Edge of Sanity (1989) Script



Henry? Henry!

Henry, what is it? Darling, wake up!

Darling, what's the matter?

I'm fine. Darling, are you all right?

Yes. Yes, I...

I'm sorry to have woken you.

I'm fine. Henry?

I'm fine. Go back... to sleep.

Good morning, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Good morning, Dr. Jekyll. Good morning, Mr. Stanton.

Straight to the hospital, sir?

As usual. Very good, sir.


You don't want to use morphine, as well?

No need.

You're a lucky man. This is a new anesthetic.

Your eye's going to become numb. You won't feel any pain.

If his eye had moved at all, you'd have blinded him.

But it did not move, did it?

I suppose it could replace morphine as a local.

This drug has application far beyond anesthesia.

I have such energy, such exhilaration, almost euphoria sometimes, and without distortion.

It's quite amazing. You're actually using it on yourself?

Of course, I'm preparing a full study.

Egglestone's pushing for me to present it at the Vienna conference next month.

Well, that's in two weeks. Do you think it'll be ready?

It could change our entire approach to medicine.

And the dreams, Lanyon. Incredible, vivid...

No, not dreams. More like memories or experiences of another level.

Jekyll, are you sure it's... safe?

Primitive people have been using it for centuries.

Until now, man has been locked up in the dark prison of the mind.

I may have discovered the secret to set him free.

Excuse me, Dr. Jekyll. There's a young woman in reception.

She says your wife sent her. My wife?

Oh, yes. Yes, of course. I'll be right there.

A charity case. Come with me.

No cough? Shortage of breath? No.

Uh, could I ask you to remove your shirt, please?

Good Lord.

Look at this, Jekyll.

How did this happen? Were you beaten?

It was me brothers, sir.

But I thought you came from the shelter, that you had no home.

That's right, sir, but they came to visit me, me brothers, that is, and then they beat me.

This looks like a rope burn. Oh, that's right.

Well, they tied me up first, and then...

Do you live in a nice house?

It's all right, I suppose.

I'll leave this to you, Lanyon.

She's from the East End of London. Prostitute.

Come on, dear, let's have a look at you.

Oh, look at this, Charlie. Look what I've got for you.

Come on.

Mmm. It's good, isn't it?

Darling, come and see this.

Oh, Henry. You haven't touched your supper.

You know, I ought to take this food down to the poor at Bethnal Green and let you starve.

I'll be finished in 10 minutes. That's what you said four hours ago.

I'm working on a new solution. At least, have a cup of tea.


Oh, look at him eat that up.

Good night, Dr. Jekyll.

Pss, pss, pss, pss! Charlie!

Charlie, what have you done?




Come on, giddy up.

Not too far now. Two streets ahead.

Hope I didn't make a fool of myself.

Don't be silly. It was very amusing, dear.

Hello, love. Looking for a naughty girl, then?

What's your hurry, darling?

Hello, sir. If you're looking for a place to enjoy yourself, all you need is some of that lovely stuff, money...

You, sir, should be having a good time.

But I am. I'm having a marvelous time.

Ah, but, sir, you're not getting my drift. I mean a real special time.

You can't do that alone, can you? I'm not alone, am I?

Ah, they're all stupid peasants. I wouldn't give a toss for them.

Now, a gent like you should be having a good time at Madam Flora's.

That's why you're here. Ain't I right, sir?


You, uh, come this way, sir.

I'm sure you must have heard of Madam Flora's, sir.

I don't believe so. Lots of gentlemen come here, sir.

It's quite famous.

She has something to suit all tastes, if you get my meaning.

In here, sir. This way.

Spare a copper, guvna.

So this is Madam Flora's? Well, sir, there you're quite right.

This is Madam Flora.

Hello, Johnny. I see you've brought us a nice new gentleman for this evening.

I bid you welcome, sir. First time here, right?

You can call me Flora.

And you're? Hyde. Jack Hyde.

Johnny, show Mr. Hyde our selection.

I'm sure we can find something to tickle his fancy.

Come on, sir. Come on.

Uh, Mr. Hyde! Hey, come on! What'll it be, eh?

Just a minute, sir. Just a minute. Mr. Hyde! Mr. Hyde!

Get away!


You bastard!

Hello, handsome. Looking for someone?

Yes. Well, maybe you've found her.

Ooh. Oh, yeah.

I'll satisfy that smile of yours. Come on.


I got me own place. It's more private.

Let's go. You're in for a high time of it.

