Early Spring (1956) Script

Good morning. Good morning.

The garbage man never comes.

That's so true.

It's that lazy ward office.

Now don't forget I told you last night. Remember?

What was it again?

A bulb for the toilet.

Shall I buy two?

No, one will do.

Drain the water good.

Listen, there isn't much time.

You'll be late for work.

I've five minutes more.

Shaving, aren't you?

No, I'm not.

You'd better.

We've only got bread.


You ate up all the rice last night.

Stop playing mah jong.

You got ten points too many.

That can't be.

Have you told them yet?

Sounds like fun.

Let's decide this noon.

What's all this?

Something good.

Real good. We won't take you.

Why not?

Where are you all going?

Nice place. Interesting place.

Train's here.

Look at all the people.

It's amazing.

We were there a few minutes ago.

An earlier train isn't so bad.

Every morning, 340,000 office workers.

One whole Sendai City.

So I'm a mere 1/340,000th, eh?


How'd you make out?

No luck. Just one small prize.

You were smart to stop.

Did you see Miura?

Couldn't go. I was busy.

Is he very bad?

Yes, he seems to be.

How will we do it?

Don't you need reservations?

You're right.

Let's meet at the station at 8.

Too early.

Maybe for you.

Let's just go where we feel like.

What do you all say? How much will it cost?

The last time...

It cost 400 yen, I remember.

400 yen, okay, everybody?

Okay. Where are we going?

We'll hike from Enoshima.

But where to?

I promised my wife this Sunday...

Where are you going? Shopping.

I'll tempt you away. Go on. Do that.

It's decided. The station at 8.

Wives are welcome.

Let Beanpole know.

I'll tell Pinko, Chako.

The weather...

Don't worry. It's been fine every Sunday.

Well, back to the grind.

Say, Onodera's here.

I see. He's in the chief's office.

Those 200 tons for Omi can be sent at once.

This other order needs checking.

Is that so?

Well, Sugiyama...

When did you arrive?

By the night train.

I'll leave the rest to you.

Let's go over there.

How have you been? I've been well.

What brings you here?

A couple of big orders but...

The managing director's away.

I see.

I wasn't planning on staying very long.

Oh, I see.

Do you have some time today? What is it?

Let's go see Kawai.

Yes. Good idea.

A coffee shop...

You mean Blue Mountain? That's it.

Kawai is an unusual fellow.

Haven't gone there recently.

You should now and then.

Omori's to be the Osaka manager.

I just heard. There'll be more changes.

Perhaps you'll come back to Tokyo.

Not yet. I'll still be an exile.

- Then we'll meet later. Yeah, I'll see you later.

So Omori got a promotion.

What about Arakawa?

Arakawa's smart. Standing pat.

Jumped from labor union chief to director.

Just met him. Acts like a born director.

An odd type.

How's he act to you?

Thinks I'm an Onodera man.

He thinks like that.

Thanks for the coffee.

Thank you.

How's Miura?

Not very encouraging.

Three long months.

What's wrong?

His lungs. He's sick in bed.

That's not so good.

Is Arakawa complaining about it?

He thinks Miura is your protégé.

That was five years ago.

Arakawa's never forgotten.

Long memory, that man.

It's ready.

Let's go to my room.

Yes, please do that.

If you insist.

Shall we? This way.

Sorry to trouble you.

How are things at Otsu?

Getting along somehow.

You can come and see Lake Biwa.

The boat trip's nice.

I used to row there long ago.

A crew team?

Rowed No. 5. The good old days.

More beer?

And now?

In a business that's just so-so.

But then I'm my own boss.

Good! I envy you.

No fixed time for starting work.

No rush-hour commuting.

These packed trains are murderous.

That's the fate of the salaryman.

Only company directors have autos.

You were smart to open this shop.

I wonder.

Sometimes I just hate my work.

But it's difficult to change.

Worse if you have children.

For you, now would be the time.

I'm not quitting.

I see.

Sure. You still have your dreams.

But a free life...

Mine's not that different.

I'm a salaried man.

The public pays my wages.

You should stay here tonight.

I'll stay at Sugiyama's tonight.

I see.

Well, anyway, the world today isn't very interesting.

Everyone's dissatisfied.

You ought to try to have a good time.

You're right.

That's the only way.

I guess that's just about it.

I've made the bed for you.

Thanks for all your trouble.

Pitcher there?


What about you?

I take the 8:28 train.

I'll leave then.

Better not hit the rush hour.

There's no reason to rush.

There's no use going so early.

I'd like to wander around a bit.

Good night, then.

Good night.

Wake me up in time.

Yes. Good night.

He hasn't changed a bit.

A few more gray hairs.

Hand me that.

We're going hiking Sunday. Want to join us?

Where? From Enoshima.

Shall I?

Pinko and Patty are going.

And Goldfish.

Why is she called that?

She's very pretty.

It's her big eyes.

