Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming (1994) Script



"A Pair in Peril! Super Warriors Cannot Rest."

The craziness surges toward us, This is no time for tears.

I will raise my anticipations a hundred-fold, And become our party's leading man.

That which you can lose yourself in Will someday make you an incredible guy.

NO-TEN P-KAN The sky is clear IPPAI OPPAI I am feeling fine.

The trouble is here, so enjoy, You naughty little boy, We Gotta Power!

Dragon Ball Z!

NO-TEN P-KAN My head is clear, RA-MEN ROPPAI Mother doesn't care.

It's the century's end, so twist and twirl, You mischievous little girl, We Gotta Power!

Dragon Ball Z!

Got it!


Wow, Trunks-kun, lucky you were there!

It's not like you can just go running around recklessly!

Yea, yea! The Two-Star-Ball! l found it!

Why do l have to go through all of this? lt's your own fault for springing out like that!

And here l almost had the Two-Star-Ball!

How can you speak to me in that way?

You're the one who said you wanted to see Shen Long, aren't you? lf you don't like it, we can just go home.

We can't go back now after coming this far!

Here it is! lt's here, it's here, it's here!

Inside this bird-san's nest!

There's a whole nest of bird's nests here.

All that's left is the Four-Star-Ball, huh?

Trunks-kun, gathering the Dragon Balls was a lot easier than we thought, wasn't it?

That's thanks to the Dragon Radar my mom made.

Aw, l wish l'd brought a change of clothes. l sure want to get our wishes granted soon! l'll be able to ride any ride l want to without waiting in line! l want to have an amusement park built where everything is free.

What about you, Goten?


l want to have a land made where no matter how much l eat, how much l eat, l could never eat all the cake and candy!

Hold on, what's happening!?

Goten, let go of the eggs, quick!

Trunks-kun, the Dragon Radar!

Hey, give that back!

The last one is around here.

Once we find it, we'll be able to see Shen Long, right? l'm hungry! l'm getting so hungry!

Wow, crystals! They're crystals in the rough!

How pretty! So beautiful, it's enchanting!

You girls have a weakness for shiny things, you know!

Hey, Goten, l'm coming too! l sure could pick a lot of crystals from this area.

--Goten, Goten... --Hold on!

But if so many crystals could be picked from here, how come that village looks so poor?

Were you thinking of leaving me here?

Hold on! Wait up, both of you!

Our most noble God, please watch over Natade Village!

Ombachama, Jatchama...

Cocoa... l'm sorry, please forgive me.

Grandpa, don't cry!



What's the matter?

Who are you people!?

l'm Videl! l'm Goten.

--Who are you, where are you from!? --l've never seen them before!

Where have you come from?

From the sky!

From the sky!?

Don't you try to make fools of us!

We're not trying to make fools of you! See?

All right!

Ombachama Jatchama Yayakoni Totsama Ombachama Jatchama Yayakoni Totsama...

The beast demands of us a sacrifice.

The beast? A sacrifice?

What, are you doubting us? You have to be kidding!

These two aside, l am a defender of justice back in Satan City!

Natade Village here has long flourished because of our crystals, but starting seven years ago, it has been like this.

Our curse! Our curse, Ombachama our curse, our curse!

Yayakoni Totsama! Ombachama! lt is the curse of the mountain god!

Seven years ago, this area began suffering under unusual weather.

Even so, we bore it out and made our lives here.

But there was a beast that suddenly grew out of the mountains, and when it had devoured all the animals, who were already dwindling because of the abnormal weather, it began to attack the village!

What's more, it gets more terrible every year.

The words of the Prayergiver-sama, which offers the sacrifice to the mountain god, beg that he may rebuke the beast.

Ombachama Jatchama Yayakoni Totsama!

That stuff is superstition.

You can offer your sacrifice, but nothing will change!


Do not speak foolishness!

Look at yourself! From the top of your head to the tips of your feet, aren't you the notion of foolishness? lnsolent wretch!

