Duck Butter (2018) Script

You're the smartass Duplass Brothers, aren't you?

How does the work break down? What do you do?

All of our filming happens right on the set.

-Very organic, in the moment, like a therapy session. Right.

We're improvising, we're trying things, we're getting upset and nervous 'cause it's not working.

We have a breakthrough.

"Holy shit! This is so exciting!

It wasn't even in the script. Let's go get it."

You know, it's like the best version

-of what the scene could be in this moment, Right.

with the people we got and where we're at.

We know what the scene is supposed to be, so let's just, like, see what happens.

Hi. Hi.

Hi, I'm Naima, I'm playing Natalie.

-How are you doing? -Hello, good. How are you?

-Good. Welcome to set. -Thank you.

Mark and Jay wanted to talk to you before...

Yes, of course. I wanna talk to them.

-Oh, thank you. -Read this.

-And you don't get anything. -Yeah.

I feel like all dentists are like that.

-Hi, guys. Hi. Sorry. -Hey.

-Hey. Jay. Nice to meet you. -How are you?

Naima. "Nima," if you can call me that.

Naima, thank you for being here.

We loved your tape, it was awesome.

Oh, thanks. I'm so glad. I'm such a big fan of you guys. I'm...

Yeah, I'm just honored to be here.

We're huge fan of yours. How's life? What's going on?

You know, I've been up all night, just kinda... getting ready for this.

-Oh, boy. -Yeah.

-We're kind of like-- We're pretty easy about everything.

We can totally get something.

-Hey. -Oh, hello, geniuses.

Hi, sweetheart.

These guys are Lindsay and Kamal.

-Kamal. -Naima. You can call me Nima.

-Hey. Lindsay. -Nima.

Uh, welcome to the set.

So we were talking and doing the scene yesterday.

-It just felt a little... It was different. -Yeah.

-It would be great to block It was fuckin' incredible. with the onion rings, don't you think?

-I know it's just like a prop-- -Onion rings?

Yeah, I think there was onion rings in the scene.

It was kind of specifically noted.

-Oh. -I don't even remember.

I think we just learned maybe the onion rings aren't that important.

-Right, yeah.

This is the first time in life that onion rings aren't important.

-Right. Yeah, yeah.

There were a number of people who wanted to talk to you.

Nobody wanted to talk to me.

Yes, they did.

And I think there were, you know, a lot of different things going on tonight.

Tell me one... What was the most...

Who was the cutest guy?

Okay. I know before we had the whole thing, where I was like, you were pumped that they went to the gay club.

It was a first time thing, but, clearly, things have changed, and maybe less about the onion rings?

Yeah. I think the thing to remember is that Kamal is crushed when he comes in, and you need to respond organically to that energy and let go of the old version of the scene.

I thought that... all it took was me to know I was gay, and then I'd be gay.

But I don't know how to talk to anyone. I don't--

Are you gay?

No, I think there were...

-Yeah. Yeah.


Okay, let's pause for a second, guys.

-We're gonna pause real quick. -We're gonna just come in real quick.

Still rolling. Still rolling.

Well, just, while, like... Um...

Lindsay. -Yeah, when Lindsay is going to touch him, if she makes it more clear...

-Right. -...that she's hitting on him.

It's not really about her.

Your soulmate is coming undone and you're here for him.

-Yes. -Yeah, right?

And the more you can just be an empathetic, open human being that is receiving emotion,

that's all we need.

He's in a great spot, so once... Okay, okay.

Everybody good? Let's get quiet on the set.

And, Naima, you're just chilling.

How many have you put down?

I don't know, but it is double figures.


Onion rings without the onion in the middle.

That's the worst part.

The onion is where all the calories are, by the way.

I swear it's the secret spot.

Hi. How's it going?

Hey, what's up?

Is it okay if I join you guys?

Yeah. Of course, yeah.


Sorry it was a little intense in there.

-No. -Yeah.

I mean, it's just... It's hard to get everyone on the same page, you know?

Especially when it feels like a little forced.


I really feel like with Kamal and, uh...

-Lindsay. -Lindsay, right.

It's just that we have very different acting styles, I think.

We could, you know... That's...

Talk about process and styles and stuff like that.

I mean, at the end of the day, you know, we're happy with what they're giving us, -and it works for us. -You are? Okay.

I mean, all I can say is, Jay and I were part of a writers room one time, and we got some notes on our scripts, and we went in and... we told our showrunner for an hour why he was wrong, and why everything he was telling us was idiotic.

And it didn't really go well for us.

And we now realize that we were probably being a little defensive and a little scared, and that's okay.

I mean, we've kind of realized that a lot of times when you feel scared or whatever, you're actually right on the precipice of, like, an emotional breakthrough.

