Drzava mrtvih (2002) Script

Cheers to the happy couple!


Cheers to you all!


Cheers to the father of the bride!

Cheers to the mother of the bride!

Cheers! Cheers!

Cheers, Kosta!

And one day, I hope, you make it to general!


I hope not!

Generals get terrible headaches!

My dear!

May you live a hundred years!

God forbid!

Health is all I ask for.

Send your wishes to the happy couple!

Long may they live. I'm so happy they met.

Say, Ristana...

How's life in Maribor these days?


You'll never forget my Sarajevo. I promise you that!

He's next to be wed!

Have you got a girlfriend?

There's been a few...

What the fuck is this?

A wedding or a funeral?


Come on!

What's this?

An important announcement!

What? What's happened?

All officers must report on duty right away!

Slovenia has declared independence!

Must you?

Nothing to be done about it.

It's a soldier's fate.

I must go.

Can you take us to the letališče?

I mean airport!

Did it have to do that right now?

As you Slovenians say hudič prokleti!


Come back soon!


Come on! You're all sweaty.

You'll catch a cold.

Take care

From Vardar to Triglav...

There's gonna be shit!

Fuck this happiness!

Are we there yet?


What the hell is this?

There's no one in it.

Turn around.

Come on out!

Come on!

Let's clear this. Come on!

Don't shoot!

What's wrong with you?

You're shooting at your own people!

Are you Slovenian?

Yes. I am.

Then why the fuck are you in that red army?

Don't shoot! Don't...

Let's bring him in!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

I'm yours!

What the fuck is going on?

Territorial defense is shooting at my boys!

One wounded. Pantelic dead!


We're defending Slovenia.

From whom, for fuck's sake? Me?

Listen, Janez. Don't get involved.

This Yugoslav tyranny has lasted long enough.

We're Europeans!

This is our chance to get out!

And what about an officer's honour?

Forget it, Janez!

We're the laughing stock of the World, because of the whole Europe, only us and the Albanians still live in Communism.

The Albanians are dropping it too!

Us Slovenians are getting robbed!

Mr Kranjc!

We're offering you the rank of captain in the Slovenian army!

Captain first class!

Mr Kranjc!

It seems to me you're not aware of the financial responsibilities.

And other consequences.

We need you, Janez!

Now you're in the European Slovenia!

Mr Kranjc!

If you stay in their army we'll consider you a traitor!


Box this and take it to the truck!

Call Tanja in Sarajevo and tell her we're leaving tonight.

I see you're leaving.

I don't understand you dropping everything to go live in that Balkan corner.

It's all over anyway!

You're wrong.

Idiot! You're running away like some child!

You're crazy!

Why don't you stay?

Ristana, tell him!

There's still time, Janez!

Don't leave your kind.

We'll rid Slovenia of them!

Your place is here.

With us!

In Slovenia!

Look everyone!

The capital of Yugoslavia!



Where are you from?


We're from Split!

God almighty, what is insanity making us turn into headless flies?

Stop interfering in the affairs of state. Move!

Where do I put this?

On the fridge.

You're insane!

Keep nibbling. Keep nibbling.

Put this in the corner somewhere.

What now, comrade sergeant major?

Nothing. At ease!

Fucking hell!

I forgot the aerial!

I'm going shopping for an aerial.

Take the kids with you. They're bothering me.

Come on babies!

Let's go see Belgrade!

Go cover our stuff!

Move! You're blocking my light!


According to ministers of the state Jansa and Babcar the Yugoslav People's Army is continuing to move into the country especially on the border crossings especially Istocna and Stajerska.

However, it must be noted that there's a propaganda war going on in Slovenia making official information unreliable.

For instance, the war minister Janez Jansa said that there are hundreds of wounded and killed on the side of the YPA.

But claimed today that he had no idea how many victims there are.

The vice president of the Federal Executive Council...

Why don't you go to sleep?

... who called the YPA "an occupying force".

As well as...

Look at you.

We live down the hall.

Good for you.

I work downstairs and sleep downstairs.

In the kitchen?

Where are you from?


My parents are getting a divorce.

My mum's a Bosnian Serb.

My dad's Croatian.

They won't stop arguing.

