Eeda (2018) Script

Kannur has been shut down completely after a KPM worker was hacked to death near Chennyam.

Shops remain shut.

Government and private bus services have been suspended.

The streets look deserted, except for a few two-wheelers.

Investigating officer, Sudeep Majumdar, said a manhunt is on, and the killers will be caught soon.

A large police contingent has been deployed to maintain law and order in the district.

In order to restore peace, the district collector has called an all-party meeting in Kannur tomorrow.



Ammu, where are you?

I'm at the train station. I might get stuck here.

Dineshan is at the hospital.

We are all at Ravi's house.

How will you get home?

I don't know.

Radhika, is that Ammu?

Dineshan is not available either.

Ammu, and stay at your Aunt Sumathy's house.

Just come back when this is over.

But that's four kilometers away. I got my bags with me.

You'll have to walk.

There's no other way.

You stay at your aunt's place for now.

Dineshan will pick you up after six.


-Comrade. -Comrade.


Yes, Doctor?

Nandu, I have a favor.

Will you please drop her to Kavumbhagam?

She's my friend's daughter.

Sure, why not.

-When did you arrive from Mysore? -A couple of days ago.

Okay, see you later.

Please hop on.

-All right, then. -Okay.


Do you live in Mysore?

Yes, I work there.

I am studying there.

-What's your name? -Aiswarya.

I'm Anand.

Where do you study?

In JSS College.

I went to Mysore University.

Now I work at an insurance company as a unit manager.

We're going to take Kadachira Road.

Isn't that farther?

There will be protesters on the main road.

It would be inconvenient if they stop us.

We can't fear them all the time.

Okay, we'll take the main road, then.

Keep it there.

Here comes the trouble.

Get down.


They're not going to let us pass.

But how will you get past them?

I'll get past them somehow.

Then why did you agree to drop me?

I would've ridden some vehicle from the station.

Now you better drop me home.

I'm not getting down.

We should've taken the Mavilayi route, but you insisted--

-What did I say? -Hey!

Don't you know it's a shutdown?

-Go away! -Hey!

Get him!

-Catch him! -Don't let him get away!

Get the bike!

Let's go!

-Hey, stop! -Why?

My bag fell.

Here, hold this.

Make it quick!

Hurry up!

Come on!

Hop on, hurry up!


Get him!

They fell!

Watch it!

We'll get that punk someday.

Thank God.

All because you dropped your bag.

-Which road is this? -It's a shortcut.

How long is it going to take?

If you're in a hurry, you can get down here.

Stop. I'll walk from here.

You're so stuck-up.

It's just five minutes away, I'll drop you.

We just have to cross that hill.

Hop on.

What's wrong?

Get down, please.

Hold this.

Is it going to work today?

Sure thing.

A friend of mine lives nearby.

Let me just call him.

Hey, man. My bike ran out of gasoline.

But I'm just close to your house.

Okay, I'll come over.

I'll just get some gasoline then I'll be right back.

My place is just a ten-minute walk from here, but we haven't reached it yet.

Stop here.

-Where? -Right here.


Knock him with your leg!

Knock him down!


Watch it!

Easy now.

Don't get caught!

Use your leg!

Be alert.

-All the best! -Come on!

-Careful! -Kabbadi.

-Grab him now! -Kabbadi.

-Kabbadi. -Grab him!


-Stay out of his reach! -Kabbadi.

-Kabbadi. -Out of the way!


-Kabbadi! -Pull him down!

-Kabbadi! -You guys messed up!

Great job, Upendran!

Catch him.

-Kabaddi! -Catch him!

-Kabaddi. -What are you doing?


-Come. -Sure, Uncle.

Wait a minute.

You guys carry on. I'll be right back.

What's the matter?

Upendran, we have a problem.

You'll have to turn yourself in.

We'll bail you out in two weeks. That's what the lawyer has said.

All of you are invited to take part in the Kaliyattam festival.

I tried my best, but the cops didn't budge.

That ASP is a menace.

That guy from Tripura is least bothered about us.

Why are you so troubled?

You asked me to teach them a lesson, and I did that.

Ask me to go to prison, then I'll do that, too.

I'm ready. Just tell me when.

I'll let you know.


Thulasi, you stopped playing?

I'm going home.

Let's play again.

I won't be able to play for two weeks.

-Dad, I'll stay here. -Hey, don't cheat!


-Hey, this guy was out! -Move!

It's our turn, right? I'll go in.

-Go! -Okay.

-Catch him! -Kabbadi!


-Kabbadi. -Look around.

-Kabbadi. -Behind you!

-Kabbadi. -Look behind you!


You should've told those comrades that we are cousins.

I didn't get the chance. It all happened so fast.

Tomorrow's the memorial ceremony.

At AMUP school.


The District Committee will decide that.

I can try telling them.

I'll ask Radhika.

An overdraft of ten million rupees?

That property is already overvalued.

So what if it's a cooperative bank?

Do you want to shut it down?


I'll tell Radhika that.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Watch your steps.

Keep the torch in the bag.

Hey, I forgot to mention tomatoes.

I bought it.

-You are not as dumb as I thought. -Get lost.

You're the dumb one, Upendran.


Because you agreed when Uncle Govindan asked you to surrender.

Can you hold this, please?

It's not about how long you live, it's about how you live.

That's what matters.

I, for instance, am I doing any of this for myself?

No. I'm doing this for the party.

I would do anything for the party.

And I would do it gladly.

Give that to me.

After they killed my father, who do you think looked after us?

Who paid for my sister's education?

It was your uncle, Govindan.

