Druid Peak (2014) Script

Come on!

Give it back!


Dude give me my pencil back.

Stop it.

Pencils down please.

Get rid of your gum, now.

Alright everybody, see you tomorrow.



Get to class Matt.

What's going on with you Owen?

You want to fail this class, fine fail this class.

But don't you dare drag my grandson down with you.

Do you hear me?

If you want to talk, I'm here.

I mean that Owen, but I can't let you spoil the barrel.

Can I go?

Mister Wagner!


What the fuck is wrong with you?

Come on Matt, let's get out of here man.

Where do we go?

I don't know, come on.

Where are you going?

I don't know.


Where did you get this?

Grandma gave it to me.

Does she still wants you to go there?


I think I can play ball too.

Where are you going to go?


We're going to check out the campus in a couple of weeks.

You should come with us.

Come on.

Dude, it'll be so awesome.

Come on!

Shut up man, why are you such a fucking pussy sometimes?

Hey man Where are you going?

Where are you going man?

Where are you going man, are you going to answer my question?


What's in the bag?

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

What you got something special in there?

Come on man, come on, come on slappyhead.

Big old mop.

Give it to me!


Are these yours?

Is this yours?!

They are my mom's man.

How about this, is this you?

Give it back man.

Baby food?

Who is the baby, are you the baby?

Just give it back.

You want it, baby food.

Give it back!

You want it?


Owen come on, Owen!

Go come on!

Come on Matt, faster man.

You have to go fucking faster than that, let's go man let's go!

Come on let's go let's go.

Come on Matt!

Faster let's go man!

Come on buddy let's go.

Owen can I talk to you for a second?


Jesus what happened to you?

Nothing, leave me alone.

I said leave me alone!

Son if your mother is trying to have a conversation with you, you better sit down and listen.



Everyone please be quiet.

Where is misses Zane?

Good morning.

Earlier this morning we received some heartbreaking news.

As some of you may know there was a car accident last night involving two of our students.

Matt Corsen and Evan the boys in the car lost control of their vehicle.

As of right now Evan is in a stable condition, and he's going to be ok.

I am deeply saddened to report, however, that Matt Corsen passed away last night. catastrophic.

Our hearts go out to Matt's family.

In particular to

I know you were there.

You don't know anything man.

Yeah well, I'm telling, I'm going...

You say anything I'll kill you, I swear to God.


I'll slit your throat.


Break it up, break it up now!

I'll kill you.

Most pretty strong words, Owen.

Matt was a good kid.

A real good kid.

Never understood why he made some of the choices he did.

What choices?

Popular kid like that doesn't have to hang around with losers.

Can I go?


I've got some officers here who'd like to ask you a couple questions.

Well I don't know anything.

Then I guess that's what you'll tell them.

That's a pretty mean cut you've got on your head.

Want to tell me how you got that?

Dirt biking.

I fell.

Let me see your hands.

Never knew anyone to fall off a bike and not scrape up their hands.

Where were you last night Owen?

I was at a party.

Where'd you get that cut from?


Don't lie to me Owen.

I'm not.

Some kid threw a bottle into the fire.

I'm real sorry about Matt.

I just can't believe it.

God almighty I can't believe it.

Where are we going?

I can't do this anymore Owen.

Your father...

My what?

Jesus why do you have make everything so goddamn difficult.

Just let me speak for a minute.

I don't know what happened last night and lord knows you're not going to tell me.

But that boy is dead and I'm grateful that you are here today.

I am.

I am.

But Owen you can't stay here.

Your father has agreed to take you on in Wyoming.

I'm Everett.

What's with the cages?

They're for wolves.


I guess we have a lot of catching up to do huh?

So what did Elaine tell you?

You mean mom?

She didn't tell me anything.

Why, what did she tell you?

I heard you lost a friend.

Alright, here we are.

This'll be your bedroom here.

You got a closet there for your stuff if you need it.

Hey Owen.

Here grab a seat, I'll get you a plate.

How do you get the wolves in the cages?

Shoot them with a tranquilizer gun, least favorite part of the job.

What's your favorite part?

Probably being alone out there.

Listening to them call back and forth to each other.

I saw one today.

How close where you?

It was like here to the sink.

He had a collar on.


Like off the road.

Which road?

I have no idea.

Here we are, did you take a right or left out of the cabin?


