Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn (2014) Script

The world of Altera is about to change.

Altera is a land divided among humans, elves, and beasts and dragons.

Decades ago, the elves and humans drove the beasts and dragons back into the dark mountains.

Evil thrives on darkness and draws strength from it.

Rage and fury gathers in the gem possessed by the Black Dragon, Waiting for the dragon to reawaken.

In recent years, human and elves have been fighting for territory, and because of this they cannot see the common enemy and the greater evil coming their way.

But Nerwin the elf princess can see the growing storm and thinks Altera's only hope is to forget the past and ally with the humans.

She has decided to act on her own, in secret.

Courageous, but foolish.

There's something here. I sense it. Humans? We're still in elf territory.

No one knows our plan.



Why do you even try? Your skills are no match for mine.

Princess Elena! Princess Elena? How did she find us?

So, you're Liya. You should join me. Soon I will be the ruler of Altera.

It's time for elves to rule. Close your mind to her.

She can enchant. Nerwin, beware.

The beasts are on the move and the Black Dragon will wake soon.

You want an alliance with the humans? That's charming, but pathetic.

I have a plan. Soon I will rule this world.

It's time for elves to rule.

Mm, chicken leg. Time to eat.


Not me! Not me!

Whoa, real beasts.

Destroy. Destroy. Burn.

Kill! Lunch is postponed.

Human meat. Roast them all.

Hungry. Hungry.

I must beat them to Carderock.

Human! Nice to meet you too! Bye!

That way! Get him!




This is not good.

Situation not improving.

This is not my day.

Trapped! Eat raw. Tasty meat.

Food? You want food? I have a chicken leg. This is really tasty.

No! Eat human. You food!

So good! Arm! Wing!

No, really, I promise you, it's delicious.

Dead end! Dead end.

Mine! Mine! No, mine.

Mine. No, mine!

Mine, mine.

Dead end. Dead end? Not a dead end for me.

But it's definitely a dead end for you.

I brought you guys here on purpose. You're the ones who are trapped.

Altera's best warriors are almost here and that makes this the end for you.

Come on out, soldiers! Number One, Number Two, attack!

Faster, faster! I hope they believe me.

Get out fast. Beasts are in our forest. Go south!

Beasts are coming?

Arrows. Fire.

Tasty. Oh, boy.

One, Two, come on!


Hey, I'm pretty skinny. The bigger, fatter humans went that way.

I'll show you where they are. Liar! Good enough.

Yeah! On the spit.

You sure you want to do this? Make him scream!

On the fire. I hate unfair fights!


Number One, Two, come on!

Come on!

Help! Help!

They're OK! Great. Hey, guys. Good you made it.

Don't worry. This is weird. I'll figure this out.

Oh, no.

Where? What the...

I caught a fish. Fish?

Grab the sword, fish! Who are you?

You look like a fighter.

Let's see what you can do with a wooden sword.

Those beasts were going to have you for lunch.

But I saved your butt. You owe me.

I could throw you back, but this is going to be fun!

Your defense is weak. It's full of holes.

With a real sword, you'd be dead already. Come on!

Lose your balance, you lose your life. Think you're hiding?

Sloppy, weak, late.

A wager. You hit me just once, I buy you a real sword.

That's not fighting, that's tickling.

You can't hide from your fate, fish.


Smoked fish. Smells pretty good.

Dead? I killed him already?

That's cheating!

Not bad. I would say I won.

But are you sure? Huh?

What to do with you now? Stop this!

Varnak, are you done with your little game?

Varnak? The famous mercenary? Varnak?

That's me.

Wow! I just beat Varnak! Beat me?

I was just having some fun, Gerrant.

And you're Gerrant, the famous dragon fighter.

Brother, look what else came flying aboard. Let's keep them.

Argenta has a weakness for small creatures.

Creatures? Those are great soldiers. We're unbeatable.

They're my best friends and if you team up with us, we'll send those beasts back to the dark mountains.

We can't return now. OK. I have no choice. It's your ship.

Alright, guys, no matter what, we are a team. This is fun, guys, huh?

