Du ar inte klok, Madicken (1979) Script

You are so clueless, Madicken. You just slept and slept and slept You wouldn't even hear it if there were... cannibals!

You can't hear it when a cannibal comes in!


He sneaks around silently in the jungle looking for missionaries... and - chomp! He clenches his teeth into him. Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

The missionary never heard a thing.

No cannibal even goes to heaven. Well of course not!

It's only right

But in the end, he gets there anyway.


Because he has the missionary in his stomach, and missionaries go to heaven.

Today, I feel life in my veins. How does it feel?


May Day in the meadow there will be a bonfire and everyone will celebrate spring!

And I'll wear my new sandals.


Based on Astrid Lindgren's books.

Ha! Ha! You're blushing, Alva!

What's he winking about? He winks at all the girls.

Really? But he's married with five children. He's still the best-looking man in town.

No doubt about it!

Why don't we buy something sweet?

Oh, the little darlings are out for a walk!

I got new sandals! They're really cool!

Sandals! What's the point of that?

We never had any such thing in our day... and we turned out good and strong.

Madicken, come here!

I just wanted to know. Have you seen Nillson?

In his usual place in the garden.

He likes to sit there and think about things... all day long without food. Was he at least sober?

I think so.

I doubt it!

It'd be a change of pace.

Hey, little Madicken! Junibachen's princess!

To what do I owe this pleasure?

Is Abbe at home?

Of course. You have to get up at five in the morning to start making pretzels.

Then his mother sells them at the market.

I know. I talked to her.

What did she say? She wanted to know if you were sober.

Why wouldn't I be sober today? "A change of pace," she said.

That's what she said? It was well put.

I love that woman.

Today I feel life in my veins.

Me too!

I'm going in to have a chat with Abbe.

Hi. How are you?

Do you want a pretzel? Yes!

Abbe, are you coming to the bonfire tonight?

I can't guarantee it. I might go to another party.

Oh, come on! You can see my new sandals.

But... But... Well that's different.

But mom, please let me take my new sandals.

They would get just as ruined as if you danced in the mud.

I swear I'll be careful. Madicken, just wear your old shoes.

But you're dressing up nice!

But we're not going out to a muddy bonfire.

We're going to the the gazebo in the hotel garden where it's really boring.

Boring? What do you mean? Well... let's say I'd rather go to the bonfire with my girls than some stuffy old dinner.

You're beautiful, mom.

When I grow up, I want to be as beautiful as you.

You can count on it.

Oh, the driver's here. We have to hurry.

Have a good time, Sweeties!

Easy for her to say.

Why buy new sandals if you still have to wear your old shoes?

That doesn't make any sense.

Are you wearing the sandals anyway? Of course.

You're out of your mind, Madicken. You always have been.

Gimme the hat. Come and get it.

So you made it after all. Yeah.

A chimney sweep should already have it going.

Do you notice anything? Like what?

I have new sandals!

Wow! You're amazing!

Soon everyone in town will know!

They'll read about it in the papers.

They got it going!

Four cheers for springtime!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

"Winter has ended its rampage. The cold winter has been silenced.

Spring again sheds its heavenly grace and everything is born anew.

Gentle waves rush upon the shore and purple flowers bloom in the meadow

-Times of plenty..."


Yes? I did something I shouldn't have. I...

Like what? I...

So many beautiful girls here. One, two, three... All the best of Unibachen.

It's a beautiful spring evening, isn't it? God, how wonderful...

And dangerous. What's so dangerous about it?

You can catch pneumonia and be stuck in bed all spring.

She wore her sandals to the fire. It's like cat piss soup here.

Why are you wearing sandals, snot nose?

What business is it of yours?

A silk hat? Do you think you can make it home with it? I don't think so.

In your face, moron!

You're so stupid!

Give me back that sandal!

Why are you throwing my sandal? I'll kill you!

Gotcha! Gotcha!

Alva? Yes?

