Drive Hard (2014) Script

Yeah! That's great! That's great!

Thank you! Thank you!

Peter Roberts Yeah!

Dad, wake up. Thank you! Thank you!

Dad, wake up! What? What?

Come on, we 'll be late Who is it? Who is it?

Dad, wake up! We're going to be late!

Who disturbs my sleep?

Morning. Good Morning! Hi... Hi...

Can you take Becca to school?

I've got to be in court. I've got a 9 am.

So do I. Sure. Yes.

I'm taking you to school kid.

You want an orange? I already have an orange.

What's for breakfast? You're too late.

By the way, have you called that guy about the job?

What job? No, not yet.

I told him you would.

It's an office job but it pays more than you're earning now, and in case you didn't notice we need the money.

I just don't feel like...

I won't be very fulfilled... in a... office. I've got to go.

But Freddy's so close on the money.

I talked to him. I talked to him last week.

He hasn't called me back yet, but he's so close on the cash, man, it's just like...

It's just like... Maybe Freddy can pay our mortgage.

Are you two going to fight again?

Go get your bag, honey. Yeah, go get dressed.

Go put on a tie or something.

Look, I 'm sorry, but using our money to put a down payment on that monstrosity.

It's not a monstrosity.

What is it? It's a school.

It's racing school. It's a school where people race.

And I teach them.

I teach them how to race.

Because that's what I'm good at. It's what I do.

I'm gonna be late.

What I used to do.

Now I don't do that.

Wait, don't leave me!

Do we have to go in your car?

What does it look like?

You see any other cars around here?

Whoa, whoa whoa. You can sit up front with me.

No, someone might see me!

This is a perfectly good car, kid.

Your dad makes his living driving this car.

Okay, speed bump.

This car, it pays for your clothes, it pays for your food, it pays for this incredibly expensive school that you take for granted.

Mommy pays for most of it.


OK Junior.

Go on.

Have fun, OK?

Love you. See you. Bye.


Oh hi, yeah.

I'm just... outside.

Yes, sure, if you can give me another couple of weeks then I will have the money. I...

Yes, I... understand.

But we've had some... plumbing problems lately.

And I mean wow, like... really expensive.

So, I'm a little short right now. What?

No, no, no, I understand.

I understand completely.

There's always public school.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

It's another beautiful day on the Gold Coast.

24 degrees Celsius with perfect beach conditions forecast.

...will experience a late morning change with a storm front moving in from the west bringing scattered showers from the hinterland and coastal ranges.

Monday through Saturday.

Sundays can be arranged but at a higher cost.

I will just as soon as he walks in.

Good morning sexy lady. Thank you. - Sorry.

How are we today?

Do that great accent that you do. No.

Come on, just one more time. No!

Hi Mr. Roberts. You're back.


Um... yeah.

I wasn't scheduled until 9.

9 o'clock? It can't be 9 o'clock.

Ow! Jesus Christ!

Are you alright? It's hot!

Do you need help? Hey! Back up! Sit!

Is she mine? Not today mate.

You've got a personal. A Mr. Keller?

He's waiting out the front.


Mr. Keller?

Mr. Roberts.

You must be my 9 o'clock.

Indeed I am. Pleasure.


I assume I 'm a little older than your usual clientele.

Oh no, we get all kinds if you can believe it.

I can. Good.

So you're an American. Yeah.

We have something in common. Yes, that's why I picked you. Okay.

So you've driven before? Uh-huh.

Yeah, but you know, I was on the other side of the road in America since I was 16.

OK. I think we'll probably...

Shall we ah... Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

I just need a signature.

Okay. Right here.

In case anything happens...

Mental, physical incapacity, no.

I can fill that out later. That's good. OK.

Yeah, thanks mister. Thank you.

OK, I don't have a current address.

I'm just here on business for the week.

Shall we um... Sure, sure.

Why don't we take it on the main road, to see where you're at.

You've got a little experience. Yeah, I do.

Sure you have.

That's the windshield wipers there.

Yeah. One click up.

No, the other way. Up. Oh shit!

Up. You just want to click those up one more time.

I did, you see? It's not... One more time.

Click it up.

There you go.

Alright, why don't you back it on up.

We're going to take you out on the main street. Oh!

Aren't we forgetting something? What?

Seat belt. Oh yes, of course.

You know, I want to keep everything nice and legal.


Street legal as they say, right? Street legal.

OK. Alright.

Go ahead. Let's open this fucker up! Whoa!

Easy now. Hold on.

Ease up on the gas a little.

I thought you liked a little get up and go!

Whoa now!

Hey, slow down. Please slow down. It's residential.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hang on. Let this guy go around OK?

Go where? Go around.

Just let him go around.

Don't pull up.

This is the wrong side. Whoa!

You stay here.

I don't know where I'm going. Let him go around.

There you go. Fucking dickhead!

Thank you. Perfect. Why don't you... hang a left up here.

I lost my pen.

Yeah, I think it's down by your feet.

Alright, now really... we just want to take it easy. Yeah.

You're getting the hang of it.

Alright I want you to pause... here at the end and then hang a right, OK?

Make a right!

Other side! Other side!

Alright, good, good.

No, no, no! You'll have to put on your breaks because there's a speed bump.

Speed bump!


Slow down, slow down.

What I want you to do is pause at the roundabout.

Go around the other side!

Other way!

It's not this way.

It's the other... Is it?

You liked that did you?

Want to go around again?

Do you have the time?

No, I don't.

Yeah you do. It's a little after 9.


Can we uh... can we just stop somewhere for a quick bite to eat?

Are you hungry? I'm a little bit rattled.

Can we just get a bite to eat? A cup of coffee?

Come on.

May I have the keys please?


You could hand them to me like a... person.

So, Mr. Keller, how'd you get my name?

This guy tipped me off, Bill.

Bill? Somebody I taught?

He has brown hair. Brown hair.

It's not important.

You like driving that golf cart out there?

Yeah, it's a living. Sure.

Yeah? I wouldn't think so not after driving those V8 super cars.


Excuse me?

You were a driver.


You were good. Better than most in fact, right?

That's what I'm told. Oh.

Yeah, I mean I won a few races that's for sure. Yeah.

Yeah, it was a... nice little run. Yeah.

Why'd you quit?

Oh, you know I...

