Ee. Ma. Yau (2018) Script

SOUND DESIGN Renganaath Ravee


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Abid Abu, Rony Joseph, Sonu Singh


EDITING Deepu Joseph

MUSIC Prashant Pillai


SCREENPLAY, DIALOGUES PF Mathews Co-Producer Rima Kallingal PRODUCERS Aashiq Abu, Rajesh George Kulangara

Lijo Jose Pellissery's 'R.I.P.'

You came early? I'm always dot on time..

Agnes, come closer.

Call me Nisa, why do you have to stretch my name?

Then Nisa dear, come closer.

Someone may see us!

No one is going to see us..

Someone will see us. Don't worry, Nisa.

Why are you putting on airs?

Didn't I tell you..? Come, let's go..

Love fever!

Then let's play a round of cards..

Ok.. Come.

Let's go this way.

(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter)

What the hell! He is playing a song for the dead, man!

You keep quiet, let him play, man!

Give him an opportunity to sing!

A tea for me!

Most probably, his death will be by my hand..


Wait there, man!

Where are you scurrying to?

Loafing around at this ungodly hour? Go home, man..

You get lost.. We're youngsters..

Long time! Where the hell were you?

I've no time to chat with you.

I've to get home..

It's good to go home once in a while!

Otherwise, some fisherman's child Will call you grandpa!

Don't tell me I didn't warn you. What's happening?

You get lost..

Better go and check with your daughter Everyone here knows your daughter is pregnant!

What to say? Like father, like daughter!

Bastard.. It's your mother who is pregnant!

What is Vavachan Chettan doing?

He's bleeding.

Someone help him up.

Get him up. He's bleeding.

Where the hell were you?

You have a smile for everything!

Why don't you tell us before you get lost?

But here I am, dear Pennamma!

Yes, here you are!..

You're the head of the house!

But still behaves like a child..

The moment I turn my head, he disappears!

Where the hell are you going?

Why lash your tongue at this godforsaken hour, dear?

Hiding your face from me, eh?

Don't waste your time blabbering Go to kitchen and cook that duck You and your bloody duck!


Mom! What?

Come here.

Come here, I say.

Tell me what's the matter!

Can you keep your mouth shut?

The moment he steps in, you start!

Will he ever feel like coming here then?

You get lost..

Stop it, mom. You come here..

Go and ask him when he came home last!

Mom, give me the duck Here! Go and bury it! Why don't you keep mum?

Go and kill the duck! I will boil the water..

Nisa, give dad some black coffee..

Black coffee, it seems!

Mom, what do you want?

He should stay here, right?


We can manage that, don't worry..

Calm down, mom.

Look dear, even God cant make him stay at home..

This drama has been on for 35 years!

The water is boiling Put the duck in the vessel Look mom, I am telling you From now on, Dad wont go anywhere..

Believe me!

That'll need something drastic!

If there is no other way, that's it!

Hey Nisa, if you've given him coffee Come here..

I am coming..

When I got down from the bus He called me..

When I went to him He said some nonsense And I hit him.. Can you blame me?

Hey Nanu, did you get any fish?

The whole sea has gone dry Couldn't get anything..

When I was a child, a duck cost 5 rupees Now it is 250!

How does one survive in times like these?

Run along with others, that's all What else shall we do?

The sea has gone dry Back then, fish was aplenty Dad!

There was so much fish..

He started talking again!

What is he blabbering about all the time?

Dad! Yes.

Have tea..

They are going to change our altar Did you know?


In the church! Where else?

Wasn't it you who built it?

Wait, I am coming there..

They are going to replace your grapevine carvings with modern art!

Is it so? Yes.

You shouldn't allow that Tomorrow itself go and tell the Father Will you?

It has grown old.. Let them change it..


Once they turn told, even humans shouldn't be spared.

You are impossible!

If you complain to the Vicar It may also backfire!

You never attend Sunday mass And he hates that!

Let me go to kitchen and prepare the duck Dear.. What is it?

What is it, dad?

Where is Eesy?

But you didn't mean to ask this..

Yes, dear..

No, dad..

Yes daughter, where is Eesy?

Gone to Society for work.. He'll be back soon..

Listen, when contributions pile up Will the programme shine..

Please spare what you can..

Brother at the back, please contribute..

Sister, come on..

Hey kid, give way for the vehicle..

Lots of people But contributions are not forthcoming..

Hey, don't let the big vehicles pass..

Eesy,, please contribute something..

You get lost, I am broke Leave me alone..

Give something, man..

I see, you've money to buy booze But nothing for us!?

I said I've no money, and I mean it! Get lost!

Have some pity, man You took loan from Society and vanished! And you talk about pity?

Don't talk too much The Society will intervene..

I've paid all that is due Now don't try to play smart!

Does the Society belong to your dad?

That I will show you whom it belongs to! I've the accounts with me. Now let me go..

Look, you've booze with you I'll buy soda, let us have a swig What?

First, you come and settle your dues! Then well think about the drink!

No need to wait for the accounts You better go home Vavachan has arrived..

Is it? He went home after beating up Chavaro.

They are waiting for you.. They'll deal with both you and your dad!

Well take care of that You get lost..

Hey, you continue the song Come on, sing..


Dad, You come once in a blue moon Then why get into brawls?

Why do you create problems for us?

Do you hear what I say?


Hey Zabeth!

Take this..

Take your shirt off Let me wash it..

We'll wash it tomorrow I wore it only once What happened to dad? Why is he so silent?

No idea.. Even Mom tried her best to provoke him, but it didn't work..

Something has happened..

I will set it right now..

Go and get some water and meat curry If you wait, you can have it with duck curry. Dad brought it..

We'll have it later with rice.. Meat will do for now..

Take this Come on, dad..

Leave it.

Forget all that..

If you've beaten up Chavaro, He deserved it!

Nothing will happen..

Even otherwise, We've Member Ayyappan with us..

He'll manage it..

These things don't matter, Eesy.

Then what's the matter, tell me..


Have you seen my dad's funeral?

I was not even conceived then..

