Duplicate (1998) Script

O' Lord Shankar! Pashupatinath!

You and I, have the same problem.

We are both very innocent. So you are named Bholenath and I'm Bablu.

Anyways, what can I hide from you. I've come to you for selfish reasons.

In any case, all who come here, come for their selfish reasons.

But you know that. You are the Almighty.

The thing is, last time I offered you a coconut, I got an interview letter.

I've got it here. But this time, in order to get the job, I've made offerings for you, using clarified-butter, for that.

So, you taste it by yourself, and then decide whether a cook like me should get the chefs job in a five star hotel or not.

By the way, I've even brought a coconut.

I have it with me. Look at this.

Praise to the Lord.

Praise to Pashupathinath!

Hey, Almighty Lord. Why isn't this coconut breaking?

This never happened before.

I hope, nothing untoward is going to happen today.

Run him down!

Hey, stop!


The bastard is dead.

Hey, Patel. Call the ambulance.

Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?

Whether I've fired six shots, or five?

Tell you what? I don't know either.

Because if I've fired six bullets, then it's your good fortune.

But if I've fired five shots...

...then, it's my fortune.

There's no guarantee of what can happen when in this city.

So take this trousers and run home immediately.

I'll pay you next time. Right?

It's good that, I lock the door.

Otherwise, anyone can open the door...

Nobody here.

But, I had switched off the table lamp.

Anybody there?

Look. Don't come out. I have-- what's this thing in my hand?

Something resembling a knife. OK?


When did you come? How and from where did you come?

Hey, I came just now. In a train. From Jalandhar.

-Good you came. I'll touch your feet. -Live long ,son.

I knew already that you were about to come.

That is why my right eye has been twitching since three days.

Want to get a beating? When a man's right eye twitches, a problem is coming his way.

-You called me a problem. -No, no. I don't mean that, mother.

This, give this to me.

It's very heavy.

Hey, mother. Hug me!

-Please. -Son!

Gently, gently.

Tell me one thing, mother.

-This club that you're carrying-- -You first eat. Eat this!

I hope you're not going to start Dad's arena once again.

O God! I wish I could.

Everything in this country is very good, son.

But there's only one bad thing here. Women can't wrestle here. It's for you.

-What's wrong, what's wrong? -Nothing. I'm doing push ups.

-That's good. Live long. -One hundred and one, 102, 103.

Listen to this. Your Dad paid me a visit in a dream.

-He came again. -As well as your grandpa.

-And his brother too. There was everyone. -And his brother too!

-They always come. -What moustaches!

Stiff turban and red piped outfit!

-I'd die for it. -I'd die for it.

-It was a whole army of wrestlers. -Army of wrestlers!

-Know what he said? -I don't know.

They said to me, "Hey woman...

...have some shame. Go and drown in a pool of buffaloes.

Hey, you are the wife of such a great wrestler.

And an even greater wrestler's daughter-in-law.


Can't you make your son do four push ups?

Oh, I was...

He asked me to give this club to you, and to tell you, "If he doesn't bring pride to the name of my arena,"

To my arena.

-I'll never forgive him." -I'll never forgive him.

This is just what he said. How do you know?

The way I know is that, you dreamt about this 6500 times.

And, you've told me about it approximately 3500 times.

The next time Dad appears in your dream, clearly tell him.

-That I don't want to become a wrestler. -Then?

I'll be the topmost chef in India. A chef.

Hey. Eat yourself and build a body. Like your Dad had.

-What a diet he had! -I know. One kilo almonds.

A bucket of milk. Five kilo boiled chick peas, and 20 loaves of corn flour.

And one jug of butter. Didn't even know how to eat.

You've told me this so many times, that I can repeat it blindly.

But, I won't become a wrestler. I just won't, won't, won't!

Just think son, someday if god forbid, you're in a trouble, how will you defend yourself?

To defend yourself, you need eight grams of brain, not one kilo almonds.

Which I have.

Now, rub this soap on my back and let me bathe in peace.

Go away. Still a baby. I won't rub it.

Mother, I have an interview in the morning.

So, set the alarm for 6 o'clock.

I don't need any alarm. I get up by the crowing of the cock.

You should take a bath. Don't worry. I'll wake you up.

One should take a cold water bath!

Let's go.

Aren't you ashamed to break into my house?

We are looking for a prisoner who has escaped from jail.

Let’s go.


My body drags you here. You haven't changed one bit!

Manu, you forget that this body also has a heart.

You've started talking a lot.

I'm not the same person who will put up with all your atrocities.

What else can you do but tolerate?

Tell me what I can do.

Shall I tell you?

Listen! The man who were looking for, he--

What about him, madam?


Did you find him?

Not yet but we'll find him soon.

Keep your doors and windows shut, OK?

You can never deceive me.

Because you...

...love me too much.

Isn't it? Tell me.

Say it, Lily. Say that you love me very much.

Say it, Lily. Why are you silent?

Say it.

Who is this Manu?

It's vital for us to find out.

He's the man who was sentenced for 10 years.

For hold-ups and robberies. And many other recorded cases.

A first class scoundrel who changes his disguises at the drop of a hat.

I want you to recognize him well.

These are a few of his disguises.

Sometimes he becomes Father D'costa.

Sometimes he's hotel manager, Sharad Mehta.

And sometimes businessman Raman.

These were some of his disguises, that are in police records.

You will have to be very alert.

Because, only Manu knows...

...what his next disguise will be.

Who is it?

Mother! You've ruined me! I had to reach at eight for the interview!

It's already 7 o'clock. What will I do? I don't want to play.

Mother ruined me soon as she came. She completely ruined me.

Oh I found it!

Cart, train, no no! Taxi!

Thank God at least got a cab. It'll save some time.

I'll reach the interview in time.

-This is my cab. -This is my cab.

Look, I sat in this cab first. So it is my taxi.

I hailed it first so it is mine.

-This cab is mine. -Mine.

-It's mine. -It's mine.

-It's mine. -It's mine.

-It's mine. -It's mine.

Quiet! This cab is neither yours not hers.

It belongs to me. Get off!

-It's vital that I reach for an interview. -Listen driver, I am already very late.

If I don't reach there by 7:30, the manager will leave the office.

And if he leaves the office, I'll lose this job.

If I lose this job, my mother would be angry with me and force me to be a wrestler. Quiet! Quiet!

-Quiet! -Where do you have to go?

-Gorai. -Gorai.

Both have to go to the same place. So, what's the problem?

Let's go together.

My name is Bablu Chaudhary.

Who asked you?

I didn't tell you. I'm preparing for my interview.

-By the way I'm Harpal Singh. -Who asked you?

Look in front and drive. Don't turn behind.

