Dredd (2012) Script

facebook.com/sazu489 America is an irradiated wasteIand.

Within it lies a city.

Outside the boundary walls a desert.

A cursed earth. lnside the walls a cursed city, stretching from Boston to Washington, D.C.

An unbroken concrete landscape.

800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one.

Mega blocks. Mega highways.

Mega City One.

ConvuIsing. Choking.

Breaking under its own weight.

Citizens in fear of the street.

The gun. The gang.

OnIy one thing fighting for order in the chaos, the men and women of the HaII of Justice.




Responders needed at a square at 1 1 17. Code 10-10.

Leisure compIex. Shots fired.

Out of vehicIe, in pursuit. Request aerial surveillance. l have a control drone flagging three perps.

Responders needed in Sub-Sector 20, Flyover 5.

We have a positive lD on three suspects wanted on multiple counts.

Any Judges, please respond.

Dredd to Control. ln pursuit of vehicle, Sector 1 3.

Driving erratic. Suspects are under the influence of narcotics.

Got a Judge on our taiI.

What? l said we got a Judge on our tail!

Take him out or we're dead fucking meat!


Do you require backup?



l can't get him! Straighten the fuck out!

Be advised. We have Iost visuaI.

Fuck, he's right on us!

Man, we're dead. We're fucking dead!

Control. Perps just wiped out an innocent. l'm taking them down.

Bike. Activate crowd control.

Activated. Citizens, be calm. Step back from the crime scene.

Interference carries an automatic five-year sentence in the iso-cubes.

Hey, fucking get out of here!

Control. Paramedics to my GPS. Multiple wounded and bodies for resyk.

Copy, Dredd.

All shoppers are reminded to avoid the IeveI one food courts untiI further notice.

-AIternative refreshments can be found... -Shut the fuck up.

-Let's talk. -Talk about what, Judge?

Release the hostage unharmed, and l guarantee you a sentence of life in an iso-cube without parole.

Life without parole? That's the deal you're offering?

Only if you comply.

Your crimes include multiple homicide and the attempted murder of a Judge. lf you do not comply, the sentence is death.

You aren't a very good negotiator, Judge.

You know why? You got no fucking leverage!

Here's the deal. You let me walk or l blow her fucking brains out. Okay?

Negotiation's over.

What are you doing?

Didn't you hear what l said? l'll kill the bitch!

Yeah, l heard you, hotshot.

What? l said "hotshot."

ControI to Dredd. Come in.

-Is your pursuit resolved? -Affirmative.

Report back to the Hall of Justice. The Chief Judge wants to see you.

Thank you, Judge.

The level one food court will reopen in 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Cassandra Anderson. Twenty-one.

Born in a bIock 100 meters from the radiation boundary wall.

At age seven, she lost both parents to residuaI-faIIout cancer.

As is usual with orphans, she was given a Judge aptitude test at age nine. lt classified her as unsuitable, but she was entered into the Academy on special instruction. ln the Academy, her record was never better than borderline.

Her final Academy score put her three percentile points below a pass.

So what's she doing in a uniform?

-Rookie Anderson. -Sir.

How many people are observing you?


What can you tell me about the person l'm with?

Male. Another Judge.

I can feel anger. And control. But there's something else.

Something behind the controI. Something

-almost... -Okay, Anderson.

That wiII do.

She's a mutant.

The Judges Council have chosen to overlook her status. So you will, too.

She's the most powerful psychic we've ever come across by a huge margin.

The Judges are losing the war for the city.

We believe she could be a major asset.

As l said, her final score was only three points below a pass. lt's marginal.

-lt's not marginal. She failed. -The girl's getting one more chance. l want you to take her out, give her one day in the field. Supervised.

See if she makes the grade.

Sink or swim. Chuck her in the deep end.

lt's all the deep end.

Personnel are required to carry identification at all times.

A rookie Judge on assessment is likely to be involved in armed combat.

One in five don't survive the first day.

You may be required to carry out on-the-spot executions of convicted felons.

Yes, sir. lncorrect sentencing is an automatic fail.

Disobeying a direct order from your assessment officer is an automatic fail.

Losing your primary weapon or having it taken from you is an automatic fail.

Yes, sir.

-Are you ready, rookie? -l am.

Mandatory vehicle checks...

Your assessment starts now.


We got trouble.