Come on, tell me Was it a grand affair?

This village has not seen a funeral grander than that..

Music band, mourning songs, bishop's blessings and all What to say!

Even I, who conducted it, felt like dying..

Now you don't worry about that..

I will organize an even better funeral for you..

With horse-hair fans, peacock feather fan, fireworks etc...

I promise you..

Why are you laughing?

This wind is not good for your cough Let us go inside Come.

Fireworks! You loafer!

Horse-hair fans and fireworks for a funeral, eh?

You know nothing!

You go and bring my bag Fireworks will be something new!


I was not joking..

I will do it with all the paraphernalia For a Latin catholic funeral! including the final prayers with songs and all Just like the festival for the Saint Xavier!

I will make it happen!

First class coffin First class music band Then, 18 men to accompany With silver cross and sceptre..

Why silver cross?

We will have gold cross!

Then the bishop.. Let us see if he will come..

Hey, this is arrack!

Don't touch that!

Look, Will this be enough for my funeral?

That is all I have..

But these notes are banned..

You can only burn them Even dogs wont mind it..

Why? Even cows won't eat it Will your Society exchange it?

Ya right!

After this damn demonetization, They are going to close down even Societies like ours!

If something like that happens, We had it!..

We'll have to go and beg..

Hey Zabeth!

Mom! Look what dad has brought ? Banned currency notes!

Money to celebrate his funeral!

Give it here! I'll shove it into the stove That's better!

How will you conduct my funeral then?

My dear dad!

Now, take this..

Hold it.

Have a swig!

Come on!

That's enough..

Now look here..

If this Eesy is your son, I swear upon St. Geevarghese I will conduct your funeral in a grand manner Just like that of Charlesmagne Emprador Or else, like that of the Emperor A grand funeral With band, mourning songs and all the regalia..

Are you sure? Yes, damn sure!

My dear son, my only grief is that I couldn't give you anything I promise I will do it Don't worry!


Then, I want to pee You go ahead. I will wait here..

Who did you say you were?

The saint of the funeral?

Hey Eesy, listen to me..

Give it back..

I won't let you poison dad's booze.

It is not poison, It is medicine for constipation..

Eesy Chetta, it's a medicine to make him stop drinking.

Regina gave it to me when she came after charismatic meditation Ya right! Regina! But dad is not such a big drunkard!

Look, we've to keep our dad at home somehow Or he will leave tomorrow That is upto him.. You mind your own business I will beat you up..

Listen to me.. Leave me!

Oh God!

What happened now?

Not only in arrack, It is mixed in the duck curry too..

Dad, what are you doing?

Where are you kneeling?

Come, let us go Look, you've peed in your dress Come let us go inside

Your dress is coming off, hold it..

Did your dad too talk to himself like you?

Who told you I was talking to myself?

Look.. What is it?

Come, let us go inside..

This will do..

Missed call.. That too from Lazar!

He thinks I'll call him back?

Taste this.. Did you add the medicine in the meat too?

What is wrong with you? See if the duck is cooked..

It is well stewed.. Add more pepper..

That will mellow its stench You are smoking and drinking too much these days..

You better leave..

(song from 'Chavittunatakam' performance – Latin Catholic folk play)

Hey, Eesy.. Yes.

Where are you?

I am here..

Have you seen me performing Charlemagne Chavittunatakam?

Then come and see.. I will show you..


You drink in front of your father But won't smoke, eh?

What kind of logic is this?

Mom, dad is performing chavittunatakam.. Are you coming to watch?


Dad, you are drunk..

Your dad may be drunk, not me!

Do you want to watch James Lara’s play?

Do you want to see? Yes Long ago, when you were not even conceived Off we went to Munduveli church to perform that play It started at 9 pm and went on till 6 in the morning..

Then comes the Vicar to stop it!

He said it was time for the Mass Your dad was playing Charlemagne's role Your dad didn't stop it till it was over..

Come on, start the play So, you want to see it? Yes

(song from Chavittunatakam play)

Where did you disappear?

I went to dispose the waste Anyway, you never allow me to do anything. You want to do everything on your own!

Darling, am I not a mother-in-law Who really cares for her daughter-in-law?

Is it so? Yes.

In which case, when you die, I'll carve your name in marble, ok?

Get lost..

Dad and son have started performing..

That will go on like that..

You call everyone Let us have dinner. It is getting late.

Where is Nisa?

Hey Nisa!

She must be sleeping Go and call her..


No? I'm going to come there. I will come.

Shivanappan Chetta, don't come here.

My dad and brother are drunk and in full steam..

If they see you, they will butcher you..

Don't worry..

I'll come from the back and crow like a cockerel. Come out then.

Cockerel? No chance!

Don't say that, darling.. I'll die if I don't see you Then you go and die That's much better Anyway I'm going to die, At least give me a kiss Hey Nisa!

I'm coming!

What is it, sister?

Enough of your love-chat..

Lower your voice..

I will call you later..

What is it?

I know this is not mere love-chat But the 'other' stuff.

Dear sis, don't get me in trouble Why? Let dad and brother know That you are ready to marry..

Come and have food You must be really tired I am fed up with you! I will come, you proceed

Lazar, you paid in June and July But 4000 plus is still due What? Cooked up figures, eh?

It is your dad who cooks up figures..

When I asked you to deduct interest What did you say?

That your mother was in deathbed And you took the whole money!

You took it and now you're talking like this?!

Lazar, you scoundrel!

I know how to get money from you. Dad!


What happened, dad?

Eesy, don't know what happened to dad!


Hey, call someone..


Pranchietta, open the door..

What is it? Dad is not getting up..

You go there.


Vavachan Asan in not well Rejeesh, come here!

Hey come, Vavachan Asan is unwell.


What happened? Vavachan Aasan is not well.

Don't know what it is.

Eeso Mariyam Youseph!! (Chanting prayers)

Eesy, get up. Come here.

Vavachan Asan is no more Go and wash your face..


Why are you sitting here like this? Don’t we have to inform everyone?

Go there..