-If you look ahead-- -If you must fight go outside the cab.

It's very important for me to do a rehearsal. Please.

My name is Bablu Chaudhary. I'm from Punjab and I've done BA.

And I'm 25 years old.

OK. It's 26 years.

I've done BA and I have a diploma from Sarla Cooking Classes.

I can cook any kind of meals and I cook very well.

And grilled mashed eggplants are my specialty.

If I get this job, I'll work really hard and put my heart in it.

I won't take any leave, not even on Sundays.

Please give me the job.

-I know right. -By the way, you don't look like a chef.

Even my mother says that.

According to her, I should have been a hero or a model.

That's not what I meant.

I understood what you meant. Actually you want to make friends.

But doesn't matter. Since we are discussing it, I'll tell you, that I have two dreams.

No, make that three. My first dream is, to be the greatest chef in the world.

My second dream is to make my Bebe, I mean my mother, I want to make my mother very very happy.

And my third dream is...

-...I won't tell. -Please do.

Even I have three dreams. Should I tell about them?

Who asked you? Just drive quietly. Please look ahead. Don’t turn behind.

-Here you are. -We've reached! We've reached!

-How much? -Its 109.75 rupees.

-How much did you say? -Please don't interrupt us.

-Divided by three. -Its 109.75 rupees.

No, it's his car so exclude him. 100 divide by two is 50.

-Half of nine is 4.5. -Take this.

Now, the half of 75 paise.

She's a girl so, she pays 35 paise and I'll pay 40.

So, the total is 54.40 rupees and I'll pay the fare.

Harpal Singh!

Mr. Harpu!

Nothing. I wanted to give money to Harpal Singh...

My name is Bablu Chaudhary.

I'll take this.

Where's the bathroom?

Are you Sonia Kapoor?

It's you! You are so silly. First you paid the fare.

Then you left. I went mad trying to locate you.

-First take your money. I've kept them. -It's 54.50 rupees.

-Hold this please. -What is this?


This is not a bribe. It's her share of the fare.

My mother says, men must never take money from girls.


Ravi, one moment. He's the one I was telling you about.

Please go if you've finished.

I've having an interview.

Mr. Bablu, he's the General Manager, Mr. Lamba.

-And I am-- -I don't want to hear anything.

-You may take all the fare from me-- -You are not listening to me, Bablu--

Mr. Bablu...

She's the Banquet Manager of this hotel, Sonia Kapoor.

I don't need to ask you anything.

Because you told me everything in the taxi-- Bablu?


You've already told me everything.

But one thing--

-But the question is-- -I'm being interviewed.

But a practical test remains.

Go into the kitchen and prepare an Oriental dish.

What kind of Oriental dish would you prefer?

Mr. Bablu, this is Sonia's banquet office not a drama theater.

Do you actually know how to cook or have you just memorized these names?

To create an impression.

Mr. Lamba, here's the thing, the International Academy of Cuisine gave me a gold medal for culinary skills.

It's as easy as pie for me to do this.

Mr. Bablu, a Japanese delegation is coming here very soon.

So, quickly make a Japanese dish.

Yes. And as per our selection rules, you have only 20 minutes.

20 minutes?

-Is it too short a time? -No. It's too much.

I can make this dish in 10 minutes.

Wow, sir, wow!

Wow, sir, wow!

Very slowly, the fire of love burned It caused all the love between two hearts To boil up and overflow I'll just give this pleasure A little taste Then I'll say that daal Is ready for serving

When you weren't here Life was just like so Bland, like raw vegetables I couldn't even make pickle brine of love When a beautiful woman Didn't bring me any sauces

Until today, you were alone Because of this You were sour, you were tough And you were a bitter gourd Today, you're so virtuous and so kind As if you're a birthday cake

You're like a birthday cake I'll just give this pleasure A little taste

Then I'll say that daal Is ready for serving

You're still here?

-Yes. I was waiting for you. -Why?

I thought that--

I thought, like we gave each other a lift in the morning...

It would be great if the same thing happened again.

-Is that all? -No.

Actually I wanted to say one thing more.

I thought if I travel with you I'll get a chance to thank you.

Because I got the job thanks to you.

No, you got the job because of your work.

But if you want to thank me, let's not delay.

Who is it?

Hey, Gappa, don't you recognize my voice?

Kiddo, it's your father.

-Does the phone bite? -You talk. It's Manu.

Manu, how are you? Congratulations.

Left prison hours ago and you didn't come to see us?

Shalaku, as if you came to see me in prison.

You've forgotten your old friend. Didn't you?

What are you saying? Can one forget friends?

You are right. In a way, it was better you didn't come.

Otherwise the police would have doubts.

That you guys were with me in the bank robbery. Stop the racket!

I didn't spill the beans for the sake of our friendship.

Because I am honest even in this dishonest profession.

Heard you guys have started decent business with the robbed money.

You've become very respectable, Shalaku!

One has to change with time.

When will you come to meet me?

I am just coming. In a little while.

Keep my share ready.

Oh, shit. Now?

I've got an idea. Let's tell the police and send him to jail.

I feel like shooting both of you.

Last time, on your suggestion I only sent Manu to prison.

Should have sent him to Hell.

Who will pay him? Us?

I have known Manu for years.

He's such a scoundrel. Nobody knows how, when and in what disguise he'll come.

And his eyes will only be on us.

So, Tony will do this job.

Call him up and ask him to bring all his sharp shooters to our club.

In this war between me and him, one of us has to die.

I have no line of death in my hand.

So, he will come alive.

But only his dead body will go back.

Gapa speaking.

Quickly come to the club. Have to finish Manu today.

He shouldn't escape our clutches.

Bring your best men, OK?

It's saying something

It's saying something

It's saying something This drunken night This colorful and amazing evening

It's saying something This drunkenness This overflowing intoxication

Please don't leave Please don't leave

Listen to me my love Please don't leave

There is only trouble waiting Outside this door

All roads have been blocked And the destiny is lost

Even hope cannot hide The poisonous daggers

The murderers are looking Everywhere for you

I know that the air is poisonous today

I know that my enemies are spread In every direction

But whatever happens I have to fulfill my destiny

I'm a traveler and I also have some Tricks up my sleeve

This beautiful night Oh beautiful lady You're good looking You’re breathtaking My heart is yours!

Oh beautiful lady I'm traveler and I'll come back But right now I've some work to do

I have to leave I have to leave Please don't leave Please don't leave Listen to me my love Please don't leave

Take it slow, take it slow.

Look, I haven't come here to fight.

I've only come for my money. But it's surprising, I mean, despite my fake beard but still all you've recognized me.

Not right now, Shalaku.

