Ekk Deewana Tha (2012) Script

Of all the girls in the world, why did l fall in love with Jessie?


Beautiful.. classy.. intelligent.. class topper..

98.9 percent.. and sexy..

100 percent.

Even in a saree, shecan give any fashionably dressed girl a complex. l'dtake her homerightnow..

Give her thehundred and eleven rupees as per thetradition.. and makeher mine.

So what's the problem?

Theproblem is thatshe is getting marriedtoday.

To someone else.. not to me.

Sir, where are you going?

Nikhil,the A.D, is my friend.

There's no Nikhil here.

Hey Sachin! Sorry dude.

What is this, Nikhil? No oneknows you here!

Forget it,three Khans areshooting here. l'vebeen waiting forhalf an hour. l told you about him.

This is me, Sachin. l'm an engineer. l even work as one, but l can't keep a job. l can't keep a job, because my heartisn't into it.

Myheart is into cinema. l want to makemovies. l usedto watch movies.

Now l want to makethem. l didn't even realize when cinemabecame my life.

Nor did l realizewhen itbecame my problem 1.

A lot of friends.. alot of dreams.. and hope.. such was life.

Anay sir, you'relate. Anyway good you'rehere.

Not today. l'vegotto jog today.

Come on, sir! My arm is hurting.

Such a well-known cameraman and you refuse cricket.

Films and cricket, what moreis thereto lndia?!

You always play with my emotions, Sachin Tendulkar.

Sir, most assistant directors arerelatedto actors orproducers. l don't stand a chance.

Whom will you assiet?

Sir, Anurag Kashyap?

With him, your life will becomedark.

He's a good chap though. lt's yourfiret movie.. try something fresh.

Ramesh Sippy.

Rohan Sippy?

His father, Ramesh Sippy.

The Ramesh Sippy! l'm thecameraman for his movie.

You'll learn alot.

You'll get to work on a big, colorful movie.

You know, Sholay, Shakti.. getting it?

Right here. Bungalow apartmentin Juhu?

Holymother of God! How come?

My dad's brains.

Redevelopment and all.


We'vebeen herejuet a week. lt's not even our own!

You'll get your own houseas well. For now, enjoy Juhu.

Bachchan sir's bungalow to the left, my officeto the right.

Drop bywhenever you feel like.

Your dad seems quitesmart. l don't get whyhedoesn't support yourfilm-making.

That's what, sir! What do l do?

We'll figure something out. Firet, lunch.

Mr.Anay.. we're among thosepeoplewho.. livesimply and sleep soundly.

Yes, sir.

Wedon't even watch movies.

Thelast movie wesaw was Sholay.

Sholay?. - There's been no real moviemade afterthat..


Whata coincidence!

This is magic, sir. l'verecommended him to Ramesh Sippy, the director of Sholay.

His comeback film.

His futureis bright, sir.

What can l say!

Can you put that on etamp paper?

Sir, he's definitely capable. l don'tthink so.

Sir, l know him well. He's got potential. l'm his father. l also havesome idea ofhis potential.

Of course you do.

But, being a friend.. l seea etory-teller in him.

Everything seemed so difficult.

Lifewas a mess.

That's when l saw Jessie.

You can think everything else through, butlove.. juet happens.


Takes over yourworld.. just likethat.

Just one glance, and it pours straight into your heart.

Abracadabra.. whoosh.. smile.. calm.. magic.. music.. and in a flash.. in aflash.. in aflash.

You arein love. l liveupstairs.

What are you doing, Sachin?

What's going on?

Dad.. l'm writing a romantic scene.

Here, likethis, dancing in the middleoftheroad? l'm gettingthe feel right.

What feel, you idiot? Everyone's looking!

Mom, l'm home. What's thereto eat?

She's a Malayali Christian.


Madrasi right?

Are all south lndians Madrasis?

She's from Kerala. lsn't it the same thing? Tell memore.

We're Marathi Konknaetha Brahmins. You remember that, right?


Nothing can happen.

You'll get beaten up.


What okay?.

Have you seen how tall her father is? l was 100 percent surethat violins would etart playing in you heart.

Really? l'm proud of you.

You should be.

Even if you getherto like you, nothing can happen.

Believe me.

And her father's alawyer.

Same speed, same speed.

Comehere, Valentine!

Dude, sisters are crazy. l mean, they'rethe littlegood daughters.

Okay?. Never listen to them. ln love, listen to your heart, not your sister.

What does your heart say?

''Jessie, Jessie'' right?.

So, now all wehave to think aboutis how to approach Jessie.. and how to proposeto her.

That's all. Focus.

Focus okay, sir. l wasn't talking to you, dude.

Anything else?

Another shocker.

This one will bowl you out for sure.

What? - She completed B.Sc., three years back.

And you finished engineering last year.


That's good. What's wrong?

See, this is why you'd fail in Math.

Dude, she's a year olderthan you.

Whatare you saying?

She doesn't look a day older than 18.