I had a lot of responsibilities and a...

Come on, man. Give up all that?

Well... You want to know the truth?


I got a girl pregnant and married her and had a family.

Oh, the wifey told you to quit.

Well, she... we... we...

We thought that something might happen it's a dangerous job and... you know, you've got to grow up. Everybody's got to grow up.

Now you're a driving instructor?

Well I guess I am. It's a living. You know I provide a service.

Oh, come on!

You're... you're... you're... throwing away a dream.

It's a dream discarded in service of a selfish skirt and a menial 9 to 5!

You were good, man!

It's not me anymore.

But your wife is a selfish skirt?

I'm just saying I would expect you to argue that point first. And you weren't quick to jump to her defense.

That's all I'm saying. Huh.

Hi guys, is there anything I can grab the two of you?

Yes. Oh no, I was actually... was leaving.

No, no, no, my treat. A couple coffees?

Two coffees, black. Thank you.

It won't be too long.

Thank you. No, I'm just saying it's curious, I'm curious. It makes me curious.

I'm curious. Are you curious?

What do you do, Mr. Keller?

What kind of work are you in?

Oh I consult. I work for the city.

You work for the city? What city?


So you're here on vacation?

Sort of.

You seem to know a lot about me.

Well look it's the internet. Everybody's business is everybody's business.

Right? Yeah.

It's not every day you get an Australian driver's license and you get to meet a...

You could really teach me how to drive.

Right? Is that... what this is about? Is that what you want?

No, I 'm just a fan. You know, just a fan.

How much money did you make back then?

I mean, how much are you making now?

You've got a kid in private school and you've probably got a mortgage. Your wife's a lawyer, but... she's not bringing that kind scratch, right?

I'm just...

I just realized that I'm not feeling very well.

What? No, no, no. I didn't mean. I'm gonna go.

I didn't mean to be personal.

Hey partner, don't be like that. I just want to know... who I'm dealing with here. You know? Who are you?

What... what do you want?

Oh, I just, you know, want to get my license and learn how to drive.

I'll take you back to the office, OK? They'll find you another instructor, and...

Well if that's the way you want to play it.

Do you think umm... we could just stop off at the bank for five minutes?

This is not a taxi service. No, I know, I have to... cash a traveler's check.

Mr. Keller... To pay you. I...

Yeah. To pay you.

Yeah, that's it. Right here. I can't pull over here.

Yeah you can. I can't stop the car.

Just, just... stop. What the fuck?

Hey! Five minutes.

What the fuck?

Gunshots reported on Chevron Island.


Drive, drive, drive, drive!

Are you kidding me?

Oh my God! What did you do?

What did you just do?

What did we just do.

You just robbed a bank!

That's a matter of opinion. You robbed a bank!

That is not exactly true. Oh my God! Oh my God!

That is not technically true!

You're not going to shoot me, man.

Are you?

I can't do this, pal. I can't be involved. I'm gone.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Help, help!

What the fuck?

God damn it!

Why doesn't anybody listen to me?


The cops are gonna shoot you down!

The cops are the last thing we need to worry about.


We better lose these guys.

Roadblock. Hang on, asshole!


Humphrey to base, we've lost them.

They're heading north on Marine Parade.

Yeah, we've lost visual contact.

We're heading back to Cavill Avenue.

Standing by.

OK, run!

Take the money! Run!

Take the money and run, man!

Here! Go, go, go, go, go!

Drive! The cops! Cops...

Fuck! God damn it!

Very impressive.

Mr. Roberts, see why I hired you?

You didn't hire me. You kidnapped me.


Given the PE ratio is the market cap accurate?

What about undiluted EPS?

I don't see that here. What's the current bid?

What about restricted stock options?

We have a problem.

Is there any reputational risk?

I want answers to these.

Excuse me.

Back in a moment. Everything OK there, Mario?

Minor glitch. I'll take care of it.

OK folks, let's focus. There's a lot of money riding on this, so let's try to get it right.

Security to base. No sign as yet.

Now sweeping East Commercial Drive.

Where am I taking you? We're gonna switch cars.

Yeah? Make a right.

I shouldn't be involved in something like this.

Will you just relax?

Everything's gonna be OK. Really? Because it's looking pretty fucked up from where I'm sitting right now!

I've got to call my wife.

What the fuck? Hey, hey!

You're gonna thank me for that later. What the fuck!

They can use that to locate us.

Fuck you! You wouldn't like it.

Trust me.

That's them up ahead!

Base, we are in pursuit.

Have you actually got a plan or is this the world's dumbest fucking crime?

You're my plan. I invested in you. Why? Why?

Because you're a demon behind the wheel.

You're a fucking race car driver, man! Because you're a demon behind the wheel.

You're a fucking race car driver, man!

Couldn't you find someone who does this for a living?

What, is there a shortage of criminals?

You cannot trust criminals.

They are untrustworthy in every way.

All the bonds? I 'm afraid so.

From the safe? Yes.

It could only be Keller. Yes.

I want him dead, and whoever is is with him.

You keep local law enforcement out of it.

Our friends on the force pulled back the net.

They're leaving him to our security team.

Good. Where are they?

Who are those guys?

They're like mercenaries. Take a left.

We found them! Security has engaged.

Let me know when it's done.

These aren't fucking cops, man!

I told you that. Don't you ever listen to me?

What the hell kind of bank did you rob?

Well they're not a bank in any recognizable definition of the word.

I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you! That's the spirit!

I'm gonna ring your fucking neck.

In time.

Hold on.

Oh God!

Jesus Christ!

Armed robbers raided the International Bank and Trust this morning shortly after it opened, taking an undisclosed sum of money and getting away... Yeah, Mr. Rossi?

...driving school. A witness said to this exclusive...

Yeah, I know. I realize that.

If you find them, you need to tell me.

Because we need to be there.

Police presence and all that.

They resisted. Officers had no choice but to bring them down.

Yep, OK. I'll be here.

They get them? Not yet.

Traffic cam says they're headed north.

So we need to put our men where they won't get in the way.

I've already taken care of it.

Good boy. Shouldn't take long to spot them then.

Alright, listen up!

Now you all have your assignments, yeah?

So let's get out there and catch these bloody wankers!

Do we even know who these wankers are?

Who are you? Agent Walker.

Federal Police Major Crime Squad.