Bunty, you go up.

Manu, are you all right?

Do I look all right? Go away from here. Leave!

No bullets.

He's picked it up.

Manu... you've spared me.

But I won't spare you.


Why do you want to see your lover die in front of you?

Go away. Leave.

I had asked you to go away.

Why didn't you leave? Go away now. Just leave!

All the arrangements must be in time. Show me the list.

If it's scheduled at 12.30 then lunch--

Lunch will be at 1:15--

Bablu, I was just thinking of you.

The Japanese delegation that was to come next week is coming tomorrow, Bablu.

-Tomorrow is very important for us. -OK.

-There will be 60 people for lunch. -OK.

And if they like the food, we'll get their business for five years.

Don't you worry. They will like our food.

Look, it's a matter of my prestige.

Miss Sonia, your prestige is my prestige.

Watch me tomorrow to see what an amazing job I'll do.

Select the menu but do show it to me.

-Ms. Sonia, one moment please. -What is it?

Ms. Sonia, you haven't eaten a thing since morning.

So I've baked you a cake.

It is sweet. Have a bite.

My hands...

You're a good cook.

I have some work. See you later.

Keep the cake. We'll eat it together.

I'll set him straight.

Watch you instead of the moon...

I want to watch you Instead of the moon--

What's wrong? Oh God! Why are you so morose?

-What's wrong with my baby? What happened? -I'm very tired, Mom. I'm feeling sleepy.

I knew it. I knew this would happen.

Neither do you exercise nor eat almonds or drink milk or butter.

-What else will happen. -That's not true, Mom.

I have to cook for 60 Japanese. I was preparing for that.

Don't worry about food at all.

I can cook for 600 people in one day.

-I'll come with you. -No, Mom! Not at all.

No, you mustn't come. You can't cook Japanese food.

-Why not? Don't they have mothers? -No, Mom--

If they eat food cooked by me, they will lick their fingers off.

-Hug me. -Oh my son!

Patel and Ashok would have prepared all the spices and everything...




Where has everybody gone?

I don't understand either.

How could all your assistants go on leave at the same time?

Bablu, I hope you didn't have a fight with anyone.

No sir, I'm not the kind who picks up quarrels.

But don't you worry sir.

The food that will be cooked in this hotel today will be memorable.

Because it's a question of Ms. Sonia's... prestige.

That is fine but you have very little time in hand, Mr. Bablu.

This has to be fried.

This has to be dry. And this...

-Bablu! -Mom?

My dear son! Oh my God, what a huge place! Do you work here alone?

-From where, when and how did you come? -First you answer me.

Does anybody help you here?

-They do but they've gone today. -Where?

On leave. Please leave, Mom.

That is why I wondered why my heart is sinking.

No problem. Now that I'm here. I'll do everything.

-Let me do it. -No, don't touch anything, Mom.

I'll handle everything, Mom. You should go home and rest.

-It's a job of a minute for me. -No! Please.

You don't know this, son. Listen, I'll do it.

Come out. Don't waste my time. I have lots of work...

You don't know this, son. Listen to me. I'll do it.

Who let you in? Come outside, -Come outside, don’t waste my time-- -Bablu, you can't do it.

Mom, I have so much to do. I said no once!

I'll hug you. Now go home.

My spatula. Give it to me.

Who let her in? Go now, leave!

Can't be sure about he. She gets in anywhere.

Bablu, is everything ready?


Then come out and see the arrangements and decorations.

-OK. -Looks good!

Ms. Sonia, you're looking gorgeous.

Bablu, son! Where has he gone?

The food is ready.

Let me check. He doesn't know a thing

Absolutely bland. He forgot to add salt.

Doesn't listen to me.

This should have been tempered. Who can make him understand?

No salt or chili or spices. Who will eat such bland food?

Nobody will eat this.

Now I will have to do something!

Is everything all right? Do you think the arrangements are fine?

Very good, Ms. Sonia. These arrangements are fantastic.

Just like you.

Really? Should I tell Lamba to bring the delegation down for lunch?

Don't worry. The food is ready.

You made all the food yourself?

What was that?

Mom, I had left you out. What're you doing here?

-And what are you doing? -Set right your mistake.

-What? -I fixed it and tempered this.

-Added garlic to that. Crushed one. -You tempered it, Mom.

Mom, this things are not tempered. It's Japanese food.

This is not Punjabi food.

Whether food is Punjabi or Japanese, it should taste good.

Taste it and see.

Forget it! I have lost my job! I have lost my job!

-No, you won't lose it. -Go out, Mom. Leave!

-Get out, Mom! -Listen to me...

-Please leave me alone. Step outside. -Put this in, put I.

Bablu, what are you doing? I'll fall in the water!

Hurry up. Hurry up. Over there.

Bablu? What is it?

Ms. Sonia, I have to say something very important to you.

-Not now. The Japanese are on-- -It's about them.

-What is it, Bablu? -Ms. Sonia, this food that I've sent...

-It's not Japanese. -But you made Japanese food.

-It has become Punjabi. -How can Japanese be Punjabi?

-But my mother is Punjabi. -How is she related to Japanese food?

She is not related to Japan but Punjab.

-Is she a Japanese? -She hails from Punjab.

Japanese mother. Punjabi food.

No. I'll explain to you. Punjabi mother and Japanese food.

The Japanese food I sent...

-... is full of Punjabi spices. -What?


You ruined me. Destroyed me. Now, I'll lose my job.

-But what have I done? -Keep quiet! Let me talk!

Whenever you come from the village, you create some problem for me.

-Who? Me? -Then, who else?

Oh Mom, why don't you understand? I'm not a kid anymore!

Stupid, you matter how much a child grows, he remains a kid for his mother!

All right if you don't need me, I am going home.

Don't ever ask me to hug you again.

Don't say that. Never say that. I don’t want to hear it.


Didn't you hear? They are asking for your chef.

Go and call him.

-Bablu, what are you doing? -Ms. Sonia, I'm taking my life.

Do that later. First come in and tell everyone it's your mistake not mine.

No Ms. Sonia, I won’t do that.

The Japanese will thrash me if I go inside.

-And you should be. -Ms. Sonia, forgive me please.

-Don't take me in. -You have to be punished.

-They'll beat me. -Keep moving, Bablu!

Ms. Sonia, Ms. Sonia... Ms. Sonia, -Ms. Sonia, listen to me. -Walk straight.

I'll work as your cook all my life, cook for you and take no leave for Sunday.

Bablu, he is saying that they all liked your food very much.

-What are you doing up there? Come down. -I don't know.

Coming in a minute.

Standing in the middle.

REWARD RS. 1,00,000 MANU

Who is it? Maruti? Yes, speak up.

