Dunkirk (2017) Script

English! I'm English!

It's grenadiers, mate.

Make way!

Out of the way!

Go, go, go!

Along the mole. All the way.

The ship's about to leave.

Along the mole. All the way. The ship's about to leave.

Where's the bloody air force?

The navy's requisitioned her.

They'll be back in an hour. My dad wants to be ready before then.

They've told us to strip her and load those life jackets.

Some men across the Channel, at Dunkirk, need taking off.

Some men?

Check fuel, Fortis 1 and 2.

70 gallons.

68 gallons, Fortis Leader.

Stay down at 500 feet to leave fuel for 40-minute fighting time over Dunkirk.

Understood. Vector 128, angels point five.

And keep an eye on that gauge, even when it gets lively.

Save enough to get back.

No French soldiers. No French soldiers. No.

No, no French. English only. English only past this point.

No. It's a British ship. No, you have your own ships.

Get back. Get back.

No, you've got your own ships. This is a British ship.

No, get back.

Look, get the stretchers through. There are stretchers coming.

Get out of the way! Out of the way!

Go, go, go. Along the mole. All the way.

The ship's about to leave. About to leave.

Along the mole. All the way.

Along the mole. Along the mole. All the way. All the way.


No, English only. English only!


Ready on the stern!

Yes, sir!

Man the bowline!

Any more room?

You have to get back!

That's two minutes.

You've missed it. You've missed it.

Is that the last one?

Aye, sir.

Break the line.

Come on! Come on!

Dunkirk's so far. Why can't they just load at Calais?

The enemy had something to say about it.

Ah, down here we're sitting ducks.

Keep 'em peeled. They'll come out of the sun.

Up the line.

Oi. We'll take it.

Drop the gangplank!

Yes, sir!

Take a run at it.

Ready on the stern line, George.

Aren't you waiting on the navy?

They've asked for the Moonstone, they'll have her.

And her captain.

And his son.

Thanks for the help, George.

What are you doing?

You do know where we're going?


Into war, George.

I'll be useful, sir.

Bandit, 11 o'clock.


He's on me.

I'm on him.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...

Oi, you two.

Get a shift on.

Yeah, pull him tight. Tie a knot in it.

Back up the line. Both of you.

Off you go.

Off you go!

That last barrage has damaged the rudder.

Uh, okay...


Mr. Dawson!

One of ours, George.

On my mark, Fortis 2. Draw him left.

Three, two, one.



Is he down?

Yeah, he's down for the count.

Fortis Leader, one bandit down.

Fortis Leader, do you read?

Fortis 2, I have you to my port. I have no eyes on Fortis Leader. Over.

Understood, Fortis 1.

Orbit for a look.

How long, Lieutenant?

We need to run a new cable, sir. They're scrambling.

Very well.

Colonel, you're gonna have to decide how many more wounded to evacuate.

One stretcher takes the space of seven standing men.

Excuse me.

Rear Admiral. Commander.

How's the perimeter?

Shrinking every day.

But between our rear guard and the French, we're holding the line.

And the enemy tanks have stopped.

Why have they stopped?

Waste precious tanks when they can pick us off from the air, like fish in a barrel?

How long does London expect the army to hold out before we make terms?

Make terms?

They're not stopping here. We need to get our army back.

Britain's next and then the rest of the world.


I mean, you can practically see it from here.



What about the French?

Publicly, Churchill's told them, "Bras dessous."

Arm in arm, leaving together.

And privately?

We need our army back.

How many men are they talking about, sir?

Churchill wants 30,000. Ramsay's hoping we can give him 45.

There are 400,000 men on this beach, sir.

We'll just have to do our best.

Right, well, this mole stays open at all costs.

We're in artillery range from the west. If anything else sinks here, the mole's blocked and we're stuffed.

Can't we load from the beaches?

Better than standing out here when the dive bombs come.

It's impossible. Too shallow?

'Cause anything that drafts over three feet can't get near.

We don't have enough small boats to ferry men to the destroyers.

The mole it is, then, gentlemen.


Hey! Can you swim it?

Dad, can you get closer?

Can't risk it!

Hang on.

What's your name?

Wreckage below.

Is it more of the 109?


It's Fortis Leader. Over.

You think he got out?

I didn't see a 'chute.

Record his position.

Then set heading 128, height 1,000. Over.

Vector 128, angels one. Understood.

Fortis 2, what's your fuel?

50 gallons. Over.

50 gallons.

All right, keep letting me know.

