Dream House (2011) Script

Corrected by UroshUchiha


Full severance package and a book deal.

Total non-disclosure.



TOMMY: Okay, boys. Get his stuff.


Danish? Eclair?


I'm gonna miss you, Will.


Little afternoon pick-me-up, Mr. A?

I'm okay, Tommy.


No, I quit.

Why would you do that?

He wants to spend more time with his family.

Didn't know you had a family. Spend all your time here.

Well, I do.



(POPS) Oh!


SADIE: Oh, to the best editor who ever escaped the dreary halls of GPH.

ALL: To Will.

To Will.

We're gonna miss you, Mr. Atenton.

Thank you. Thank you.


So, you finally made it out the door?


You have some brilliant ideas in your head. Let them out.

You think?

You don't want to be chained to your desk as an old editor, do you?


Here. Best contractor in Fairfield County.

Can't do it all by yourself.

I shall miss you.

Good luck.

Thank you.



Hey, Atenton!

Will. How you doing? Heather. Heather Keeler.

I found your house. Yes, sorry.

Yes. Yes. Bramble Branch. (CHUCKLES)

How are you doing? I'm well.

Do you need a lift?

No, no, I'm getting a taxi.

A cab in this weather? Come on. I'll give you a lift.

WILL: No, no, Heather. Mine's the one on the left.

But you know that, don't you?

HEATHER: Okay, here we are. Enjoy your new home.

Thank you. You have a good night.

Good night.

LIBBY: Sweetie, I just wanted to know, did you get the 7: 15?

'Cause I really don't know whether to put the kids to bed or not.

So, give me a call or let me know... (THUDDING)

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, Will! (LAUGHS)

You gave me a fright.


(CHUCKLING) You don't answer the phone? What's going on?


(WHISPERS) You did it.

You didn't? You didn't? (CHUCKLES)

You didn't think I would, did you? I didn't think you would.

(GASPS) You did it! Oh, you did it! I'm so proud of you!

Oh, we're gonna be so much happier.

The kids are gonna be so much happier.

Where are they?

Oh, the kids are asleep.

Okay. Mmm-hmm.

Mrs. Atenton.

Mr. Atenton.


WILL: What's this?

LIBBY: Oh, this is the kids' painting.


Have the children gone to bed?

Yeah, the children are very...

They're very tired. I put them in bed.

And they've been working all day? Mmm-hmm.

Yeah? Yeah.


I'll just put my coat down here, like this, and then my... (SHUSHING)

And this is a... This is a new cushion, I see.

Shall I give it a squeeze? (GIGGLING)

I think you should. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (SQUEALING)

Daddy's home! Daddy's home!


What have you been doing?

Um, painting!

DEE DEE: Painting! WILL: Oh, really?

Sweetie, you wanna show Daddy the surprise?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. LIBBY: Yeah, yeah, yeah?

That surprise.

Okay, ready, Dee Dee?

One, two, three, go!


Do you like it? Yeah, I do.

Really? Yeah.

Honestly? Yeah, you're hired.

(LAUGHING) You can't afford me.

I think I might be able to.


What is that? There's a very strange smell around here.

You! You! You! You! You!

I know what it is. Mmm-hmm.

Stinky. Mmm-hmm. It's stinky kids.

Stinky kids.

Stinky kids need bath time! Stinky kids.



Are you gonna tell me what this novel's about?

If I tell you about it, then...

Well, then it all disappears, doesn't it? (SIGHS)


But I can see the characters, Libby. I can.

Just... Just as clearly as I can...

Thank you. ...as I can see you now.

Thanks for the flowers.

When? I didn't give them to you.

I found them on the porch this morning.

They're probably from a secret admirer.

Of yours.

No. Maybe.

Some gentleman caller leaving you flowers on the doorstep.


(WHISPERS) Missed you.

I feel so safe when you're here.

Well, I'm not gonna go anywhere.

What are you thinking about?

Ah, memories, maybe.


Do you remember this?