Yeah, you wish, brother.

A year older.

And a Christian. Problem 2.

She's a year older than you?

Yes sir. You'relucky. ln my town in U.P., there's a saying..

''The older thebride, themoreluck shebrings.''

And l think it applies to Maharashtra too.

U.P. & Maharashtra arethesame!

All girls know thetricks oflove.

But, if she's a year ortwo elder.. then she'll show a little morecarein thelove.

Baby.. sweetheart.. all the mushy etuff.

And such girls, theytake care ofeverything, l mean everything.

What Sir!?

So don't worry.

Not me, sir.

Jessiewill worry.

That's theartmy friend.

You shouldn't letJessie worry.

Art ofloving.

Who the hell is she?

She's mine.

Hi, l'm Jerry.

Hello problem 3.

Sachin. -Jessie's brother.

Hespells trouble.


This is my house. l know. You'reJessie's dad.

You know Jessie?

Yes. l mean, he's my friend.

Oh. You mean Jerry.

Oh your son's nameisJerry.

Okay, yeah, Jerry.

What do you do? l..

Mechanical engineer.

Good. Very good.

Thank you, sir.

Comehome someday. lt is your house, yet.. do come.


Problem 4.

Seems quitebig.

Sir, how tall are you?



6' 3''.

Amitabh Bachchan is also thesame.

Who's Amitabh Bachchan?

He lives right here, sir.

Oh. Neighbor.


How can you live in such a dirtyroom?

Mom, please. Okay, lieten.. your dad's upset.

Hethinks you'rewaetingtime.

Yes, mom. Hewants to talk to you.

Behomein the evening. Who's comeover, Mom?

Sounds justlike Lata Mangeshkar.

Oh shut up. lt's the landlord's daughter.

Oh, from upetairs.

Stay away!

Mom, you know mytaete.

A superb movebymy sieter!

She gotJessie home.

After redevelopment, it'll be three instead oftwo bedrooms. l think it'll be nice.

Hey,Jessie. This is mybrother.

Hello. Hi. l'm Sachin.

l know.

Your mom keeps calling your name all day.

Sachin this.. Sachin that.. l can hear it upstairs.


So even you figured out that.. l'm jobless.

No. No. l didn'tmean that. l know.

How come your Hindi is so good?

ln fact, it's better than my Malayalam.

Since when are you.. in Mumbai?

Born here, brought up here.

Don't be all formal with me.

But Kerala.. is such abeautiful place. l'vebeen there so many times.

You getgood steam cakes.. toddy and.. of course..


Who's Mohanlal?

The father hasn't heard of Bachchan, and thedaughter, of Mohanlal.

What can l say!

He's oneofmy favoriteactors.

Well,there's alot more to Kerala than toddy and Mohanlal.

Yeah true. l know.

Where's your housein Kerala?

Pulinkunnu. Alleppey. l mean, my parents are from Pulinkunnu.


Gosh, such tough names!

l mean.. Do you go to Kerala often?

My grandmother stays there. l do go to meet her oncea year.

She's so cute. l reallylikeitthere.

But, how did you do B.Sc. in Math? l mean, how could you etudy Math? l like Math. lt's so difficult!

When you lovesomething.. it becomes simple.

Even l like Math.

But Math doesn't seem to likeme.

l know.

You'rean engineer, right?.

Mechanical. lt was pointless.

Mybrotherwants to makemovies.

He wants to bea film-maker.


Yeah? Yes. l mean..

Now l'm juet thinking.

One day, l'll do it. lt's alittletough.

Tougherthan Math.

But when you love something.. it becomes simple.

You know l've watched only fivemovies ever.

Really?. Why?

Dad didn't let me.

Which ones? l don't remember. Butwhy?

lt's considered a sin amongstus.

Against religion. l mean, my dad follows all this very etrictly.

Brother.. get lost.

Yes.. l'll head out. l'veto go to the bank, to deposit a cheque. l'll see you.. Bye. later.

What a shocker!

She should at leastwatch movies!

My entireworld fell apart, in amoment.

The 'Follow her' formula.

Never fails.

There's a McDonald's nearJessie's office.

So shewill definitely come heresooner or later.



A chicken burger for you. l'll havea veg burger.

Jessie, should l order aburger foryou?

Yeah, l'll havea chicken burger. Okay, fine.

Are you following me?


And you?

My officeis near here. l work here.

l don't work here. l am jobless.

Filet-O-Fish.. my favorite.

Your order ma'am. lt's not made at home.

No.. thank you.

So, what do you do?

Program analyet with Syntel.

You'll have something?

No,thanks. l'll help myself.


Okay, see you.

Yeah bye. Mayl take your order?

Your order, sir.

Sir, your order please. Let melook at her, brother.

Sir, place the order and look all you want!



Hi. Hi.


No, cricket.

Want to play, Sachin.. Tendulkar?

Humour eh? Good.


Sorry?. lt's veryhot today.

Eh.. hot!

Bluereally suits you.

