Eaten Alive! (1980) Script

Come here, kids. Come here.

Hey you, Stop!


This is Miss Morris, Lieutenant. Good morning. Please, take a seat.

I'd like to introduce you to Inspector Logan from the F.B.l.

Sheila Morris.

We're lucky that you left Alabama's sunshine.

Thanks for coming right away. That's what I call a sense of duty.

Did something happen to Diana? I didn't fully understand what they were saying on the telephone.

Sorry. How long has it been since you've heard from your sister?

About six months. But why? Did something happen to her?

I don't think so. Nothing definite. Where is she now?

Six months ago she was here in New York. She was doing sculpture in Greenwich.

She called me once in a while and she seemed very happy.

After that she disappeared, but I didn't worry too much.

It wasn't the first time she'd done that.

Sheila, some strange things happened in New York and elsewhere last week.

Three murders, three men killed by darts soaked with cobra poison.

Cobra poison? Exactly.

And all three were killed by the same man, an Asian. He was Birmanian, or maybe Malaysian.

But we can't bother him with questions because he was hit by a truck. He had no identification.

Strange, don't you think? We know absolutely nothing about him except that he's Asian.

We're pretty much in the dark.

Okay, but I don't understand the connection to Diana.

Look. We found this in the killer's pocket.

What is it?

An 8mm color film. Diana Morris, 14 East Street, is written on the box.

The landlady there told us some interesting things.

Apparently, your sister was involved in a questionable group.

Have you heard of a certain Jonas?

No. Who is he?

A crazy man, probably a drug addict.

He was preaching in Greenwich about returning to nature leading to the salvation of the soul, and other nonsense.

Now he has a group of naive ecologists in the palm of his hands.

And you think that Diana was... Yes.

We think she's one of his followers.

It seems they all left together.

But... where?

That's what we'd like to know.

Listen Sheila, your sister, wherever she is, is somehow involved in these three murders.

She hasn't written to you in all these months?

We haven't been close lately.

We almost never saw each other.

We have to find her. The F.B.l. is already involved.

Meanwhile, you should watch that film. We've already seen it.

It's very interesting, believe me.

That's my sister Diana.

Can you tell where this is?

Judging by the Buddha, somewhere in Southeast Asia.

What are they doing, Professor Carter?

I don't know.

But it's very strange.

You mean cruel?

Professor, where was this shot? I need to know, that's why I came to you.

This film is the only clue I have to find my sister.

I understand, but I can only form a hypothesis.

That strange night ritual could be a Fakir Gathering in Borneo, or a ceremony of the Purification Sect in New Guinea.

But I can't say with any certainty.

Sorry, what was that? Purification Sect... What is that exactly?

An ancient indigenous ritual society that uses pain to bring man closer to nature.

A kind of primitive ecological union, let's call it.

A sect that's against the contamination of the environment and it's resources.

In short, they're a group of fanatics.

They refuse to accept current civilization, they feel it's corrupted.

But what relationship could my sister have with these people?

It's said that the sect has followers everywhere, even in the United States.

I find it pretty unlikely, but then again, Americans usually love anything that's tax free.

Anyway, we'll look into it further.

Hi, Alma.

Do you remember me?

No, but if you're with the police then leave me alone.

I haven't shot up in over three months.

No, no Alma. I'm Professor Carter, you worked for me two years ago at the East Institute.

Don't you remember?

What do you want? Can you just tell me?

Listen, does the name Jonas mean anything to you?

I don't want to hear about that pig. Look. Look what he did to me.

He's crazy, you understand?

All his lies about the Sect of Purification were just bullshit to attract other idiots.

Yes, he hides behind them and makes them his servants. Here's his beautiful religion.

Here's how he purified me.

Where's Jonas now? Do you know?

That big son of bitch took all their money and convinced them to follow him to a pristine and pure world.

To Merauke, or whatever the hell that place is called in New Guinea.

Mind your own business or I'll break you!

Leave me alone, cockroach! Don't touch me! Leave me alone, you coward!

Just stop it, bitch!

Leave me alone!

We can go, Sheila. We won't waste any more time.