You remember this? Just a little bit of this.


You remember this?



You okay? Yeah.

CHLOE: All right. See you Sunday.

Can you have her back by 9:00?

Oh, for Christ's sake, I know the drill.

(SCOFFS) Can't we have a single exchange without you turning...

Without you twisting the knife?

No, it seems we can't. (ENGINE STARTS)


Bye, honey.



That's all I know. That's good.


That's good.


Will, come here.

Come take a look at this.

Would you look at that?

You know what? I'm not gonna paint over it.

Don't. Belongs to the house.

They used to run up those stairs.

Wonder where they are now.

Driving their parents insane.


MAN: Your financial statements, sir.

It's not what we hoped.

Any word on your custody appeal?

Sorry, sir.





WILL: Enter.

Hey, Shakespeare. Just brought you some tea.


Hey, Dee Dee. Dee Dee, leave Daddy alone. He's writing. Come on.

Dee Dee, come on, come out of there. Daddy's working. Come on.

I want Daddy.

He's working right now. I told you.


I want to go home to my own house.

This is your house.

This is where we live. Come on, baby.

WILL: Come here. Give me your hands.

What are you so scared about? What's going on?

Tell me. What's going on?

TRISH: Mom, she saw a man in the window.

I couldn't find him.


Show me.

He was right there.

What did he look like, baby?

TRISH: She said he had a big head.

And it was fuzzy.


Sweetie, do you mean a pretend person?

Is that what you're talking about?

Wait a minute. I know what you saw. Look.

You saw the twigs at the bottom of the garden.

Looks like... That looks like a man, see?

No, he was right there.

Wait a minute. Look at this.

Watch. Look at the window. And...

(GASPS) See?

See? It was your own reflection. (LAUGHING)

When Trish turned on the light, it wasn't a man, it was you, little one.

It was you.


It's okay, it's okay. (WILL GUFFAWING)


Who peed their pants? (GIGGLING) You did!

Did you pee your pants? You did.

Did you pee your pants?

TRISH: You did. Come on. (GRUNTS)


You okay?


Come on, you're worried about something. Tell me what's going on.

You're so beautiful.

Stay like that forever.

Sorry. No, not possible, not forever.









GIRL: Mommy's sad.

Daddy, aren't you gonna kill us again?



What are you doing?

BOY 1: Go, go!


BOY 2: Shit!

GIRL: Shit.



Get up! What were you doing in there?

We didn't know anybody lived here!

I live there!

Well, you scared the shit out of me!

Well, what were you doing down there?

It's 'cause of the murders.

What murders?

You live here, and you don't know about the murders?

The snowstorm? In April?

Come on, man, the whole family got murdered!

Have you been looking in through my windows?

He's back.


BOY: That is him.

He's back.

Who's back?

He's back. GIRL: That is him!


He's back!




CINDI: Jerk.


Hey. What... Who is it?

It's nothing, Libby. It's just some kids.

They were just messing about. Go back to bed. I'll be up in a minute.


The department doesn't close unsolved homicides, so, officially, the case is still open.

But I've only been on the job a couple of years, so I don't know a lot about the old cases.

You must be able to tell me something.

I mean, who did it, for Christ's sake?

Well, the focus came down on the father.

Peter Ward. He went a little nuts.

I thought you said the whole family were killed.

Well, the family was shot. The father survived.

So he's still alive?

I don't really know.

Well, where is he? CONKLIN: I don't know.

Look. You can let me look at the case files and then...

I can't do that. It's police business. No. I'll do it on my own.

Well, if you're not gonna do it, I'll do it.

We can't hand it out to the general public.

WILL: Well, I'm hardly the general public, am I?

I mean, I bought the crime scene, for Christ's sake!

New Ashford is a safe town now, okay?

So you got nothing to worry about.

Have a nice day.

Take care now.


LIBBY: In here.

What's going on?

She heard the kid from across the street on her cell.

What did she say?

Everybody who lives in this house gets killed.