Affectionate too. Best seen from afar.

That's mean.

Wait just a little more.

For what?

I have to finish washing the rice.

Well, hurry up.

He won't be cold?

Don't worry.

Hey! Let's take a rest.

We just rested a little while ago.

Where are we going to eat?

He's a nuisance.

He ate five rolls at the last rest.

Are we there yet?

Leave him alone.

Come on. Hurry.

Those two are way behind.

They ate their lunch back there.

Where's the wife?

At her mother's.

Should have come.

Hiking's no fun.

Why not? I feel good.

Not me. I'll never come again.

You said that last time.

Oh, a truck. Let's hitch a ride.

Do you think they'll stop?

Can we hitch a ride?

We'll be waiting up ahead.

A nice day. Why didn't you go?

With your hubby?

It seemed like a waste of money.

Did our landlord complain?

No, he didn't say anything.

But it's bad.

Yes, I know.

The rent there is so very cheap.

I know.

You should pay more promptly.

It's my husband's fault.

Well! And you chose each other.

No more loans.

You might take some oden home.

I won't.

Sugiyama ate a lot here in the old days.

He must like it.

That's because he was broke.

It's fixed, Mother.

Thank you.

Miko having kittens?

So it seems.

What about your place?


Any more babies coming?

Don't want any.

Don't you feel a bit Ionely?

I'm used to it.

That child would be in school by now.

Oh, stop it, Mother.

Where's Ko?

He has a part-time job Sundays.

Well, that's good.

Jobs are scarce for graduates.

I'm worrying about Koichi.

Just lying after graduating.

Ask Sugiyama about a job.

So much worrying.

I'm just a bundle of worries.

Has Sugiyama gotten a raise?

It's hard to get a 1 ,000 yen raise.

No electric cushion for me then.

You won't need it. It's warm out.

Well, I'm going.

Sure you won't take anything?

Maybe I will.

Just a little.

Don't forget to put in the mustard.

All right.

I'll put in lots. It's delicious today.

Why all the smiles?

What? Why are you so happy?

Well, now, I really wonder why.

Don't be silly.

How about lunch together.

No, I can't today.

Why not?

No reason. Just because...

You're acting strange.

I'm suspicious.

Here you go.

I met Kanten this morning.

So nasty.


Jealous about that hiking trip.

Our truck ride.

Let him be.

It's so silly. Nothing happened.

Nothing could have.


Of course not.

Then why is he so jealous?

Someday we two might...


Staying at your brother's place? At my sister's.

She's so fond of her husband.

Mustn't be jealous.

If you stay out...

They'll scold, but I don't care.

What happens when you're late?

She complains a little.

Afraid? Of the wife?


It's better to be that way.

This iron's no good.

Falling apart. We can't fix it.

Buy a new one.

I would if I could. But it's still usable.

Still usable. That sounds sad.

More work today?

No, I can go straight home now.

The pillow case is torn.

Just leave it. Drink some tea.

You can do what you want. I envy you.

All by yourself.

Don't be silly.

Try widow. You'd cry too.

I wonder if I'd cry.

You would. Buckets full.

You said you'd die if you couldn't marry him.

Maybe I did. But that was long ago.

Have some more sugar.

It's too sweet already.

You won't remarry?

Not unless I meet someone nice.


She's different. She's never married at all.

She's been working ever since she graduated school.

Working with men all this time must have sharpened her up.

Then she's looking? Maybe.

But they do say that old maids often grab unwisely.

Better be careful.

Yes, it might apply to me.

That's right.

Who is it?

It's me. Welcome home.

Isn't he early? He's early sometimes.

Hello. Just dropped in.

You see, Sakae came to Unoki...

I'm famished. Supper ready?

Not yet.

What? Not yet?

I'll go buy you some meat.

This late?

That's right.

Don't bother!

Make yourself at home.

Where is he going?

I don't know.

He's angry. He thinks a wife's just a cooking machine.

I feel that way when I'm hungry.

Especially when just home from work.

So what do you do?

So I eat only bread.

Say, I'm hungry.

Shall we eat Sukiyaki?

I'll go buy the meat.

I'll cook the rice.

How much meat?

Just a little bit will do.

Do you have wrapping cloth? You can use my shopping bag.

I'll be back soon. Don't get lost.

Thank you.

Looks good.

My section chief's cold blooded.

Remember the kid that got hit by the truck?

I read about it.

He says we paid too much insurance.

That poor kid.

Which tile did you just throw away? This one.

Can you buy at a discount?

Sure. What about it?

We need a washing machine.


Nope. I just asked.

Thought so.

Hey, stop that.

Good evening.

Suka told me you were all here.

Whose cigarette holder? Mine.

A woman's.

Yes. My wife's. I borrowed it.


Never mind. It brings me luck.

See! Two South Winds.

Yeah, right.

That's the one!

Hm, 240 points.

Idiot! Such a low score.

Failed you.