This is my associate, agent Brown.

This is a state matter.

Not anymore.

You see The International Bank and Trust is under investigation for money laundering and tax fraud.

Well... I don't know anything about that... but this is an armed robbery.

Pure and simple. It's our jurisdiction.

I know who you are... and what you are, Chief Inspector. From now on, you and your men, work for me.

If you've got a problem with that I suggest you call Commissioner Rogerson.

I know he would love to hear from you.


You're the boss.

Did you hear that?

Federal Special Agent Walker is now in charge of this investigation.

Now I want you all to give her your full cooperation.


Let's get out of here.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, what do we have so far?

You like it?

It's great. Dual banger... overhead cam... more your style isn't it?

Yeah, yeah, it's OK. "It's OK?"

Bullshit! It's beautiful.

Get in we'll try it out.

No, no. I'm not going.

Yes you are.

Get in, partner. You heard what I said.

I'm not your partner.

Get in the car. Listen, I'm...

I'm gonna walk out of here, OK?

And there's nothing you can do or say that's gonna change my mind.

How about "Try it and I'll shoot you!"?

You're not gonna shoot me.

Well I sort of have to. Otherwise you won't take me seriously.

If you shoot me, you're not going to have a driver.

I'll improvise. OK.

Get in the car. OK.

I can't get in the car.

Yes you can. No I can't.

I'll explain it to you.

I've got to get out of here. I'm turning around and walking out of here.

Roberts... I'm sorry.

Roberts... Hey have fun in jail, OK.

God! God!

Jesus! Ow! Fuck!

Yeah... I had to... you know? That's the whole point.

God! Why are you surprised?

I told you I'm about to shoot you.

What the fuck did you shoot me with? Rubber bullet.

Russian 9mm self-defense.

I use it for when I'm mildly pissed off.

I use these when I 'm serious.

I can't... I can't feel my ass!

Well it's supposed to hurt.

Otherwise it's not a deterrent.

You think this is funny. No.

Is that what this is about?

Come on, let's go. Let's do it! Come on, we're gonna do it!

Put 'em up, pal!

Put that rubber gun down.

Come on!

Come on!

Jesus! Ow! Come on. Be reasonable, man.

You're a hostage. You had no choice.

I put a gun to your head. All you got to do is get me to where I want to go and then you're free as a bird.

You skate. You're a maniac!

Hold on.

Look, look, look! Hey, hey!

Inside this case is 9 million dollars. If you get me to where I want to go...

3 of it is yours. You've got...

9 million dollars in that case?

Suddenly he's interested? No?

Who's gonna believe me, huh?

Why wouldn't they believe you?

You're a solid citizen. I cased you, man.

You've got no criminal record, no priors.

What kind of stupid do you think I am?

I've got a question. How do you fit

9 million dollars in that little black case?

Bearer bonds.

Bearer bonds, my friend, right?

Alright. Just as good as cash, only easier to carry. Negotiable at any bank in the world, though I suggest you avoid the International Bank and Trust.

And you're going to give me 3 of them?

That's what I said. Huh...

So I don't know, man... but I just don't...

Don't ask any questions Mr. Roberts.

You're gonna be a rich man if you just drive me to where I want to go.

No, no, no. I think I have a right to know exactly what the hell's going on.

Or at least part of the story, or at least the courtesy...

OK, I'll tell you the God damn truth.

I owe you that much, and you're right about that. Alright.

The man I used to work with is named Mario Rossi.

He's an American. Sounds Italian.

He's not. He runs the Australian end of an international crime syndicate, read "banking ring" here on the Gold Coast.

It's all very corporate and very civilized.

You see, whatever money they couldn't steal out of the US... whatever money they couldn't put in their wallets, or eat or shove up their asses... well they just had to have more.

So they came here and bought a few investment banks.

Okay, wait. Do you follow me?

You're talking about bad guys buying banks like Merrill Lynch or like Bank of America? Yeah.

So these rent-a-cops who were trying to kill us back there you're saying work for the bank?

Yeah. They were corporate assassins.

Bank assassins. That's right. That's right.

And they want their money back, obviously.

You're a brilliant man, yeah.

They wanted their money back. OK.

9 million dollars is peanuts to a guy like Rossi, right?

But these guys are very old school.

They like to whack each other over shit like that, right?

They're very thin skinned individuals.

No, no, no, they're very sensitive.

But that doesn't explain... You said that they owe you money. How do they owe you money?

Now that's where the story gets good.

Did you ever hear of "the eye of the fountain"?


It's a diamond. Yeah?

Big fucking diamond that used to be on display in the Tower of London until a wealthy Saudi collector purchased it.

Rossi financed the operation for me to abscond the jewel which is worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Wait, wait!

Did you say a quarter of a billion?

A quarter of a billion dollars.

Dollars? Yep.

Jesus. Jesus Christ. So you're a pretty good thief.

I'm an excellent one.

So, Mr. Rossi financed the deal.

But he set me up and I had to do some time.

But I understand why you even need Rossi in the first place.

Why didn't you just sell...

Because you can't just move "the eye of the fountain".

You know, you need connections to do something like that.

Me, I just steal shit. Anyway, I did some prison time. I got out recently on good behavior. Here?

No, in America. But this is the first time I've ever been to the Gold Coast. It's very beautiful.

Yes, it's a lucky country alright.

We're headed north, partner.

Armed robbers raided the International Bank and Trust this morning shortly after it opened, taking an undisclosed sum of money and getting away in a car belonging to a driving school.

The suspect has been identified as Peter Roberts, a driving instructor from "Drivers Wanted".

The police say Roberts and an accomplice held up the International Bank and Trust this morning and got away with an undisclosed sum of money.

Both men are considered armed and dangerous. Tessa!

Obviously it's a mistake. Of course it is.

It's a mistake!

You need to sit down.

No, no, I have to speak... I have to talk to him!

Can I take you home? Where's Rebecca?

Oh my God! Tessa!

Fuck, Peter! Are you out of your mind?

What have you done?

Where are you? Call me.

Phoebe, just get it done. OK?

I was just about to call you.

Sit down.

You want to try and explain to me what happened here?

Well, it is fairly simple. Someone held up the bank.

And you have no idea who these men are.

No. Why? Should I?

I know you understand how important it is that we resolve this as quickly as possible.