Come on, get up


Hey, what are you doing? Go there..

Zabeth, Do one thing Give that duck curry and rice to Molly

Now, who will I tell all my woes?

Have you entrusted everything to your children?

Eesy, have you discussed everything with dad?

I don't know anything!

He talks openly with you, right?

You are your dad's dear son, isn't it?

I can't bear this, god!

You betrayed me!

Don't cry..


He came with a duck today And he was quite ok He was performing chavittunatakam here Suddenly something happened

Zabeth, look at dad lying still!

Didn't you promise to have dinner together And then lie down?

Then, why did you leave all of a sudden?

Dear, you only asked me to prepare Duck curry with potato?

Then why did you leave?

Lazar, Vavachan Asan is gone..

He arrived only in the evening And left already?

Not that, he left for good! Is he dead?

He is dead!

But I called him just now He didn't tell me anything Who? Eesy? Yes.

Yes .. but he was talking about my dues And it was all cooked up!

I don't know all that Come, let us go and see I have a doubt What?

I smell some foul here?

He was strong as a bull!..

Did someone kill him?

Who? Either Chavaro or Eesy..

Why Eesy?

I told Eesy his father had beaten up Chavaro And Eesy left saying he will take care of that!

You are mad! He died peacefully at home Why do you want him to be murdered?

You are mad Leave it, Member..

Come, let us go there What about the money I've taken 100 bucks, ok?

Member, wait, I am coming Come fast, we've things to do You don't talk nonsense like this, ok?

I think tonight's sleep is spoiled How come there is light at the boat yard?

I think Ponnappan and Kochanto are having a drink. Want to go and check?

Get lost! That's someone else.

Only if you want..

If you win the game I think you can take it.

It's meant for me anyway!

Let us see what happens Yes, let us see The game has just begun Yes.

Calm down..

How will I bear this?

Eesy, why have you left the body like this?

Why don't you wipe off the blood?


Say something to your children!

Aren't they your friends?

Don't you tell everything to them?

You don't tell me anything!

Did you see your friend lying here?

So much blood, oh my God!

You were singing And If I knew you will fall down Would I leave you?

Say something!


He's gone, son!

Nisa, don't cry.

How do I bear this?

I can't bear this!

Be bold, man..

Eesy, what happened to your dad all of a sudden..?

Eesy, it's not right to leave him on the floor.

Come, let us move the body to a cot Leave it to us..

Did you inform the church?

I haven't even informed relatives You should..

You are member of Death Fund, isn't it?

They won't come..They have removed my name as I haven't paid my dues We can sort it out We have to do what is to be done..

First you call the doctor Is it necessary? He is dead, now what is the use?

You should. Times have changed If a person dies at home A doctor's certificate is required Otherwise it will be trouble

Dear sisters, please get up Let us lift Asan's body to the cot Get up, please.

Won't you get up & go to bed?

Should they lift you?

Pranchi, come here..

You go and bring the doctor We will go by bike and bring him Lazar, you too go with him.

On the way, inform the vicar too Otherwise, he'll pick on that..

Pranchi, bring the cross and candlesticks from the church Ok

Few minutes back, I saw him..

He was quite ok He even asked me if I got any fish.

I think something wrong has happened His head was bleeding..

There is something fishy..

Take down the chairs They have come to put up the pandal ..

Not like that.. Like this..

Don't be too smart

What is it?

Our Vavachan Asan died Who? The mason who built our altar in single piece of wood?

What happened?

He just fell down and died He was also drunk What to do now? Call the doctor If he is dead, why do you need a doctor?

A doctor should confirm death You call the doctor He is asleep I cant call him now Then I will call him Look, he is lying drunk A friend with a full bottle and they finished it Even an elephant can't wake him up now Damn! What to do now?

You too are drunk, aunty! Then what?

How long can I wait? I too had 3 pegs Call the doctor We have no other go You go to the head nurse She is enough to confirm death But she is not a doctor Tomorrow morning, she will get it signed by doctor You better leave..


Hop on!

If it is Saramma, let it be Saramma..

Come let us go..

This doctor and nurse – they are in love Very intimate..

Poor wife! She knows nothing about it..

All this is your fantasy Don't tell calumny Your tongue will rot Come, let us go..

Give me a chair..

I've only this old photo.. Nothing else.

This is enough for death notice

The battery is gone..

You have a charger?

Call from my phone Give it to him.

Pradeep, Ayyappan here..

Yes, tell me Eesy’s dad died..

We have to print the notice.

Bring me a photo.. What? - A photo..

I will send it over Fine.

What about the matter?

Usual content will do, isn't it? No need of changes, right? I'll read it.

Ya. Read it.

My dear husband and head of our household, Son of Valiyaparambil Varghese Antony..

You've to change it Change it to Vavachan son of Valiyathuparambil Chori Valiyathuparambil, Son of Chori Vavachan Mesthri (Mason) Vavachan Mesri?

No, Vavachan Mesthri Okay.

With profound sorrow We inform you of his eternal rest in God..

Is that enough?

When is the funeral?

I will inform later The funeral time?

I'll let you know Okay. Let me know.

Whom to mention as bereaved family members?

Eesy, Eesy. His wife, Zabeth.

Just a minute.

Wife Zabeth, right?

Dude, Zabeth, is she BCom or Bsc?

No need to mention all that. Why?

Just mention her name Elizabeth Elizabeth, right? Then, Nisa, that is Agnes Pradip, did you hear?

Yes. Mother’s name is Pennamma isn't it?

No, it is how we call her at home.. Actual name is Mariam Thresia Mariam Thresia, right?

Print Mariam Thresia, not Pennamma, ok?

Okay. Heard it!

I've an urgent printing work of a souvenir Inform me the funeral time in the morning So that I can print it, ok?

Ok, I will do that..

Saramma nurse, please go with them..

Doctor too asked for it Moreover, Vavachan belongs to our parish Please go..

Don't say no..

The body is kept just like that..

And the doctor specifically mentioned you by name..

You've a car?

No, only a bike A woman like me to come with you at midnight on a bike?