240, eh?

Wants to be near Sugiyama, eh?


Goldfish, since that hike I'm suspicious.

Meaning what?

What was that? The eight of characters.

Hey, a good hand.

Mine's good too. Very good.

What a liar.

Shut up. It'll get good soon.


Hey, Aoki.

Where are you going? To the ministry.

What are you doing?

Just working.

So funny! The train door caught Goldfish's skirt.

Beanpole pulled a lever. The train came to a full stop.

She deserves worse.

I know. Serves her right. I felt good.


Seemed all right when I met him.

I wonder. His mother's here now.

A hospital's best but he hates that.

Sugiyama, phone.

Calling on Miura today?

I'll go too.

Hello, this is Sugiyama.

Oh, it's you.



Sorry, I can't go tonight.

Wife phoned. I got to hurry home.

Give Miura my regards. Sure.

Tell him I'll go another day.

Here you go.

- Thank you for waiting. Sure, just throw it here.

How did you manage it?

Said I had to hurry home.

What a naughty man.

Mm, good. What about you?

I'll drink.

Like this place? It's quiet.

Wonder what your wife's doing.

Getting supper ready?

Busy with her makeup after the bath?

Why so quiet?

This one's ready.

No fun being a wife.


Know that song?

In the sky today an ad balloon I know it.

The wife in that song waits so patiently.

Do you tell her everything?

It all depends.

About today.

I don't know.

Tell her. I don't care.

But if I don't and you don't.

How would she ever know?

Did you call?


Bad manners.

You pressed the bell.

Lipstick. Use this.

More beer?

I'll have some more too.

It looked so pretty last night.

But it's really dirty.

Look what's floating there.

What's wrong?


Let's get ready. Time to go.

Why not take the day off?

Call your company.

Can't do that.

Hey. What?

Are you sorry?

It's all so very confusing.

What is?

The way I feel.

I didn't mind about your wife.

It never bothered me before.

But it's strange. Very strange.

What is?

I hate your wife now.

Is it jealousy?

Come on, hurry up.

I've become so fond of you.

What shall I do?

I'm leaving.

Please wait for me.

No time. I'll go on ahead.

When's next time?

Don't know.

You're mean.

Do you go often?

Of course I don't.

But a customer called Tsu-san told me it was a sure thing, betting 4-4 on the eighth race.

Put the soy sauce in yet?

Just a little.

No, that's too much.

Did you win?

Anyway, another horse won.

Sure? Not hiding your winnings?

No. I'd treat you if I'd won.

Does he stay out often?

Not often.

Then you needn't worry.

Can I take the pot off?

Yes, if it's started to boil.

He plays mah jong late but he's usually home by now.

Your father was that way.

What's happened?

I wonder.

What about you?

Resting today.

How nice for you. Not at all.

I need a rest once in a while.

I'm home.

There. Your husband's home.

Welcome back.

I'm all tired out. What a night.

Thought I'd drop in.

Had to come to Kawasaki.

I see.

Is Koichi studying hard?

Will you help him find a job?

But he hasn't graduated yet.

What a night.

What happened?

I went to see Miura. He's in bad shape.

How so?

His mother's here from the country. She cried and cried.

Just couldn't leave.

You stayed at Miura's?

No, at Kimura's. Miura's sick.

Kimura went with me.

More mah jong?

No, we didn't play mah jong.


We were too worried.

I'm going to the bath.

Hey. What?

What's that for? Are you hungry?

Be right back.

I'll have a quick bath.

- You're staying, aren't you? I'll be back.

Please, make yourself at home.

Have a good bath.

Where was he?

Visited a sick friend.

See. Nothing more than that.

No need to worry.

Not a bit.

Yes, you are.

Well, let's eat. Supper. Supper.

One hot dog.

Playing hooky?

What do you mean? It's Saturday.

Were you late today?

No, I took an earlier train.

Goldfish with you?

Thought so!

I was with Sugiyama. So?

Something's going on. Fishy.

What are you talking about?

Never noticed?

Sugi, Goldfish.

Suspicious. They never ride together.

Don't you see?

Like yesterday...

They avoid each other in public.

And act unconcerned.

What's wrong with that?

It's odd. Why don't they talk? Like you and me?

I'd never be interested in you.

That's very rude.

Very well.

Is there something more? Lots more.

Tell me. No.

I'll have more milk.

Come on, tell me. Come on.

Why won't you tell me?

- Need the soap? No, thanks.

- Well, then, goodbye. Goodbye.

Acting funny.

What kind of man was she with?

Handsome. Like a movie actor.

They say he's a married man.


Forgot this. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Weren't there rumors before?

All the time. It's nothing new.

A beautiful day.

Nice sky. A week's so long.


Oh, hello. Come in.

I'm sorry. I forgot about this.

Thank you so much. Don't mention it.

Your mother's a fine cook.

Thank you.

I put some cookies in it for you.

Isn't that nice.