I can assure we have things well in hand.

And that nothing... nothing leads back to me or the organization.

Do we understand each other? That won't happen.

OK. Can I get you something?

Would you like a drink? A drink?!

I don't like you, Rossi. I have never liked you.

Now, I let them talk me into putting you into a position of more responsibility than I thought you could handle.

And that was a mistake.

I will make all of this go away.

Alright, I give you my word.

Your word?

As if anybody's word ever meant anything to anyone around here.

If I don't hear from you, say within 24 hours...

I'll assume you're no longer with us.

Did something happen to Daddy?

No, we're just going on a little holiday, honey.

Did Daddy die? No, of course not.

Why would you say that? Terrorists?

No, he's fine. Daddy's fine. Just get in the car, OK?

Mom? Yeah?

Give me that!

Daddy robbed a bank? No, he didn't.

They just got it wrong , OK?

Daddy robbed a bank!

Daddy robbed a bank! Stop it!

He did not rob a bank. Yes he did.

He would never rob a bank.

Yes he would. Oh my God!

Alright. So what we're gonna do...

We're gonna follow this road north, towards Mount Tambourine.

We're just gonna stay on the back roads, observe the speed limit... we're gonna keep a low profile...

Seat belts! What?

We're gonna put our seat belts on.

Out here? Well if you're saying keep a low profile, cops do come out here at some point.

We should put our belts. Okay .

If they see us, they'll pull us over.

I'm putting mine on.

Ah you know what? The one's not even fucking working.

I couldn't even put this on if I wanted to.

I don't know, man.

Your plan's falling apart, pal.

If a cop sees us, we're not wearing our seat belts... this could be a disaster!

No, don't worry. We'll be fine.

I got this.

Alright, so assuming I do take your money, right?

Yeah, assuming. Assuming.

How I am I going to spend any of that money... your invisible money that you've got if I'm in prison?

You're not gonna go to jail. I'm just wondering.

No, no, no. Are you sure about that?

You might get killed, or we both might get killed, but nobody's going to jail. I promise.

How the fuck am I going to convince anybody that I'm a hostage here?

I've got that figured out.

You want to share it? Yeah, it's easy.

We call the Feds, right? And we tell them... you tell them, "Hey, I'm a hostage! I'm a hostage!"

"I got taken over. This guy's totally psychotic!"

In fact we can do it right now.

Now? Pull over.

But let me check to see if I can get a signal.

Here? No, keep going.

Did my Daddy really rob a bank?

You must be Rebecca, right?

Yes. I'll tell you what.

When we get this all figured out I'll give you an official briefing, OK?

Cool! Go.

Can we sit down?


Did your husband ever mention the name "Simon Keller"?

Keller? No. At least I don't think so.

Have you ever met this man before?

I've never seen him before.

Your husband never mentioned his name?


Your husband used to race cars. Yes? That's right.

And now he's a driving instructor?

At time, for what it's worth.

So... he wasn't bringing in much money then.

That doesn't mean that he... Your husband has been recorded driving the getaway vehicle.

I know, I've seen some of the footage, but... there has to be an explanation.

Look, I really shouldn't be talking to you.

Mrs. Roberts, we're just trying to help.

You're trying to put my husband in jail.

Right now we're trying to find him. Yes, so you're on our side.

Mr. Keller is a career criminal, Mrs. Roberts. Your husband is in grave danger, and if we don't find him...

If he calls you, I need you to contact me immediately.

We'll see.

In the meantime, we'll find an officer to stay with you at all times.

That won't be necessary.

I don't agree.

What the hell is going on here? Hey!

Who are you people? What are you doing in my bank?

Mr. Rossi, I presume. I'm Agent Walker federal police, Major Crime Squad.

This is my associate, Agent Brown.

What's going on? This is a warrant.

We're gonna take a look at your books. Mr. Rossi.

I don't understand.

Is this... is this an audit?

Call it that.

I fail to understanding how our being robbed would entail this sort of thing, but I assure you everything is in order.

Well we'll see.

In the meantime I presume you've had a look at the surveillance footage.

What can you tell me about this man Keller?

Never met the man. No idea who he is.

That's the way you want to play it? Fine.

We find him, I'm sure he'll have a different story to tell.

When you do find him, I'll be more than happy to cooperate in every way possible.

When we do find him...

I'm sure you won't be around.

I don't know what you mean.

No... of course not.

Alright now, we're gonna call Major Crime Squad.

Good. Right there on speed dial.

Just press here. Oh, OK.

Look, I'll do it.

I can do it . No, I got it.

May I speak with someone in Major Crime Squad, please?

Yes I'll hold.

Your serious? Yes.

I'm really going to talk to someone in Major Crime?

What the fuck am I going to tell them?

You tell them that you are being held hostage I took you at gunpoint, that I'm a psychopath. Tell the truth.

Yeah, tell them the truth.

Hello? Hello? Hi, um yes...

My name is, uh, Peter Roberts.

And I am a hostage.

I'm a getaway driver. I mean I'm a...

I've been forced to be a getaway driver.

That's why I'm calling.

Because there was a bank robbery, yes.

Downtown. And then...

Yeah, so I was... a driving instructor, right. And I'm teaching this guy how to drive, which he already fucking knows how to drive, which I figured that out by the way.

And, uh...

I found a phone, I got away.

And wait...

I 'm having trouble talking.

Hey! Whoa! What?

What the fuck was that?

That was fucking garbage!

Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just not used to this.

That was really over reactive.

Well I had to destroy the phone anyway it's a throw-away.

You wanna try that again?

You're the boss.


Hello, may I speak with the Major Crime Squad?


Yes, hi.

My name is Peter Robertson. I... am... a hostage. I'm being held hostage by a very crazy man.

A bank robber. Who is... um... really nuts and he stole my car. I'm a driving instructor.

You probably heard of this thing downtown.

I'm really cold. I'm scared! I'm really fucking scared! This guy... might blow my fucking brains out if you don't come and help me, OK? I don't know where the fuck we are. He's got me blindfolded.



That was good.

Jesus fucking Christ!

I took the mag out, OK?

Nothing in the chamber.

You suck as an actor. You almost killed me!

I didn't kill anybody. Let's go. Let's hit the road.

I can't wait to go back to school.

Everybody is going to be so jealous.