They were selling Sternhammer product on my level. l warned them off with a beating a couple of weeks ago. Guess it didn't work.

-You can't deal with it yourself? -l can deal with it.

The question is whether you wanna make an example of them.

Skin them. Toss them over the balcony.

Hit them with a little Slo-Mo first?


Eat this, fucker!

Hold him down!

Please. Please.


Responders in the vicinity of Peach Trees. We have a report of a triple homicide.

The paramedic is on site and is cordoning off the area.

Twelve serious crimes reported every minute.

1 7,000 per day.

-We can respond to around 6%. -Which 6%?

Your show, rookie. You tell me.

Peach Trees. Multiple homicide.

Dredd to Control. We'll take Peach Trees.

Copy that.

Hey, Joey, show us what you've got.

Okay, rookie. What do you know about Peach Trees?

Sir. Peach Trees houses 75,000 registered citizens. lt has the highest crime rate in Sector 1 3. Unemployment rate of 96%.

And more than half the residential levels here are classed as slums.



Vagrancy, three weeks, iso-cubes. But prioritize murders?

Correct. Don't be here when we get back.

Yes. Thanks, Judge.

Please remain behind the security tape.

So why do you wanna be a Judge?

Sir. l want to protect and serve the city. To make a difference.

Make a difference to a block like this? lt's yours if you want it. l was born and raised in a block like this before the Justice Department took me. l know there are good people inside, good families just trying to get by.

Yes, l believe l can make a difference.


The mall will be closing today at 10 o'clock. Plenty of time to make your purchases.

What have you got?

Three stiffs in a somewhat fucked-up condition.

Did you get a picture of that?

-You based in Peach Trees? -Med Center, level 25.

-You lD'd them? -Mostly.

These two are registered to this block.

-And him? -l'll have to run his blood through a DNA profiler. lf l can figure out which blood is his.

What do you make of this, rookie? l don't know, sir.

lt's a cold-burn from a Slo-Mo inhaler.


Only just hit the grid, but it's making big waves.

Makes the brain feel as if time is passing at 1 % its normal speed.

Guess it felt like a long way down.

Positive on your lDs.

All showing convictions for possession of narcotics. Transmitting data now.

Small-time perps. Junkies. No known gang affiliation. What's your analysis?

Drugged. Skinned. Displayed in public. l think it's a punishment killing. Someone's trying to send a message.

Yeah. Don't fuck with the Ma-Ma clan.

Ma-Ma clan?

We have her on record from her whoring days.

The picture's pretty old, but that's her. Madeline Madrigal, aka Ma-Ma.

Ex-hooker from the S-9 pleasure district.

Quit working when she got sliced up by a pimp. She got her own back.

Block legend says she's feminized the guy with her teeth.

Took over his business interests and never looked back.

Anyone else, you'd say it was bullshit, right?

Not with Ma-Ma. Her trademark is vioIence.

Not so long ago, there were three main gangs hustling for control of Peach Trees.

The Peyote Kings, the Red Dragons, the Judged.

Then Ma-Ma arrived.

What the fuck?

Let's go!

Took over the top floor of the block and started working her way down.

Nine months later, she had control of everything.

LeveIs one to 200 are hers.

How did she get away with it?

You know how often we get a Judge up in Peach Trees?

Well, you got one now.

The victims are registered to apartments on level 39.

Likely killed over a turf issue, so perps will be in the vicinity.


Find out where the clan operate on this level, and hit it hard.

That would be here.

l take it this is your first time in non-sim combat.

Yes, sir.

Been wondering when you'd remember you left your helmet behind.

Sir, a helmet can interfere with my psychic abilities.

Think a bullet might interfere with them more.

-Are you ready? -Yes, sir.

-You don't look ready. -Just adrenaline, sir.


Anderson. Judgment.

Crime, possession and use of controlled substances. Sentence, two years iso-cubes.

No, don't tell me. Tell Control.

-Anderson to Control. -Copy.

Requesting meat wagon to Peach Trees, level 39. We have four bodies for resyk and eight live for the iso-cubes.

Copy that. Meat wagon inbound.

All right. Let's get them cuffed.

Move. Up.

Sir, this one's a gang member. He...

Sir, it's him.

Him who?

The man who murdered the people in the atrium.

You're sure?


Can't execute a perp on 99%.

Save me a lot of paperwork if you just confess right now.

We'll take him in. See how he holds up after a few hours of interrogation.