A great man who lives for others, that's your uncle.

I would do anything for him.

-Fry or gravy? -Let's fry it.


Take this, Nandu.

We are looking for a solution, but it's not working under the present political situation.

Oh, you are quite late.

Lucky that we finally arrived.

He was stuck on his phone.

Chennyam Sudhakaran is on the line now...

What's the latest update, Dineshan?

There will be a meeting at the school tomorrow.

Did you bring what I've asked for?

Both parties claim they want peace, but the killings do not stop.

One of your men died today. What is your party's stand?

Ammu, your fiancé, Sudhakaran, is on TV.

Comrade Ravindran is the last among many martyrs slain in KJP violence over the last half-century.

VIOLENCE IN KANNUR STRIKE History shows us who started this cycle of violence.

The communists fought against the British...

What an eloquence.

Sudhakaran should've contested in Comrade Kunhikannan's place.

We would have won by at least 15,000 votes.

It was never in our policy to physically attack political rivals.

- In the '40s and '50s... -Get me something to eat.

Serve the dinner.

-Dinner for you, too? -I'll take a bath first.

Because KJP and Rashtra Parivar didn't exist here then.

It was the rich industrialists from South Canara...

Dad, look at my helicopter.

-...who hired these communal thugs -This is good. to subdue their workers who had dared to resist exploitation.

-That's how the venomous entity -What is this? known as KJP started here.

-Let's look back at the 1970s, -Why isn't it working?

-especially in the year 1971, -It has no battery.

-when the KJP unleashed -I'll get batteries for you. communal riots in Thalassery.

It's these violent attacks on organized workers' movements that first sowed the seeds of discord in Kannur politics.

The Rashtra Parivar claims to be the very symbol of peace.

But every child in Kannur knows that this is a joke.

Just four days before this murder, KJP leader, Raman Cheeranki, called for violence in Thalassery.

Should we just ignore this?

The martyrdom of Comrade NK Ravindran...

Say something, darling.

You're upset, right?

Baby, how can I come over that often?

You know I come whenever I get a chance.


Anyway, I'll be there today.

We'll go to the supermarket together.

Make a list and we'll get everything you need.

All right, that too!

Did you get your Aadhaar card?

If you don't link it with your mobile number...

Nandu, do want some tea?


Nandu's here.

Oh, yes. I've got to take the copra to the mill.

It won't take long, so I'll be there by evening.

Nandu, when did you arrive?

I got here two days ago.

"Thiyya girl, 32, divorced, for no fault of hers, with two children."

Are you interested?

I'll look one for myself.

I'm sure you will.

If you keep doing that, I doubt you'll find a bride.

I'm just having a bad fortune right now.

That's just an excuse.

One look at your Facebook posts is enough.

Who would marry a guy who recommends using a cow's piss for facial?

It wasn't me who said that, it was Baba.

Yeah, but he's not the one looking for a bride.

If things don't change in five years, he will turn into a hermit.

-Mom! -Get lost.

Fill up the jeep with diesel.

Upendran is going to prison today.

Get provisions for his family from the Guru's place.

We will give it later.

Take the jeep.

You stay. I'll join you after I take a bath, okay?

-Long live the revolution! -Long live the revolution!

-Long live the martyrs! -Long live the martyrs!

-The martyrs are the brave ones! -The martyrs are the brave ones!

-They are brave, they are gallant! -They are brave, they are gallant!

Long live the revolution!

-Long live the revolution! -Long live the revolution!

Dear comrades.

Now, we shall present the relief fund for the family of our brave martyr, NK Ravindran.

For this, I call on the stage the party's brave soldier

-and living martyr, -Come.

Comrade Kallel Mohanan.

The first check will be received by our district committee member and frontline warrior, Comrade Chennyam Sudhakaran.

-Red Salute, Comrade! -Red Salute!

Long live the revolution!

-Long live the revolution! -Long live the revolution!

Comrade Chennyam Sudhakaran will now address the audience.


Dear comrades, in Kannur, where the pulse of rebellions' past still throbs, yet another star has risen, anointed with blood, Comrade NK Ravindran.

I swear to his warm blood spilled on Chennyam's soil, we will avenge him.

We will settle this score.

Yes, we will!

Not one communist in Chennyam will rest until we avenge the blood of our dear colleague, who was a comrade to all, who fought for the rights of the poor, the peasants, and the workers.

Dear comrades, ours is a party that refused to bend before the bayonets of the British police.

But these fascist criminals foolishly think that it will bend before their swords and bombs.

Ammu wants to talk to me. I'll be right back.

They still know nothing of this movement's vigor, nourished by the blood of hundreds of martyrs.

Come with me.

The fascists may be ruling India now, but let's remind these monsters that this isn't North India to bow before their overbearing power, this is Kannur.

Janu, this is for you.

Why do you spend money on unnecessary things?

It's for my Janu, so that she can learn how to paint.

Today, you have given that, then tomorrow, she'll demand for something else.

How can I afford it with my 3,000-rupee salary?

You can ask from me.

You will be off to America.

God knows when we will see you again.

Though I'm staying in Mysore now, aren't we still in touch?

America and Mysore are all the same now, not too far.

Let my scholarship come through.

And when Janu grows up, she will come with me.

-Won't you, Janu? -Yes.

I need pictures of weaving for my college project.

-Let's go. Okay, I'll be around. -I'm coming.

Nainam chindanti shastrani Nainam dahati pavakah Na chainam kledayanty apor Na sosayati marutah It can never be cut to pieces by any weapon.

Nor burned by fire.