Just keep smiling. It's not far. Just along the street a bit.

Got your own brew, eh?

I had a sailor once. Brought me some opium.

That was nice. Dreamy, like.

Helped cover up his ol' smell, too.

A Turk.

Well, come on, then.

Gonna stand there all night?

What? Come on.

Take your pleasure, sir.

Hey! That's my good china!

Shut up!

Oh, God.

Look at that. Look at that!

Sure. Take a good look.



Got a bit of the Turk in you, too, eh?

Well? You wanna look, do you?

Look at it all. Look.

You'll like it. Yes.

You will. Yes.

Come on. It likes you, see.

I can't. Oh, sure, you can.

Why not? Because I'm ba...

Because I'm bad.


You are, are you?

You don't seem like such a bad fella to me.

Why'd ya say that now? You know.

No. Why?

You know! No. What?

Liar! You know, you slut!

Stop it! You see? I told you!

I told you I was bad!

Make me pray.

Make me pray! Yes, all right!

Make me Pray!

Holy Father, in heaven are You and in heaven shall be all Thy children.

Holy Father, bless me. Holy Father, Lo...

Love me.

Do you... love me?

Yeah. Yeah.

Say it. I love you. I love you.

Say it again. I love you. I love you.

Forever? Yeah. Forever.

You're a good girl, a very good girl.

Hope I haven't frightened you. That's all right. You just got excited.

You don't really think I'm bad, do you?


You're just having your pleasure.

Do you still love me?

Yeah. Of course I do.


Good morning.

Henry, time to get up.

Come on, wake up.

It's late.

Just because you work all night does not mean you can sleep all day.

Oh! Elisabeth, please.

Doctor? Doctor?

I have an emergency. My heart is missing. I can't find it.

Oh, no. Doctor.

Will you help me look for it, please?

Oh, God.

Oh, yes, I remember where I lost it.


Well, I think you're awake.

Come on, now. They'll be here soon. Our picnic, remember?

No, no, not today. I can't.

What do you mean, you can't? You must.

No. I must rest. I...

It's out of the question.

Henry, they're your friends. You invited them.

I'm busy, too, but I have no choice, have I?

My work isn't important enough to allow me to be rude.


Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Underwood is waiting in your office.

Gabriel, you've been my lawyer for 20 years.

You know me better than any man alive.

That's probably true.

And yet I feel that sometimes I don't even know myself.

Henry, what's the matter?

Suppose you found yourself at the edge of a labyrinth, or, better still, a dark forest.

And you believed there was a great secret hidden inside, perhaps a wonderful secret.

But there was a danger that even if you discovered it, you might get lost and never find your way out again.

Would you go forward into the forest?

It would just depend how worthwhile, how valuable the prospect was, how great the risk.

How can I help you?

I don't know yet.

But I will need your help.

And soon.

Show Inspector Newcomen the body, will you?

I see it says the throat was cut across to the extent of about six or seven inches.

Bloody barbarian.

Must think he's making cucumber sandwiches, everything's so precise and neat.

You sure he slit her throat first? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? He had to.

Or the other cuts wouldn't be so clean.

No struggling. Sick animal.

No hacking at all. Hacking? No.

Three clean rips, I would say.

He must have had the eye of an eagle and a hand steady as steel.

He ripped from down there and opened her up to here.

Rip! Clean as a codfish from Billingsgate market.

More than good eyes and nerves. Obviously had a good brain, too.

Someone who knows anatomy, right?

Oh, makes Mickey there look like a butcher's assistant.

Whoa! Whoa!

Thank you, Mrs. Jekyll, for such a lovely day.

It was fun, wasn't it?

We must do it again.

When I finish.


I'm sorry I was so cross this morning. I do know how important your work is.

Thank you.

You've never been anything else but brilliant, but this discovery ought to be the most significant milestone, not only for you but for the whole of the British medical profession.

It is vital that you announce it at the Vienna conference.

Yes, well...

It will be ready.

Of course, if they do send me off to take over this job in Calcutta, there will be a vacancy on the board of governors at the hospital here.

Well, it would, of course, mean extra responsibility, but it could also mean the crowning glory of your career.

Yes, yes, I know.


Disease will be the least of your problems then.

Bollingham, good to see you relaxing.

Once a week, Egglestone, as regular as clockwork.

Oh, hello, Jekyll. Hello, sir. Good to see you again.

Jekyll has come up with the most amazing new anesthesia.

The whole study's being presented in Vienna next week.