There is nothing left that we can do but follow the words of the Prayergiver-sama.

That can't be...

We have taken every other measure we could.

The young people of the village have all become casualties fighting against the beast! lf this keeps up, the village will be destroyed!

l will go! lf it will benefit everyone in Natade Village...

No way! A sacrifice, of all things! lt's superstition!

Ombachama Jatchama...


We'll exterminate that beast for you! ln exchange, once we exterminate the beast, we'll take the necklace you have on your chest, okay, Mister?

l'm hungry! Can l eat one of these offerings?


But l haven't had anything since morning!

Shh! Be quiet!

l'm hungry too!

You guys are too loud. You can leave this up to me and go home.

We wanted to see you get eaten by the beast, though!

You what!?

--We're hungry! We're hungry! --We're hungry! We're hungry! l can't stand this!

--Me too! --No!

Sis, you hit me!

That's because you wouldn't listen to me.

You only hit me, when you let Trunks-kun have some!

Why did you only hit me!?

Be quiet! The beast will hear us, you know!

You let Trunks-kun have one! Why didn't you hit him!?

You only hit me! lt hurt, you know! lt hurt!!


Why won't you let me have any!?

All right! But just one.

You didn't give me any!


Sis, you're still far too lax! You've fallen for Goten's crocodile tears!

lt's here!


You're the one who's been causing harm to the village, are you?

I, Videl-sama, will put you down!

Trunks-kun, looks like the beast was a dinosaur!

lt sure roars like the real thing, doesn't it?

l wonder if it breathes fire.

Get away from it!

It's too much for you to handle!

You see me?

Whee! Whee!

Cool! Cool! Cool!

We don't have these kinds at Mt. Paozu!

These claws are pretty long, huh?

You behave yourself. We aren't going to make this too painful for you, okay?

What kind of kids are these?

Ah, now Natade Village will be a peaceful village once again.

Videl-san, Trunks-san, Goten-san, thank you so very much!

lt was easy, easy, right Goten? lt sure was.

Thanks, Mister. Ombachama Ja... how did it go?

They've completely forgotten about looking for the Dragon Balls.

Ombachama Jatchama, Yayakoni Totsama!

Ombachama Ja'koni Totsama!

O- Ombachama Jatchama!

What are you doing, this early in the morning!?

Why are you doing this so suddenly!? You aren't getting away with it!

Mister! l'm not a very good riser!


What's that, what's that? A Kakarrot? l've never eaten anything like that.

Kakarrot-o! l've never eaten anything like that!

Hm? An incredible Ki! l- it couldn't be!

You're no match for our agility!

That's right!

Looks like he's not going to chase us anymore, huh, Trunks-kun?

He's tired and has to rest. He's an adult, after all.

How could a guy like that be on Earth!?

There really is always something above the top.

l- it wasn't supposed to be like this!


W- what's the matter, Goten?

T- Trunks-kun, over there! Over there, over there!

There, at his feet...

Yeah? lt's there! The Four-Star-Ball! lf we had that... lf we had that...

--We could request Shen Long --We could request Shen Long

--to really give it to that monster! --to really give it to that monster!

Goten, l'm going to draw him away, so when l do...


Hey! Hey, fighting seriously against us kids like this isn't very mature of you! lf that bothers you, why don't you take your fighting down a notch?

Come paddle my bottom!


Yea, the Four-Star-Ball!

Yea! Yea, yea!

The Four-Star-Ball is gone!

Whoa! This is terrible!

Goten, what are you doing!?

Why that guy, he's going to pay for this now!

Ah, that's better.

And now, let's find the Four-Star-Ball!

Goten, come quickly!

This isn't the one, this isn't the one, not this one, this one either...

Here it is!

T- that monster, he's not playing by the rules!

Please go away quickly!

This is pathetic! If Dad saw me like this, I bet he would get mad!

l have to go pee now!