Sir, I've seen Manu going with a girl to Seaside Restaurant.

-Are you sure? -Absolutely, sir!

-Ms. Sonia, I want to... -I know you want to tell me something

Should I tell you?

-Ms. Sonia, I saw a dream. -Is that so?

I have married a beautiful girl.

Just like you.

Who is it?

And the day we get married, she is dressed in bridal finery, and is sitting on my bed.

And softly I walk towards her.


Then I lift her veil.

-Next? -Then I...

With my hands...


-I... -Yes?

I feed her a potato dumpling in a bun,

A potato dumpling in a bun.

A potato dumpling in a bun. Come here.

Bablu. Why didn't you meet me earlier?

-Stupid! -Feeling shy.

There's a girl with eyes like daggers

She argues constantly about one thing

"Why didn't you meet me earlier?"

Every day she says this And fights with me There's a girl with eyes like daggers

Constantly argues about one thing

Sulking, she tells me "I don't love you"

She keeps writing my name On every piece of paper

I'm also crazy for her How do I make her understand?

If she ever decides to leave me I'll die in one day

You told me about the dream And the girl in the dream.

Why didn't you tell me her name?

-I'll tell you some other time. -Why not now?

-The girl's name is... -Manu.

That's a boy's name. We are...

Who are they? I'll check.

What are you guys doing here? Has a minister arrived here?

No, a gangster has come.

-Which gangster? -Manu.

Who's Manu?

-You. -Me?

What are you doing? Why are you pushing me down?

What're you doing? Wait! Stop.

-Stop, stop! -Bablu!

Manu! I'm asking you for the last time.

Who helped you escape from prison? Now, tell me!

I've never been to jail. So how can I escape from there?

And I'm not Manu!

Are you trying to fool me? Think you're extra smart?

Now, tell me, since when is this girl, Lily in your gang?

You're Lily?

I'm no Lily! I'm Sonia. Sonia Kapoor.

-And I'm not Manu. -So, she's not Lily You're not Manu, then maybe I'm not Inspector R.K. Thakur.

What are you staring at? Dial this number.

Ask for our hotel manager, Mr. Lamba.

I'm the Banquet Manager and he is my chef.

-He's my chef. -Come here.

Whose idea was it to work in a hotel, Manu?

Sir, I'm not Manu gangster.

-You're not Manu, right? You are Bablu. -Yes.

Do you have any proof of that?

-Bebe! -Bebe?

-My mother. -Call his mother!

Yes, sir I'll call up my mother.

Now, you'll see when my mother will come here and see me with Ms. Sonia--

No sir, I can't call my mother here.

-Why, Bablu? -No, Sonia. I can't call my mother here.

Sir, if she sees me here she will murder me.

I mean you may murder me but I won't call her here!

Sir, please try to understand. If she comes here...

Hang me but I won't call her here.

Manu, you are trapped.

If he has a mother, she will come. But there is no mother.

If I knew the truth about you' I would have handed you to the police!

I told you earlier but you are so innocent that...

...you trust everyone so easily.

Mr. Lamba, I know you.

Inspector, this is Sonia Kapoor, our banquet manager.

She's been in our hotel for years.

And whether this is Bablu or Manu...

I can't give his guarantee.

-I can vouch for her though. -Fine you may take her.

-Bablu! I'm a chef. -He'll run off.

Ms. Sonia? The cake I...

-Will you beat me? -Not at all.

-You won't beat me? -No.


What? My son in jail!

Are these policemen crazy? What?

They want proof? I'll just bring it over!

I'll ruin them all.

-Who are you? -Who am I?

-I'm Bablu's mother. -What proof do you have?

Rascal! What proof do you have that you are your mother's son?

-Mom! -Bablu!

You can't go there! He's a criminal! He's dangerous.

Mom, they think I'm somebody else not Bablu.

-Please tell them. -He is Bablu. I swear by God. He's Bablu.

He's my child. Bablu. Look at his childhood photographs.

-Show it to me, Mom. -When we had gone to the fair.

You haven't seen this.

This is last year's picture when we went to Vaishnodevi's temple.

-It was taken there. -Mom, you looked beautiful then.

See, I brought all the proof.

Give vent to your anger later. First, release my son.

Live long. May God make you a commissioner.

Hug me, mother.

Let's go home...

Eenie, meenie, minnie, moe Eighty, ninety and total hundred.

The point lands on hundred, and the thief didn't manage to escape.

Who is it?

-Come in. -Called somebody else?

No, not at all. Whom would I call except you?

-Don't whistle! -Who is it?

Television mechanic. Come to fix the set.

Darling, there's nobody in my life but you.


But you've become very smart.

Don't waste time talking.

-Come soon, my darling. -I'll be there.

I'm dying to see you.

Hey, you, are you paid for nothing?

Does your father lose something if you fix these things earlier?

You depraved people have only one problem!

Rascals are accustomed to eating for nothing!

-Everybody does that, sir. -What did you say?

You argue with me! Do your job and get lost!

Why, sir? Is some broad coming over?

Asking me? How dare you ask me!

Rascal! You scum!


Recognized me? Your old partner Manu.

Now tell me who eats off other's living?

You or me?

Gappa, you sent me to prison and now you're watching television in comfort at my expense.

This is nice.

You love to watch television, right?

-No! -Yes you love it.

Come here. I'll show you some television.

But you can't see it from far.

Your eye sight is weak.

That's why you couldn't recognize me. Come.

-Come a little closer. I'll show you TV. -No.

-Come a little closer. I'll show you TV. -No.

Ingratiate! Eats chicken with my money.

Come closer, I'll show you the television. Come on! Come on!

-Now can you see? -No.

Go close and see. Can you see it?

-Forgive me. -What?

-Forgive me. -OK.

I'll forgive him.

I'll forgive him.

Our friend and partner, Gappa got killed because, your police department let loose a nabbed criminal.

Why? Was he related to you?

We set him free after inquiries.

On seeing his pictures with his mom we realized he was Bablu not Manu.

He is not Bablu, he is Manu!

He was disguised as Bablu and fooled this chap.

He doesn't know that Manu is a man of many faces.

He can dress up like anybody.

Sir, what about his mother. What about the photographs?

Listen Mister, you get mothers on hire for 100 rupees. Pictures for 50.

Then whether you call him Manu or Bablu, it's the same man.

How much did Manu pay you?

That's an allegation.

I'm an honest police officer. And the commissioner's brother-in-law.

Why don't you say something, brother-in-law?

This is my office, Inspector Thakur. Behave yourself.

Mr. Shalaku and Mr. Dhingra, Manu...

...was your old partner. Isn’t that true?