How far did you walk?

About two hours maybe, found one of the woods about an hour in.

Probably in Lamar valley, I'll bet that wolf you saw was part of the Druid pack.

Here's Druid Peak, most of the packs are named after landmarks.

How many packs are there?

13 now, but forming a new pack is tough business.

It doesn't happen very often.

I'll get us some water.

In the early 1900's predator eradication was the official government policy.

They shot every wolf they could find.

Killed the last one here in Yellowstone in 1936 and declared the country wolf-free.

Druids were part of the first pack we brought back, 13 animals from British Columbia, part of three family groups.

Six of those animals took to the valley and stayed there.


You know I was in the field for two years before I ever came as close to a wolf as you were today.

You may think the world hasn't caught you a single break Owen, but you're wrong.

Just a sec.


How do I find them?


I thought I'd want to see one again.

I'll show you.

Let's grab a pencil here.

Do you know what a wolf track looks like?

Like a dog's?

Yeah if it's smaller it's probably a coyote or a fox.

Do you know what wolves eat?

Big game, elk, bison, deer mostly.


So find the big game, look for prints, like that.

And that's it?

Well you got to get up a lot earlier than you're used to, best time to see them is before sunrise.

Hey, are you ok?

Yeah I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

Oh, you want something for those?

Come on, come with me.

I'm Jillian by the way, I work with your dad.

Must've covered some distance.

Yeah I guess, I.

What were you looking for?


Wolves are elusive by nature, they are some of the toughest animals in the world to see.

I saw one yesterday, looked right at me.

You must have a wolf soul, your dad has a wolf soul.

What's with those collars?

They're radio collars.

What kind of advice did Everett give you about tracking?

Uhm, he told me to look for elk and then look for prints.

Of course he did, that's what he told me when I first got here.

Everett thinks if you don't learn the hard way, you don't learn at all.

Come with me.

Ok, hold that, and hit that power switch.

So the packs are all on different frequencies and the individuals are on different channels.

We try to call out about one to three individuals in every pack.

So if you roll that dial, you can scan for the frequencies.

This one?


This good?


Wait wait wait, go back.

You hear that?

Yeah, that's it, you got the signal.

That's a wolf on the move.

Alright he can be up to three miles in any direction.

That's a pretty big area, how do you find them?



So when you pick up your first signal, you mark that point on the map, and then you hike about a mile in the opposite direction until you pickup the signal again and then you mark that point too.

Where the two points meet, that's your wolf.

Of course, by the time you get there he'll likely be gone.

Wolves travels twice as fast as humans.

Really we never know where they are, we just know where they've been.

Why don't you just get one that tells you exactly where they are?

Smart boy, GPS.

They're too expensive.

Anyway, your dad is not wrong.

If you take one of these receivers out, and get yourself in the right range and then use the skills that your dad was talking about for tracking, you'll see your wolves.


What happened to the wolf in there?

The skull by your desk.

Got shot by a rancher they don't particularly like wolves.


They think they kill their livestock.

Do they?

Yeah, sometimes.

A lot of other things kill livestock too, particularly disease.

It's a lot easier to blame a wolf than it is a bacterial infection.

Easier to blame something you can see than something you can't.

That's what my mom says.

What's that?

She says it is easier to blame the things that are outside you than the things that are inside.

Where were you guys in the picture?

What picture?

Oh the picture my mom gave me.

It's of the two of you on a bed somewhere.

I don't remember.

Oh man...


I saw them hunting, it was unbelievable.

They were chasing the elk and they were coming right out of the trees and they flanked them around to the left.

Wow wow wow son, who did you see?

The Druids. Where?

In the valley, it was amazing, they were coming...

How many were there?

I don't know, a lot.




Sure, yeah, I don't know.

Where they gray or black?

Both, can I just tell you the story?


Alright so the elk were running and this one group split off and the wolves started chasing after them for a while and then this one elk slowed down and right when it did, BAM, I mean they were right there, it was...

How long did it take them?

I don't know.

Make an estimate.

I don't fucking know!

Come with me I want to show you something.

Fuck you.

Suit yourself.

Your intelligence is a gift Owen but your ignorance is a choice.



Yep he's here can you hold on just a second?

Hey Elaine you know he's working on something right now and I don't want to interrupt him.

Right, yeah he's been doing some field observation for me.