I think they taste rather good.

- Shall I make some tea? Oh, don't trouble yourself.

Your husband.

He'll be late tonight.

He comes home early.

Unusually. It won't last.

The same with my husband. In his younger days.

Until one day I discovered the reason.

What was it?

A woman. But my hunch was wrong.

She worked in a pool hall, not a cabaret.

He paid for her apartment.

One day I barged in.

There he was. Cutting up dried bonito.

Just then the woman came in.

She was carrying tofu.

Awful woman. Gold teeth.

What did you do?

I really made that tofu fly.

You must watch closely.

Mine never plays around now.

But that's the way he was.

Oh, he's back.

I wish he'd be late sometimes.

Always being early is a nuisance.

Yes, I'm coming.

Excuse me.

Where's yours?

War buddies reunion.

A bit anxious, aren't you?

You must be hungry.

I bought some salmon.

I've got some tofu.

Cut up some dried bonito.

Hey, drink up.

Let me pour for you.

Remember those Changhsien days?

We ate that dog meat sukiyaki.

Tasted good too, I remember.

Nothing finer since coming home.

You just think that.

Well, maybe so.

Nishijima, expert dog catcher.

That's true.

Never saw anyone so timid though.

When the bullets started coming, he dropped his gun and prayed.

Always writing to his wife.

That's true.

After he got killed in battle know what we found?

He had one of those pictures... you know.

Went to his house when we got back.

His wife talked of him as being among the bravest of the brave.

That's how wives are.


I met her the other day.


On a Ueno street corner.

She'd already remarried.

All made-up. Seems happy, though.

Hm, not so good.

Well, not for Nishijima.

That's true.

We're lucky we didn't die.

Hey, why so quiet?

Come on, let's get with it.

- Good evening! We're home!

Come on in.

Good evening.

Come on in.

The missus? Very sorry.

Barging in so late.

Not at all. You're welcome.

Let's go upstairs.

So you really did have a reunion.

You thought I was lying?

Now that's a nice wife.

Well... Right?

Let's drink. Just a little more.

Teeny-weeny bit.

I'll go and see.

Yeah, go and see.

Any saké around?

No saké.


No. You've had enough.

Those two drunkards.

They insisted on coming.

No saké. Too bad.


There isn't any.

Any what?


Oh, saké.

Had enough?

Let me buy some.

The stores are closed.

It's okay.

Excuse me.

Going somewhere?

Saké store... this way?

They're asleep by now.

You think so?

By now?

It's past 1.


Think they're sleeping?

Well, well, so they're sleeping.

If you're ever in Kawaguchi please drop in.

I make pots and kettles, see?

Kintaro trademark, see?

You've seen it?

You haven't?

Hey, what you doing?

I want to give the missus a kettle.

Same old story.

At that last place too.

He told the girls, he was giving them kettles.

It's publicity.

No. Give them away.

But he's never given me one yet.

It's not nice.

Hey, come on up.

Get some sleep. Bed's ready.

Hey, Kintaro Trademark!

Excuse me. I'm a little drunk.

Good night. Good night.

Be careful. I'm fine.

Do you know what tomorrow is?

Are you going?

To our son's grave? Sure.

Time to go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Oh, yeah. Get up.

Enough covers?

Yeah, we're fine.

Good night.

You're not leaving us?

Where you going?

To bed.

Aw, come on. Sleep here.

It's our reunion. Stay here.

I haven't any more bedding.

You don't need any.

Remember that time we slept in a barn? On the hay?

That's right. It was warm too.

Don't go away. Stay with us.

All right, I will.

I better change.

It's all right this way.

Me too.

Wonderful to be buddies.

Wonderful. And everyone's happy.

All right. Taps.

Lights out? Lights out!

My head aches.

You sure were drunk last night.

How did I get here?

After we walked to the station you insisted on coming this way.

What about you?

Don't you remember?

At Kamata Station, you pulled me off.

Really? Can't remember a thing.

We drank at some open-air stand.

So we did.

Ate grilled chicken.

We did? Grilled chicken?

I'm sure we did. Didn't we?

Then the two of you saw me home.

We slept here?

I'm sorry...

Me too.

But it was fun.


What is it?

A moment?

What is it?

I'll go on ahead.

Going already?

Where should I meet you?

I don't know what time you'll be done.

What was it? Nothing.

You know, we sort of envy you.


Your being a salaried worker.


Big company, nice work.

Salary comes in regularly every month.

With two bonuses every year.

Salary goes up and up.

Finally you're a director.

Meaning a man needs an education.

No, indeed. You're better off.


You got a special skill.

That's valuable.

All I can do is assemble radios.

Television sets too.

That's good.

You specialize in kettles. I've got nothing.

If I'm fired, then I starve.

You're exaggerating.

Oh, no.

Salaried workers are a dime a dozen.

Only one in a thousand becomes a director.

Is that how it is?

