Eden (2014) Script

A man is born into a civilized world... and that is all a mask that hides him from who he really is...


Fucking hunters and killers.

That's what nature designed you to be.

For the next 45 minutes... you have got to be your perfect animal selves.

This isn't a fucking game.

This is life.

It isn't about win or lose... it's about live or die.

Congratulations, Coach. Thank you.

All right, all right.

You guys did it. Come on now, you're a team, you did it.

Oh, my God, I can hardly wait to get home.


I'm glad you made it.

I know you're always busy with work.

Mom and Dad's anniversary? Of course, I'd be here.

You know, I didn't forget as bad as you think.

I was gonna get you flowers... but they're not permitted on the plane... so I got you this instead.

Well, go ahead... smell them.

Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary.

Is it true what they say?

That Dad has a policy?

The policy?


Eva, you're an adult now.

Just say you want to know if they can fuck. Ssh.

Come on, just say it with me... fuck.

I can't.

Then how does Dad enforce something like that?


You didn't.

Hey, I don't play soccer.

Wait, hold on, so you're saying that you just don't believe in condoms?

Wait, I don't get it.

I'm not fucking delusional, that's not what I said.

I don't use Trojans, it's a principle.


Historical fact, Greeks are notorious for penetrating Trojan defenses.

Oh, my God.

Hey, you're Greek, do you agree with your brother?

I am Greek, but I'm not stupid.

Just relax. Stay cool.

Wow. How many yellow cards did you have this season?

On the low.

Yeah, on the low.

Fucking planes, man.

You know what I would do if I were you?

Close your eyes. Seriously, close your eyes.

Take a deep breath... and take a nap.

I'll wake you up as soon as the plane hits the ground.



I gotta take a piss.

You see this? What?

There's an article on the team.

I know, I read it.

What the fuck, right?

You're gonna have to be more specific.

Well, they only profiled Felix and Slim.

Felix leads the league in saves.

Yeah, then Slim?

Slim scored the clincher against the Turks.

They credited me the assist, no?

It's a fucking assist? It was a shot on goal. It was your...

It just didn't matter. That's your captain.

It's bullshit... and if you asked me...

Nobody asked you.

Hey. Hey.

How are you holding up?

It's less dangerous than a highway.

You say that every time, but somehow it never makes it easier.

I've got an idea.

Your dad is like 30 feet away.

I know... I love how much he terrifies you.

Well, if your nerves are still getting the best of you... in an hour, we are at mile high.

I'll keep that in mind.

You should.

Keep what in mind?


Nothing. Nope.

Hey, you think you'll make it?

What? Practice Monday.

You gonna make it?

Yeah, I'll keep the bench warm.

You good?


Man, you don't look good. Come on, have a seat.

What are these?

Well, you don't like flying.

These make you like flying.

I thought you were a trainer, not a pharmacist.


Sleep tight.

The captain has turned on the seat belt sign.

Please return to your seats and fasten...

Somebody help!




You got her!

He's got you! I got him!

Hey, Connie.

That's 22 dead so far.

Is Sevy gonna make it?

I'm just a trainer.

He needs a hospital, he needs real doctors.

You okay?

Who else is alive?




And Markese, Patton, McKenna...

my brother, Elena and Eva.

Just 15 of us.

What do we do now?

I don't know.

Figure out how to survive.

I saw something.

I think I saw my dad.

Wait here.

There's nothing down there.

No fucking way.

And I was just starting to think there was no God.


That's my mother's.


Take it off, it's Buteri's. So.

So, if you don't take it off, I'm gonna smash your neck!

Relax... what?

He's wearing Buteri's jersey.

Hey... Buteri's gone, man.


See what you can do with this.

My hero.

What are you doing?

Check this out.

It didn't even get that wet.

I'll wait a while before I try it.

I'm gonna get this thing to turn on, the GPS...

I don't see any cell towers around here.

The team's not doing too good.

Slim, we need a real plan here.

That's no way to be a captain. Don't fucking lecture me, all right?

I didn't ask for this.

Any of it.

What? What!

Are you all right? I'm fine!


What happened?

Did you hit him?

No, I didn't hit him!

One second he's talking, the next he's bleeding and on the ground!

Could be some kind of decompression sickness.

Is this gonna happen to us?

I don't know... maybe.

But we need to stay hydrated or it's gonna get worse.

How much worse?

I need you to keep an eye on him, okay?


How about we get the First Aid kit.

How much do we have?

Not enough.

I can't bend the rules. Not even for you, Georgie.


Come on!

I'm coming!