So I went to stay with my aunt.

But she ran off with some dude.

Then my uncle kicked me out.

So I said to myself, "Ruzica! There's a war on.

The shit's hit the fan!

At least you're not in the high risk zone anymore."

So now I'm a refugee.

So now you're cleaning floors.

So what?

A ballet dancer needs to do her squats!

You're a ballet dancer?

How about you?

I'm a law student.

Keep quiet!

Leave us in peace!

You'll wake the children!


Hey! What's your name?


Well, Ruzica, I'm Gorazd.

Well, Gorazd...

Good night, as they say in America.


I hate my name!

So what should I do?

Cry for you?


Call me Goran, Goga, anything but Gorazd.

OK, Gorazd.


Hurry up!

Group one, move to the left!

Group two, to the right!


How come we always land the worst missions?

True. We always get fucked!

Wherever it's the worst, they send the 3rd platoon!

That's because of him.

Come on! Hurry up!

Line up!

Comrade soldiers!

Only a soldier who's physically fit and whose morale is high can do everything that's asked of him!

An unfit army is easily defeated!

Corporal! Move!

Turn left!

Forward march!

My boot is giving me a blister I can't even feel my left fucking foot.

Good exercise!

Yes! Today's captain Mataruga's turn to buy drinks.

Major Mataruga actually!

He passed his exams then?

Yes, but let me tell you something If my foot wasn't killing me...

Hop in Tisma! Alright!

Should we give Janez a lift?

Fuck him. He's Slovenian.

Don't, son. You father will be home any minute.

Here he is.

He's coming.

Good day!

Good day.

Are you tired?

I walked 10 kilometers today.

I left those jokers


800 meters behind me.

Silly buggers.

Some officers they are.

Leave that!

Give me half a glass!

Just to warm up!

We're out.

What d'you mean out?

I bought some yesterday.

No. Wednesday.

You didn't leave me any money.

My mistake.


I'm leaving soon.

Be careful out there and study hard. Pass your exams in time.


I'll need money.

Of course you will.

How much is a ticket to Pristina?

I already told you.

That's nothing.

What d'you mean nothing?

He'll get everything for free in Pristina.

Board, food, everything.

This is for the ticket and he'll even have some left.

I have to buy books too.

There's a library at your college.

There's also a public one.

I've seen it. It's enormous!

He won't last the winter in these shoes.

He'll get sick.

Can't he get a job?

Can't he?

Then roll up your sleeves, my lad.

It'll do you good, mummy's boy.

Why are you insulting me?

I'm insulting you?

You are. You're humiliating me.

I'm humiliating you?

I'm humiliating you?

Today I marched 50 kilometers with 20 year old kids and I'm humiliating you!

I earned the bread you're eating.

Every crumb of it I payed in blood And I'm humiliating you!

I feed five of you!

You eat like zoo animals!

You'd eat an ox, you lazy scum!

Here! Take it all!

Eat it all!



I'm in your debt, kid.

If you need something come to "Penelope".

I'll pay you back! OK!

Hello! Where have you been?

Don't ask.

Trouble at home.

Please take over.

What's new?

Nothing much. Just a war in Bosnia!

According to our information this was the reason for the Bosnian Territorial Army to attack this unit.

Armed conflicts have now spread throughout the city.

There have been all sorts of grenade strikes throughout Sarajevo.

Grenades hit everywhere tenement houses and apartment buildings, shops, as well as the building of TV Sarajevo which has been hit by about 20 grenades.

We still have no information about the number of victims and the wounded.

But we estimate enormous losses.

Due to the latest armed conflicts across Bosnia, the Territorial...

Bruce Lee!

Salud amigo!

What will you drink?

Coke please!

I could do with some money.

What a surprise!



I'm off to Pristina to study...

If you were off to Oxford that would be a problem, but Shqipland's easy.

How much d'you need?

No. Not that...

I wanted to earn the money.

A businessman! Oh...


20 trucks as agreed.

Marlboro, Jack Daniels, Chivas

2 oil tankers.

That's the lad I told you about.

I'm George!

He wants a job.

Send him to Vucela!

Give me another cold one, Milance!


Brandy. Give him.


Who's paying?

