Double Lover (2017) Script


Am I hurting you?

Are you sure?


Just a little infection.

Nothing serious.

But be careful of your weight.

If you lose more, your periods will stop again.

And my stomach pains?

They're back?

They're getting worse.

I see nothing abnormal.

I can prescribe an ultrasound if you like.

I think it's mainly psychological.

In your head.

Could you recommend someone?


I think I'm ready.

Would you prefer a man or a woman?

Paul Meyer Psychiatrist

Ms. Fortin?

Have a seat.

I suppose I should start?

If you like.

I've always had stomach pains.

I've tried a number of diets.

I went gluten-free.

I've seen specialists, but they never find anything.

People say it's psychological, the stomach being a second brain.

So I might as well see a shrink.

I understand.

I'm 25.

I live alone.

Well, not completely. I live with my cat, Milo.

I'm currently looking for work.

It's tough, I'm stressed.

I say the wrong things, blow everything.

I made good money when I was younger.

As a model.

But I quit.

I've had a few lovers.

Nothing major.

I think I'm incapable of loving.

I feel empty sometimes.

Like something's missing.

Sometimes I cry for no reason.

There you are.

Think you can help me?

I think the pain you feel reveals something about you.

Together, we'll try to find out what it is.

I dreamt about you already.

Is that a good sign?

I'm listening.

I was pregnant.

By who, I don't know.

But it hurt, real bad.

My stomach kept expanding. I was afraid it'd explode.

I was here, lying on a gynecological table.

You had steel instruments resembling torture instruments.

I asked you not to hurt me but you didn't respond.

You spread my legs and looked at my sex.

I tried to close my legs. I felt you were going to rape me.

Ridiculous, no?

When I started modeling, it was... exciting.

Then it got sleazy.

I wanted to be an actress as a kid.

I wanted... to charm.

Seduce those around me.

Especially the adults.

My mother's friends.

I liked feeling them looking at me.

But I didn't like them touching me.

I was shy.


I often imagined I had a sister.

A twin.

A double, who would protect me.

When I was 7, my mother told me I was an accident.

From a one-night stand she'd forgotten.

She wouldn't recognize his face.

Maybe he was violent with her.

Or maybe he paid for her.

Like a whore.

I was raised by my grandparents.

My mother didn't have time.

She was a beautiful woman.

Free, intelligent.

But there was no tenderness between us.

When I imagine her death, her funeral...

I feel nothing.

In her coffin, I see myself.


I don't see her anymore.

But I feel she's watching me.

Knows my thoughts.

In my dreams she looks at me harshly.

She judges me.

I feel she doesn't love me.

And it hurts.

Hurts where?

In my stomach.

For once you speak.

When you look at me that way...

I feel I exist.


They called me today.

I got the job.

Part-time in a museum, decent pay.


It's funny.


Watching people is strange.

Then again, it's a museum. Not a prison.

It's thanks to you.

You gave me confidence.

My stomach hasn't hurt in a week.

I'm afraid I'll get better.


I think I want to stay weak.

Keep hurting, while you... stay strong.

Nothing to say today?

I feel good.

I think I'm happy.


Then we should end our sessions.

Why? Did I do something wrong?


It's me.

This has never happened before.

I have feelings that make it impossible to continue.



I'll recommend a colleague.

An excellent therapist.

No need, thanks.

We should take the time to discuss it.

No need.

You don't think you've cured me?

I think you were my remedy.


Don't play with this.

I'm not playing.


Are you the one moving in on the 13th floor?


Hello, miss.

We'll be neighbors, I'm on the same floor.

That's nice.

I loved my last neighbors.

They had to leave. She was pregnant.

You have a cat?


What a sweetheart!

He's so cute.

What's his name? Milo.

Milo, you're a looker!

How old are you?


I've always loved cats.

I had a darling one who died 2 years ago.

You should get a new one.


Goodbye, miss.


It's me.

Chloé, are you here? I'm here.

Hello, my love.

I see your cat's right at home.

Want a drink? Yes.

How was your day? I spent it at the hospital.

It's so different to see people in real pain, who need me.

Makes a change from me.

You're my very special case.

You OK?


Are you sure?

It's strange, you know everything about me.

But I sometimes feel I'm with a stranger.

Like you're hiding things.

Why do you say that?

I found your old passport in a box.

You got into my stuff? I was just unpacking.

I saw you had a different name.