Yes he's actually very good at it.

Yeah I can have him give you a call later.

Yes absolutely.


Your mom says she loves you.


These are some of my notebooks and not to take away anything from what you saw out there today but our job as scientists isn't just to see it's to understand.

To look for patterns in behaviors and make sense of them.

Don't just watch, observe.

Now we know a lot about wolves but we still have a lot to learn.

And that's true of every species on earth.

It's even true about ourselves Owen.

Alright you take notes, let me know what you learn.

Remember there is no monopoly on scientific knowledge.

Anyone can make a discovery.

Good luck out there.



Thank god, are you ok?

Yeah, I got a bit lost.

Let me see, hey.

You sure?

Yeah, yeah I'm fine.

I got him.

Yeah he just walked up.

He's fine.

Everett he's fine.


Where is he Jillian?

He's out looking for you.



Is everything ok?


Why don't you have any kids, Jillian?

I couldn't, I tried.

And when we finally decided to give up my husband decided he wanted to try with somebody else.

What about dad, why didn't he have kids?

He has you.

Not really.

He doesn't even talk to me.

Well yeah he doesn't talk to the wolves either but they understand each other.

Owen your dad has been through a lot in his life.

Ask him some time.

But don't make presumptions about what is going on inside other people.

Unless you like being wrong a lot.


Wake up.

It's cold out, dress warm, these ought to fit.

Morning Danny.

Morning Everett.

How are you doing?

Good, who is this fine fellow?

Danny Skirps this is my son Owen.


It's a good day for flying.

Looking forward to it, let's do it.

Come on back.

So you put these on and then move the microphone in close to your mouth when you talk.

And when you can hear me, say 'copy'.


You know how this works, these are your wolf packs.



Can you hear me?


What do you got?

Got nothing yet.

Oh yeah?

Pretty far south today.

Look below you.

How many?


Mollie's pack.

I don't see them.

I got them!


Uhm, 10 o'clock.

You have a good eye.

I count six.


Is that Mollie's pack again?


That's not good.

That low even tone is a mortality signal it means either the wolf or the collar is not moving.

See anything?


We'll send somebody in on foot.

The Druids!

Oh yeah.

You're good.

You got a good eye kid.

So you're not air sick?

No way, Everett!

They've been calling for you.

Two down at McGill's place.



He's already gone to the papers, says he's going to hunt in this fall whether it's legal or not.

I'd love to see him try that.

He's a hardheaded son of a bitch, Everett.

Excuse me.

Alright, well thanks Jack.

What happened dad?

Some took down two cattle.

In the park?

No outside of it but wolves can't really read that sign that says

'you're now leaving Yellowstone'.

Oh y'all always quick coming out here once the damage has been done but awful slow doing anything to prevent it.

Great to see you too Louis, where are the carcasses?

Each one of those animals is worth 1500 dollars.

And you can't count the damage it does to the other stock.

They're losing weight.

Because they're running around all night being chased by wolves.

Are you talking to me right now or are you still conducting an interview with the reporter because I'm just looking for the carcasses.

Y'all never want to hear about the damage your predators do.

Well first it's my cattle.

Next thing, they'll be snatching kids out of people's backyards.

When are you going to learn to separate fact from fiction Louis?

Anytime you want me to come down and educate you about what we're doing I'm ready.

But until then if you're just going to stand there and be ignorant, telling me you don't want wolves in the park, I'm just going to tell you that's too damn bad.

Yeah Zoe will take you to the West Pasture.

It's that way.

Thank you.

We're going to have them delisted Everett.

And I'm going to be first in line to get my license.

First one.

Thanks so much for your help.

What does he mean delisted?

It means he wants the wolves taken off the endangered species list.


So if they're not on the list, they can be hunted.

There is the first one.

Anyone see the wolf?

No-one was out here.

We can't afford to have people out here 24 hours a day.

Been a tough season huh?

Yeah, you remember Cody?

Sure I do.

Dad had to let him go.

He came back three times asking for his job back.

We've only got Mell and J.D. still working here full-time now.

Because they've been here the longest.

But mom says of course that doesn't mean they work the hardest.

See these teeth marks back here?

That's probably where they brought him down.

Flesh ripped towards the back.

Yeah you can even see these holes right here.

What're you thinking about?