Who's paying?

Are we humans or Slovenians?

Hey, Rocko, where's my money?



Let's finish the bottle.

Who's paying?

Janez I guess.

We agreed he'd pay the sixth round.

I'm skint.

You're skint?

Why the fuck did you drink six brandy’s then?

When you can't afford a round then you don't let others buy you drinks. That's the way it is.

There are rules even in drinking.

I didn't tell you to buy me a drink.

You kept buying.

And you didn't want to turn me down.

He's right. You kept buying.

Fuck it. I'm as rich as Onassis.

I could feed and drink three Slovenians all day.

Good for you.

Listen! Bring him five brandy’s and line them up nicely so comrade sergeant major can order them around.

No need!

You bring 'em! He can spill 'em if he doesn't want 'em.

He'll bring them.

I said I didn't want them.

Are you Slovenians born with rattlesnakes in your pockets?

It doesn't matter.

What does matter, is that we know where we are.

There's a saying 'round these parts.

Feed a dog to bite you.

It's a good saying.

Isn't it?

It is.

Sure it is.

Nedic kept you fed during World War II.

You were all nice and plump when it was all over.

Half of Serbia was in camps, the other half dead.

Meanwhile, 50 000 of you came over.

Serbs starved...

50 000...

But Slovenians were always well fed.

And then all that shit started!

Brotherhood and unity!

Fuck all of you brothers and Unitarians!

Some thanks we got...

Now you're killing our children...

Shooting them in the back of the head.

They were all unarmed...

Stop fucking our kids...

European motherfuckers!

Your wife's calling you Rocko!

Tell her to go fuck herself!

She's calling you home. You've got guests.

Fuck her and her guests.

You cunts!

Just you keep drinking, Janez!

Keep drinking!

Hey, Rocko!

You forgot something.

The fuck do you want?

Stop fucking about with the man...

You left your slippers under the table.

I'm sick and tired of you.

Who's paying?

I am, of course!

You know how rich I am.

I'm leaving!

I've had enough of you drunk bastards!

You'll be back!

Go home now!

They've arrived.

Vuco's coming!

Are you Goga? Yes.


I don't even have to study.

When I was your age I already had a job.

I commanded 30 men.

An entire platoon.

You mean the same job as these days?


This is your fault.

Why? What do I have to with it?

The only job you had was to bring up the kids.

And you couldn't even do that!

It's always my fault.

Why did we have to leave Slovenia?

I never said a word.

It was your call. Just yours.

Why didn't we go to my family in Macedonia?

Because an oath's oath and it's for the rest of your life.

I gave an oath to serve Yugoslavia.

You can't just change uniforms like dirty underwear.

I'm a man not dough!

That's why now everyone gets to shit on me.

Why can't he go to college in Belgrade then?

Because everything's free in Pristina.

Board, food, everything!

And the one year he studied in Slovenia will count there.

It would count here too.

It's so...

It's so there'd be one less of us in this compartment, you fool.



What? I wanna pee.

Then go and pee.

Wait your turn!




No. No.

There's no one here named Goran Nikolic.


The bathroom's busy. Someone's washing.

Hold it in.

I can't.

Then pee in the bucket. Come on.

Come on!

No one will see you. Come on!


It's me.

I can't. I'm leaving.

Yeah. Yeah. Alright.

Is that some bimbo of yours?

Here. Gorazd.

You can take my shoes.

They're too small.

Well, you can... tuck your toes in...

Here. Jesus Christ!

That's enough.

That's OK.

Here's an address.

Come 'round sometime.

You go to the lab.

Have the photos on Ljuba's desk in an hour!


Bye. Bye.

What was this, Ruzica?

They're photographing ballet dancers for a magazine.

In a kitchen?

Amongst refugees?

Yes. They're also refugees.

I must live on something, Gorazd.

On this?

D'you have a better suggestion?

I do, Ruzica.

Wait. What?

Watch the kids while I pop down to the store.


Your bone, madam.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Where is it?

My wallet's gone!

I must have forgotten it.

Don't worry, madam.


Put this back.

Here's some change for milk and bread.

I'll send my boy to get it later.



Does she do this every day? Yes.

What's in that paper bag?

