Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love (2001) Script

'Famed industrialist Vijay Kapoor's companies'

'and factories are already mortgaged.'

'Now the court has ordered the auctions.'

'We tried to find out Vijay Kapoor's reactions.'

'But he isn't talking to the press or the media.'

'Anirudh Kamat, Star News.'


Medicines can cure these ailments.

But for wounds, there are no cures... not for those inflicted upon you by ones who are your own.

Relationships... I heard they fraught fraternities, Pratima.

Mine... oh, they have broken me so completely.

"The king..."

"the queen..."

"oh, they are young, and they are rich."

"What's left to ask for?"

"What's left to ask for?"

"This is all destiny's doing."

"It's what your love has done for us."

"What's left for asking?"

"What's left for asking?"

"My home is my temple, you are my God."

"You are my prayer answered."

"Who else would love me so much?"

"Who else would give me so much happiness?"

"At your feet, I wish to stay."

"In your arms, I want lifetime."

"What else is left for asking?"

"What else is left for asking?"

"Like blossoms, that gift of nature..."

"are our parents to us."

"Every day I have prayed for you."

"And every dream of mine comes true, at last."

"These relationships are to be nurtured."

"And once my prayers are answered..."

"what more will be left to seek out of life?"

"What more will be left to seek out of life?"

"There is a king, there is a queen."

"They are mementos of your love."

"This is all Destiny's doing."

"It's all His doing; everywhere, His blessings abound."

"What more is left to seek of life?"

"What more is left to seek of life?"

"What more is left to seek of life?"

"What more is left to seek of life?"

Three imperatives for the successful management of any enterprise.

The ownership, the management, the worker.

Workers are known to have grouses against companies.

There are owner-worker problems, management's and workforce don't gel.

But it is the ownership which is responsible and answerable.

In situations like these, once a month... if owners were to make the workers and the management's meet... to talk out things, then a relationship is struck... between ownership, management and workers.

That is when the entire establishment is organized, woven into a strong family.

And as far as I know, no family in the world has ever suffered a strike.

Therefore I am confident when I say this...

The legacy of strikes, this problem of sick industries... will be rooted out once and for all.

Seenu, bye.

Sir, autograph please.

You were in there, weren't you? Yes sir.

You didn't like what I said? While the others listened...

I was entranced by what you said. By the time I came around... the round of applause was over.

I am sorry, sir. No, it's alright.

Sir, all my life I had seen you only in the pictures.

I keep collecting... your articles, your interviews. Do take a look, please.

Do take a look.

What's your name? Rajesh Purohit.

I have an MBA from Allahabad University.

Yes! Same university as yours.

What have you been doing of late? I'd rather tell you... what I wish to achieve.

From you, the one who propelled...

Kapoor Industries to such heights, if I could learn something... about achieving, then I will consider myself a very successful man, sir.


Why not see me in my office tomorrow? Yes sir! Thank you sir.

Sir, you wanted the list of textile mills.


Papa, I'm stuck at the crosswords! My child, I'm at the office.

The clue is "Commerce, business".

The answer is in four letters. Four letters? "Ro-z-ga-r" (Employment).

"Ro-z-ga-r." You are right.

Oh no!

Papa, I could browse whole dictionaries, but this one...

I'd never find. You want the clue?

"Greens, out of farm."

Four letters, this one. Four...?

"Tar-o-ta-za" (Fresh).


Yes, "Tar-o-ta-za".

Papa. One minute, Preeti!

No please! It's the last one.

Rajesh, why don't you go over and help Preeti solve her crossword?

Give me the file.

Okay sir.

Come on in. Papa sent you?

Yes. Come on, sit.

Thank you.

Rajesh, you want to solve crosswords? All right, let's test you.

Five empty spaces are left to fill. Okay.

The first is suppose to have two letters.

The second one must have three.

Third must have four.

Fourth must have five. Fifth must have six.

Each one must end with "Ri". "Ri."

Shall we start? Yes.

First clue, "Woman". "Na-ri".


Second, "Small vessel". "Ga-ga-ri."

Very good.

"Government-related." "Sa-r-ka-ri."

Oh, excellent. Excellent.

"Small-time trading"...? "Du-ka-n-da-ri."

Hey, that's marvellous.

Last word. "Lawless city." "An-dh-er Na-g-ri".

Wow! You are simply unbelievable!

All the answers, pat! And I thought no one in the world... is smarter, more intelligent than Dad!

You seem to be even more brilliant.

No Ms. Preeti, answering 5 crosswords doesn't make a Vijay Kapoor.

And what a magnetic personality.

Hear him, and you want to meet him.

See him and you're drawn to him.

The truth is, I worship your Daddy.

When you aren't with me, I pine.

When you are with me, I'm restless.

I have decided to marry you, Rajesh. No! I'm not worthy enough... to even consider this! Mr. Kapoor has done me a great favor.

Am I to repay him like this? And let him berate me?

What are you saying Rajesh...? To me, he is an ideal.

I can never do anything that might hurt him.

He will have my resignation tomorrow.

I should be leaving.

Mr. Vijay, are you expecting a guest? Someday, one's daughter leaves.

The boy is coming today. To meet our Preeti.

Just watch this, dear brother-in-law. Wedding's happening in no time.

But which family? Who's the boy?

May I come in, sir?

Good evening, sir.

This is my home, not office, Rajesh.

A guest invited to dinner... isn't expected to ask for permission to come in.

Papa! How did you get to know...?

I don't believe it, Papa. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, Papa. You are the best. You are really the best.

It's your happiness I cherish.

Be seated, Rajesh. Thank you, sir.

Your parents... your family... why is no one else here from your side?

I'm an orphan, sir. I'm the only family I have.

So what? When Pratima and I got married, all we had... were a pair of dresses each.

And by and by... by dint of my efforts, I built this empire.

And throughout this journey, all I had were Pratima and God.

One bad decision.

Hey, you're getting married! Such is the jet age.

Discussions aren't under way yet, and here's a wedding on the cards.

Absolutely right. But this wedding isn't happening without Ajay.

Absolutely. Rajesh, Ajay is my son.

He's away vacationing after his final semester.

As soon as he's back, we'll just pack the two of you off.

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"But who she is..."

"I don't even know."

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"Someday she will come to me..."

"Someday, she will bring love."

"I will kiss her."

"I will embrace her."

"I'm the pretty dream in her eyes."

"Oh, I'm so eager to see her."

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"But who she is..."

"I don't even know."

"My wild heart is looking for a beauty."

"But how do I describe him?"

"Oh, he's a wild one."

"He's one-in-a-million, he's my lover."

"In my dreams, he flirts with me."

"Oh, what a darling!"

"Someday, I'll surely get him."

"But who she is..."

"I don't even know."

"My wild heart is looking for a handsome man."

"My wild heart is looking for a handsome man."

"Hey beauty, what's your name?"

"None of your business."

"Hey, you're stuck-up. Slow down."

"You're insolent. Get lost."

"Don't you show me your temper. Don't you try to flirt."

"You won't give in so easily? I know your type."

"You're drunk!" "But I think..."

"you're quite helpless. Who are you...?"

"Who you are, I don't even know."

Hey, I'm still single, I swear. Uncle, you are too much.

Hey, big brother. Hey, baby!

My dark little, darling sister.

Brother. Brother.

Hey, Rani, love you.


Ajay. Mother!

Oh my God! You are looking beautiful.

How's my son? I'm fine.

My son!

Look at her! The time for my little blossom to get married has come so soon!

Looking so pretty! You've got henna on your hands, too!

May God bestow upon these hands, all the happiness, forever.

Thanks, brother. Where's Papa?

Papa... I'll find him. Stay put.

No sir, please! This apartment, this car, servants... this sudden pay hike, for no reason, oh please don't be so kind to me that I begin to feel you that are taking pity on me.

I promise, I'll keep Preeti very happy, I'll pamper her.

But I want to be a self-made man.

I don't want to compromise my ideals.

Look Rajesh, had Preeti married into a big family, I would've liked them... to care for her like a daughter.