Yeah, I'm not...

I feel good.

I feel okay, um, about it.

I had never been on a set like that, 'cause, like, on commercials, it's not like that.

But, like, the way that Mark and Jay work, it was like very...

It was so collaborative right away.

It just made me feel like, "Oh, this is what it's supposed to be like."

Do you feel good about it? Like...

Yeah. I feel great about it.

Do you think I look okay?

Yeah, you look fine.

Have you been talking to this girl?

Yes, we've been texting.

Saw each other on the Internet, and you know...

Right. Naturally.

Of course. I mean, it's all in the hopes of getting into some kind of relationship, right?

But then, you wonder, like, "Who did they actually vote for?"

-You know, are they-- -Please don't bring up the...


Like, the world is going in the shitter.

You don't wanna talk about what's actually happening in the world?

Not on my first date

-with this girl that I'm hopefully gonna like. -Do I have a rule book?

Can you give me a check book of what I'm supposed to talk about?

How you guys doing?

Give the man a big round of applause.

Are you ready to party?


I have to bring this young lady up.

She's always bringing her ass in here, wanting to sing with us.

She's from Spain.

I'm gonna let her do this one damn song.

And her name is Sergio. with an "O."


This is my first song I've written all in English.

And it's the first time I'm gonna sing it to you.

So I'm, like, a little bit nervous, but I think it's gonna be so cool.

I hope you like it.


¶ Bloom

¶ My boy says make room ¶

¶ When the hand come At the gloom ¶

¶ When the arm comes Creeping up ¶

¶ I spread my arms so wide ¶

¶ Assume that That forfeits doom ¶

¶ With the brightness I resume ¶

¶ And my broken leaves On my branches ¶

¶ Slips away My blossoms bloom ¶

¶ Bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom ¶ Okay! Wait, wait, wait. I get it.

Andre, do you think that's working?


Oh, she's the only one.

-You are the truthful girl. -Yes, I am.

Thank you so much.

It's very hard to have friends that tell you the truth.

Okay. Let's make a deal.

Which is, like, a singer you will go crazy about?

Stevie Nicks.

Okay. Let's pretend I'm Stevie Nicks.

You like that?

Okay, I'm gonna come down right now and kiss you.

Oh, no!

We have a date.

Should we do it?

Should we do it, yeah?

Let's go.

That was so beautiful.


Come close, come close! Come close, people!

Now, let's finish.

¶ So I'm told I've always been ¶

¶ With flashing flood And whipping wind ¶

¶ I leave with everything... ¶

It's ultimately a Ponzi scheme that they created for our environment.

-You know? Because-- What?

Well, meaning that, like, past generations, -the amount of coal that they burn, -Yeah. it costs more in the effects of climate change than it costs to get it out of the ground to use.


It's just that all our natural resources were being used in, you know, you guys' heyday, and now it's like you took us out to dinner and were like, "Order everything you want. Like, lobster tail, dessert, it's on us."

And then you guys snuck off to the bathroom and never came back.

And, like, money doesn't exist anymore.

-It was just a different time. -But what's the solution?

After our natural resources have gone, it's just all gone.

There has to be a--

Jesus! You have a dark view of the world.

-My God! I'm just saying.

New York City, it's like all these buildings that are so tall and beautiful.

But people are gonna be, like, fighting for trees.

Hey, do you wanna dance with me?

That sounds like a good idea.

I'm a little bit...

That sounds like the perfect idea to get your mind off of the...

Come on, let's go dance.

Go do it. Shake a leg. -Yeah.

Come on, now. Go shake a leg.


-Okay. Okay!

All right!

Can you guys watch my jacket, though?

We'll watch your natural resources over here.

Ha-ha! That's nice.

I'm Sergio.

Hi. Sergio, yeah. I'm, I'm Naima.

You can call me Nima.

-Nima? -Nima, yeah.

-You okay? -Yeah.

I liked your show.


Wait, do you... These were all your dogs?

Yeah, I foster them.

And then I find...

These are the final owners.

Like, the happy owners? -Yeah.

I love you.

Do you like dogs?

Yeah. Yeah, of course. Yeah, they're great.

It's okay if you don't.

What happened to your friend?

She was on a date, though.

-It was going well. -Oh, cool.

Give me kiss.

Oh, I'm scared, it went through my...

Five, four and go

¶ Everybody's watching ¶

¶ Go, we're judging you ¶

¶ No pressure Go ¶

¶ The explosively talented Go ¶

-We do this all the time. -Yeah.

¶ We barely know you Go ¶ Anything.

¶ I haven't been to the dentist In over seven years ¶

¶ But I think that's okay ¶

¶ I feel truly superhuman Every day ¶ So good.