A bone for soup.

I'm begging you!

Are any of you from Prijedor?

Has anyone seen this man?

Are you from Prijedor?

His name is Zivojin Radenovic. He's from Prijedor.

Has anyone seen this man?

Is this everything?

How was your trip?

Fine. How's Bosnia?

Like Bosnia.

What's in the bag?

Photo albums.

Let's go.

How's mum?

She's getting used to it.

How's Gorazd?

He's studying.

Getting ready to go to Pristina.

How are the little ones? They're still little.

Am I walking too fast?

OK. We can slow down.

What a nice dog.

What are you doing here?

I followed you.


What did you see?

Why are you doing this, Gorazd?

I care about you.

Come on then.





Are you OK?

How are you going to pull that off?

I have just enough money to make it to Skopje.

My mum's Macedonian. I have family there.

My uncle's a trucker or something like that.

He'll give me some money and then we can run away.

What am I gonna do in Thessaloniki, Gorazd?

Call me Goran, Goga, anything but Gorazd. Please!

I'll wish dishes in a restaurant and you'll sell peanuts on the street.


You lack imagination.

I have too much of it.

I'm imagining you fucking me deeper and deeper.

You're squeezing me tighter.

You're biting my lip.

I'm having such a great time.

You're driving me crazy!

Come on!

Please Gorazd!

Have I tired you out?



You really have a rich imagination!

It known no boundaries!

Talk to me.

We'll take the first plane from Thessaloniki to Brussels.

You know...

That's where the European Karate Center is.

I'm well known there.

They'll give me a job.

And you'll go to ballet school.

When are we leaving?


I'm serious.

So am I.

You're serious?

What time do we leave?

6 AM.

Platform 38.

I'll be there at 5:30.

You haven't told us how Kosta's doing.

He's on Majevica.

The Turks are getting ready to attack.

I assume you mean Muslims, Mrs Nikodijevic.

Yes, father. I mean Muslims.

Our brothers who killed my in-laws.

And are now trying to kill my husband.


And your husband's a philatelist and has gone to Majevica to catch butterflies.

Philatelists collect stamps.

Butterflies are collected by...

He's a Captain in the Serbian army.

Blimey! Already a captain!

I'll have to salute him the next time I see him.

By the time you see him he'll be a major.

Keep looking at your photos, you arrogant bitch!

That's no way to talk to your father!

You tell your Captain, not to rush through his ranks.

That's a surefire way to lose your head.

And he's got ample reason to keep his thick Bosnian head on his shoulders!

Thick Serbian head!



Beg your pardon?

Whom are you looking for?

You got the right number but there's no one called Goran Nikolic here.

You're welcome.

Is this the Skopje bus?

What? Can't you read?

Put your bag there.

Buy me a juice, mummy!

Buy me juice!

I'm thirsty!

Buy me a bloody juice! Come on!

I wonder if there's anyone left in the asylums.

Have you heard from Gorazd? No.

What's he waiting for?

You gave him the phone number?

What phone number?

The hotel one.

He's got my office number.



I want to tell you something.


I was gonna wait until you had the baby.

You don't have to carry my burden.

Please forgive your mother!

Come now. I'll comb your hair and you'll face the new day with a new haircut.



It's you.

We're fine.

It's a boy.

No, I didn't have an ultrasound, I just know.

Trust me. I know.

I'm not kidding, I'm serious.

Start thinking up names.

They're nice.

Be careful, honey!

I will.

I love you, baby.

Stay safe and...

The line went dead.

Kosta said hi.


What were you gonna tell me?

You must take care of your father and the kids.

I'm riddled with cancer.


Stop giving your last words, for God's sake woman!

What are you talking about. You're healthier than any of us.

Have you seen a doctor?


I don't need a doctor!

I know. This is it.

I just hope I don't infect you and the kids.

Before I close my eyes. For fuck's sake!

Stop rambling.

Good day.

Is the boss here? That's him.

Good day. Good day.

You're the owner of this shop?

Yes. I am.

I'm Tatjana Nikodijevic.

A hairdresser and cosmetician with a degree.

I had my own shop in Sarajevo.

I'd work for half price.

Seven months?


Five and a half.