I'm thinking if we don't find a way to keep these wolves away from the livestock we're going to have some serious trouble on our hands.

And the numbers don't matter.

Everybody is struggling right now, we can compensate him for his loss but I don't think that's going to make much difference.

Why, what are you thinking about?

She's pretty isn't she?




I didn't say anything.

I have no idea what you're talking about dad.


Here's your mortality signal.

Oh man that's the second one he has dumped.

I'm sure he had some help.

Yeah it looks like it.

No sense in collaring the same guy again, let's fix it up and see if we can put it on another animal.

How did it go out there?

Any ideas?

No, it looks like it might be time for another stakeout, Louis is about ready to blow.

What about Carera?

I need him through Thursday but he can start over the weekend.

Start what?

Sitting out.

See if he can pick up the signal for whoever is stalking McGill's cattle.

I could do it.

You want to spend 24 hours a day sitting in a truck and a cow pasture?

Am I missing something?

Guy likes wolves.

Can't fault him for that.


Thanks Jillian, we'll talk to you later.

Bye Jillian.

Bye. by Bohemian Radio)

Hope you brought your shotgun.



Mom thought you might want some coffee.


Do you want some?



What's your horse its name?


He was steady even as a foal.

What's your truck its name?

I'm not sure it has one.

I thought all men named their trucks.

It's not my truck.

Well I wouldn't ride another man's horse without asking its name.

I'm sure it's named but I forgot to ask.

I got to go.

You staying on tonight?


I'll bring you out some dinner.

What's for dinner?




Watch this one, she kicks.

What do they do with the wolves that kill your cow?

Sometimes they trap them.

And then what?

In the park I guess they euthanize the bears that attack humans.

Cows aren't humans.

Neither are wolves.

Well I didn't say they were.

Well you don't seem to think they're much like cows either.

What happened to your head?

I got in an accident.

It was a car accident.

And your arms?

Cigarettes, it was a game we used to play.

You better get back out there.

Yeah, yeah I probably should.

Do you still play it, that game?


Come on in.

Could we go flying?

Not today, I'm giving a talk.

Can we go after?

I think it's going to be too late by then.

What's going on Owen?

What happens to the wolves that kill the cattle?

Well we try to rehabilitate them.

And if it doesn't work?

Well we remove them from the population.

Right, you kill them.

It's not that simple Owen, wolves are social creatures.

The pack learns from the individual.

You get one wolf with a taste for cow, and you can have a serious problem on your hands.

I get it.

One bad apple spoils the barrel.

More or less.

The wolf stalking McGill's cattle is a Druid wolf.

Sometimes that behavior changes on its own.


I'll get someone out there and see if we can't scare them off.

Hope you're delivering coffee.

Hey, anyone going out today?

Sure, what's on your mind?

I want to know if anyone spots Druid wolf Four Six One M.

Sounds easy enough.

Alright thanks because it is important.

I can tell.

Here you go.

You found him?

He's headed to heavy forest area, pretty far out by the park border.

Couldn't see him from the air but if you hike out there you might have better luck.

Thanks a lot Jack.

You got it.


Hey buddy.


Is everything ok?


He had pups.


I found him, he had a new mate and they had pups.

They were here, right on the border, with a den set, on this hill.

Who's the mate?

I don't know.

I mean she doesn't have a collar on.

Could've been from any of the surrounding packs.

How man pups were there?


Looks like we have a new pack!

Come here I want to show you something.

So I entered your data with the data collected from other scientists and look what we got.

Every one of these dots represents an observed location of the pack and when you put them all together you get a complete look of each pack's territory.

Nice work.

Let's add your pack now.

This is the point right here.

Right here?


I should probably date it.

Here we go, there you are.

How does it feel?

It feels pretty good.

Good work.

I heard there's a new pack in the park.

You got to ask Owen about that, he found them.

Jack found them, I just hiked out there.

Who is it?

It's wolf Four Six One from the Druid Peak pack and a mystery female.

I'm still figuring out where she came from.

Mollie's pack?

That's what I was thinking but all of Mollie's females are accounted for.

I'm thinking maybe she came from outside the park.

Yeah we had another pack start up that way.

In 2008.

Yeah, Silver Lake pack.

I'm thinking it's the same thing.

You've done your homework, good man.

You need my jacket buddy?

Nah hang on.


Owen, is that you?

Hi mom.

