Education sentimentale (1962) Script

The way to Le Havre's ferry terminal please?

A little further along the basins.


Can't you read a map?

Travelers to Paris have their seats reserved in the platform train.

Travelers to Paris have their seats reserved in the platform train.


Didier, my darling!

You came here? It was so long two months without you.

You know... it all went wrong there.

Did you miss me?

Yes. Every day?

Every day.

Then consider I was happy for two months.

I suppose you have no car? Not at all. I managed to keep it.

You're an angel.

I told you Channel at eight. You never listen anything.

And the dress?

I wanted to surprise you.

This is the highlight of the collection.

Take it off.

Didier... Take it off.

You're a big baby.

Didier? I love you. I will explain.

This dress suits you very well. It looks like it was made for you.

It's only for tonight. It is not proven.

First I don't want that you keep on with this life.

Two hours with Dambreuse and it's in the pocket.

I could talk to Catherine?

Certainly not. I'm tired of these women who take care of me.

You have money?

I have my checkbook. No please.

You'll always be an angel.

I look like a driver who is running for a seat.

My darling.

He's not hidden anywhere. He just called. He doesn't come back tonight.

It's not possible... He's desperate. A business diner.

But you promised.

Didier has 4 tickets for this gala. A lost ticket?

Never my friends. We can't do that in a good protestant family.

I have an idea.

Charles would have been overjoyed to see you.


You must do me a great favor.

You must accompany me to a gala. Me?

Please Frederic. I don't bother you often, right?

You're doing a favor to Charles.

I have to study. -At your age you should stop studying and start enjoying life.

Ok, I'm going with you.

It's settled. The infamous Frederic is dressing.

Who's Frederic? Your new basset? He looks more like a bear.

One of my husband's poor cousin. Coming from Le Havre.


You swear that your husband can't come? I swear.

Didier will be furious but never mind.

He needs to see him. He wants Charles to find him a job in his company.

Publicity, a job abroad, whatever...

It's that serious?

Yes. Well, then it's done.

Really? Yes.

Thank you.

Let's hurry up.

There he is.

Go on both of you. I'll introduce you in the car.

Don't wait for our return, Louis.

Do you miss him?

You don't miss your husband?

Of course I miss him.

And you? Do you miss him?

Is it new?

It's from Charles?

Not bad, don't you think?

No I can't. I insist. Keep it for tonight.

I don't know what's wrong with him these days. I think he cheats me.

Charles? Yes.

Charles cheats me with Frederic.

A major in Polytechnic is way more interesting than a Channel model.

I know how this will end. Charles will show him his factories.

He will bring him to one of his hunting parties and soon this boy will be married.

Well, I mean hired as an engineeer.

You know Catherine. It's very kind what you did for Didier.

But my darling it's just what Charles needed.

Charles is a bear. A savage.

For him these week-end retreats are like being in jail.

Didier makes the clown in his place.

Didier loves to entertain people. It's his job.

He never gets bored.

And you?

I never have the time.

You know, with Didier there's too much phone calls, too much projects...

Too much travels without you.

Too much lies for nothing. Too much of...

I don't believe you Catherine.

You want to hear my idea?

What idea? Do you want or not?

Please follow me Sirs.

You're dreaming or what, my darling? The photographs. -What photographs?

The photographs. Alright.

When I think we have to give them blood and then champagne...

I think it's Catherine. The nerve of that woman.

She always puts her nose everywhere.

I'll take care of them.

Frederic! It's a good suprise, don't you think?

Thank you. Thank you very much.

"I don't believe you Catherine."

Where are they?

At the quarry with the dogs. Let's go.

What's wrong my darling? You love dogs.


Didier, can you do me a favor?

I'm searching for a housemaid.

Where did you find that interpreter?

Decidedly I will never be friend with you.

That's a question you asked we in the past without success.

That's true. Catherine?

Yes. -Be careful. You're beginning to get bored.

Me? You only have eyes for the others.

I'm too selfish for that. You're wonderful Catherine.