Judges. No, no, no, no.

Caleb? There's a problem on level 39.

Judges hit the distribution point and shot the place up.

Took out a few of the boys.

So what? We're overdue a bust. lt's just the Judges showing their faces, reminding the citizens they exist.

-No, Ma. They picked up Kay. -Executed? lnterrogation. They're taking him in right now.


-If Kay talks... -lf they're taking him in, he'll talk.

What are we gonna do?

That one's still breathing.

Control room is secure.

Router's in. You're good to go.

Sector ControI.

Sector Control, this is Peach Trees Control, l just wanna check you were notified about the def-con systems test today.

Copy that. Peach Trees, we don't have you down for a def-con test.

-Yeah, we must be. lf you check the... -I've got nothing.

God fucking damn it, Sector! l put in the notification myself three fucking times!

We are good to go right now! l've got my supervisor breathing down my neck.

Hold fire, Peach Trees. Let me get on this.

Okay. I put you on the system.

Hall of Justice and all emergency services are notified to ignore your status.

You can run the test any time you like.

Appreciate that, Sector. You just saved my ass over here.

You're welcome, Peach Trees.

Sir, he's thinking about making a move for your gun.


He just changed his mind.


Then enter the pass key and you should be inside.

Security protocoIs accessed.

War protocol accessed.

BIast shieId initiated.

Warned you. Get up. You're headed for the cubes.

Stand cIear of doors.

AII residents remain caIm.

What's going on?

Lockdown complete.

You're patched in.

Peach Trees.

This is Ma-Ma.

Somewhere in this bIock are two Judges.

I want them dead.

Until I get what I want, the bIock is Iocked down.

All clan, every level, hunt the Judges down.

Everyone else, clear the corridors and stay the fuck out of our way until the shooting stops.

If I hear of anyone helping the Judges, I wiII kiII them and the next generation of their family.

As for the Judges...

We better move.

...sit tight, or run.

Makes no difference. You're mine.

Control, we have a situation developing in Peach Trees. Do you copy?

-Control, do you copy? -My comms are down, too.

Shielding must be blocking our transmissions.

We'll head for the Med Center.

They're here!

-Call it. -Sir?

You're on assessment, rookie. Call it.

Multiple armed targets. Obstructed line of sight. Gas grenades.


Advise you hold your breath.

l want the north and east corridor totally covered.

Sal's got the west and the south. And spread out your hardware.

We're gonna hand these Judges back to Ma-Ma on a plate.

-Stay fucking focused. -Judges got it coming!

-Judge, come and get me. -We're gonna have to go through them.

Stun grenade.

-Kill that motherfucker. -Let's give them the good news.

-Man up that corridor, man. -Fuck up the Judges.

Fuck them.

Citizens of Peach Trees. This is the law.

Who do you think you are coming up in here?

Disperse immediately, or we will use lethal force to clear the area.

-Where's that coming from? -Over there. Access corridor.

You have been warned.

You now have 20 seconds to comply. lt's you doing the complying, Judge. There's 1 0 of us, only two of you.

Why don't you step out from behind that doorway, or we're gonna blow the fuck out of you.

Ten seconds to comply.

-Fuck you, Judge. -You got five.

Thanks for the heads-up.


What are you waiting for, rookie?

His crime is attempted murder of a Judge. His sentence is death.

Yes, sir.

Open up.

-Open up! -Negative, Judge.

You know what's going on out here.

We need a place we can defend.

Then you better find someplace else. This is a medical facility. Neutral ground.

Neutral? You're not neutral. You're choosing sides.

Peach Trees has been sealed by blast doors designed to withstand attack.

No one's getting out. No one's coming in.

And you have every clan affiliate in the block after your blood.

There are no sides. You're already dead.

Looks like the Med Center's closed early today.

Switch weapon to silencer mode. Our best bet now is to go covert.

Conserve ammunition. And don't shoot unless you're gonna hit.

-Sir, what about the prisoner? -Explain.

Under the circumstances, he could be a liability.

Also a prime suspect in three homicides.

What do you say, rookie? Wanna cut him loose?

No, sir.

Get up!

Go, go, go, go!

Hold up.

-Move! -Keep your eyes peeled.

Man, stop telling me what to fucking do!

l know that new shit...


-Who's there? -Cathy, open the door.

We're not gonna hurt you.