¶ If I said right now What I really meant ¶

¶ I guess I'd fall Right down the stairs ¶

¶ And touch your head ¶

¶ I would really love To touch your head right now ¶

¶ I would really... ¶ We weren't officially together or anything, but it just felt good.

And then, she kind of, in one swoop, was, like, pretending like were just friends who had never shared this intimate moment.

Then I pulled back, because I guess I don't wanna get hurt or something.

Susanna has always, um...

Who's Susanna?

-My mom. -Oh, your mom. Right, right.

Um, she has always said to me, try not to go for the easy thing.

Like, everyone is doing this, why you should do the same?

And that works in love.

You can't play it safe in love.


You have to just go and tell them.

You know?

-You want food? -No.

So I was dating this girl, and after three years, I find out it was a waste of time.

So it was so fucked up.

Like, why I spent three fucking years of my life with this asshole?


So Susanna one day said to me, "You know those kind of couples that they spend, like, ten years together and then they get married?

They divorce in one year."

-Right. -So just get married right away.

Yeah, do everything you want, the second you want.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

I mean, you just get, like, nervous thinking about it.

-before you do it. -Exactly.

Just go and have fun with the things you have right there.

Yeah, like this.

This whole night. We should do this for, like, 24 hours straight.

-Like you and me? -Yeah.

Eating chips, drinking juice.

-Yeah. -Having sex.

Let's do it.

-Now? -I wanna know you, for real.

You got four hours out of me so far.

I want 24 hours.

And I wanna come with you every hour.


Isn't it amazing?

It's like dating ten years.

Yeah, we're gonna get to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes I'm an hour in the bathroom.

-I want to see you taking a shit. -Yeah.

I want to see you getting angry.

We can do it.

We can fucking skip time.

Um, yeah.

I just have to work on Monday, so we can't...

We can't...

Actually, you know what?

For your art, to be busy with life, it's the best thing you can do.

I know. But I feel like our whole bodies are gonna be outta whack by then.

It's the biggest job I've ever had, so it's just...

-I can help you. -I have to...

I practice alone.

It's embarrassing.

I can't.

I just can't.

It's a fun idea, though.


Next time.


Instead of going through the format of regular dating, and faking it, and texting and stuff, you know, it'd just be, like, we would just be there all the time.

I kinda think it would be an amazing way to get to know somebody.


I mean, I think I was realizing I was, like, I haven't... said yes to anything in so long, especially with somebody else, because, like, no one is even close to her.

It's like she lives in a way that she doesn't question anything about herself.

And when I was around her, I didn't either.

You should ask her to go get some coffee

-tomorrow morning and just--

Oh, shit.

Oh, it's my manager.

-All right, let's go. I'm starving. -Yeah, okay.


Right. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, wait. It's transferring--

It's transferring to a car coordinated--

Hello? Hey.

Are you there? -Yeah, yeah.

Sorry. So, what were you saying?

Maybe I'm...

Maybe I'm soft-pedaling it for you, but they're gonna replace you.


I know. I feel horrible.

I know you were so excited about this, and, you know, sometimes on the first day, when it's just not right on an indie, you can't...

There's no time, and so they have to move on.

They don't love you any less, but it's not gonna work.

Okay, um...

I'll call you back. Yeah. Okay.

It's okay. Yeah.


It's me.

Sorry I didn't text before I came over. I just, um...

I was trying not to think so much about it and just come here.

Um, I needed to come and say sorry about what happened last night and just, like, leaving all awkwardly and...

You know, now I'm here.

We can hang out, you know?

Continue where we left off and maybe even do the...

-Can I come in? -No.


Yeah, I feel...

This is the first place I drove, you know what I mean?

I was just like, I wanted to...

I'm working on the backyard. You have to go around.


I know I fucked up.

But I'm here, I'm back.

I wanna stay up 24 hours with you, 48 hours.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

We've got to do it.

What was your breakfast about to make you change your mind like this?

I had a high protein breakfast.

Normally I just have sugar.

I'm serious.

What changed?

The truth is that I've never actually gotten close enough to somebody to love them.

That's the truth.

So it's just new for me, that's all.

But that doesn't mean I don't wanna try.

You know, I felt finally free for a second last night.

Like I was actually being myself.

And I just wanna do that.

So when you feel free, you just run away?

I have, yeah.

-Will you do that again? -No.

-Promise? -Yes.


I promise.


-Okay? -Yeah.

It's just eight o'clock.

I arrived at... near 7:00 p.m.



And sex every hour. Right?

-Can I touch you now? -No.

-Hi. -Hi, hi.

What's that?

It's a song that...