God it is good to hear your voice.

How's everything going out there?

It's good.

You're not getting into any trouble?


Owen, I miss you, I want you to come back.

Who is it?




Hey Elaine.

How are you.

You forgot your jacket Owen.

Here you go.

You can really feel the weather starting to change, it's going to be fall before you know it.

School is going to be starting.

I know.

You know she's right about you having to go to school.

I know.


Why did you leave?

When I met your mom I was 30 and she was 23 and she was the most vibrant person I had ever met.

Pretty much swept me off my feet.

We were foolish and reckless and she got pregnant.

She wanted to get married.

But I never told her I had been married before.

I got married right out of college and had a baby boy a couple of years after that.

Got a house in Maine, near Acadia National Park.

I used to take my son to watch the seals pull themselves up on the rocks there.

We had a nice life.

Middle of the night, I woke up with a throbbing headache and my chest fell like it was about to cave in.

Whole house smelled like gas, I went to get help but it was too late.

I lost them both.

Lost my wife and my son.

When your mom told me she was pregnant with you I just panicked.

I was so scared.

What's going on?

Three, Two, One.

Wolf hunting licenses went on sale today in Wyoming, Montana, Michigan and Idaho.

This follows a decision by the US Fish and Wildlife service to delist the gray wolf population in these states.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazer said today and I quote: "The recovery of the gray wolf population

"throughout significant portions of its historic range

"is one of the great success stories

"of the endangered species act.".

But for those that oppose the delisting, they fear officials in Washington are far more concerned about the cattle vote than the survival of this very fragile species.

Meanwhile only 250...

Be right back.



Zoe come on.

What are you doing here?

Same thing as everyone else.

Come with me.

Come with you where?

Come out in the field with me.

Just one day. I can't.

Just one day! I can't.

I help out at the ranch, I can't.

One night then.

Zoe that's enough now come on!

I got to go.

I'm coming by at four.

Four AM I'll see you there.


Two licenses.


One is for my son.

That'll be 500 dollars.

Please fill out your name at the bottom and read the restrictions on the back.

What the hell do you think that you are doing?

Get your hands off him.

Hey what's going on here?

Why are you ripping up your licenses?


I'm sorry?

Only 248 people will be hunting wolves this year.

Excuse me.

You're late!

Can I turn on the radio?



Grab that one.

Keep going.

What is this?


Picks up anything within three miles.

What are we looking at?

That hole right there.

That's amazing.

I've never seen a hole in the grass before.

Keep looking.

Where is the rest of the pack?

It's a new breeding pair.

It's unusual but those pups will be their pack.

They are so tiny.


Jesus I got to go.

Hey Dad?

Do you think people can change?

What do you mean?

I mean, do you think bad people can become good people?

Well if you're talking about Zoe, I don't think she is a bad person, I think she just comes from a different background.

No, I was talking about myself.

I just left him there.

At least you went off and tried to find help for your wife and kid.

I just took off.

I don't think there are good people or bad people Owen.

It's just the choices you make.

Make different choices.


Hey Jillian!

Hey there stranger, I never see you anymore.

Oh yeah, helping my dad.

We're trying to get twice as many coordinates as last year.

Well look at you.

Hey I picked up your wolf outside of the park today.

I was down in Ashton on a run and I caught a signal on the way back.

Huh, where?

Oh just a couple of miles outside of the park.

What's he doing out there?

Good question, he's not exactly a conventional spirit through is he?

No he's not.

Hey dad?


Hey dad?!

Can I go up with you tomorrow?


There goes summer.

What happened to fall?

You're looking at it.

Looks like it letting out uh, just a little dusting.

Wagner One to Wagner Two.

Come in Wagner Two.


Go for Wagner Two.

Three o'clock.

Over here.

Beautiful aren't they?


Well we're at the border now, you got anything?


Alright we'll go a little further but we can't burn too much fuel out here.

We got to turn back Owen.



What do you got?

Mortality signal.

You see anything?

No, do you?

Dad I got them.

Oh dad you got to put it down.

I can't do anything.

Dad we got to go down, you got to let me out right now.

You got to let me out dad.

Owen I can't do that.

Dad let me out.

Danny can you put us down in that field right there?

Don't get too close to him Owen if he's hurt he could go after you.

I'm going to kill them dad.

I'm going to fucking kill them.

Come here.