Not as a son-in-law, more like a son can you not live in our house?

Like a member of our family?

Come, share our joys, our sorrows.

Why is God sending so much happiness an orphan's way?

Parents, brothers, sisters, relationships... for me, they were mere words. Meanings, I never even knew.

All this for me, in this very lifetime?

I can't believe this!


What a choice? Just look at him.

Couldn't be a better man for Preeti, not in this world.

By the way, I am my father's son.

And you, Mummy-Papa's choice, Preeti's paramour... are my friend.

Hey, man. I am so happy.


Oh hello...

Hi lady... welcome.

Welcome... welcome...

This smile is giving me a jaw-ache.

This was one offer I couldn't refuse.

I couldn't...

How about a kiss? Don't make me pine.

What...? You're my heartthrob.

My heart goes out to you. You lazy laggard.

Roadside Romeo! Savage! Beast! Blackheart.

O'heartless one, your every torment I shall bear.

But I swear by you...

I have given my heart to you! Uneducated loafer!

You're insane! While you wait, someone will whisk me away.


This no movieish plot.

And I'm not insane.

This is no love triangle.

Just a simple straight love story.

A tale of twosomes... like Romeo and Juliet, Laddoo and Sweety.

Moron! The legendary lovers never married in the end.

They committed suicide, or they were killed. Spare me, I don't want to die.

Something is stirring in my heart. And then...?

I'm in love. And then...?

Love is never defeated. And then...?

I'm no less a man! And then...?

I'm your prince charming! And then...?

The lover will carry his bride away! And then...?

Still stuck at "then"...?

All were superhit films, right? So...?

Coming for a long drive? First get me a drink.


For attending my daughter's wedding, for receiving my guests...

I don't want to just thank you for all this.

Because your debts... I can never pay off with a thanks.

Sir, why are you embarrassing us by saying all this?

Can we ever forget your debt? What a thing to say!

At weddings, we fathers have only... given our daughters away.

The rest of it, you have always shouldered.

The one who is getting married today is our daughter. Let us do our bit.

I'm thankful. Farewell.

Hello aunty.

Mr. Vijay.

Best wishes. Thanks a lot I've just concluded a major responsibility.

But you still have your responsibilities.


Congratulations, Mr. Vijay. Thank you.

You have always had my best wishes. One word of friendly advice.

Tell me. This is a grand wedding.

But you know the business community, there are more enemies than friends.

Your competition might be enthused.

At chess, they can't checkmate me.

Can they checkmate me in business?

Excuse me. I'll just be back.

Hello aunty.

I am so sorry. What are you doing?

You...! You...?

What are you doing here? That's what I want to know.

It's my best friend's sister's wedding. Your best friend and her sister... are my sisters.

A savage? In such a good family? Such God willed.

'Hi Nisha.'

Talking about savages, ever taken a look at yourself?

At your flaws?

None that I see.

So let's count it.

First, you're stubborn.

Second, you have a temper.

Oh angry young woman.

Third, you're brainless.

Fourth, you love to flaunt your Dad's money.

Five, you don't have a dressing sense.

And you? Ever considered yourself?

Flaws are all you'll see. Can you count out a couple?

Count. Go on.

One, you think you're oversmart.

Because I'm intelligent and brilliant so I'm ought to think that way.

Besides, fools would definitely see me as an oversmart.

You don't know how to talk decently with girls!

Let's have that announced.

If you can find a single being who can prove this point true, I won't ever talk to a girl ever again, I swear.

You're too tall. I inherited that.

Not to get worked up. Wait, I'll tell you.

Give me some time. I am waiting.

Just get out of here.

What does he think of himself? Not a flaw?

He is just perfect. That's true!

What's come over you?

What does your brother think of himself?

Why, what happened?

He's out of his mind. He says, I have a temper.

I am an angry young woman.

Which you are. You...

You have this temper, don't you? I'm stubborn, I flaunt my Dad's money I'm brainless! And I've no dressing sense!?

What does he think of himself?

He said that?

Those words! What a wonder...

Nisha, we are really old friends, right? Right.

That's why I'm telling you. The flaws I never noticed in all these years...

Ajay makes out, he even tells you!

He is amazing.

Put the garland.


Now that the education is over, what about the future?

I've picked up an IT major with MBA. Maybe I'll get into IT business.

You know that's a very good idea.

The government is promoting it too.

It's quite true... What are the Big Three discussing?

Good morning, Papa. Morning, morning.

Dad makes it a Big Four. We were discussing IT.

Ajay wants to get into IT business. Correct?

Business is a fine thing, Ajay has just... finished studying about IT. He doesn't have any business experience.

Excuse me, Papa.

What did you say about experience?

Look son, without experience... one stands to lose. I'm not against business.

But I will always oppose an amateur effort.

In IT, experience isn't necessary.

And how does one gain experience... without working?

Experience is what you need... while taking decisions. A successful businessman... is the one who has the guts to take decisions.

Books don't contain experience. Books tell you about experience.

Ajay isn't out of his knickers. You want him to don a suit?

Here, thank you. Thank you.

Hi, Papa. Hi.

Preeti, you don't know a thing. Ajay is a big player.

That's my favourite sister. Fantastic.

Tell me, what's your game?

I'm fixing all your matches.

Not match-fixing, this is about girl-fixing.

So our Ajay in love? I don't know about it.

But nowadays... Clam up.

He's adept in finding flaws in girls! Hush!

Ajay found not just one but five flaws in this friend of mine, Nisha.

This is too bad! You ought to flatter pretty girls.

I only wanted to make her presentable, to help her understand... how to conduct herself before her elders...

You know... Are you serious?

You think he's joking? He sounds serious.

Papa! It's a nice opportunity to get him married.

Don't embarrass me! Talk to Mr. Thapar.

No way!

The girl's father comes asking for an alliance.

What say, Mr. Ajay?

You talk of alliances after she and I have a nice relationship going.

And as far as rituals are concerned...

I have my family right here with me.

That's Vijay Kapoor's son.

Welcome son.

That's your chair.

A father's dreams.

Sitting on this chair... and becoming worthy of this chair by working hard.

These are two different arguments.

If you wish, you can just walk over and sit there.

But I would like you to make it... here by your hard work and talent.

Look, son.

The tree that has struck its roots deep, isn't swayed by storms.

So I'd advise you to go into the depth of the work.

And climb step by step... till you get there.

If you want a business of your own, by all means, yes.

But your prime duty... is to manage this company.

Yes, Papa. Where do I begin?

What are you upto? I told you to go and get me a beer. Go on.

But Mr. Hari Singh, my machine is running. How can I leave it?

Now your machine has stopped, right?

Go and get me a beer then. Go on, what are you staring at?

Get a chilled one.

16... 17...

Hey, big brother. Hi, sister.

Wow! Brother.

Your magic is working. Why, what happened?

Nisha is completely changed! She doesn't know what a temper is.

What's being stubborn? She doesn't even know!

She's so demure.

She has even changed the way she dresses.

No more micro minis, no hipsters.

Only traditional Indian clothing.

The churidar-kurta, the salwar-kameez.

She looks great!

Lovely little sister... sit.

How about doing something for me? You want to meet Nisha? Say it.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

When is she going to come?

Wow! What an angel! You are so beautiful.

Hi Nisha! Come, sit.

You're looking great.

Thank you.

All credit goes to you. It's alright.

I know.

At least I've had an effect on you! We are even wearing the same colour.

I'd like to come to the point. Nisha, I want to marry you.

Ajay, now that I've changed, I don't want to let my past shadow my future.

Great! Past is best forgotten. That's what I want to tell you.

You belong to my past as well.

So I'd like to forget things like you.

I'm no "thing". Oh Ajay! You don't understand.

Now that I've changed; you know... into a sweet Indian girl.

Now I can find a better boy for myself.

My Mr. Perfect. I! I am your Mr. Perfect.

Don't be too confident. I am damn confident.

What if I find someone else? Willing to lose anything.