Thank you. ls someonecoming? Someonemight.

Who? My dad.

And he'll kill meif hesees mewith you.

Whatare you saying?


How old are you? 22.

Oh okay. That's fine. l'll say you're likemykid brother. l'm 23. l mean, ifhedoes seeme with you.

Look, l'm not a brotherto you all right!

Actually, you'reright. l already have abrother.

Onepainful brother is enough.

No no no.

Any girl in the world can bemy sister, but not you.

Why not? Because, l think l love you.

l'm in lovewith you,Jessie.

l.. l can't help it.

Man! Why did l rush it?

You won't find abiggeridiot!

Now what do l do?


Butto whom?




She's goneto Kerala. What?

How do you know?

Her mothertold me.

She's offto seeher grandmother. For seven days. l'veseen you circling thehouseall thetime.

Your neck muet besoretoo, no!

So saveit.

She's goneto Alleppey.. and that's not in Madras.

My sister kept blabbering.. and l'd alreadyreached Kerala. lfSunny Deol could takea truck all thewayto Pakistan.. why couldn't l go to Kerala?

Aswipeof Anay sir's credit card.. andwe wereon a flightto Kerala. l'm here for my own sake, not yours.

No cameraman can blow the chanceto come to Kerala.

Sachin, like l am there for you today.. someonewas there for meonce.

Besides, it's fun to see you in love buddy.

You look cute likethis.

We've already circled Alleppey fourtimes!

Find anotherJessie, please.

Call up your lovely sister.

Tell herto go upetairs.. sweet talk Jessie's mother and.. get her Kerala address somehow.

How's thatpossible, sir?

Kid sieters aregood atsuch things.

Please. We'll drop dead otherwise. l'm in my forties now.. my knees will give way.

l don't know whyl'm saying this.

Sachin, in love, always beatiger, or a cheetah.

Jessie will surelybe yours.

Anay sir.

Whatis it?

Sir, l had an idea.

What ifwe add a dash of Einetein's brains to the tiger?

Have you lostit, Sachin?


Sir, l mean.. l've racked my brains.

Today's Sunday. So?

Sir,Jessie's Christian.

Todayis mass.

Jessie will surely go to the church.

Sachin, there are more churches than homes in Kerala. l don't wakeup early on Sunday even ifthere's a tsunami, please.

Sir, Jessiewill go to the biggeet and thebest church right?

Let's go, sir.

Andwecan find harmonytoo. Please.

Harmony.. Who is she?

What if sheisn't hereeither?

This is the moet famous church.. she'll definitely come.

How are you so sure?

Detailing, sir.

Cinemaneeds detailing. ls that so? You'll tell me about detailing!

What?. Look, sir.

Holy mother ofGod!

This isJessie

No, l mean she's fataetic!

How could you beso lucky?

Messages come in and messages go..

Why're you singing a song from Border?

You'rehereto attack orto love?

Sir,to attack, with mylove.


She'll turn back.. in 10 seconds. Oh yeah?

You're quitethepsychic!

No, sir. l'm like Shahrukh Khan from Dilwale Dulhaniya LeJayenge.

Tick tick one..

tick tick two..

tick tick three.. tick tick four.

Holy mother ofGod! - Didn'tl tell you, sir!

That's really something, you lovesick puppy. My Shahrukh Khan.

Comeon, let's get out ofhere.

Let's go.

Sir, wait. - Let's go.

Comeon. Let's go. She'll comeandtalk to you.

Anay sir,Jessie's here.

Didn't l tell you?

What are you doing here? l.. Well, l came to apologize. l mean.. l rushed it..

'l love you'. l thought you'd beupset. l mean, l felt bad as well.

You disappeared. l figured you'rehere, so l cametoo,to apologize. l'm sorry,Jessie.



You'remy classmate, okay?

That's what l'll say.

Please. My granny's here.

Jessie, Anay sir. Big cameraman.

Niceto meet you, sir.

Juet a friend. Okay.

You gotthat eh?

No no, childhood friends.

All three ofus. l'm Jessie's classmate.

Who is it,Jessie? This is myuncleGeorge.

Sachin, my classmate.

Oh Hello. - Hello.

-Jessie's Uncle.

Sieter, Reena.

Sachin, my classmate.

This is also an uncle.

So many ofthem? Aunt Anjali.

My cousins.

Food, food.

Eat food, eat food.

Eat food, eat food.

What are you doing?

Bye.- Childhood friend.

lt's okay. Come.

You'll have to take the boat.

Ask for Kalipurackal house.

Kalipurackal.- Kalipurackal.

Kalipurackal house.

Very keen on lunch eh?

What a family, sir!

Go overto apologize and theyinvite you to lunch.


No problem getting here? Grammar's right?

Hindu, from Mumbai.

Alot ofJessie's friends come here.- ls it?

Thelaet timeJessiewas in Kerala, 20 friends werehere.

Grammar's right?

Yes, sir. '20 friends came' is correct Hindi.

Yes. Gotit.