You disgust me!

You're lousy!

Are you Miss Morris?

Yes, I am.

I received a telex from Professor Carter. Welcome to New Guinea.


Listen, I don't care that you're American too. Your problem is your problem.

Maybe, but you've got a problem too. Seven years ago you deserted in Vietnam.

As you can see, I know everything. It was an ugly war, I don't blame you.

Listen, why don't you find someone in the consulate to help you instead of me?

I make a lot of money here. That game does really well for me. You saw it yourself.

If one of those bad guys cuts off your arm, what'll you do then?

Send it to the horror museum?

No, no I'll send it to you as a souvenir.

Mark, I'm counting on you. You're the only one who can help me.

Do these mean anything to you?

No, but they were taken in Sakir, a village 400 miles into the jungle.

Have you ever heard of the Sect of Purification?

Listen dear, this part of the world is famous for two things: religious mania and venereal diseases.

All I know is that those ceremonies are done in Sakir.

Fools that love to be hammered on their feet.

I'm willing to pay you well if you take me to Sakir.

You're crazy. There's yellow fever there, and it's the kingdom of cobras.

You're scared, aren't you?

Certainly. Thanks for the offer though, pleasure was all mine.

Find another idiot and have a good trip.

Hey, where are you going?

Wait a minute...

I only work for cash.

It's a little different from the dusty Alabama plains, right?

Yes, there's less smog.

And fewer cars. Are you tired?

Tell me...

What's a girl like you doing in a place like that?

Oh, just watching poor black men break their souls at my father's cotton mill.

Very good. What else?

Listening to rock music. You like rock?

No, I like whiskey.

Here we are. This is Sakir.

You owe me 20,000 George.

George who?

George dollars. $20,000.

This is Sakir?

What did you expect? Rockefeller Center?

Where are the natives?


It's just like the picture.


You see, that was useful in Vietnam.

Stand up!

Stand up and put your hands up!


What do you want?

Listen pal, if you don't lower the gun, it'll be difficult to talk to you.

We're searching for my sister, Diana Morris.

We know she's been here.

No, no white people have been here, except two Norwegian guys a month ago that ripped off a set of precious stones.

But this time I'm doing the ripping. Come here!

And no jokes, you understand?

Sure, I understand.

And you be careful, when old Reeves gets fed up he gets dangerous.

The watch!

Go inside!

That watch belonged to my sister, I'm sure.

Okay, sure. The watch confirms she was here, obviously.

You know, I don't like the story with this old man, I don't like it at all.

That man seems like a criminal. Mark, I'm scared.

I know what you're thinking but it doesn't necessarily mean that...

That they killed her? Is that what you're trying to say?

Is your sister rich?

Three years ago, after the death of our father, we inherited his cotton mill.

I was depressed and Diana took over the administration of the company.

She was in charge of everything.

She was sending me a check regularly until six months ago. Then she suddenly disappeared.

There's obviously something wrong here.

I don't expect you to get involved in this out of pity.

Look, I'll give you $80,000 if you help me find Diana again.

$80,000 more? Yes.

Dead or alive?

Dead or alive.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Be quiet! Get up quickly! Fast! Come on, move!

You know Reeves, I get dangerous too. And now tell us, where's Diana Morris? Where is she?

I swear I don't know anything.

Tell us or I'll break you in two, asshole! Where is she?

No, stop! Stop!

Diana Morris is alive. Yes, alive.


She went with the others a long time ago.

Jonas decided to build the Village of Purification in the jungle, along the river in a place where no white people would find it.

Why'd you stay here?

I was sick. I wouldn't have made it.

The jungle beyond Sakir is dangerous, very dangerous.

No one has ever come out of there alive.

Listen, I'll make you a good deal.

I'll give you one dollar and in return you give me a canoe, two guides and supplies for a week.

And this of course. Agreed? Take it.

And don't try to fool me, or when I come back I'll unload this gun in your head.

Got it? Bravo! OK? Good.

It's the survival of the fittest. Don't be sad, Sheila, unfortunately we'll see worse.

Don't get scared.

Do you want a sip of whiskey? No, thank you.