Becca, this is not something to be proud of, OK?

But mom, he was on television.

That is so cool! Yeah.


Tess? I mean hey, it's me!

How are you doing?

Where are you?

I'm on the road honey. How are you?

How is Becca? Did she hear about what happened?

She knows. Believe me she knows.

What have you done Peter?

I... What have I...? Tessa, now wait a second now.

You don't actually think that I...

I robbed a bank, do you?

I mean that's not... You were driving the car!

No, no honey, I'm a hostage. The guy took me hostage.

I was giving him a driving lesson. The next thing I know we were being chased by the cops! This is Mr. Keller I presume?

You know him?

The Feds were here.

There's a cop in our house as we speak.

No, no, no, no. Tessa, Tessa... you can't trust the cops.

I don't want you to tell them anything. I want you to get the kid... and get out of there. I'm not going anywhere Peter.

Tell me you didn't rob that bank. I did not... rob... the bank!

I don't believe you. Gimmie that phone!

Was that Daddy?

She doesn't respect you, man. She respects me.

No she doesn't. Yes she does.

No she doesn't. She didn't believe you. I didn't even believe you.

You sound like a pussy!

You want to know why she doesn't respect you? No.

OK. Forget it.

Alright, why?

She doesn't respect you because you were a great driver and you quit.

You were living on the edge and you were good at it and that's why she liked you.

And now you gave it up and then she doesn't respect you.

Alright, let me think about this. Let's see... why did I quit?

Yeah why'd you quit? Oh yeah, because... she told me to!

That's why I quit!

Well that's the first mistake. You can't listen to what they say.

They don't want you to do what they say! Unbelievable.

That's fuckin ahh... "Woman 101"!

I was in love with a Korean girl but she had the "hahn".

What the fuck is a "hahn"?

It's this... ancient kind of thing with Korean women.

The women become like "Lady Vengeance".

They try to kill you. And they can't help themselves because of years of repression. I didn't know going in and... I learned a lot.

It's a cultural thing? Yeah, yeah.

Hey... uh... where did you get this car?

I got this car with money that I stole.

Well, you got ripped off. What do you mean?

It looks like we're overheating. Fuck me!

The suspect has been identified as Peter Roberts, a driving instructor from Drivers Wanted.

Police say Roberts and an accomplice held up the International Bank and Trust this morning and made off with... That's my dad!

Footage of the car chase demonstrates the driving skills of Roberts...

Go daddy go! Whooo!!!

Jimmy Carter was president the last time this car had an oil change.

That's it. That ought to do it. Alright, here we go.

What the hell are we going to do here?

We wait for somebody to show up and then we steal a car.

Oh another felony. Great! Good!

My fucking legs, man!

Good afternoon. Are you here for the reception?

Yes, we are.

Well, you are early. I know, I know. Do you mind if we wait?

Not at all.

You can wait in there if you like until your friends arrive.

You're very kind. Turn yourself in.

We will turn ourselves in when we go to bed sweetheart.

Um... anything you want you can just ask.

Perhaps a refreshment.


Feel free to steal whatever you like, master criminal.

Just relax, Roberts and think what you're going to do with all that money.

Sorry, what money? You'll get your cut.

Ah! Right...

I'm a thief but not a liar.

I've never stiffed a partner in my whole life.

And how's that working out for you? What?

How is it to live like that? Seriously.

What, as opposed to you?

You've got balls, Keller, I'll give you that, But not much else.

Well just because we're on the run doesn't mean we have to live like savages.

Can I get you chardonnay? No thanks.

I'm the designated driver.

I've got a question for you. Tell the truth.

I always tell the truth.

Except when you're lying. Yeah, except then.

How many people have you killed? Murdered.

Wiped off the face of the earth. How many?

Listen man, you better be careful with that grandmother back there.

I've looked in that bitch's eyes.

The abyss is in there, man.

That bitch is batshit crazy. Don't fuck around with her.

She's a nice old lady. Oh you fool!

You don't trust a single living soul, do you?

I find people, you know, not that surprising really.

They're usually more inevitable.

And inevitably they always choose greed.

Poor guy. Found out life wasn't fair.

Oh, come on! Fuck fair man, the game's rigged.

Guys like Rossi suck guys like you dry.

He was on his way to Davos, Switzerland.

You know, the economic forum there?

Apparently they are finalizing their plans to secede from Earth to outer space with the rest of the ruling overlords. You're crazy.

The bastard was on a fast track for a senior management position at AIG, and we just fucked up his plans.

And you know what, that feels really fucking good!

Alright, you made your point.

So take his money! Money he stole!

Send your kids to college.

Do something for your wife. You want to call your wife?

You want me to dial her number? No?

Bloom off the rose, is it? I really don't like you.

That's what happens when you try to be someone that you're not.

What's that car doing out there?

They're here for the reception.

They're early. They'll have to wait.

Yes, I already told them that. I know what I'm doing.

That'll be the day.

Fuck off prick! Cunt!

Have you ever been married, Keller?

Have you any idea what that might be like?

Yeah, once.

Really? Wow!

The masochism of women never ceases to amaze me.

Armed robbers raided the International Bank and Trust this morning shortly after it opened.

The robbers made off with close to 9 million dollars.

Police so far have no clue as to their whereabouts.

You must have been a real joy to bring home to the family.

You probably stole all their silverware. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she dumped you, right?

Is that what happened? She died.

Fuck. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

She didn't die. She went back to Korea.

I told you, she had the "hahn".

Couldn't handle that shit, man, it was too heavy.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Citizen's arrest!

Jesus Christ! Greedy bastards!

Come back here you cowardly bastards!


You shit for brains, you're going to be jailhouse pussy!

I'm going to make faggots of you all!

You cowardly assholes!

Drop that gun! Give it to me!


Go ahead and hit me, panty waste!

Oh, God damn it! Come on!

You're under arrest!

I'm going to take you to... Come on !

Motherfucker, that hurt!

Come on, come on, come on! Let's move it! Are you fucking crazy?

Go! Go! Go! I told you that bitch was batshit.

Greedy motherfuckers!

Bitch is fucking crazy!

Yeah, she was a tough old broad.

She fuckin bit me! What did you expect?

What were you fucking around for?

She bit me on the fucking back!

I told you. She had the "hahn".

She's 90 years old.