Delord, I believe.

Don't want to talk about it?


It's not important.

That's why I didn't tell you.

When I began my practice I took my mother's name.

Paul Meyer has a ring to it, no?

We said not in the bedroom.


He has to get used to it.

Come on, kitty.


Promise to tell me everything and hide nothing?

Promise to stop getting into my stuff?

I promise.

Good morning.

Sleep well?

Not really. I had a strange dream.

The first night is always strange.

Especially with a stranger.

I gotta run.

Big day at the hospital.

Have a good day, honey.

You too.

See you tonight. Yes.


You can go. OK, thanks.

What'd you do today?

Worked non-stop.

Where were you?

At the hospital.

I didn't even have time for lunch.

Why are you lying?

I'm not lying, Chloé.

I saw you on my way home.

Talking to a woman.

Impossible. The hospital's across town.

But I saw you.

You're mistaken.

It wasn't me. I must have a look-alike.

I'm sure it was you!


Calm down.

You're tired.

You didn't sleep last night.

Take it easy.

Louis Delord Psychoanalyst Hello.

I'm calling to make an appointment.

My name is Eva.

Eva Martin.

You can reach me at 06 34 22 19 16.

Thank you, goodbye.

Ms. Martin?


This is Mr. Delord. I got your message.

You'd like an appointment.

Very well. I've got an opening in two weeks.

Nothing sooner?

Let me check.

I've got a cancellation tomorrow at 1 pm.

OK, tomorrow's perfect.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Have you settled in well?

Yes, thanks.

Is he happy?

Happy? Your cat.

Milo, yes. My boyfriend, not so much.

He never liked cats.

Men are heartless. They don't understand animals.

Goodnight. Good evening.


Where are you?

My baby! Who put you in there?

Hi, it's me.

How are you? Fine, good.

When'll you be home?

I've got emergencies at the hospital. I'll be late.

Eat without me.

It'll probably drag on.

All right.

Are you mad?


Work well.

Thanks. Kisses.

Ms. Martin!

Come in.

Have a seat.

Does it happen often?


Your little dizzy spell.


Only in certain circumstances?

You look like someone I know.

Do I?

Paul Meyer.

He's my brother.

Do you know him well?

Not very.

I consulted him, to no avail.

Rest assured.

We're twins and went to the same schools, but our therapeutic methods are very different.

I don't suppose he sent you.


A girlfriend did.

I mean my sister.

A girlfriend, your sister...

Do I know her? I don't think so.

My name is Eva, I'm 25... and I live with a man I adore.

He loves me, but sometimes I feel very alone with him.

I feel an emptiness.

Do you make love with him?


Of course.

It all stems from my mother's death.

I feel her watching me, judging me.

But I'm not convinced you can help me.

If you follow my therapy, which will cost you, I think I can cure you.

If you stop lying to me.

Lying to you?

I don't believe you have a sister.

You're an only child, right?

Is your mother really dead, or do you wish her dead?

Lying to seduce is common practice among pretty women.

Especially the frigid ones.


I'll call you back.

Take care.

Excuse me.

I'm willing to see you again.

I do refuse certain patients.

Those who'd be bland without their vices.

Excuse me.

This isn't going to work.

Please pay me for the full session.

150 euros.

Don't mention me to my brother.

I don't see him anymore.


Next time we'll see if you're interesting... or a silly twat.

There'll be no next time!

How's the museum?

Not great.


I guess it's fine.

Are you bored?

Why do you say that?

I don't know.

I suppose sitting there for hours...

Why won't you introduce me to your family?

You know my parents live in the USA. You'll meet them when they're here.

You haven't introduced me to your mother.


What's wrong?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

Maybe you need to go back to therapy.

You think?

If you're feeling low, I can recommend someone.

I feel fine.

I remember the first time I saw you.

You seemed a bit lost, but stronger than most of my patients.

Did you think I was a silly twat?


Just a dirty twat!

Tell me what you really thought.

"I hope I don't fall in love."

Milo... my baby...

Ever wish you had a brother?

A brother?

I suffered as an only child.

It never bothered me.

I had a happy childhood.

What about a twin brother?

No thanks.

It'd be like looking in a mirror all the time.

Maybe you have one and don't know.

Why'd you change your name?

Why not use Delord?

I told you, Chloé.

Taking my mother's name was easier.

It's an old story.

My father's company had legal troubles.

