Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986) Script

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The Dragon Ball's, a legend as old as time itself, forged in the eternal flames that stir deep within the earth's core.

At the heart of these flames dwells Shenron.

The Eternal Dragon.

Custodian of the 7 Dragon Balls scattered throughout the world.

If it is said that once all seven are united.

The Mighty Shenron will grant the holder a single wish.

Afterwords the balls will once more be scattered across the earth.

While the eternal dragon returns to his lair until another brave or foolish soul reunites the magical orbs.

Subtitles By: MightyMike77020

♪ Find them Dragon Balls! ♪

♪ Look out for them all! ♪

♪ You can search around the world with me. ♪

♪ Gotta heed the call ♪

♪ of magic Dragon Balls! ♪

♪ What a great adventure this will be. ♪

♪ You can climb on board, ’cause the nimbus doesn’t wait! ♪

♪ A fantastic journey for your dreams. A thrilling mystery! ♪

♪ Through the fires of time, they’ve waited patiently. ♪

♪ When all seven balls you find, the dragon is set free. ♪

♪ Rising, rising, mesmerizing, unbridled ecstasy. ♪

♪ Radiant and shining, hidden somewhere in the field, ♪

♪ luminous and blinding, with your desire revealed. ♪

♪ Ageless, timeless, what you’ll find is beyond belief! ♪

♪ Let’s try, try, try, look high and low! ♪

♪ Search the sky and the sea below! ♪

♪ Let’s try, try, try, seize the day, ♪

♪ and make new friends along the way! ♪

♪ Find the Dragon Balls! ♪

♪ Look out for them all! ♪

♪ Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me. ♪

♪ Gotta heed the call ♪

♪ of magic Dragon Balls! ♪

♪ What a great adventure this will be. ♪

♪ Set a course for action, adventure doesn’t wait! ♪

♪ A fantastic journey for your dreams. A thrilling mystery! ♪

They can't do this to us!


I'm just doing my job! Pansy! You mustn't.

Why you little!

She's only a child. Leave her be.

Let go of my rifle peasant!

Pick on someone your own size.

What's going on?!

Bongo, this vermin attacked me!

Oh, are you really that anxious to die?

If that's what it takes to protect my daughter.

The king has destroyed our crops and our...

The Blood Rubies beneath your worthless land are the only crop that interest the king.

You think those stones give you the right to trample us and turn our farms into wastelands.

But no more!

You've got a mouth on you farmer.

Boldness deserves a reward.

Back off!

Alston! Papa!

Wake up wake up! I love my work.

It's important to choose a career you enjoy.

To the palace. Right!

I could've taken him.

This isn't like King Gurumes! These bullies must've tricked him.

I'll show um.

They're messing around with the wrong kid.

You call this food!?

Not just me, everyone calls it food.

I'm starving.

I can't take it.

Ever since I found the Blood Rubies.

Nothing satisfies my ravenous hunger.

Pasta, you bring good news I trust?

Yes, your majesty, I believe that I may soon have another Dragon Ball to add to your collection.

Good, then I'll have five.

Sire, this time we have competition.

Eh? Who?

Fortune hunters.

Fine! Go!

So, what's in it for me?

Life, and rubies.

All the Blood Rubies your grubby mitts can carry.

Bobbles are meaningless.

I'll starve to death unless this hunger can be abated.

You think I'll be full with all this food but no!

I need all 7 balls to be able to wish this hunger away!

Look at me.

I can't fit into any of my old robes.

I've tried!

Bring me the Dragon Balls!


Time to catch some food grandpa. Wish me luck.


Lookout fishies Gokû coming!


Doesn't look friendly.

According to my radar the Dragon Ball just ahead.

It's mine!

But to get it I may have to play nasty.

We should be coming up on it now Bering 5-0 Mark 9.

Must be inside that hut.

The big bird and listen to it tummy growl.

That's funny, it looks like it's trying to land near my house.


Eee, that's a big fish.

Grr! Come out of your shell monster! Fight me face to face!