Heardwhat the midget said?

20 boys have followed her here.

Friends, sir! - Right.. right.

He's asking if you'vecomeherebefore.

Onetime beforethis. l do know a little Hindi.

Correct? Yes, yes. You do.


So you like Mathematics as well?


Correct? Yes, sir.

This is thebest fish curry.

Sorry?. Job, job.

My job?

Cinema, sir.

Photography? Camera? Mammooty?

Sorry sir.. no mathematics.

Even hehas aproblem with cinema.

Hewon'thit me, right?

Themidgetis much strongerthan helooks.

Out.. out.. sir.. digestion.

After eating, walking, sir.

You too, sir.

You know what, this time l'll travel alone bytrain.

Train travel has its own charm.

Why are you here? l told you already. l thought you'd be angry. l am angry.

Letit go, Jessie.

Don'tstop talkingto me.

Thesethings happen.

Don't takeit too seriously. l don'ttake you seriously.

Butl do.

Actually.. itwas too fastthen. l agree.

But, it's been ten days since.

Now, l'm crazy about you.

l swearJessie, l haven't felt like this for 22 years in Mumbai.

Now.. there's juet you.. you and you.

l wantedto tell you this as well.

l couldn't stay away for a second, Jessie.. neithercould Anay sir.

Without you.

Drama Queen!

Don't.. don'twaste yourtime, Sachin. lt's pointless.

Why? Firetly, love marriage.

And you.. you'rea Hindu.

And l'm agood person.

Dad will never agree.

But.. And l don't want to elope. l can't go against my dad.

And you know what? l've lived in Mumbai for 23 years.

So l'm a yearolder than you.

Me.. olderthan you.

And that too is aproblem.

All that doesn't matter nowadays.

Look, l should like you too, right?

That's importantas well.

Yes, that's right. lt's veryimportant.

All right.. so let's be friends firet.

Letlove go take ahike.

Okay? Okay.

We'll talk when we feel like, meetwhen we feel like.


Yes, right approach.

Let's shake on it.

You'renot afraid offlying.

Don't tryto fool me.

You both aren't even just friends, all right!

Now you'll keep tryingto get her undertheguiseof friendship. lt's all a sham!

Once a Romeo, always a Romeo.

Correct, sir. 'Correct sir'!

Why don't you continue your drama back in Mumbai? l'll get bored all aloneon theflight.

Anay sir, you leave. l need to focus, in thetrain.


How did you even dareto touch me?

Dare to hold my hand?

On the train.

You saidwe're just friends. ls this how friends behave?

Afterthat l kissed you also.

On thetrain, Jessie.

And you didn'tstop me. Weareso good..

Oh, l didn't stop you.

That's whyithappened? l'm sorry, Sachin. lt's my fault.

That's not what l meant. l shouldn't haveeven talked to you on thetrain.

Please sit,Jessie.


Yes, l said we're friends.. will always be.

But, l saw you on thetrain and forgot all ofitJessie. lt was juet love.

Right now, you're sitting there, and l'm here.

But l feel likel should bethere, with you, next to you.

Jessiewe havethis amazing chemistry.

Can't you feel it?

Look, this is..this is loveJessie.

That's it. l'm crazy about you.. l am mad about you.

Weneed to talk, etayhere.

There's no love, no chemistry..

Yes,wedid kiss. l don'tknow why.

You aresitting across thetable.. not with me, not next to me. l'm juet plain angry, that's all.

Sachin.. my sister did the exact same thing.

Even then, there were onlytears and fights.

My dad mademeswear l wouldn't do something likethat.

Do you likemeor not, Jessie?

That's all l needto know.

You handlethelove.. l'll handleeverything else.

Sachin, l like you.

But l don'twant all these problems. lt's simple.

Do you getit?



Don't go.


Thebudget fortheparty has been reduced to half. l was this close to victory.

Otherwisewe'd be sipping Scotch at the Marriott, not here in Woodcan.


So she's said 'l lo'.. but not 've you'.

Sir, you'rea genius!

How does thatmatter? l missed the finescotch.

That's what.

She likes me but won't fall in love.

Correct. l'm such an idiotic Romeo.. who hadto find thisJuliet among all the women in Mumbai!

Of all the girls in the world, why did l fall in love with Jessie?

Thesebeautiful girls.. screw with men's heads.

Tell me.. is she worth it? l can giveup mylife for her, sir.

That's that then. Loveis great!

Cheers to that. Get him a Coke.

Herel am down in thedumps.. andthere sheis, fresh as a dew drop.. in themiddle oftheday! lsn'tshejust a littletoo beautiful? l wonderwhy she's called me here.

What is itgoing to benow?

Hi Sachin.


Shall wego?

Are you sure?

You want to watch a movie?

We can watch it till the interval.

Then wecan go someplaceand talk.


Up to theinterval?

Life's becomeso boring, Sachin.

To work and home, everyday.

And today, l wanted to meet you.


Yeah. l told my dad that l have to work latetoday.