And Varnak, you owe me that sword. A really good sword. A big sword.

A great sword! Fish, you barely touched me.

Varnak, we all saw it. Whose side are you on?

I was just kidding around. A really great sword!

Alliance? We're enemies. And have been for years.

Altera will not survive, your highness.

Princess, this is the human palace.

Priest! Why don't you save that for the beast, Terram?

If it weren't for Nerwin's reputation, I wouldn't be here either.

That's enough from you, witch. You have no official standing here.

Is that clear? Stop! Let her speak.

Not that I believe any elf words, anyway.

Your highness, you may not trust the elves, but the elfin map does not lie.

The Black Dragon's forces are moving across the land.

You humans know that if the dragon wakes from hibernation, it will be stronger than ever.

This may be the last chance for Altera.

I beg you, your highness. Princess!

Now is the time to forget the past and form an alliance.

We must kill the Black Dragon.

Nerwin is right. There's no time to waste.

We must act. Kasarana, you're out of line.

Altera is in danger. We are all in danger.

It's true, the elves and the sorceresses cannot be trusted.

But we priests sense this evil, too. Perhaps it is time for an alliance.

Dragons and beasts. Beasts and dragons.

They were defeated by us decades ago.

Now you want me to go to war, just because of some map?

What kind of joke is this?

Iron soft as butter when heated. Just like a human heart.

Just like the heart of a warrior.

Tough when cold. Soft when hot.

A big shield for ten gold pieces, the best sword for ten gold pieces.

Old man, I need to buy this boy a sword. The cheaper, the better.

Hang on, that wasn't the deal. I want the best sword.

Never seen you buy a sword for anyone, Varnak.

Why, you! This kid is unusual.

I've seen him take on a dozen beasts with just a dagger.

He can even stand up to a dragon, I'll bet.

And with his skill, he only needs a sword that costs five gold pieces.

Mm-hmm. Huh?

What have you got for five gold pieces?

I only make the best. But I can make one for you for seven.

How about just a little cheaper? Seven gold... and three for the hilt.

What?! That's ten. Do you think I'm stupid?

Forget it, I'm not even going to buy it.

You have no choice! You have to buy it. I beat you!

Famous Varnak, beaten by a young boy and now trying to cheat him?

He cheated. He's a trickster. Little fish.

Watch out!

An elf?

My word, that's an elf!

She owes me an apology! Forget it. No one can catch an elf.

Let's get her!

An elf in Saint's Haven. That is so strange.

Yes, and she just paid me cash for a dozen arrowheads.

Best work I've ever done. Full price!

We'll catch her.

You go this way!

First I beat Varnak, now I'm going to catch an elf.

Number One, Number Two, get her!

That thief stole my pot! Come back here!

Fast! Get out of here! She's vicious! That was crazy.

What is this for? Looks like it fits you.

Save it, you might need it.

Yeah. Try one of your elf tricks now! How are you going to get out of this?

Don't kick. Don't. Don't.

Not sure catching you was worth it.

You didn't catch me! We fell.

I'm the fastest human you've ever seen.

You're completely hopeless.

This is not looking good.

Oh, no. Bombs. Bombs?

Tasty dessert.

Hi, guys. I caught an elf. Impressive, huh? Right over there.

What are you doing? You traitor!

Elf. Sweet.

He's yours. Huh?

He was mine. Come on.

Haven't seen an elf arrow before, huh? Careful.

You'd better leave those to me.

Hey, how do you do that? You elves have so many secrets.

You're a human. I'm definitely not telling you.

Oh, no. Looks like you're going to have to trust a human now.

I'll take this side.

You got any training with a sword?

Because I think I can handle all this by myself.

Elves are so full of themselves. Let go of my hand, please.

OK. Can elves fly?

Touch me again and you will regret it.

Oops. You just touched me. I think you just touched me again.

You take the slow ones. Leave the rest for me.

Who's that? Hey, Gerrant!

Argenta, watch out! Huh?


The Black Dragon's coming!


Blood, meat!

Kill them all.