Mia took my other sandal and thew it somewhere.

How horrible!

What are you going to tell mom in the morning when one is missing?


I wore the sandals even though she told me not to.

Oy! Oy! Let's look for it, Liza.

Stand right here, Madicken. On one foot!

Hey Madicken, I've been wondering. Why were you standing on one foot?

Because she only has one sandal.

Poor baby! If only there was a way I could help.

I got a shoe to the head while I was standing by the fire.

Maybe you can use it.

You rascal! You had it the whole time and didn't say a thing!

How am I supposed to know that every shoe that hits me on the head belongs to Madicken?

You don't have to be so upset. I am, because the sandal is ruined.

Look! Don't worry.

We'll make it as good as new. Come, let's get going.

Dad! Wait up!

That is the stupidest girl in school. Why is she so stupid?

Nothing in particular, but she keeps messing with me.

She's the one who lives next to Ida?

Yes. And her hair is all full of lice that crawl all over the benches.

Once they had to paint the cat, or her father or something. Mia said:

"We were so poor that we cannot afford a father." That's dumb, right?

Don't you feel sorry for Mia? No. Because she's so stupid.

Don't you think you should be nice to Mia? That's not going to happen. See you!

Hi. Hi.

Do you want one? Thanks.

He gives you chocoloates because Fat Viktor's in love with you. Shut your mouth!

He'd be a huge and handsome groom.

You're the stupidest girl in class! The teacher's coming!

Good morning, children. Good morning, teacher.

Take your seats.

Where's Martin? He has the flu.

Let's see...

Last time we talked about the Book of Genesis.

Madicken, do you remember what God did when he created the first man?

He took a lump of clay and shaped it, and it became a man.

Well put. But he did more than that. What was it.


Look here, Mia.

Do you remember what God did when he created Adam?

I guess he let him dry.

Well, maybe. But what was the most important thing?


He breathed a spirit into him and he woke up alive.

Don't you have anything to eat? Not even some bread?

I don't need anything. You're going to pass out.

Are you hungry? I'm fine.

Do you want this?

I'd rather eat rat poison.

You can cram it up your butt, sourpuss!

Who's throwing trash on the ground? Pick it up!

You guys are all scared. The class is full of chickens.

I'm the only brave one here.

So what have you done that's so brave?

Have you shot a lion? Or killed a few of your head lice?

I wonder who's the bigger chicken. You, Madicken, or Fatso here?

Well, at least that much was brave.

You'll hit anyone. But only I have the guts to walk on the roof of the school.

What? You think I wouldn't do that?

The principal told us to go home right after school.

We have to see if these girls really are crazy.

Are you afraid? Are you, you little squirt?

Shut up, you'll have to pick yourself up off the ground.

So who goes first? Let's find out.

Eenie, meenie, miney mo You go first.

Ha! You don't have the guts. I knew it all along.

You did it, Madicken! That was awesome!

Now it's your turn, by dear Milo. Hurry up before the director wakes up.

He's asleep in his office.

So? Then I'll punch him in the nose!

This is insane.

She's falling!

So what happened? She chickened out.

I get dizzy when I'm hungry, so just screw the whole thing.

So long, show-off.

Hi. What are you doing?

The black one Fatsi. The dad. Yeah, but something weird happened.

What? Fatsi had babies.

Then you must have mated them wrong.

Mate them again so that Fatsi's the mom and the mom is Fatsi.

It's the names that are wrong. Do you want to see the babies? They're over there. Yeah!

Oh, how cute!

I hope nothing happens to them. There's a fox hanging around at night.

The fox could scare them to death even though the cage is closed.

What can we do?

You don't need to worry about wild animals as long as you have your father.

I have a fox trap, right there in the woodshed.

He hasn't been in there in a couple of years.


Where can the trap be? Has a tornado come through here?

Aren't you going to help him look? No. He's having too much fun.


You complain about one little mistake, but I like to keep things in order.