You're always reserved, huh? You treat me like a stranger, but we have a long journey to make together.

Yes, and is this where you want to go?

Not bad.

By the way, that $80,000 includes taxes.

Sure, but not the right to take you to bed.


Be ready to leave tomorrow at dawn, do you understand? - Yes.

If you weren't so presumptuous, I'd also gladly go to bed.

The village shouldn't be far, unless Reeves lied to us.

It's this lack of human presence that makes me uncomfortable.

We're really unlucky, only this was saved. Do you want it?

Listen, stop thinking, it doesn't work. It was an unfortunate accident.

We couldn't do anything to stop it, do you understand? Now forget it.

We're in a real mess, we lost the canoe and he's scared to death.

Take a drink.

As you wish.

Wake up! Careful.

That son of a bitch ran away.

He took the other backpack with the flashlight and the machete.

I didn't think it could get any worse.

Mark! What's up?

Listen, there's nothing, not even the hum of the insects.

Come on, let's go.

Come on! Let's go!


Shut up!

Come on!

Stand up!

Stand up, Sheila!

Let's not waste time. We have to run if we want to get out of here alive. Do you understand?

We won't get out alive. It's impossible and you know it!

Move, and hurry! Walk!

I saw some pretty bad things in Vietnam... decapitated women, burnt children, old men blinded by gas... but this is crazy.

It's like going back 5,000 years to the Stone Age.


You have to promise me something...


When the cannibals attack us, I want you to kill me.

You feel better?

Now Mark, now. We might not have another chance.

Come on, come on.

I can't do it anymore. I'm tired, I'm hungry.

Do you want to walk?

Let's go, fast! Fast!

Who are you?

Calm down, you have nothing to worry about now. You're safe.

This will make you feel better. Relax.

Are you a doctor?

No, I'm Dick. I'm one of Jonas' followers.

Why'd you come here?

If you have no faith in Jonas and the purification...

God help you.

Everything's okay. We arrived just in time, Jonas.

Welcome to the Village of Purification.

Two new followers will be well-accepted in our community, provided their spirit is humble and sincere.

In this place we've rediscovered the value of life in nature, free from the pollution and corruption that are ruining the so-called civil world.

As the prophet Isaiah says, "We have been chosen to redeem the world from sin.” Listen friend, I'd like to explain why we're here.

We only want...

You'll have plenty of time to explain.

You won't be allowed to leave, this has to be clear from the start.

Besides, it's impossible, you've seen what happened to that young indigenous woman who tried to leave the village.

Unfortunately, our community is under threat from fierce tribal cavemen who practice cannibalism.

Bloody and savage beings that feed on human flesh.

But we know how to control them.

Cobra's poison. It's the only way to defend ourselves.

Where are the women in this community? I have to see them...

I know the reason you're here. Brother Reeves from Sakir informed me.

Your sister is alive and happy. You'll see her in a few hours.

Diana's alive!

You owe me $80,000 in cash.

Right now Diana's in spiritual retreat with the other women.

Today we're mourning, one of our brothers took his life in most unfortunate circumstances.

At sunset, the funeral ceremony will take place.

She's changed.

I almost don't recognize her.

She's got a strange look.

The widow must light the funeral pyre.

How long does this last?

We keep vigil all through the night.

Then there will be the final rite, the one that releases the young widow from any further bond with the deceased husband.

They're the brothers of her husband.

This rite is about to end their bonds of kinship.

Great. Hope they do it soon.

Sheila! Diana!

I almost can't believe it. It was terrible, but now we're here alive.

Little sister, it's such a joy to see you.

But tell me, Why'd you risk so much?

I thought you were in danger.

You just disappeared without saying anything.

You're right, I should've explained it to you.

I should've written... but I thought you might not understand.

However, I made this choice of my own free will, and I'll never go back.

But, Diana...

You have to believe me. See Sheila, within the rules of the Purification Sect I've found my inner balance.

I found a sense of authentic life, uncontaminated. Nature is all for us and it's laws are sacred.

The world I left, with my spontaneous free will, causes pollution and ecological destruction.