Oh, God Almighty.

Why would she say something like that?

I told them we'd wait till Daddy got home.

Okay. Let me...


Hi, there. Hi.

Look, were you talking on your phone near our house just now?

I just... Mom!

Can I just...

Hi! I'm Will Atenton from across the street. I wanted... Can I...

Can I...

Hi. Um, look, we...

We just found out what happened in our house.

(STAMMERING) I didn't mean to upset your daughter, but I think she might have been talking with some friends on the phone, near the house, and my daughters overheard, and they're five and seven and...

I know she didn't do it on purpose. It's just...

I'll talk to her.

Thank you. Thank you. That's all I'm asking.

You know, it was the fifth anniversary a few days ago, and my daughter's been having nightmares again.

I'm sorry about that. That's awful.


Did you leave some flowers on our porch?

CHLOE: Mom! No.


CHLOE: Hey, can I see you for a minute?

Right. Okay, thank you.

The house has been empty a long time.


(CHUCKLING) Yes, except we've...

We've got an infestation of teenagers in our basement.

And you... You wouldn't know...

You wouldn't know... Do they live around here?

I'd like to talk to their parents just so I can keep them away.

Right. I'm sorry to bother you.

Have a good day.



What are you doing?



What's going on?

I'm just covering this up. I couldn't sleep.

What is this?

Those kids, you know? That I...

The ones I chased off? They left this.


"Slaughter house."

Who's Peter Ward?

Why didn't you just tell me?

Because I didn't want you to worry.

I just knew we shouldn't have moved out of the city.

Libby, don't say that.

I knew that this wasn't gonna last.

What? This!


There's something wrong with this house.

No, Libby, there isn't.


We'll do whatever it takes, okay? We'll...

We'll hire a priest.

(SCOFFS) Hire a priest? Where do you do that?

Well, it's... Or a witch doctor, whatever. I don't know.

We'll feng shui the place. It's our house. (CHUCKLING)


There's joy in this house.

There's real joy in this house. You're in it, so...



What is that out there?



Go in!






I'm all right! I'm all right.


Go back in the house!

Go! Get back in the house!




Dee Dee?






I can't find the girls.

They're not in bed, they're not in the garden. I don't know where they are.

Girls, come on! It's not funny! Come out right now! Kids!

Did you look under the bed?


Girls, come on now, where are you?



Libby? What?


TRISH: Okay. How many lumps?

DEE DEE: One lump of sugar, please.



TRISH: Would you like any tea, Princess Katherine?

DEE DEE: Yes, please, Prince Beatrice.


(LAUGHING) What are you girls doing in here?

Are we interrupting you?

Hello, Mommy. Hello, Daddy.

Hello, Mommy. We found a little girl's clubhouse.

WILL: I see.


LIBBY: Oh, my goodness me, look at all of this.

And you're having tea?


WILL: But we were looking for you. You were?

We were looking for you everywhere.

How long have you been in here for?

When did you get in here?

About two hours. What is this, baby?

Two hours. Two hours ago?

You've been in here for two hours? And how did you find it?

It's an amazing place.

I fell through the wall.

Oh, really?

You didn't hurt yourself? No.

No. Look at all these toys.

I fell in the box.

Look at that.

"This book belongs to Katherine Ward."

And this belongs to Beatrice, see?

LIBBY: Let me see that, sweetie.

Yeah, she wrote it in there in ink.


WILL: Do you think this is where they played?

TRISH: Yeah.

This is their secret clubhouse.

GIRLS: Uh-huh.

They were happy here.

They were? How do you know that?

She just knows.

Okay, I need a cup of tea. (LIBBY LAUGHS)

DEE DEE: Lavender, lavender.

WILL: Lavender tea, please, to calm my nerves.

I just can't believe all this stuff.

Yeah, I know.


That's our house, Will.


I mean, how could the neighbors not have said anything to us?

I don't understand. Nothing. Not a word.

Well, they're all freaked out about having a murderer in their midst.