Doesn't matter!

It's fucking eternal.

It's eternal. Ha ha!

Hey, you want me to drive? Yeah, sure, sure.

Of course, that's what you're here for.

Ha! Ha! That's right bucko!

That's right! Back up!

Back the fuck up and get against the fence!


You gonna shoot me, Pete?

If I have to, I'll shoot you!

You're gonna shoot me and take the money?

I'll give your money back to the people you stole it from and they'll probably give me a fucking reward!

I do not think so.

They're certainly not going to arrest me!

I'm not the bad guy here!

No... I don't think I can let you do this.

You... don't... have a choice!

Everybody's got a choice, brother.

I'm going to count to five.

One. What are you doing?

I'm counting to five!

No you're not! Yes I am!

This is a loaded fucking gun!

Two. Don't you make me do it!


I will shoot you! Four!

Stop that! Stop, stop!

Keller, this has got to stop now!

Do not reach for that gun man! Don't do that!

Four and a half!

Don't make me do it man!

Fiiiiiive! I yie yie.

Fucking asshole.

Gotta learn how to count, bro.

See, she shot them all. At us.

Can we go?

I can't believe you would have shot me over nothing.

What are you talking about?

You almost killed me.

When? Three times!

Alright, but not on purpose. What do you mean?

Hell, you got big ups from this thing.

Don't pretend it's not an opportunity for you.

I got nothing from this thing, except for maybe ten years in Sing Sing.

No, no, no, no...

Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to convince anyone that I was taken hostage in this situation.

I told you, I cuff you to the wheel, I hit you in the face wherever you'd like, and you skate.

How many times do I have to tell you?

With 3 million dollars.

No. I either leave that for you somewhere else, or wire it to an account. It's not that complicated.

You're so full of shit.

How much further do we got to go here anyway?

100 miles.

100 miles? Yes.

We're gonna need gas.

Well we're going in the right direction for gas.

You've got it all figured out, don't you?

You're God damn right. Every step of the way.


This is Dr. Henri Bascombe.

Keller. Oh...

You'll never make it.

Oh, no, I think I will. You want to bet?

How about a little friendly wager?


So you wanted what was yours. I understand.

But you took more than that, Keller.

Call it interest. Five years worth.

Look, I realize you're a little upset with the way things turned out, but... you know, we can make it up to you.

So here's what I propose, OK guy?

How about this...

I take your money and you wind up dead in the desert somewhere or quivering like a toothache.

What are you talking about? What, are you off your meds?

You know, there's a certain kind of animal purity you can only have with a woman who's fucked up.

And when I say "fucked up" I'm referring to your wife.

How is the little lady?

That anorexic piece of jet trash.

What the fuck? Wha...

Why do you got to talk about my wife, Keller?

Your wife, you know what she reminded me of?

She reminded me of a fetus with a slingshot!

What the fuck? Come on, Keller! That's what she looks like to me.

You look like a dwarf. She looks like a goblin.

Alright? No, she looks like a hose beast.

A hose beast? What the fuck is with you?

A hose beast.

That's a multi-tentacle demon.

Mythological. Anyway, I know your love is as pure as a cough drop.

You know, but she's a horrible witch.

And I fucked her. And I would have rather fucked anything than her.

Is that right?

Well how about you go eat shit and die, asshole!

You're hard on cellphones, aren't ya?

Plenty more where that came from.

So that's the guy? The guy who, um... turned you into jailhouse pussy?

I kept my virtue... barely, but yes that's him.

Hey uh...

Get some food and water, will you?

Thanks Dad. Get yourself a hat.

You want something to drink? Yeah. Fresca.

Sweet ride. Yeah, it's... not mine.

Fill her up on pump number... pump... number one.

I know who you are, mate. Hold on now! Whoa!

Don't move. I'm not moving. Come on now.

You take one more step and you're dead.

I'm not.

He looks in, you wave to him. You tell him to come inside.

You don't want to bring him in here.

You do what I say. Man I'm telling ya... when he comes in here, very bad things tend to happen.

Well I might just have to reduce the odds then.

Hey! Hey! No!

Come out you little bastard!

No, no! Keller!

Hey Roberts! You all shot up in there?

He's gonna shoot me!

He's gonna fucking shoot me! Oh, cheeky bastard!

That's you. Now he's shooting at you!

Listen, I don't want to kill anybody, OK?

So why don't you just... put your gun down, and get down on the ground, and... and we'll just drive out of here, OK?

You still got that bank money with you?

Yeah, we still got it.

You bring me the money, and I let him go.

That's a good idea! It's in the car.

Alright, this is what we do mate.

One of you get the money. The other fellow stays here!

You bring me the money and I let you go!

Did you hear what I said?

Yes! We heard you and we are doing it right now!

We got a deal or not?

Yes it's a fucking deal!

Take it easy buddy!

Come on now. You don't want to do this!


No, no... shit!

Hold on now!

Hey. OK. Up... up.

Back up. Back up.

Now put the gun down, slowly.

You shot him!

Oh God damn! You shot him!

No, I didn't shoot him.

He shot himself. Oh!

Fuck! Fuck! God!

You stupid fuck!

Put her in jail for God's sake!

She should get life!

What happened? Another car was stolen.

And she was convinced it was the same two guys - What happened?

And she was convinced it was the same two guys who held up the bank at the Gold Coast.

She ID'd them?

Yeah, seems that she shot at them. She what?

Yeah, she chased them through the parking area and shot at them.

One of the rounds hit her husband inside the winery.

I'm pressing charges!

She's a menace to society!

And that's why you cuffed her?

No, I cuffed her because she kicked me in the nuts.

Did she?

Make and model of the car?

Uh, yeah, a Ford Mustang, 1969, black, license 999 TBL.

We should have any trouble finding it. And why is that?

It has Star Track installed.

Great, thanks. I'll set it up.

How long until we get a fix on their position?

We need to get within 5 km of them.


Give me the address.

How far away is that from where we are now? Got it.

60 km from here, petrol station.

This time somebody died. Go!

Follow Walker.

You alright?

Just a... the first time I ever... have seen a man killed like that, you know?

It was his own fault. Fucking dumbfuck.

How can you say that? A man... is dead.

Yes, I know. But people die racing cars don't they?

It's not the same!

When you put yourself at risk, shit happens.