Secure the woman somewhere she can't raise any alarms.

We can't.

She has a baby. Asleep in the next room.

We can't secure her if we don't know when she'll be freed. ls there a father?

He's out there. Looking for us.

Say that. What you were just thinking.

-How did you... -lt's okay. Go ahead.

l'm not raising any alarms. lf the men out there don't know where you are, you won't be killing them.

Go on.

There's a service elevator near here.

The sign says it's broken, but

it works as long as you're hitting a button above level 75. l just want you off my level. Away from my family.

-Cathy, l... -Don't thank me. lt's not for you. l just don't wanna see you again.

You won't.

This drug shifts like nothing I've ever seen.

If we play this right, we could take the whole fucking city.

The only danger is we expand too fast. ln the last few days, we've added distribution to three new blocks.

And pretty soon, we're looking at making inroads into Sectors 9 and 1 5.

Fifteen is still Red territory.


You better come quick.

Okay. We got one here, maybe 1 1 outside the Med Center.

There's eight in the stairwell and another five on level 1 8.

They've downed 30 plus and haven't even taken a scratch.

Where are they now? l don't know, but they seem to be moving their way up the block.

No, wait, wait. l just picked them up. They're on level 76, west quadrant.

Do you want me to patch you back into the PA?

We could get level 60 through 80 converging on them.

No. Can you seal them in there?

Sure. War override gives me total control of the building.

That's not good.

Full lockdown. They're going nowhere. l tried to do this clean, but they wouldn't let me. So now we do it messy.

Too late, Judge.

Caleb, come in.


We've got them cornered. We're taking them down right now.

We'd need oxyacetylene to cut through.

They know where we are. Why aren't they coming after us?

That's what worries me.

Take him back to the main lobby. Hold position behind the elevator shaft.

Be a good place to defend.

Where are you going? lf l don't come back, and you get cornered, you might not wanna get taken alive.

Your call.


Get away from the door!

Sit down!

He's right, you know.

About not wanting to be taken alive.

The stuff the clan would do to a girl like you...


We had a girl one time, girl about your age and...

Well, anyway... l'm just saying, save the last bullet for yourself.

Yeah, and l'll save the second to last one for you.


So you're a mutant?

Most of you poor fuckers got three stumpy arms, or no arms.

But l guess you lucked out. You fit together pretty well.

Psychic. So fucked up.

Yeah, l heard about your kind.

Kind of hard to believe it's real.

Like what am l thinking about right now?

You're picturing a violent sexual liaison between the two of us in a pointless attempt to shock me.

You're good. But l wasn't trying to shock you. lf l was trying to shock you, l'd have been thinking about this.

What are you thinking about now, huh?

-What the fuck was that? -Get back inside.

Hurry the fuck up.

Move your fucking asses.

Move! Move!

Back in the house. Get in the house, now!



Frank! Frankie! Let's go!


Get back!

Concentrate the fire.

High ex!


There's no way they survived.

They're not dead till we find them dead.

Or part of them anyway.

Comms are back on.

Control. Do you copy?


1 0-24 on my GPS. Request immediate assistance.

Copy, 10-24. Judges under fire.

Showing your Iocation as Peach Trees, Sector 13. Confirm.

Confirm. Be advised, blast door defenses have been triggered.

Can you hoId your current GPS?

Negative. lf they come for us, we've got nowhere to go.

Copy that. Backup is on its way. Just stay alive.

We gotta go back in.

God damn it, man! What the fuck?

No! No, no!

Your gang locks down a whole block.

Massacres an entire quadrant of men, women and children, just to take out two Judges.

Sound like overkill to you?

l'll tell you what l think. l think if we'd executed you at the bust, Ma-Ma would have let us walk out of here.

What she doesn't want is you taken back to the Sector house.

She doesn't want you interrogated. She's afraid of what you might say.

And that's got me curious.

-Spill it! -Fuck you!


Sir! lf you leave it to me, he doesn't have to speak.

What are you up to, bitch?

Welcome to the inside of your head.

lt's kind of empty in here. l don't know what kind of mutant shit this is, but if my hands weren't cuffed...

You aren't cuffed, if you don't wanna be.

My head. Do what l like?


Thinking about hurting me doesn't actually hurt me.

Yeah. Points to you.

Except there is that thing.

What thing was that?

That l know how to freak you the fuck out.