My gauge took a bit of a knock back there.

Shouldn't you turn back?

No, no.

I'm fairly confident it's just the gauge.

She's going down! Cut her loose!

What about the wounded?

Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Cut her loose, and push her off!

We can't let her sink at the mole!

Push the bloody boat off!

Help us!

Do you want to come below?

It's much warmer.

It's out of the wind.

Here you go.

Leave him be, George.

He feels safer on deck.

You would too if you'd been bombed.


It was a U-boat.

Get him some more tea, George.

Right, we're about five minutes out, so climb to 2,000. Over.

That's more fuel.

I know, but I don't want to get jumped again.

Let's get a decent altitude.

We can dive down on the bastards from above. Over.

Understood. Angels two.


Right, Highlanders.

Let's find you another ship.

Come on.

Everyone else, keep climbing. Climb on the deck.

Climb on the deck.

Watch your heads on the rail. Watch it.

That's right, keep going down. Take a blanket.

Down you go. Put this on, my love.

Down you go. Keep going down.

There's a nice cup of tea for you down there.

Keep moving down.

Take a blanket.

Try and make some room.

Keep moving down, boys.

This way.

A cup of tea down there.

There you go. Down there. Move down there.

What's wrong with your friend?

He's looking for a quick way out.

In case we go down.

Where are we going?


No, uh, no, no, we're going to England.

We have to go to Dunkirk first.

Look, I'm not going back.

I'm not going back.

Look at it.

If we go there, we'll die.

I see your point, son.

Well, let's plot a course.

You can take your tea below and warm up.

Peter, have we got space for a man to lie down?

Uh, yeah.

Here, come on.



Just in there.

I'll get you some more tea.

Is he a coward, Mr. Dawson?

He's shell-shocked, George.

He's not himself.

He may never be himself again.

Here you are.

40 gallons, Fortis 1.

40 gallons, understood.

Heinkel, 11 o'clock.

She's lining up to drop her load on that minesweeper.


Yeah, 109s off her starboard.

I'm on the bomber.

Got him! Got him!

Oh, she's turning. You must've damaged her.

Where's the escort?

Well, I got one of-


I'm going down.

I'm on him. Bail out.

No, the swell looks good. I'm ditching.

Don't leave us!

Come back!

Wait for us! Help! Help us!

Pick us up! Pick us up!

Come back!


Abandon ship! Abandon ship!


Get us out of here!

Spitfires, George.

Greatest plane ever built.

You didn't even look.

Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.

Sweetest sound you could hear out here.


Could you open the door?

Hello? Can you hear me?

Open the door!

Do you hear me?

He wants to come out.

What have you done? Locked him in?

Let him out, for God's sake.


Let me out!

You haven't turned around.

No. We have a job to do.

Job? This is a pleasure yacht.

You're weekend sailors, not the bloody navy.

A man your age?

Men my age dictate this war.

Why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?

You should be at home!

Well, there won't be any home if we allow a slaughter across the Channel.

He's turning tail. I'm gonna get after him.

Good luck.

Watch your fuel. You're at 15 gallons.

15 gallons, understood.

Best of luck, Collins.

Collins, do you read?

Oi! No! No!

Get off! Get off!

Piss off, the both of you. It's too crowded.

You can't leave us!

Make some room!


No! Get off!

You men, leave off. You'll capsize the boat.

She's gone over twice on the way out here.

You have to stay calm. There are plenty of boats.


Wait till you get torpedoed, then tell us to be calm!

You have life jackets?

Yes, they do.

Don't panic, boys. The water's not too rough or too cold.

We're heading back to the beach.

Let's go to Dover! Yeah!

We can't make it across the Channel in this, lads.

We need to get back to the beach and wait for another ride.

You men in the water, float here, save your strength.

We'll come back for you.

Oars in!

Together, pull!

Together, pull!


Together, pull!


Together, pull!

There's no hiding from this, son.

What is it you think you can do out there, on this thing?

There's not just us. A call went out.

We aren't the only ones to answer, you know.

You don't even have guns.

Do you have a gun?

Yes, of course. A rifle, a 303.

Did it help you against the dive bombers and the U-boats?

You're an old fool.

I'm not going back.

I'm not going back.

Turn it around.

I'm not turning round.

Turn it around!

Turn it-

Calm it down, mate. Turn it around!

Wait, wait!

Calm it down, mate.



What have you done?

Okay, you're all right, George.

You're all right.

Hang on. Okay. Okay, just...

That's it. That's good enough.

It's gonna keep some pressure on. There we go.