Okay fine. Okay fine.



He won't even talk to you! The girls are all over him.

See...? He's coming right here!

Hi, I'm Sunil. I think you are gorgeous. Thanks. I am Nisha.

Shall we be friends? Of course.

Do you want to go for a long drive? Sure.

Nisha... Bye, Ajay.

And take care. Bye, man.

Has she gone mad?

Ajay meets the girl, speaks his heart out.

Girl meet Ajay and talks her heart out to someone else, and makes a jilted lover out of Ajay.

Can't woo a girl! How can he manage such a big company?

Does my son know what experience means?

Takes time to grow that hair. Then you find it has greyed already!

A perfect solution! Just set up an "Institute for Reforming Girls".

Girls will come to be reformed. Then they'll walk away with someone else.

Enough of jokes at my expense.

Ajay Kapoor knows only one thing and that's winning!

Priya, do you have her number? She has! They keep chatting.

Rani, don't interfere.

I have her number. Let me dial her up. Fast.

But you got to do your talking. Hello.

Hello. Go on Ajay.

I'd like to see you.

Consider this urgent. No time tomorrow.

I'm going out for picnic with Sunil. Any place in particular?

I'll tell you, provided you don't disturb us.

Dream World. Bye, Ajay.

What happened? What happened?

She's going to dream world with some actor called Sunil.

Sunil. Sunil.

But I'm going there. To do what? Guess...?

What...? He'll play marbles.

Sorry. Sorry.

I can woo girls, I can run companies. I'll prove that to you.

Bravo son! But I'm coming too. What will you do there, Ma?

No picnic without uncle!

If the uncle goes then his better half... Hey!

I mean aunt sweety would come along as well.

Me too! Me too.

Wait! No one is going anywhere. Why?

All of us are going for the picnic.

Here we are at Dream world. Now declare your war for love.

Declare your defeat already, son.

You're looking at the wrong side. Look there, how your dove is... necking away.

Uncle... Sally forth, like a brave!

Slap him twice, take his place.

All the best. All the best, brother.

Excuse me.

I'd like to talk to Nisha.

Of course.

Yes, go on Ajay. So you see Nisha... even the hues of our lives match! What I mean to say is... you won't find anyone better than me. Such vanity...?

Please marry me, Nisha. Stubborn as well.

Nisha, try to understand! He has got a temper too.

What am I lacking in? I've everything! Houses, cars, money! Everything.

Flaunts his Dad's money even!

Ajay, that's all my flaws which are in you now!

Please change yourself, Ajay.

Or else, no decent girl is ever going to like you.

Okay, bye. Come on, sweety.

Nisha... Hi, Sunil.

How are you Mr. Kapoor?

Hi, Nisha. Hi.

We're having a small picnic.

Why don't you join us?

Why not? Yeah, come on.

Aunt sweety, I am so excited. This is going to be real fun!

This Vijay! My son has a heartburn!

And he's bringing her right over!

Relax, mummy. Relax.

Ajay must win Nisha's heart. Else, her heart will stay with that Sunil... even after she has married Ajay! Shut up.

What's the use of such a marriage? You must rather weep and get over it now.

Hey, what are you talking?

You know man according to me is a social animal.

His nature is he can't live in isolation.

Let him be a beast and no angel. A loner man can live without society.

You think my nephew can't live without her? No way! Come, let's square her.

Come on. Let's go. Come on. Yeah!

How much more am I to eat? I'm bursting at my seams.

What a great idea? Excuse me.

Listen, we're playing a game. Fantastic! Cricket, football.

Hey, control yourself. Yes, uncle. Please control yourself.

Gentlemen here will sing praises about the women they love.

Yes, we're always finding faults with our ladies. Who ever praises them?

Good idea. Let's play.

Token of appreciation from the lady will be a kiss.

Oh wow!

Silence, silence! Let's play. I begin.

Tresses as black as a buffalo's! Shut up, Laddoo.

Mr. Vijay will do it first. Yes.

Yeah. Exactly.

He will do it first. Quiet. quiet.


I behold in her poetry personified.

She's flirtatious, whimsical, she enlivens.

Without her, my evening are empty.

Without her, my evening are empty.

She is my life, my hope, my desires.

The keeper of my secrets, she is my very heartbeat.

She is the smile on my lips, a mother, a lover... from her flows forth every relationship... she is the fountainhead.

Wow! Fantastic!

The lady ought to give a kiss.

Yes, of course. No, please.

Yes, you ought to.

What is this? This is cheating. Okay.

All right.

Excellent. Well done.



I gave you the compliments and the mirror gets the kiss? What do I do with that?

Please, my turn now. My turn! Go ahead.

First I'll compliment Sweety. In return, she will give me a sweet, sweet...

The compliments first! To that bracelet on your arm... my heart is stuck. To her bracelet? Brilliant.

Don't shake that arm, it'll break my heart.

Watch that heart, wear my bracelet. Give me a kiss.

Why should I? You were praising the bracelet.

Lucky for you, you didn't praise her slippers.

Mr. Sunil, whom will you compliment? Nisha.

And Ajay, you...? Of course, Nisha.

How sweet. It means competition.

Winner takes my heart. Wow!

Get started. Let's decide right away.

"Your eyes, like lakes."

"In you, the magic of fountains."

"One look at you..."

"and I am restless."

"There are those who talk of lakes, fountains and love."

"I call you my Goddess of love." Amazing!

"Gods will bow before this beauty."

"Before my love, no one can stand." Wow!

Oh Sunil. That was wonderful! Thank you.

One more.

"This is no love."

"The fellow-traveller isn't the lover."

"Those in love tread upon thorns and brave the fires."

"Oh why do you not trust my love? Were it not for true love..."

"this world would never be."

Wow! Wow brother, that is great.

Wonderful dear. That's how it's done!

You are great.

Yes you have to kiss him. No way.

This is too bad, Nisha.

The contest isn't over yet. If Ajay can do what I can, he wins.

So I don't mind.

I can do whatever you do.

Come on, brother!

Are you sure? Completely.

You are definitely sure? Sure.

Yeah? Shall I show you? Yeah. Please.

Think it over. Done.

Tie a Rakhi. Come on, try out.


Go. Run!

Nisha. Go boy.

Mr. Kapoor, congratulations. Thank you, Sunil.

Nice act.

Thank you, uncle.

"The winds, the clouds are saying what a wonderful sight this is."

"But only a heart will ever know what a heart has to say."

"The winds, the clouds are saying what a wonderful sight this is."

"But only a heart will ever know what a heart has to say."

"Love calls out to love, oh so lovingly."

"Love calls out to love, oh so lovingly."

"When my eyes met loving eyes, I fell in love."

"But only a heart will ever know what a heart has to say."

"When my eyes met loving eyes, I fell in love."

"When I saw the pining, I wished I'd die for love."

"In my lover's arms, my love will be requited."

"In love's embrace, even love loses itself."

"My love..."

"you are the one I aspire for."

"Your youthfulness has swept me off my feet."

"Oh how I've spent all these moments without you."

"Love calls out for love, oh so lovingly."

"Love calls out to love, oh so lovingly."

"With love, let me etch my name in your heart. It's Love."

"Nothing's greater than love, all I want to do is make love."

"Look at love, ask for love, with love."

"If love ever deserts me, speak to me of love."

"This promise, let never be broken..."

"Let us never part."

"Your love; I treasure more than my life."

"You, I hold in my heart."

"Love calls out for love, oh so lovingly."

"Love calls out for love, oh so lovingly."

"The winds, the clouds are saying what a wonderful sight this is."

"But only a heart will ever know what a heart has to say."

"Love calls out..."

"To love..."

"oh so lovingly."

"With love."

"Love calls out to love, oh so lovingly."

"Love calls out to love" "Love calls out to love."

"Love calls out to love" "Love calls out to love."

Why are you bothered about work?

Let us go and sit with Hari Singh and have some fun.

Okay. Yes, let's go.

What is going on here?

We are playing Rs.1 a point. Shall I serve your cards?