You're wonderfully selfish and it's what you do the best.

But beware. It will all collapse one day.

You will wear a difference face on that day.

It's a bit rough for you.

Not at all. It's very interesting.

It was one of Didier's ideas.

I don't know where they come from.

He has lots of imagination.

Then let's go and breath his ideas a little bit closer.

It's great idea, isn't it?

A deer skin that can be used fifty times... with a few bones under.

Didier is the inventor of the perpetual hunting party.



Supper will be served in the castle.

The departure is at nine o'clock tomorrow in two special bus.

Party is over. Tomorrow the guests are packed and sent back to their homes.

They have seen what always pleases everyone.

They have seen blood.

You too.

You've been very kind.

You are very kind.

They probably need you there. No. I'm like you.

I'm here by accident.

These people there. They're all engineers?

Everyone of them.

You see what happens when you start making money.

Importance, children...

You're the first human face I see for the last eight days.

It's amazing that it's you.

There was my cousin Dembreuse of course.

He only swears by you.

You're so young. So hard working, so sane, so honest...

So poor.

And just imagine, I intend to remain poor.

If you had listened to them.

Of course they have modern ideas.

They were probably good people in the past.

What striked them suddenly?

Factories, business, life... You think it's not worth the trouble?

You call this life?

To marry an industrialist's daughter. To drive their big cars, the same big cars.

To drive the same big daughters.

As if you are moral!

I'm not moral. I don't want to get bored.

I have a lot of things to do.

My thesis, books...

You look so lonely.

Charles and Catherine... You like them?

When I came back from Algeria they gave me this room.

Before I was living in Le Havre.

I heard about it.

So your dagger... It was serious?

A bit too much, right?

I've changed a lot since then. It does not seem to be like you.

You're right. I never change.

You're cold?

We must go.

No, don't go!


You're happy?


My darling, everybody's waiting for you.


Didier, can you drive us to Paris?

You don't have your car? I sent back the driver.

Charles. Didier is taking us. And your cousin?

He amazed everyone with his big head.

It's probably worse now with all the drinks he had yesterday evening.

Let him sleep.

Come on guys, we have 200 km to do and my hair-dresser can't wait.

It's the last car?


But you came with Didier...

They're crazy! They can't let me stucked here!

What are you going to do?

I'm going home for good.

Is it enough?

You want something else?

You like to lunch with music?

Do you love Bach?

Are you french?

You do not speak like the french. You do not eat like them.

You look like my father.

Your father has never learned you that one don't talk with his mouth full?


He never spoke.

He was a shepherd.

Apples and gruyere for my line.

You can't talk about something other than eating?

My line is my job. Once I wanted to be actress.

Once I wanted to be a genius.

But in the upper-class world genius enter with the servants.

With me?

We spent eight days together.

You never spoke to me.

Never. Why?

What were you doing with this man?

I met him on the boat. He told me he knew a lot of people.

But the truth is there was many more people that didn't know him.

What else?

He is like all the married men.

He loves his wife.


You can't understand.

You're so beautiful.

You're still eating?

It makes me hungry.

You know Maria Schell?

Why? You know her?

Is she a laundrywoman?

You don't deserve to be taken care of. I will never iron your clothes again. Never.

Blackmail already?

I'm feeling well with you. And you?

You lie. Why do you get dressed if you feel well?

I'm your spoils of war.

What are you going to do with me comrade?

Will you execute me? -I will have you burned alive if you keep on.

You love me better than these two women?

Enough talking about them. You will leave and be with them again.

Let's stop talking about them now.

Give me the phone.

What did you do again?


Frederic leaves the apartment.

What's in his mind?

He's not thinking, he's scheming.

I wanted to surprise you. All your stuff is there.

You will have your own room.

It's for me?

For us.

You smell like fish.

Don't worry. It's the glue.

What is this?

I never owned a smoking.

Exactly and we can never go out. So I rented one for you.

I also bought this.

To go with the smoking.

What will I do with them?

They're superb but it's wasted money Barbara.