Well, let's see.

We'll have this protect the opening in the fence.

Pappa fox is sure in for a surprise!

I've often thought I should give the old lady a scarf for the winter.

Red foxe would be great, don't you think, Madicken?

Not for the foxes. It would upset them.

What if a person comes by and gets caught? We'll put up a warning sign.

What if the foxes know how to read?

Foxes go by smell, so they'll get caught Then don't come whining if the rabbits die of a stroke.

Can't you take a joke, Dad? This trap should keep them safe.

Don't you worry. You can always turn to your dad if you need help.

Who wants chocolates?

My treat!

It's a miracle! Where'd you get the money?

I got it from my dad in Stockholm.

You have a dad in Stockholm? You never said anything about that.

Yeah, I do have a dad in Stockholm, and now he finally sent me a little money.

Do you want some?

No! You can afford to buy things for yourself.

Does anyone want a sticker? Me! Me!

Oh, they're pretty!

They're all gone, and the only one left is the one of this angel.

This is the nicest one of all, and I'd never give it away.

"I thank You, O God For the new day today.

Sweden strength, new hope.

Now, thanks for our joyful lives."

Have a seat.

Has anyone seen the principal's wallet?

He must have lost it yesterday, but doesn't know where.

At break, you can look in the schoolyard.

Sit down.

Does anyone recognize this sticker?

It's of an angel.

What are you whispering about? Oh, nothing important.

Don't hand me that. What did you say?

That's Mia's angel.

Which of them is Mia?

She sits there.

Come up here.

You with the red hair.

Do you recognize this?

Look at me!

Can you explain how your sticker got in my wallet?

You left five kroner. Very nice of you.

And now I would like to know what you did with the rest of the money.

Did you hear me? What did you spend it on?


Does anyone else know?

She bought chocolates.

What did you say? She bought chocolates.

Is that so?

So you bought chocolates.

So how did you come by my wallet? Can you explain it?

She would have to have sneaked into my office and stolen it.

Admit that you took it from there.


Well, are you going to apologize?

I see you wont. But I'll teach you not to steal.

And your classmates will learn what happens to a thief.

I will apply an appropriate punishment.


I'm sure you don't want her to be a thief for the rest of her life.

Mia, darling. Please apologize. Then you might avoid a whipping.

Then will I get back my angel?

Here is is.

So, Mia, are you going to apologize?

You can do it now, or after the beating. Your choice.,

Very well. Turn around.

Bend over.


Very well. That's enough for today.

You have classmates standing up for you even when you don't deserve it.

But you still have to apologize, and right now.

All I need is a single word, and I'm waiting for it now.

What was that? Speak clearly, so that everyone can hear.

"Pisspot!" That's what I say.

Johan was being outrageous! Yes, but Mia is...

The principle was being outrageous. Mia used exactly the right word.

"Pisspot," is what he said. Don't repeat it, Elizabet.

Hitting the little children. If he hits Madicken, go beat him to death.

Then you're as bad as him, Alva Children should not be treated that way!

"Pisspot" is putting it nicely.

Elizabet, I don't want to hear that from you again.

And stop licking the plate.

Why bother having the work "lick" if you can't ever do it?


Liza, I won!

You know what you are? I can't say it, but it starts with "p."

Girls! It's bedtime. We're coming!

But first we go to the closet so I can call you a pisspot.

But you can't tell mom.

Then don't forget to say your prayers.

No. I prayed seven times on Sunday. That's enough for the whole week.

I wonder what she wants?

I have a couple of chocolates left. You can have them if you want.


"Someone help me!"


Alva! Alva! Someone's calling for help.

You're an angel sent from heaven. Thank God you showed up.

Something horrible grabbed my leg and I can't get away.

Why don't you read? What does it say?


It seems...

Emma, don't say anything. I'm bleeding. I'm going to die soon.

So you can be on your way with your harsh words. You're not dying.