Really will be a feather in our cap.

Really? I'd like to come by and have a look.

There may be some side effects. Aah, nonsense.

Yes, of course.

I must be getting back to my work. Good to see you again, sir.

You see, we've been having the most remarkable...

If we take the Tuesday noon boat train, we could be at Lillian's by noon Wednesday.

Would it be better to arrive in Vienna Saturday night or Sunday morning, do you think?


Yes, that will be fine.




What is it? What do you want?

I just wanted to say good night.

Good night.

Good night, Charlie.

How about us getting together?

Too far away.

You just wait here a minute, love.

Georgie, I need another room. Sorry, I'm closing up.

Come on, Georgie. I've got a big spender.

Please. Paid in advance.

Maggie, why can't you quit work and go home at a decent hour, like everybody else, hmm?

This is why, stupid. The same reason you don't.

All right, go on, then. Top floor. Number 18.

Just don't be all bloody night. I've got a wife and family at home, you know.

Our lucky day. He happened to have one available.

Our... lucky day?

That's a long climb.

Let's see.

Oh, 18.

Here we are. Oh, cozy.

Light the lamp, will you, love?

Maybe we can warm this place up.




Where'd you go?

Come on, now. You didn't pay for any games.

Sir, are you up there?

Come on, or else I'm going in a minute.

Sir? It's too cold up there. Come on in now, mister.

Come out.

Ooh, it's like the North Pole out here.

Your skin is so white. It'll be blue in a minute.

He likes you.

Where are you?

Sit down.


Look at those. Mmm.

He likes them, too. He likes them, too.

Lie back. Lie back.

Lie back. Lie back. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. He likes it, too. He likes it, too.

You do it. Come on. You do it, yeah. You do it, yeah. That's right.


The guy watching you...

And you, you rather like him, too, don't you?


But you like me more?


You like me more? Yes.

You like me more? Yes, I do.

Don't stop. Don't stop.

That's right. Don't stop.

Yes. Don't stop.



Don't stop.

Oh! Mmm.





God, I couldn't breathe. I thought I was gonna die.

Oh, you wouldn't wanna do that.

Oh, God. This is going to be so horrible.


Oh, Maggie!

Nobody else was in the building, on the roof, nothing?

No, sir. One man in the next building said he thought he saw a woman on the roof alone about one o'clock, but he didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary, except she was there.

And five minutes later, the old man sees her neatly slit up and someone jumping off the roof.

There's a panic started down there.

All these injuries were performed by a sharp instrument like a knife and from the left common carotid artery.

The Home Secretary's going to issue his statement this afternoon, sir.

Yes, he sent it round.

"Want the people of London to rest assured that the Home Office is in control of the situation, already having several clues to the murderer's identity and whereabouts."

"I am sure that Scotland Yard will have this insane criminal behind bars before he can murder again."

Well, bully for the Home Secretary.

I've made Henry promise we're going to visit you at your new post in India.

Provided they make the whole trip by elephant.

I imagine it's not so dangerous there now.

It's got to be safer than the streets of London these days.

Now, now. There's no need for you ladies to worry.

But there is. There's great need for worry.

These poor women murdered in the most barbarous fashion.

Well, the police have doubled their force all over the East End.

Well, that didn't seem to stop him the other night.

I'm sure practically all of Calcutta is like Whitechapel, Dr. Egglestone.

You think that if conditions were altered, the inhabitants of Whitechapel would be aware that civilization has something better to offer?

Well, Reverend Fowler thinks so. Who is he?

He's the reverend at St. Michael's in Whitechapel.

He's opened the church as a refuge to the women.

Prostitutes in the church?

That's all very admirable, my dear, but they might want to be right back on the streets the moment this ripper's caught.

Exactly. Let them choose for themselves.

But are they really capable of doing that?

But what do we really know of freedom?

By God, if real freedom were offered you, you'd run for cover, you'd hide, you'd be terrified.

But I thought I was free.

I mean free to do whatever you pleased.

What if I followed my every instinct, completely?

You mean absolutely no rules, no laws?

No laws, no proprieties, no holds barred.

I see a piece of food I want, I take it.

Henry, please.

I see a woman I want, I take her, as well.

Hold on, Jekyll!

You all act as if our manners, our morality, were handed down to us by God.

But they are. No, madam, they're not.

We made them up by mutual agreement.

But what if I don't agree? What then?

I clap you in irons and throw you in prison straight off.

You'll have to catch me first.