-Yeah, that... -Please take a seat.

Commissioner Sir, please check your record.

We got him imprisoned.

Really, is that why he is after you?

Their protection is also our responsibility.

We must apprehend Manu before he attacks either of them.

Got it, Inspector Thakur?

Go if you want to.

But you will see I won't eat.

I won't do exercise. I'll find some dirty girl and get married.

-Sister. -What is it?

Will you marry me?

-You'll see-- -What are you murmuring son?

-Don't go! -Son, there's an evil eye on you.

Your stars are bad. When I complete this pilgrimage, all will be fine.

Mom, if you go, I'll be left alone.

But son, I'm going for you! Why don't you understand?

I too don't like going far away from my only son.

-Then why are you going? -Some rascal has cast a spell on you.

I'll go there, pray for you. The Lord will set matters right.

I'll come back soon. Don't cry my son.

Bablu! Bablu?

-What is it? -Hug me.

My precious son!

-Bablu? -The phone is out of order.

-Bablu? -I said the phone is not working.

This is Sonia.

-Oh Bablu, you're still angry with me. -No, why should I be?

In any case I'm not Bablu. I'm that guy... Manu.

Don't be mad now. OK, fine.

-Now when do we meet? -I don't want to meet you.

You will have to meet me. I'm not used to being turned down.

Today, Hilltop Restaurant at 4 o'clock. OK, Bablu?

-You will be there. -I will not. I will not come!

I know you will come.

There's going to be a little naughtiness There's going to be a bit of disaster We're about to lose our senses We're going to fall in love

We are walking and singing Not thinking about anything We still keep going Not thinking about where we would go

In our eyes, dreams are melting And softly spilling over These are all signs of love

Whether you believe it now or not Darling

There's going to be a little naughtiness There's going to be a bit of disaster We're about to lose our senses We're about to fall in love

You're so innocent What you've said up till now Don’t continue that story

In this world, how there are people This way and that way Everyone here is an enemy of the heart Whether you know it or not Darling

Look, you're making a huge mistake, this is police brutality.

I'll report this to press, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express, Asian Age, Lok Satha, Jan Satha, your photo will be printed on the first page of all newspapers.


Did you see this?

From where has he come?

My duplicate? Carbon copy?

I must take advantage of this.

Because my life is in his death.

Where are you going?

You wait here. I'll check it out.

Mr. Dhingra?

What a bomb. The boss's night is made.

Oh Manu!

My friend! I know you are pulling my leg.

What a funny thing you did. You had me scared.

No, brother-in-law, this can't be Manu. I locked him up in prison myself.

This is Manu's doing, Inspector. It's his doing.

Commissioner, that scoundrel Manu has killed Dhingra.

If Manu killed Dhingra then who is the one in prison?

This is not one man, but two men who look alike.

Wow! What a photocopy machine the Lord has.

They both look alike.

It's difficult to differentiate between the original and the duplicate.

Our problems have doubled.

What do we do about Bablu, brother-in-law?

This is my office, Inspector Thakur!

-Make an ID card and give it to Bablu. -OK.

So if we make another mistake, we can know from the ID card, who is the original and who is the duplicate.

Son, this is your ID card, OK?

Keep it safe.

The difference between you and Manu is this ID card.

If a policeman catches you, show it to him.

And be free in a jiffy.


I got it! I got an ID card!

I got an ID card!

Listen to me!

Mom has come. Hide and seek.

Hide and seek You're hiding He's running here and there this little mouse You should run, little mouse the cat has come to catch you The cat meowed there is no need to worry Mom has returned from Kashi just hug her

Mom come and hug me!

Are you smoking, Mom?

Who am I?

No Bablu, you are not dreaming.

I am Manu and you are Bablu.

You are my duplicate.

So you are Manu gangster!

Do you know how much I suffered because of you?

The police locked me up twice, thinking that I am Manu gangster.

And Sonia... She is my girlfriend.

She too is angry with me.

But thanks to this, one moment, identity card.

Which the police gave me so this mistake is not repeated.

Why are you putting out your tongue repeatedly?

Are you teasing me?

Look, I know you are uninvited guests in this house.

But the thing is that if somebody sees me with you, I will be in great difficulty.

So, just take your pals and leave. Leave.

Manu comes of his own will and leaves when he desires.

Sholay? No, no... It's from Seeta Aur Geeta.

-No... -Quiet! Come on.

Give me the ID card.

-No, I can't give it to you. -Quietly hand it over.

No, I can't give it to you.

Look, Mom says even an enemy who comes home is a guest.

And a guest should not be humiliated. Otherwise, even I can beat you.


Give me the ID card!

Please don't take it from me!

Doesn't matter if you've taken it. Leave me. I'm scared of heights.

What is the matter?

Bablu. Manu.

Bablu. Manu.

Bablu. Manu.

Now I will live like Bablu.

And you will die Manu's death.

If you don't die at the hands of the police, I'll kill you.

But first, let me take revenge from all my enemies.

And get my booty back.

You can't live for long on my card.

Someday the police will find out the truth about you.

Because this ID card has the imprint of my thumb.

Your thumb impression will be different from mine.

-You are right. -Then?

You are not as stupid as you look.

Our faces resemble each other.

But thumb impressions are different.

Let's remove that difference too.

Isn't it burning?

What are you doing?

Don't do this. It will hurt! Mom!

There's no sign of Manu who escaped from jail.

I haven't understood what's happening.

Sonia. I feel like...

Manu and Bablu are one man.

He pretended to pick a job with our hotel to escape the police.

Ravi, you are so suspicious.

Bablu knows nothing but cooking. How can he kill anybody?

Sonia, actually--

Have you ever seen the innocent Bablu's eyes?

-His eyes? -Those eyes can only love.

-Only love. -Why should I look into my cook's eyes?

But you seem to have looked deep and close into the cook's eyes.

I know what you mean to say.

Anyways, I have no time for trivial talk. I am going.

Sonia, where are you going?

-To Bablu's house. -Bablu's house? Sonia!

Bablu! Open the door. Sonia is here.

-It's me, Sonia! -Sonia!

Bablu! Come out. I know you are inside.

Is she the girl you're having an affair with?

-Bablu, Hurry up! -Heard she's quite a dish.

Let me taste and see. Take him!

If you don't open the door now, I will... break the window!

You took so long, Bablu. Are you still mad at me?

Your mood maybe rotten, Bablu, but you're wearing good clothes.

Now don't sulk, Bablu.

Smile for me.

I've come to take you.

-Where? -Hotel. Where else?

The kitchen is waiting for you. Let's go.

Why the hotel? Let's stay here, in my house.

I'm getting late, Bablu. Let's go to the hotel.