Watch this. No! Stop.

Take this!

No need. Wait. What?

Kuke, round them up! Yes, sir. Right now. Get them all!

That beast was huge. I am incredible.

You didn't do that. It was the guy on the horse.

Gerrant, it is good to see you. Velskud, I have missed our friendship.

These times are hard on all friendships.

I'm glad you're here. I need someone I can trust.

And I see the king has promoted you. I'm impressed.

Don't be. The king has always been more impressed with you.

I don't think he's going to be impressed after this happened in Saint's Haven.

We'll tell him together, and we can both endure his wrath.

No! Velskud! Is that a beast helmet?

Yes, it was an unexpected beast attack and we repelled it.

No! Impossible!

I fear it means the Black Dragon is reviving.

No, no, it can't be.

Why when I am king? Things were going so well.

We cannot ignore this any more. But...

Your highness, now you see, the map at all times reflects the truth.

As your advisor, I reluctantly admit that Nerwin was right.

War means gold, and me and my ship are ready.

Your highness, Gerrant. Argenta.

At your service.

The time has come. Altera must unite. You must decide.

Yes, an alliance, but only under my banner.

Elves, if you agree, summon your troops.

Number Two! Where did you go? Number One, Number Two!

Number One! Number Two!



I hope we can celebrate at the end of this, too.

Have you seen my dogs? Dogs?

Fish, you've got to prepare for battle. Pack your things. We're off to war.

You'll be swimming in gold.

Don't laugh. Where are my dogs?

Ah, Fish, now is the time for you to learn.

Life is unpredictable and really brutal.

There you are! Number One! Number Two! I found you! I'm so happy to see you!


What is this?

Er... yeah, yeah.

The old man thinks they're really cute.

What? No, you traded them for the sword for the kid. And that's the truth.

You what?

Fish, you would be wise to stay here and train with me, too.

Blacksmithing is a good skill to know. Blacksmith?

Don't listen to anything he says. Nothing he says.

My advice is that the boy and the dogs stay here with me.

It is safer here and he won't be of any good to you where you're going.

Stay here? I'm training him to be a warrior.

Think about it, Varnak.

He is small and will be the first target of the beasts.

They will show him no mercy and these dogs will never see him again.

Varnak saved my life. I must be loyal to him.

Guys, this is goodbye. It's too dangerous out there for you.

I'll earn a lot of gold and I will buy both of you back. I promise.

Blacksmith, these are my best friends and now they're in your care.

You've got to make me your very best sword, no matter the cost.

Number One, Number Two, be good. Make me proud. No tears.

Ignore the kid. The price doesn't change. Got it?

Boy's got a big heart.

He will make a lousy warrior because he will always just follow it.

Mind your own business! Stick to making swords.

Cute dogs. They yours? They seem to like you.

I got something in my eyes. What's that over there?

A warrior, crying over dogs? That's quite charming.

You just leave me alone, OK? Alright, I'll leave you alone.

Hey! What did you shoot at?

Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa! Careful. Don't shoot me. There was someone up here.

There was a statue.

Relax. I won't tell anyone. I know I saw something moving.

Hey. Come here. Look. Now, that's a dinner we should be at.

Yes, well, last time I heard from you people, the Black Dragon was locked in the mountains for 100 years.

Who can I trust here?

If the beasts are attacking, that means the dragon could wake soon.

The danger is great.

Nothing to be scared of. I say fly there and kill it!

Its resting place is heavily defended.

And it's also protected by a treacherous mountain range.

Are you saying you can't beat those beasts?

Their forces are much larger than ours.

We can't face the beasts and the Black Dragon at the same time.

After all these years of hibernation, the dragon will be a fearsome foe.

And if we get to it before it wakes?

I fear any close approach will awaken it.

So, you mean to say... Well, in that case, we're all dead!

The dragon does have a weakness.

Its awesome power comes from a gem in its chest.

Remove the gem, and the dragon is vulnerable.

Yes, that's right. A gem. I wonder what that's worth.

Legend has it the gem has great powers.