You're smart. You'll get there.


If I'm fired, let me sell your kettles.


Kintaro trademark? Too bad for Sugiyama.


Hello. Going out?

Yes, for a little while.

Have a good day.

Mrs. Sugiyama?

Early today.

Fasten this, will you?

That paint okay?

It's fine.

You know, it's funny.

What is?

Face powder all splotchy.

It just might mean...

...I might be pregnant.



You couldn't be.

I just don't feel right.

You don't?

Since... Since when?

Last month.

With a child, we'd starve.

No use saying that. Your fault.

You sure about this?

It's not possible.

There's nothing we can do.

It just can't be.

But what if it's true?

Better go see the doctor now.

You got any money? Don't you?

I haven't any.

Wait till payday.

Things will be worse later on.

Oh, no. It just can't be.

Sorry I made you lose money on that race.

It's all right. Couldn't be helped.

You see.

It was a day of upsets.

I know.

Here you go, Mother.

Oh, Masako. You here?

It's been a while.

Getting along with your husband?

Come, pour me a drink.

You've certainly gotten pretty.

And you never age.

Do you think so?

Well, I'd better be going.

Charge it.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

- Oh, my bag. Oh, yes.


Don't you have to go? I'm fine.

Your guests will all be gone.

Maybe not.

Such vulgar people.

And he calls them friends.

They laugh at such silly things.

But remember, they faced bullets together.

Soldiers like that.

No wonder Japan lost the war.

He forgot about our son.

I forget my husband's death anniversary too.

That night he didn't come home.

Lipstick on his handkerchief.

No telling where he stayed.

Worrying like that only goes to show you're still really in love.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are. I can tell.

Take something home?

I won't.

My, my, why so cranky today?

I've been suspicious all along.

Chako told me about it.

I saw them walking together.


After that recital.

This isn't good. It hasn't been for a while.

What do you say? Let's hold a court of inquiry.

Let's do that. When should we do it?

Maybe tonight.

We could call it a noodle party.

Aoki, will you come?

I've got my own problems.


You wouldn't understand.

Makes my head ache.

You look depressed.

That's the way I feel.

What's wrong?

Life is gloomy.

What's happened?

How will we tell them?

I'll phone Sugi right now.

Call Goldfish too, will you?

Hello, is this the Towa Fire-Brick Company?

May I speak to Sugiyama?

Can I have some ice water? Me too.

Hello, Sugi? It's me, Nomura.

What? A noodle party? Where?

At Mullet's? I'll come if I can.

All right, I'll try to.

Mr. Arakawa wants you.



Finished your lunch?

Yes, I have.

This way.

Sit down.

Cigarette? Thank you.

It's been hot lately.

Well, it's like this.

I want you to work in Mitsuishi.

A transfer?


It's far away but you'll benefit by learning the production side.

Two, three years at the most.

Will you think it over?

Yes, let me think it over.

Do that.

This might seem abrupt to you.

It's come up suddenly.

Let me know soon as possible.

Thanks for lending me these.

What about chopsticks?

We have chopsticks. Thank you.

I borrowed them.

Tastes good.

Put in the noodles. I'll do it.

So you're from Nagoya.

Where in Nagoya? Nakamura.

The same as Hideyoshi.

A good study in contrasts.

What about you?

I come from Tosa, same as Ryoma.

Birthplace of loyalists and simpletons.

What'd you say?

That's what comes from boasting.

What are you talking about?

You're late.

Took a bath first.

Any left? It's got meat?

Canned meat.

Sugi's not here.

Went someplace.

Is that so?

Looks good.

What's that?

Got it playing pachinko.

Pass it around.

Pachinko- crazed?

Not exactly.

But got to do something.

I know. We're locked up all day.

In our jail.

Commuting in packed trains.

Yes-yes-ing a grouchy boss.

Salary never goes up.

Bonus never comes out.

Our sole joy, noodles.

Eaten silently.

Hear, hear.

They're here.

Sorry I'm late.

Looks good. Give me some too.

Didn't you come with Sugiyama?

No, I didn't.

Where is he?

I don't know.

- Here, it's good. Thanks.


Careful! Or someone'll have to buy you a new dress.

No one would do that for me.

No? I thought someone might.

Don't be silly.


Won't Sugiyama buy a dress for you?

- What? A dress.

Any reason why he should?

Seeing you two are so friendly.

Gossip links you both.


You and Sugi.

Stop talking nonsense.

Any idea how such gossip began?

Of course not.

You must know.

What are you saying?

What are you all driving at?

Why was I invited?

To eat noodles.

Don't lie. Tell me the truth.

You won't mind?

Why should I?

It's like this.

Sugi has a wife.

So what?


A thing like this can happen.

I realize that.

But is it a good thing? What does it...

Listen to me.

Think what such a relationship must mean to the wife.

What if you were the wife?

And another Goldfish came by?

How would you feel?

It wouldn't be very nice.