No way!

Then you can take the bike with him..

No, I don't know how to ride a bike What to do now? Doctor told us to ask you Did the doctor say so? Yes.

Please go, Saramma It is doctor's wish too Okay.

How can I say disobey doctor?


Look, I'll ride the bike

Lazar, you proceed to church Don't forget the cross and candle-stands.

Close the door, man.. I've closed it..

Don't know if the seat is dusty.

You wish. Move aside, man!

I didn't mean it that way.

Then how did you mean it?

No. Nothing.

Please move.

Lazar, what you said was right. This Saramma is a real whore. - Of course.

Like a rocket, she goes..

Yes, I'll inform you.. It will be past 3.30 anyway

Hello, this is regarding Vavachan’s death Oh, you already know?

Me? I am his neighbour.

Why? You didn't like it, eh?

Listen, bro! This is not his wedding It's his funeral!

Then why do you want to be invited in person?

Get lost! Come if you wish to!

It is your dad's brother! That scoundrel wants to be invited in person Ask him to get lost Shouldn't we inform those in Pattani island?

No, things may go out of control..

Still? No, no need..

Hello, I am Pradip from the press. Press?

Yes Pradip, tell me.

Fixed the funeral time?

No, not yet Mostly tomorrow evening. We've to confirm it with the priest..

I've composed the matter Once you fix the time, inform the press, ok?

I've souvenir work here..

Pradip, I'll call you back

Pennamma, it is me, Saramma No need to split your chest for my sake!

You people move aside Move aside..

What happened?

Dad was a little drunk and fell down..

He drank alone or with someone?

Why do you want to know all that?

Then why did you call me at this hour? I was sleeping at home Sister, please..

Tell her what happened..

He drank rum or arrack?


But it smells of arrack here Nowadays brandy smells like this Are you trying to fool me?

When I went out to pee or smoke.. He may have had it.

So, you are not sure..


This won't work, let us go..

Shall we inform the doctor? Hey Sister, there is no problem I am telling you..

Did you see? No, I didn't..

Then what?

Inform the doctor… Before you leave, tell us what happened the father of my children, sister!


You wait here Doctor there?

I cant call him now.. He's drunk. Tell me what you want..

I am calling from the dead man's house It is a serious case He has a head injury and it is bleeding Let the doctor come tomorrow and decide I am going now Told him?

Yes, he'll come tomorrow Look, I'll tell the doctor what I saw when he comes tomorrow morning.

We're going now.. How can that be?

We've to arrive at a decision..

What to decide now?

Everything is over, and you want to decide now?

Sister, where are you going?

At least tie up his jaw Otherwise, it'll be impossible tomorrow Damn it!

Better do it now..


The Vicar must be asleep.. Shall we inform him tomorrow?

No, We've to tell him today itself..

He's waiting for an opportunity to create problems.

Let him come.

Won't let me sleep even at midnight, eh?

Reading detective novel?

Tell me what you want..

Father, we've come with an even more complex case..

You know our Vavachan Asan? - Yes. He was finished off by someone..

He's bluffing, father He just fell and died.. It is not a murder or anything Tell me what happened Today evening, while returning home Vavachan beat Chavaro to pulp..

For what? That is the mystery..

I just mentioned this to Eesy While he was returning home with booze..

He rushed home Swearing he'll settle scores with his dad Father, he is making up stories It is not how it happened..

You shut up!

You come with me..

Lazar, don't ..

So, he beat Chavaro to pulp.. Eesy rushed home..


This mystery man who is ever elusive.. She hates him, Father..

Who? Pennamma!

Tell me clearly..

This Vavachan often disappears..

Nobody knows where he goes to But those who need to, know it well..

That's why Pennamma bluntly told my mom..

What? - If there is no other way, she'll poison him..

Lazar, what all are you saying?

Go ahead..

There was a loud cry.. When neighbours rushed there, he was lying dead An injury on his head And arrack on the floor That is yet another mystery..

Pranchi, tell me what really happened?

No one killed him, father He just fell down by himself..

Whom do you suspect, Lazar?

You wear the vestments, you find out..

Father, it is all his fantasy This is not how it happened Ok, you may leave..

Are you not coming to his house?

I'll come there tomorrow morning. You carry on..

Our coming here was of no use, isn't it?

This is what is called slander Why do you want to complicate it?

Just for fun What fun?

Let us go to Saramma’s house And take our bike..

I don't want it!

I don't want anything!

This won't do Bring me another cloth This is house of a dead man, Saramma You keep your mouth shut!

Get me another cloth Or I am leaving..

Yes, you may come here by around 3 pm Okay.

(talking to himself)

Get me some water, man.. I feel thirsty What? Get me some water to drink..

Before he died, he told me only one thing..

What is that? He wanted his funeral to be grand I promised him I'll do it with music band and mourning song.

So he was sure he'll die?

No, he says that whenever he drinks Since he said that, We should do it well How? I am broke..

That is not a problem. See if there is any gold or something We'll pawn it with Koorman He is cut-throat..

I know him, he won't help us with money Don't worry.. I am here to help you. Let's try! See if there is any gold..


Give it. You go and get it. Go.

What is it for?

For Saramma sister to tie dad's jaw Look, Zabeth Give me your gold chain..

That's the only speck of gold I have Not that!

It is for the funeral, dear Give it to me..

Look, tomorrow when my relatives come for the funeral And see me with nothing around my neck, who will be shamed?


I will bear it Now give me that What about the wedding locket? I won't pawn that.


When I moved away, Did you mix anything in my dad's drink?

Oh god! What are you saying?

I was just asking…

What are you doing with my dearest?

Hold it, man..

Tie up with care, Saramma Will you keep quiet? His mouth is not closing up..

Will this do?

More than enough! I lost my sleep! Come, let us go..

You've left us all in the dark..

Now let us go What? You promised you'll not beat me When I told there is no power in his house What did you say?

‘Go and die’, right?

But I was in deep sleep..

Does the government pay you salary to sleep?