Here. I also took this for you.

Don't go too soon even if you never love me.

Stay with me a little bit.

My father predicted, trembling with fear, that I would end a bum.

His remark was perhaps not as bad as people have thought.

You succeeded well in life.

You only need an Alfa-Romeo to be on top.

Don't wake them up.

I park the car and I'm back.

Didier, we must wait for you?

Say my name, it's like a sesame.

What are you waiting for?

I'm falling asleep.

And this guy drank too much. -This guy ordered 3 millions machines from us.

I'm not a machine. Stop your nonsense.

Tonight we're on active service. You can't use me as you please.

You're tired?

I'm never tired.

You don't want to eat?

If you don't eat you won't be beautiful to watch.

I'm already beautiful.


Can I have a glass of water?

DO you have the pack of cigarettes?

Aphrodisiacs, right?

First one takes aphrodisiacs to stay awake and then one takes tranquilizers to stay sane.

I only have filter tips.

Still your hygienic obsession.

You want to sleep? I always do what I want to do.

You dance?

Don't bother him.

Give it to me!

Hey! Look at the ghost!

You didn't see Catherine?

I just came in. She'll get curious when...

You saw him?

The little country's cousin?

I want to leave.

You must stay.

I beg you. Let me go.


I ordered three whisky and one orange juice.



You're leaving?

You're arriving?

This place is still fashionable?

I don't know. I didn't stay long.

You get in. You get out.

We see you. We don't see you.

Are you alone?

Are you happy?

You're not happy.

Why? Is it really necessary?

It'd better be.

You're going to catch a cold.

And your friends are waiting for you.

Let's walk a little.

What a face!

You look like you want to bite or to stay silent.

But everybody loves you Frederic!

Me. Yes, me.

Even Charles who is angry because you escaped him.

Even that youg S.S. who jilted you in the middle of the street.

No Catherine.

She must be a good doormat for you. No Catherine.

You can't understand.

She has a good heart.

Still in love? That's wonderful!


You're lucky.

Very lucky. Indeed.

It must be hard to have nothing to care for.

I understand that you're cold.

Why saying me that?

Come see us one of these days. And thank you for Anne.

You rid her of an idiot who would have made her life a mess. Thanks.

You're all actresses. Crazy and fake actresses. Crazy blind women.

You live in a perpetual contest of wry faces.

Always faking, always giving change.

What are you afraid of?

You'll have to wake up someday!

Let me go!

There's one thing I can't stand. To be touched.


I'm a big talker at night.

No Frederic, don't go...

You must... They wouldn't understand downstairs.

Just stay a while.

This savage will never go to bed so soon. He'll ask Les Halles and then Boulognes wood It's the second whisky bottle.

Another! It's rare to see Anne having fun. I like to see her like that.

We go to Boulognes wood? Only if you're having fun.

Like crazy. You dance again?

I'm dying of thirst. You've had enough. You should stop.

If she likes to drink. -Active service. Precisely. She doesn't like to drink.

Frederic, I'm thirsty.

Thank you.

Drink. It will give you courage.

It's Chloredane getting you so high? You should take Equanine.

Just to hear the name makes me asleep.

Good night my darling.

Who's taking me home? I'm afraid at night. -It's me.

Have fun.

And you? You stay?

So make me dance.

That's not why you're here.

First I can't dance. And you're not very gifted neither.

You try your best but the high-class dance hostess trick doesn't fit you.

Everyone left.

You're still very far.

Let's see what I'm worth.

All is paid for Sir. The bottle is yours to finish.

Now you go home! She goes home!

Why do you mind?

Because I see.

You don't go home? By foot.

Thank you.

For ruining your evening? No.

For being nice with me.

I don't have much credit.

On the contrary.

I wanted to take revenge. To show them.

Catherine and Didier always what they want with me.

You understand why I acted like this?

Yes, I understand.

I must add it was a depressing sight.

I think I could be friend with you.

I'll do as you say. Always. Never repeat this.


It's Didier?

You think he walks up and down the room worrying about you?

