Dragon Eyes (2012) Script

I'm afraid. I'm afraid, too.

I failed.

I failed.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid, Tiano.

I failed.

I failed.

It's too late.

I'm scared. I'm scared, Tiano.

What's up?

You're in my fucking spot.

You're still in my fucking spot.

What's wrong, Chinaman, you hard of hearing?


Get up!

What's up, man?

That shit was shorter than Danny De Vito's dick last time.

Get out of here.

Hey, get out of here.

Motherfucker, get the fuck out of here.

Get out of here.

You piece of shit.

Fucking junkie. Handle that fool, B.

I'm sick of these guys, bro.

Hey, check it out, Hong Kong.

We didn't order no Chinese food.

Fucking Chino.

Grandpa, please, okay? I'm late enough already.

Can I help you?

Here for the apartment.

Grandpa, someone's here for the apartment.

No drugs, no smoking, no dogs, no loud music.

No friends coming in and out late at night.

Come talk to us for a second.

Come on, pretty girl. Come here. Where you going, huh?

I don't want any trouble.

Hey, yo, check it out. Slow your roll.

Look, I know you see me here all the time...

...and you front like you don't want this chorizo.

Fucking bitch. Kick rocks then.


Hey, Theo, look, who it is.

It's the Chino.

Hong Kong, I didn't get my order, homes.

Besides, it costs a bill to park here, Chino.

Never touch my car.

You fucking crazy?


Hold that motherfucker.

Back in the day, we played ball right in the middle of the street.

You could walk in the streets back then.

It was different back then.

Now it's a ghost town. You don't see no kids nowhere...

...except for those punks with no respect for nobody.

The numbers are good.

Damn, homeboy.

These percs got me all fucked up, homes.

What the fuck happened?

Dash, before you get in my ass, know I got the spot on lock.

What the fuck happened?

Fucking Chino came at us with his crazy ninja shit.

Fucking snaked on Smiley, broke my fucking arm.

Get the fuck out of here.

I'll take care of it. Everything's gonna be cool. Don't worry about it.

Did you not hear him? Get the fuck out of here.


...need you to get on this shit.

Make sure this Antoine is not moving in on me.

I'll take care of it.

I'll raise you five.

I'm feeling like money today.

Like money. I'm gonna raise all y'all. Come on, who's up?

Like magic.

What it look like, fellas?

Look like one of Dash's boys...

...just got handled on they block by one cat.

We need to go find this dude. You hear me?

Because whoever this dude is...

...that could handle all them men by himself...

...we could probably use him.

Since you all got all this blah, blah, blah...

...let's see how much y'all really want to do it.

All in.

I've tried, I really have, it's just...

Some things just never change.

She's dead.

I tried...

...but I couldn't stop it.

Nothing can change that.

Put it behind you.

Can you do that?


Stand up.

Lie on the ground.

Get kicked like a dog.

Stand like a man.

Get kicked like a man.

Are you angry?

You've got two tigers inside you.

The weak one who doesn't believe...

...and the courageous one who does.

Which one will win?

The one you feed.

Give me the cash.

Look, ever since we rented dogs out...

...it's been good money, I'm telling you.

Smooth like mayonnaise, or a baby cheek or something like that.

You know what I'm saying? Real good shit.

Where we dropping this money off, big bro?

I think the fifth row, second stack.

They could've told us all this shit was gonna be wrapped up.





Let me get this right. You calling me a liar?

No, I'm not calling you a liar. I'm calling you a cheater.

You know what your problem is? What's my problem?

You're letting your habit get in the way of business.

That's the last time you gonna say shit before I beat your ass.

You and your friend, where's the money?

You ain't built for it. Where's the money?

You fucked the money up. Gentlemen!

And I use that term with the greatest liberty.

So we have a dilemma.

Okay, the floor is open.

He's getting greedy, trying to break the peace.

This fuck took the bags. This fucking puta!

We made the drop like we supposed to.