See, if you're taIking about my fucked-up head versus your fucked-up head,

your fucked-up head is gonna lose.

l figured that would shut you up.

Hey. l can play mind games, too.

You fucking bitch! You sick fucking bitch!

We haven't even started.

Got it.

Peach Trees is the manufacturing base for all the Slo-Mo in Mega City One.

Ma-Ma's controlling the production and distribution across the whole city. lnteresting.

Peach Trees. Can l help you?

We're responding to a report of Judges under fire from within this bIock.

Judges under fire? l'm unaware of any such activity.

We're actually undergoing a scheduled war defense test.

Not anymore, you're not. Open the blast door right now.

Yes, sir. The problem is we've had a software malfunction and l've lost control of the system.

We've had a fire on level 76.

You better get controI fast. Or I'm sIapping you with an obstruction ofjustice charge.

Five years in the cubes, mandatory.

Will do, sir. l'm on it right now. Thank you.

We have new intel about Ma-Ma, and we've managed to get a 1 0-24 to Control.

Parameters are shifting. What are the options, Anderson?

Keep moving and attempt to avoid further detection, or find a place to defend.

Same as before, except now we know backup's inbound.

You're giving us two options. Defend or hide.

Yes, sir.

What about we attack? Head straight for Ma-Ma. ls that an option?

Well, she's guilty. We're Judges.

Sir, with backup inbound, l think we should wait until the odds have shifted in our favor.

Wrong answer?

You're the psychic.


Why didn't you shoot him?

What do you mean, why didn't l shoot him? Why didn't you?

-Okay, we could do it now. -Do it.

-No, you do it. -You do it!

Shit! Shit!

Why did it have to be us who found him?

All right. Come on. Come on.

lnfo terminal. Let's check the schematics.



Why what?

Well, why should l freeze?

Because otherwise l'll shoot you.

With the safety on?

lt isn't.

How do you want it, kids? Body bags orjuve-cubes?

Makes no difference to me.



You are so fucked.

-Blondie. -Come on!

Come on, you bitch.

Hold that bitch down.


-Now then, what am l gonna do with you? -You're going to do nothing.

All this trouble is your doing.

When you got busted, you should have killed the Judges or been killed yourself.

But instead you let yourself get taken like the dumb fuck you are.

But l...

Shut the fuck up.

l'd kill you myself, but l already lost plenty today. l can't afford to lose more.

Sooner or later, the Justice Department is gonna come through the blast doors looking for their Judges.

They'll find their bodies all shot up. One on level 25, one in the Slo-Mo den. Just a bust that went wrong.

That means no torture.

No raping, no skinning. Just a bunch of bullets to the head and chest.

-Do you understand me? -Yes.

-Do you fucking understand me? -Yes.


He's back.

lt's the other Judge. He's patched himself into one of the terminals.

-l think he's trying to access the PA. -Can't you stop him? l can shut down the whole system, but if you let him talk, l can trace which terminal he's using.

We'll know exactly where he is.

Inhabitants of Peach Trees.

This is Judge Dredd.

Let him talk.

In case you people have forgotten, this block operates under the same rules as the rest of the city.

Ma-Ma is not the Iaw. l am the law.

Ma-Ma is a common criminaI.

GuiIty of murder.

GuiIty of the manufacture and distribution of the narcotic known as SIo-Mo.

And as of now, under sentence of death.

Any who obstruct me in carrying out my duty wiII be treated as an accessory to her crimes.

You have been warned.

And as for you, Ma-Ma...

Judgment time.

l got him. He's only 1 0 levels below us. South quad balcony. Terminal 5.


Fucker still hasn't gone down.

lt's not him.


How the fuck are we gonna stop this guy?

Call 91 1 .

Got a 1 0-24 from this block.

Two Judges under fire, requesting urgent assistance and you're standing outside.

Block's under lockdown. Malfunction with their defense system.

Open up. Now!

You're relieved.

So what have we got?

Two Judges trigger a turf war. Judges die in pursuit of duty.

-And the perps who killed the Judges? -Laid out here.

-Sounds right. -Excuse me.

lt's not what's happened. l've been here from the start.

This killing's all about one gang. The Ma-Ma clan.

And from the sound of gunfire, l'd say at least one of your two Judges is still alive.

-Are you prepared to testify to that? -Sure.

One million credits.

A million?

You have a problem with a Judge. You know who he is?