There we go.

Can you hear me, George?

Come on, lads!

Come on! Come on, boys!

It's a pier.

For when the water comes in.

The tide's turning now.

How can you tell?

The bodies come back.


Hey, Highlanders!

Hey, Highlanders!

What's that way?

A boat.

She's grounded.

Not when the tide comes in, she's not.

Be a brave lad.

You and Mr. Dawson?

It's the best thing I've ever done.

You're all right. You're okay.

Sea Cadet. It's the only thing I've ever done.

It's all right. It's okay. Just have some water.

I told my dad...

I've done nothing at school and that I would do something one day.

Maybe get in the local paper.

Maybe my teachers would see it.

Okay, get some rest.

I need you back up on deck as soon as you're able.

I can't.


I can't see.


The French have been forced back on the western side.

They're still holding a perimeter?

For now.

Officer coming through. Move yourselves. Move yourselves!

Where are the destroyers?

There'll be one soon.


After yesterday's losses, it's one ship on the mole at a time.

The battle is here.

What the hell are they saving them for?

The next battle.

The one for Britain.

It's the same with the planes.

But it's right there.

You can practically-

Seeing home doesn't help us get there, Colonel.

They need to send more ships.

Every hour the enemy pushes closer.

They've activated the small vessels pool.

Small vessels?

It's the list of civilian boats for requisition.


We need destroyers.

Small boats can load from the beach.

Not in these conditions.

Well, I'd rather face waves than dive bombers.

No, you're right. They won't get up in this.

The Royal Engineers are building piers from lorries.

At least that should help us when the tide comes back.

Well, we'll know in six hours' time.

I thought the tides were every three?

Then it's good that you're army and I'm navy, isn't it?

There. Vanquisher.

Where's the crew?

Probably got spooked after they ran aground.

Scarpered up the beach.


'Cause we're outside the perimeter. Enemy could be right there.

All right, best shut ourselves inside, boys.

Wait for the high tide.

How long's that?

Every three hours.

I've put a bit of pressure on it.

Strapped him up, made him comfortable.


It's bad, Dad.

Well, should we turn back?

We've come so far.

Dad, is that one of ours?

That's a Heinkel. They'll go for that minesweeper there.

Hang on. Shouldn't we stand by to pick up survivors?

To do that we have to survive ourselves.

Poke your head out. See if the water's come in.

Talkative sod, aren't you?

It's barely come in at all.

Fuck's sake. Calm down.

What goes out comes back in again, right?

Yeah, but how long?


Come on.

Come on, come on.

Dad, he got him!

Yeah! Yeah!

The Heinkel's moving off.


Oh, no.

Smoke from the Spitfire!

Watch for a parachute!


Oi. Oi.

Are you German?

No, Dutch. Dutch!

Merchant navy.

Here to pick you up. To help you.

Why'd you leave your boat?

In case the Germans come.

We wait up the beach.

With the soldiers. Wait for the tide.

You came back. The tide must be in.

Coming. Coming, yes.

But more hours till we float.


Why'd you come back?

Not so heavy when I left.

No 'chute!

Best of luck, Collins.

Collins, do you read?

He's down.


Dad, watch the engine.

Dad, he's down. There was no 'chute.

Dad, come on. There was no 'chute.

He's probably dead.

Damn it, I hear you, Peter! I hear you!

He may be alive. Maybe.

We may be able to help him.

No! Then they'll know we're in here.

Why else are they shooting at us?

Look at the grouping.

Target practice.

Go. Plug it. Go, go.

We have to plug it.

After you, mate.

You ready? Go!

How do we get off? Do we need to ditch some ballast?

Weight! Do we need to lose weight?

Weight. Weight, yes.


Somebody needs to get off.

Well volunteered.

We don't need a volunteer.

I know someone who ought to get off.

This one.

He's a German spy.

Don't be daft.

He's a fucking Jerry.

Have you noticed he hasn't said a word?

'Cause I have.

He don't speak English.

If he does it's with an accent that's thicker than sauerkraut sauce.

You're daft. Tell him.


Tell me.

Tell me, Gibson.

Tell me!

Tell him, for God's sake!

A frog.

A bloody frog.

A cowardly little queue-jumping frog.

Who's Gibson, eh?

Some naked, dead Englishman lying out on that sand?

Did you at least have the decency to bury him?

He did. I helped him. I thought it was his mate.

Maybe he killed him. He didn't kill him.

How do we know?

How hard is it to find a dead Englishman on Dunkirk beach?