This is the song I want to sing in the showcase.

-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.

Just-- You play piano?

Not really, no.

You were playing the piano.

I was just touching it.

You have to help me with this song.

I know you can. I've heard you.


I don't know. I can't... My ears aren't too good, but...

Mm. Liar. Come on.

¶ Struggling within ¶

¶ Quite a try and truth ¶

¶ Oh, how long it takes ¶ Too high? Yeah?

That's good. -Okay. So if I...

Come on, do it, do it with both hands.

¶ Maker of mistakes ¶

¶ I prayed and I felt it ¶

¶ Struggling with this ¶

¶ Quite a try and truth ¶ Like, harmonize?

¶ Oh, how long it takes ¶ It's beautiful.

You have to sing this song for me.


Both of us together, or aren't you singing?

No, you. Just you.



¶ Just back from the pill ¶

¶ Trying out a new brand ¶

¶ Oh... ¶

¶ Our costume is so absurd ¶

¶ Underneath the... ¶

¶ New sign ¶

You have to suck this right out of my body.

Is Sergio your real name?


Why did your mom name you Sergio?

She wanted a boy, but I was a girl.

And then she thought, "Okay, I'm gonna keep Sergio in the middle name."

-Hmm. -And when I was a kid, and I wanted to have Susanna's attention, I took a shit.

-My shit was little shit, because I was a kid. -Sure.

And then I put this little shit, because my shits were like this...

Yeah, and you cut it up like a sausage or something?

Like a sausage.

So I put it on the floor

-and Susanna always thought it was the dog. -What?


Look at me. Look.

You are so beautiful.

You're so, so...

so beautiful.

Say it.

Shout it.

Shout it to the fucking moon.

I can't.

Yeah, you can.

Say it to her.

-You have to say it with me. -Yeah.

-I am so beautiful! -She is so beautiful!

Stop being jealous!

Stop it!

The first time I discovered masturbating was on a sheepskin rug.

I would, like, rub up on it while looking at myself in the mirror.

I did the same with pillows.

-With pillows? -Mm-hmm. With my cousin.

But then, her boyfriend came and saw us.

-Really? -Yeah.

Is your boyfriend still there?

He's still there.

So my friend had her third kid.

And I was like, "How can you still be having kids?"

It's like, you know the world that you're birthing them into.

I just think it's really selfish.

This is the kind of stuff you were telling these ladies at the bar. Why?

Why would somebody have ten kids?

This thing is born into the world, and it's, like, ruining their lives.

And they just pretend slowly

-Stop. -that it doesn't...


-Don't you think every parent hates their kid? -No.

People eventually are going to be starving.

We have an end, you know. There's an end.

So, what we can do till now?

Get depressed about it?

I think I feel more connected to people when I feel like we're both on the same page.

I think you depress people when you're talking about that.

So I'm not supposed to depress people?

I'm supposed to, like...

-make 'em happy? -What do you think?

Every day I wake up and I'm reading the news, and it's just like one more depressing thing after another.

What are you doing?

Are you doing something?

You can help Maxine.

I feel like I just want to turn into a soldier, where someone knocks at my door one day and is like, "It's over. Here's your weapon. Let's go."

And I'd go.

But until then, I'm...

I'm knocking at your door.

God, no!


Stop. Let's be friends.

The war is not happening yet.

The people we--

Oh, my God! That's so disgusting!

It's wet. It's hot.

It's wet. It's hot. It's hot. It's hot.

Okay, baby. I stop. I stop. Promise. Promise.

Seriously, stop.

Tell me, what is more scary?

The end of the world or this shit?

Right now this shit, right now.

Are there people back there?

Let's go and do it in front of them.


-No. -Yes.

We hide.


Just act normal.

It's so good to see you.

Yeah, it's been too long.

I thought you'd changed your number or something.

No, I've just been so wrapped up in work these days.

I remember the last time I saw you was at Jeremy's house, when we did sake bombs and then I threw up on Cindy's jacket.

You always seem to be very sociable.

I was just slutty is the truth.

But it's worked out for me now.


Sergio, I have to get one take.

Just because the boy is saying to you you're sociable, you say you are slutty?

I mean, I don't... It's not a good movie.

It's not a good movie then why you wanna do it?

'Cause I need a job.

You should really do stuff you wanna do.

If not, you are just giving these people just your talent for nothing.

You are giving a presentation of who you are.

I think you should just e-mail these guys and tell them, "Look--"

I can't e-mail. The last time I told--

-"You are a fucking misogynist." -No.

And just go and start writing your own movie, telling something you have inside.

Recently when I told somebody what I about thought 'em, I got fired.

You got fired because you said them what you thought?