That guy got greedy and stupid.

I'm just a guy trying to make a living here.

You're a thief. People die around you.

No, no, he got greedy and stupid. How many people have you killed?

Zero ! No, no! How many? Come on!

He got greedy and stupid.

I don't think I can take any more of this fucking crap, man!

You know what? You can keep my $3 million!


Fuck me! You're right.

I'm right? Yes, you are right.

I'm right?

You're right . Now I'm right?

You're right, I fucked up. I fucked this up.

It went bad. I'm telling you.

We gotta take you back to the gas station, cuff you up, wait for the cops. Get out of this.

Go back to your wife, go back to your family. It's gone too far.

They're gonna try to pin a murder rap on me.

No, no, no, no, no...

Go back to your family. My family doesn't respect me.

You know what? You're right.

I'm not... I 'm right?

I've got no respect in that house.

My wife doesn't even look at me.

I'm invisible, you know?

Christ, she doesn't even fuck me anymore. OK? So no!

Just go back home. Fuck that.

No, I tell you, you can look back on our little adventure, and hopefully you can have a few chuckles, but... it's past. We're past the Rubicon line here, man.

Keller, I'm going to take you to wherever the fuck it is where you are going, OK?

That's what I said I am gonna do and I do the things that I say that I'm gonna do, alright?

That's something that I do.

But you never said you were going to do anything.

Well I'm saying it now!

I'm gonna take you to where you're going!

I'm the driver. You're the passenger!

OK? From now on, we do things my way!

And my way is... I'm driving and you shut up!

You say bullshit anyway.

Everything that comes out of your mouth is bullshit.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

He always had a sense of danger about him, you know? he was a very dangerous man!

Not that I thought he'd harm me in any way.

Quite the opposite. He was very protective, but...

I always knew that underneath he was very animalistic.

You know, very primal.

So were you surprised to learn he may actually have robbed a bank?

No, not at all! As I said, you know, he was a very dangerous man... and I loved him.

You were in love with him?

Well, yeah, you know... in a way.

I always thought we'd make a good match, and...

No more tele, hey?

That woman said she was in love with Daddy!

She's made a mistake.

Just a mistake. Come on, let's go play.

I'll be back in a minute.

Get out!

Where's Rebecca?

Give me one shot of Rebecca and I'll leave you alone.

Get off my property! One shot.

That's good!

You bitch!

You ruined my camera!

Serves yourself right.

I want him arrested.

Go inside. I'll take care of this.

Sir, you've been trespassing. There could be charges.

You know I changed my mind. I want to talk to my wife.

Yeah? Yeah.

Can you make it quick? Less than a minute?

They're listening.

Peter? Honey?

How are you doing? You OK? Where are you?

Where am I? I don't know where the fuck we are.

We're close to the end, I think. I mean I don't know.

As long as nothing else goes wrong.

Did you fuck her, Peter? Did you?

Wait, what? Did I what?

That secretary, or whatever she is.

That snotty little bitch you like so much.


Yeah. Yeah, I fucked her.

I fucked her every day for the last three months.

Yeah, it was fun too. And uh... your sister.

Peter... what happened to us?

Of course I didn't fuck her!

What are you talking about?

I mean, if I recall I haven't fucked anyone in about 6 months!

Or am I missing something?

Yeah that's right, FBI guys.

That's right! I'm talking to my wife here about fucking if you don't mind.

Maybe you can turn off the tape recorder for a second so I can have a private conversation!


Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I know that this is all my fault somehow.

But Peter, robbing a bank!

I didn't rob a fucking bank.

Really? I mean, I want to believe you, but...

Christ almighty...

God honey, I... I don't know what the fuck you think I am doing here.

I don't know.

I don't know who you are anymore.

You know why? Because I 'm invisible, that's why.

Because nobody respects me in that house.

Nobody even pays attention to me.

I mean, this is the most attention I've gotten in six months!

This is actually kind of fun!

Peter, just come home.

Things can change.

I don't know. I don't know.

This is a bad time to talk about this, you know?

The FBI is listening on the other line.

Um... I gotta go.

You have a home. Come home.

Anyway, I love you.

Don't go.


Did she buy it? Should I throw this?

Yeah, yeah. Get rid of that.

So who's our friend?

This is the man that worked there.

So... he was killed by the suspects?

Well, security video actually shows him trying to kill the two other guys with a shotgun.

Well it looks like he shot himself.

Mr. Rossi?

Yeah, we're there now.

Apparently they shot someone.

Yep. Alright. Let me know.

Alright, stay with her. This is bullshit.

Rogerson's on to us.

He's got his Feds all over this.

I got fucking kids, Mick.

Fuck Rogerson, fuck the Feds and fuck your kids!

I mean, you think I'm going to let this bitch bring me down?

You are with me, or you're out.

Follow them.

Come on... We've got 'em.

How far? At about 4.5 km from here.

Mr. Rossi, looks like he's doubled back to the Gold Coast.

I'll have a helicopter standing by.

Yeah, what's up?

OK, we've got 'em located. Let's put a team together.

I want your best people. OK.

What should I do? Don't antagonize them.

Fuck you!

Fuck this.

Did you really have to do that?

I need a drink . What?

A drink.


No, no, no.

I need a drink.

Roberts ... I'm sorry what I said about you being a pussy, you know, you have no heart, no balls... all that shit.

I'm sorry. OK?

Uh huh. We straight?

Yep, we're straight.

You understand that we cannot stop for a drink.

That's an impossibility, it cannot happen.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Uh, I think I'm going to wait in the car.

You're not coming?

No. Too many dangerous creatures in there. You're not coming?

No. Too many dangerous creatures in there.

But, uh... you've got the guns.

I feel safer in here.

Barkeep... Tequila. Make it a double.

Well, well, well. Oh no.

Hey fellas. How are you doing?

Can I buy you a drink? No.

How about you?

Not thirsty, huh?

Ah shit...

Let's see if you can dance better than you can drive.

I don't... I don't really dance.

Oh no, fella.


Dance, dance!


Oh, shit!

I'm sorry, I get a little carried away when people shoot me.

God damn it! Bitch!

Hey that's my girlfriend!

What do you say gents, call it a day?

Now I know... I don't want to shoot you.

And I 'm pretty sure you don't want to shoot us.