But you promised no one will beat me up No one else did it, but me Now cover your face and scram If I see you here again I will break your legs..

Remember I am a government servant..

Oh, you are one, is it?

Get lost..

Here is a government servant!

Hey! I'm going, member!

Take this too, you.. Don't throw!

Why did you beat him?

Last time, when power went off in Ammini’s house And when I went to Electricity Board He did the same thing Come, let's go.

Playing smart with me!

Father, praise be to Jesus Christ!

So be it. Where are you off to at midnight?

Vavachan died. Didn't you know?

Yes, I heard What happened to him?

It is a complex case, father What is it?

Something fishy I smell an unnatural death We were coming to meet you Tell me about all your suspicions One by one..

Firstly, the dead man's head is broken Looks like he was beaten up The place smells of arrack The son drank brandy And dad had arrack His face has turned dark blue Now you go and find out the rest..

Any other clue..?

It's very complicated You go and see See for yourself. Okay.

He's already left, eh?

What about Nisa?

Don't we have to marry her off, isn't it?

Why did you leave us before that?

You forgot about our daughter?

Look at him! Poor guy!

Did anyone foresee this?

Son, Do you know what happened this evening?

Vavachan beat me..

Brother, please..

But I have no vengeance against him..

What a sight! Poor man!

Let us go out and talk…

Stay there..

Why at this midnight hour?

Our Vavachan Asan died..

If his dad died, what should I do?

The funeral will cost a lot..

As you only have the money… Let me put it bluntly Don't expect a paisa from me I won't give you Now, leave the place..

We will pay interest..

I know he is not worth a penny..

So as a member of the ward, will you pay the principal and interest?

In which case, I'll consider it Or, if you have come with any other plans Better scram..

I am going to bed Look bro, I promise to pay you back Then give me the cheque Not cheque, I've jewellery Now that is trouble You don't worry.. I stand guarantee..

Come on, take it

It must be at least 4 sovereigns..

Don't tell me.. I know you're not going to take it back Look, I'll fix an amount for this And pay it as its worth You take it and vacate the place ok?

Is it ok with you? Will it happen?

Can't you give it as loan? I'll pay interest..

Nonsense! From where will you pay interest?

You are talking of impossible things!

No need to wait Take it or leave it..

Please give us the money

Brother, if we pay principal and interest You'll return it?

Sure, any time you pay back Wait, let me get the cash

He has gone for the money



Shivanappan Chetta, my dad is gone..

What's wrong? What are you doing?

Hey, come here, Nisa.. Get lost!

Nisa! Nisa!

Dad, why did you leave me alone?

Who is there for me now?

Can't you hear our daughter crying?

Don't you see all this?

A saintly man who made our altar And you turned him into a murderer!

You are a real scoundrel, Lazar!

I didn't say he is a murderer I said someone murdered him You shouldn't have said that too Don't be too sure about it.. Let the police come and decide..

It is certain!

This is certainly a murder!

He went home after learning That his daughter was pregnant!

Out of sorrow, he must have said something hard & they must have finished him off Why spread such canards?

I haven't finished yet..

While he was beating me up Currency note bundles fell out of his bag These are times when people kill for 100 bucks Chavaro bro, why do you tell such lies?

Then tell me how he died?

Maybe, heart attack One cannot be sure about it Let the doctor come, conduct post mortem And confirm it..

Pour some for me..

You'll have to squeeze the bottle Not a drop left in it What a pity!

Father, tea.

No, thanks!

Praise Lord Jesus!

Oh Father!

My children's father is gone..

Here lies the man who came with a duck Asking me to prepare curry, Father!

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen Oh, Father, son and holy ghost Hallowed be thy name

(continues chanting prayers)

(continues chanting prayers)


Say something to Father!

Come inside and have a look..

Cheap one is fine, right?

Local one will do.. How much does it cost?

It ranges from Rs 4000 It's local though.

That will do..

Let us go for a better one Why?

You have coffin made of blackwood, or a better one?

I want that, Ayyappan. Dude!

Look, it is to be buried underground tomorrow! Why spend so much on it?

What is this?

I had made a promise to my dad What?

That his will be a king's funeral He left after hearing me say that Your dad, a king, eh? Eesy, you come inside and select one Go and have a look.. Are you crazy?

Ayyappa, throw your cigarette outside Why?

Throw it away!

Lot of clothes and expensive things here, man I will throw! Do it now..

I threw it. Eesy, what you said is right.

We can't do anything for the dead What we do for them should be grand Don't be miserly about it Come!

I'll get you a good coffin This will do This is my dad's coffin Let's fix this. Pack it!

This is really worth it Real blackwood!

It will last for 5 years..

For what? Will the body remain so long?

Do you know anything about coffins?

Ordinary coffins use softwood It gets rotten soon The corpse too will rot This will do Let's fix it.

Let us check the price Eesy, don’t worry about the money Take it now No, I will pay for it Tell me how much.

Come here!

Hey, come here.. We need money, man We've to pay at the church Shirt, dress, socks, shoe.. We've to buy all that Are you mad to buy this? Eesy, take that coffin..

I'm telling you! Take it!

If you take it, everything else is free Dress, gloves, shoe everything!

What about the flowers?

Yes, flowers And even beautician too Beautician?

First, tell me the price I will say that, man Come on, tell us Ok. When I say a price, I don't want any problems later It costs 45.. For you I will give it for 40

40 rupees?

Are you mad?

It is 40,000 rupees

40000, eh? You come here..

Buying this for 40000?

Are you crazy? Can't we buy this from Ernakulam City?

What do you want it for?

Hey, stop there.. I'll give you discount What discount? Will you give 35 thousand discount from 40 thousand?

I will reduce 10 per cent 10 per cent?

No need It is made of foreign wood, man It has velvet lining inside..

If you want, you can select the colour too This colour is fine! This is ok. Let's fix this.

I can make a small reduction Tell us how much?

I told you 10 per cent I told you, that won't do It is not for your father..

Look, it is his father who died You get lost Spoiling a grand funeral?

Come, let us go to the city. He is mad..