Gee-up! Come on!

Thought you might like some milk and brandy.

I embarrassed you.

You seem... different these days. Distant.

Perhaps you're working too hard. It's worth working hard.

The other doctors seem to have time to...


You know how I worry about... Don't.

Drink this. It'll make you sleep like a baby.

Sleep? Dear God, I don't want to sleep.


Do you really work at night?

Do I really work at night? I mean, where do you go?

To gambling halls and opium dens. Where would I go?

To the hospital! But why?

I'm working with a very special patient.

A man who can only visit me at night.

He has a strange sort of sleeping sickness, but I think I can help him.

Why can't he come here to the laboratory?

Elisabeth, I don't have everything I need here!

Well, who is it? Who is it?

Why do you want to know who it is?

What earthly concern is it of yours who it is?

Are you going to conquer the medical profession too?

Are you opening your own hospital now?

Henry, what's wrong with my asking?

Nothing, my dear devoted wife. Nothing. You should know.


It's a Mr. Hyde, yes, a Mr. Jack Hyde.

Why don't you see if you can find out some more about him?

Perhaps you could help him, perhaps you could cure him.

He desperately needs to be cured.

I'm sorry. I know you're only doing what you have to do.

That's right. Oh, that's exactly right.

I do love you, you know. I know. I know.

So, please...

...try not to distract me now.

Hello, Mr. Hyde.

Hello, sir. I'm Susannah.

You look ever so familiar. Haven't we been together before?

Not... together, but perhaps we've seen each other.

Mm-mm, want to get a little bit closer tonight, right?

Why not?


Would you get Mr. Hyde some malt whisky, please?

Hello, Mr. Hyde. Becoming a real regular, eh?

Get on with it. Mr. Hyde, eh?

Should I be Miss Seek?

I used to play that game when I was a little girl.

Maybe I have been with you before.

I've been with so many, I can't even remember.

You're new here?

That's right, but I have got experience.

Do you think I'm nice?

Well, I don't know yet, do I?

I'll do anything you want.

Come on.

Take my clothes off.

Show me.

Well, I'll just have to take off yours, then, won't I?

You're a big man, aren't you?

Kinda like my stepdad. If he could see me now.

Gentlemen paying a pretty penny for what he got free.

I'll be the one in charge now. He'd have to do just what I say.

What would you do? I'd make him kiss my bloody foot.

No, my arse. And then I'd give him marks.

Yeah. Hmm.

How would you do that? Any way I could.

But you couldn't punish him if he was stronger than you.

See, he wouldn't let you.

You'd have to make sure that you were stronger than he was, hmm?


Susannah wants to do unkind things to you, Johnny.

Me? I never did anything to the little tramp.



Don't talk to her like that, you little shit.

You try it, Johnny. Come on, you try it. No. No. No!

Take his trousers off.

Tell her to take... to take hers off. Go on, tell her.

Take off your clothes.


That's good. Now look at her good, Johnny.


You like her, Johnny? Yeah.


Ooh, yeah. Do it, Johnny.

Come on! Get on with it, you bitch!


Hello, Captain. Where are you going?

Hello, handsome.

What's the rush, sir?

Don't go so fast, mister. You look like you're running away from something.

Let me go. I know how it is to be in a hurry.

I can be very fast.

Come on, now.

I'm sure you've got a minute to spare.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick.

You see, we've ruled out that possibility because of the motor response at all points on the leg.

Would it simply be muscle atrophy by this point?

But haven't you understood the correlation of the muscle fibers to the ganglial centers, Jenkins?

Uh, well, sir, I...




...destroyed, they could never regenerate.

They tricked me. What, sir?

Who did? Hmm?

Who did, sir?

What business is it of... of yours?

I'm sorry.

Thank you, gentlemen. That'll be all for today.

It's the most horrid thing I've ever heard. Poor woman.

No human being should have to suffer like that.

May God show mercy when my time comes.

What's that you're talking about? Something in the newspapers today?

Newspapers? No, sir.

My uncle's wife. She finally slipped away last week.

I'm sorry... Please, carry on with your work.

Well, I've never spent so much time in a church.

Better than on the street after the way he ripped Vera Lockton up last night.

Never... Never once had to take a handout in me life.

A girl could make a decent living before there were murderers wanting to chop up every pretty young thing on the streets.

Well, then, in your case, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Ha-ha. Very funny.

Mrs. Jekyll, we have a cab for you.

Thank you. I'll be there in a minute.