Stop talking nonsense! Is this a factory or a gambling den?

For us, it is both.

If we go in, it is factory... and if we start playing cards, it becomes our gambling den.

You mean this factory pays you a salary to play cards?


You will have to pay me a salary.

Because it is workers who run a factory and they have a union.

And I am the union leader.

So don't the union leaders work in the factory?

Pack up. Hey who are you to order us around?

Cut out the informality. You bloody...

Hari Singh! One minute! Ajay, please! Let me talk.

Hari Singh, what's this attitude? He's the boss' son.

At home, maybe. Here, he's a worker. And I'm his senior.

True, but the sight of gambling in the premises can rouse tempers, right?

Let him complain to the supervisor. I'll do what my supervisor tells me.

Times when we'd bow like slaves before the King-in-waiting are gone.

No, that's not the case. Idler! I'll break your face.

Understood? Please Ajay.

You don't know who I am! What are you waiting for?

Come on, break my face! One minute! Ajay please.

Hari Singh, just forget this. This isn't going to be forgotten.

This is going to be decided. Here and now! And you stay out.

You stay out! Get that? I won't budge an inch.

Because you're the union leader, You expect everyone to lick your boots?

Hey son-in-law-about-the-house! You think you own this factory?

Hari Singh!

Let go of him! You're going to kill him.

Ajay! Stop! Please!

No getting away with this! Ajay, listen to me.


Ajay, please.

I'll put an end to this leadership! Booze and gambling!

You're going to kill him! It's over! Once and for all! Let go.

He won't ever touch anyone.

Ajay, please.

What does he think of himself? He can do whatever he wants?


I sent you to the factory to learn. Not to teach anyone.

Workers are paid to work, not to gamble.

Your principle, maybe. But you have no right to impose yourself.

Then why just four of them? Tell all the workers to gamble.


Sit down.

Those four hold 4000 at ransom.

Workers are brainwashed into... thinking that if anyone is concerned with or capable of... ensuring their welfare, it's the only the unionists.

But the truth is these unions have contributed to nothing... but poverty, hunger and larceny.

Ever seen the sheep being herded... by four dogs?

They Mr. Ajay Kapoor, are our ones.

Meaning, you knew everything?

Yes. And though I'm in the know...

I have to pretend ignorance.

Not in 25 years, have workers ever gone on strike in this factory.

Reason for which is the way I use the union.

Hari Singh assaulted Rajesh, but he didn't retaliate.

Because he knows it's not in the interests of the factory. But you?

The vigour of your youth makes you oblivious.

Look Ajay...

I... don't wish to be a subject of ridicule for the business community I want you to apologise to that union leader right now.

Okay, Papa.

For the sake of the workers, Hari Singh can take a beating.

But betray the workers, I never will.

We aren't slaves, are we?

I am sorry.

He said something in English? But I don't know english Had I known English, would I be a worker? I'd be a manager.

For our sakes, let's hear you speak... in Hindi whatever you said in English.

Go on, are you shy?

Forgive me.

What did he say? Anyone heard that?

But only yesterday, you ripped the shirt off my back in public.

You stripped me. Now King-in-waiting speaks in hushed tones?

Speak up.

Come on, say it. In public.


I assaulted him.

It was my mistake.


I beg his forgiveness.


For the first time in my life, I've bowed before a man who has wronged.

You shouldn't regret apologising... for what was your mistake.

But I can't bring myself... to bear the pain I am suffering ...the rage within.

I accept your experience counts more than mine.

But the way you think differs entirely from the way I perceive things.

A difference of a generation.

So I have decided to start up the IT business on my own.

The business I want to get into, needs no experience.

Education is enough.

And Papa, I am a highly educated, qualified person.

But you are also quite incapable of running your own business.

Do you have the capability of managing a company?

Look son... you don't learn swimming sitting ashore.

Without knowledge of good and bad, rights, wrongs in business context... you can't get into business. You'll end up ruining your company.

In the IT business, you don't need pack dogs.

It takes educated, capable people. Do you imply that... ones who are educated, capable, do not deal with unions?

Big-time politicians are involved! The American solution is hire-n-fire.

No, that'd be oppressing your workers.

What about what I was forced to do?

You do not see that?

Papa, you want to use the union... to control workers.

I want the remote control in my hands. Between you and I... maybe, therein lies the difference. Not differences, son.

Differing points of view. I think experience is more necessary.

For you, education is more important. These views aren't reconcilable.

They never were, they never will be. Meaning whereby... that I cannot expect you to support my venture?


Brother-in-law! Where are you?

We've been disgraced! Ruined!

He's very busy. What is the matter?

Tell me. Ajay has disgraced us, Rajesh.

Read this paper! Everyone in the market is laughing at us.

Oh my God!

Don't let him hear this. What's this hue-and-cry?

For the sake of the family! What is the matter?

What's left to be said? Read this.

Look at what Ajay has done.

Borrowing from the market?

What's all this?

How much do you need? Ten million? 20...? 50...? 100...?

More? Want a billion? Just fill in this cheque.

But never again make the mistake of borrowing from the market.

You're financing me to protect your reputation... on the markets.

More than your son, you care for your prestige.

That's what you care more about.

I'll never accept what's given in contempt.

Take that cheque back.

You are right.

Your father's name, you have already maligned.

Go, pawn my name if you wish.

Ajay, he's hurt very deeply. I'm telling you all this... because I'm elder to you. Take what he's giving you, please.

Rajesh, just leave me alone. Please. Ajay.

Just let me liquidate your loans.

What's wrong with us investing?

Rajesh, just leave me alone.

This investment is free of interest. You bring home all your profits.

And outsiders don't have a say. Rajesh, enough.

No. No. Leave me alone.

Ajay, I'm not leaving you all alone. Just listen to your father.

Just get out of here. Get out. Get out of here.

Go away.

What's up? Going somewhere?

We're leaving this house.


I don't wish to be a burden on ones who have no respect for my husband.

I'll make do with whatever my husband can provide for me.

I prefer hardship to life lived in disgrace.

Your teachings, right?

But who misbehaved with your husband? Preeti, say no more.

You must tell me the truth! What's going on?

Ajay has ordered him out of the house.



What happened? Today, no one interferes.

I'm still alive, Ajay. I still breathe!

Who gave you the right... to tell Rajesh to leave this house? I didn't ask him to leave.

I only asked him to leave me alone. You should have the guts to own up.

It's fear of your father that makes you lie.

Papa, I revere you. I'm not afraid of you.

Yes, I see that you have begun to suspect my truths.

Are you so frustrated that you try to make a lie sound like the truth?

And because you cannot take it out on me, you unleash yourself on Rajesh?

If you think I'm frustrated with life, you are completely mistaken, Papa.

I'm educated, I can seek solutions to every problem. Frustrated, I won't be.

Trust me.

This confidence in yourself is misplaced.

You think these loans you raise were given to you... because of your capabilities? Wrong!

In the market... not even the unknown beggar is given alms. And you are known to be...

Vijay Kapoor's son.

Because of this singular virtue, the markets lend you... knowing, that even if you cannot pay interests...

Vijay Kapoor will go to the extent of selling himself to pay back every cent.

Papa, why are you so arrogant?

What makes you think that... even the air I breathe is thanks only to you?

Look son...

once the son has grown up, he takes his father's pride to be vanity.

And the father...

the father pities his son for his inexperience.

I don't need certificates from my family to prove my knowledge.

Once differences in perceptions have cropped up between the generations... the two should go their separate ways. You tread your path at your own risk.

I shall... I shall leave. I surely will. Please, Ajay.

Ajay, I'm the root cause of all the trouble. Please, say no more.

Let him speak, Rajesh. He has forgotten decorum.

You force me to speak. As I forced you to borrow?

After you refused me, I had no way out.

Maybe you doubt my capabilities.

In that case, would I have sent you abroad for studies?

Would I have given you this lifestyle?

Would I have left the company in your hands?

And you tell me, that I doubt your capabilities?

Papa, are you reminding me of all you have done for me?