You go now.. But you'll come back He pickpockets even dead bodies!

Then we'll see Ayyappan, you wait here. So you're with him now?

Wait outside.

Bro, don't close ..

Listen to me..

Where did you get friends like him? Ignore him.

You come here Have a look Eesy!

Are you coming?

Ayyappa, please wait outside It's your father's funeral! Do whatever you want. I am going!

The coffin is for my dad My dad should rest in this blackwood coffin This will do Let us fix it

Ayyappa, will Albi’s music band do?

Why? He doesn't have a good team You should have thought about it When you spent everything on that coffin It is not that.. Then what?

Few days ago, he came asking for Nisa's hand And I refused it.. Maybe he got hurt..

I think he loved her..

That doesn't matter.. He is a simpleton, If we call, he'll come Albi.. Yes, Ayyappetta You are still awake?

Sit down.

Look, our Vavachan Asan, Eesy’s father, died It was his wish That your music band plays for his funeral Won't you come?

When is the funeral?

Come there by afternoon Do come, ok?


Look Ayyappetta, my clarinet is broken.. How do I play with it?

It doesn't matter We'll manage with what we have You just come with your team, ok? See you tomorrow He didn't agree to come.. He'll come for sure…Don’t worry Ok, see you tomorrow

Where did Eesy go?

Where is Eesy?

Eesy and Ayyappan went to find the lineman.. But they are not back yet The coffin has arrived!

Vavachan Asan’s coffin is really grand!

Untie that knot..

Bro, the coffin will be spoilt. Then don't blame us.

Get lost, you dimwit I've seen many coffins like this Come here, you are drunk Don't create ruckus ..

This must have cost him a fortune! Why not? He has bag full of money!

Keep quiet, man We also know Bengali. Bring the coffin down.

Molly, keep this dress, gloves and all

Hey Zabeth!

These are clothes and gloves for dad. Keep this safe.

Come here. What is it?

Will you give that chain to me to wear for some time?

What about yours?

All these are bought with that..

Give me your chain..

A lot of people will come here And how can I remain with a vacant neck?

Tomorrow, for the funeral We're going to be in the front..

People will be watching us, not you..

Give it to me..

Ok, take it.

Keep it there.

Careful! Careful!

Make it fast. Looks like it's going to rain.

Stop here.

Okay then.

You've any influence at the parish? It is your ward, isn't it? - No.

For what?

To see if we can get the Bishop

I will come back tomorrow..

Why not we ask the vicar?

Are you mad?

Ok, see you tomorrow then..

You go and sleep..

It's okay. I'll sit here.

Zabeth, enough.

Go and get some sleep I will wait here Dear..

I am not feeling well Give me some water

Who do we have now?

Son, Eesootty, whom will you call dad from now on?

He's gone, son..

Here lies our dearest..

CI Mathew sir? Yes.

I am Vicar Zacharias Praise be to Lord Jesus!

Why at this late hour?

Vavachan Mesthri from our parish died..

His death is a bit suspicious It is a bit problematic Not a bit, but completely problematic Saramma sister reported it You should go there immediately, sir.

But it is too late now, Father I'll go tomorrow morning Sir, you shouldn't postpone this It is a serious issue Our carelessness should not Get our parish into trouble. That's all!

Ok, Father, I'll see to it

Who took such dimwits in police?

What happened to Simon? Received revelation, eh?

Why is he lying here?

He is always drunk So they've thrown him out of the house So he sleeps here..

Why are all our grave-diggers such drunkards?

Why do you ask me? Ask the Lord Simon! What is it? Got some vision?

Not sure, if it is an angel or the Trinity He's still high!

Listen, go and dig the grave Third one at the corner of the cemetery Next to Rozario's, isn't it? Done..

Who is it?

I will tell you when I return Father, let us go..

Keep it there..


In the name of god, son and the holy ghost Amen!

Our man is gone, Father!

You didn't call me yet! Have you confirmed the time of funeral?

Who is it?

What nonsense? Give me the time, I've lot of other work Sorry, I will inform you soon Tell me fast.. I've to start work on souvenir and wedding card..



Finished digging?

Chavaro? How come you are here?

Now let us finish this before you dig I don't understand..

You should dig this grave really well This should be the best grave you ever dug You will be known in this parish In the name of this grave Got it? Done!

For whom is this?

For Vavachan, The man who built the altar It is his grave We will do a grand job If you die, it should be like this Eating and drinking what you desire So you will do it? Sure..


It may rain We should put up a shed Why shed? I will build you a house, man. Got it?


Zabeth, you prepared duck curry yesterday?

No, it was mom Zabeth, your parents have come..

Dad.. Mom..

He is gone. You can't see him again!

Please pray for him..

Those who never came when you were alive Have come to see you Good that you came at least now He always used to talk about you..

He never insisted on dowry..

He said, let them give their daughter what they like Even then, why do you remain silent, dear?

Talking of such things in front of a dead body!

Leave it.. It is usual..

Where is your chain?

It was given to buy coffin and dress for him And yet, that hag is howling like this?

She only sings what she learnt Don't take it seriously You'll need money, Keep this..

Give it to Eesy.. It's okay.

You give it to him..

My brother gave some money..

Didn't your parents come? Go. They are waiting there.

Want some black coffee?

No Meet the Vicar soon and fix the funeral time

Yes, Pradeep.

Have you fixed the time?

I will let you know..

Enough, man!


Why did you come here now?

To talk about dad's funeral You discuss it with the sexton Hey!

How did Vavachan die?

He was a little drunk..

When I went he was lying on the floor I think it was a heart attack Did the doctor say that?

Sister Saramma said so..

But she said something else to me She said she'll tell the doctor and he'll certify it Go on!

The sexton is near the grave Meet him there.

Okay Father.

Sir, did you go to Vavachan’s house?

No, I am going soon What is this sir?

Didn't I tell you yesterday night itself?

Then why?

Our writer is retiring, so I'm a bit busy..

If you appoint those priests as police It would be like this!