You believe this? I'm gonna beat your...

We have a more pertinent and important dilemma here. My take.

By all accounts, and I'm not the best at arithmetic...

...there should be a figure that starts with a three.

But all I got's a two...


Stop crying and pick up the money.


Now, you pick him up. Don't look at him.

Pick him up.

Now, we're gonna count the money together.

Let's count it in twos.

Ready, set, go. Two...

Six, eight...

Who do we appreciate? A thousand.

Thousand. Two.

Are you listening? Four.


Eight, two thousand.

Two. And not a three.

He's the reason... Enough!

Not enough. You got some harangue, you fix it.

But I don't give a shit what happens between the spics or the schwarzes...

...because I don't eat fried bananas...

...and I don't eat collard greens.

Shut up.

Don't ever be short on my cut again.

Fix it by midnight.


Messing up my business. Fucking my minimum.

Where's my fucking money?

Where's my fucking money?

What the...? What does this mean? Look close.

Where's my fucking money?

We kill each and every one of these fucking putos.

Where's my fucking money?

Is this a fucking joke to you?

What does this mean?

Symbol for change.

Who did this? Think, man.

Hong? Exactly.

Let's kill this puto.

Hey, genius.

Exactly how do you expect to get your money?

You can't get bread from a dead man.

It's over the top on that one, and it's 0 and 2.

That's a big hook right there. He had him way off-balance.

Get down on your knees.

Weight on the legs, over there.

Oh, yeah. Put your hips forward.

Put your feet inside.

Body straight. Good.

Yeah. Sit in the chair.

This is your position for...

Way of kicking...

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Here. That's nothing. That's okay.

Let's try a side kick. Lift for me like I show you.

And you kick slowly, okay? Go for it.

Stop. Okay.

Straighten your legs.

Much better, put your guard on.

Your guard, the other one.

Become better. Go for it.

It's okay.

That's right.

You lift up. Try to relax when you kick.

Breathe. Breathe. It's okay.

That's right.

Put your guard up. Okay. Okay.

Getting better.

You can do this. You can do it.

Do you have fucking problem?

Hong. Let's go.

Mr. Hong.

My grandfather's name was Vittorio Cigno.

Hence I'm endowed with the English bastardization...

...of that beautiful name, Victor Swan.

But you can call me Mr. V. Okay?

So why are you here...

...and not the bad guys?

Well, I arrested you for your own protection.

What protection? Same protection...

...I give everyone in this town. Thank you.

If you're gonna play rough with the St. Jude, you play by the rules.

Where's the money you took from Dash and Antoine?

At the warehouse, sixth row...

...second stack, fourth from the bottom.

Is that so?

Sergeant Howe, check the warehouse.

Sixth row, second stack...

Fourth from the bottom.

Fourth from the bottom. Call me when you get there.

Now, Mr. Hong, I have to know if you're someone I can trust.

So this gentleman's name is Mr. Beech.

He's become a liability. The address is on the back.

There's only one game here.

My game.

Very good.


Welcome to St. Jude.


Come in.

How did you get out of jail?

They let me go.

Is that how you think...

...you're gonna solve St. Jude's problems?

It's a start.

Until they kill you.

Everyone dies.

My grandfather wants you out.

If you want me to leave, I'll leave.

Just be careful who you hurt.

I'm crazy. I swear to God, man. I was losing my fucking mind.

You bugging. I'm not bugging, motherfucker.

I heard these things. They walk around with little shoes and shit.

Little teeny:

They in the fucking walls, Tony.


The other night, man, I'm laying here...

...and I look, open my eyes and I look up, and you see that?

This motherfucker's eyes is looking at me, man.

Fuck, man. What the fuck is funny, man?

What you laughing about? Take it down then.

I ain't gonna take it down. That's sacred shit, nigga.

Calm down. I'm not high, motherfucker.

I'm not moving fast.

I ain't got to calm... I am calm. I don't look like I'm calm, motherfucker?