Hey, Nelly, you should have gone to the free hospital, like me.

I asked the doctor for a flush, and he did.

Hey, Nell, want me and the girls to give you a quick chimney sweepin'?

Reverend Fowler!

Reverend Fowler!

I'll get a doctor.

No, no, get the driver. We must get her to the hospital.

Hello. I'm Mrs. Jekyll. Where's my husband?

Dr. Jekyll? I don't know.

Well, could you find him please? It's an emergency.

But he's not here, ma'am.

Well, where is he? I'm afraid, I don't know.

He's never here at night.

What do you mean? He works here every night.

No, Mrs. Jekyll, that's the only open door, and the doctor's never come through it, or we'd have noticed.

Well, he's probably in his office. No, ma'am. I just passed it.

He's with a Mr. Hyde. Who is Mr. Hyde?

Quickly, please! Someone outside needs help.

Get a doctor.

Well, well.

Mr. Hyde.

At least, you're here. Where's Susannah?

She's busy.

What, with all these murders, there's practically nobody here at all.

What about little Liza? You'd like her.

Susannah! Susannah!

Mr. Hyde! Here, you can't do that, Mr. Hyde!


Johnny, come over here, quick!

Mr. Hyde, calm down, sir.

Get out!

Get the gun, under my table, quick.

Hey, I paid for the little bitch! Keep your slut!

Help a blind man, sir.

Help a blind man, sir.

Spare a copper.

Like to take a little spin, sir?

Some place you've never been.

It's nice and warm inside, but you can see that, though, can't you?

What's your name, sir? Jack.

Pleased to meet you, Jack. I'm Margot.

Frank, take Jack and me back to my place.

Right, ma'am.


Jack doesn't think you're going to make a very good servant, Frank!

He said you probably don't know how to take orders very well.

Do you? No.

Is that 'cuz you're such a little shit? No.

He is. He is a little shit. Let's go.

I said, I don't take orders.

Oh, yes? Is that right? Is that right?

Are you sure? I give 'em, you little shit.


Oh, Jack.

Where's your house?

Somewhere else, Jack.

This is not my neighborhood.

This is just where we unload the shit.


Frank, it's empty. He hasn't got a penny.


What's this?


The ripper.

The ripper!


I needed you. What are you doing there?

I went to the hospital.

There's no Mr. Hyde, is there?

Yes, there is.

What does he want from you?

I think he just wants to stay alive.

Well, where is he? Where do you go? He's very sick, Elisabeth.

But he needs me. I have to be with him.

I need you.

Henry, is there someone else? Please tell me.

No, there's no one.

Then, promise me, promise me, Henry, you'll be here when I need you.

Dr. Jekyll, there's an officer from Scotland Yard here to see you, sir.

Inspector Newcomen.

The chemist said you'd been working with a drug like this and might be able to help us, doctor. Hmm.

I have only seen it used as an anesthesia, but this... this...

appears to have been restructured somewhat.

Those girls could have used an anesthesia, Doctor, the way he butchered them.

Butchered, you say?

I understood the man had a rather precise grasp of human anatomy.

Why did you think that? Well, the newspapers.

Ah. Is that what they said? Yes.

Yes, also that you had a witness, someone who could identify this...

Doctor. Doctor.

Surely, you don't believe the killer is a doctor.

It's certainly a possibility, I suppose, but I was about to say, Doctor, that description the witness gave us seems a bit confused to me.


He says it was a gentleman, yet he describes someone with the strength of a wild beast.

Wild beast?

And who calls himself Jack. Does that describe any of your associates?

Well, of course, there are practitioners all over London called John, Jonathan, Jack, but then doctors are not usually known for their great physical abilities.

Especially you. Me?

Looks like someone got the better of you.

Aah, some glass exploded.

Hazard of the profession. Right.

Of course. Well, if I can be of any further help...

As a matter of fact, you could.

The coroner would appreciate a second opinion as to whether or not our Jack has had any surgical training.


Perhaps you could stop by and take a look.

Certainly. I'd be delighted to.

No doctor could have done this.

They're waiting, madam.

Do I really have to go through with this?

But it's your sendoff, madam. You don't understand, Bernadette.

I'm not going with Dr. Jekyll to Vienna.

Bernadette, make sure that Dr. Jekyll gets my note.

Yes, madam.

Where's Henry? The roads are bedlam.

Henry can't come, I'm afraid. Can't come? He must.

But why not?

He has to finish preparing his speech.