It can kill and it can revive the dead.

Your highness, this gem should belong to the humans here in Saint's Haven.

Terram! This must be a mission for peace!

The war is under the king's banner, so the spoils belong to us.

There's no room for black magic from you sorceresses!

Typical! First you tell the king there's no threat, then you want all the power for yourself.

If the alliance fights, then this is up to the king!

Yes, and it's your troops that let the beasts invade the city.

Why is it that you make all the decisions?

Why should anyone trust you with anything?! Soldier.

Kasarana, that's enough! Do you always fight like this?

If elves join this battle, we should have a say as well.

As long as it's not the priests.

I'll settle this. Get the gem and sell it, then split the gold.

Hey, hey, hey! Listen to yourselves!

How can you fight like this?

Take a break and listen to my idea.

First, Kuke. Kuke's army attacks from the front and draws the attention of the beast army.

You little village rat! Hang on! Hang on.

Meanwhile, our small group flies on Varnak's ship.


All the way to the rear of the dragon's nest, and we both attack at the same time!

We sneak in, catch the dragon before it wakes, make a fast attack, grab the gem and fly back.

Perfect. And guess what?

I've already got one elf signed on. We're ready to go.

Stay out! No!

Let's listen.

Who is this kid? Actually, I like his plan.

Velskud, what do you think?

Gerrant, you know dragons the best.

Even if we kill the Black Dragon and capture the gem, this gem can corrupt the most innocent.

One thing I'm sure of, the Black Dragon gem must be destroyed.

I don't think humans and elves can work together very well.

And priests and witches.

But you made a big impression on them. You should be proud.

Now you see the truth. I'm the best.

I'm going to be a great warrior.

Human boys. I should have known better.

This is not bad. Tasty.

Velskud, my love, can you feel it?

The plan is unfolding just as I told you it would.

You are so close to what you always wanted. It is at hand.

You will be the most powerful king Altera has ever had.

Velskud! I've got new orders for you.

The Black Dragon gem should be mine.

Kill the dragon and bring the gem to me.

Whoever controls the black gem will control all of Altera.

And that is why the Black Dragon gem must be mine, and you must get it for me.

And I will be all-powerful. And you will be my general.

General? Our future king has no interest in being a general.

Who is that? A dark elf! Velskud, kill her! She can't be here!

Kill her! Kill? I like the sound of that.

Not the... the dark elf. It's...

King Velskud. It fits so well, doesn't it?

The Black Dragon will wake soon. It's time for you to leave on your mission.

Wow. It's a beauty.

Hey, what's so funny?

You. But I think it's cute. I like you in armor.

We will be gone before anyone knows. We can never be sure of that.

I can get new sails out of this, maybe even a new anchor.

What's your problem, fish? You still whining about those dogs?

I let them down. But I'll return and trade in this sword to get them back.

That's what I'm going to do.

Well, I bought back the dogs and paid the blacksmith to take care of them.

And you better practice with that sword, or you might not make it back from the mission.

You'll be beast food. Thank you, Varnak.

You have a real heart under that armor.

I wouldn't go that far.

No! No! No!

Hang on!

Get a hold! I've got it under control.



My ship. I didn't get paid for this. This never happens to me!

This won't stop us.

Nerwin, can you find us a way there in time?

It's possible. We can make it.

The terrain is bad, but the map will guide us.

Bad luck. I call it bad luck.

Get off me! No. My ship!

Now we won't make it. Kuke will beat us there.

He will wake the Black Dragon if he arrives first.

We have no alternative. We can't turn back.

Wait, wait. Here you are.

Summon an elf flying ship? Impossible.

Quit arguing! There's dragons to kill. We'll need a shorter route.

Then we'll be closer to beast territory. So which way is it?

Should have brought an elf ship.

Elf ship? This was the best ship in Altera. Was.

Step aside.

My heart beats like a weapon Fighting for your love

I'm a soldier

(I'm a soldier)

For your love

I'm a soldier

(I'm a soldier)

For your love

My heart beats like a weapon I'm a soldier for your love

I charge double for walking.