Were you planning to eat that thing or name it?

I know what you're up to, you big old monster!

You're trying to steal my lunch from me.

Well if you want it, you're going to have to fight me for it.



Stay back!

Ow! That stings!

What do you have against a fair fight anyway?

Uh! I shot you 3 times! How are you not dead?!

Shot me! You got a strange way of fighting!

It will take a lot more than some dumb old rock shooter to kill me!

Prepare to get beat you filthy monster!

Hey! Now, I admit I have my bad days but "monsters" a little harsh.



You're human?


Don't look it.


Like I said, I'm as human as you.

If that's so, how come your legs are so long and skinny looking?

You sure you're not some kind of stork?

I'm not a bird! I'm a girl!

Something you'll figure out in a couple of years.

Girl! What's that?

Or your case maybe not.

You seriously never seen a girl before?

The only other person I've ever seen is my grandpa.

And you don't look like him. His chest bumps are bigger.


Hey, that's grandpa's ball.


Stop! That's my Dragon Ball you snake! Give it back!

No, it isn't. This ball was my grandpa's. He gave it to me!

Say, it must be your dragon ball I saw on my radar.

Dragon Ball? What's that?

I can prove it. Look closely at the red stars. Each Dragon Ball has a different number.

Yeah, you're right.

My grandpa's has four stars on it, but this one only has two.

The fourth ball is ours.

Gee, that was so easy I'm almost disappointed.

Come on! Can't you run faster?

I'm carrying a 200-pound fish.

Forget the fish! I got a feeling somebody's after that Dragon Ball of yours.

My ball!

Hey, wait up!

Is your grandpa's Dragon Ball still here.

Um, it, it changed.

It turned into a gold coin.



Oh, I should have known. Those goons beat me to it.


Great, they're getting away!

The big bird took it?

Boy you are a brick aren't you little guy.

That's not a bird, that's a Royal Rocket Fighter.

Kid, we gotta go after them.

I want grandpa's ball back but I don't know how to fly.

Not a problem.

Let's see...

It's number 5!

Stand back!


Hurry! Let's go!

Black magic!

Y-Your a sorcerer aren't you?!

Would you get with the program? This isn't magic.

It's a hydro jet, there everywhere.

Brother, those guys are gonna get away if you don't stop messing around.

Now come on let's go!

Please, will ya.

What's your name anyway?


I'm Bulma. Hold on to your tail, here we go!

If this thing's so valuable why not keep it ourselves.

Because Blood Rubies are more valuable and we get to keep our heads.

Where do you think King Gurumes keeps the other Dragon Balls?

I don't know.

I suppose he'll share that tidbit when we have all 7.

Set her down!

Give us back our Dragon Ball!

You left this at my house!

Don't know what there saying but we should definitely shoot them a reply.

Yeah, I don't get what they are so sorry about, we paid them for the Dragon Ball, maybe they want a receipt.

Guess they don't want to give it back.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

Now it's my turn!

Bongo are we ok?

We're losing fuel!

This means war.

Yeah! Yeah!

That's it... I got your payback right here.


Aw, the sweet smell of victory.

I hope you can swim 'cause I can't!

How come your dripping? You didn't fall in the water.

Ugh! Breathe a word of this and I'll kill you.

Thanks for your help out there. I feel silly.

I don't know what came over me. It's not like that was my first crisis I'm so hungry...



Why you look sweet enough to eat.

Stay back!


You coulda' poke my eye out! Somebody help me!

Please help me!

Calm down I won't eat you.

It's a figure of speech.

Help! He's trying to eat me!



Looks like I got a full course meal.

I don't think so.

Beat it, you rat boy.

You beat it!

My grandpa taught me it's not right for anyone to bully people smaller than they are!

He's nuts!

Big words little runt.

Right or wrong you are smaller than me I could eat you and your furry tail in one gulp.


Kinda gives you chills, don't it?

Not really, bring it!

Maybe this will!

Hope you like playing the hero.

'Cause I'll happily dip you in this hot soup until the flesh falls off your bone.

Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!

Now you've done it!

What are y'all looking at?

Your bowl of soup, it looks yummy.

You know, I don't think you're as tough as you say you are.

You act like a big baby.

Get this straight I'm the fiercest most dastardly monster on the face of the earth.

Oh?! Why you pint-size nuisance. You think you're so tough?

Well before he died my grandpa did teach me karate.

Karate? Don't make me laugh.

It's the power, not the tool that gets the job done.

If you think you got something take out this tree.

Ok, can't be that hard.

Hey, give it your best shot.

Huh, would you look at that time?

Gotta go.


See ya!

Hey, wait! Gokû come back!

Where are you going?


Kids fast. Can't shake um.

Huh? That's an odd look.

Watch who you call odd tail boy.

This is my real face.

Ah! Look where we are.

This is where he is!

You know, him!

Who's, him?

It's Yamcha!

Ahh, he looks mad!

Say hello to the great bandit Yamcha!

And I'm his trusty sidekick.

Puar, that's enough.

You two have landed on the wrong side of my wall.

Prepare to suffer the consequences.

Who's he again?

Haven't you been paying attention? He's a ruthless cutthroat.

He's gonna take everything we own and make pork chops out of us.

Pork chops? I'm real hungry.

Take my advice young man, don't hang around that twit.

We attended Shapeshifting Academy together.

Till he got caught stealing panties.

Isn't that right Oolong.


Kid, can you drop Yamcha?

Uh, guess so.

Confidence kid. And see what you can do. Piece of cake.

You want me you gotta go through him.


Well this sword, will go through both of you at the same time.

Um, ah, he's all your's kid.

How come you're such a coward all of a sudden?

What do you mean all of a sudden?

I take offense to that.

I've been a coward my whole life!

Well, I'm not a coward lamb chop. Fight me!

The names Yamcha you idiot!

Hold this. Right!

Power pole.



Yamcha use your special move.

Alright kid.

Get ready.

Wolf Fang Fist!

I'm hungry...

We gotta fight before I can eat! Fine by me!






Can we stop now I'm starving I'll kill you!


Yamaha, why did you do that?

Have a little problem around women ok.

What happened to your tooth it's missing.


I'm serious, here, I'll show you.

I'll never get a date now!

You'll pay for this!

Hey! Was that guy a friend of yours?

He had sort of a boyish charm.

You didn't by any chance happen to get his number, did you?

Oolong, if you're going to stay with us you have to follow a few rules.

Like no 30-foot monsters in the house, understand?

Sure whatever. Pick on the pig.

And what were you doing wandering around so late at night Pansy?

I'm sorry.

I know it was dangerous but I didn't have a choice.

See I'm heading south to find the island where great Master Roshi lives.

Master Roshi?

Oh, I've heard of him.

They call him the turtle hermit.

He's one of those old wise zen master types.

Lives all alone in a dinky hut.

Supposed to be a big martial art expert.


He sounds like someone I like to know.

Well come to think of it we happen to be going south ourselves Pansy.

Please, take me along.

I'll teach Gokû some table manners.

Why do you want to meet this turtle hermit anyway?

Because he's powerful.

He can save my home from being destroyed. Maybe the whole world.

The whole world.

Alright maybe not.

But at least he could save my neighborhood from the mean people digging up our Blood Rubies.

Did you say Blood Rubies?


What are Blood Rubies?

The most valuable gemstones known to mankind.

What are gemstones?

You are so dense.

Gemstones are shiny pretty rocks like the Dragon Balls.

Oh forget it! I'll tell you later.

What, I didn't say anything.


Please continue.

You see, it all began when someone found out about the Blood Rubies.

There beautiful but they are haunted by an evil curse.

Our king used to be kind, but ever since he started mining the rubies he's turned into a mean old creep.

Everyone in my town's afraid of him.

Even my parents. But I'm not.

And I'm going to stop him no matter what it takes.

The ruby's change your king?

He's cruel and greedy.

His army's torn up our land.

He doesn't care.