I didn't come for this shit.

Tell me you ain't hear that. What the fuck?

Tell me you ain't hear that. I didn't hear shit.

There's somebody in here. Calm down. Get down.

Get down? Get down.

I ain't getting down. I ain't dying on my knees.

I'm standing on my feet, bitch. Fuck you.

Sit down. Fuck you!

Fuck who? Fuck you.

Fuck you! Shut up.

Bring it, bitch. Bring it. Dude, you bugging, Beech.

You ain't forgot who the fuck I am, have you? Goddamn, I'm burning myself. Shit.

Sit down. Get your ass up...

...and check out behind the wall. You got the gun, you go check.

That's why I got the gun, so I got your back, so you go look.

If something happen to you, I got you.

I ain't going. I got you.

I got you right now. You smoking my shit, ain't you?

Look at all the shit you smoking. You're smoking this, that. Popping pills.

Get the fuck up, man. Fine.

What the fuck? What the fuck?

You throwing fucking guns at me?

Bitch. I'm Beech, and from here I get that reach.

I'll knock you the fuck out. Motherfuck.

Go check, bitch.

Tone. Oh, fuck.



Don't shush me, motherfucker. Shut up.

Look in the wall, okay? Tone!

Check the wall. Yo, Beech.


Your door is open.

Then shut it!

What are you, retarded? Shut it.

I did shut it when I got here.

Then close it again.

What the fuck? Tony?

There's a fucking guy over here.

Who? What do you mean? A fucking ninja.

A what? Ninja.

Ninja? I'm fucking out of here.

You goddamn right. You blow a hole in my shit.

Get the fuck out.

Motherfucker. Get to stepping, bitch.



Don't kill me. Don't kill me.


I killed you, understand?

Get out of town and never come back.

Okay, I'm going. I'm going. I'm going. I'm going.


You're late, douche bags.

Old man don't like late.

You stop talking, we won't be late.

Spit it out.

Mr. V, what the fuck happened? Where's our protection?

What we paying for if somebody can take our shit?

The protection I provide you is from the police.

If Sergeant Howe sticks a fork up your ass, come complain.

Meanwhile, if you two can't handle your own shit on the street...

...from Joe Average, I find somebody who can.

Now, from this day forth...

...the two of you work in partnership with Mr. Hong.

You split everything three ways equal, even-Steven all the way.

It's not your call, Mr. V.

Everything in St. Jude is my call.

Motherfucker, this is bullshit! This is bullshit!

Relax, papi.

Whoa, take it easy.

Keep your heads, papi. Calm down.

There's a saying from the people where I come from.

Which means, fried fish, open thighs, everything's fine.

You work with Hong.

What have you got against Hong, Grandpa?

Nobody knows who he is, where he came from. Nobody.

Does it matter?

I don't trust anything that's too good to be true.

Do you know what Sluder's syndrome is?


It's when a person with a chronic disease is cured...

...and they miss the disease...

...because they don't know how to live without it.

And Xavier Nady struck out swinging last time.

Xavier Nady.

Hello to you, Mr. Lord. And aren't you looking fit?

Although I wish you'd chosen a venue a little more elegant than this shithole.

Apologize, but I hear you have problem in St. Jude.

You're hard of hearing.

Well, Devil Dogs can take care of this ninja that give you the problem.


Mr. Lord, we got no problems in St. Jude.

Matter of fact, if you'd been to St. Jude lately, you'd see we have no problems.

The kids are swinging on the swings...

...and the goddamn roses...

...growing right in the middle of the town square.

So I ain't got no business with you, and you got no business in St. Jude.

Okay, bro. Whatever you say, man.

All right, bro.

If you get shot, it is only because...

...you didn't understand the man who shot you.

Bang. Don't think about the gun.

Think about the man.

Come in.

Hey, can you give me a hand?


The neighbors, they're just very happy.

Tell them I said thank you.

Fucking pendejo!

Don't dance with the Devils.