Conflicts of interest, insider trading...

It was in the headlines for months.

He wasn't guilty, but he was responsible.

He was acquitted, but his name was sullied.

My parents moved far away.

As for me, it was better to use my mother's name professionally.

My father even advised me to.

That's all.

Do you believe me?


That cat!



Hello. Everything OK?


I made a cake, I thought I'd share.

How nice, thanks.

Can I come in?

Of course.

Looks good. You've fixed it up well.

I like the colors.

Thank you.


Could you do me a favor? Sure.

Paul doesn't like Milo. Could you take him awhile?

Of course.

That's very kind. Sure you don't mind?

I'll take good care of him.

I love cats!

Some of Rose's cake?

The Meaning of Dreams by A. Wexler

Agnès Wexler...

Surprised I came back?

To be honest, I didn't give it a thought.

Do you regret it?

I didn't like your behavior.

But I think you can help me. Help you with what?

Cure me.

Cure you of what?

My problems.

Your problems... or problem?

My problem.

How would you define it?

I don't really know.

Yes you do. No.

That's why I'm here.

So you can help me find out.

I think you're lying again.

That's not why you're back. It is.


See you next week, same time.

The session just began.

I decide how long it lasts.

We've covered it for today.


Pardon me.

150 euros.

How'd it go with Agnès Wexler?


Don't want to talk about it?

She didn't say much.

She mainly listened.

Like you, the first time.

Tell her about your stomach?


What's she think?

That it's your fault.

My fault?

Just kidding.

We didn't go into it.

But you're happy?

Yes, she thinks she can cure me.

Cure you? Are you sure she used that word?




It's not her style.

What's the matter?

Come in.

Follow me.


Get undressed.

You're crazy.

Time for applied techniques.

Come closer. No.


You want to.

I can't.

"He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence."

I don't desire you.

Then why'd you come back?

To... Yes?

Learn the truth.

Then let yourself go.

Next time you'll come.

Leaving already?

I have to go to work.

Did you like our session?

No one's ever done that to me.

No one's ever fucked you like that?

You've fantasized it.

Same thing.

Beautiful cat. Is he yours? Yes.

I have a cat too.

My neighbor has him because of my boyfriend.

Is he allergic to cats?

He just wants to be the only male.

Is it a female?


Danton is a male.

Rare for a tortoiseshell.


Never heard of it?

They're usually female, with two colors.

In less than 1% of cases, they're male with three colors.

Always twins.

Twins? Yes.

It's a genetic eccentricity.

Caused by a trisomy of the sex chromosome.

Unique creatures.


When the cat's ovum is fertilized, twin fetuses develop in the uterus.

But after a few weeks they meld into one organism.

A unique cat, with the genetic properties of twins, XXY...

In fact, it's the dominant twin.

It happens in people, too.

Some people discover, as adults, they're carrying inside them the fetus of a brother or sister.

They're cannibal twins.


How's Milo doing?

I was just coming to see you.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry, I think I did something foolish.

Don't worry, you know how cats come and go.

He took off that way.

I'm leaving it open so he can come back.

This is my sweetheart, Luigi.

He was my daughter's cat.

Your daughter? This was her room.

Sorry, I didn't know.

She's not dead, rest assured.


She's just a bit sick.

She's been in an institution since she turned twenty.

She's a tormented young lady.


How did you and Paul meet?

He prefers I don't talk about it.


It's a secret. I'm an ex-patient.

I see.

Do you know Paul's brother?

Paul has a brother? A twin.

You've never met him?


They went to school together.

I'd remember that.

Excuse me.

Had any cases with twins? Meaning?

A patient who hides the existence of a twin?

No, but I'm sure it happens.

When twins are raised to be the same, as adults they're eager to cut the other twin from their lives.

I remember some worried parents who thought their twins were psychically linked.

The twins had a secret language, and one of them sucked his brother's thumb.

Bizarre, no?


Thank you.

Where were you?

Wandering around.

Who's that woman? Seriously?


You don't recognize her?


It's your shrink, Agnès Wexler.

I've had too much to drink, sorry.

Let's go home.

Good night.

Careful. I'm fine.

What's wrong? Nothing.


Feeling better?

My stomach pains are back.

From seeing Wexler?


Since you began seeing her...

Stop the car. What?

Let me out!

I can't.



What's she doing?



Think I'm hysterical?

Cut the crap.


Come on.