Yeah. And I didn't think it was going well, so at lunch, I like, talked to them about it, and it just did not go well.

Okay, then fuck this tape.

Come, e-mail these guys.

-No, I have to do this tape. -Really, I'm telling you.

You should e-mail those guys who fired you and tell them why they are wrong.

I mean, they won't take you seriously if you don't say, "No."

They fired you.

They will never ever hire you again.

So, what can you lose?


-Tell them! -Okay.

So, okay. As an artist...

And I'm talking to an artist too.

-As an artist speaking... -To an artist. other artists, because there's two of them.

Other artists.

You know that the most important is to be honest with the work The most important...

I want to be...

I want to work on movies that respect...

-"I will make movies." -...honesty.

I will make movies.

"And they will respect artists."

And they will respect artists.

"And then I will come to your fucking door, -and knock-knock." -And then I will... Okay.

"Come to your fucking door and knock-knock"?

Where does that one end?

"I'm gonna come to your door and knock, knock," and what?

"And knock-knock to your door and tell you..."

Fuck you?

-Yeah! Good! -I mean...

"I will make movies. Ones that respect artists.

And then I will come to your door..."

All caps. "Knock-knock, and say, 'Fuck you.'"


-Should I send it? -Yeah.

Wait, wait. No, no, no. Wait.

Okay. What are you gonna do?

-Record a sound. Are you recording? -What?

Oh. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Send it, send it.

It's 2:00 a.m.

So what?

Means we have 17 hours to go.

I once met an older gentleman.

He was, like, a respected writer.

I was a fan of his, and we started e-mailing and it was kind of just like pen pals.

And they were kind of funny.

They were, like, dirty e-mails.

And then I was in New York once.

Told him I was there and he wrote back right away, like, "Come over to my house."

He opened the door and he had this real fake, slick air about him.

And he was kind of leaning on the door, like...

"Come on in."

But in that moment I realized...

I had complete control over him, you know?

And I remember his kids were sleeping in the other room, so we had to go into the guest room.

But you were there to fuck him?

I didn't decide, but once I walked in, I was...

I was like, that's what's gonna happen.

-Yeah. -Like I was there to deliver something.

In exchange of what?

It was like I wanted his respect or something.

But definitely didn't get it by... having sex with him.

Yeah. Was it good?

No, it was terrible.

-Really? -Yeah, it was really bad.

Fuck, that sucks.

He started to go down on me and... came up and he was like disturbed all of a sudden.

He... pretty much said that... there is too much, like... uh, smegma.

-It's gross. It's like... -Soft?

Yeah, it's a little like cottage cheesy.

Like mantequilla de pato.

Manteqa de pato?

Mantequilla de pato.

Mantequilla de pato.

It's like duck butter.

Duck butter.

-Duck. Quack, quack. -Right, right.

-I like that better. -So, what happened?

He didn't like that?

He didn't like my duck butter.

And so he kind of like awkwardly stood up and left the room.

You should send him a box with a pint of mantequilla de pato.

-Just like a gift wrap? -Yeah.

A present for his kid.

They can eat it.

I'll say, "Happy Thanksgiving." Yeah.

Duck butter for your kids.

So I wanted to do a record and I had no money.

So I made a deal with this guy, a very successful businessman.

"You pay for my record for three months, and then I can be your girlfriend."

That was our deal.

And what'd you have to do with him?

I lived with him, I slept with him.

For three months.

And at the end, he stopped paying for my record.

-Oh, man. -Yeah, I know.

So I tape him having sex with me,

and then I said to him, "Okay, if you don't pay for my record,

I'm going to show this to everyone."

So he paid.


And then you just stopped it and left?


All right.

What's that?

It's my face.

I love it.

I picture myself having sex with a lot of people.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

Like, with my friends.

-Mm. -I think it's so hot.


-You okay? -Yeah.

I think I've... I think I've come too much.

We'll do it again.

Maybe I just need a little break.

No problem. Don't worry.

You were sleeping like this.

-Yeah. -Right? Yeah.

You are so sleepy.

-Yeah... -Don't worry.

No, no, no.

Stop it! Seriously. Stop, stop. Stop.

Fuck off.

You okay?

Yeah. I, um...

I don't really feel so good. Like...

I just feel a little, um...

I don't know. I don't know. It's just...

Because of the sleep?

I think it was the combination of the sleep and just... staying awake.

I feel like I don't have a lot, um... a lot of brain power left to... to even, like, communicate anything.

It's because of me something?

It's because you're feeling weird about me?

No, no, no.

But if you are, you can say it.

No, that's totally not the reason, no.

What's going on, then?

You know...

I think it was just like, you know, today it was like...

Like, I got fired earlier today, and when I woke up...