How can you be so stupid as to put a fox trap here?

This is the way you come home every night.

I'm losing my memory.

I imagine it's the brandy.

Be gracious. What does this mean?


Don't be nasty. It means ever so much more.

What else?

Anna-Lisa We have to be nice and help other people.

Can we think of anyone in the Bible that was especially gracious?


The Good Samaritan.

Can you tell us a little more?

He was on the road to Jerusalem and found a bloodied stranger.

The stranger was almost dead and the Good Samaritan took pity on him.

He put him on his own donkey and took him to an inn.

An inn? What is that?

I guess it's like a hotel.

A place where you can eat and sleep.

What happened there?

The Samaritan paid the owner of the inn two dinars for the traveler and said:

"Take care of him, and if it costs any more, I'll pay you when I get back."

Very good.

Viktor, we're talking about the Good Samaritan. What are you doing?


What did the Good Samaritan say to the owner of the inn?

What did he say?

"Punish him, and I'll pay you when I come back."

No, not exactly.

Did you do OK on the test? Yeah, yeah.

How did Mia do? She wasn't there.

I guess she doesn't want to go to school anymore. But she needs to.

Madicken, why do you keep scratching your head?

Darling, you have lice!

No way! They're all over the place.

Miss, come here! Madicken's head is full of lice.

Didn't I tell you Mia's cooties get all over me?

Let me see.

Do I have lice? No.

I'm not surprised because I'm not dirty like Madicken.

Well, it's not the end of the world.

Get some insecticide. They'll be dead by nightfall.

Really? They'll be dead by tonight.

Can Mia have some insecticide too?

I'll take care of it. I'll ask her mom if Mia can come along too.

Ew! That stinks! It's making me sick.

Let me do it. I'm an expert at this.

I have seven little sisters that have gone through this.

I want some too. One just now jumped on me, but you can't see it.

Let her have it!

"Oh, hey! Oh, hey! Oh, hey!

Lice on our swing. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

Until they're all dead. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

The little bugs swaying. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

But we stay alive. Hurray! Hurray!

You're out of your mind, Madicken, making up such a crazy song.

Lice on our swing. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

Until they're all dead. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

Give the lice a bath. Oh ho! Yeah, yeah!

Your feet are dirtier than mine. That's because I'm two years older.

OK, we all need a real good cleaning.

Give your lice a bath too, little girls.

Now they're all clean too.

You've eaten like seven kilos of meatballs. Are you still hungry?


Then why are you still eating?

I never get hungry.

My ribs are sticking out, but I'm too tired to eat any more.

You must stuffed, and the lice must be dead.

Let me check those lice.

Wow! Look at them all!

I'm glad I'm not as dirty as you, Madicken.

Madicken, If we get lice again, can we come back here?

You can come without lice. Come back tomorrow?

Bye! Bye!

What a stampede! What's been going on?

We had a lice-killing party.

Mom was real nice and bought enough insecticide for everyone.

Your mom is really nice.

Unibachen ladies are nice.

The same can't be said for my house.

It can't be that bad. Here, have the newspaper.

Mom is on the porch.

Dad's home!

Welcome home. Thank you.

Today, we can have dinner by ourselves. The girls already ate.


The ladies of Unibachen cured the children of lice.

You can read about it in the paper tomorrow.

Sorry, Kaisa. That was stupid of me.

Why did you say that? What did you mean?

I guess I meant that killing a few lice isn't so important... when so many other things are wrong.

You don't think mother can do anything about them.

No. I know it.

You shouldn't have said that.


Whats going on?

I was stupid.

Well that was stupid.

Have you seen this?

A bonnet?

It's so small. Who could wear it?

For your little brother, when he is born.

Or for your sister. One or the other.

We're having a baby? Yes. I've wanted another child.

Let's go tell mom! It'll make her feel better.

Aren't you happy, mom?

Of course. But it won't be here before Christmas That's so long. I wish it could be like a rocket, right now.