I am shocked, Ajay.

How could you think... a father would remind his son what he did for him?

Shocking! Shocking!

Sir, you mean...? Let me talk. Ajay, please, say no more!

Rajesh, I didn't mean to push you. It was a mistake.

It's ok.



Please, don't get worked up. All this was unintentional.

Ajay didn't push purposely. I know my son very well.

He'd never make such a mistake.

Pratima, that shove was meant for me, not for Rajesh.

Directed at me.

This house is mine. In this house, my every spoken word... is the law.

I am ordering Ajay to leave this house.

Get out from here. Just get out.


Ajay, what are you doing? Brother.

Must you take to heart your... father's word spoken in anger?

Didn't you hear what Papa said?

Here in this house of his... his spoken word is the law. The law-breaker is a criminal.

In your eyes, a criminal I will not be. Don't go away.

Nor will I be my father's criminal.

Please! Don't go away. Please! Don't go away.

Ajay, please! Stop.

Let him go. Father and son are like water-drops; separated this moment... flowing together tomorrow.

I am in love with you, Ajay; not with your status, nor your family.

Come with me. Take a word of advice from my Daddy.

No, I can never let my daughter marry a man who has been... disowned by his family. Disowned I may be.

But I will leave nothing wanting for the family I will raise.

No! I'll have nothing to do with you, nor will I let my daughter marry you.

You may leave.


I have respected all your decisions.

I have obeyed them. And when I took an important decision of my life, I had hoped that you would agree with my decision-making.

But you have disgraced my love and I cannot tolerate that.

I am going to start my life with Ajay.

I can never forgive you for what you did.

"Shattered I am, but I will always love you..."

"and I will never leave you."

"I swear by my love."

"I will fulfill my vows."

"The eyes that look up at you with love..."

"The one that consider you its own..."

"It's a heart."

"It's my heart."

"It's my heart."

"The one that look up at you with love..."

"The one that consider you its own..."

"It's a heart."

"It's my heart."

"It's my heart."

"For your sake, I have left everything behind."

"I have broken all bonds, every tradition."

"Let me open my eyes only to gaze at this beauty."

"Let breathe only to feel her breath."

"The one who has drowned in your love..."

"the one who seeks you within..."

"It's a heart."

"It's my heart."

"I'll reach out to the stars for you."

"My wild lover, all my life, I will be yours."

"In your arms, I have forgotten all else."

"In your love, I have found everything."

"The one who dreams about you..."

"The one who would give the world for you..."

"It's a heart."

"It's my heart."

"The one that look up at you with love..."

"The one that considers you as its own..."

"It's a heart."

"It's a heart."

"It's a heart."

"It's my heart." "It's my heart."

"It's my heart."

You haven't been to the office for quite some time now.

A lot of work is pending. So I brought the papers for your signature.

Rajesh, I haven't been keeping too well.

Priya's wedding is coming up shortly, got to take care of the wedding too.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, you need strong shoulders for support...

why don't you ask Ajay to come back?

Priya's wedding has been finalised? Yes Ajay. Just come home.

Everything will be all right. So momentous a decision...

and folks at home never even informed me.

Am I so estranged...? You tell me, am I a stranger?

No Ajay, actually everything happened so fast...

Just come home, and everything will be all right. Don't take this to heart.

Here's the wedding invitation. Do take a look.

Papa hasn't even mentioned my name on the invitation!




My little... darling.


Take care of her.

One request, sir.

Ever since we married, I have never taken Preeti for a vacation.

She would be happy if I did.

Why not, Rajesh? Just let me know your programme.

Actually, we wanted to leave this evening.

But there's a very important business meeting tomorrow, if you could take of the meeting, that'd be fine.

Very well, Rajesh. Go on. I'll take care of everything.

Thank you, sir.

Mr. Kapoor, granted that in Rajesh you have a very responsible hand... taking care of your businesses. But I would suggest that... you should sank your differences and call Ajay back.

Yes? They are here.

Yeah, send them in.

Yes, Rajesh told me about this business meeting.

What's this...? A notice, Mr. Kapoor.

We're here to collect the 500 million... you borrowed from our company against security.

You are overdrawn. Worse, your cheques bouncing one after another... jeopardises our reputation too. Your factories and residences... are all pledged. Those are the papers. Liquidation is the only way out now.

Such a big deception? The financial markets are in a tumult.

It's over. You are finished, Mr. Vijay Kapoor.


Cheers. Cheers.

Only aim in my life was to make it rich.

No matter how much I earned, all I could've afforded... was a middle-class existence like millions of others. So I thought it over.

And I targeted Mr. Vijay Kapoor.

I won him over, got myself employed.

There I came to know that his biggest weakness is his daughter, Preeti.

I presented myself to Preeti so as to make her fall in love with me... a path that lead me right into his home.

Mr. Vijay Kapoor wanted... to give me a car, an apartment, everything. But I wasn't begging.

He took it for a sacrifice, and took me in, like a son.

This was my first victory. Now the biggest hurdle in my way... was Vijay Kapoor's son, Ajay.

I heard father and son conversing... and I realised that their approaches to life are entirely different.

When Vijay Kapoor sent his son to the factory to learn the ropes...

I played my next card. Hari Singh, what man will stand by and watch... his brother-in-law getting bashed up? No one.

Ajay lost his temper and thrashed him badly. And this rascal... he took it without a whimper. Then he called for a strike... which unsettled Vijay Kapoor so much... that he forced his own son to apologise.

And the way I made him do that! It was like a lashing in public.

And then... Holy war between father and son began.

Ajay asked his father to finance his business, he refused.

In the heat of the moment, Ajay borrowed money on personal bonds.

And I published the news in my paper. Mr. Khanna, your news was like... adding fuel to fire.

Really? Yes.

Vijay Kapoor was infuriated, he offered his son... to name his price to buy him out.

I rubbed the salt into his wounds.

I incited him upto the point when he asked me to leave him alone.

I went to Preeti...

I am no better than a dog.

A son-in-law is treated no better than a dog whereas a son always remains a son.

I incited Preeti till she decided to leave the house.

Mr. Vijay Kapoor was raging already like a wounded lion.

Our departure... was like a stab in his wound. For one last time, father and son quarreled.

And unwittingly, Ajay pushed me. I pretended to stagger and fall.

That provoked Vijay Kapoor to throw his son out.

My second victory.

Now I wanted to ensure that this father and son duo should never re-unite.

Opportunity arised in Priya's wedding. I had one wedding invitation printed.

One sans Ajay's name. Then, I seized an opportunity when...

Vijay Kapoor was moping over his son.

I got him to sign in my favor a power of attorney.

The beginning of ruination.

I mortgaged all his factories and all his estates.

For half the market price. Papers were drawn up for full market value.

A relationship made a pauper out of Vijay Kapoor.

And I have used... my relationship to emerge a successful businessman.


That's my success story.

Cheers. Cheers.

This court hereby permits Dalal Financiers... to auction off Mr. Vijay Kapoor's estates to recover their dues.

"Yesterday's truths are today's legends."

"Homes plundered brick by brick."

"In moments, friends become strangers."

"Memories of the times that are gone are oh so dear."

"Ruination, long shadows of sorrow are all that remain."

"And empty, tearful eyes."

"What's left of life?"

"Oh, what's left of life?"


What will happen now, Ma?

Come, dear.



This isn't just a house. This is Papa's honour.

I won't let it go under the hammer. Never.

"Don't punish me for loving you."

"Don't betray my love."

"I'm yours, you're mine."

"You are lost in my eyes."

"Trust me."

"I'm madly in love."

"Madly in love with you."

"Don't punish me for loving you."

"Don't betray my love."

"I pray for you."

"I desire you."

"I'm in love with you."

"Don't ever stop loving me."

"Promise me."

"Don't make me cry."

"Don't punish me for loving you."

"I'm yours, you're mine."

"You are lost in my eyes."

"Trust me."

"I'm madly in love."

"Madly in love with you."

"I'm madly in love."

"Madly in love with you."