You're out of your mind.

You'll be in labour in five days!

I'll be back in ten days!


Please! You have no idea how good I am!

For one. I don't employ refugees.

As a rule.

And two.

When I do employ someone.

I have to fuck her.

How can I fuck you with all these kids around?

Get lost.

Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.


I hope you're fire insured!


Well done!

Go to Njegos Street No. 9.

Tell them Marina sent you.


This kid wants to see you.

Have you decided?

I have no choice.

Take the kid and go to the flea market and don't come back until the job's done! Understood?

Switch it off.

Boss! Top Gun's here!

Where's your boss?

The Zemun boys are offering cheaper protection.

If you have any complaints you know where to find us!

Now give her back the money.


Please don't. Run!

What's going on? They killed him!

Someone help us!

Does it hurt?

I'll put some ice on it and it'll be better!

Jesus! It hurts!

Stop! Stop!

Gorazd! Son!




You can get dressed.


Where's Gorazd?

What's wrong with her?

He's in Pristina, mum!

He escaped?

Is he alive?


It's not a concussion.


Take it easy.

Thank you.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

I couldn't!

I came straight from the battlefield! With the wounded!

What are you doing here?

Mum's not feeling well!

Why? She overate?

How's the baby?

He needs his dad.

He looks like Al Capone.

Where's Vucela?

Hey boys! Has anyone seen Vucela?

What's up?

He came up three oil tankers short.


What d'you mean so?

Get him back.

Come in Janko.

Good morning, colonel!

Sit down.

Thank you.

Why did you ask to see me?

I've come to ask you a favour, colonel.

I need your help.

Let's have a drink.

How's your family?


They're not fine.

My daughter's pregnant.

Her husband's in Bosnia.

My son's in Pristina.

I have the twins. My wife's sick.

And all of that in 200 square feet.

And now they want to retire me!

What are we gonna live on, colonel? What?

You'll get severance pay, Janko.

Please, colonel. I could work for another two years.

If they retire me now, I'll never get an apartment.

Where are we gonna live?

On the street?

Janko, your status isn't going to change.

The army appreciates your loyalty and your service.



He's here. Go!

You're pulling this one off.


You fucked up the flea market job, right?

That was my mother!

Don't be a baby, man. There's no one in this job except for the job.

This is your opportunity for redemption.

You know what George's like.

Take it easy, kid. The job's done.

Because of your dedication and honoured service to the motherland Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, even though you are leaving the Yugoslav People's Army, you will never be forgotten!

We'll always remember you and be proud of you for as long as our army and our country exists!

Three cheers for your superior officers!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!


Thank you comrades and gentlemen!

That's all I have to say.

Now it's your turn Janez.

Let's hear from Janez Kranjc the finest corporal in the division!

Go ahead.

Can I sing something in lieu of a speech?

Have you told him the phone number?

Of course. Come on!

Come here.

Here we are.

Let me help you with that.

Hey neighbours!

Pick up the phone!

I can't. My hands are dirty.

Someone's asking for the Kranjc family.

Give it here.

I'm coming.



It's you!

How are you?

How are the parents?

Has Irina graduated?

Your daughter-in-law's looking after you?

They're fine. They're here.


She's about to give birth.


It's huge. A three-room apartment!

We're fine. No problems. We have everything.

We say hello too.

Stay healthy.

Great hearing from you. Good bye!

You're getting good at lying.

Three rooms indeed!

Why does everyone have to know what squalor we live in?

Why burden her?

Why do you burden us?

I have one brother.

What about us?

She's got four of us.

Have you heard from that ass?

I can't hear you!

Have you heard from that ass?

What's he doing down there? It's been a month since he left.

He'll call. He's not a child.

Maybe he's calling the old number.

He'll call when he spends all my money.

All the money you give him, he's probably at the casino.

When I die, you two will tear each other apart.

He's your only son.

And why would you die? Why? Why?


You should go and get examined too.

I've probably infected you too.

What are you gonna infect me with, you fool?

You're healthy everywhere except in your head.

Where's the TV?

Oh! Look! Look!


Your lungs are as healthy as a baby's!

They didn't give me any medication! Not a pill!

That means I'm dead!

No cure!