It's a corrupt world, a hopeless world, Sheila.

But you had a job, interests, friends...

I still have them here.

But what's happened to you?

What you just said sounded like something you memorized. Come on, spill the beans.

Yes, it was a script that I didn't perform well.

But now you're involved in this dirty business, and it's my fault.

Calm down, Diana.

I'm paying the price for the mistake of believing Jonas in New York, with his speeches on purification and paradise in the near future.

I followed him here with all the others and instead of the last paradise, we built a hell.

But how could this happen?

Jonas is a false master. Piece by piece, I discovered what he is.

He's crazy, sadistic, a man thirsty for power. I feel sick.

Look, we'll get out of here. I came here with Mark to bring you home.

It's impossible. The jungle here is full of cannibals, and besides, Jonas would be able to reach us anywhere.

He's already had three men killed in New York and Canada because they left.

But we've got to try. I'm not about to give up.

Act like nothing's happening. Dick is spying on us.

We've got to sneak out of this crazy place.

I don't want to end up a slave to that maniac Jonas.

And I want to get that $80,000 too.

Be careful, Jonas is coming.

Up. Good boy.

Excuse me, I'm looking for Lieutenant Grant.

First floor. Thank you.

There are no doubts.

Professor, we've finally got the evidence to prove that those three poor people were murdered at the request of the infamous Jonas, but he's still unreachable.

That seems absurd in the twentieth century.

I apologize, Miss Morris didn't tell me about these crimes, otherwise I would've come sooner.

And Sheila wouldn't have disappeared like her sister.

Don't exaggerate, Inspector. Sheila's in Merauke, New Guinea.

She was, Professor, until three weeks ago.

What's this?

A telex from the US Consulate in Merauke in response to our urgent request for information.

That's really bad news.

There are still cannibal tribes in the jungle Southeast of New Guinea.



Instead of eating meat from the supermarket, they prefer to eat people like us.

It's one solution to the hunger problem in the world.

Sergeant, I need to speak to Guinea immediately.

No, Guinea's not a blonde girl, it's a fucking place with Cannibals.


Never must we be more united than in this moment of crisis, in our will of purification.


We must strongly reject what is foreign to our nature, the spirit of evil.

Don't drink that. It's drugged.

No! Stop it! Leave him alone!



There are two great perils that endanger the well-being of our community.

The wild men of the caves, and the so-called civilized men.

Fortunately, the latter are far away.

But if the others were ever to threaten our sect, then we'd have to face the ultimate decision.

To drink together, with joy, the amber that now gives life, but on that day would bring death.

What could be more beautiful than all going together on the ultimate trip?

I'd be the first, and I'm sure none of you would refuse to follow my example.

As the Prophet Isaiah says, “We have been chosen to redeem the world from sin.” Today we must be united, like never before, in our will of purification.

What could be better than to go together on our last journey?

Drink, Mark.

Let's go, someone's coming.

You're not like Jonas and the others, you deserve freedom.

He has a hold of me, of my conscience. It's horrible.

I know, I've been through it before.

He repulses and he charms, until you don't know what you're doing, You're ashamed of yourself, and at the same time you feel strangely attracted to him.

Is it true?


Last night I was forced to drink that stuff, and afterwards I didn't understand anything anymore.

Diana, I beg you, help me.

We have to rely on Mark.

We can only hope that he's managed to get back and find someone who can help us.


I was wrong, Jonas. I was wrong...

I'm asking to join the community. Please Jonas, I want to be yours.

I have to talk to you, but quickly.

If Jonas finds out I'm here, it'll be a mess.

Look, Diana, I know what you want to say, but we don't have much time.

It's better if I speak first. Listen closely.

You have to trust me, even though you've only known me a few days.

There's no way to escape this unless we're cunning.

So, you were pretending today? Yes.

I realized that escaping alone, through the jungle, is impossible.

Our only hope is the river. It's the only safe way, but we have to be well-organized.

We'll need a canoe and an indigenous guide.

There's Mowara, that young widow.

We've become friends, I'm sure she'll help us.