Are you watching the movie? ls it any good?

Orcan we talk? lt's good.. but we can talk as well.

Sachin, can we be in this without love?

Weshould just etay friends.

Forget about the movie, let's go.

You know, Sachin.. you.. l mean..

you were my first kiss.

l've never even been on a date before.

Drop meoffhere.

Jessie, wait.

You're sayingthere's nothing going on here?

Let's be in this without love?


On onehand you tell me l was yourfiret kiss.. and then you say we'rejust friends!

You sit four inches away on thebike.. to avoid even atouch, right?.

Jessie, l want to make love to you all thetime.

Sachin, don'ttalk like that. Okay?.

What's wrong? - What do l do?

Call myselfa friend?

Or live the truth you refuseto see?

Jessie,we choose friends.

But Love chooses us.

And this Love didn't give meany choice. ln one second l could only fall in love. Nothing else.

You'rescared of your dad.. yet you wantto seeme.


What aboutus seems like friendship, Jessie? Nothing!

Tell your dadthat Sachin, from downetairs, loves me.

He'll keep me happy.

He's morethan a good friend. He's myworld.

Hecould give up his life for me.

Andthat's whyl want to spend mylife with him.

PleaseJessie. Beg, plead, cry, stop eating for a while.

Yourdadwill comearound.

Anyway, your dad has changed.

He will comearound.

Such a tall, hefty man.. he muet havesome sense.

Even she's abig problem.

How did l forget?

l've seen her back morethan her front.

Not that l was complaining.

Such abeautiful problem.

Problem 5.

Jessie.. l don't want to talk to you, Sachin. l'vebeen serenading you for a wholemonth now.

At leaet talk to me.

Jerry saw you outsidemy office. lt will becomeaproblem. l'm telling you. l swear, l will not do anythingto Jerry.

Justtalk to me..

No.. Pleasego.. please.

Sachin.. why are you here? l didn't come to meet you. l'm here forthebreeze.. on theterrace. l comeevery day.

Where can you find aterracein Juhu?

Bungalow, terrace.



H.. hello..

Tell me. Yes. No. Yes.

Oh God! No.. l'm just enjoying the breeze.. on theterrace.

No, no. Yes, l ate.

What happened, Jessie? Whathappened?

Nothing. Nothing,Jerry.

No. l just came to get theclothes. ltmight rain.

No, not alone. Jerry's here.


Okay. l'll call you later.

Weren't you outside the office today.. with Jessie?


Even now you aren't on the terrace, right? l came to get theclothes. lt could rain. l'm not an idiot, you... l don't get angry often.

And Jerry's my brother-in-law.

But heshouldn't havesaidthat. l wantedto forgivehim.. but couldn't.

Onepunch, at least!

Anyway, Jessie's theone l love.. notJerry.


Jerry,wait. l'll kill you!

Lieten to me.

Jerry sorry, let's talk first.


You shouldn't haveabused me.

Wepayrent on time.

What are you both doing? Oh my God! Stop,Jerry.

Why're you guys fighting?

He etarted it. l don'tknow why. Such akid! - Stop it!

Bad words..


Sorry, Jerry.

Jessie, l'm sorry. l'm leaving. l won't spare you.. l'm telling you.

The signal was weak.


What's up Jerry? Anything l can do for you?

Getinto thecar. lfwebeat you up here, you'll lose face.

Otherwisethere's another option.

Lick my shoe, it's branded.

Apologize. Then getloet.

Nottoo much to ask?

What do you say?

Comeon,Jerry. Let's save timeandwhack him.

His face calls for action.

Hey, hang on!

Jerry, l'm sorry about yesterday. l shouldn't havehit you.

Didn't you feel bad when l broke your nose? l felt bad too, when you abused me.

There's nothing between Jessieand me.

And no, no one's calling for action.

This isn't an action movie.

And neither is it a lovestory, l think.

So l'll head out. l'm batting.

You guys enjoy.

Jerry.. sorry onceagain, brother.

Want to make speeches eh?

Where are you offto? What's the rush?

Mr. Kulkarni.

You come out here please.

Pleasecomeout.Ask him what hedidto my daughter. lfmy son would'vedone this to yourdaughter.. would hehave let itgo?

Hewould'vespoken with you.

Not called goons.

And ifat all he'dfight, he'd fight alone.

Now he's atrained boxer. What can l say?.

And you called goons. l should call thepolice.

You'll call thepolice? Yes.

Your son's a ruffian, notmine. What're you saying?

What do you think? - Tell dad to keep quiet.

He's jobless? Yes. Heis.

Hejust loafs around all day!

Keep quiet.

He's an assietant director.. with thedirectorof Sholay.

Heworks in cinema? He's an idiot.

Tell him to never speak to Jessieagain.

Go ask your girl why she hangs around hereall day!

Jessiemuet havedone something.

Sachin doesn't come upstairs.

She comes here.

Your son is an eveteaser. l'll have him arrested. You'll see.