No, he's working.

He makes plans, projects.

He needs to find ideas to make money.

This is life.

This is a married man.

You go often to Catherine's? Almost every day. Why?

Go now. We'll meet again.

We can meet again now.

For your cab. Thanks but I take the subway.

What? -The first subway. It goes to Empomay.

You know the rules to write a woman's novel?

A typo, a lover.

A typo, a lover. On and on until page 184 where you write the word "End". Didier asked me to type some envelopes.

He doesn't have a secretary anymore?

Catherine, do you think I help Didier as much as I should?

You're a mother to him.

You must think I'm ridiculous doing protestant nudism.

But you my dear you'll never be in shape when summer comes.

Don't you find Frederic changed?


He's almost a man now. One can read boredom on his face.

Before you found him impossible. Now you find him boring since he's doing...

Since he's doing what exactly?

I love you.

I love to make you blush.

Charles is horrible. He says it's my fault if Frederic fell with this girl but I think nobody pushed him, don't you think so?

Charles is an idiot.

In any case me I'm not an idiot.


Look at yourselves. Two condemned to death in the same cell.

Who will be executed first? It's a mystery.

Veuve Cliquot '47.

Let's drink the fat calf.

Why did you come back?

To take you.

You're crazy.

You know very well I'm not.

"I don't believe you Catherine."

Drink Anne.

We must celebrate my return.

Six months research.

Stupid, I saved your life.

They already left? Long ago?

I don't know. I was working. Charles was probably furious.

Damn traffic jam.

It's for you.

They waited for me more than an hour.

There's still the train.

You don't have your car? It's dead.

St-Lazare? Information bureau? Do you have a train to Aromanches?

Thank you.


An omnibus.

I'm runing away now.

What time is your train?

In one hour. I must pass at home first.

I'm telling you the truth.

You're not going to waste everything again.

What's to waste?

There was nothing.

And there will be nothing. Never.

Nothing. Never.



Now let me go.

You're burning.

I'll get you something to drink.

What's that?

That? It's Hector.

You like rats? -The rat is one of the most noble species in the world.

Hard-working, vigorous, skilful.

Your spitting image. -I caught him while I was not expecting you.

He terrorized the house for six months.

He also studied maths? He's good in algebra.

But in front of the blackboard he eats the chalk.

Hector. Tell me a fable.

(Unknown language)

My train! It's past eight o'clock!

It's a disaster!

What's a disaster? You did it on purpose.

I must absolutely be in Aromanches tonight. My coat?

Where did you put my coat?

Anne! Wake up!

You know there's no more train at this hour! -So you're happy.

Anne, is it really important to you?

Not spending the night with you in Paris? Yes, it's important.

We had to be at Catherine's around midnight.

I need a blank check.

You don't need to have money in the bank.

You want to go?

You'll go.

Your keys.

Car papers.

Where are you going? -Tank is full. You need three hours passing by Caen.

You'll be there in time.

I can't drive such a car.

It's all I could find at this hour.

It's easy. First, second, third gear. You go forward and leave.

I'm sorry about earlier.

Kiss Catherine for me.

Come with me.

Come with me please. I don't want to quit you.

What are you doing? You try to lose me?

It's no use. It's already done.

I think I love you.

I think I'm yours.

Keep quiet.

It's the fog.

What fog?

Without the fog you would have been there on time.

What time?

Kiss me.


Do you feel this?

It's the morning.


Frederic, we're alive!

You don't know anything about me.

I'm a little missus.

A man in my life is already extraordinary.

Two is impossible.

It's impossible.

You don't know me. You put me on a pedestal.

You love me since such a long time.

You love me.

You watch me.

You're always here.

You appear anywhere.

You disappear.

You come back.

You never leave me.

You never left me.

But I'm a nobody Frederic.

I'm worth nothing.

I want to live with you.

It's there.

Put your shoes. You can't come from Paris barefoot.

No. My love...

You will never know how strong my love is.

Sergent Morgan.

It's not a cemetery.

It's not in order.