Maybe, but we have to do it soon. That's why I asked to join the sect, to have more time and not draw suspicion from Jonas.

I'm afraid for my sister.

Jonas is corrupting her, the same way he did to me.


We have to go now. It's time for Karan to come around for his nightly inspections.

Okay, but be careful.

Brothers! Do you remember the parable of the prodigal son?

Well, the prodigal son is back with us.

His desire for purification seems sincere, but his will to follow the rules must be tested.

By drinking the sacred amber, he will become a member of the community.


Leave her alone! Leave me alone!


Jonas! Jonas, I swear, no! Stop! Stop, please, stop!

No, Jonas!

Master Jonas!

What's happened?

We found him out getting drunk, this pig.

No, it's not true Jonas, I I didn't want to.

I saw you. You tried to hide the bottle under the floor of the infirmary.

You've violated a fundamental rule. You've jeopardized the order.

I'm sorry, but you have to pay.

Forgive me. Please, Jonas. I didn't want to.

It was a moment of weakness. Please, forgive me.

You should've thought about that earlier, Porter. I'm sorry.

I won't do it again, I promise you. Forgive me, I'm old... Please.

You'll be given supplies, weapons, and a Bible.

At sunset you'll go, and you will not return to the village again.

You don't belong here anymore.

No, you can't send me into the jungle. I'll die, Jonas.


No, Jonas! No, I'm a poor old man!


Shhh... Shut up.

Sheila, don't say anything.

You don't have to justify yourself to me at all.

I almost don't recognize myself. It's as if I'm sinking into an abyss.

I'm going crazy. Please, Mark, take me away from here.

Sure, I'll take you away. Do you think I want to lose $80,000?

But there's one important thing, Jonas can't suspect us.


Every time I come back to my senses I... I want to kill him.

But then I always end up giving in.

Listen, you'll resist. It's only a few hours now.

Tomorrow there's the feast of purification, and that night we'll escape.

But Karan watches us. What do you plan to do?

They'll be too tired to worry about us.

But you have to promise me one thing.


Don't drink anything Jonas offers you, anything.

Do you understand?

All right!

Aren't you thirsty, Sheila? Why don't you drink?

That's it, take it.

You've been ignoring your chores since you became a widow.

What were you doing on the riverbank yesterday?

Well... Really...


Nothing, master.

I do my best to serve the community and to be worthy of your trust.

He was hiding whiskey in his hut.

Karan accuses you of breaking our rule against using alcohol.

You know what awaits you.

Listen Jonas, whiskey's my passion, but I haven't had a drop since I've been here.

Karan found the bottle in your hut.

Karan, you're a liar! Jonas, tell him he's a liar!

Did you hear that? He says that it's not true.


You've proven your good faith. The case is closed.

Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, son of Nimshi, conspired against Joram.

And Jehu said, "If such be your feeling, may no one leave or escape to announce it in Israel."

Joram learned of the conspiracy and said,

"We have been betrayed Ahaziah. I will requite you in this very field.” Jehovah's oracle came to pass.

The dogs devoured Jehu's flesh.

That's all for tonight.

Diana, wait.

I've got something to tell you.

Look into my eyes.

Don't be afraid.

What's wrong? I feel that tremble.

Leave me alone, Jonas. It's over.

I've given you everything you wanted. I made you rich, I loved you, but that's enough.

Don't torment me anymore.


Our lives are tied to a higher will, a bond that only death can break.

Watch, Diana!

Think about the fate of Jehu and of Jezebel.

As they went to bury her, all they found were the skull, hands, and feet.

Down, down.


What's going on, Sheila?

She's been drugged.

Let's go. We have to leave.

Don't look at me like that.

Listen, Sheila.

We will leave.

Mowara's hidden a canoe along the river a few miles from here, but we don't have time to waste.

Do you understand? Stand up, Sheila. Try to move. Wake up!

Stop! No. I belong to Jonas!

Move! No! No!

No, No!

There's nothing else we can do.

Let's go!

Did you hear them? They'll be here soon. Let's go.

All four of them ran off last night.

They betrayed us. Karan was right.

Let's go! Look for them!

Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, son of Nimshi, conspired against Joram.