No dad.

Listen Owen.

I know you're angry and I'm angry too.

I saw something in you today that I didn't see when you first got here.

That animal taught you something.

You should try to hold on to that.



What are you doing?

Trying to fix it.

Why don't you just buy another one?

They're expensive.

How much?

About 700 dollars.

If they were cheap, everyone would have one.

Can I borrow your car?

Yeah the keys are in the ignition.

Where are you goimg?

Hey dad!



You scared me buddy.

What's up?


What if we give them radio receivers?

Just slow down, take a breath, give who what?

The ranchers, what if we give them radio receivers so they'll know when the wolves are nearby and they'll be able to go outside and protect the cattle.

Those things are really expensive Owen, I don't think that's going to work.

Oh, we could get the money.


I don't know, I'll find it.

And we know which ranchers need them first.

We can look at the map you made and see which packs are closest to the park borders and where.

That could work, it's a good idea.

You think so?

Yeah, let's do it.

Great job.

Alright dad come here.

What do you got?

It's still rough but people will be able to click here if they want to donate.

How do you know how to do that?

Everybody knows.

Not everybody, here let me see.

Yeah go for it.

Alright so click to scroll down.


Click right there.

Oh that's so cool.

Yeah it's not linked up right now but I mean you can...

If you put your credit card information there it wouldn't do anything right now but it's there essentially.


Good morning.

Better get dressed these horses aren't going to ride themselves.


You know what that is right?

Yeah it's Druid Peak.


You know what's interesting is that when the wolves first came back to Yellowstone, the moose and the elk didn't know how to handle it because they were so used to the park being without predators.

But sure enough, within about a year their behavior started to change.

And they began to move around more and because they were moving around more they stopped grazing in the same spot all season.

Lo and behold, cottonwoods, aspen and willow started to sprout up in places where there hadn't been trees before.

Those willows upstream weren't even there and the beavers couldn't even build their dams without them.

And now we got 11 new beaver colonies in the park and their dams have created ponds for more fish, frogs and insects.

These aspens weren't even here 10 years ago.

Those birds you hear had nowhere to nest so you wouldn't have heard them.

Every month we learn about a small change.

Something new in one population can affect another.

It all comes back to this, we're all connected.

In ways we may not even perceive.

All of us.

I've never really felt at home anywhere but here.

I guess some people need wild places more than others.

I don't know where you feel like your home is Owen but

if you'd like to stay here with me, I'd like that a lot.

Where would I go to school?


I know it's a drive but you're used to early mornings.

But you know if you want to go home we can make that happen.


I want to stay here.

But I have to go home first.

I have to.

Hey kid.

What happened to the dog?

I don't know, away.

Was it your dog?

No it was my daddy his dog but I used to feed it sometimes.

How did it get away?

Promise not to tell?

Yeah I promise.

I let it go.

That's a good man.

Promise not to tell?

Yeah I promise, cross my heart.

I know it's been a long day.

That's ok, there's some fresh water for you.

Can I help you?

It's me.


My god I didn't recognize you.

I've been away.

Wyoming, so I've heard.

I wanted to give that back.

I'm really sorry about what happened.

When I woke up I was in the woods and I panicked.

I was thinking about how much trouble I would get into.

I was thinking about myself.

And I should've been thinking about Matt.

You know I'm sorry for bothering you, I just, I wanted to tell you that.

Thank you.

I hope good things happen to you Owen.

I hope you lead a good life.

I'm trying to.

Ok, I'll keep you both in my prayers.

Thank you.

Hey what's that?

Are you sure you don't need bedsheets?

I don't need bedsheets.

You want a ride?

I'm ok.

You be careful out there.

I will.

I love you.

I know.

Alright, you can go.

Well hold on a minute.


I know it's not much but...

It ought to buy one of those transmitters.

Thank you.

Alright for those of you who are still milling around the door, find a seat please.

Welcome to senior chemistry.

I have a present for you.

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is the matter of sciences What is that? or Just open it. the branch of natural sciences dealing with the compositions of substances and their properties and reactions.

Mister Wagner really?

On the first day?

Yeah I'm sorry sir, that's uh...

Yeah ok never mind he says but let's talk about chemistry a little more folks, ok?

Hey how did it go?

It was good.

How are you doing?

I'm good.

Alright, oh uh I'll be back for dinner.