-Nandu, come. -Nor moistened by water.

-Nor withered by the wind. -Take these things in.

Can you tell me what it is?

It's the soul.

The body can be wounded.

-Help me lift this. -People can be killed...

This is too much. You think I'm going to serve a lifetime?

But the soul is eternal.

Arjuna was very sad on the battlefield.

He knew he would have to kill his own relatives.

Upendran, keep this.

What's that?

Ginger chutney.

Don't you know I'm going to prison?

You can have it when you come back.

We will see about that. But first, let me come back.

It won't get spoiled.

I made it myself.

I don't want it.

-Hey. Let go of my hand. -Take it.

-I told you, I don't... -Take it.

-My goodness! -Take it along...


The lawyer is waiting for you.

-It's just ginger chutney. -Ginger chutney.

-I was just handing over... -You and your chutney. Come now!


Upendran, wait.

Take these chilies, too.

That's why you should all learn the Bhagavad Gita by heart.

Got it?

So, today's lesson is over.

Hail the motherland.

-Hail the motherland. -Hail the motherland.

Give that, too.

Put this inside.

Upendran, come and offer your prayers to Lord Hanuman.

Hail Lord Hanuman.

Please protect me.

May nothing go wrong.

Jagan, start the vehicle.


Just two weeks.

We'll bail him out in two weeks.

-We are outside. Come on. -Okay.


There are some more provisions. We'll get those tomorrow.

Girl, the ginger chutney is delicious.

Don't finish it. Save some for me.

Mother, I'll see you.

-Are you off to a wedding? -Get lost.

-Taking the Bhagavad Gita along? -No, my school certificate.

I've kept some gunpowder in the shed.

It's covered in plastic, so just water it from the top.

-Don't forget, okay? -Sure, I'll do it.

Hey, come here.

Why do you look so sad?

Hey, it's better to die like a tiger than live like a dog.

I'll see you later, okay?

See you.

Don't worry, your brother will be back soon.

That's what worries me.

I wonder whether he'll be back soon.

Yes, Sudhakaran?

Dineshan is with me. He's driving.

Okay, I'll give it to him.


Tell me, comrade.

My phone's battery is dead.

Yes, I'll be there.

Sure, I'll call.

You stay here, I'll be right back.

Just stay inside.

Charge my phone.

Be there. I'm coming in a while.

Don't try to fool me.

Just take the pictures that you really need.

The battery is dead.

I'll go get my phone from Dineshan.

Go ahead.

Karunya Lottery. Today's lottery. Why don't you take one?

No, mister. Did you see Dineshan?

He's at the corner store.

-Do you want a lottery ticket? -No, not now.

-It's just 50 rupees. -Maybe next time.


Karunya Lottery.

Is today your lucky day?

-Jagadeeshan, stop the vehicle! -Why?

-What's the matter? -Hey...

My goodness! Run!

Unni! Upendran!


Save yourself!

Get him!




Hey, man.


You have a visitor.

-Thulasi, what really happened? -Lower your voice.

Upendran somehow managed to reach the police station.

He killed a person.

They're seeking revenge now.

I'm going to the island for a few days.

Where's my phone?

I lost it during the chaos.

It is switched off now. Someone may have found it.

You look for it, okay?

They've sent some clothes.

Should I drop you at the crossing?

No, that's risky. You should leave now.

I'm off tomorrow. See you at the Theyyam ritual.

By then, Upendran will be released. You'd better get going now.

All right.

Oh, is it ten o'clock already?

You tried to kill a man who was about to surrender.

And in broad daylight.

Singling out political rivals for murder is not acceptable to me.

When did you turn Gandhian, Uncle?

When the system uses force, can we afford to stay nonviolent?

I'm no Gandhian.

But you don't have to take revenge.

That's why governments exist.

This system cannot punish him.

If they take the law into their hands, what can we do?

Develop people's democratic consciousness, -not hatred towards each other. -Fine for skipping a week is ten rupees.

That's what helped us organize people in our struggles in the past.

That may be necessary, but we can't organize people if we fail in real politics.

If that is so, will people only support us if we are violent?

Kannur is very different from your Alappuzha.

There's no use of preaching to a person who is fuming with anger like a bull.

The bull even knows the scripture.

If we answer violence with violence, then what makes us different?

Let's go for a movie today.

No, we have to finish this meeting.

Also, he's leaving for Trivandrum tonight.

We'll go tomorrow.

I'm leaving tonight.

I'll go to the weavers to get some more pictures.

Come, let's play!

-Mister. -Yes?

-I called you regarding my friend's phone. -Okay.

-What's your name? -Anand.

-I will just get it. -Okay.


Why are you here?

Why are you here?

I live nearby.

I live nearby, too, in Kavileri.

I live in Chennyam.

You dropped me at my aunt's place the other day.

I needed pictures of the loom for my college project.

That is Leela.

This is my friend, Anand.

-Here's the phone. -Okay.

-Thank you. -Yeah.

Hope you didn't encounter any more trouble that day.


I realized only after you left that I didn't even offer you a cup of tea.

It was embarrassing.

That's all right. We'll have more shutdowns.

Here's my card.

So we can stay in touch.


-Goodbye now. -Okay.

All right, then.

I'll go ahead.

Did you eat already, Dad?


I mean, did you have your lunch already?

I already ate outside, you go ahead.

-All right. -Okay.

Why did Dineshan go there?

Is he the only one responsible for the party in Chennyam?

Comrade Radhika shouldn't be saying that.

If Dineshan hadn't pulled back after marriage, he would have been working at the state level now.