No, we made a mistake during the night.

We're moving away from the river.

This way. Hurry up!

Sheila... Mark!

Maybe the effect of the drug has worn off. We can untie her!

Okay. Come on, Sheila. Give me your wrist.

Be good, and try to walk as fast as you can. And I'd recommend not talking.



We shouldn't stay exposed. Come.



They're here, run away!

Help, Mark! Help! Help! Cowards!

No! Mark!

I swear, Karan, no! I don't want to!

I don't want to, I don't want to!

Please, please no!

No, I beg you! I beg you!



I'm here!



Come on.

Take my hand and pull yourself up.

Quickly, it's not hard.

I can't do it. You see what to do?

Be brave. Go ahead, get a good footing.

Pull up, hard.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

No. What happened to me?

I'm so confused, I don't remember anything anymore.

I'll explain it later, Sheila. Right now we have to leave.

Up, let me take these off.

Where's Diana?

She's with Mowara, she's waiting for us. Hurry.

Help! That's Diana's voice.

Have mercy!

No! No!

Even in Joram's realm there was betrayal and defection.

But in the end he overcame the Lord's oracle.

Have faith, don't give in to our enemies.

If the big time has come, we'll face it together.

Yes, Jonas, yes.

Any news from Karan?

No, nothing.

Send more men into the jungle.

Have them search the course of the river.

I want those bastards here. Here.

Yes, Jonas.

I saw her, you know, before losing my senses.

They'll get to us soon. They'll kill us, Mark.

Mark! No! Stop!

Are you hurt?

It's nothing.

Sheila, we only have one decision to make.

Go back to the village...

or we do it, here and now.

Here and now.

Kiss me.

They can't be far away if you've found the canoe.



Your reign is collapsing like that of Joram, Jonas.

May God have mercy on us.

They want to lock me up in their dirty prisons, but they won't succeed.

I won't leave my people without guidance.

Prepare the sacred amber with the cobra poison.


Help! Help! Help!

Quick, Mark! Quick!

Come on, come on!

They're down there, they're crossing the river. You have to go down.

It'll be really hard to pull them up. Where the hell do you want me to land?

They're being chased by the cannibals.

Hurry up! Come on, quick! Fast!


Hurry, Mark!

We had a close call.

Drink with happiness, brothers.

Come on Ruth, come on.

Take it Margaret, you take it.

The child first. Take it.

What are you waiting for? Let him drink.

Forgive me, Lord, and accept me with your mercy.

Farewell, Jonas.

The recovery of the remains of the eighty members of the Purification Sect continues.

There are many victims of the sudden mass suicide that took place a week ago in New Guinea.

The man responsible for this medieval tragedy, the man who convinced thirty Americans and fifty indigenous people to die, is Jonas of New York.

Melvin Jonas was called Great Master or Sacred Guide by his disciples, yet Jonas' body has yet to be found.

There are those who claim he escaped death and has been hiding in the jungle...

Try to recover... and forget.

Good morning.

Good morning, Professor Carter.

How do you feel today?

Better, thank you.

Any news, Inspector?

No, nothing. The preliminary inquiry was set for tomorrow morning.

Miss Morris, I'd like to ask for one favor.

The committee would prefer not to mention the adventure with the Cannibals.

What? Why?

It's a sensitive issue and public opinion couldn't handle it.

And there are political and economic interests to consider.

I hope you realize that.


What should I say about my sister?

That she committed suicide?


No, Inspector, I'll tell the whole truth.

I don't care about your dirty political or economic interests.

The whole world needs to know that the Stone Age still exists.

Not everyone's living in the Space Age.

Okay, okay, sure I get it. I understand.

Now listen, you and your damn bank can go to hell.

They're finally gone. What's up?

What's up? Do you really want to know, dear?

Remember the $80,000 check you gave me?

It was rejected by the bank, it bounced.

You have nothing, not even a dollar.

Your sister, before leaving New York, handed over the entire inheritance to Jonas.

And as you heard on the TV, no one knows where the fuck he's gone.

Now who'll pay your expenses?

That's what I'd like to know.