Liya, do you know where we are now? Because...

Here. We're about halfway to the dragon nest.


I got blisters the size of an elf's foot already.

I'm the smallest one, but I'm carrying everything.

Shh! Young, dumb and noisy. Quiet.

Sorry. Sorry. What is this? These are the Ruins Forgotten By Time.

A battle in the war between the elves and humans was fought here.

Many elves were slaughtered.

The elf ghosts still inhabit this place and no one should enter.

Ghosts? I hate ghosts. Did you say ghosts?


No! Another delay.

Future king, I am watching over you. I love you.

Time is running out. You must make them hurry.

My feet are killing me and you made me come down here.

Fish, you are a disaster.

I wouldn't have fallen if you didn't load me up with everything.

Stop making excuses and just move.

Liya, don't touch them. Be careful.

They are our kin. They are crying out to us.

They're lost. The treachery of humans created this war.

They're waiting to be freed, but it will take some strong magic.

This tragedy was not only the fault of the humans.

Yes, it was. Ignore these creatures.

Don't let them distract us. The Black Dragon is our goal.

They're just vapor. I can't even swing a sword at these.

Lambert's fall forced us to take the shortest route.

I don't need a map to find the shortest way.

You are a clumsy warrior. I like you calling me a...

Circle up!

Strangers. Intruders.

I'm ready.

What is this I see? Humans and elves together?

It's the bat of the dark mountains.


Pretty far from home. Bats scout for beasts.

Then we can't let him out of here, right?

Only one, should be easy to kill.

Yes, indeed. Humans and elves, a priest, a sorceress who controls fire and some other strange beings, too?

You're a talker.

Something important must be happening. Humans and elves in this territory.

Bat. What do you want? Me? I want nothing, or little.

I am very peaceful and friendly.

But that's me. I protect the dragon territory.

And the beasts will be very interested to know about this.

Yes, indeed, they will want to offer you their own welcome.

They will be very interested to know that humans and elves are together.

But to keep a secret, that will cost you.

We crashed here. You can tell your friends we're going home.

Beast territory. For you, expensive. For me, rewarding.

You'll die! Velskud, stop!


Spread out!

Not bad, but I'll finish them off.

Take that.

Here I come. Try and get me.

Liya, don't shoot!

Good shot! See if you can force him toward me.

Impossible. You'll never catch me.

No. No!

Got you, blabber mouth! No giving up our position now.

Looks like my fish is a flying one.

He talked too much. Liya, you were amazing.

We make a great team. The best. Without us, this mission would be over!

Stow it, fish! You're the one who got us here in the first place.

I've got to admit, you're right. But we stopped the bat.

And besides, the map says I found the shortest way.

Let's go! You, navigating?

As long as you're not using that sword, you're not bad.

You've really got to teach me that bow and arrow thing.

That bat would have revealed our mission.

It said it saw strange beings. What did it mean?

That was just meaningless chatter, nothing more.

So, which one of you guys is the strange creature?

Because you both look a little strange to me.

We elves, we were wronged here.

I will be back to free you when I have that gem.

I give up. This bow and arrow is not my thing. I just can't do it.

May I?

Maybe it's this armor. It's a bit tight.


The most important thing is not power or strength, but the heart and desire.

Use your focus and intention to get what you want.

That's what we elves learn and use in everything we do.

You need to learn that.

I understand power, and I have been told I have a big heart.

Humans are not to be trusted. They have always disappointed the elves and made selfish decisions that have hurt us.

The princess told me to be careful with you. But I sense that I can trust you.

Can I? Of course you can trust me.

I have nothing to hide. Nerwin is wrong.

We can show all the elves and humans that we can get along.

I'll be there for you whenever you need me.

We can be a team like no elf and human has ever been before.

Liya, I'm not going to disappoint you.

Liya! It's time to go. We have to go.

The closer we get to the gem, the more I want to change.

I feel a shadow of dread touching my whole being.

We can't reveal our other side. There would be no going back.

We have no choice now. Of course we do.

Gerrant, they won't understand. We'll be their enemy.