Oh, that's rot. He can finish it on the boat.

We've reserved a table at Darcel's afterwards. No, he must come.

Henry! Henry! Ann, please.

Ann, that conference is very important for him.

But what could be more important in London tonight than going to the opera?

The soprano is said to be quite magnificent, and the tenor...

Oh, Henry!

Yes, it's me.

I know it's you. Elisabeth, this work, it's made me...


Exhausted. A bit mad. Not myself, but...

Now that it's over, after the presentation, I promise everything will be the way it was.

No. No, it won't.

You said you needed me.

Well, now I need you. To make me strong.

I can't.

Darling, I love you so much. Please, don't.

It doesn't make any difference anymore.


Because I have to look after myself now. You can do whatever you like.

Darling... Don't.

There's only one thing I want.

To be with the most beautiful woman in Vienna. Forever.

Oh, Henry!


I don't know if I'll be able... Shh.







Hello, sir. Do you wanna come with me, then?

Oh, my God!

Yes. Here you are, sir.

Here we go!

Another ripper murder!

Another ripper murder!

Another ripper murder!

Yes, you're quite right, Elisabeth. His behavior is very strange.

He was here. He said the trip had been cancelled.

He was very agitated... but determined.

Determined? About what? Why did he come here?

Do you know a Jack Hyde?

Hyde? Yes. He's a patient of Henry's.

He's sick. Something peculiar. Hmm. Very peculiar.

Gabriel, for God's sake, tell me what you know.

Well, Henry came to see me, to change his will.

He wants to leave everything, but everything, to this Hyde.

He asked me, no, he ordered me, to execute the papers while he waited.

It's very peculiar.

But there must be something you can do.

This man has a terrible hold over my husband.

If I could just find him... I need 50 more men.

The ripper's in Hyde Park, the ripper's on London Bridge...

The ripper's everywhere except where we can catch him.

I know something awful is happening to my husband.

Please, help me find this man.

The ripper's been spotted in King's Cross, sir, by a constable, sir.

Check it.

I'll get some men on it right away, sir.

Where did you get that scarf?

It was in the hand of last night's victim. Why?

Oh. Nothing.

I have a report on the ripper sneaking into the back of the palace.

Check it. The palace, sir?

Check them all.


Look after these, Thy flock, O Lord. Forgive them for their trespasses.

Even Grace, she went back to her husband.

Never thought I'd see that after the way he treated her.

Maybe he beat her, but it's better than to be murdered.

Do any of you know someone called Mr. Hyde?

Oh, please. Please, I beg of you.

Me. I do.

You know a Mr. Hyde?

Yes. I mean, a friend of mine, she knows him.

Well, who is she? Nobody special. Just a friend of mine.

She always says she go when she find a good man to take care of her.

And this Mr. Hyde does? Yes, he fancied her.

She has a way with herself.

Where does he live? Do you know? No, I'm sorry.

What about your friend? Susannah? Oh, yes.

She live on Taurin Road, right by Madam Flora.

Except she's gone. Otherwise, she'd be here.

Can you take me there? Please. Please. It's very important.

The cradle will fall

Rock-a-bye baby On the treetop When the wind blows the cradle will...

Oh, dear God.

Hello, darling.

Oh, my God! Henry...

What brings you to our little party?

You're in great danger, Elisabeth. You must leave here at once.

Henry. Henry.

Come with me. This is the drug. This isn't you.

On the treetop It is me!

Henry, no! Henry!

No! Get away!

Johnny. Henry, stop it!


Henry. Come on, Johnny.

He told you! He told you!

No! He told you!


Henry! Henry, help me!




Henry. Henry!


You didn't think I was... dead, did you?

Henry, no. Henry, no.

No, Henry!

No! No!

Must have been a terrible shock for you, Dr. Jekyll, to come back here and find your wife murdered in such a way.

Oh, yes, Inspector.

The maniac must have followed her home from the East End.

What was she doing in the East End? Charitable work for the church.

Women of the streets.

He certainly wrecked your office and laboratory.

He must be quite mad. Hmm.

I'd better get back to trying to find this monster.

Thank you for your help, Dr. Jekyll.

Every woman in London is in danger as long as he's out there.

Oh, I'll get him. Don't you worry.

If he's out there...

I'll get him.

Good day, sir.

Paper! Paper!

Read all about it! Another horrible murder!

Jack the Ripper murder!

Paper! Read all about it!

Another woman slain!

If he's out there...