That's the point.

Try some criticism.

That's what you lack.

It's something people need.

What proof do you have?

About me and Sugi?

Tell me frankly.

Ask your own conscience.

About what?

Ashamed? No.

There's no smoke without fire.

So what?

You were walking with Sugi.

Can't I do that?

It seems funny.

You're the one who's funny.

If you saw us, why didn't you speak to us?

Not me. Hasegawa.

Tell me.

Two's company.

What do you mean?

You're getting it all wrong.

You're prejudiced.

Like somebody's mother-in-law.

I'll walk with you. And you.

So don't be too suspicious.

It's too... too annoying.

Are you men or not? Cowards.

I've been listening.

You fellows were unkind.

No, she needs to be told off. It's humanism.

We are being rationally pure.

Didn't sound that way.

That's not what you were.

But can it be true?

What? Sugi and Goldfish.

I'm sure of it.

The way she denied it though...

A cool fish, that Goldfish.

Which one made the first move?


Probably Sugi.

Yes, but if it's really true...

Lucky Sugi, the rascal.

You know, I kind of envy him.

This is fine humanism.

Quite a guy, that Sugi.

Don't mix up humanism and envy.

Because then it's not humans.

You're right.


Have I become very thin?

Lying in bed is so tiring.

It must be.

Sick 100 days already.

In May that sky was light blue.

It was the Boy's festival time.

Midsummer clouds up there now.

Kimura came the other day.

You intended coming then?

Something came up. I'm sorry.

It's just that I keep thinking of my friends.

Sure, I know.

I envy healthy people.

I get foolish thoughts.

In the morning, I think about the rush hour's packed train.

Then I'm on the elevator.

It stops at the 7th floor.

I go through the office door.

Yokoi and Shiokawa are there.

Shiokawa's still early?

He'll be retiring in October.

Is that so?

Wonder if I'll be up by then.

I'm so proud of the company.

It was during a school excursion that I first saw that building.

It was lighted up, at twilight.

I felt as if I had gone abroad.

It surprised me.

I dreamed about that building.

Later I entered a Tokyo school...

You'd better not talk so much.

Don't worry. I feel good today.

It'll tire you out.

When the company hired me I was overjoyed.

Bought a new suit right then.

I'll never forget that day.

Welcome back.

I'm sorry for being so late.

It was a nice bath.

Would you care for some fruit?

Don't bother.

Miura's much better.

Yes. It makes me very happy.

He's hoping after he recovers to find a house in a quiet spot.

Wants me to live in Tokyo too.

Why, that'll be very nice.

It's about time he married too.

I've picked out a country girl.

Oh, mother, don't talk so much.

About time I left.

Don't go. Stay a little longer.

I've never felt so good.

That's really great.

I'm home.

Welcome home.

Had some noodles.

Where did you go?

Visited Miura.

You go a lot.

Where? To Miura's.

What's wrong with that?

You didn't stay there this time?

Goldfish was here.

For what?

She seemed eager to see you.

She'd been crying.

The firm wants to transfer me.


To a post in Mitsuishi.

Where is that?

That's in Okayama Prefecture.

I said I'd think it over.

What do you intend to do?

I don't know.

I wouldn't mind going there.

It's in the mountains.

Far better than here in Tokyo.

What about you?


Don't want to?

Is Tokyo more interesting?

It's not that.

Some attraction here?

What are you saying?

I just wanted to ask.

You're being odd.

Nothing odd about it.

Stop insinuating.

About what?

You're talking like a fool.

Good evening.

Anyone home?

It's Goldfish.

What's happened? Why are you here?

Can you come outside?

Is it important?

What is it at this hour?

I'm sorry about earlier. Don't mention it.

Why don't you go?


Better go. See what she wants.


Thank you. Of course.

I'll be back soon.

I kept on denying everything.

But they kept on asking, asking.

I started to cry.

They'll get you next.

Mullet told me to think of your wife.

Asked what if I were the wife.

What am I to do?

Tell me. What am I to do?

Calm down. You're too excited.

I'm really confused.

It's late. Go home and sleep.

I can't sleep tonight. Listen.

Try to sleep. Let's go back.

Wait. Let's walk a little more. Please.

We must go back.

Asleep already?

Too bright. Turn it off.

What was it?

Nothing much.

A long time for nothing much.

She's strange.

How so?

Why haven't you made my bed?

My bed made?

I'll get some sleep.

Warm tonight.

Wait. I want to talk to you.

Sit down.

What is it?

You're hiding things from me.

I may look dumb but I know.

Know what?

What is she to you?

Who? Goldfish.

We take the same train.

No more?

Why did she come here tonight?

If it's nothing then why not tomorrow?

Ask Goldfish about it.

Don't be like that.

Where is your shirt?

There it is. Hand it over.

There's lipstick on it.

Do you still say it's nothing?

That night too, the same lipstick.

What's going on?

I can guess.