"My heart beats for you."

"My lips speak your name."

"You, I thirst for."

"I don't want to be taken away from you."

"You are my hope."

"Don't destroy my world."

"Don't punish me for loving you."

"I'm yours, you're mine."

"You are lost in my eyes."

"Trust me."

"I'm madly in love."

"Madly in love with you."

"I'm madly in love."

"Madly in love with you."

Why are you so late, Ajay? I've been worried.

I had been home.

What home...? My home.

To Mummy-Papa.

And I...?

You took such a big decision all by yourself?

I need no one's permission to go home.

You do! Where were they... when you were being thrown out?

Where were they, when you were devastated deep down inside... when you needed someone to take care of you? Tell me Ajay. Then... no one came by to even care! What is this sudden surge of sentiment?

They are worse off than I am.

My Papa is sick.

His factories, his residence is going under the hammer.

In that state, I can never desert him.

That's my religion, that's my duty.

Your every loyalty begins and ends with me.

When they deserted you...

I was the only one who stood by you. I too had my Daddy.

Towards him, I had my loyalties too. But for love's sake...

I spurned everything, to be with you.

And today, in this condition... when it's you whom I need the most, you want to leave me?

Who wants to leave you? I have never stayed away from you. Nor can I ever.

You are a part of our family.

They will love you.

They never dismissed you as a stranger.

Why should you estrange yourself?

With you, I've vowed to stand in joy and in sorrow.

But partaking only a portion of your love... is not acceptable to me.

Where are you going?

Listen... listen to me, Ajay!

Don't leave me today I must go.

If that's the imperative, then at this moment... you will decide whether to cast your lot with your parents... or with me.

For the sake of our relationship, you want to break other relationships?

Nisha, it's your wish. To stand by me,

or not, the decision is in your hands.


Hello? Hello, Daddy?

Daddy, take me away from here.

Ma, how are you?

How are you?


Where's Nisha? You didn't bring her along?

Ma, you're about to become a grandma. So I left her in her father's care.

Such good news! And you didn't inform us...?


Pratima, I need no one's sympathy, no one's charity.

Vijay Kapoor is down but not defeated.

I still have the strength to fight my battles... to win.

Papa, listen to me... Tell him I wish to speak to no one and neither do I want to hear anything from him.

Your Papa hasn't been keeping well of late.

He has become irritable.

Don't mind him, son. No Ma, not his fault at all.

It's all my fault.

Ma, I still remember crawling quietly onto Papa's lap... whenever he was angry with me.

He'd scold me at first. Then... he'd shower me with love.

I don't even remember the awakening of my ego.

He told me to leave, and I left.

Had I only embraced him... would he not have forgiven me? He would, wouldn't he, Ma...?


My ego has ruined this house, destroyed everything that was mine.

I have made everyone so unhappy, made you unhappy too, Ma!

No... Forgive me, Ma.

Please forgive me.

I could cope with you growing up.

But you've become magnanimous...

I see for the first time.




Anger, pride, leads man on the path of self-destruction.

And often one misunderstands the one's own benefactor.

That error committed, one loses his benefactor.

Vijay, you are committing that very mistake.

By the time you realise, regret...

I fear it may be too late... to repent.

This is the only reason why I'm stopping you.

Don't misbehave with him.

Give him your love, be gentle.

Don't give him a prize, if you don't wish to.

But at least, don't insult him.


Who is it?



Why don't you speak?

What kind of a joke is this?

Who is this?

Hello? Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Kapoor?

He is sleeping right now. Who is it?

Ankit Dalal, proprietor of Dalal Financiers.

Yes, go on. I'm his son, Ajay. Mr. Ajay, by now... you should've arrived at a decision whether to you pay me or not. Else...

I shall proceed with the auctioning. We won't let it be auctioned.

Nor will I tolerate men of your ilk calling up.

Mr. Dalal, stay within your limits. Why take it out on me?

I'm just a businessman. You ought to talk to your brother-in-law.

He is the one who pawned your house.


Ajay, would you like a cup of tea?

I'm not here as your guest. Tell me... did Papa make a mistake in giving you a job? He gave you a new life.

Was that his mistake? He loved you, gave you respect.

Was that his crime?

Why did you deceive my Papa?

You have ruined my home,

robbed us of our peace, our happiness. Why?

Ajay, you want justice? Go to court.

Levelling allegations against me... won't make me a wrongdoer.

I cheated no one, deceived none. I used my brains.

I did business with a family of weeping fools. And I made my money.

The relationship ties my hands.

Else, you'd weep tears of blood.

And you'd come walking home to us to return our money.

Old adage, Ajay.

The sister's husband is more precious than most by far.

I can be charitable. A five, a ten, twenty, fifty, hundred...?

Not in millions. Units. Proffer that hand, supplicate.


Never have I stood in supplication.

If ever, that'd be a slip on my part.

But it will cost you dearly. You will raise your hands... on your brother-in-law?

Ajay, I won't tolerate fools and madmen for long.

Get out! Get out!

Open the door.

Open up.

Police station? There's an arsonist in my house! He's wreaking havoc.

Hurry up and come over. Yes, write down my address.

Rajesh Villa, 12th Road, Khar.

Ajay! Stop.

Leave him! Preeti, he has ruined us.

He mustn't be spared. He ought to be...

Ajay! For my sake.

Are you all right? Where's the goon?

Mr. Rajesh, where's the goon?

Arrest him.

He's the arsonist!

No! He...

Give me a medical examination. Frame him! Make sure... he doesn't even get bail. You...

Hey, you goon! You saw that?

He accosts me in your presence! What's your name?

You understand!

Behave yourself. I'm Ajay Kapoor, Vijay Kapoor's son, get that?

You're Vijay Kapoor's son? Yes.

Son, what was the need for this?

This will end you up in the Police station. He has a case against you.

Stop eyeballing me.

Get lost. Where are you taking him?

What's all this going on? You end up in the lock-up!

What are you up to?

Sign this.

Show him out. Let decent folks be. Yes, sir.

Come on, out.

Thank you, sir.

Never in my life have I ever been to a police station.

All because of you...

I was forced to sit in that hell for hours.

Of this violence... what can be the outcome? Come on, tell me.

God forbid if something happened to Rajesh, you would've made Preeti a widow.

All your life you'd be in jail, and we'd be the worse off for it.

Do you think violence will solve your problems?

Don't you forget...

Rajesh is my son-in-law. If he is as much as touched... it's our Preeti who will suffer.

This was a very easy task for me.

The worst of goons in town, kiss my doorstep.

In minutes, it'd be done.

Preeti is trying to reason with Rajesh. She's trying to change him.

A miracle might happen.

Rajesh, you are my husband. It's my duty to tell you.

It's not too late.

Return Papa's money. Apologise to him. You have my word...

Papa will respect you even more.

As long as the money is mine...

I have my clout, I needn't go seeking for the same.

But the money isn't yours, Rajesh.

My family has never wished you ill. Instead, they embraced you.

Believe me, had you asked Papa for the money, he would've given it to you... with a smile. As in alms?

You wanted me to beg of your father?

Instead, you deceived him, robbed him?

I deceived no one! I did business, I used my brains.

Had I sourced it from elsewhere, you would've had a splash, enjoyed it.

But you sermonise me, because I made it off your father!

I would've never touched ill-gotten gains, be it from anywhere.

Rajesh, money made this way lasts for a very short while.

And the rest of your life will be a punishment.

Please Rajesh, return these wages of sin.


Preeti, you have no right to disabuse my efforts as sin.

And don't you think that because I love you and I respect you...

I will go on listening to whatever you have to say.

Don't meddle with my business.

Stay out of it.

Our laws are fabricated around loopholes.

Isn't there any way to prevent this auction?

Mr. Malhotra, can't we procure a stay order... so as to give us at least some time to think...?

Consider the stay order granted.

I will get hearings postponed... by four, maybe six months. The appeal will be filed tomorrow.

Look at that. The car had deceived us now.

Make yourself comfortable on the bench. Let me look for a mechanic.