I know!

I know!

Then die already, for God's sake!


But don't take us all with you!

Where's my gun?


May I make a call? Sure!


Put me through to student housing, please.

Give me Gorazd Kranjc.

Second year of law school. Yes.

I don't know his room number.

OK. I'll wait.


Wait. What do you mean...

What do you mean he's not there?

He was awarded a room and everything.

I don't understand.


He never even went there.

No. No.


That's it.

Are you OK?

Thank you. Thanks a lot!

Commander, sir! No one named Kranjc.

I knew it.

He must have found somewhere to live.

Go home.

He'll call.

Maybe I could take a look at some of your files.

Sure. Move kid...

Sit down.


You press this button...

This one here...

What's this?

That's Sloba. Our pet.


Press STOP if you see him. But I'm sure you won't see him.

After 20 years on the force I have a nose for these things.

Here he is.


That's Goran Nikolic.

Known as Goga from Dorcol.

That's your son?



You're not easy to find. What are you doing here?

What's up, mum? I have the flu.

A cold.

Why haven't you called, son?

Where are Tanja and the twins?

At the cinema.

This is for you, mum.


Here's some money.

I found a three-bedroom apartment on Dorcol for you.

You can move in tonight.

And I'll have my men move your stuff.

What men, you louse?

What men?

The drug dealers? The extortionists?

Do they have a sideline as movers too?

This is Goran Nikolic from Dorcol!

I'll kill him! I made him! I'll kill him!

His file at the police is thicker than my file at the army after 30 years.

Look through the window, mummy, and see your baby's chauffeur waiting by the car.

That's my friend.

Give me back my gun.

What are you talking about?

Do that again and I'll kill you.


You've already killed me.

I'm dead already.

Don't do it, son.

You don't have the guts to shoot me, Goran.

You have to be a men to have guts.

Not a name-changing pussy like you.

Someone like you.

Yes. Someone like me.

Come on then.


Big boy from Dorcol! Don't do it son!

You'll do it yourself.

It'll hurt more that way.

You don't deserve a quick death.

That's not enough.

You don't have the guts to pull a trigger, pussy!


Great misfortune!

It took me 30 years to get to Slovenia and then everything went to Hell.

And I was declared a traitor for staying true to my word.

Fuck it.

You hold a man by his word.

And an ox by his tail.

As far as I'm concerned Yugoslavia is still complete.

And the others can go fuck themselves, get it?

No one can steal that away from me.

Your estimate was bad.

You were convinced the real army would show up kill the traitors the rest would be arrested and that's that. Right?

You're right. That's what I thought.

But they'd arrest you at the border now.

No can do.

I'm here with my own kind.

What? The officers who told you to go fuck yourself?

You're nowhere now.

But we...

Where are we?

Did you ever think about us?

You can go wherever you want to.

You're a Yugoslav.

No one can take that away from you.

I'm not a Yugoslav.

I'm a big boy from Dorcol!

I'm a part of something. Get it? Something!

A part of a gang of crooks.


Stay please for your mother!

Here are the keys to the apartment.

Dubrovacka street. No. 16.

We don't need that apartment.

A year's rent paid.

Give my regards to my sister.

Woman, this gun's been fired.

Dear guests, let us introduce you to the girls you will be bidding on.

Look at the first girl!


Moving on! Each one prettier than the one before.


Let's start the auction.

500 for the first time.


Moving on.




Who'll give more? 800!

800! Alright! Who'll give more? 850!

Any more? 900!

900 going once!

Going twice! Come on lads!

Sold for 900!

Let's move on to some new girls!

Here's our lucky winner approaching his chosen one.

It's the gorgeous Sandra!

But we have even prettier girls. Mimi, this one, that one.

Don't take my word for it. See for yourselves!

Look at that!

Must you do this?

Hurry up you two!

And shut your mouth if you wanna fill it with bread!

Are these my Russian girls?

Sorry Filip, I don't understand.

Hurry up, girls.

You two are great!

Your only competition is our little Ustasha girl!

If you ever say that again I'll poke your eyes out.

Get it?

Ustasha. I told you.

Blood is my light and darkness to quote Ivan Goran Kovacic.