I'll fuck you up now, pendejo.


Three rules you'll live by.

One, don't harm civilians.

Two, no dealing to kids, adults only.

The price of a bag goes up by half.

All transactions are pushed to the borders.

Three, no guns, only cowards use guns.

And the motherfucking Devil Dogs...

Shut the fuck up when the man is speaking.


You heard him?

I mean, is that a lot to ask for, a croissant?

You can get them everywhere else.

Mr. V?

Sergeant Howe here is very, very upset.

So? So?

So, what's all this about a new way?

The new way, what he's saying... Let him finish.

Disarming your men. Are you fucking nuts?

Kings are selling by the border, it's too damn close to the Devil Dog territory.

And the fucks who can't afford your new prices are buying from them anyways.

That's just bad business.

Floor is open. If I may?

The people at St. Jude feel safe now.

They say you cleaned it up.

Is that what they say, do they?

It seems to me the objective of a police force...

...is to keep the people safe.

So I have an idea.

You do your job and you do your job...

...and don't come around here telling other people how to do theirs.

I say let's eat.

Come to papa.


Howe, stop whatever you're doing with that bitch...

...and call me now. Got it?

Feldman, call me immediately. Listen, I don't know where you are...

...but get to your phone, dial my number and call me.

Something is missing, and I think you know what it is.

So get to the phone and call me now.

Got it?


Hello? Hong.

Where's Feldman?

Mr. V? Yes, it's Mr. V.

Now where is Feldman? What would I want with him?

I don't know.

There's something happening...

...and I sure as hell don't know what it is.

So stay by your phone.


So fucking hot, you know? Shut up, pig.

I'm naughty.

Oh, you little slut fuck.

You can hit me harder than that, bitch. Come on.

So good. Shut the fuck up.

Yeah. What are you going to do about it?

What...? Hey. What the fuck?

Where's my money? I don't know.

Boss, what the fuck you doing, man?

Step aside for a second.

What the fuck? Come on, man.

Wear this. Let me show you how to do this.

Where's my money? I don't know what the fuck...

Boss, please. Only you and Feldman...

...knew where the money was. So if you don't have it, where's Feldman?

I don't know. Hold your fist like this.

And you hit him. Are you learning something here?

Yes, sir.

Put out your hands there. Hold those, give me one.

I don't know where Feldman is.

Spin that.

I wouldn't steal your money. I swear to God, I'm not that stupid.

Got to lay off the croissants.

Please, please. Oh, come on. Come on. I'm gonna shoot your wee-wee off.

Please, I swear to God, I would never do...

Where's Feldman? Please, don't... I don't...

Ready? Oh, that was one.

Here's two.

No! No?

I didn't. I didn't. You gonna push your luck here?

Where's Feldman?

Boss, please, you're making a mistake.

Here's three. Ready?

No. Say goodbye to wee-wee.

Click. God, thank you.

Here comes four. No! No.

No, I... Shut up.

Who is this?


Boss, there's a mistake here. Please don't.

Please, no, God. Boss. Boss, please, no!

Clean up your makeup, fat boy, we got work to do.

Thank you, darling.

Mr. V wants to see you.

Come on. Don't bust my balls. I had enough of that today.

What's going on?

How the hell would I know? Old man don't tell me shit.

Feldman ripped him off.

Now he don't trust no one but you.

I think he wants you to kill him.

Come on, get in the fucking car, man. Please.

It's been a long, long day.

Here we are.

And Mr. V's right over here.

I'm a little hungry. You want a sandwich or anything?

Let's step out.

Let's see what we got here.

Hey, there he is.

You sleep okay?

You got a phone call.

I'm very disappointed in you, Hong.

I thought perhaps you were a man I could trust.

Boy, oh, boy, was I mistaken.

You didn't even deliver...

...but the single favor I asked you, did you?

You know this guy?

I can straighten this out.

Hey, asshole. Hey, hey. Shut up.