Whose fucking phone is that?


Is everything taken care of?

We're taking care of it right now.

Fuckin' hell!

I think they're gone.

This is all your fucking fault!

Give me the keys!


How do you want to handle this?

I'm gonna get up close and spread 'em out.

Don't leave me on the asphalt.

Alright, you just do your job. I'll do mine.

Excuse me a minute.

Give me the fucking thing!

Give it to me!

Give me it. Thank you!

Fuck you motherfucker! Ha ha!!!

Give me 100 yards, 100 yards!

Come on!

How does it feel?

I feel better. And you? Feel better?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Take a left.

They've turned.

Pick up the pace. Come on.

Come on, Come on!

What are our chances of getting through this thing?




Mr. Rossi, the only thing around here is Pretty Mar's Marina. They must have a boat stashed there.

Alright guys, look.

I don't want him dead just yet.

I want him available for... punishment.

They comin' for us? Yeah.

Alright, what's the plan?

Uh... you know my plan, I've told you that.

OK, here they come. Alright, punch it! Punch it!


Shit. What was that?

Get to the end of the dock, pull over, let me out...

I'll lose them. You double around back and I'll meet you.

I don't understand what the fuck you're talking about!

Ready? Yeah!

Ah shit!

Let's do this.

Don't shoot! Don't you fucking shoot!

Go! Go! Go!

Come on you guys.

Yes, I 'm dealing with it. Now you deal with this, alright?

It's a 250 mill muni bond.

You get 3.75 for papering the deal.

150 to 175 bps is the play here you moron. Don't insult people.

Well if you don't want to play, I'll take my money to Enrico.

I'll have it before you wake up, and go fuck yourself, Larry. Because that's all you're going to get.

Yeah, my cock up your ass!

I'll call you back, Larry.

You don't need to do anything rash, alright?

You don't need to kill me. No, no, no...

As the Buddha said... to change the course of even a foul, putrid river is in itself an evil thing. I'm paraphrasing of course.


What the fuck is this?

You know my favorite story about the Buddha?

It's the only one I know, actually.

Son of a bitch!

There was a local monastery.

But it had fallen into disrepute.

So, the local monk... knows that this is a totally fucked up situation.

Yeah, it's a very fucked up situation, Keller.

He doesn't know what to do because he's looking around and it's filled with treacherous whores and liars and thieves! That's Walker.

And cocksuckers... everywhere!

No disrespect to cocksuckers, you know.

Ah, God damn it!

So, he goes up to the local sage, the man who was achieved enlightenment.

And he says to him, "What do I do?"

"This fucking place... is a whorehouse"

"and it's filled with greedy bastards."

Hell of a place to break down. Yeah, a hell of a place.

What... what are you doing, inspector?

I'm just cleaning up loose ends.

"They should all be round up and chained..."

"to a trash heap in Australia"

"and be allowed to feed on only the local vegetation!"

What the fuck is this, Keller?

You chased them. They ambushed you.

Just fucking let me go, Keller!

You want to fuck with me? Huh?

"You fool. Don't you realize"

"the reason you failed is because you didn't know"

"the Buddha was living amongst you the whole time."

Nobody knew who the Buddha was!

Nobody knew what to do!

Mick, it's one thing taking money under the table.

But killing one of our own?

Stupid bastard.

So they all treated each other with compassion and kindness.

And the monastery was returned to its former glory.

You and that cankerous fucking wife didn't want children anyway, did you?

Oh God!

Consume the truth.

Hey. Are you alright?

Do you think she loves me? No.

I was hoping you'd... say yeah.

I don't think she does.

But I think she's gonna learn to respect you.

It's just one guy's... one guy's opinion.

I've been shot. I know.

That explains the hole in your arm.

But you're all right. There's a hole in my arm!

Yeah, but you're all right.

You know what? I'm all right.

Ow! Oh, sorry.

Here, put that on.

I'll do it, I'll do it.

Okay, right to the wheel.

Yeah... right to the wheel.

Oh, listen to that. The church bell rings.

You think you're gonna make it?


Hell of a ride, huh?

I still don't like you. I know.

Hey, where do you want it?

Want what? Well you got to make it look good.

I've been shot!

Do you want to go to jail, or not?

Look, I'm trying to help you.

Look, you want to risk, risk it.

It's whatever you want, man. I've got no dog in this fight.

If you're gonna punch me just... Christ!

Damn it! It hurts!

Look at us. Here we are.

The sirens coming. And $9 million.

Hey, you want me to leave it somewhere or wired into an account?

No... No, I don't.

If you change your mind, let me know.

I'll look you up. Great.

I've gotta run.

Hey, Keller! Yeah?

I'm sorry.

For God sakes, for what, man?

I'm sorry for shooting you in the face.

But you didn't shoot me.

I know, but if it was loaded, I would've shot you.

I would have pulled the trigger.

You did pull the trigger.

I did pull the trigger and I'm sorry.

I know it's going to take you a while... these things... you know... You don't get over it... right away. It takes time.

It's been a hard drive, you know?

Bail again was refused for accused banker, Mario Rossi...

I've got you for 2 pm Wednesday Mr. Kepler.

Uh-huh. No, unfortunately Fugitive bank robber Simon Keller Mr. Roberts is no longer with us. remains at large.

But Mr. Nelson will take care of you. Peter Roberts the driving instructor, whose heroic actions uncovered the criminal activities of the International Band and Trust, has been besieged with sponsorship offers for his return to racing.

Mr. Roberts?

This is what is mean by... domestic bliss?

How 's your arm? It hurts.

I'm not surprised after last night.

Weren't you going to ask me where it hurts?

Daddy, Daddy, there's someone out front!

Jeffries Roberts.

Talk to me, pal.

I wanted you to see it before we took it to the track.

I see it, I see it.

V8 engine, 450 horsepower , ventilated Brembo brakes.

Six-speed sequential.

Yeah. Safest car on the market.

Yeah, look at that roll cage.

Safe as a house. Yeah.

Look at the roll bar in there, baby.

Look... it's safe. I don't like it.

Why? Are you...

Are you afraid I'll make more money than you?

No, I 'm afraid that you might die.

So she... she cares about me.

She likes me. Ah!

She loves me... She loves me!

And if she loves me... she'll let me drive.

I love you.

Dad, teach me to drive!