I can see that. Are you still mad at Daddy?

Not really, and he was right.

The world is full of serious problems.

How many?

Thousands Though we can start by getting rid of a few lice.

Now I'm hungry.

Just think if we get a little brother.

But promise me, Madicken, that you will not love him more than me.

I promise.

Otherwise, I'd be pissed.

This is urgent.

Quite apt, but we'll have to put up a fight.

Hey Dad! Have you heard that a pilot is coming to town?

I heard. It's written right here, "Aviator Bengt Billgren will run..."

"on August 3 at two, the air show. At 3 o'clock, passenger flights."

I'll bet everyone with the money will be there.

That's true. Anyone with five kroner won't want to miss it.

Five kroner? That's awful expensive.

If you want to see the airplane up close, you have no choice but to pay.

Will he jump with an umbrella? No doubt, to jump... he'd have to have as much sense as you.

"Ten-minute sightseeing tour over the town."

100 kroner! We can never pay that!

There aren't many people who can.

But I know of someone who would sure like to.

This is so exciting! The first time I've seen an airplane.

But I don't understand how anyone can go up there.

Would you take the tour? No, but my husband has to.

He has the guts for that? Yes, if I tell him to.

A beautiful loop!

Hilding, are you ready for that?

Me? Yes.

You need to do a loop over city hall, even if it costs ten kroner more.

It's your duty to be the first one up in the airplane.

Yes, yes. I'll think about it.

Here you go, ladies and gentlemen. Your chance to see the plane.

Spendid! Stylish!

This could even fly to the North Pole if you wanted.

Mr. Editor, you've helped me a lot, so I'll take you for free.

Oh, OK.

Dad, you're so lucky!

You can come too, if you'd like.

Oh, me fly? If you're not afraid.

Come on! Before he changes his mind!

It looks like too much fun to be afraid.

But you are the town mayor. I insist. I will not fly!

Are you really such a coward?

Dad, wait a minute. I've changed my mind.

Abbe should fly instead of me.

And why, pray tell? I'm scared.

No. My girl doesn't scare? Not a chance. But I understand.

You do what you want. I'll speak to Captain Billgrenovi.

Abbe, come here.

I didn't mess with anything. I was just looking.

Yes. Come here.

Do you want to fly?

Are you deaf? You fly with my father.

Not with me, but you can fly with Captain Billgren.

Is this a joke? No, it's not a joke.

Try it.

Hold this for me.

Hello! Hello there! Hello!

The mayor must fly first!

He should have come sooner. He's welcome to the next ride.

What if Abbe falls?

I'm sure he has a spare umbrella.

Look! He's making a loop!

Hilding, you're next.

Another loop. Abbe probably asked for it.

Was it fun?

Fun? That's an understatement!

It was so... so... It's impossible to describe.

Do it yourself and you'll understand. Did you see we did two loops?

When I have my own plane, I'll do it all the time.

Please, Mr. Mayor.

Your hat, Hilding.

Bäckman, get over here quick to take a picture!

Don't forget to loop over city hall.

He usually does what I want.

What about the loop over city hall?

Darling, what have you done?


Why is everyone laughing, dad?

He did nothing but a loop.

And the kind that little babies do.

You stink!

To the showers, Anderson.


This is the prettiest doll. Her name is Liza. I love her.

Lisa just farted.

You're stupid!

It's a real farteristic.

No it's not!

What does that even mean? I don't know.

Too many words, Ella And some of them are so bad I can only say them in my closet.

Why in the closet?

My mother doesn't want to hear them. Do you know any more?

Maybe, such as...

Abbe has pneumonia.


It's a dangerous disease. Ida told me you can die.

Bullshit! It's true.

Shut up, idiot! Shut up, I say!

What are you doing?

Stop it!

Come in.

Good day.

How is Abbe?

Does he have pneumonia?


Poor boy. He's burning up.

Is it dangerous?