Is this is the guy who killed you?

I don't know that motherfucker...

Don't know that motherfucker? Let me talk to V.

Here. All right.

Well, Officer Fizzari...

I'd like you to meet Mr. Hong.

Hello, Mr. Hong, it's nice to meet you.

Too much.

He got a hard head, right?

Here's your phone, genius. Keep it in your pocket next time.


All right, let's get these guys in a box.

Hey, Sam.

Yeah. Mr. V. Feldman.

Yeah, we got him.

Did you put a bullet in his brain?

I'm sorry?

Feldman, tell me you put a bullet into his brain.

Mr. V, he's dead. There's no question there. I mean, I...

Are you fucking kidding me?

Feldman, you stay where you are. I'm coming down there.

But, sir...

Fucking Jesus.

It's been a good day. Where is he?

Where's his head?

On the left. Head's up top here.

Here? Yeah.

Open it.


No, no, no, no, no.

Howe, come on. Mr. V, look...

...the guy pummeled him. He put him in the box.

Fuck, we got him. Mr. V, we got him.

No, we didn't.

Fuck you putas want?

Motherfuckers got business here?

Fuck you.

You're trying my patience, Mr. Lord.

That's what I do.

Well, you don't have to try any longer.

What about the ninja?

He's gone.

Do we have a deal?

We have deal, bro.

Yes, bro.

You're the man now.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid, Tiano.

I failed.

I failed.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid, Tiano.

I failed.

I failed.

You think your life is over?

I killed her.

And there's no changing that...

...but it doesn't mean you should also die.

I too made a mistake once in a moment of fury.

I killed my own son.

When I first saw you that day in the yard...

...I thought of my son.

The same fire rages inside of you.

I will never forgive myself.


But I must still do good in this world.

And so should you.

You have the dragon eyes...

...the spirit of the great masters.

But you have strayed from your path.

When you get out...

...there is something I need you to do for me.

There is a town called St. Jude...

...a town that has fallen into darkness.

You must go there.

Okay, Hong, whoever you are.

Back in Da Nang, there was a guy in my platoon, Cokely.

No one paid much attention to him.

And one day we got ambushed...

...six of us pinned down in heavy fire.

And then...

V.C. Hand grenade drops in to finish us off...

...M- 26 shift knob.

Everyone in my unit is kissing their ass goodbye...

...except Cokely.

He goes gung ho...

...dives on it, covers it up with his helmet...

...and boom.

Not a scratch.

Damnedest thing I ever saw.

Platoon got so inspired...

...we just jumped up and started firing...

...just standing there in the wide open...

...fighting back...

...fighting back.

In that moment...

...we were invincible.

I know who you are.

You're Cokely.

I'm not Cokely.

Yeah, well, I'm not Tiano.

You kept calling me that last night.

I haven't heard that name for a while.

Your car...

It's his ride, right?

He was from St. Jude...

...the only one in the neighborhood man enough to stand up to the gangs.

Nothing's been the same since he went away.

Nobody's heard of this guy.

Word on the street, he's a fucking ghost.

Yeah, but word on the street, this is your fucking job to find the ghost.

I'll take care of it. I know you'll take care of it.

Move the fuck out of the way.

You can make money instead of losing money...

...like y'all just lost this damn money.

Whose Timex watch is this? I don't take Timex.

We were just talking about you, man.

I heard.

What the fuck? I decide when you breathe.

Understand? Go to hell.

Call Mr. V. Tell him you wanna meet.

What? Who the fuck you think you are?

Okay, stop, stop, stop. All right. Just...

Call him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just loosen your grip.

Just loosen the grip.

Yeah, Mr. V?

Sergeant Feldman.

Oh, Lazarus risen from the grave.

Albeit a little bloody.

Where's my money, Hong?

I got your money.

Well, where is it?

You leave St. Jude, never come back...

...I'll give you your money.

Let her go now.


Where's my money?

Oh, what?

You're gonna shoot me with that?