK, boss? Put him on the phone.

Yes, sure. Let me just go to get him. Now!

[Man shouting in foreign language]

[Screaming, shouting]

[Buzzer sounds]

Hello? Where are they?

Brothers. Brothers?

Kara. What's wrong?

She works for Griffith. She's the one who searched me.

Don't play stupid with me.


[Phone ringing]

They got guns. We're trapped.

No, we're not. Help me move this aside. Come, help me.

[Whistles] I love Alex.

I'm gonna kill him!

Hey, this is good.

Excuse me.

Shit. [Speaking foreign language]

This way.

[Chickens squawking] [Screams]


C'mon, let's go!



[Horn honking] [Screams]


[Horn honking] [Shouts]

The boat. Let's go!

Ah! [Speaking foreign language]

[Speaking foreign language]

Jump! C'mon, jump!




Let's move out.

[Boat engine revving]


Let's go.

[Helicopter approaching]

That's it. Let's go back.




Frankie. You've got a lot of explaining to do.

And I got to ditch this boat. Now get outta there.

Why? What's going on?

There's been a lot of strange-looking aircraft floating around here...

What is she doing here?

She realized Griffith ain't Mr. Clean.

We got enough prima donnas here.

Like I say...

You got a lot of explaining to do.

Madame, your suite is ready.

[Boat engine starts]

[Horn honks]

This is it. Home, sweet home.

[Alex] Well, well, well...

Ain't this a sweet picture?

[Danielle] Alex, I tried to call you. Somebody searched me at the office.

Don't stop there, bro.

I think she likes it.

Alex, it's not what it seems. You shut up.

Alex... Cool down.

Chill out, pal.

Chill out, OK?

Chill out?

Chill out.

Mr. California.

Mr. Silk Underwear.

Mr. Perfection.

You wanna see how we chill out in Hong Kong?

You're drunk, Alex. Stop this! Ah!

Don't even think about it.

I was waiting for that.




Alex, he's your brother. Brother. Why?

Because he looks like me?

I'm gonna change that.

Because I'm gonna fuck up his face. I'm your brother.

Frank! Frank! [Grunting]

You're not bad for a pussy.


Come on!

[Panting, groaning]



Chad! Alex! Hey! You guys outta your mind?

Frank! Stop them! Knock it off!

[Gunfire] [Screaming]

We're supposed to be fighting the Zhangs, not each other.

Now you, Alex, you need him more now than you ever have.

Don't tell me what I need. You're drunk.

Maybe I'm drunk. Tomorrow I'll be sober. But he'll always be a faggot.

That's it, Frank.

I don't need him.

I don't need him. I don't need the fucking tunnel.

I'm out of here! Fuck him!

I'm out of here.

Chad. Chad! Fuck him!

[Frank] What do you mean, "out of here"?

[Chad] I'm going home! Los Angeles!

We're on an island on the other side of the fucking ocean.

I'll swim!

Hey! I'll swim!


[Danielle] Alex, he is your brother.

Who was there for me, when I was on the street alone, huh?

Nobody helped me.

I don't have a brother.

I don't have a brother!

[Helicopter approaching]



[Helicopter approaching]


[Heavy breathing]


Oh, mother-fucker.



Where are they?

Where are the twins? Fuck you.

Oh! Stop! They've gone.

They've left the island.

She lies. They could take us somewhere else.

[Shouting in foreign language]

If you find them, bring back their bodies.

I think Griffith would love to speak to this one personally.


[Man speaking foreign language]



[Helicopter approaching]

Welcome home.

They've got Frank and Danielle.

Where? I was just about to ask him and...

I hope he'll talk.

He'll talk. Trust me.

So we don't have the entire cabal in custody?

But we will before the day's over.

[Sobbing] [Grunting]

Are they cooperating yet? No, sir.

Hello, Frank.

Are you ready to talk? Or are you ready to scream?

Like I said... fuck you!

[Steam hissing] [Screaming]

Hey, where's your brother? Huh? Where's your brother?

He's late for the party.

My brother hates parties, man.


[Steam hissing] [Screaming]

You don't know what side your bread is buttered on, do you, you silly bitch!

Think of all the kindness... [screaming]

...I wasted on you over the years.


[Shouting, gunfire]



What's going on up there?

It's painfully obvious, Raymond. Would you give me the phone?

This is Nigel Griffith speaking. Good evening, lads.

Not in a conversational mood, are we?

Fuck you.

Perhaps a word or two from a friend might serve to break the ice.

[Frank grunting]

Kara, make him scream.

Stop it! Chad! In the boiler room!

In the boiler room!

They know where we are now. That's good.

We can stop wasting time. Ring the area with your men. Hurry!

[Speaking foreign language]

[Nigel] We're still waiting for you, lads.

It's not terribly polite to treat your friends this way.

If you don't hurry, one of them might have to depart our company.

Which one would you prefer it to be? The young lady?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. [Danielle screaming]

Mr. Frank Avery...

[Frank] Don't fall for their trick, Chad! Don't fall for their trick!




[Nigel] One down, one to go. Do hurry, lads.


You're dead.

You're dead!

They're on their way.


Oh, don't worry, Frank. Next time we'll make it real.


[Grunting, panting] Huh?

Come on.


[Shouting, groaning]

Come on!



[Grunting] [Chuckling]




[Yelling] Oh!




[Electrical fizzling] [Screaming]

[Panting] [Explosion]


[Man over speaker] Mr. Griffith! Cargo hold number two!

It's gone! And everybody in it!

[Nigel] The twins. What about the twins?

[Man] Everybody. They're all dead.

Goodbye, Frank.

[Danielle] Get away!

[Danielle] Don't touch me! No!

Come on. This ain't gonna hurt. [Sobbing] No!

Oh, shit!


[Screaming] [Grunts]


It's you and I, dickhead. Come on!

[Grunts] [Screams]


[Steam hissing]

Kill him.

Go on, kill him!

Kill him!



Chad! Take care of Frank! And Danielle.


He's mine!


C'mon. Stay with me.





[Chad] C'mon.


[Engine revving]







Come on.

Chad or Alex or whichever one you are.

Alex, what's this really about, anyway?

Is it the tunnel?

[Panting] You know, Alex. Griffith... he's too weak.

Don't worry about Griffith.

My brother. He's taking care of him.

[Chuckles] Good.

Alex... if you're in with me, I'll give you half... of everything.


What about my father?

Come on, come on. You've got to breathe, haven't you?


Yeah. [Screaming]

What about my father?

[Sobbing] Alex... It was Griffith. I swear.


Help me!

Stop it!

[Shouting, screaming]


[Both panting]


[Pop music plays]


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