The grave-digger has fallen in the grave! Sexton!

The rain is not receding..

Don't we have to wash the corpse?

It is Manuel who does it usually.

Why don't we call him?

He's down with chicken pox.

Better you look for someone else.

If it is ok with you, I will wash the corpse Then you come..

The women please go out Let us wash the body They are going to bathe you!

Velayudhan, come here!

Come here and hold the head!

You hold the leg.

Hold! Now lift!

All the villagers have come Even the band has arrived They are going to bathe you!

Are you leaving us and going?

Are you getting ready?

Are you leaving my children and going?

Stand that side People have to pass through..

He is dead!

He has been dead for quite some time now.

Inform his house He never goes home, father He fought with them.

We don't have to consider that Inform them!

Let us go to Vavachan's house

♪ When you laugh, Thousands will come with you to laugh along ♪

♪ But when you cry Only your shadow will come with you.. ♪

♪ Only your shadow will come with you ♪

♪ Happiness is a guest who comes once in a while ♪

♪ But grief is a relative who never parts with you ♪

Come on!

Come! Come!

Hold it!

There it goes!

Catch it!

Put the body back in the coffin!

Eesy, your father fell down!

Pranchi, what are you doing? Lift it!

Lift it!

Where did you buy this from?

They cheated you!

Didn't you have money to buy a good coffin for your father?

You also went to buy it, right? That's not the matter here!

Keep it properly. Move!

Hold that side!

Where did you buy this from?

Did he take commission for his father's coffin?

Did he take commission for his father's coffin?

The cross is missing. Search for it!

Look if it is beneath the coffin Search for the cross!

Who will take it away?

The cross is missing Look below Got it? - Here it is. Where?

Here it is.

Got it!

Give it here!

Pranchi, hold his head.

Make way for the doctor.

Your doctor has come.. He came to see even in the morning Can you do anything now, doctor?

Pennamma sister, please sit down..

Keep the towel there..


Ayyappa, where are the flowers?

Is it there?

Where do I put these roses?

Place it on both sides There are jasmines too Give some here..

Oh my darling..

Oh my darling..

Hey, what are you doing? Move away..

He is my husband!

He is my children's father!

He is the head of this family!

Take her away..

What's the problem, sister?

Sister! Listen!

What's the problem? Where is Eesy?


Come with me!

What's the problem? Who's that?

Pradip, I told you I'll inform you..

I have other jobs here. Make it fast!

I said I'll inform you!

Eesy, it is a mess there!

Those Pattani island people have come Who the hell called them? Who knows? Somebody informed them Wait!

Easy, wait. Don’t create a ruckus It is a funeral in our house What? Who are you?

They've broken my husband's skull!

Hey whore, move away! If you touch my father, I will chop your hands!

He is my father as well. If you touch her, I'll kill you..

Maybe it is your house But it is my sister's husband Don't mess around in Chellanam.

None of you will go back alive!

People! Listen!

They killed him by hitting his head Come here! Hit me if you can!

I'll kill you, you swine! We have to settle this now!

I killed my father, is it? Beat him up..

Let me talk! I'll tell him!

Bro, calm down!

How dare you say I killed my dad?

Did you hear what they said? I killed my dad it seems!

Have you come here to ruin the funeral, listening to gossip?


Leave him!

What is happening here? Is this a dead man's house or a market?

Father, they've killed my child's father And they want to bury the body Without us knowing about it They killed him by hitting his head He killed him..

Who are you? We are from Pattani island This is our sister, Barbara.

Where? This is Pious.

He is the dead man's son!

Go and see, Father They've hit him on the head Father, don't listen to the words of a whore I won't allow my father to be shared. - Stop!

Venting your anger on a woman?

Talk decently!

I don't have to listen to anyone I won't allow anyone to share my father Move away!

Move! Let me have a look!

Let the Father look!

Did you see this, Father? He is lying dead.

Leave my hand, you hag!

Did you see this? His head is broken!

See it for yourself!

They killed him, Father.

Untie this. Shut up!

Untie it!

See this! They killed him, Father!

No, I can't allow this..

Let the police come and do a post mortem.

You can't bury him in the church otherwise That's all He got drunk, fell down and hurt his head.

Can you prove it?

No, but, Father… So you can't prove it If there is a legal issue later You won't be able to solve it He just fell down, that's all But there are complainants.

Who has a complaint? We have a complaint.

This whore's complaint?

Are you going to cut open my dad's body Listening to their words?

No way, Father!

Then your father will lie here only.. You can't bury him in the church Why? Is the cemetery your father's property?

You can't do a thing at the church You...

Eesy, what is this?

You have beaten a priest, eh?

As long as I'm alive, I won't let your father to be buried there..

You watch out!

What are you waiting for? Come!

Father, don't go Listen to us Father! Please!

Son, what do we do now?

Eesy, what the hell did you do?

What is this, man?

What do we do now, son?

Inspector Mathen?

I’ve been trying you for so long..

Now there’s no point going there..

Things have gone out of control.. You should’ve gone there yesterday itself..

It’s all your fault..

Then, go and see for yourself..

This is Xavi, the gravedigger Simon’s son..

I came to talk to you about my father’s funeral Everyone has come? Yes, father..

Then fix it at 4 pm Father, what about Vavachan?


Shall I dig another grave for Simon?

No need Let him be buried in the grave he digged..


Everything has gotten mixed up

Let it be..

Yes, let it be First it gets mixed up Then it gets clear..

Then it will get mixed up all over again..


Is Father about to leave?

Father, please do something about it..

No need for you to wait Now, even if the Pope demands, Vavachan’s body won't be buried in that grave..

That's all! Don't say that!

Father, it was a mistake on his part. He didn’t do it intentionally..

He won’t repeat it ever again He’s an innocent guy, you know that..

Ayyappan, now I've informed the Circle Inspector;

If you go on like this, I’ll inform the Commissioner Then you know what will happen..

It is already 5 pm, Father.. Move away from the path..

What will we do now?

Member, we can do only one thing..

Go and fall at the feet of the Inspector..