You'll get to know darkness when I poke your eyes out you slimy fucking scum!

Leave him.

He doesn't have it easy either.

He's a refugee too.

Gentlemen! We're proceeding with the auction.

Here are our girls, dear guests, coming down the stairs and standing before you.

Look at them. Look how elegant they look.

Look at our dear Russian girls!

Let's spread brotherhood and unity. Kick those legs up!

Left! Right!

Now move your arms! Come on!

Arms up! Arms down!

Come on, dear guests! Take your pick! Come on!

This one's the best.

I told you I have an eye for these things.

Get away from me! Go! Go!

Go! Get away!

Get away!


Yes. Just a moment.


Guess what?

Bosnia calling.



If you're out of breath take a deep breath.

Just a little more.

One more push.

Come on.

A little more. A little more.

That's it.

What are you doing?

Have you lost your mind?

I'm cooking milk for Jovana and Magda.

Why are you cooking outside? We're not Gypsies.

There's sickness inside.

Sickness. Sickness.

You're sick.

In the head.



Come here! Come here! Come and get your food!

You won't get infected.

I've got a mask on.

Come here.

Leave the kids alone!

This is the last time.


You won't get infected.

I'll visit your dreams.

Shut up you fool!

Stop it! Stop it!









Don't leave me alone!





May they rest in peace.

Hang in there.

How's your son?

Stay safe.



My son!

Let's go home!

Let's go home, son!

Please! Let's go home, son!

What home?

When am I gonna see you?

Buy the newspapers.

Check the obituaries!

There'll be around three pages of me.







Come on!

Come on!

What will you do now?

How will you manage with your pension?

I don't know.

I have no idea.

Let it all go to Hell.

The country.


Me too. Let me go to Hell.

I found myself a job.

I'm a singer.

A singer?

You know I have a good voice.

So why not earn a few bob from it.

I could think of something for you too.

In these times? Who'd hire me?

Leave it all to me.


What are you thinking?

Well, of course!

Here are the 50 000 Janezs spreading their arses around Serbia while my people starve!

And eat nettles!

Eat bark!

You motherfuckers!

Isn't that so?

Yeah sure.

Yeah sure. You shot our children in the back of the head.

All for TV commercials you pieces of fucking shit!

Unarmed children!

Without a whisker on their chin!

That's enough.

Enough? What are? Insane?

Your child died in Slovenia as well.

I can't forgive you the children!

I can't!

You fucked our children!

Meanwhile, you strut around here like nothing happened!

That's enough! - What? Fuck off out of here!

What do you mean? Fuck off!

What the fuck is wrong with you, Milan. Didn't they kill your son?

Get out of here! What are you scared of?

Get lost!

Fuck you too!

Go home! - We'll get some guns fuck them all up! Get our own back!

The bar's closed! Everyone home!

That's it!

You can stay, uncle Janko.

I'm sorry but that idiot pissed me off.

I heard about all the things that happened to you.

I'm sorry.

He's our saviour and avenger.

Let's have a drink.

On me.

No, it's on me. What are you having?

Bring us the most expensive drink.

I got a grandson!


It's on me.

It's on me.

When are you going to work?


I won't be long. OK. Hurry up!

Grampa. Grampa.

Hello, grandson.

Hello. Hello.

What's up?

Mummy's gone. Ey?

She's a naughty girl.

She's left you all alone.

Shame on her.




Ready? Come on.

Where's Cvjeta?

Her child's sick.

He's got bronchitis.

What's your kid's name?


Like my husband.

How old is he?

A month and a half in two days.

Who watches him when you're at work?

My father.

He's retired.

A former YPA officer.

Please be nice to him.

He looks like Banderas, but he's terrified.

Moving on to shot 73.

Lie down and lift your skirt up.

You step over her, take your dick out and piss on her tits.

You ready?

Ready? Yes.

Roll camera!



Where's the hat?

Hey you!


Watch where you piss.

You're supposed to aim here at my tits.

Not my face. Get it?

This is your costume. Get dressed.

Hold these. Come on!

This is him, boss.

Where's his top hat?

I'll get it.

Find the bloody top hat!

I'm on!

SUBTITLES BY: Mateja Djedovic