Your boyfriend would be jealous.

If he knew, I'd leave you.

So you love me less?

I know only sex with you.

And him? Think you know him?


Not really.

Which of us is more attractive?

I don't know.

You don't know... or don't want to tell me?

When I'm with you, I think of him.

When I'm with him, I think of you.

What're you thinking about?



I am.

Not tonight.

My stomach hurts.


I have my period.

Let go.

Stop. Let me...


Let yourself go. I don't want to.

Does my brother fuck you this way?


I've had patients with pseudonyms before!

Miss Eva-Chloé!

How'd you know? I've known from the start.

Why didn't you say anything?

It was fun watching you drown in your lies.

I understand. My brother can't cure you like I do.

I gotta go. Wait!

I'm in a hurry! Wait.

We have to talk.

We must stop this.

Just don't tell him.

You don't exist to him anyway.

I know.

He could never stand having a twin.

He denies my existence.

He wanted to be the only one.

An only child.

My parents' favorite.

I no longer exist.

I think I'll quit.

You just started again.

Feels like stirring up muck.

That's the point of therapy.

But I'm fed up.

You sound like a fickle child.

I'm not fickle! You know you need it.

Did you talk to her about it? No.

Do it. I'm sure she'll understand.

I don't like her.

What do you mean?

I want to please her so much I hate her.

I think about her constantly.

I'd rather think about you.

Great. That's transference. It's a good sign.

Is it?


Stick with it.

You'll feel better.

Where the hell are you?

Sorry, I can't.

Why not?

I'm afraid Paul suspects something.

Did you tell him?

Of course not. Then don't worry.

I'll expect you tomorrow.

I knew you'd like it.

I did, but...

But what?

I want to try something else.



I want to fuck you.

Don't want to?



Isn't your therapy based on exploring my repressed desires?

You need to do it with someone else.



Did Paul change his name to cut you out of his life?

Of course.

What do you feel for Paul?


I rarely think of him.

People often confuse us, that's all.

When they learn I'm his older brother, they ask after him.

Older brother?

I'm 15 minutes older.

Why the smile?

15 minutes isn't much.

I was born 15 minutes sooner. Head first.

Paul came out afterwards, feet first.

My mother suffered like hell.

He made her lose a lot of blood.

I weighed 5 1/2 pounds.

He was under 4 1/2.

Even in my mother's uterus I was the dominant twin.

I'm right-handed, he's left.

Our hair curls the opposite way.

His left eye is weak. My right eye is.

We're mirror twins.

In certain primitive cultures, they'd kill the second-born twin because he was weaker and had less chance of survival.

Good evening. Reservation for Meyer.

This way.

You were right.

We had a good talk.

I learned a lot about myself.

And about you.

About me?

Why I was attracted to you, why I love you.

My stomach pains are nearly gone.

That's good. Keep it up. Take it further.

You'll feel even bet...

You're no longer my shrink, sir.

Just... my lover.



Will you marry me?

Be my wife?

Can you help me?

Want to go in the bedroom?

No, I'd rather do it here.

Are you sure?

Go easy.


How's that? OK.


You're hurting me.

Was that your first time?

Of course.

Did you like it?

I did it for you.

Why don't you tell him?

He doesn't want children?

Sure, I think he does.

My poor Chloé, you're lost.

You don't know if it's mine or his.

But you can rest easy.

We have the same genes.

Stop it, Louis!


What's your secret, Louis?

I need to know now.

What happened?

What made him cut you out of his life?

Please tell me.

I'm pregnant and Paul wants to marry me.

Ask him.

It's your secret against his.

What if you're the one who's obsessed with him?


In two seconds you've turned ugly.

You hate Paul.

Because he's the real dominant twin.

He fucked you in the ass.

Get lost, Chloé. Fuck off.

Want me to leave?

Fine. I'll get my things.

I'm off.

Paul's waiting for me.

Get out!



Dirty whore!

Get your fetus out of here before I kill you!


This is a bit cold...

I'm pressing a little.

Is something wrong?

Hang on, let me look.

Hello Chloé.

I can't talk. Is he there?

In the next room.

I miss you, Chloé.

Do you miss me?

No, we're through.

Sorry for last time. Let me make it up to you.

I want to fuck you.

Enough, Louis. Surely you miss my cock.

You're crazy!

I want to see you again. No.

I love making love to pregnant women.

I'm hanging up. Tomorrow, same time.