They just care about property prices, that's all.

Jesus Christ.

He shot the little one in the back.


Will? WILL: I got it!


I brought you some stew.

I thought you might like something you could just heat up.

With all the work you're doing in here, you must be busy.

Thank you so much. That's...

That's incredibly generous of you.

I felt a little bad about our last meeting.

No, don't. Please, well, look, come in.

DEE DEE: Hey, open up!


(CHUCKLES) I live with a herd of elephants, sorry.

Can you keep it down, just a bit?

TRISH: Okay, Dad!

LIBBY: Will, who is that at the door?

I'm... I don't know your name.

Ann Patterson.

It's Ann Patterson from across the street. Come down, say hello.

Down in a minute.

I should go. Okay.

You'll come back?


Did you know the people who used to live here?

Why didn't you come down and say hello?

What's wrong?

This is where the mother was shot.


Children were shot right here.

Peter Ward.

Now listen to this.

It's a letter to the editor from just a few weeks ago.

"It is impossible to comprehend how a psychotic murderer

"could be placed in a residential treatment program

"with total disregard for the community.

"Harkness House is located

"within a half mile of my children's elementary school."


Hey, man. Good luck in there.

When people talk to you, you oughtn't be rude to them, asshole.

MAN: Yeah, all right.

Unis, has the mail come yet?

Jesus, Brady, I've been here three days and you keep asking the same damn question.

It already came, and you already didn't get nothing.

You got the release papers for me?

No. I'm not a patient. I'm...

Client. Right.

I need to talk to you about one of your clients.

Unis, has the mail come yet?

Hey, go on.


Come on.

Let's watch a little ping-pong.

You need to speak to Mrs. O'Brien.

You can just have a seat over there.

I said you could have a seat.

Yeah. Right, thank you.



What are you doing with my stuff?

This is my stuff.

Where'd you get this?

Calm down! Why are you so angry?

This was in my kids' room. Where did you get it?

I don't understand what you're saying, all right?

I'll explain it to you.

Peter Ward, stay away from my family, or I'll kill you!

Peter Ward?

There's no Peter Ward here.

No. I'm Martin.


Peter Ward's out there, man.

I'm sorry.


What happened?

Not a lot.

Not a lot?

Hey, babies.

LIBBY: Why are you keeping things from me?

I'm not.

Was Ward at Harkness House, yes or no?

No, he wasn't, but it's fine.

It's not fine. You wanna know why it's not fine?

Because he was outside the window looking in.

The kids just saw him.

They're imagining things, honey... I saw him!

Well, then we'll call the police!


What is that?

It's a car.

Okay, okay, kids, everything's okay.

Daddy's home.

Just dial it down a bit, please.


Just stay here.


What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?

Kids, go upstairs now and lock the door!



I know who you are, Ward!


Will! Libby, get inside!


Wait, wait, hold it, hold it, hold it!

Look, you've come at the wrong end.

The guy's driving a maroon Buick.

He's got a hooded parka on. He's gone now.

Okay, all right. Calm down.

I will calm down. But he's just... All right.

This guy's just come in and threatened me and my wife.

Sir, everything is under control.

It doesn't seem to be. You know what? Look.

Hey! Hey!

It's a photograph.

Look, he took this from my house. All right.

He's not in Greenhaven. Okay, the whole neighborhood...

He's back here! ...doesn't have to know.

What do you mean, the whole neighborhood?

You must have just passed him now on the road.

Did you see him? A maroon Buick?

Hooded parka. Just calm down.

What are you taking notes for? Get in the car and go after him!

Would you keep your voice down, please?

You know what, I'm gonna get a gun, I'll shoot him myself!

Go get some sleep, sir.

Oh, you guys, Jesus Christ!


He's been in our house?

He had this.

Why are they not helping us?

I really appreciate you doing this.

I don't understand why the police won't help us.

Let's just make sure we're talking about the same man.

Please, sit down.

Peter Ward.

Well, I'm just...