You got fired today?

Yeah, this morning.

This morning you got fired.

'Cause you said recently.


So... you got fired and then you came here?

There was time in between, but, yeah.

You came here because you got fired.

No, that's not the reason why I came here.


It is.


No, it's not...

It's not like... I mean...

I found out this morning...

I think you should go.

-Now. -Yeah.

This will cleanse us.

Why do we have to stay up all night?

-We have to. -Yes.

Are you close with your mom?

Yeah. We talked every day.


-She's coming. -What?

She's coming for the showcase.

So I have to have breakfast with her tomorrow.

-Oh, no. -Today.


We were supposed to go to the Seven tomorrow.

What do we do? Do we break the...


I don't know.

You will be there in the showcase?

Promise? Okay?

Of course.

Susanna, when I was four, we were in the street, and I said to her that I wanted normal mom.

And she said to me, "Okay, just go and find her."

And she left me in the middle of the street.

When you were four?

I spent the whole afternoon trying to find the way back home.

And then a neighbor found me.

And my mom said to me, "Did you find her?"

And I was like...

And she said, "Good, because I don't want a normal daughter."

She said, "I don't want a normal daughter"?



How about your mom?

She's pretty like... kind of strong, loud lady from the Middle East.

She came over, like, in the '70s.

But I got along better with my dad.


She didn't really like the way that I was like... kind of a tomboy in school and... I don't know.

Are you angry with her?

I think I have a lot of anger with her, but I, like...

Have you talked about that with her?


Yeah, but that's inside.

This anger is there.

For a time.

Have you done meditation?

No, I haven't.

It kind of freaks me out, you know.

-You do it? -Yeah.

When I'm getting anxious, like...

Like an anxiety attack, I start thinking like a river is crossing over me, and I start describing this river, and then...

I try to change the river into a new river.

How is your river?

-My river is so brown. -Oh, it's so chunky.

-It's brown... -Yeah, I got brown, chop--

All the time, during that, coming out of my...

Yeah, it's loud, it's choppy.

Okay, sit up.

Okay, you have your mom in front of you.

-Okay, yeah. -Just tell her all the shit you wanna make sure she knows.

Susanna, you're fucking crazy leaving me at four years old in the fucking street.

You're a fucking crazy mom.

For example.


I think you're really angry about how your mother was to you and you take it out on me.

And you're just a mean, stupid bully who teases your innocent daughter.

Just go and tell her things.

I think you're jealous of me.

And that's why you're just talking to me every fuck--

-You have to keep going. -Right, right, right. Sorry.

I think you don't take care of yourself.

-Yeah. -You're super unhealthy and you take it out on me, and you blame me for not being in better shape.

-You're a fucking narcissist. -You smell disgusting all the time, and you blame me for smelling bad.

Maybe you should be proud about me for one fucking day.

You never accomplish shit.

And you never have loved my dad ever, and you pretended like you have always, and it's fake and he doesn't like you.

You've never liked him!


I'm never gonna have fucking kids until you're dead!

-What time is it? -It's like 6:00 something.

Susanna is coming.

Like, for breakfast?

This house is a mess.

Why don't we just... Why don't we go to my house?

I have a bunch of food at my house.

My house is like, clean, like a hotel, because I barely live in it.

What do you think? Is that a good idea?

I can cook.

I go by my bike.

I'm following you.

All right.

Oh, my God!


Okay, let go.

I'm gonna jump inside of you.

Sergio, no, no, no. It's too close.

No, stay at least that far.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Don't go inside.

Come on, open the door.

-That's enough. -Open the door.

Just let me get the--

Oh, my God.

You live alone?


It's so... big.

My dad got it for me.

He bought a lot of real estate years ago, and gave me and my sister a house.

Are you judging me for having such a nice house?

No, I want it for me.

Whoa, what's that?

It's a painting my dad did.

It's depressing, right?

I don't know. I kinda like it.

I don't understand how can you live with this.

I know, but I feel bad.

Like, my dad would feel sad if it was gone.

You have to just take this ugly stuff out of your life.

This is what is wrong with your life.

-Just take it off. -Yeah.

Be careful. Sergio.

Whoa! Sergio.

-Whoa! Sergio. Sergio.

I guess I'm never having my dad over again.

I don't care if it's your dad's picture.

It's just depressing, so just fuck it.

Burn it.

I feel, like, so powerful in this place.

It's so white.

-We have, like, an hour. -Yeah.

-Time to play. -Okay.


Okay. It's okay.

What's wrong?

-Breathe. -It's nothing.

I'm just tired.

-Sure? -Yeah.

It's me. You can tell me.

Are we okay?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. We're okay, yeah.

I just... Yeah. I don't know.