He didn't kill anyone.

He was just looking for a way off the sand, like the rest of us.

Haven't they had enough practice by now?

They're trying to make sure she won't float.

Will she still float?

Float, yes. Yes, with less weight.

And we know who's getting off.

No, you can't do that. He's French. He's on our side.

Go on. Up you go.

As soon as he pokes his head out, they'll slaughter him.

Better him than me.

It's not fair.

Survival's not fair.

No, it's shit.

It's fear, and it's greed.

Fate pushed through the bowels of men.


He saved our lives.

And he's about to do it again.

No, don't! Stop!

Somebody's gotta get off, so the rest of us can live.

If you wanna volunteer-

Fuck no.

I'm going home.

And if this is the price?

I'll live with it.

But it's wrong.

Go on!

One man's not going to make enough difference.

You'd best hope it does, because you'd be volunteering next.


We're regimental brothers, mate.

It's just the way it is.

We float!

We float!

Start the bloody engine!


I'm sorry, son. I really don't know.

You're right not moving him.

You've done the best for him you can.

We've wasted the day.

I share your frustration, Colonel.


Grounded trawler, taking fire.

They're breaking through the dunes to the east.

This is it.

Plug the holes!

With what?

Plug the holes!

Other side! Other side!

What do you see?


Is he all right? The boy?


No, he's not.


Come on. Come on, Farrier. Come on.

There's men in the water!


It's oil. Oil. You're getting into oil!

Keep coming.

Plenty of room.

All right, below deck.

Abandon ship!

Gibson! Leave it!

Below decks.

Listen, we have to get as many of you on board as we can before that oil catches fire.

You go below decks or you get off my boat. That's your choice.

Keep coming.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Careful! Careful down there!

Careful! Careful down there!

He's dead, mate.

So be bloody careful with him.

Um, will he be okay?

The boy?


He's coming back round.

He's coming back round!

Come on, Farrier. Come on.

Get off the ship!

Come on, Farrier. Get around them.

Come on, come on.


Go! Go! Go!



Take me home.

Where are you from?

Out of Dartmouth!


You from Deal?

I am!

You watch the current at the mouth!


And thank you!

That's a fighter.

Yes, an Me 109.

From the south. Peter, you take the tiller.

Listen for my instructions.

Point her south!

Full speed, Peter.

Keep coming round.

Keep coming.

Before he fires, he's gotta drop his nose. I'll give you the signal.

Now? No, no. Wait.

Wait for him to commit to his line.


He's gone.

Yeah, bigger fish to fry.

How'd you know that stuff, anyway?

My son's one of you lot.

I knew he'd see us through.

You're RAF?

No. Not me.

My brother. He flew Hurricanes.

Died third week into the war.

No, stay downstairs, please.

We just wanna see the cliffs.

Is it Dover? No.

That's Dorset.

But it's home.

We let you all down, didn't we?

Christ, how many you got in there?

Make your way to the trains.

Where the hell were you?

They know where you were.


Cup of tea?

Cup of tea?

Well done. Well done.

Well done, lads.

Well done. Well done, lads.

Well done.

All we did is survive.

That's enough.

Well done.

Well done.

That old bloke wouldn't even look us in the eye.

Come on, private!

I know we're officers, but it's us or the enemy.

So now is not the time to be particular.

Well, Churchill got his 30,000.

And then some.

Almost 300,000.

So far.

So far?

I'm staying.

For the French.


Where are we?

Siding. You'll be pulling in in a minute.

What station?


Grab me one of them papers.

Go on!

Can't bear it.

You read it.

Can't bear it?

They'll be spitting at us in the streets.

If they're not locked up waiting for the invasion.

"Wars are not won by evacuations."

I can't look.

"But there was a victory inside this deliverance,"

"which should be noted."

"Our thankfulness at the escape of our army"

"must not blind us to the fact that what has happened"

"in France and Belgium is a colossal military disaster."

"We must expect another blow to be struck almost immediately."

"We shall go on to the end."

"We shall fight in France."

"We shall fight on the seas and oceans."

"We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air."

"We shall defend our island whatever the cost-"


"We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be."

"We shall fight on the beaches."

"We shall fight on the landing grounds."

"We shall fight in the fields and in the streets."

"We shall fight in the hills."

"We shall never surrender."

"And even if this island or a large part of it"

"were subjugated and starving,"

"then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet,"

"would carry on the struggle"

"until, in God's good time,"

"the New World, with all its power and might,"

"steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old."