Shut up.

You're carrying my child. Check the dates.

Enough. I'm hanging up.

Who was that?

A colleague from the museum.

About a scheduling problem.


Is this a bad time? You've finally come!

A patient cancelled. I'll buy you lunch.


Charming place.

My break's in 10 minutes, OK?

I'll have a look around.

See you in a bit.

Thought I forgot your birthday?

No, but you said nothing this morning.

I hope you like it.

I bet it's jewelry.

Good guess.

Reminds me of Milo...

Glad you like it.

Thank you.

Thought I was my brother?

Calm down!

Sorry, but I had to see you.

I want to resume our therapy.

I'll cure you.


My darling, it's your birthday!

To our reunion...


You turn me on.

I don't know what's stopping me.

Our secret, Chloé!

Let me go.

Has Paul mentioned our classmate?


Ask him about Sandra Schenker. Then you'll understand.

Happy birthday to you...

Got you something...

What is it?


A cat-shaped brooch?

That would be tasteless. Yes.

Do you like it? Yes.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

Ever see old classmates?

Why do you ask?

I ran into a friend on the way home.

I hadn't seen her in 10 years. Quite a surprise.

We were once so close. Now we have nothing to say.

Her name is Sandra...

Don't answer it.

Another one of your patients.

I love when you're jealous of my patients.

It's me.


Very well.

8:30 tomorrow morning.


See you then.

Who was it?

The taxi for the airport.

When'll you be back?

The seminar is 3 days.

I'll be back Friday.

The Delord Twins Bewitch The Crowds

I love you so much. Your sweetheart, Sandra


May I speak to Sandra Schenker?

Who's calling?

I'm an old classmate of Sandra's.

I was wondering how she is.

My daughter doesn't go out anymore.

Hasn't in a long time.

Why doesn't she go out?

You don't know about the accident?

Hello. Hello, madam.

Antigone, her best role.

She was also wonderful as Orphelia.

The production wasn't very good. She was so young.

Before each performance, she'd get down on her knees and say a little prayer.

Wasn't she beautiful? Yes.

She could've been a great actress.

She always seemed so strong.

So intelligent.

Say hello, Sandra.

An old classmate has come to see you.


Go ahead, talk to her. Don't be afraid.

Hello, Sandra.

You probably don't remember me.

I'm Chloé.


Don't be impolite, darling.

It's Chloé!

Look over there.

She was so glad you were coming.

We got ourselves ready, washed our hair, styled it...

She chose her prettiest dress.

For you.

She has her ups and downs.

Impossible to predict.

Excuse me...

I shouldn't have disturbed you.

You're not disturbing us!

Quite the contrary!

Are you OK?

Do you have time for a cup of tea?

If you like.

Wonderful. Come.

They were such a perfect couple.

Sandra and Paul, Paul and Sandra.

He was shy. A charming boy.

Unlike his twin.

A monster.

He's the one who got her drunk, pretending to be Paul.

Sandra had never had a drop to drink.

She was a serious girl.


A virgin.

What happened, happened.

He raped her.

When Paul found out, he became extremely violent.

He was so very jealous.

He began to hate his brother.

He refused to see Sandra again.

Sandra didn't understand.

So she committed that act.

Attempted suicide with a firearm.

When it comes to twins, we assume if we know one, we know the other.

But the Delord brothers...

Did you know them too?


But nothing bad ever happened to you?

No, I mean...

You were their victim too?

What do you mean?

But you... you liked it!

Didn't you?


You little tramp.

You liked it.

Dirty hussy.

Dirty hussy! I'll be going.

I knew it.

Little whore!

Dear Chloé, My cat gives you his heart.

And so do I. He who truly loves you.


Is something wrong?

Paul is away. I don't feel safe.

Is your daughter's room free?

Follow me.

You'll feel better here. Safer.

Come in.

I was afraid you were still mad about Milo.


My daughter's nightgown.

Thank you very much.


Wake up.

Someone's here for you.

Look who I found downstairs.


My love...

How'd you know I was here?

Rose told me.

I asked her to watch over you.

Let's go home.

Sorry, I should've told you.

Yes, you should've.

If I'd known about your brother, we'd have avoided all this.

All this?

Yes, you didn't tell me the truth.

You made me seek it out.

Dig into your life, your belongings.


Because I love you.

I never wanted to hear that story again.

My brother, Sandra.