I'm just trying to protect my family.


WILL: What's that?

It's a gunshot wound.

I don't understand, why... If he was a suspect, who...

Who shot him?

His wife.

Somehow she'd gotten the gun away from him.

Fought back before she died.


What's he screaming?

He wants to get out, to find the man who killed his wife and children.

You filmed him all the time?

We had to, to protect ourselves.


He was not competent to stand trial.

We held him as long as we could without conclusive evidence.

Wait, can you... Sorry.

Can you just rewind that a little, just to there?





WILL: That's Ann Patterson.

She's... She lives across the road from us.

I knew she knew him.

Let's go on. You'll understand.

At a certain point, he simply refused to believe that he was Peter Ward.

You see, in his mind, if he wasn't Peter Ward, he couldn't have killed his wife and family.

Well, what's he doing now?

He refused to allow his name to appear on any of the hospital IDs.

So he chewed them off and invented a new name.

May I? Sure.


All right.

Now I want to show you something I showed you earlier.

From five years ago.


That's not Peter Ward. That's...

That's me.

You lived in this institution for five years, Peter.


That's... That's ridiculous.

I'm not Peter Ward. I'm Will Atenton.

That's the name you gave yourself.

W1 -1 L becomes Will.

The numbers 8-10-10 become Atenton.

Will Atenton.

I don't believe any of this.

You're a danger to yourself.

And to others.

I'm sure the scar where your wife shot you is still there.

That would...

That would mean that...



I left my wife and my family at home this morning.

You murdered your wife and family five years ago.


You're a fucking liar!

All right, move in.

McNulty, get in here.

Oh, nice.


Hello? Hi.

(STAMMERING) Hi. Where are you?

Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I'm fine.

I love you, Libby.

I love you.

Will you just hold on just a minute, please?

Would you like to talk to my wife?



Doesn't matter.

No, no.

No, we'll sort it out when I get home. It's...




MAN: Will!

Mr. A?

How's the novel?

Am I in it?

TOMMY: I knew he'd be back.

The even numbers always come back.

(SOBBING) Will... Will...







LIBBY: Thanks for the flowers.


DEE DEE: Tell us a story, Daddy.

Once upon a time,

there were two little girls.

And they lived in a house...

TRISH: In the forest.

...in a forest.

By a stream.

And they had a beautiful garden, with some beautiful flowers in it.

Dee Dee, do you remember the names of the flowers?



And tulips.

Two lips! (GIGGLES) One, two.


Stop it.

Will, are you okay?


Are you okay?

What's the...

Sweetie, you are seriously hot.

You've got a fever. You're not well.

Daddy, what's wrong?

Daddy's not well.

Listen, why don't you girls go play, and we'll finish dinner later on, okay?

All right?

I'm just gonna talk to Daddy for a little bit.

Stay there!

(WHISPERS) I'm just gonna talk to Daddy, okay?

What happened to you at Greenhaven?

They told me that...

They told me that you're not really here.

Okay, Will, now you...

You're really scaring me.

I'm not Will Atenton.


I'm Peter Ward.

Do not say that.

You have a fever, and this is the fever talking.


Come here. Come on.

Come here, baby. Daddy's not feeling well.

WILL: Tell me your name.


Your real name, not your nickname.

Beatrice. We leave off the front.

Okay, here we go.

And what's your real name?

It begins with a "K."

Katherine. Katie.

We used to call her Tee Tee.

Now everybody calls her Dee Dee.

And you're Libby.

You're Elizabeth Ward.

LIBBY: Okay, girls. Upstairs.

I'll be up in a minute.

Come on.

It's okay. You're gonna be all right.

Take it easy.

It's just a fever.

It's gonna pass.



LIBBY: Will!


Will, come here!

Oh, God. They've caught your fever!

Come here, baby. Are you okay?

(GASPING) I can't breathe.

You what?

I can't...

Hey, hey, hey, come here.

Come here, come here. (WHIMPERING)

What is it? Tell me what's wrong.