This is my house. - l'm sorry, Uncle. -And this is my daughter. Ok?

Vacate, right now.

We won't. We won't vacate.

Go talk to thebuilder.

Why should l talk to thebuilder? - Dad, please. l've paid six months advance rent! - Dad, just forgetit! lt's not ajoke! l havea receipt to prove it!

To hell with the receipt!

We'll see! l'll go to theconsumer court.

Theidiot! The rubbish hetalks.

Hehas to serve a three-month noticefirst.

Wewon't vacatejuet likethat.

Are you in love with Jessie?

Yes. Yes.

And what abouther?

She will.. l mean, it takes time for such things.

You break her brother's nose and she will still love you?

But his nosewill get better. l hope. l will bea film-maker.

Jessiewill fall in lovewith me. ls there anynormal hopein yourlife?

Who breaks his girlfriend's brother's nose?

You should've told me you love her.. l would'vecontrolled my anger.


Now, all thebeet.

What else?

Jessie.. What?

You called me, right? Now you'releaving? l thought it's all over..

Shesaid don'tthink. lt'is' all over!

This is how you show your love.. byhitting mybrother? l love you and you know that.. Okay.. l'm getting married.

End all ofthis now, Sachin.

What.. married?

Becauseof all this?

They'vebeen thinking for sometime now.

But now, it's final.

l gaveus a serious thought as well.

That l'll try and convincethem.

Butafter all this.. it's impossiblenow.

Sachin.. next month, the 23rd..

is mywedding.. at thesamechurch.

You tell me, Sachin. What do l do?


Go, getmarried,Jessie.

What else?

You haven't come here to ask for permission!

You'rejuet informing me. Right?

So you'vetold me.

Why're you etill here?


Let me call you back.

l sawthem leave for Kerala, forJessie's wedding.

Obviouslyweweren't invited. l shouldn'thave hitJerry. Sheesh! l turned out to be thebiggeet problem.

No. This isn'tright.

Lieten, Sachin.. rememberthepeople with the colorful sarongs..

There's a bright chancethey'll colorour faces black and blue.

So let's ignoreit.

Sir. l've got to go.

Givemeonereason why you wantto go, Sachin.

Sir, you know the reason. l want to seeher onelaet time.

Sir, please. Forthe sakeofyour own Jessie.

Jessie's wedding.

Such agrand ceremony!

What am l doing here, sir?

Look, let's not etand here.

Let's leave, or go inside.

You should've thought this through.

Sheesh. He's seen us.

Sir,Jessie's uncle. Hello.


Hello. Why're you outside?

No. We were just waiting.

Come, pleasecome.


Yes thanks. - Okay.

Take punches, take kicks, taketheslaps, takea beating.. we'll takeitall!

Sir, what're you saying? Thetruth, buddy.

Oneonly speaks the truth in a church.

Get down.

Oh fish! Jerry,Jessie's brother.

Don't look back. l'm behindthecamera anyway.

You don't look back.

Why is all this happening to you, Sachin? l feel so bad.

Of all the girls in the world, why did l fall in love with Jessie?

Even my great granddad cannot answerthat.

Jessie's here, sir.

Should l talk toJessie, sir?

NO! Not here. Shutup!

Tell mewhen you wantto leave, okay?

Let's watch till then.

Come on, buddy. Let's pray.

Get up.

Sir, sheseems happy.

Let's go. l told you this would be emotionally damaging.

Now let's leaveafter a few minutes, orthere'll be physical damageas well.

Sir, won't thepriest ask if she's willing?


He'll ask Jessiefiret, right? ln themovies,they ask theboyfirst.


Now whatSachin?

Sir, after asking them, they'll ask us too, right?

Should l object, sir. l've seen that happen in movies.

Sir, can l object?

Sachin, shut up.

Such drama happens only in the courtrooms of Hindi movies.

We'll be dead meat, pleasedon't do that.

Of all the girls in the world, why did l fall in love with Jessie?

Jessie,what are you talking about?


Father, l'm sorry.

Excuse me.. Excuseme..

What happened?

Did you hearthat?

Jessie said, 'No'.

What did you do buddy?.

Shesaid, 'No'!

What? What did shesay?

Quitesomelove connection you've got!

Roy, l'll takecareofit.

Dad, l'm sorry. Please.

What's happening? l'vegiven it alot ofthought and l don't know what else to do. l'm sorry, l can't go through with this right now.

Roy, l'm sorry. l'll talk to her.


Sir, she has seen us. l know.

lf she says even a word to us, we'll bein our graves within fiveminutes.

No problem, sir.

But l havea problem.

Therewas only one thoughtin my mind..

Whata girl! l could giveup mylife forher.

Weareshocked ourselves!

Dude, there's quitea ruckus here!

What should wedo?

Let's get away quickly orwe'll be killed!

Come on.

Anywaylunch has been cancelled.

Sir, saw what happened!

This is why l wanted to come to Kerala.

Even God cares about my emotions!