Aiswarya, about yesterday, there was no other option, that's why I called you.

All I am saying is, you and Dineshan should be more careful.

In Kannur, we're all part of this struggle.

And it comes with a certain risk.

It can't be helped.

But we can still be careful.

What comes to my mind is the month of June, 1975.

Emergency was declared on the 25th.

The next two years were terrible.

When his elder sister was born, my husband, Raghavan, was in prison.

Mother, Aiswarya has to leave.

Look, when you visit home for Onam festival, why don't the two of you get engaged?

There's no need to rush her.

She's still studying.

I have to leave, or else I will be late.

I'll be in Mysore next month.

We will get in touch.

I'll be busy with the project, but I will try.


-Call me when you arrive there. -Okay.

She can continue her studies after marriage.

Goodbye, then.

Please wait.

Uncle and Aunt should be back anytime.

How much?

Seventy-five rupees, sir.

Keep this.

Making pizza is no big deal.

Then why don't you make one?

Look who's here.

-It's scotch. -Is it?

Here, take your bag.

My client's here. I'll go ahead.

Hey, I was just kidding. My heart's perfectly fine.

That's too bad. I was hoping to sell you a fat policy.

I could've met my sales target easily.

Are you at work?

Yes. And you?

At school. On my way to my classes.

Okay, you carry on.

I hope it's okay for me to call you.

I'm wary of insurance salesmen.

You guys are out to fleece people.

But I'm not like that.

I just need a work experience to go abroad.

Hey, that was a joke.

I'll save your number.

We'll catch up sometime.


Okay, bye.

Hello, it's me, Aiswarya. Are you busy?

Not at all.

We are planning to go for a movie, and I'm wondering if you are free to join us.

I'm free right now.

-Where's the show? -At Woodlands.

Shall we book a ticket for you?

The show will start at 5:30.

I'll be there.

Okay, then.

It's all right.


What is it?

This is a big client. Assist him and the incentive will be yours.

What about you?

-I've got an urgent meeting. -Urgent meeting?

But what about this meeting?

Let's go. The movie has begun. I doubt he'll come.

Can we not go in after the national anthem?

Where are you?


Hurry up!

Has the movie started?

It just started.

It's been a long time.

Don't you come here often?

Is this the same camera?

Don't photobomb.

You were always around me in the juvenile home.

-Are you coming to my place? -I haven't brought an extra dress.

I'll carry on, then. Or else, I won't find an auto-rickshaw. Bye.

-Are you heading home? -Yes.

Come, I'll drop you.


I hope there's enough gasoline in the tank.

More than enough, please hop on.

-Okay, I'll call you. -I'll call you.

Thank God. For once, I shall eat in peace.

The bill is not on me.

You better not take it easy.

She doesn't have available cash, okay?

Not bad, we can splurge today.

Let's order another chili chicken then.

I'm with my friends now.


At Sayyaji Rao Road? Okay, I'll come.

Okay, then.

There's a lot of pressure in my office.

I'm going home this weekend.

Saturday is a holiday. It's Ugadi festival.

If I take Friday off, I'll be free till Monday.

Also, the Theyyam is on Saturday.

-Are you coming? -No, the project work is pending.

After all, this Theyyam is at our own place.

Also, the deity is omniscient.

It predicted a year ago that I'll get a job.

And I did.

-I was also told something. -What?

"Before the year ends, thou shalt be blessed with marital bliss, an offspring, and good fortune, my child."

I was told this.

But am I married yet?

But that's up to you, right?

Really. I have no such plan.

Not just that. If I get scholarship, I'll leave for the US.

So, what did you want to tell me?

Oh, that?

-That's nothing. -What?

I said, it's nothing.

Hey, there will be no dinner for you two.

There are hardly a few sizzlers left. Come soon!

I think I'll come for the Theyyam.

Should I book the bus tickets online?


Have you been to Dharmadam Island?

Only as a kid, with my father.

I haven't been there in ages.

Theyyam is on Saturday. Shall we go there on Sunday?

It's tough to get out of the house.

I'll try.

-Ma'am! -Ammu.

I'm over there. Visit me soon.

We'll leave on Saturday then, okay?

What is it?

Don't you want to know... what I had to say?

Well, it's just that I like you. That's all.

This pain, so sweet That glistens in the eye This night, so calm That trembles as it speaks

This flame that you lit Spreads a golden light That keeps the night away

This tale our eyes tell Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on

This tale our eyes tell Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on

Together or apart

You are always with me

Our soul chords have merged To make a harmony

I part the boughs as I wait So I can see you from afar That very moment You arrive like a breeze This tale our dreams tell Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on

This tale our dreams tell Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on


We need to talk.

Where are you taking me? What's the matter?

Don't ask questions. Just come along.

Hey, what are you doing?

-I won't spare you. -Let go of me.

-My goodness! -Hey, let it be!

-Let's not fight here! -Stop there!

We'll get him later!

Let them go for now!

Some people fool around with women.

Ammu, let's go.

Let's not do anything here. We'll catch him outside.

Let's go.

Thulasi has landed a few solid blows on that Sudhakaran.

He'll have trouble peeing for a few days.

Oh, shit. Dad's here.

-Upendran, help him get down. -Okay.


Don't put weight on that leg.


Keep limping!

Satisfied now?

I told you not to go there.

But there's never been a fight at the Theyyam before.

Your shrines are now ruled by atheists.

-They indulge in fights. -Go away.

We need not fall for it.

It's swollen. Let me take a look.

It's not so bad. Don't you scare me now.

-Unnecessarily... -Show it to the doctor in the morning.

Shall I leave, then?