Trunks-kun! Trunks-kun!!

Trunks-kun! Trunks-kun!

Trunks-kun! l found the Four-Star-Ball! We have all seven!

Trunks-kun, where are you!?


Hey you, monster! This is where your life ends! We've got Shen Long with us!

Goten, hurry and ask Shen Long!

Yeah! lf you're going to apologize, now's the time!

Shen Long, stick it to that monster!

Shen Long, defeat that monster!

Say! Say, Shen Long! l wonder if we broke it from all that rattling around.

G- G- Goten!

Trunks-kun, Shen Long isn't coming out!

W- what did you say!?

l- l'm gonna get k- killed!

Maybe it's because it's too small in here?

That's it, let's try going outside!

How can this be allowed!?

l can't last any longer!

l went.





Broli! Are you still alive?

G- Gohan-san!

Big Brother!

Whoa, Goten!

lt's amazing you're in such good shape after taking on Broli!


Who is this Broli?

The Legendary Super Saiyan who Dad beat seven years ago.

That explains why me and Goten and Big Sis Videl weren't any match for him!

V- Videl-san too?


So that's it. You were chasing after Dad. But Dad isn't around any more.

So in my dad's place, I will defeat you!


He's as bad a monster as ever!

And here I'm supposed to have powered up considerably since back then!



Big Brother!

Not playing... by the rules, all right...

Gohan... -kun...

That! That's the only way l can defeat Broli!


T- that did it!




Kuririn-san! l wanted to try my hand at this once.

Lucky thing l made it in time, huh?

Kuririn-san, thanks!

If you hadn't come, Kuririn-san, I would have met the same fate as Broli! l have to be at least this much use to you guys once in a while.

For that Broli guy to follow us all the way back to Earth, he must have really been upset when he lost to Goku, huh?

But this time, he's finished for sure!


l- it can't be!

W- what kind of guy is this?

He sunk into that sea of magma, and he's still alive!? l'm starting to quiver down to my very center! This has never happened!

No. 18, l'm sorry. You'll have to take care of what comes after!

Kuririn-san! lt's always just me...


l am...the daughter...of Mister Satan...


You bastard!

That would be useless. l'll put you to rest now!




Big Brother!




Our power is not enough! We need more power!

Shen Long, please, help!

What are you doing, giving up over just that!?



You have to use up every last bit of power you hold!

There ain't anything else!

Shen Long has brought Father here!



Gohan, you ain't giving enough power!

Goten, don't be scared!

ls it fine with you guys if the Earth is smashed to pieces by Broli!?

Can't you protect it if l ain't around!?

Damn. To think there's a guy out there that our powers can't reach...

lf l'm dreaming, wake me up!





Dad, you did come here, didn't you?

Gohan-kun, what happened to that monster!?

So that's it! Gohan-kun, you did it!

No, it wasn't me!

You're still hiding things from me!

No, l...

You're not getting away with it this time! Tell me everything!

Hold it!

Hold it, l said!

Now, hang on!


Big Brother...

Leave them alone. Those two are having a pretty good time of it like that!

Aw, l'm hungry! l think l'll go back to the village and have them feed me!

Wait for me, Trunks-kun! I'll go too!

What exactly was that image of Goku? Was it a miracle of the Dragon Balls?

Or was it just a momentary apparition?

That is something nobody can tell.

Hey, there! That's all fine and everything, but what happens to me?

Big Fight!

A burning flame cuts its way through sky and space!

Combining the past and the future, the mixed-up battle continues!

Hey girl, your endless dreams are our power, Hey boy, if you would lend us a bit of your courage, I'll show you an uncommonly cool, exceptionally stunning miracle technique!

An awesome Big Fight scorches all the land, Big Fight with iron fists spitting flame!

Two lives will not be enough!

That's right, Big Fight, my body is a missile, Big Fight, my heart is a jewel!

Beaming with limitless love are the Dragon Balls!

Big Fight!