Then so be it.

I miss my ship. But I don't want to hear you complain.

My mouth is frozen, I can't complain.

This is just a wall of ice. Are you sure it is the entrance to the dragon nest?

The elf map cannot be wrong. It's here somewhere, it must be.

Here, let me.

Frozen feet.

What do you know of the power of the gem? Why do you fear it?

I know nothing more than you.

I sense you know more about it than you say. Have you ever touched one?

I know once you touch a powerful gem, it becomes forever a part of you, good and evil.

It's here, the portal. Stop! Brother!

Step aside. This calls for fire.

The battle of the three dragons. The symbol of the dragon race.

It is a powerful seal, holding a great evil inside.

If we open it, what might be released?

You're saying this is a door, so there must be a handle, right?

Varnak, wait. He's right. There must be a secret way to open it.

I see it. There, under the ice, is another dragon symbol.

Wow. It's not going to get any warmer in here.

That's not good.

Sentinel Dragon, Chaos Dragon, Void Dragon.

Your reign is over, and mine is about to start.

I was not expecting this. Everything here is frozen, like my feet.

This is too easy, and we are vulnerable here.

We don't have any choice.

Don't make any noise and stay alert.

What is that?

It is a guardian of the dragon nest. Kill it!

Follow me. We must get out of here. He's right. This way.

Watch out!

Watch out!


I'm your hero, right?

Don't worry, hero. I've got you.


I must seal this cave.

What are you doing?

Gerrant, don't let it happen. They'll kill us.

Argenta, I can't stop it. It's up to us now.

You fool, Gerrant is still in there! We can't let those creatures out!

Our whole mission will be lost.

You... Look.

Gerrant. Gerrant! It's OK.

Do we still have time to find the Black Dragon?

Stay away.

We're too late. Kuke and the army are here.

They're going to wake the Black Dragon.



Formation! Charge!

Hold your position! Don't retreat!


Brother, promise me we won't die here.


We failed. The whole plan is gone! Now what?

I just want to get out of here alive.

Fish, I told you before, life is unpredictable and brutal.

And... This is how it ends?

I'm sorry I got you into this one. But for us, the worst is over.

We're marching back to Saint's Haven and building us a new ship.

We'll fight again, I promise. And I can get a refill on this and...

Here they come.

They're coming for us!

I'll get this.

Fall back. Everybody fall back, fall back.

There's too many of them.

That won't hold for long. Where's my fish?

Liya and Lambert are out there. What now?

What do we do?

We must help them. Quick. We can't stay here.

Where's my fish? He can't handle this alone.

Come on.

Liya. Liya!

Liya! Lambert.


Liya! Lambert!

Got you.

Liya, no!


Liya, I'm here.

Oh, God.


Over here!

Liya! Lambert!



Come on.


Brother, no!


No, no, no. Stop. Don't attack. It's Gerrant.

Gerrant? That's a dragon.

I couldn't tell you the truth. You're a dragon.

You're right. But I'm also human.

I can control my dragon side to do good for humans.

You're a good dragon? Yeah, right.

But we are dragons. And without us, you're all going to die, for sure.

We're your only hope.

Dragons can never be good, or the hope of humans.

In this world, nothing is completely good or evil.

Dragons are evil.

We're something new, something Altera has never seen before.

We are the future.

Never. Dragons need to be eliminated from this world.

I need a bigger sword and more gold!

Why? Why?

Why? Why can't I change?

Brother! Brother! Gerrant! No.


The gem can kill, and it can give life.

Liya, I will be back. The Black Dragon's gem will be ours.

There's no way we can kill it. It's too big. It killed the whole army.

Gerrant is up there fighting for us. We must help him.

There's nothing we can do. We can't beat the Black Dragon.

Kasarana. We're all going to die!

Kasarana. It's OK. We're not lost yet.


I'll get the gem. I'll fight for you! For Liya!

Fish, I'm coming to help!

Varnak! Stand up!

Where's my fish?


Dragon blood, dragon spirit. Dragon blood, dragon spirit. Dragon...