Want me to leave?

Don't be ridiculous.

It's no use trying to fool me.

You've changed. Forgotten all about our child.

Good morning.

Your wife went out very early.

I have the key.

Another hot day today.

If you'll excuse me.

Sorry I'm late.

Miura died.


This morning. At dawn.

He was feeling good last night.

I went to see him.

Overdose of sleeping pills.

He did say he wasn't sleeping.

So Miura's dead...

I hear they want to transfer you.

Want to go?

If not, you can turn it down.

The management ought to consult the union about such things.

Family circumstances...

I haven't said yet.

Think it over carefully.

Too bad about Miura.

A good man.

To die at 32... It's a pity.

Well, think carefully.

Yes, thanks a lot.

Thank you for coming.

This is his sister's husband.

Thank you for coming.

Mr. Sugiyama entered the company at the same time my son did.

A terrible shock for you.

I just can't believe it yet.

He was so happy last night, talking to you.

So unexpected.

His brother died in the war.

I no longer have any sons.

No one to... to complain to me.

I will see you later.

Thank you very much.

Good evening.

Good evening.

It's really too bad.

I was with him here last night.

Maybe he was lucky never knowing what a salaried worker's life is like.

Never saw a happier office worker.

That's true.

He would have tired of it later.

I don't think so. Not him.

Think so?

Perhaps you're right.

All the worse then to die.

Then again, he was a bachelor.

You get disillusioned fast if you have a wife and children.

Babies come faster than raises.

Maybe Miura was lucky after all.

We live on. But we're not happy.

I'm home.

Welcome back.

You're still here. Am I in the way?

You're handy to have around.

Here's some hamburger.

What else for supper?

Mackerel soup. Beer too.

It was so hot today.

On the third floor but there's no breeze.


This room's cooler than Kamata.

Oh, oh, thinking about?


Your husband.


Kamata's hot, is it?

Don't be silly!

Paid the newspaper boy.

What about that transfer?

Who knows?

What if he goes?

Good riddance.

You're lying. Honestly.

But he wants to stay in Tokyo.

Maybe so.

After finally finding someone else.

I said, let's go, just to make him mad.

Good for you. Good psychology.

But really?

Wouldn't like it.

Just like me.

That's right. I remember.

If a husband starts coming home late the wife had better watch out.

Got to be careful.

Better not go home anymore.

I won't.

Good for you.

He phoned here today.

How did he find out?

Asked my mother maybe.

What did he say?

I hung up at once.

That's the way.

Good for you.

Teach him a good lesson.

You mustn't spoil him.

That was my big mistake.

You know, about the second time.

Was there one before?

He died so there wasn't a third.

Don't go home too early. The voice of experience.

Hey, Sugi, are you home?

Is that you, Aoki? Come on in.

Packing already?

When are you going?

I'm leaving Monday.

And your wife?

At her mother's.

I heard from Mullet.

He came last night.

What happened?

I'm going to a quiet place to think things over.

I mean with your wife.

We argued.

That's no good. Shall I go get her?


Fighting's bad.

What about you?

Of course, I argue too.

I'll help you.

I won't be needing them.

None of them?

I'll bundle them up then.

Say, Sugi...

Wife of a friend of mine got pregnant.

They can't support a child.

Very sad case.

What should they do?

In your case...

How was it?

How'd you feel at the time?

Not particularly happy about it.

Is that how it was?


Matter of fact, it's me and my wife.


I'm not happy. Just confused.

No need to be confused.

We're too poor.

Oh, you'll manage somehow.

You think so?

I felt like you do.

But you'll soon love the child.

When ours got sick and died I just couldn't stop crying.

Is that the way it is?

We've never had another.

Consider yourself lucky.

What'll it be like?

No one can tell that.

A statesman maybe, or a philosopher.

No use worrying about that now.

As the child grows up you'll be proud and happy.


I'd better welcome it then. That's right.

But I just wondered...

...I took my wife to the embankment.

Had her jump off there.

Will the baby be all right?

Can't guarantee yours. Mine was.

Then mine's okay.

I'd want a strong one, anyway.


It's Goldfish.

Goldfish? Come on in.


Oh, are you here?

I have to go. It's still early.

Got this problem. What?

It's secret yet.

I'll be going, Sugi.

About the farewell party.

Don't bother.

You come too.

Bye. Bye.

You're going away.

You didn't tell me.

Did you plan to leave secretly?

I meant to tell you.

You're lying. You wanted to run away from me.

That's not so.

I'd have told you.

You're lying!

It's the truth.

I wanted to apologize.

Why? There's no reason to apologize.

Just say it was a mistake.

But don't just run away.

I'm not running away.

You are. That other night too.

I know you're leaving me.

I'm not trying to force you to like me.

But just be more honest.

I said I would have...

You can't fool me.


Here's the money.

Thank you.

- Oh, welcome. Good evening.

Has Masako come home?