This'll feed us for a week!

We're gonna go look for more! Don't move!

Don't move and don't fucking lose it!

Don't be a fucking idiot! I got it!

Let's go.

Kenne! Kenne!

Fuck is he going? What the fuck, Kenne!

No, no, no, no! Fuck.

All right, listen to me, okay? I didn't just drop the food. There was a shark out there!

What shark? There is, dude, I left...

That's bullshit, Arnie! Take it easy, man!

He's got a fucking pussy! Hey!

Wait a minute!

Get the fuck off me!

Control yourself.

Kenne says he saw a shark. I did see a shark!

Oh, fucking bullshit! He didn't see a fucking shark!

He got scared, now he's making up excuses.

Ask him what he did with the food.

What food?

We emptied a meal cart, two bags full.

Now the current's just carried them out to sea.

I could barely swim, and there was a shark, so I had to get away.

But I can make that up. You're gonna make it up!

No more food or water for the rest of the day.

Whoa, man...

Anyone take issue with that?

The same goes for you.

Me? For what?


You can't fucking do that.


This is still a team!

We have to start thinking about the group and not just ourselves.

Do you believe him?

Kennefick? I don't know, I didn't see any shark.


Companero! Como estas?

Asi, asi.

You've been in and out for about two days.

Elena been looking after you.

I'm so glad you're okay.

Hey. Back to the land of the living.

Yeah? I can't tell. I think I need some water.

You may have to wait a few hours.


Says who?

My brother, he's been handling things while you caught up on sleep.

There he is!

How you feeling, brother?

A little light-headed.

Dude, your head looked like it was about to fucking pop.

Let's talk.

We're low.

Real low.

The food I'm not as worried about. We can make it stretch.

It's the water I'm worried about.

For what we have right now... we've got three, maybe four days left.

After that, we start dropping like flies.

So, we've just given up on the fact that there's a rescue party looking for us right now?

A rescue party that may never find us.

It may find us. It may not.

You're talking like it's the end of the world.

Fucking doomsday preppers or something.

Planes crash, people survive. They get rescued... all right?

Our job is to stay positive.

Exactly, and there are people that are injured that need our help surviving... until help comes, all right?

They need us to be optimistic.

That's the other thing I wanted to talk about.

Why do I feel like I don't want to talk about this and I don't want to hear it.

Because you don't.

Two injured, one is way out.

People are going to start questioning whether we're wasting rations.

Where are you with that?

If it's a choice between someone who's dying or the rest of the team... it's not much of a choice.

Take Sevy. Sevy has a broken leg, we know that.

Broken and severely infected.

I'm not saying we do anything, I'm just commenting objectively.

Every time he eats and drinks, he hurts the group.

That's the reality.

It sounds crazy, I know, but at some point I'm low, and that's a fact.

You do realize that we take away his water, we'd just be letting him die, right?

Then we let him.

People will die... that's not a question.

The question is how many.

Everything okay?

Yeah, he was... he was just catching me up on some stuff.

So, what up, Slim?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, mis a mi.



How bad?

I just gotta clean the wound. I need some more water.

We can't spare the water.

I'm sorry, Sev, we agreed no more until tonight.

Is he serious?

Use my share.

I can go a night.

I'm saying it's the only way to make what we have last a little longer.

Yeah, I know what you're saying, and I'm saying that you're being fucking ridiculous.

So let me get this straight, we're talking about killing our friends.

Keep your voices down, they can probably hear us.

No, the answer is no.

It's not that simple, Connie!

We're running out of water!

On top of that, we're short. Wait, we're short?

How do you know? Because I've been keeping track.

There's food missing, too, which means someone's been taking from the pile.

Looks like we don't have much of a choice now.

So, cut off their food and water?

Wait, guys, who are we talking about exactly?

Sevy and Stephan.

Why not add Slim to the list... or does a nose bleed not qualify?

Eva, stop!

Why are we even talking about this?

Because half the people here have already come up to me and suggested it.

It's not like we have much of a choice now.

It's cruel you could let them live this long, these guys are suffering.

They should die in peace.

Wow, how noble of you.

Yeah, they're real lucky to have you on their side.

And you do remember saving Sevy, don't you?

If I knew you guys were gonna put this forward...

I wouldn't have wasted my time taking care of them.

Hey, remember you weren't breathing, but I brought you back to life?

Yeah, that was just so we could starve you to death.

I'm not doing this.

Put it to a vote.

It's the only way to do it, right? Everyone gets a voice.

I'll go first.

I vote we cut them off. I agree.

Of course, yes.