We must help.



Argenta? Dragons fighting dragons!

My turn!



I must have that gem. I must save Liya.

Lambert, stay away from me. It's not safe.

You cannot touch it. It will destroy you.

I can feel its power.

I need that gem for Liya, no matter what you say.

See? It is already affecting you. I'm going to destroy it.

I will, Gerrant.

If either of you touch this gem, you will never be the same again.

You will be corrupted. I don't care!

But... I can give you my gem.

If there is any life left in Liya, it will revive her. Try.

But will it work? It should.

But go quickly. There needs to be a spark of life.

Liya, Liya, I have it. I'll save you.

Liya, I love you. Come back, Liya.

How does it feel to hold the Black Dragon gem?

Do you feel its power? I can feel its evil.

But I can't withstand it too long. You must help me destroy it.

No, I'm not going to destroy the gem. I'm going to destroy you, dragon!


With this gem, I am going to rule the world.

Reign over humans, elves and even what's left of dragons!

That gem will consume you.

No, I will use it to destroy all of you, and reign supreme.

The gem is controlling you. Don't...

The king was going to betray all of you.

He was going to use this gem for himself.

That is why I killed him, too.

Drop it. It's not worth it.

I could let you all live if you give your allegiance to me.

The whole world will bow to me and honor my will.

Even Elena will pay homage to the greatest king the world has ever seen.

Elena? Does Elena have something to do with this?

My reign will last forever, but I will never trust you!

Your time is over. I am your friend.

Listen. That gem is taking over your body and soul.

You will not survive.

Shut up! No!

Velskud? Velskud, listen to your friend.

We're all your friends. Drop it.

Velskud, you can't control that kind of evil power.

I can. I know how. Let me have it. It will not overpower me.

I will use it for all of us.

You lie. Now you die! No!

No! Velskud, no! No!

Drop it, or I'll cut it from your hand.

You are a fish and I will gut you. No, you won't.

Surrender now, or I will finish you. You are a great fighter.

And you can have a long life under my rule and command.

I would let you live and be with your precious Liya.

But now it is your choice. Live or die?

Join your friends. Die!

I will destroy you all. I will be all powerful.

Velskud, you can't! I will rule over all!

Finish him before he fully transforms.

You can do it, Lambert. We need you.

I'll help you, Lambert.

You are dead.

I will absorb your life, your soul. You will be nothing.

No one will remember you were alive.

Gerrant, you were right about the power of this gem.

I know it now. Velskud!

You were about to be food for that beast.

Liya? Liya!

I'm impressed.

Without your bow and arrow, I wouldn't have made it.

Oh, Lambert.

I will teach you how to use them.

Altera is safe again. Safe? What about my ship?

What about my gold?

We now have to ride home on an elf ship.

My worst nightmare, an elf ship!


Hey, Varnak!

Altera is again at peace.

Such a precious thing, peace... for it is easily lost to those who cherish other things.

I am the eye of your storm Your lion's roar On the battlefield My love will be your shield No cause for alarm I will come to arms The world could fall We'd still be standing tall And when you think all hope has gone My beating heart will drive you on I will fight for you Give my life to you When you can't see the sky I will make you fly I'll be dreaming till I'm no longer breathing Rising from the wreckage Fighting to protect this gem of love You're all I've ever dreamed of So I'm fighting to protect this love

Our love is bulletproof There's no breaking through You can take your shot But nothing can stop us I am the moonlight star Reflecting in your heart If you lose the ground I'll never let you down So when you think all hope has gone I will be your secret weapon I will fight for you Give my life to you When you can't see the sky I will make you fly I'll be dreaming till I'm no longer breathing Rising from the wreckage Fighting to protect this gem of love You're all I've ever dreamed of So I'm fighting to protect this love This gem of love Oh-oh-oh

This gem of love Oh-oh-oh I'm fighting to protect this love Subtitles: BTI Studios

Oh, stop it! Stop it! Come on, you win.

Hey! Also, I have decided.

Number One, your new name is Bow. Number Two, yours is Arrow.