My throat hurts.


I can't swallow.

It's okay, I'm gonna get you some medicine, and you're gonna feel okay in a minute, all right? (COUGHING)

(CHOKING) I can't breathe.

I hurt my shoulder, too.

Is this where it hurts? You wanna show Mommy where it hurts? Where?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, there's a... She's got... She's bleeding. She's got...

She's got a bite here.

Baby, we're gonna... It's where she was shot, Libby.

LIBBY: No, it's a...

It's where she was shot, Libby.

It's a fever sore!

It's where she was shot, Libby!

Stop saying that!

WILL: There's a bullet wound! Look at her back!

Oh, my God.


Oh, God!

Dee Dee?


Baby, come on. Dee Dee?

Oh, God.

Oh, God, she's so cold, Will. Will, please do something.

She's... She's not moving. I need you to help, please.

Please, she's not...

What's going on? Dee Dee?

Come on, Dee Dee. Dee Dee? Dee Dee?

God, Will, she's cold. Trish? Trish?

Trish, come on. Dee Dee. Dee Dee, come on. Dee Dee?

Why are you just standing there?

Will, why are you just standing there?

Wake up!

Why won't you help your children?


Come on. Wake up!

Libby, they're dead.

You're dead.


Oh, please.


MAN: Yes, sir. Good evening.

I wonder if you'd take a look at this for me, please?

Thank you.


This is my home.

But it's not...

It's not fit for habitation, Mr. Ward.

MAN 1: Okay, let's go.

MAN 2: Board it up now!

Libby! Libby!

Look out, buddy.



MAN: I'm sorry, sir.


Did you do this?

You don't remember me.

Yeah, I remember you were...

You were here.

And you were at Greenhaven...

You really see them.

They're there.

Look. Look!

They're buried at New Ashford Cemetery.


What are you doing?

Trying to get into my house.

Can't let you do that.

This house is condemned, buddy, can't let anyone in here.

Have you been watching me?

Goddamn right I have. You're a killer.

Now get out of here.

Go on. Get out of here.

Where were you that night?

I was alone, here at the house.

I was supposed to go out, but it was snowing.

Chloe was with her father, thank God.

Why did you visit me in Greenhaven?

Because I was your neighbor from across the street.

Libby was my best friend.

Why didn't you tell me who I was?

I wanted to, but you told me you were Will Atenton. What was I gonna say?

Did I do it?


How do you know?

I just know.


Hey, honey. Hi.


You... You need a bath.



I guess I'll run him a bath.


So, Mom says you see them.


Are they older?

No, they're not.

Could you tell them how much I miss them?

I will.

Did you leave the plant?

Yeah. It was the anniversary.

Do you water it?

Yeah, I do.


ANN: Go get in the car, honey.




The water is running. I left some towels.

Don't go anywhere.

Thank you.


ANN: Are you okay? Yeah.

Don't tell your father.



ANN: Will?


I'll be down now.



Oh, damn it.

What are you doing here?

I've heard Peter Ward's been in our house.

No, he's not.

And it's not our house. It's my house.

Come on, Chloe. Get your stuff.

She's not yours till Friday.

She's in danger. He's a psychopath.

What are you talking about, Jack? Just go.

JACK: Chloe...

No, it's fine, Mom. I'll go.

Honey, you don't have to go.

No, it's okay. It's fine.

Good girl.

ANN: You're such an asshole.

Chloe! Where are you...

She's upset.

What do you expect?

Ann, I shouldn't even be here. I'm sorry.

It's not your fault. He's just... JACK: Chloe!


Look, I should go after her.

But I found this in the laundry.

Dr. Greeley. She treated you at Greenhaven.

Thank you.

I think you should call her.


WILL: Why did you release me?

I had no choice. There was no evidence against you.

So I needed to let you go.

How's the book?

I'm not writing a book.

I'm living in a fantasy and walking around my house, talking to the walls.

Perhaps it's your mind trying to protect itself.

From what?