Yes. Absolutely not.

No. Yes.




That's even.

It's on you, Slim.


That's that.

Hey... mind if I sit?


What's that?

My dad gave them to my mom when she was pregnant.

They survived the wreck.

Can you believe that?


It doesn't feel right.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's just a dream.

You're going to go home real soon.

You promise?

Stephan's dead.


How did we not see this before?

There could be food, water there, right?

How far is it?

I'd say about a mile.

Yeah, I agree.

I'll take Markese, Arnie and Elena.

Why Elena?

The channel's a mile long, she's the best swimmer.

Why aren't you taking me?

Two days ago you were damn near in a coma.

Your body shuts down again on the way over...

Okay, understood.

Besides, I don't trust the others alone with the rations.

What about me?

If something goes wrong and we don't make it back...

I need you to back Slim.

We split up all the time in practice, right?

Just think of it as a scrimmage.

In a scrimmage, we take turns, yeah?

Hey, I just thought of something.

Dude, you were the one that said Kenne was full of shit to begin with.

I know, I'm saying, "What if?"


You scared me.

A tree that bleeds.

It's not blood.

What is it?

That's resin.


Please let there be food here! God!

And this island is just more of the same.

There's nothing here, either.

We can make rope out of this.

There's enough here to make nets... traps if we need to.

Wow... you didn't strike me as the Boy Scout.

Eagle Scout... actually.

You're swooning. I know, it happens.


What are you doing?

Oh, I'm just keeping an eye out.

Have you seen Connie?

He, uh, took off up a trail.

All right.

I'll be back. Watch the stuff, yeah?


Are you afraid of heights? Mm-mm.

I'm not afraid... I just don't like them.

You know, as much as I try to fight it...

I can't help but think that... this is it.

No one's coming.

You know, I'm not afraid I'll never leave.

I'm afraid when this is all over, I won't want to.

See these berries?

They're all over this island.

Just can't eat 'em.


Nothing lives on this island.

It's just a matter of time.

The idea I am here... is not yet present.

I think it's a nightmare.

I think some moment... I'm gonna still wake up.


Well, if you do, be sure and wake me up, too.

Sleep tight.

Oh, no, no, no! Connie!

Movies on an island.

Uh, Castaway?

Uh, The Beach.

Pirates of the Caribbean?

Okay, sort of. Yeah, yeah.

Uh... The Beach. Did I say that?

Yeah, I think you did.

Uh, The Island. Whoa! Doug!



Doug? Doug! Doug. Jesus!

Look at me and just calm down, don't move.

I got you.




Looks like we're not the first ones here.

Focus on me.

Don't look at it, I got you.

How come I look like his and you don't have a scratch on you?

Georgie! Agh!

Find Connie! Go now!




The question...

I think with everything that's happened today... some people might feel differently about the food rationing.

I thinking we should put it to another vote.

There's not gonna be another vote.

We voted... a decision was made.

We're sticking with it.


Why do you think it'll work.


Eva had an idea... might help our water situation.

I think we can use the raft to make a condensation rig.

If we find a way to suspend it at an angle... we could create a water trap.

What's going on?

Will that really work?

Yeah, it should.

Well, what are we talking about?

You ever done it before?

Personally, no.

Hello? Am I invisible?

We'd have to cut the raft. Cut the raft?

Are you fucking insane?

It's not yours to cut up. Who says it's yours?

I saved it. And I saved most of the food.

Hey, listen, we're talking about destroying our only way off this island.

Slim, man, listen, please, we're almost out of food and water... and this raft, it's our only hope.

And even if by some miracle she manages to make this thing work... maybe some of us don't like the idea of spending the rest of our lives on this island.

Isn't Connie proof of that?

Nobody's cutting this raft up. Since when do you have a say?

Since when the fuck do you?

Hey! Felix, please?

Make the rig... okay?

Guys! Doug and McKenna are leaving with the raft!

Guys, come on! Hey! Hey!

Guys! The raft! Come on!

Felix! Hey!

Come on! Row! Row! Row!

Get him off!

Oh, shit!

He's got my paddle!

Get the fuck out of here!

Go, go, row, row!

What happened?

Are you fucking serious?

Where were you, huh?

Taking a piss.

Why do they have the boat?

It's my fault.

I told Eva she could cut the raft and they freaked.

I should have saw it coming.

So them acting weird didn't raise a red flag?

Didn't I fucking just say it was my fault?

I'm sure you hammering home the idea... we'd never gonna get off this island, didn't help, either.

What are we gonna do now?

Can I see that?