We'll know in nine days. That's when the crisis comes.

What will happen then?

The turning point comes... and he either gets better, or...

Hello. Hello.

What does the doctor do, mama? He listens to your little brother.

He can talk? No.

Remember what you promised me.

Look, there's the old fart! Elizabet!

If it isn't Kaisa! Good day!

And little Lizzy. I guess I'm not stupid today.

Of couse not!

How do you know?

Kaisa, we should begin planning the fall festival.

Your family will come of course. Jonas has to mention it in the paper.

Tell him that.

The poor really need the money. There are so many needy in town Well, I've to to run. Good-bye. Good-bye.

Liz, you're terrible. That word must never again come from your mouth.

Maybe just in my closet.

"Precious Ms. Margareta Engström, Princess of Junibachen."

"I am a pagan, Madicken. I always have been... so you cannot pray to God for me.

But you may pray on Abbe's behalf.

My wife prays for him all day, but it doesn't help.

Perhaps God will listen better to an innocent child like you.

You do not need a lot of prayer.

Just ask him how he thinks. Ruella Emile Nilsson will survive if Abbe is taken away. How could it feel like home without Abbe?

Please hurry up and ask him. The crisis is approaching.

Yours gratefully, E. P. Nilsson.

P.S. If Abbe dies, I'm going to hang myself.

But you don't need to tell it to God, or tell me off."

Dear God, don't let Abbe die... and Uncle Nillson hang himself. Aunt Nillson has been crying for so long.

He should live.

You know that if Abbe dies, he could never become a pilot So please let him live. Do it for me, dear God.

I couldn't live without him.


When is the crisis coming?

It's no fun when you are sad all the time.



Good night.

Good night.


Madicken, wait! I don't have to hang myself. The crisis is over.

So how are you?

As good as a person can be.

Mrs... Yes?

There isn't going to be wedding.

No wedding? What's happened?

A letter from Berta. The officer ran off.

Oh, no! Poor Berta. And I was invited.

Now I won't be able to dance in that beautiful new dress I got.

Alva, you have to dance in it.

You can come with us to the fall festival.

Thank you, ma'am, but I can't.

The mayor's wife runs it. So what? You're coming.

One, two, three... One, two...

Farewell Kielo.

The most wonderful of waltzes.

You're making great progress, Kaisa.

This is beyond anything you've tried before. You're going to be dazzling.

Just be careful.

Now I want dance with Liza.

One, two, three... One, two, three...

One... One, two, three...

I'm so nervous.

It'll be fun, Alva.

I'm not so sure. But I am.

Here I come, surrounded by beautiful young ladies.

Kaisa, what a wonderful dress. It is so becomming.

Little Liza.


Jonas, we're not in the habit of bring the servants.

In that case, I think it's time to change habits.

Time to eat!

It looks wonderful! Thank you.

This will be the memory of a lifetime, Alva.

I just want lobster.

And I want everything.

And I'll have nothing but meatballs.

Did I pay five kroner so you could eat nothing but meatballs.

Yes, because I deserve the best.

What's the dinosaur doing now?

Quit, Jonas!

She's selling paper flowers to elect the festival queen.

The men give the woman a flower to dance with them.

The one that gets the most will be chosen queen.

The more flowers, the more money for the poor.

The poor are having a truly wonderful evening tonight.


You'll be queen, Alva.

Don't be ridiculous.

You will be, because all those soldiers are looking at you.

They'll be looking for you on the dance floor.

Before the dancing starts, the festival diva will sing for us.

Thnk I can take a walk that long? Jonas, stop it!

"It's slumber time, When evening descends When the stars light up glory int the deep reflected blue.

Quiet is the moment and the outing now begins.

Sweet sounds passing through the meadow and the woods Only the the stars can hear.

I secretly touch the night.

And those long journeys of those of us ever parted.

The torch of eternal justice paves the way They shine like diamonds to bring back our memories And wink out whenever love dies.