Let's go. Just a minute.

-Soni, Sonia. -Now what?

Let me lock the house.

Let's go.

Bablu. Down.

Get down.


-Come in. I'll show you. -Let's go.

Do you know, Bablu...

...today you're looking... very macho.

You've started again! What are you doing?

-Bablu, Lamba will come... -If any call comes...

So you've come?

What do you think of yourself? You come and go as you wish.

Why are you staring at me?

Rascal, is this your father's...

Are you hurt?

If you want to work here, behave properly otherwise get lost--

This poor fellow was caught because of the scoundrel Manu!

This won't occur again, isn't it?

All right, Sonia. I accept because you're saying it.

Make some tea.

You're looking beautiful. Anyway...

There were two things...

Do you want cold tea or hot?

Is tea ever had cold?

What have you done?

Do you take more sugar?

Now I'll speak your language, you dimwit.

What do you think of yourself?

-What the hell are you? -Bablu--

-Son of a cook! -Not on the face.

I'll knock you out in one punch!

-Not on the face. Not on the face. -Fall at my feet and apologize.

What is going on, Bablu? Ravi, come down!

How am I supposed to do that?

Stop this! Why are you doing all this?

This is my office not an arena where you can pick fights. You, thug!

Sonia, I kept telling him not to hit me on my face.

But he paid no heed. There's a limit to my patience.

-Mr. Lamba, hit me if you wish-- -No.

You should go.

If it wasn't for Sonia, I would...

-Ravi, now you should go. -Don't go away. Don't leave!

What is wrong with you?

I'd never seen this form of yours.

You were not like this.



When will you return?

Didn't I always tell you, son...

Eat well... exercise.

If your body was strong...

You were a body builder like your Dad, would Manu and his men dare break into our house and beat you?

Don't worry, Mom. Don't cry.

Mom, I can't bear to see you sad.

These tears came to your eyes because of Manu.

Now you'll see, me use my brain against him.

If he can become Bablu, can't I become Manu?

I can, can't I?

Now I will play his game and teach him such a lesson...

...that he will apologize to you on bent knees.

This is my promise.

I swear by you. Just don't cry.

Long live son. My blessings are with you, son.

Put your hand down! Rascals were sleeping.

-Where is Bablu? -He's sleeping inside, boss.

You were sleeping, idiot!

Go and find him. Go, go, go.

-Bablu! -Yes. Find him.

He's not inside, boss.

If he isn't found till evening.

Then your corpses will leave this place.



-Bablu! -Yeah, find him. Bablu!

Why does he wear a coat in this heat?

Anita! Anita, transfer the call to Sonia.

-Who is speaking? -I'm Man-- I'm Bablu.

Bablu... Sonia...

-Manu. -Me?


Be quick, Manu!

-Sonia, Sonia-- -There's a limit for everything.

-I tried to stop you but you never listen. -I told Mr. Lamba... Sonia!

Who are you? Bablu has just left that too with Ms. Sonia.

No Anita, I am Bablu. Bablu the chef.

Don't you remember that I give you pineapple pastries every day?

If you call again, I'll inform the police.

-Hello! Hello! -Manu.

-Manu! -Who's speaking?

-Lily -Which Lily? I was talking to Anita.

Anita? Who is she?

-So now there's an Anita in your life. -There's no Lily or Anita.

-Where are you calling from? -Behind you, Manu.

-Behind me? -Stop the jokes, Manu.

-What were you doing here? -Me?

I was just calling you.

-I missed you. -Manu, the police is all around.

-That's why I was hidden here. -Then come soon.

What are you doing?

-What are you doing? -It's so dark.

Why are you putting your tongue in my ear? It tickles!

What times have come! Television and films have ruined the country.

Manu! Manu!

-Come on. -Repair the car in the garage?

What is wrong with you, Manu?

What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?

Nothing at all.

If nothing happened to me in jail, then what worse can happen now?

You guys have bad eye sight.

Who is it?

-We made a mistake, Boss. -Forgive us, Boss.

Bablu escaped somehow, Boss.

We couldn't find him anywhere, Boss.

-Massage my legs! -Give us one chance.

-Yes, Boss. -One more chance. I have little children.

-My mother is old. Forgive us, Boss. -First let go of my feet!

You know Manu gangster never ever forgives anybody!

And if you have made a mistake...

You will be punished for it.

Get ready.

-Take this. -What is it?

-How many bullets in it? -I don't know, sir.

Then why did you give it to me? Hold it yourself.

Men do make mistakes.

You make mistakes, he does. So do I.

If Bablu has run away let him!

I feel there maybe some good in it.

If he has escaped from your hands, let him go.

You may leave. Just leave!


Now that you are going, wish your mother on my behalf.

Give your kids these Glucose biscuits.

-You are not Manu gangster. -Don't tell anybody.

-You are an angel! -You are an angel!

Go away!

You guys should also leave.

Your goodness kills me, Manu.

I'll eat you alive!

Fights and spats And the way you spat Let's forget this What is it going to fetch us?

To be angry over little things Let's forget this What is it going to fetch us?

Come, darling Let's live in peace

You'll say that I'm good And I'll tell you, you're very good

Come, darling We'll both live in peace

I'll say sorry to you And you'll say sorry to me

Let's not haggle about it We're both very sorry.

Oh darling Try to understand what I'm saying Take me in your arms When I'm close to you

You'll say thank you to me And I'll say welcome!

Oh darling Say that how things will be like

We'll both get married And a function will be held

The bulb will turn on And our hearts will be connected Try to understand what I'm saying Darling!

Every time I leave the house You say goodbye to me

When I return You'll say, darling hi!

Oh darling Say that how things will be like Fight and spat the way you sulk Let's forget this What is it going to fetch us?

To be angry over little things Let's forget this What is it going to fetch us?

Come, darling Let's live in peace

You'll say that I'm good And I'll tell you, you're very good

Cheat! Liar! Savage!

What happened?

Manu! What are you doing?

-I'm... getting out of the car -Where are you going?

Manu comes of his own sweet will and leaves when he desires!

-Lily, death lurks. -Where?

All around us.

Twenty years later!

We'll be two feet under the ground!


This is my tale of sorrow.

Don't worry, child.

It's him!

Sonia, I am not who you think I am.

And I'm definitely not what you think I am. What're you--


Don't you dare take my name with your dirty mouth.

Who? Me?

I am Bablu! Your Bablu!

-Liar! -Me? A liar?

Manu is a liar not me!

He was roaming with you. He resembles me.

How much, how much will you lie?

Please believe me.

No! Don't show me your innocent eyes!

These eyes have deceived me earlier too.

No! You have to look in my eyes!