No, not yet.

She hadn't come home yet?

I'm leaving Monday.

Will you look after things?

Yes, of course.

Masako puzzles me.

Koichi, will you go and see?

Never mind. I'll go myself.

That'll be much better.

What is it?

Your sister hasn't gone home.

Sugiyama came to get her.

That's not wise.

It'll make her feel really wanted.

He just can't sit by.

He's going away Monday.

What's wrong?

This and that. He's handsome.

- She got jealous, didn't she? Something like that.

You father acted worse.

Caroused with friends on our wedding night.

What did you do?

Thought that's the way men are.

After all it's a man's world.

You're old-fashioned, Mother.

Old or new, men never change.

Did you meet Sugiyama?

He was going to your place.

Your underskirt's showing.

Keep your mind on other things.

What are you doing?

I needed my things.

Not that.

What do you plan to do? He's leaving.

About time you went home.

It's foolish to be so jealous.

Yes, you are.

Sending him off alone?

- It's fine. No, it's not.

You'd better go home. I won't.

He's going away.

Well, let him?

Marriage isn't like that.

I know he feels he was wrong.

Meet him halfway. Don't make it worse.

Mother, a customer.

Are you sure you're being wise?

I'll have another.

Not overdoing it?

Feel great. One more, anyway.


Good evening.


He's leaving Monday.

They say it's a Ionely place.

So I hear.

I came to say goodbye.

I appreciate that.

Hope to see Onodera on the way.

Give him my regards.

So you're finally going.

Miura is dead. You leaving. It'll be Ionesome.

Are you being transferred?

The firm where I worked...

Is that so? A promotion?

No? That's fine anyway.

This is where I'm employed.

It's a very small company.

But you're a very hard worker.

I'm not so sure about that.

I'm nearing the retirement age.

How many years have you worked?

It's exactly 31 years.

I feel very tired.

Big retirement pay.

Hardly. That's the point.

Hoped after retiring to open a small stationary shop near a school.

Thought I'd just relax.

But the retirement allowance won't be enough.

That's what we got waiting for us.

Just disillusion and Ioneliness.

I've worked 31 long years.

To find life is just an empty dream.

I remember when some of us went to Hakone.

Bus trouble at Oiso.

It happened to be just in front of ex-Minister Ikeda's mansion.

The former Minister of Finance?

Yes, the renowned Seihin Ikeda.

It's not too long since he died.

But no one seems to be taking care of the lawn of the plum trees.

Badly run down.

In the sun-room alone I saw red bougainvillea blooming.

What are they?

A kind of tropical flower.

It made me feel sad.

Seihin Ikeda was high up in Mitsui.

Called him the "No. 1 Salaried Man."

But that's how things are these days.

It makes one think.

Granted that there was a war.

That's true.

Like you say, life is ephemeral.

That's why I strongly opposed my son becoming a salaried man.

Can't figure out the attraction, but he's an office worker now.

Like father, like son, I guess.

Sorry for leaving you out.

How about another one?

Well, it's goodbye for a while.

To your health.

Thank you very much.

Good luck, Sugi.

Don't get sick.

You'll come back to visit, right?

I'll have to stay put.

Not going to eat that?

Sure I will.

You can take half of mine.


It'll be Ionely when Sugi goes.

Take good care of yourself.

Let's sing that song once again.

- Yes, we should. Yes, let's.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Glad you came. Sit here.

Goodbye, Sugi.

- Take care of yourself. Thanks, I will.

When did all this happen?

Ten days ago.

Haven't seen her since?

She refuses to see me.

What started it?

I'm to blame.

A woman?

Be good to your wife.

You should see me nowadays.

No one is as dependable as a wife.

A company can be a cold thing.

At my age, I feel that more and more.

Young men are happy.

Yes, they are.

Kawai said he used to row here.

Yes, he was young too once.

The spring time of life.


We'd better be going.

Well, a mistake is a mistake.

Things are bound to happen.

Just don't make me worry.

I won't. I'm sorry.


Hot, isn't it? How is it in Tokyo?

Tokyo's hot too.

Mountains shut out the wind.

Must be dull here after Tokyo.

I'm back.


When did you come?

Before noon.

Train crowded?

Somewhat. But I found a seat.

My letter...

I read it. Onodera wrote too.

What did he say?

He told me to come here.

Told me not to make things worse.

And not suffer to be stubborn.

It's a small town.

I saw when I went shopping.

Three years here will be Ionely.

That's true.

It'll be good for both of us.

I'm sorry. I really am.

It was partly my fault too.

Let's forget it.

I don't know what happened.

It's all over.

Your landlady told me all you do is read.

That's quite a change.

There's nothing else to do here.

It makes me happy to hear that.

I'm glad I came.

Let's start all over again.

Yes, let's.

We'll make it work.

Of course we will.

Look. The train.

We could be in Tokyo tomorrow.

I know that.

Three years will pass quickly.