You go back there.. I’ll come soon..

Where is he going?

Eesy, please do something..

Pranchi, will you ask him to stop it!

Alby, stop it and get lost..

Get lost, you nuisance You and your clarinet!

Get lost!

Spread something above To cover the body from rain

Do something, son!

Hey, hold it..

Hold it properly!

Move, Eesy!

Don't touch our sister!

Don’t touch my father Move, I say!

Sir, please move.

Sister, please move.

If he leaves, the government will lose all the cases.

. I’m sure of that..

Rajan sir is like a father to me..

A friend of Rajan sir, Member Ayyappan is here..

Ayyappan, come here!

He is close to all policemen in our station Come inside, Ayyappan.. Sir, I'm all drenched.

It's okay. Come, Ayyappan.

Speak a few words. I'm drenched.

Sir.. Come.

Sir, just a minute. What?

Vavachan fell down drunk, and died He had head injury And now his second wife and son Are creating trouble there Sir, you should come and solve it..

I’ve told all that to the Father I'll come.. Now you speak a few words..

At a time like this..?

If you can't, should I come there and mess things up?

No sir. I will speak. You first come and speak, man..

Just a few words.

Everyone of us will leave some day Then, we should all get together to give them a send off Isn't that how it is?

Otherwise, why call ourselves human beings? What is the point in living like that?

Sorry, I’m not able to speak..

What happened?

What happened, Ayyappan?

What happened?

Tell me the matter.

Nothing, sir.

Ayyappan, listen to me!

Leave me, sir.

Let's go together! No!

Ayyappan, wait!

We come to meet you when we need help, sir!

What else is police for?..

Come and help us if you can!

Come on, bring the vehicle..

Come, let us go.. Come on, get in..

Let this brother receive in this voyage All the blessings he needs..


Ok, lower it..


The rope.. take care Move it a bit..

Move it some more.

Fill it with sand.. Otherwise, water will flow in..

Make it fast!

Here lies a man who buried so many And now, his grave is filled with water..

Eesy, what do we do now? You can’t bury in the church The Vicar is obstinate How do we conduct the funeral now, Eesy?

That Vicar is not relenting

Sir, this is Eesy He came upon Vicar’s request I’ve received a complaint So, I have to take a look

Sir, look! They hit him on his head and killed him!

Eesy, you have some change?

Sir, they killed him!

We don't have anyone, sir. They killed him!

Are you going to file a case? Doctor, did you examine the body?

Of course! He is my patient So, I checked on him this morning Two months back, I told him He needed an urgent bypass surgery He didn’t mind it..

What to do? His time is up..

What about this wound?

His head must have hit the floor The wound is not deep..

In the morning, sub inspector too told the same thing But the Father is obstinate About filing a case..


Actually, you and Father Should exchange your uniforms..

Sir.. What?

Sir, the funeral won't happen.

Look, I can’t do anything about that..

Please do something..

You come here.. Let me tell you something Don't say that, sir.

Sir, call someone & do something!

You go and plead with the Father I too will call him..

Bring the umbrella!


We’ll do something, man..

Listen, I’ve started the souvenir work Now you go and print your card elsewhere..

Inform Ayyappan too..


Eesy, where are you?

I am here, father.

What do we do now?

Bought a first class coffin;

Music band was by Alby.. But he left..

But it was good.

About the Bishop..

Have to talk to the Vicar.

Then the silver cross and eighteen people to accompany with the ceremonial staff Silver cross..

Because I couldn’t get a gold cross The church has only silver cross, so..

Let us ask the Father about the Bishop..

Brother-in-law gave me 1500 rupees That I gave to Ayyappan..

Lonappan Chettan reduced 5000 for the first class coffin.

He asked 45,000 and gave it for 40,000.

There was no need to hit the electrician. I told him!

First class..

I will bury my dad like a king

Like an emperor!

With music band, and a mourning song, a grand funeral.

Please call the parish, sir One second, I will call you back..

First class music band.. Hey!

Silver cross.. And 18 men with ceremonial staff Hey, what are you doing? People are all around, right?

I’ve to bury my dad, isn’t it? Move.

What are you doing?

I’ve promised dad I will conduct his funeral.. Move away..

What are you doing?

Zabeth, I have to bury my dad.

Mom, I'm digging a grave for dad.

Move away..

Move away, you pigs!


He has gone mad. Someone stop him!

Move, I say! Bloody pigs!

Listen to me, Eesy. This is Ayyappan!

Listen to me!

I have to bury my dad!

Move! Go away!

I will bury him like an emperor!

I promised him!

That I'll give him a grand funeral.

Hello? Doctor, please come fast We must give him sedation..

Make it fast. Pranchi, Come fast. Pranchi!

Is he coming?

Yes, he'll come soon.

He is stark mad Someone should put him on chains!

I'll kill you, you bloody pig! Leave him. Come!

Go there!

Eesy, my dear Eesy, what are you doing? Stop it!

Someone please take him away.. He has gone mad..

Look what he's doing!

My dear son!

Move! Move!


What are you going to do?

What are you going to do, son?

What are you going to do, son?

What are you going to do to dad?

Whoever wants to give him a last kiss, do it!

I'm going to take my father.

He's taking my husband away!

Don't you dare touch him!

If you touch him, I'll kill you! Take him away..

Take that mad man away!

Leave me!

Go inside!

Go inside, I say!


Leave him!

Jeremias, come. He's gone mad!

You bloody whore! Move!

Oh God! He's gonna kill us!


Get out of my field. I don't need anyone here.

Get out. I have to bury my dad.

No need of anyone!

Eesy, don't do it, man!

Eesy, throw that log away! All of you move away!

Eesy, don't do it.

He is crazy!

First class coffin First class band set

18 men with ceremonial staff, holding the silver cross.

The blessings of the Bishop Didn’t I give you my word?

I couldn’t do anything, dad..


Son, Eesy!


Don't take your father away!

Don't take him!

Mom! Mom!

Don't bury your father like that, son!

Lijo Jose Pellissery's 'R.I.P'