-No! -Look into my eyes.

Can these eyes look at you in that way?

Whatever you are, Bablu, Manu, Baldy!

Leave! Leave me alone!

So, now I'm Baldy. But before I leave I must say...

...neither am I Manu nor Baldy.

I am Bablu Chaudhary. Age 25 years.

OK I'm 26 years old.

And I have three dreams.

My first dream is to make my Mom, my mother very happy.

My second dream is to become the greatest chef on earth.

And my third dream is...

...to love Sonia Kapoor a lot!

I want to marry her.

Please forgive him!

No! No!

Till I prove I'm not Manu, I am Bablu Chaudhary. I won't show you my face till then.

Why didn't you meet me earlier?


-Car. -Money. Proof!

-I have to go. -Where?

But I will return.

Come back soon.

Come out, Bablu.

Or I will thrash you.

Shameless! You're so drunk that you're calling out to yourself.

-Who...? -Who?

Your mother! You are so drunk you can't recognize your mother!

I'm your mother. Shameless!

You've turned your father's name to dust!

Get up! I'll make you sober!

I go on a pilgrimage for you! Pray and worship for you!

And you drink liquor! Get out!

Shameless! Scoundrel!

Drinks and comes home to ask me who I am!

Now you know! I'm your Mom!

The engine is heated up.

Shall we check it?

You go in, love. I'll look after them

Bablu has escaped.

I got beat up by an old woman but Manu will never lose. Never lose.

Shalaku, now it's your turn.

Manu, come over.

You've walked into the jaws of death. Now, you can't be saved.

You testified against me.

Now you won't be fit to do anything.

-Rascal! -Shalaku!

Lily, go out. Somebody bring me my clothes.

No, he can't come to the phone. He is naked.


Down Manu! Manu!

Down Manu! Manu, the other way!

Shalaku, don't come out of the water, otherwise...

What will you do? Shoot me?

You're not wearing anything pal!

The Lord gives in plenty!

Don't touch it. That's my money!

Then come and take it. Manu...

-Lily, where's the bag? -You have it.

Shalaku, do you have a bag?

He's so useless. I'll find something. Found it.


I knew it! I did.

You would try to kill me after taking all my money.

Have you gone mad, Shalaku?

Why are you inviting death?

Quietly hand over my share of the booty!

Your share? Are you mad?

Have you lost your memory?


Just 10 minutes ago with that girl, taking advantage of my nudity, You ran away with all my money.

-What money? -You tell me.

Your father will answer.

-Why are you laughing? -Hoodwinked!

We got tricked.

Who? Who hoodwinked us?

The biggest fool of the world. Bablu!

He took off with our booty.

And Shalako and Manu gangster were left clapping.

Just think. If I had stolen your money...

...wouldn't I have taken your life too, as interest?

This hand of yours which doesn't have a death line...

...wouldn't I have drawn one?

When did I imagine this?

When did I know this?

When did I think of this?

When did I know this?

That you'd change this much That you'd want me this much That you'd love me this much That you'd express it like this My beloved, my darling Thank you, it's your doing

This kindness in your eyes was Never there before This passion in your breathe Was never there before It didn't spread like this

The cloud of your hair

The breeze cast by your scarf Was never so fragrant Never have had you such styles What a beautiful outrage this is!

Thank you, it's all your doing

Never before was the magic Of my love at work upon you The way heart is out of control right now This has never happened before This never happened before,

The way you talk about love

I'm amazed listening To this gentleman's words Whether you're accepting me Or refusing me At least you've brought up the subject!

Thank you, it's all your doing My beloved, my darling Thank you, it's all your doing


Seems furious. He'll beat me hard.

Boss, Bablu has been found.

I'm not Bablu. I'm Manu.

Stand straight or I'll shoot your head off.

I'll... come from there.

Put on the jacket.

Everybody clear out!

I mean, grab him.

-So Bablu has come? -Hey shut up!

I am not Bablu! You are!

Stand still! Don't even try to disrespect the boss.

Brothers, so he says he is Manu and I am Bablu.

OK, we'll see.

Hold him tight, guys.

What are you guys doing?

Hold him and check his pockets.

Yeah, check his pockets. Yeah, down there.

Throw it here.

This is a police identity card.

This very clearly says that you are Bablu Chaudhary.

Because if I was Bablu, I would have this card.

But in whose pocket was this found?

-His! -So who is he?


-And who am I? -Manu!

-Once more, who is he? -Bablu!

-Who am I? -Manu!

Have a look.

These fools don't recognize me.

But you will know me.

I'm your Manu. He's Bablu.

I'm Bablu. He's Manu. No way.

Lily, I'm Manu. Take it easy. I'm Manu.

-Manu. -Yes, your Manu.

You act very well.

Enough. Now you all can... leave.

Take him along.

It will prove very dear. You'll have to pay for making me Bablu.

Now what will be your fate, Manu?


-Don't come back! -You won't leave alive if you do, rascal!

Manu gangster has been humiliated a lot. You've been insulted!

It will turn out very dear turning me into Bablu, Bablu!

Swear by mother... now you're dead meat.


Turned sober? Or still intoxicated?

Wearing such funny and dark clothes.

And calling me mother instead of Mom.


I made a big mistake last night.

Won't you forgive your son?

A mother forgives her enemy, too, son.

But you're my son, my baby.

See, I bought you a lovely suit.

-Quickly wear it and get ready. -Why did you buy such a costly one?

If you want me to get what I want...

...then you have to come with me.

I will come, my son but where do we have to go?

To bring treasure.


-I mean, your future daughter-in-law. -Oh my God, really?

But she says she won't even meet me unless you're with me.

She will definitely meet you. I will come with you!

I'll get ready quickly, my son.

-Hello. -This is Manu.

My den is in your hands. My men became yours.

Even Lily is with you.

But doesn't matter because...

-...your Mom is with me. -No!

If you don't come to Gate 1 of the Docks, right now...

...I will shred your Mom to pieces.

-No, Manu... -Hurry up. The meter is running.

Did you hear my Mom's voice?

-Come fast. -Mom...


Please leave my Mom alone, Manu.

-Stop the car quickly, Ravi. -Be quick. The meter is running.


She will definitely meet you. I will come with you!

Hello! Manu.

So, you are Bablu.

-Yes. -What was Manu saying?

He was saying...

...that my Mom, my mother is in his hands.

I want to ask you just one question.

Why did he have to drag my mother in this fight between us men?

Even I am his enemy.

But did I ever misbehave with you?

Did I take advantage of the fact that you think I am Manu?

Even today if I wish...

...I can take you along and free my Mom.

But my mother taught me that...

...good people respect women.