It looks like a tourist itinerary.


They argue the best places to die.

They jostle.

That's where they fell.


And there.

Meter after meter.

What a strange idea.

Come to be killed on a beach in the morning.

There's Catherine.

Always the first to get up.

Holidays are over.

I'll come back. I promise you.

My poor darling, you look awful.

I traveled all night long.

I'll make you a coffee.

Didier called yesterday evening.


What did you say to him?

The truth. Why do you want me to lie? I told him that you were sleeping.

Of course if I was dead it would be bad news for you.

But since only the car is torn to pieces it's good news to me.

The new Lion is a real wonder!

And Anne? You could have killed her too?


She wasn't even afraid. She watched the truck that was coming our way as if it was a fly.

Please, I'd like to go home.

But you can stay since Didier is not here.

No, I'm going home.

I'll drive you. Gee, I forgot I have no car anymore.

To tell the truth I was a bit scared.

Good night.

Good night Frederic.

You were also a bit scared.

Frederic makes such a long face. I didn't imagine he was so sensitive.

I can tell you he's less sensitive when it comes to money.

What money? I don't know.

A few months this boy who thought only of his studies tell me he wants to be hired in the factory.

At the same time he asks me a big advance on his salary.

I am delighted even if I don't understand him.

In any case, bravo!

The family grow larger.

Didier and now Frederic.

About Didier...

I'm very worried you know. Really?

You don't want to explain?

Very worried.

Would you do what I ask if I had the nerve to ask you someday?

As you are mysterious.

You don't go to bed?

No, I'm thirsty. I'll get a glass of water.

I can't stand it.

It's all over now.

I think Catherine suspect something.

Every time you call me there... I'm so afraid.

I just came back. All of them. They're all against us.


You will talk to your husband. He won't grieve. He won't be jealous.

I can't. He will laugh at me.

You will tell him the truth.

You can tell him the truth.

You have to do it. You have to.



He'll be back tomorrow.

You will find me at this adress.

You will come immediately after.

You will come?

What's this?

You know very well that I do not want you to take sleeping pills.

It's all over now.

I will come.


You're already here?

When did you come back?


You're looking for something? Can I help you?

Didier, can I help you?

What's happening to you? What's this mess? I have the right to know.

You think so?

How stupid you are.

Come closer.

You should be used though...

The troubles piling up, the job getting worse...

Be a little more serious.

Come closer.

You know?

There's nothing new.

It had to happen.

You want me to tell you?

Didier, I have to talk to you. You've been listening for so long.

About my projects...


I took care of money, right?

Did Catherine told you it was the end for me with Dembreuse?

It's that serious? For whom?

I could talk to Catherine. You want to help me? You?

You will never change.

On that side too I knew it could not go on forever.

Expenses, faked bills...

Still I had some good ideas.

The movie ads and the painting gallery projects. They could have worked.

You saw Dembreuse?

It's him who asked to see me! You see then... that I'm dead, yes.

I have nothing to hope for from anyone.

You think these things can be settled during mundane dinner before canapés plates?

I could go to jail.

I spent for me, I mean for us, the money of an advertising budget.

I borrowed from the cash box. I stole! It had to end like this!

Everybody has been patient.

You have been patient too.

Too much.

Obviously it doesn't concern you anymore.

If you ever were concerned one day!

Don't be foolish!

Give me this!

It would fix everything, huh?

Shut up.

Don't be afraid.

If I kill myself one day it won't be for money matters.

It will be for completely differents reasons.

For instance...

If I could not get used to...

What are you going to do? Me?

For me I see only one solution.

A position abroad.

Far? Canada.

Dembreuse was lenient.


You're worried to see me still in love with you.

It comes at the wrong time.

It's not a secret. It showed.

It showed....

All this because I tried to please a young tennis player wearing a red and blue blazer... in La Baule... five years ago.

As I lied to you!

You will never know when, where or why.

But you could never lie to me. You're too strong, you're too simple.

It's not true. Tomorrow it won't be true anymore.