He's destroying our people.

King Gurumes has made life miserable.


But there's nothing we can do.

What are a few farmers against the army of the king.

They do as they please and then force us to watch as the flowers in our forest slowly die.

And what's worse, the king's been searching for the seven Dragon Balls.

He's already got five.

When he gets all seven he's gonna make a terrible wish.

King Gurumes is after them?

Then he must be the one who took my grandpa's Dragon Ball I thought the thieves we tangled with were working on their own.

I didn't know the king himself would actually...

He would! And now we have to find Master Roshi before it's too late.

Only he can help me out of this mess.

Did you hear that Puar?

Every single word. Come on.

It's time the two of us took a little trip.

So tell me, what is the plan you have in mind master?

If I can get to Master Roshi first.

I can fix it so he takes care of that little brat and his friends while I go after the Dragon Balls.

And if what they say is true I'll get what I've always wished for.

And what exactly would that be, my master I thought that would be obvious.

My fondest wish is to be cured of my shyness around women once and for all.

I'm a little disappointed, don't you want fabulous riches or to rule the world?

Something like that?

No way.

I'm not interested in being king.

When it comes to riches I can steal all the money I want.

As for women...


I want to fall in love and get married and at least go out on a few dates.

Uh. Master, are you sure you're feeling alright?

Never felt better. Let's go. Yamcha!

Only 2 more to be found.

Then the Eternal Dragon will free me from this abysmal hunger.

And my belly will know the sublime sensation of being full.

There it is! We made it!

Wow, that was a big wide river.

You sap, that's not a river it's an ocean.

Hello there sir. Are you Master Roshi?


Hey, get a load of this nut.

So you're here to kill me and steal my shell.

Is that it? Speak up.

Well, I know all about your plot. I was warned.

And I'm not as feeble an opponent as I seem.

No please wait. We haven't come to your island to hurt you, I swear.

Where here to ask you for help to fire evil king.

Honest. What?

Did you hear that?

Don't let them fool you old man!

They'd say anything to get your shell pier.

Hey, your that goof from yesterday.

He's the worst one of them all.

Why he'd steal the shell right off your back.

I think he shy.

I've had enough nonsense.

It'll be easy enough to reveal who's story is true.

Come to me flying nimbus.

I don't see anything.

It must be over here.

Is that thing a cloud? Sharp as a tack.

A person could fly through the sky as they please with this baby.

Aww! You mean someone can really ride on that cloud?

Oh no. Not just anyone.

Only those who are truthful and pure at heart can fly upon this magic cloud.

It will not support those who are dishonest or wicked in thought.

Here! Allow me to demonstrate!

Yep, not just anyone.

That's odd, let me try.


It likes me! It likes me!



Mmm, he handles the cloud quite well!

The truth is revealed. Our liar flees.

Hehe, just look at him go.

Did he really think he could fool me?


Mmm, this old thing?

It washed up from the sea one day. Why, do you like it?

Like it!

I love it! It's absolutely fabulous.

Um, well it's yours if you want it.

You mean it?! I have no use for material things...

You don't? And all I want in return...

Is a peek at your supple boobies.


Disgraceful! You should be ashamed of yourself you dirty old man.

Stop trying to ruin my play.

What would you know about boobies plankton sniffer.

Here we go, whatever you do kid don't pull his finger.

Fine. I'll do it. But you have to give me the orb first.

What?! Are you nuts! Shhh!

Allow me to be the voice of all that is decent and sane by saying.

What the hell!

No way. No how. Not happening.

If you do this I'll give you my panties.


What in the hell is that?

This is what I look like!

Everyone's a critic.


Is this better?


The resemblance is uncanny.

You really know your stuff. I'm gorgeous.

Don't flatter yourself.


Ahh?! Stop having fun with my boobs.

I. I can't wait!

Hi. Oh goodie.

Hey baby.

You're a naughty girl now let me see um!

Are you sure that's all you wanna do big Papi?

Well now, wouldn't you rather get more hands-on.

Han-hands on.?!