Their deaths. Or, the truth.

You think I did it?

(SIGHS) I honestly don't know.

I don't care what my mind's trying to do.

I just have to find out who killed my family, even if it was me.

If you would admit yourself here now under my care, I can treat you.

You're not well, Peter.


No, I'm not.



Oh, I hate it when you leave!




I'm gonna beat you! Come on!

The girls have been waiting for you.

WILL: I love you. Sleep tight.

Night, Daddy.

Tell me what you know about that night.

I don't wanna do this.

You remembered where you were shot.

I remember I heard someone on the stairs and I came out.

I can't do this!

You heard somebody on the stairs.

And I came out because I knew it was you.

And then I fell.



The kids were lying there and they were so still.

And I knew they were going away, and I knew they needed me to take care of them, so I went with them.

And then...


And then...

I found those flowers, and I was painting the front hall and it was snowing, and I was worried you wouldn't make it home, but you did.

What else? What else do you remember?

I don't remember anything.


I don't remember anything.

You shot me. You shot me.

No. You shot me!

No, I shot the man who shot the girls.

You shot me.


What is that?

It's a scar.


Forgive me.


ANN: Peter? Peter, are you there?



You have to get out of here. What?

You're gonna tell me the truth.

ANN: I tried to tell you in Greenhaven.

WILL: Tell me what?


Libby, the children, they're gone.

Libby is dead, and you need to let them go.

It was a mistake coming back here.

You can't stay in this house, Peter.

It'll drive you crazy.

How did she die, Ann?

Tell me how she died.

Libby loved you.

She'd want you to let her go.

You have to let her go now, Peter.

Hey. Where are you?

I heard you come in. Is that you downstairs?

WILL: I'm outside the house.

LIBBY: Uh-huh.

DEE DEE: Daddy's home.

Who are you?


Mommy? LIBBY: Come on, I heard you downstairs.

What? You're a liar. What?


Okay, kids, don't move, don't move.

Mommy? LIBBY: It's gonna be okay.


Put down the gun, please.


LIBBY ON PHONE: Put the gun down, please.


Run! Daddy!

(SCREAMS) Daddy!





WILL: I didn't do it.

I didn't.


Hello, Peter Ward.


Why don't you...

Why don't you put that thing down and we can have a conversation?




ANN: Jack, you killed them.

JACK: It was supposed to be you.




Get the chloroform! Now!


JACK: It should've been so simple.

BOYCE: I went to the wrong goddamn house. It was a mistake.

JACK: We put them in the basement.



Where are you?

BOYCE ON PHONE: I'm pulling up right now.

First right on Bramble Branch, third house on the right.

I'm outside the house. I'm looking at Jack's wife right now.

Where is she?

She's talking to someone on her cell.

Who's she talking to?

I don't know.

Maybe that young boyfriend you were talking about.

JACK ON PHONE: You got the gun I gave you last night?


Well, use it.

And then just drift on out of New Ashford like I told you.

The insurance money is real, right?

You'll get paid.

I know we don't know each other that well, but after tonight you got something on me, I got something on you.

We gotta trust each other.

You sure you want me to do this?

What right has she got to destroy my life?

What right has she got to my daughter?

Your call. Last chance to back out of this.

Kill her now.



I'm sick of your shit.

You've tormented me for five goddamn years.

Child killer.



Come on.

You'll never collect.

Chloe collects, I collect.



You took everything. My money, my house, my kid!

And now that Ward's back, I get another shot.







Peter! Wake up, Peter!


Okay, Ward!


ANN: Peter. Peter.

You're all right. You're all right. You're okay.






Are you okay?

Yes. Chloe!

CHLOE: Mom! Mom!

Oh, baby.

Peter, no!

Libby! Libby!


What are you doing? Get out of here.

I don't wanna lose you.

I know, but you have to go.

You be good.

We love you, Daddy.

I love you.

I'll always be with you.

I know.

But you know that.



Is there anybody else inside?


You okay? Yeah.