You're not going anywhere. You'll sleep here tonight.

-Aunt, I'll leave now. -Okay.

-Upendran. -Okay.

My foot slipped, or else...

You better shut up!

Haven't you trained in martial arts for a few years?

-Is it over already? -No, I left early.

Slow down. It hurts.

Slowly, okay?

This side...

Just a second.


Hail God.

Be careful.


My goodness.

Is it the knee that hurts?

Okay, lie down there.

The number you are trying to reach is either out of the coverage area or switched off.

The number you are trying to reach is either out of the coverage area...

-Should I bring you some tea? -No.

Are you sure you don't want tea?

I will have it if you insist.

How come you're back early?

I have work to finish.

What's the matter with you?

Don't think that I'm stupid. I know you haven't slept a wink.

Anand has already called me thrice.

Why aren't you taking his calls?

-Did he start the fight? -Did I say that?

Then why aren't you talking to him?

I didn't feel like it.

Don't you love him?

Whatever you are doing is not right.

Poor guy, he sounded so upset.

You don't know how it is in Kannur.

They're just out to finish each other.

You always knew that, right?

I had forgotten about it for some time.

Last night, it all came back to me.

Let him carry on with his life. Think of this as a mistake.

A mistake that can still be corrected.

It's him again.

I won't be able to tell him.

Tell him it's all over.

You shouldn't be calling Aiswarya from now on.

She doesn't want to talk to you.

-Kuvempunagar? -Yes, sir.


Why aren't you asleep?

I'm going to.

What did you just do? What if you had slipped?

Nothing would have happened.

I have to speak to you. I'll leave after that.

I thought you saw people for who they are, and not judge them by their allegiance.

You taught me to dream of a new life.

Even if you hate me from now on, I won't be able to forget anything.

I'll go back to the life I had before I met you.

Why talk like this, Nandu?

It's not how you think.

You know our people.

Ever since I was a child, all I've seen are people killing each other.

Mr. Ramakrishnan was hacked to death before my eyes.

I was just in grade one then.

You should go.

Even though you won't be with me, you would at least be alive.

You're the bird That scorns borders I'm the wind Beneath your wings Lose yourself In the open skies Where the past Leaves no shadow This tale, weaved with morning rays Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on This tale, weaved with morning rays Let's wander the world with it Let this journey go on

Away from the nest Across this river These waves caressing the lush shore Let's drift to a new glade

Away from the nest Across this river These waves caressing the lush shore Let's drift to this new glade

Away from the nest Across this river These waves caressing the lush shore Let's drift to this new glade

-I guess everyone at her place sings well. -You bet.

-What are you doing here? -I came here with friends.

I called, but you didn't answer.

My phone was on silent mode.

Meet Aiswarya. She's Comrade Dineshan's cousin.

We also share another connection.

-She's my fiancée. -Oh, is it?

Our families are to decide the wedding date today.

So, the wedding will be held soon?

Actually, our families had decided about it a long time ago.

When is the wedding?

That has not been decided yet.

-Are you free tomorrow, Aiswarya? -No, I have classes.

We're off to Agartala the day after. There's a meeting.

Why have you called?

Why did you leave me out there?

I thought your fiancé wouldn't like my presence.

That man is not my fiancé.

He was just blabbering. Why did you have to get upset?

I'm not upset over what he said, but what you didn't say.

It's true, I didn't tell you.

That's because I did not feel like it.

Mom and Sudhakaran keep talking about it, but I've never taken it seriously.

So, I didn't feel the need to discuss it with you.


Ammu? Hold on, your mom wants to speak with you.

We consulted the astrologer about the date.

He says the 12th of August is very favorable.

Mom, I told you I'm not getting married now.

You know that I'm waiting for the US scholarship.

But the date's just for the engagement, not the wedding.

It has to happen anyway.

We thought it'd be best not to delay things from our side.

Once you get engaged, go wherever you please.

The wedding can take place after you finish your studies.

You're not going? Keshav's getting ready.

No, I am running a fever.

Oh, pay the cable guy if he comes, okay?

I'm leaving.

Can you check? I ordered some food.

-Ask him to keep the change. -Okay.

-Won't you eat? -Don't feel like it.

No one to question me, no one to stop me I am the king of me One, two, three, Vishnuvardhna Why are you sitting in the dark?

Shall we?

-No. -No?

Am I supposed to finish this all by myself?

No one's at home?

No, they're all at work.

I just got your message.

I just sent it.

Keshav told me you're not at work.

Are you sick?

I have a headache.

Do you have a fever?


Do you really love me?

Got an Aadhaar card?

What for?

Is the rent receipt in your name?

What's all this for?

Next week, Mom's going to fix my wedding with Sudhakaran.

What will we do now?

Let's get married before that.

I knew you'd say that.

So, I've brought all the documents.

If we submit the application at the registrar's office now, we can get it back by noon.

If you bring it up like this, shouldn't we inform our folks?

In that case, you come home and ask for my hand.

My folks, the party folks, would all be thrilled.

Not a bad idea.

Except I have to be alive to get married.


So, we go file the application now, and get married after 30 days.

What about your studies?

Really. You think I can't study after marriage?

I'll study, get the scholarship, and fly to the US with you.

It's already nine o'clock.

If we're late, we'll get stuck in traffic.

It's quite a distance.

Let me change my shirt.

Please shower. We're going to get photographed.


Take this.

Ma'am, photograph.


You've really thought about this, right?

Decide now. You can't change your mind later.


-What are we here for? -Here.

This is going to be an expensive affair.

Expenses? They've just started.