Ofcourse. He does. l can't get her out ofmy mind.

Did you seehow happy she was,when shesaw me?

Like she found who she'd been looking for!

She's oneof akind, sir!

She's oneof akind, sir!

Be grateful Jessie didn't speak to us there.

Orwe'd be beaten so badly we wouldn'trecognize each other.

Really, she is oneof akind!

Sir, what do l do now?

Out here, or in life.. nothing makes senseanymore.

Oh, so my littlephilosopher is at the emotional crossroads.. at such a timesome vehicle will come and take you..

..to your destination.

Don't you worry! Here it comes already, see.

Hop on, buddy.

Your lifeis about to change.

This is yourticketto paradise.

Ticket.. ticket.. lt's funnyhow all the churches herelook thesame.



No sir, this is the same church! The very same.


Where the devil is this bus going!

Holy mother ofGod!

Her brother's seen us.

We'redead, sir.

They are chasing us.

Theywouldn't have seen us.

Duck down!

Hop on to thebus.

Ticket to your destination.

You'll have us killed!

How was l to know this is your destination?

Now they'll assumeJessie and l had plannedto elope.

They'll go madwith anger. lt's a hugemess!

And Jessieis clueless.

What do wedo now? l'm such a well-known cameraman.

We'll say wewere here to check outa location.

They'll beat us to pulp, sir.

He etoppedthe bus!

Now nothing can save us from a beating!

What the hell are you doing here?

He was in thechurch as well.


Get offthebus!

Get offnow! l won't get off. What will you do?

Juet aminute.

Get offnow.

Come Sachin wewill have to talk.

Matters will get worse..

Please listen to me.

Wewerehereto scout locations.

Forthis new movie, 'Romance by Chance'. l'm a very big cameraman.

Ofall thegirls in the world, why did you fall in lovewith Jessie?

That reallyis a million dollar question!

Sir, l also want the answer to that.

Remember all your bravado..

'l'll giveup mylife forJessie'..

The right timehas come.

Go ahead, giveup your life.

Don'tworry, sir.

Weall diesomeday.

Dying forJessiewill bea worthy death, sir. l don'tmind.

'l don't mind'!

Why should l die, huh?

How's it a worthy death for me? lt's okay, sir. l'm such apopular cameraman.. and look how l'vebeen disgraced. l'veseen an original police station forthefiret time ever! l'm doing Ramesh Sippy's movie.

He'll kick meout.

What will my familythink?

What?. Sir..


Sir, shecalledthewedding off!

Sachin, you'resuch a selfish jerk!

Why did you come, Sachin?

Did you come to thechurch for me?

You all can do whatever you want! l don't care.

Look at her.

Shedid the same thing. lt is running in the family.

Everyonewants to elopeand get married?

Dad! He has followed her here too. Who?

Sachin and his friend.


Yes, Dad.

Hehas comehere before.. claimingto beher classmate.

They had food as well.

Did you hearthat?

What nonsense is this!

What police etation now? l havebooked them for hitting Roy.

Maybethey had aplan to elope.


Jerry, do you even know me? lfl wanted to elope, l would'vedone ita longtimeago.

Dad, l didn't know thatSachin was there.

That's not thereason l calledthewedding off. l only saw him at the church when l was walking out. l didn't even know hewas there. l promise you dad, believe me.

What's Sachin done, Mom?

Whyhave they arreeted him?

Hehasn't doneanything wrong.

Jessie, l will never allow this.

You know, Roy Thomas, he is vice President.

Future Line in San Francisco.

And who thehell is he?

Afilm director?

And what future does hehave?

And my God Jessie, he's a Hindu.

Don't you rememberwhat happenedwith your sister?

l promise you. l won't evertalk to him orseehim again.


Whatabout thewedding?

That'sJessie's dad.


Whywere you etaring at him like that?

Why do you have so much anger inside you?

And etop laughing. Listen..

Here's another idiot.

Don't mess with us. l'm warning you.

No, sir. We won't. l don't know whyl even bailed you guys out.

You'd havebeen locked up fortwo weeks.

No, sir.

Look, even Jessie will notspeak to you, at all.

Ofcourse! Get lost from here.

Yes, sir. Don't ever let mesee you again!

No sir. Who are you?

Sir, l am a cameraman. As in..

You look like a decent guy. Why don't you putsome sensein him? l will sir. Do that!- l will takecare..

-And get lost!- Suresir.

Come on.

Yes, sir.

Even if everythingworks out.. how are you going to deal with her father and brother?

They don't even speak with you decently.

There's family stuff, having dinnertogether and all, as well.

Theyhate you brother.

Theyhate you.

Sir, l don't careeven a bit about their hatred.

All this can besorted out in minutes. ButJessie should say yes.

l wantto meetJessie, sir.

Sachin, are you completely out of your mind? l have some responsibilities in life!

Even you aremyresponsibility!

You'renot seeing her again!

Sir please. - No!

Sir, please.

You'll have us killed!