I'll be back in five minutes.


You don't recognise me?

I'm Rameshwar... sandwich-man.

I used to vend sandwiches outside your factory.

What a business I had! Roaring, rip-roaring.

What evil eye was it?

Factory closed down...

Sir, I hear talk of the factory being pulled down for high rises...?

Sir, the poor workers worship you.

For them, you are the breadwinner.

They have faith, the Sahib won't let them starve.

Your faith, your prayers will surely help us save the factory.

Sir, I have a request. Before you leave, do eat one of my sandwiches.

No, let it be. Go on Papa, have one.

You've never broken anyone's heart. Don't break his one.

Make us a sandwich. Lots of peppers.

Coming right up, Sir. Make it fast. I'm hungry.



Have a bite, Father. No, go on.

Have one piece, Papa. I want nothing.

Since when did you start eating so much peppers?

You remember feeding me on your lap when I was a baby?

It was so bland.

Not even a dash of pepper. And you'd eat that bland stuff with me.

But... you loved eating peppers, pepper was your weakness.

So I had this sandwich spiced up, to enjoy your kind of taste.


ever since my childhood, whenever I stumbled, whenever I fell... it was you who has been helping me up on my feet.


when you falter before a storm, can I not support you?

Why will you not let me hold your hand...



I love you, Papa.



Am I the one on your mind? Every moment, I've been missing you.

Let's put an end to this missing each other.

Ajay, it was my mistake!

I fought with you for no reason.

Forgive me, forgive me, Ajay!

I can't live without you.

I can't live without you.

I can't live without you either.

Knowingly or unknowingly, if I ever committed any mistake, forgive me.

Please forgive me.

I love you, Ajay. I love you, Nisha.

I love you. I love you.

I love you, Ajay.

I love you so much.


Where are you going all dressed up?

Today's Brothers' Day. I'm going... You aren't going anywhere.

You aren't feting any brother.

For all you're worth, try stopping me today.

To our relationship, I've given in.

But not to slavery.

You cannot force me not to fete my brothers.

What brother? Don't forget, that brother raised his hand... against your husband. Not against my husband.

He raised his hand against a traitor, a thief, a fraud who looted my father.

So I am thief? A fraud?

Rather than let you go to see that scum...

I'd tie a lodestone around your neck and throw you into the sea to drown.


Get out of here. Rajesh.

Don't you try to force your way into my house.

Open the door.


Who broke down this door? He! Once again. Arrest him.


Today's Brothers' Day.

And he wouldn't let me see my sister.

Now I get everything! Listen here... what are you, man?

No power on earth can keep a brother from seeing... his sister on Brother's Day.

And till date, no law's for holding a brother... because he wants to see his sister on Brothers' Day.

Hey, are you mad?

Ajay, this day gives right to a sister to ask her brother for a gift.

Tell me Sister, what do you want?

The vow of protecting your sister.

Today, I ask you to protect me.

Take me away from here, forever.

Take me home. Yes. Okay. Come on.

Fool, who saves your day now?

As long as she lived in your house, she shielded you.

Now she's gone.

Now brother, who saves you? God help you.

I am sorry, Papa. I am really sorry.

Forgive me!

The entire family is paying for one mistake of mine.

Paying...? What do you mean? Look at me.

It's just happenstance.

You aren't the only one who was mistaken about Rajesh.

I was mistaken, your mother was mistaken... others in the family went wrong too.

You know how man differs from God?

It's human to err in the judgement of men. God doesn't. Thus He's God.

As far as relationships are concerned, yes, men are deceived at times.

One who breaks off, loses everything.

Ones who conjoin, thrive forever.

For parents, the greatest happiness is the joy of their children.

Today, the entire family has again come together.

Who could be as lucky a mother as I am?

Now let's celebrate Brothers' Day.

Ma, aren't we missing someone?

Nisha? Yes, Nisha.

Ajay, why don't you bring Nisha home?

Tonight you bring her home.

Must have a look-see at my friend, now that she's my sister-in-law.

Priya is at her father's. Let her rest.

Enough, Ajay.

We'll see to it... that she gets more comforts than she has at her father's home.

Wonderful! If a useless fellow like me lives off the lay of the land... why can't the bride?

And we have yet to give her her fertility rites.

Our prime duty is to protect our turf.

Fertility rites can wait. Why? We might be going... through trying times. But we will have to do the rituals.

Even the poorest who can't afford it, will put a lamp at their doorstep... to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Not another word. Bring her home.

We'll start preparing for her fertility rites.

Let's go.

You can take Nisha with you, provided you sign these papers.


Very well sir, let me take her home.

I'll have these papers sent back with Nisha.

Nisha, I have a request.

Please don't let my folks get to know... how things are between us.


"Your coming lights up my home."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Your coming lights up my home."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"My nights were so stark So stark my days were."

"How do I tell you, how I lived through the separation."

"You're back, and my home is all lit up."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"You called out to me, and here I am."

"My lost life, I've found again."

"In you, I have found my every happiness."

"The chasm is bridged, our home is all lit up."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Tears of joy fill my eyes, I cannot hold my tears back."

"What else have I to say? My tears have said it all."

"Look, how smiles bring cheer."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Your coming lights up my home."

"Blessed is my home, I adore you."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

"Oh, we're all so happy."

I will make do with whatever we have, every sorrow I shall bear.

But I don't want to leave you Ajay. I don't want to go away I want to be here; with you.

Once we held hands, we swore to be together for a lifetime.

But today, you're about to leave me forever.


I want something from you. I know. Here you are.

What's this? Divorce papers.


Your father is waiting for you. Come downstairs.



Take me home, Daddy. Yes, my child.

Take me home, Daddy. Yes, my child.



I am advocate Malhotra speaking.

Yes, tell me.

What about the stay order?

I am sorry, Mr. Ajay Kapoor.

The court rejected the stay order.

Oh no!

What did he have to say about the stay order?

It has been dismissed.

Not to worry. Today or tomorrow, Brij is arriving from London I'll have the money once he's here. Find out when he's expected to arrive.

Papa, what if he doesn't arrive in time?

Then you and I are going somewhere.


Friends, I come before you to plead.

All that was in my power... to save the factory, I have done.

But I don't think I will be able... to save the factory. The relationship we shared, I wanted to nurture...

as long as I lived. For this lapse...

if you can, forgive me.


What did Uncle Brij have to say? He's right here, in town.

But for our family, he's away in London.

Papa made friends with a businessman, but his friendship was a trade-off.

It's best for Papa not to know this.

He was Papa's last hope.

He won't live through the shock of it. Oh, what is to happen now?

Get a hold on yourself. I still have faith, everything's going to be fine.

Hey stop! What's going on?

Let go of him, I say.

Are you out of your mind?

For 2 months the factory has been shut! We're starving to death.

We have no future left! And he's enjoying himself.

What are you doing?

He's living it up! Drinking everyday!

Having girls... having fun! No sparing him! Burn him alive.

We'll not leave him.

But this rascal has snatched our bread and butter.

He is responsible for all this. What are you doing?

Stop it! Stop it!

This is wrong! He had no hand in closing down the factory.

Hari Singh.

Go, and try to share with them their sorrows.

Share a joy, and joy abounds.

Share a grief, and its burden is lessened.

Take care of them.


Ajay sir!

You saved my life... why?

Why this mercy, unasked for?

Why mercy to a criminal? Why make the workers feel for me?

You don't know! I took you on at the factory for a purpose.

I disgraced you by forcing you to apologise to me.

But I wasn't like this always.

There was a time when I'd die for my employer.

I was grateful to my employer for he had done for us.

Food, clothing, housing.

He even built a school for our children.

But for just a little money, I forgot it all.

I even forgot that unless the machines work in the factory... our kitchen fires will not be lit.

I have betrayed my employer.

After this day, no employer will ever trust his employee.

Never will workers trust their leaders.

A beating, they might forgive.

But I have deprived them of their livelihood.

For the grave crime that I've committed their families are paying.