I'm just tired.

Susanna is coming, you know.

-Yeah, yeah. -Don't worry.

-It's okay. -Okay.

-Okay, let's calm down. -Yeah.

I'll take a shower. You go cook something, and then Susanna arrives.


Can you, can you be here with me for that?

Sorry, I'll be okay.

-Okay. Sure? -Yeah.

-Mm-hmm. -Okay.



Do you have another brush? Look.

The fucking brush is broke.

Look at that.

It's fucking broken.

Here. Stop, stop, stop.

Hold it so it doesn't...

Sorry, I thought I had more breakfasty food.

I'm making, like, gnocchi and salad.

You think Susanne is gonna eat this?

It's like potato.

-And I have a pesto sauce. -Yeah, I know what is gnocchi. I know.

Is she gonna be okay with just having some random grub here?

She's coming over to a stranger's house.

She doesn't know me or anything.

No, no. She's so cool.

She's so good with everything.

She just deals with everything.


What's that?

-Hmm? -Music.

It's this song called...

"Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life."

It's a like really old 1920s song, but covered by...

-Cover? -Yeah.

But the first version sounds a little different than this.

You don't like it?

I don't do covers.

You don't do covers?


People who does covers they're just doing bullshit copying someone else.

-What about Elvis? -What?

Almost every song he did was a cover. The fact that his...

The way he sang those songs had nothing to do with how beautiful they were.

If anyone else sang it, they wouldn't be good songs.

And, yeah, he's an interpreter, not an artist.

Beatles were creating something new.

Not fucking Elvis.

-Do you have wine? -Yes.

Do you have water?


We'll have to fill it up.


What? What's missing?

That's it, right? That's it.

I mean, what else-- Yeah, it looks great.

Yeah, yeah.


You know, we haven't had sex in, like, two and a half hours.


-Hi. -She's Naima.

-Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you too.

You will love it.

Have you heard any of her latest songs?

Yeah, I have. Yeah, I love 'em.

And what do you think?

Because she did such beautiful things when she started.

She... She was totally uncompromising.

So strong.

And then...

But now I'm writing a lot here.

-Really? -Yeah, and I'm painting a lot too.

And you think that you found your voice here?

You have something to say here?

Speak in English.

In English. Naima is right here.


Come on. I didn't want to upset you.

Ah! Well...

One thing I was thinking about, you know, I belong to a generation, we grew up without AIDS and all these things.

We could allow ourselves a lot of things that these days young people cannot do.

And you know I'm a Mediterranean, and there is this tradition in the Mediterranean countries that in the spring everybody used to gather in the fields and just fuck.

They thought that that was what made the earth grow.

And I like to keep that tradition alive, you know.

-Mm. -Sex is so enjoyable.

And I think the reason why is that it's so impersonal.

It's not like love, you know.

Like, you don't have to be picking up and, "I need you."

No. It's more free.

Sergio and I love arguing about that.

I hope you're enjoying her.

Okay. Are you better now?

So are you also an artist, Naima?

Uh, yeah, I'm an actress... mainly, yeah.

She also plays the piano.

She does?


Sergio? I'm sorry, I forget the iPad.



Thank you.

Thank you, Naima.

It's like something happened.

I don't know what is it, but it's like... my mind pfft.

So, so beautiful.

It's almost hard to touch you.

It's like I'm like here and it's like... hard to touch you.

I've already started writing a song about us.

-Really? -Yeah.

What's it about?

It's about you and me falling in love for the first time.

But, like, we have invented falling in love.

You know? We invented it and the rest just copied us.

Like doing covers of our falling in love.

I'm sorry about the... about the covers before.

-It's okay. -I'm sorry.

Hug me.

I gotta go pee.

No, no, pee here.

-Pee here. -Pee here?

I'll come be with you.

I'll be right back.

Oh, my God. Okay.

Naima. Are you okay?


Okay. Sure?


-Okay. -Yeah.

You know what? For Christmas, Kathy and Faye, they're doing a road trip for Europe.

Road trip in Europe? Wow.

We should go with them.



Yeah, we still got, you know...

It's in the future.

We'll figure it out later.

-Okay. -Yeah. Okay.

You've never, like... been with Kathy, or... or Faye before, have you?

-Been with them? Yeah? -Like?

-Like? -Physically.

Like, have you had sex with them before?

-No. -No?



I don't know. I was just thinking, like... maybe they... could come for like the... the end, you know?

Like the last two hours, or something like...

I've never done an orgy.

That would be fun.

Do you wanna do an orgy now?

I don't know. I think it could be intr--

I don't know. I think it'd just be like a nice book end.

It could be really fun.

I'll be right out.

I don't wanna do an orgy.