Where next?


Oh, forgot about the receipt.

Take a seat.

Keshav, tell me.

You handle it.


Keep yourself free on the 15th.

We have to be here.

Shantamma Biddappa.

Hold this.

Without meeting targets, I'll be unemployed soon.

It will work out.

By the way, you better keep that job.

Anand Balakrishnan.

Look, we know nothing about your caste, clan, or community.

We don't know what your parents do.

If any kind of objection is brought to us later, be it political or otherwise, it'll be a big risk for us.

Please sign this.

What did that officer say?

What? So, you didn't follow him?

Don't tease me.

If there's no objection from home, we can get married in a month.


Hello, Thulasi?

Nandu, what's wrong?


Speak to me.

Upendran's also gone.

Of what use is sorrow?

One who is mortal has no right to it Be it a father Be it a brother Once they turn into corpses The fools that surround them

-Will wail and beat their chests -Hey, come here.

-Only to collapse with exhaustion -Come.

-Remember, this world -Dad is calling.

Is nothing but worthless The company of good people Is all that is worthy The only cure for this trouble Is to know the eternal peace Those who take birth are bound to die Life is...


Ask Unni to wait.

You wait by the boat. I'm coming there.

Start the bike.

-Uncle, I'll come. -Let's go.

Hurry up.

I was at his house.

I couldn't bear to see his mother, Shivan.

He was like a son to me.

That Dineshan, he is the mastermind behind all this.

We should take that head of his.

There's no time to think, my friend. We're ready for anything.

The boys are burning with rage!

Can't let them get away with this.

If we do, we'll keep losing young blood.

The job will be done today.

You don't worry.

-Where's your bike? -Gone to get the stuff.

You'll get it in Kelu Nambiar's shop.

Add some of that other stuff.

They should give 300,000 rupees to Udayan.

The rest will be paid in Ernakulam.

Hand him the keys.

You wait here, or go home with an auto-rickshaw.

Who is it?

It's me, Anand.

Stay right there.

That's too tight. Careful.

Give me that.

Okay. Set it down there.


What are you doing here?

Upendran is gone.

So, now it must be Dineshan's turn.

Once Dineshan's gone, it will be their turn to attack.

Who will it be from our side?


When will you stop this game?

Don't kill.

Nandu, when did you become too soft-hearted?

Is this how men talk?

When we found our Upendran, were you there?

You weren't there, right?

We had to gather pieces of his body.

Will he forgive you?

If you're a man, go and finish that Dineshan.

Upendran was an innocent man. You sent him to die.

Be it life or death, you just see your interests.

Remember, if you kill again, I won't just stand and watch.

Don't you dare threaten me!

You won't go back alive if you don't mind your words.

If you weren't Govindan's nephew, you would be dead by now.

Go! I will handle you later.

Nandu, what's happening there?

They're yet to bring the body after postmortem.

Can you send Dineshan's number?

It's urgent.

Dineshan's? Why?

I'll tell you later. Send it quickly, please.

When are you coming back?

I'll call you tonight.

I'm Anand. Aiswarya's friend.


Your cousin who's in Mysore.

Oh, Ammu's friend.

I have to see you urgently.

I'm at the hospital, a little busy. Can't we meet later?

No, as soon as possible. It's urgent.

Where are you now?

I'm near Keerichal.

I'm at the Chennyam Public Health Center.

You have to rush, as I'm about to leave.

I'm on my way.


Nothing to worry about.

I would still say it's better to transfer her to AKG Hospital.

Don't delay.



-Yes? -I'm Anand.

We just spoke. I'm Aiswarya's friend.

Oh, yes.

Comrade, the ambulance is ready. I'll join you shortly.


Today, there will be an attack on you.

You shouldn't go alone anywhere.

Who are you?

I'm the nephew of P.P. Govindan of Kavileri.

This is firsthand information.

I'm grateful you informed me.

Had I been in your place, I wouldn't have done it.

But there's no one to take this child to the hospital.

Moreover, if they have decided to kill me, they will do it.

It's better to die with honor, than to hide like a dog.

Let them come.

This is not about courage.

Let's meet another time when I am not in hurry.

Right now, I'm getting late.

Karunya Lottery.

Your fortune tomorrow wouldn't be the same as today.

-Mister, do you want a lottery ticket? -No.

You sit in the front. It's a shutdown day.






Dineshan, run!

-Cut him up! -You watch the kid!



-Nandu, let me go! -Don't do it!

Kill him!

-Dinesh! Make way! -Move away!

Nandu, get in.


Dineshan's gone, Ammu.


Nandu. Come!

Get up.


Come out.

Come outside.

Come quickly.

Come on.

What is it?

All of our people are in hiding.

Dad wants you to stay at the island.

Why me?

You called Dineshan?


You were the last one to call him.

The cops are looking for you.

We heard they'll be here at daybreak.

I haven't killed anyone, I won't go in hiding.

Hey, you can prove your innocence later.

But if you get caught now, you'll be in prison for three months.

Dad will let your father know.

Come now.

Don't switch it on. The cops will trace you.

Come with me.