I forgot! No worker can ever prosper... once his employer is ruined.

Sahib, my loyalties lie nowhere.

Not with my employer, not with my fellow-workers.

My loyalties lie nowhere! Kill me, hack me to pieces.

I have no right to live.

No, Hari Singh, get a hold on yourself.

You have repented, and that is enough.

No! I shall atone.

I shall.

Come, let's stake our lives!

Don't let our employers come to harm.

We have lost a fight, but we will win the war!

It's too late, Hari Singh.

It's too late now. No.

We don't have the time to put together so much money.

We've lost our home and our factory.

I'm his wife, and a married woman will never take off her wedding necklace... till her husband is alive.

This is the mark of the woman's faith in her man.

It's in faith that I entrust you with this. Keep it.

Take it, sir. Take it.

Take it, sir. Take it.

This can never be! I appreciate your feelings.

But the truth is... this won't be enough to pool the money.

It'll be done. It will be done.

Our homes... they are yours.

These four thousand homes, for you.

Mortgage these.

But save your house, save our factory.

Our dreams, our tomorrows, our future are all tied to you.

Say, we're with you.

We're with you. Okay.

If I have your prayers, your blessings and your sacrifices... then we will surely win this war.

These bloody workers are paying money.

Begging from beggars... to buy back the house and the factory?

Mr. Khanna, you will bid for me when the bungalow is being auctioned.

We'll buy out the factory at cost-plus.

Equal partners. Done?

Done, Mr. Rajesh. Done.

Did you have to pay in the earnest money... for the bidding without as much as a thought?

You expect Rajesh to leave anything to chance?

And where comes the rest of the money from?

No matter how much Rajesh bids... but we'll save this house from falling.

Uncle will bid for us.

This mansion was mortgaged for 500 million.

Not a cent in my pocket, and here I am, bidding!

I will go on raising the bid. But do you have the money?

Just keep upping the stake.

Businessmen and the workers are both bidding.

The floor price is 500 million.

51 million. 51 million

51 million.

60 million. 60 million.

61 million.

61 million. 61 million.

70 million.

71 million.

80 million.

80 million.

Come on gentlemen, bid 80 million.

81 million.

81 million.

He bid 1 million extra.


Bid 90 million.

Bid more than 81 million.

90 million. 90 million

90 million. 91 million

91 million.

He bid 91 million.


1 billion.

1 billion.

1 billion from Mr. Khanna.

1 billion.

Looks like no one is going to cross a billion.

No more voices?

The bidding seems to be stop.

Brothers, hold your breath, the bidding seems to be over.

1 billion... one... two...

1 billion... 1.25 billion

1.25 billion.

That's how it's done! 1.25 billion.

Khanna, stop it.

1.25 billion, right?

Back out.

1.25 billion.

Anyone bidding more?

1.25 billion... one...

1.25 billion... two...

1.25 billion... Three. Sold.

Do you realise what papers you have just signed?

The transfer deed? No. Undertaking to the government.

Unless you deposit 1.25 billion in 2 days, you've lost your earnest money.

This moment's victory is meaningless. This is a far worse insult.

When the court attaches the earnest money... the world will laugh at us. Trust me. I'll organise everything.

The money isn't exactly raining.

Nor have you found a treasure.

Where will you get so much money from? We'll get the money, Papa.

We'll get it.

"I'm new in town. Give me a hug."

"And slake your thirst."

"Look at me, my wild ones."

"Such beauty; you will never find."

"Come and look me up."

"Come and look me up."

"For that which comes to mind."

"Come and look me up."

"Don't give me that light flutter in my heart, it makes me pine."

"Don't desert me, after those promises."

"Don't let the wait rob the opportunity."

"Just make love to me, once."

"Ask me out, wherever you want."

"Drown your sorrows, come to me."

"Look at me, my wild ones."

"Such beauty; you will never find."

"Come and look me up."

"Talk your hearts out."

"Give me thirst in my eyes, the colour to my cheeks, the welt on my lips."

"Take from me the colour of my tresses, my blush, the throb in me."

"Let me have the taste of the first spring."

"Snatches of a night together, but give me all the fun."

"I'm more tender than a blossom. Take me in your arms."

"Hold my fragrance under your breath."

"Hey wild ones..."

"Such beauty; you will never find."

"Come and look me up."

"For that which comes to mind."

Hello? There's an arsonist in my house.

It's Rajesh Purohit speaking.

I can't hear... speak louder.

Hello! Hello!

Bad line.

Listen. This one is a really bad sort.

Don't take the call if the phone rings.

Let the folks tear him apart.


No! Ajay, forgive me! Please.

For Preeti's sake! Forgive me.


Hello. 'I am speaking from Hinduja Hospital.'

'Congratulations, you've fathered a son.'

What are you doing? Put my baby down!

He's crying.

You hear him crying, but you couldn't hear me weep for my parents?

I don't want to hear that malicious crap.

You have ruined my life, taken away my happiness.

You have no right to that baby! You have divorced me.

Because that was what you wanted.

Lies... lies.

Lies? Ask your Daddy.

Divorce was the condition... he laid down for letting me take you home for the ritual.

Daddy would never do anything as evil! Ask your Dad.

And if you weren't part of it, you can come home whenever you want.

I'm taking my son. Where are you taking my son?

Don't take my baby away.

He's taking my son away.

Why doesn't someone stop him?


Taking a child away from its mother is a grave sin.

I beg of you! Ajay, don't take my baby away from me.

For my sake.

Don't take my baby away. I won't live for a moment without him.

I'm going to die.

You'll die? You'll kill yourself?

For this child one-day-old child?

What about the son... you wanted to take away from parents who reared him for 25 years?

For them, he is their hope.

Wouldn't that separation... from their son, kill them?


Sir! Save my life, sir!

They're going to kill me!

At a word from you, they will turn away.

I beg you for my life! I'm your son-in-law.

I married your daughter, sir!

You need not tell me what your relationship is with me.

You did not enter this house seeking a relationship.

You came here to do business.

You know what makes a businessman?

A businessman is the one who diligently applies... his skill, his time... this is what he trades, in recompense where for... he earns.

You are no businessman.

You are merely an opportunist... who cunningly shrouded his ambitions in the cloak of a relationship... to deceive people.

You are a cheat.

You are a conman. Bloody parasite.

And you could con me only because I trusted you.

And you poisoned my trust.

Even snakes sometimes spare their prey.

But snake in the grass, that you are, you spared no one.

You engaged me in a game of snakes and ladders.

At every opportunity, you climbed a ladder.

You ruined the very ones who reposed their trust in you.

But you forgot...

about the snake at 99... that takes the player all the way down...

to where there's no chance of a climb again.

Where did you take your education? Where were you taught... this triumph of the evil? Not one story tells you that.

How then, did you expect the outcome of this story to be different?

Did you expect to pen a new novel?

How could you imagine that?

Mr. Rajesh Purohit.

Now I'll teach you how to do business.

Now you will say in your own words,

What's the price for your life?

1,00,000, 1 million, 10 million, 50 million?

You have time till the workers... break down that door and barge in.

No hurry.

Here I sit, relaxed.

But the price to your life, you will have to name.

So take your time.

Come out.

Come out.

Kill him.

Beat him!

Beat him!

Kill him.

No! No!

I'll return everything! Everything, sir!

All of it.

Sign it.

Leave him. Sign it.

Sign it.

I grew up a motherless child.

I was never told that once married... a woman makes her husband's home her only home.

Forgive me as you'd forgive your daughter.

Don't cry.

Sorry, sir.

You see son, in cases of certain relationships, one has to forgive.

And I think, the others in this family will forgive you too.

Come on, come on.

Mom, where's Preeti? This is for you.

Rajesh, members of my family might have forgiven you.

But I will never forgive you.

Because of you my family has suffered.

If ever any daughter forgives a husband like you... that day, come back to me.

One minute... wait.

'Life is all about relationships.'

'Those who break away...'

'lose those dearest to them.'

'Those who conjoin...'

'will even reach God.'