Okay. Let me pee.

Okay. I mean, let's talk about it.

Yeah, let me just pee.

-Yeah? -Are you okay?

-Yeah. -Sure?


-Okay. -Yeah, yeah.


What are you doing?

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine, Sergio.

But I'd rather not be in the bathroom.

Can you let go of the handle, please?

Why do you want to do an orgy?

It was just an idea!

I mean, we were trying... I don't know.

I don't think that seems like the weirdest thing.

You know, it's just something new that we could do together.

I thought you would be into it.

I thought it would bring us closer.

But that's it.

I just want us to be closer, Sergio.

That's all.



It's okay.

It's okay.

[Kathy] How are you?

You seem good.


It's really... You know, we have little naps, but it's been pretty.

-Yeah, well... -Yeah.

Have you guys done something like this before, or...

-It's been a while. -Yeah.

I've, like, failed at it a few times.

Seems like a good time. I know it's midday, but...

I prefer that. -Yeah.

It's so cliche of, like, the night.

I like to see everything.


So... are we on a timer?

We can start.

We could just do...

-the old hello. -Mmm.

-I love you. -I love you.

Mmm. Hi.

Is it weird?



Hey, are you okay?

Hey, yeah.

-Yeah? -Yeah. I...

Sorry about that.

-No problem. -It's okay.


Yeah, I just... got distracted.

-Which happens. -Yeah.

I mean, I think it's... -No, it wasn't.

It had nothing to do with you guys. I just...

I'm really glad you guys are here.

Yeah. -Because I think that...

Because you guys are close to Sergio, just, like, this has been a lot for us.

And I think that if you guys stayed, we could talk, like...

We don't...

You know, what are we really gonna offer?

Right? I mean, I just feel like...

-I think just support. -It would make sense for us to maybe...

I think support, though, and I think Sergio maybe wants you here.

I think we should all talk about this together.

-What do you think? -Yeah. Do you want us to stay?

-Um... no, no. -Yeah.

I feel like maybe you guys should, um, just talk.

-It's totally fine. -Yeah.

-We will talk later. -I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

-It's fine. -Thank you.

-I'm so sorry. -No.

-Don't worry about it. -Okay.

Will you call me later? Yeah. Sure.


I have to go to the bathroom.

So do I.

-Say hi to my shit right now. -What?

Oh, my God! Is that your own shit?

It's my own shit in your fucking face.

-How's that? How's that? -Stop it! You're fucking crazy!

Stop it!

-Be honest! -No!

What are you--

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

No! Stop it.

What the fuck? Don't...

-Okay, be honest. -What do you want me to say?

To say what you're thinking.

I don't want to do this.

I don't want to do any of this.

You scare me, Sergio.

Thank you.

Thank you for being honest for one fucking minute in 24 hours.

Thank you!

You're so fucked up.

I have to take a shit and put it in your fucking face for you to say the things as they are.

I've been 24 hours trying you to be honest.

Being with you.

Being real next to you.

Why are you trying so hard? I don't want you to.

Because I fucking love you.

How do you know?

-Yes-- -No, you don't.

Because it's fucking here!

Because it hurts!

Because it hurts so much.

That's why I know. It's fucking real, okay.

-Stop. -Okay? Stop, just--


You have to stop.

I don't wanna do it.

I don't want to do it anymore.

Any of it.

The coastline sight

just blamed the majority of the increase

on rising sea levels

caused by global warming., and they say the flooding will only get worse.

But predicting where those beach or floods will hit has only just begun.

Our own Chris Donnelly reports.

Almost 50 times a year, Casco Bay floods the port city of Portland, Maine where--


I'm gonna now sing this song

uh... yeah.

I didn't write it, but neither did Elvis.

¶ Suppose the springtime ¶

¶ Should not arrive ¶

¶ Suppose the tall Green trees ¶

¶ Should not survive ¶

¶ Suppose I had no wish ¶

¶ To be alive ¶

¶ Suppose you didn't ¶

Love me¶


You got a home, bud?

Your name is not Maxine, is it?

Love you.

Good night, good night.

¶ Ah! Sweet mystery of life ¶

¶ At last, I've found you ¶

¶ At last I know The secret of it all ¶

¶ For the longing, seeking Striving, waiting, yearning ¶

¶ The burning hopes ¶

¶ The joy and idle tears That fall ¶

¶ For it's love and love alone The world is seeking ¶

¶ And it's love and love alone That can repay ¶

¶ It's the answer ¶

¶ It's the end And all of living ¶

¶ For it is love alone That rules the day ¶

¶ Sweet mystery of life ¶

¶ Sweet mystery ¶

¶ Sweet mystery of life ¶