It's true Anne.

If I didn't need you so much everything would be much more simple.

I need you.

I need you. Stop Didier.

You're hurting me.

What you wanted to tell me... it was not serious.

Don't explain. I don't need to know.

I kiss you.

I love you.

Door was open.

I came in.

So that was your big secret?

Not bad, not bad at all.

You'll be much more confortable here to work.

Nice bed.

Don't tell me that you found it yourself?

I did.

Too bad. I could have helped you.

You expect someone?

No. Why?

You have the face of someone expecting someone.


I have something to tell you.

I know.

Thank you. What for?

For yor kindness and your friendship.

For your silence. I am the silence itself.

You have a very nice heart line.

You're wonderful.

I like you very much too Frederic.

Poor Frederic.

It's no go. She won't come.

What does it mean?

That she won't come.

She'll never come.

Why? What is she doing? I don't know.

She spoke to her husband.

It's him who prevented her to come.

Or it's you! For what reason I would do that?

Hello? Anne? Hello?

Hello... She won't answer you.

You know something.

Didier has some troubles. He will leave France.

She must take care of him. It's his wife.

She loved him very much. She doesn't love him anymore.

She will not go with him anyway.

She just called me.

I'm becoming crazy! I'm going to destroy everything!

It was for her this apartment!

It was for her that I was working for your husband!

Call her.

Call her immediately!



She's not sleeping?

I'd like to talk to her.

Hello Anne.

Say, can you come right now?

I'm there.

I can't.

And tomorrow morning? Is it possible?

I can't.

You can't or you don't want?

I don't want.

Was it really so important?

I didn't know.

You know, these wise little missus...

Don't love them.

Go away.

Go away.

Go away. You're mad!

You're happy now! You played me a good trick!

The same trick you played with Barbara.

Because you have nothing else to do in life!

Because you're dead jealous in front of other people's love!

I would need a pin.

I beg your pardon.

It's very well like this.

It's my fault.

One should never do errands fo the others.

People have to be more courageous.

But why?


You're sleeping?

Don't move. I'll try to come back later.

For Anne it's true?

She told you she didn't want to see me anymore?

You will talk to her.

She will believe you.

We must not hurt her.

You will forget her.

You'll tell her that I love her.

That she's mine.

It's me who loves you.

It's useless. She doesn't love you.

This is not how one loves.

Where are you going?

To see Anne.

You won't see her.

She belongs to Didier.

She belongs to Didier. Don't you understand what it means?

She sleeps with Didier.

You never slept with her.

It's not with words that one takes a woman.

It's in bed.

I loved you before Frederic.

I love you since I know you.

Not me Catherine.

I will never love you.

Canada and Québec are two steps from here.

You will come visit us from time to time.

The week-end.

Without you we would never have been able to leave. -It's my nature.

I need to help.

It doesn't always agree with me.

I beg you Anne.

I won't see you again.

Both of you must start from scratch.

We have many projects you know.

You're lucky to be able to say "we".

We, we...

In the end...

In the end that's what you wanted.

You saw him again?

Not once.

He told Charles that he had changed his mind.

He gave back the money.

He disappeared.

That's him.

But where's your husband? You're going to miss the boat.

It will never happen.

It's me Frederic.

I came to say good bye.

It's the best solution.

Because now... there will be no impediment to anything.

After the first day...

After the second day...

It's a boat that sails well.

I know you.

You will pretend you're happy.

You will be truly alone.

You... You don't need anyone.

It's what I've been told.

It's what I've always been told.

But it is no use to you at all.

You take, you dump, you dispose of everyone.

I warned you. I'm not an exceptional woman.

You have to be stronger than me.

It's you who ruined everything Frederic.

Your person, your slightest move seemed to have an extraordinary importance in life.

It was Anne.

As you were.

Tender, smiling... a shining beauty.

Well, a lot of people could tell you the same.

But you have nothing to give, Anne.

You have nothing to give.

As you're wrong.

It's your boat.

We didn't love each other very much.

We didn't love each other very much.