The rainbow fades Dark clouds fill the sky The hum of silence drapes the day In the courtyard of dusk The sun meets its end In a bloodred pool The rainbow fades Dark clouds fill the sky The hum of silence drapes the day In the courtyard of dusk The sun meets its end In a bloodred pool

The moon did not rise The stars are absent The twilight is fading too The wind blows out the lamp A heavy darkness spreads The rainbow fades Dark clouds fill the sky The hum of silence drapes the day In the courtyard of dusk The sun meets its end In a bloodred pool

The sorrow of this world May burn you to ashes But it pales before this Mother Earth The sorrow of this world May burn you to ashes But it pales before this Mother Earth The great dance of memories have passed The sacred grove now lies deserted The shamans of rain and desire That once roamed these fields Have set down their masks In the sky, the rainbow fades Dark clouds take its place The hum of silence drapes the day In the courtyard of dusk The sun meets its end In a bloodred pool IDEOLOGY

When I beseech you, distraught Like a reed in the breeze How dare you play deaf, my Lord?

How many more of my little ones Shall I send to battle Only to become your pawns?

How many more of my little ones Shall I send to battle Only to become your pawns?

The rainbow fades Dark clouds fill the sky The hum of silence drapes the day In the courtyard of dusk The sun meets its end In a bloodred pool


The memorial meeting is on Sunday.

You should attend, comrade.

I can't come.

I may not be able to take it.

We won't insist, but... the party's decision is that, in the absence of Comrade Dineshan, Comrade Radhika should take up new responsibilities.

The party responsibilities held by Dineshan can't be taken up by a woman like me.

Please leave me out.

I have a son.

I have a job, so I will raise him somehow.

I have to go now.

It's your turn now.

-He is not ready. -Nandu.

Okay then, you play.

Any one of you can make the next move.

Relax. He must be in.

How long will you stay here?

We've arranged anticipatory bail for you.

Come to the lawyer's office. I'll be there.

You drop me there and bring him along.

I'll be right back.

It's a boring day today.


You called?

Come here.

What is it?

Come closer!

The lawyer will ask you to surrender to the police.

But don't do it.

They're planning to put you on the list, like Upendran.

You know what will happen, then.

Unni and your uncle came to meet Guruji yesterday.

I heard everything.

He created such a ruckus that day. I was shocked.

I've known him as a child. He grew up around us.

Now we can't even tell if that boy is with us or the Marxists.

Hold him close.

The future of our nation depends on the sincerity of educated young people like Anand.

Anyway, it's best that he surrenders.

In the company of our party workers, he'll change.

But, it wasn't him. It was Jagadeeshan, right?

Oh, big deal! As if you don't know how this works.

If it's Jagan, it'll be a strong case.

But with Nandu, it will be dismissed.

No hassle at all.

What will I tell his father?

Govindan, don't let your attachment with him blind you.

When I first came here from Kankanady in 1970, carrying just a bag of areca nut, I, too, had a mother back home.

When I handed you the staff under that banyan tree in Klayikkot temple, you were just five or six years old.

All these years, the things we've seen, the things we've endured...

Isn't that how we got this far?

Ask him to come to the lawyer's office.

The lawyer will explain things to him.

Without anticipatory bail, he'll have to hide for months.

What about your job?

Govindan will take care of things.

Do as Govindan says.

From now on, I'll look after myself.

Can I borrow your phone?


The call load balance is low.

Ammu, it's me.

Nandu? Hold on for a second.

Whose phone is this?

I can't use my phone.

The cops will trace it.

Can you come to the shrine at 3:00 p.m.?

I'll be there.

I'll wait for you.


I'm going to Leela's place.

How will you go there?

I'll take an auto-rickshaw.


They have it here.


Give me your Aadhaar card.

Two copies of this.

Ammu, do you know what happened that day?

Leela told me everything.

What will we do now?

I'm leaving for Mysore.

You get there somehow.

The police will get there, too.

I'll persuade Radhika to withdraw the case.

Don't, Ammu. That won't happen.

This is part of a bigger game.

No one will want to save me.

-Greetings, comrade. -Greetings.

We were at the shrine to look for Dineshan's killer.

-Okay. -We saw her there.

There's a good progress in the case.

He got away now, but we'll get him soon.

All right, comrade.

Start the vehicle.




She's called him more than 100 times in the last two weeks.

You carry on, comrade. Let me speak to her.

I'll leave.

But before that, I have to talk to her once.

I can't call from your phone.

The cops will be tracing it.

No one will come here.

At election time, the candidates drop in before filing nominations.

Then once in a while, some old comrades.

No one will look for you here, that's for sure.

I had been to Ammu's house.

Her Mom has kept her phone.

She can't call from there.

Did you tell her I'm here?

I couldn't. Her mom didn't leave us alone.

CHE GUEVARA I'll get her to call tomorrow, okay?

Sudhakaran's family has no issues.

They are willing to proceed with the wedding.

But they'd like to hold the wedding on the date fixed for the engagement.

We are still coming to terms with our loss.

So, I said I'll check with you first.

What can I say?

Think and make a decision.

Has my son slept?

Aren't you having dinner?

I figured out what happened.

Are you serious about this relationship?


Anand may be a good guy.

You'd know that better.

But there are things I know, that you don't.

I've known from my youth what Govindan and his people are up to.

They have nothing but hatred for us.

You'll never be accepted by that family.

Should I live with Sudhakaran, instead?

I won't say that.

That's your decision.


Why aren't you eating?

Your mother hasn't scolded you.

You heard what she said.

I don't want to marry Sudhakaran.

That's the party's decision.

Is it for the party to fix my marriage?

Shouldn't I marry the person I like?

Isn't that how you married Dineshan?

But we were part of the same party, shared the same beliefs.

Should I go by the party, before I like someone?

I don't want to argue with you, but you and Anand have no future together.

Even if our party agrees, they won't accept it.

But I have no plans to stay here.

I'll go to the US.

Anand, too.

I don't want to stay in this cursed place.

It's easy to daydream.

Anand is wanted for murder.