I tried so hard to forget.

She betrayed me.

He soiled her.

I broke up with her because...

I stopped loving her.

I had no feelings left.

I felt only pity for her.

It wasn't Sandra's fault.

Your brother pretended he was you.

He tricked her, then raped her.

Not at all.

Sandra was attracted to him.

She only wanted me because I was his twin.

He's the one she wanted.

What do you think?

That she was the victim of two diabolical brothers?


She's responsible too.

Her fascination... her lust... for twins.

That's what killed her.

She's still living!

Living dead...

Good morning, Chloé.

Sleep well?

I made you my daughter's favorite cake.

Excuse me.

I've got to go.

Why'd you lie to me?

Who is this? Me.

Paul? Yes.

You're back?

Wexler was at the seminar. She's never heard of you.


Why'd you lie to me?

Got a lover? No.

I have to explain.

Am I the father?



Nice to see my old patient.

Hands off!

Weren't you happy to get my heart?

Did you really think it was his heart?

You know I love that beast.

Enough, Louis! I saw Sandra and her mother.

I know what you did.

You destroy everything.

The whole thing was absurd and tragic.

Sandra was a beautiful girl.

But completely hysterical.

That little bitch cried rape to my brother.

You're lying.

Did her mother mention Sandra was pregnant?

By me, obviously.

It's funny.

Looking at you now, I feel I'm seeing her.

The same greedy mouth...

You're a monster.

There are no monsters.

Only human beings. Like you, me... and Paul.

My god.

Sandra Schenker returns.

I won't end up like her.

She should've killed you, Louis.

Are you quite sure, my dear Chloé, that I'm Louis...

and not Paul?

Freeze or I'll shoot!

What're you doing?

I believe we have a guest.


My brother told me everything.

You shouldn't have lied to us.

You made Sandra's mistake.


Put down the gun. Surrender.

So we can both fuck you!

That's what you want.

To fuck twins like Sandra!

Shut up, both of you!

Who's Paul?

It's me, Chloé.

It's me, Chloé.

It's me.

You can see I'm Paul, not Louis.

Is this what you want?

Like with Sandra?

Whoever I am, don't shoot. You're carrying my child.

If you kill one of us, you'll lose the other.

Think of your sister.

You're a double, too.

Hello, Paul.

I'm so angry at myself.

It's not your fault.

My daughter's always been fragile.

I refused to see.

I thought loving her would keep her safe.

Help her live.

Love has never saved anyone.

Mr. Meyer? You may come in.

How is she?

Better this morning.

She's eating now.

She's recovered from the operation. She can go home.

Did you talk to her about the baby?

Of course.

It was difficult to hear, or even comprehend.

But I think she understood.

As you can see on the x-ray images, the growth Chloé took for a pregnancy was actually a cyst weighing nearly 2 pounds.

And... here's what we removed from her belly.

It's a bit hard to look at.

It looks shocking in the photos, but it's only fifteen centimeters long.

Could this explain her mental state?

Learning she was carrying not a baby but her unborn twin, triggered an emotional shock and inhibited her sexuality.

So that means I was carrying two fetuses?


At the start of your pregnancy.

I could have had twin girls? Yes.

If the second fetus had developed normally and not been absorbed by Chloé's.

Do you remember the ultrasounds from your pregnancy?


I realized very late I was pregnant.

Chloé was not... a wanted child.

I understand.



Paul and your mother have come for you.

Hello, honey.

Are you OK? Yes.

Hello, Chloé.

I'll leave you to it.

Thank you.

The doctor says you're doing better.

No more pain? No.

I don't feel my stomach anymore.


Aren't you sad?

About what? Not having a baby.

We have plenty of time.

You'll get pregnant soon.

Did you see Sandra?


Yes, my twin.

The fetus.


Of course not.

It says on internet I'm a cannibal twin.

The exact term is parasitic.

A parasitic twin.

I devoured my twin sister in your womb.

She was inside me.

No, Chloé.

You didn't devour her, you absorbed her.

It wasn't your fault.

It never became a fetus.

It was just some sort of a growth with limbs and bones.

It was my sister.

Get home safe.

I know you've always been angry with me.

I wasn't there when you needed me.

But now I will be.

For you.

You're my daughter, Chloé.

My one and only.

Feeling OK?

Ever wish you had a brother, Paul?

Enough of that.

It's over.


Subtitling: HIVENTY