No. l do. One million.


Kaplan, protection detail on client. Chan, Alvarez, we're flushing him out.

You got it.

-Where's the other one? The rookie. -We got her here.

-Dead or alive? -Alive.

Make her dead.

You, there. ldentify yourself.

-Chan. Sector 9. -Dredd. Sector 1 3.

Responding to your 1 0-24.

Good to see you, Dredd.

Likewise. You alone?

Negative. Three-man squad. Closing on my vector right now.

So relax.

Cavalry's here.



Two of us called in the 1 0-24.

Wondering why you didn't ask about the other one.

Lex, move it!

Choke on it, Dredd.

Choke on that.


Bet you thought you were gonna make your family proud, huh?

Not much chance of that now.

Now this, l always wanted one of these. This is...

You were shit out of luck when you ran into the Ma-Ma clan. But don't feel too bad. l seen a lot of Judges in my time, and you're just not cut out for this. l mean, if you didn't get killed today, it was gonna be tomorrow.

Or it was gonna be the day after that.

Anyway, today it is.

You got any last words, bitch?

That's funny. l was gonna ask you that.


Kay's dead.

-Find somewhere to hide. -Where are you going? l've got the girl cold. l see her first, l shoot her.

She sees me first, she hesitates, then l shoot her.

What's the price of a Judge these days?


Split four ways.

Three ways now.

Suits me.

Doesn't sound like much.

To betray the law.

Betray the city.

Save that shit for the rookies.

Twenty years l've been on the streets.

You know what Mega City One is, Dredd? lt's a fucking meat grinder.

People go in one end.

And meat comes out the other.

All we do is turn the handle.

Rapid fire.

lncendiary. Armor piercing.

High ex.


Two-way split.

Yeah, l'd be breaking a sweat, if you hadn't just run out of bullets.

Lower your gun, rookie. l'm your backup.

Armor piercing.



Are you kidding me? Did you just say "wait"?

Judge Dredd, the Judge Dredd finally gets on the wrong end of a gun, and what he says is "wait."

You know what? l expected more of you. l mean, wait for what? Wait for me to change my mind?

Wait for another two or three seconds of life because you're so fucking weak you just can't stand to see it end?


Wait for her to shoot you.


Basic field dressing.




You look ready.

No, don't shoot! Please don't shoot me! l'm not armed. l'm not armed. l can help you.


Ma-Ma's in her private quarters, but it's behind 1 0 inches of steel.

So you can't get in there without the keypad combination. l can give that to you. l don't need your cooperation to get the combination from you.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Get out of here.

Mind explaining yourself, rookie?

Abetting a felon is not just a fail offense. lt's a crime. l already picked up the fail when l lost my primary weapon. l'm not gonna be a Judge, and l don't need to be a mind-reader to know it.

He's a victim, not a perp.

And until my assessment is formally over, l'm still entitled to dispense justice.

And that's what l just did by letting him go.

Maybe that'll be the one difference l do make.

The code to Ma-Ma's chambers is 4-9-4-3-6.

Let's finish this.

You're a piece of work, Dredd.

But then so am l.

You think l didn't know l'd get busted some day. Goes with the territory.

This entire level is rigged with enough high explosives to take out the top 50 stories. lf they go, the rest go, too.

Like the jewelry?

lt's a transmitter synched to my heart beat.

My heart stops beating, the building blows. Everyone in it, ash.

You got no way out, Judge.

Put your gun down.

Do you know how many people live in this block?

This isn't a negotiation. The sentence is death.

You can't afford to take the risk.

We're a kilometer above ground.

What do you figure the range is on that thing?

Could it get through 1 00 levels of concrete?

How about 200?

Let's find out.

Citizen Ma-Ma. Your crimes are multiple homicide and the manufacture and distribution of narcotics.

How do you plead?

Defense noted.



Victims first. Let the perps lay where they lie, huh?

Your assessment's now over.


When l heard you'd called in a 1 0-24, l thought l'd better check it out.

Seeing as l forced the rookie on you.

-So, what happened in there? -Drug bust.

-Look like you been through it. -Perps were uncooperative.

So how did she do?

She a pass or a fail?

Let's take a look, huh?

She's a pass. l knew she would be.

No time to waste. Let's move.

Tell them to go to the back...

Mega City One.

800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one.

OnIy one thing fighting for order in the chaos, Judges.