He'll get caught sooner or later.

How long will he hide?

With the case going on, when will you be able to go abroad?

You, of all people, shouldn't be saying this.

He only got involved to save Dineshan.

Only because he was my cousin.

He did it for me. Can't you see it?

If you insist, they'll let him go.

Only the party can do something now.

Ammu, come have dinner.

These hitmen are usually cowards.

They'll scoot if we stand our ground.

Love you. Bye!

-Listen, we're leaving. -Okay, you may go.

Will you get her to call today?

I will.


I'll obey the party's decision.

But the party must do something for me.

They should withdraw the case against Anand.

I'll talk to Sudhakaran.

That's not enough. It must be done.

Will you meet Aiswarya today?


At least get her to call today.

-Put your sandals on. -Okay.

See you, mister.

The Chennyam Local Committee welcomes all of you to this event.

I warmly invite our dear comrade, Mukundan CR, to preside over this event.

What we're about to witness here is not just a marriage but a union.

The groom, Sudhakaran, is the son of our mighty leader, Comrade Raghavan and Comrade Vasumathi.

The bride is Aiswarya, daughter of Comrade Gopalan and Indira of the Karippalli clan, the backbone of the party in Chennyam.

That's the reason I called this a union and not just a marriage.

With your blessings, we shall proceed with the ceremony.

My best wishes to the couple.

The absence of Comrade Dineshan here bears heavily on our minds.

It is nothing but an irreparable loss for the party.

I shall conclude by offering a bouquet of red flowers in the memory of Comrade Dineshan.

I salute you all.

Sweets for you, mister.

Don't call her from now on.


This road was repaired with the MP fund.

I'm happy they finished it before the wedding.

I wanted to tell you, but I kept postponing it.

They must have forced her.

I think she couldn't call you.

I don't think she had a choice.

The reception is at Comrade Sudhakaran's house.

I didn't go.

I shall leave.

Where to?

I want to see her once more.

Be careful.

It's still daytime.

I don't care if the cops catch me.

Forget the cops. It's our party men you should watch out for.

By the time you get to the main road, they'll find out.

Give me a minute.


-Greetings. -Greetings.

Hello, Radhika?

I want to meet Anand.

Where is he now?

Have they already killed him?

Were you all trying to fool me by saying that the case would be withdrawn?

Stop crying, Ammu.

The case has been withdrawn.

I want to live with him.

Anand is all right.

He's at Leela's house.

Fearing the cops, he hasn't switched on his phone, that's all.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

I didn't want you to change your mind.

It's better this way, Ammu.

Ammu, my child?

Switch it on only if it's urgent, okay?

Where does Comrade Sudhakaran live?

-Which Sudhakaran? -From Chennyam.

It's to the east of the shrine.

-Want a lottery ticket? -No.

Will you take me to the shrine?

Sure. Get in.

These are strange times.

-Not a drop in the wells. -Listen.

-Which route is this? -The new road to the shrine.

First time here? Better not discuss the roads.

This one's decent. The others are just pathetic.

As for fuel prices, the less said, the better.

The prices keep rising by the day.

Stop the vehicle!

-Stop! -Who are these scoundrels?

Hey, you better run away.

-What is it? -Come, dear.

Come with us.

Let's take a selfie.

Leave me.

Come on!

I'll send it. I'll send it right away, comrade.

Stay there!

Get off me!



See you, comrade.

I must get back for the cabinet meet.

My best wishes.

-Sir, your phone. -Okay.

My beloved She is eyeing All right, comrade.

The golden sickle of the moon Mister!

Please stop the song!

Hey, switch it off.


Shall we go sleep?

You go ahead.

Why? Aren't you going to sleep?

I had only said I'll marry you if the case is withdrawn.

I didn't say I'll sleep with you.

What do you mean? We've got to live together.

In my lifetime, I won't be able to accept you.


At the shrine?

Before the day breaks, you should finish him.

The case can be withdrawn.

But we have comrades who will do anything for the party.

They'll do what's necessary.

They won't listen to anyone, not even me.

And that's how it should be.

Where's Nandu?

How did you get here?

Where is he?

What happened to you?

Where's Nandu?

He left.

-You fooled me, all of you! -Ammu.

They won't spare him.



Don't go anywhere.


He must be around.

He has a phone.

I'm Anand.

Anand Balakrishnan.

I'm the one who killed Karippalli Dineshan.

You can arrest me.


He's not feeling well.

You should come in.

Leela, who is it?


Where are you, Nandu?

I'm right here, Ammu.

Where? Did anyone hurt you?

I'm by the shrine.

I'm coming there.

I wanted to see you again.

I'm not sure if that can happen anymore.

You stay right there, I'm coming.

No. You shouldn't.

They will kill you, too.



-Let's go there. -Where should we search for him?

-He must have run away by now. -Yeah.

Come this way.




Nandu, what happened?

It's nothing, Ammu.

-Let's go away. -But go where?

They are everywhere.

They are in every alley, behind every single leaf.

They won't spare us.

There's no one to save us now.

I'm here for you.

I'm glad you came.

I don't care if they get me now.

Payyannur has been shut down completely after a KJP worker was hacked to death last night.

Shops remain shut.

Government and private bus services have been suspended.

The streets look deserted, except for a few two-wheelers.

Investigating officer, Sudeep Majumdar, said a manhunt is on, and the killers will be caught soon.

A large police contingent has been deployed to maintain law and order in the district.

Karunya Lottery!

In order to restore peace, the district collector has called an all-party meeting in Kannur tomorrow.

Karunya Lottery.