Get lost.

Good God! What a desolate place you've brought me to Bablu?

Does your wealth live in these ruins?

-She doesn't live here, Mom. -Then?

She is going to come here.

She's going to come?

She's here!


Where were you? Do you know we have been looking for you since two days?

We were so worried.

We looked here and there, everywhere.

My daughter-in-law is so pretty!

-And she jabbers in English so well! -Mom?

-Mother-in-law. -Do well and prosper, child.

What's the matter?

How do you know this is Bablu?

His mother is with him.

I'll get it confirmed for you.

Mother, this is our General Manager, Mr. Lamba Ravi, touch her feet. Do it!

Live long, son.

I'll take leave.

Far away from your life.

-Lamba! -Yes?


Thank you so much, brother.

-You've helped me so much-- -Enough!

-Brother? -Yes?

Bye, brother.


Fast! Quick!

Look, plan one, you go right. Plan two, you go left.

Right not left. Any questions?

One question, where will you go?

I will go up.

-And me? -You'll go left.

Plan number three is, if you see Bablu anywhere, pounce on him and catch him.

-And if we don't see him? -Keep looking for him, man.

Now, go.




Where has she gone?

Brought the money?


Now, hang the bag on the pulley.

No, first tell me where Mom is.

Your Mom is talking to her future daughter-in-law.

-What? -Look there.

-Mom... -Tell me what can you cook.

I can't cook anything but I know how to make lists of food items.

-Sonia. Mom-- -Put the money on the pulley.

-OK, just a minute. -Hurry up!

Pull it.

You are very foolish, Bablu.

You have washed your hands off this money.

Also your Sonia.

And Mom too.

-What do you mean? -The meaning is clear.

This is the gun... and you the target.

This bullet.

And your chest.

Now Bablu will die and Manu... will enjoy.

I will also marry your Sonia.

You cheat! I won't let this happen.

My mother-in-law gave me these bangles and huge ear rings.


Will you be my daughter-in-law? God is great!


Wait, what're you doing?




The fish is trapped in the bait!

Bablu, you can't escape now!

I'm not Bablu. I am your Manu!

There he runs! Go and nab him!

-Bablu! -Bablu!

He's hanging!

Looks like he is trapped!

-Where is Manu? -We're gonna find--

There he is!

Come on, Inspector! Be quick. Look there he is.

We've surrounded you from below. Don't try any stupidity!

Rascal, I'm hanging in mid-air. What could be more stupid?

-Bablu, my son, why are you hanging? -Shoot him!

-Lamba, tell the police not to fire! -We'll pull him up. Wait!

Idiot! He's Bablu not Manu!

It's not my job to find out whether he's Manu or Bablu!

It's your job.

Mom! Sonia!

What are they doing there? Helping the wrong man!

Pull! Pull me up.

Sir, shall we check his ID card?

Idiot, you'll check the ID card of a man hanging for his life.

If you had caught one of the two, wouldn't the confusion be reduced?

Come carefully.

-Why were you hanging from there? -Are you all right?

You've grown so big yet you have no sense.

-Bablu! -Manu!

Where am I caught!

Come here! Where are you running off!

-Stupid! Rascal! -Stop it, Sonia!

Why are you beating me, Mom? Sonia, Mom...

What are you doing, Mom? Don't you recognize your own son?

He's Manu and you're beating me!

My son! My love! Please forgive me!

That is why I wondered why he brought me to this wilderness, you cheat!

Not just a cheat...

...I'm much worse than that!

You haven't... seen the real me.

What do you mean?

The meaning is clear, Bablu.

The police whom you have called to arrest me...

...you will go to them yourself and say that you...

...are Manu dada.

Otherwise this girl of yours--

This new bride, and this old Mom...

...I'll riddle them with bullets!


Well done, Manu dada! I had heard that even thieves keep their word, but you turned out to be worse than them.

Remember you had said, if you get your money...

...you would free my Sonia and Mom.

Really? Did I say that?

Fine. You take both of them with you.

Manu! If you want to be spared, send both these women towards me.

Mom, you take Sonia and leave.

How can I leave them?

These two are Manu gangster's tickets to freedom.

Look, don't act smart!

Or all these guys will shoot at you!

Alright, shoot me if you want.

Manu is not afraid of bullets.


I will only count to seven.

And if you don't leave them by then...

...I'll shoot!

Sonia, take Mom and go.

You can't escape. You have no other option.

Your game is up, Manu.

-One! -Please go, Sonia.


-Three! -Mom, take Sonia and go!



-Five. -Go!

Gourd? Wait, what is...

-Spinach, cabbage and tomatoes. -Six!

-Go for my sake, Mom! -Seven!

Don't move!

Bablu! Where is my money?

I don't have any money.

-You took it. -No!

You deceived me. You gave me tomatoes, radish, and carrots not my money!

Even bitter gourd.

So, my plan has been successful!

What do you mean?

Manu dada, the meaning is...

Come with me, Mom and Sonia.

Move, let fresh air through.

Have you heard, the child is with you and you're searching the city?


Mom, did you see the wonder of my eight grams of brain?

Well done, my son! God bless you!

Now you're in my hands.

Not yet!

-Kill him! -My Bablu! Which is my son?

Any suggestions Miss English?

Whom do we fire at? We must know who is who.

I am Bablu.

-No, I'm Bablu. -No, I'm Bablu.

Stop it!

Who will tell?

I will tell since I'm the mother.

A mother can find her real son.

Hold my hand, Bablu.

The blood of his ancestors flow through my son's veins.

He is the son of a wrestler.

He is not weak.

The one who can pull me towards him, with his strength...

I am his mother.

He's my son. Bablu, take the Lord's name!

And pull your mother!

My arm!

You are blind!

This is Manu dada!

My true son is him.

Bablu, I hope you're not hurt.

He couldn't bear his mother's pain.

When I cried in pain, my child let go of my arm.

This is too much!

If anyone steps forward, I'll roast the old hag's brains!

-Inspector, throw down your guns! -Throw down your guns!

-No, son! -Let my mother go!

-No, Bablu, don't move ahead! -I'm your enemy, leave my Mom alone.

-Don't come forward, Bablu! -Don't use women as shields. Let her go!

-Bablu, don't move. -Fight with me!

-No, Bablu! -Fight with me!

-Don't move forward. -Fight with me!


My son! My son! Are you OK?

Forgive me.

Working with you, I had become like you.

I met Bablu and found out about goodness.

The world needs neither Manu nor Lily.

It needs people like them

When did I imagine this?

When did I know?

That you'd change this much.

That you'd want me this much.

That you'd love me this much That you'd express it like this My beloved, my darling Thank you, it's all your doing