When rarely a star lights anew Like a first love.

We sometimes may remember the times long lost So powerful is such a night. It owns us They shine like diamonds to bring back our memories...

They shine like diamonds to bring back our memories...

Keeping us from sleep When evening descends When the stars light up glory And lips are seeking lips."

Listen, Lizzy. Do you even know who I am?

I know, but I can only say it in my closet.

The closet? Yes.

It's time to dance.

You have to smile, Alva, or no one will notice you.

May I have this dance, Mrs. Engström?

I just turned down my own husband.

But perhaps...

May I have this dance?


Shouldn't we have this dance?

That monkey has been slobbering at every table.

One day, I'll her her what I think of her.

I'd like to get home. Let me pay first.

Can we get the bill, please?

I'll be back.

Why are you crying?

Come, you can tell a chimney sweep.

Everything is all wrong.

Wrong? I can't believe that. You're here at a beautiful ball.

It's miserable.

And you scared me.

Are you afraid of a chimney sweep? Although I'm black as charcoal from the fires.

I drove by the pub for a few beers... and thought I'd come see how the rich have fun.

And it looks like fun.

Except for Alva. No one asked her to dance.

Alva? That's not possible. She's such a pretty girl.

She's either happy or mad, but she's never like that.

She's embarrassed.

Because of the mayor's wife.

She's the most snooty bitch in all of Northern Europe.

May I have this dance, Miss Alva?

Go ahead.

Yes, thank you.

Stop playing. Stop.

This is a disgrace.

Watch carefully, Kaisa, because you'll never see anything more beautiful.

Where did she find such a wonderful dance partner?

You can just go home.

Kids, get right to bed. I want to see if Alva's home.

Hello, Alva. Hello.

God, how I love that man.

He's married and has five kids.

That's why I decided to be in love only on Thursdays and Fridays.

Then I come to my senses. But until then...

I am so in love with him that I go to pieces.

Good day. Good day. So it's time.

Santa Claus and the stork at the same time. How funny!

Good day, Editor. Thank for coming, Mrs. Ekberg.

Oh my God, it's started. I'll handle it.

There, there... at the top of the stairs. Yes, yes.

It's a weird Christmas Even when mom can't be with us.

Stupid little brother!

He waited this long. He could have waited a little longer.

It's stupid. You shouldn't have midwives on Christmas Eve.

Don't be so sour, or little brother will think there's no fun here.

Well what do we do?

In the meantime, we can take Ida a Christmas basket, like always.

Merry Christmas. The same to you.

We got a great Christmas ham from the donations.

And Matilda ate almost the whole thing.

That's not true! It is!

Santa Claus is coming tomorrow.

Bah! Screw Santa Claus. He only goes to the rich. He never comes to us.

You don't get any presents?

No. Didn't I just say that?

Bye. Bye.

Calm down. I have seven little sisters, so I know something about it.

It takes a while, but it's worth it.

Are you sure, Alva?

I swear. Thank you.

Papa! Papa!


Has little brother come? Not yet.



Uncle Nillson, why are you lying there?

I odn't know, Madicken. I heard someone fall down. It was probably me.

Are you sick?

No, but I'm drunk.

I can't stand up while I'm smoking cigars.

First I have to finish it.

I would be grateful if you could go tell my wife.

Tell her that I need a helping hand.

Poor Aunt Nillson.

Yes, I agree.

If I fall asleep my eyes will shine in heaven like a star.

I'll be God's guest... in the kingdom of heaven.

Merry Christmas, Emma!

Merry Christmas. Thank you.

Come on, come on.

You are my heart's consolation.

Yeah, yeah. Come on now.

Little brother is here!


Just listen!

Little brother is here!

Good morning, Sweeties. Do you want to go welcome your little sister?


It's supposed to be a brother.

How cute!

But why was she crying?

I think she wanted you to come and meet her.

She probably wonders what happened. Yeah, for sure.