What are you doing? What are you doing?

Taking a shit... that okay?

What the hell?

What a fucking piece of shit!

Doug! Get Kennefick! He's stealing!

Get him! Grab him! Doug!

You fucking pussy, Kenne!

Where the fuck are you, Kenne?

Kenne! Where the fuck is he?


Goddamn it, Kenne! Where are you?

Pick him up!

Don't you fucking touch me!

Yeah, the fucking leach! Back up! Back up!

This motherfucker was stealing, that's what happened.

I found a whole stash buried in the woods!

I'm sorry! Okay? I'm sorry!

Ande... if I could give it back, I would.

Yes. Ande?

Give it back. What?

All of it. Ande.

Give it back now! No!

No, no, no, stop! Give it back, Kenne!

No! Hey! Hey!

Give it back! Let's just do him!

Let's do it!

You're a fucking...

That's it! Just fucking stop! Stop! Stop!

While we were all starving, even while my brother was starving!

I'm not the only one!

Slim was giving Sevy water!

This is the piece of shit you're trying to save!

He's right! He's right.

Me and Eva, too, taking turns, giving him our rations.

Are you going to hurt us, too?

Because of him, we never had a chance.

Don't do this.

What happens in a game when you don't perform?

Ande, this is not a game.

What happens when you let the team down?

Ande, please?

You get cut.

Ande... Ande, come on.

No! Go! No! No!

Stop it!

Felix! Slim, stop it!

Get the knife out of his hand! No, no, no, no, no!

Felix, do something!

Stop it! No, no, no, no!

I'm going across the channel to the second island.

Starting over.

I'm taking whoever wants to come.

Elena! No!

I'm taking the supplies.



You're on your own.

Who's still here?

Eva, Sevy...

And me.

Yeah... and you.

About Felix...

I didn't mean to.

I know.

If you've changed your mind about being here...

I haven't.


The night we crashed, who was the guy in the water?

It was too dark to see exactly who he was... but he was drowning.

He was right in front of me.

And I could have helped him...

but I swam right past.

I didn't even look back.

I think... we're all here for a reason.

Even you.

All set!

Come on.

You got one of those for me?


I can't believe it worked.

Cool, right?


I'll tell you when there's anything.

Markese... stop it!

You okay?

How long since you've eaten?

You could come back.

There's food.

I know what you're saying... and I know what it means.

But it's not going to happen.

Not like you think.

Elena... is she safe?

She's where she needs to be.

Someone came to our camp last night.

Left some tracks... took some things.



What was the final score in the game?

I don't remember.

Slim! Everything all right?

How'd it go?

What's wrong?

I think they're coming back.

To join us?


This is my fault.

Brother... it's them or us.

It can't be both.

Ssh, it's okay, it's okay.

It's just me.

Ow! Bitch!

Arnie, don't!

It's okay, it's just me. It's just me.

No, stop!

No! You bastar...

You fucking whore!



Get back here!

Did you see what Kenne did to Elena?

You saw that, right?

You saw that, right?

Yeah, it's okay... I'm gonna get him.

Kenne, what the fuck were you thinking, man!

I thought if I went over there, maybe I could fix all of this... but I couldn't, I'm sorry.

What's wrong, you hurt?

No, I'm fine... but Elena...

Elena, what?

Elena, what!

I don't know... she wasn't moving.


No, he wasn't there.

Slim, I keep fucking it up. It's not your fault.

If you wouldn't have gone, we wouldn't know she was hurt, right?

I'll go see, I'll...

They're gonna come for me, aren't they?

They're gonna come for us.

Stay out of sight until I get back.

And then?

And then he ran.

Elena, it's me.

I know you're hurt... but we gotta get back.

Just stay here until I get back.

All right? I won't be gone long.

Hey! Hey! Over here!


Hey, Slim, how you been?

I fucking got him. Time's up, Slim.

Slim, get out of here.

I know it was you!


You guys okay?

Did you find Elena?

She's alive and safe.

What now?

Well, there's three of them left and they're coming.

We've got one chance of surviving... we gotta attack.

There's no way.

We got no choice, Kenne... unless you have some idea.

There was three of them.

We have just one.

Well, we got more than one, open your eyes.

Kenne! Can I count on you?


Okay... here's what we're gonna do.




Hey, Slim... I'm sorry, Slim. I'm sorry, plea...



Are you okay? Oh, my God.

You know what you are, Kenne?

Yeah, I know what I am.



Let's go.



Slim, turn around!

We found survivors in a raft, two of your teammates.

Is there anyone else?