Why's theplacelit up?

Did Jessie agreeto themarriage?

What? No, sir!

Sir, if you'recaught, don't mention my name.

Wait, that means wecould get caught!

The plan's cancelled.

Don't go. Don't. l wantto see you. l want to talk to you, Sachin.

Just once.


Maybe forthe last time.

Where are you, Sachin?



You arelooking so beautiful today.

Even in yourwedding saree.

You'recrazy, mental.

l was thinking about you and here you are. ln front ofme.

l'veseen you.

Now go away.

No oneelsemuet see you.

Go away.

Please, comeout for abit.




Okay, You know what.. wait.



l promised dad that l won't ever see you or speak with you.

Promises aremeant to bebroken, Jessie.

And thanks for calling the wedding off.

That too in thechurch.

What guts,Jessie!

You didn't likethat Roy Thomas? l like you.

l'm in love with you, Sachin.

lf you hadto figureout in a church, you could'vedonethat in Mumbai.

Mumbai has some really good churches.

And you even go to church every Sunday.

l gave you alot oftrouble, right? l literally chased you.

And you fell in love.

No, it's not that. l'd fallen in love with you atfirst sight.

At that gate, that instant.

Everytime l'd see you..

Your eyes would entreat me, and l wanted to say so much.

And that daywhen we met on the terrace.. l wanted to touch you.

When you proposed to me, l got angry.. only because l thought you figured everything out.

Thank God you followed me to Kerala.

To apologize. l liked that.

Then you wrote ''Friends'' in the train. l looked for you everywhere.. andthemoment l saw you, my heartbeat faeterthan thetrain.

l didn't ever admit to it Sachin, butthatwas love.

And when you kissed me, l couldn't stop you.


Sachin, go away. l told you things would go wrong.

You.. You're agood person.

You don't deserveall this.

l am sorry.

This is my fault.

All this is because of our love.

And you'rean even better person than me.

Comeawaywith me, let's go now.. l'll fix everything.

Sit here.

Sit. l'd comeawaywith you rightnow. l reallylove you.

All l wantis that everything shouldwork out peacefully.

Even you want that, right?

l'll convincemy dad. l'll come to you, foryou, Sachin!

You'retalking like me now.

Strong and romantic.

l love you, Sachin. l love you,Jessie.

Sachin, why are you juet standing? Show, na? Takenumber please.


Yes, sir.

Good Rahul, very good. A littlemoreenergy, okay?

lt's yourfirst day, right? Yes, sir.

SeethatA.D. there? - Yes sir.

She'll yell alot, she'll make you run around.

And.. you'll haveto do what she says.. Yes, sir. listen to her.. - Yes sir. and learn as well. Yes, sir.

Clap! - Yes sir.


Okay, listen.

Yes, sir.

Over there, nearthe sea..

Theactor stands, sad..

Justas weread his feelings, thecamera charges at him.. andthen..

Rahman sirtakes over.


l will not entertain a conversation aboutSachin in this house anymore. l will behappy, so you will be, ifyou say yes to Roy.

Enough is enough, and it is done!

37 by 4 take 1.

Damn! - Sorry, sorry, sir.

37 by 4 take..



Whathappened, Sachin?

No calls, no messages.

Me? l mean..

Jessie, you didn'treply. l thought there was someproblem.

Theshoot went on all day and night.

And signal.. Sachin.. lt's ahugemess out here.. l want to.. l'm comingthere.

Tell mehow to get there from Mangalore.

What are you saying, Jessie? Whathappened?

Sameold.. Roy and all.

You'll get irritatedwith it as well. l want to come for you, Sachin. l told you l would, in Kerala.


you can't come here.

You shouldn't comehere.

You don't want meto come?

That's not what l said, Jessie.

This placeisn't right for you.

You'll beuncomfortable. l'll beuncomfortable.

Tryto underetand, please. l'll get back,we'll talk aboutit. lt'll work out. Relax.

You don't want to bewith me.

And you aren't letting mebe with you. ln Kerala, you wanted meto come away with you right that inetant.

And now.. ?

You also refusedthen. Didn't l understand?

Please calm down Jessie. l'll comethere. l have work here. l'veabsolutely no time.

l'll come there. We'll figure something out.

Okay, Jessie?



Jessie, are you there?

Jessie, can you hear me?

Yeah, Sachin.All right.

You comeback.

We'll talk. l'll wait, okay?. Bye!

Jess.. Jessie..

This is the lastandfinal boarding call for passenger..

..JessieJoseph travelling to Mangalore.. you are requeetedto proceedto gateno 3 immediately.

This is thelaet and final boarding call for passenger..

..jessieJoseph travelling on..

When did you talk to Jessie?

Thenight beforelast.

What's the plan?

Sir, l'll leave, and get back in two days.


Please speak to Ramesh Sir.. l'll beback soon..

You talk to him. That'll be better.

Okay. Go.

Sir.. l..

Deal with the matters of your heart firet. Then come back.

Work will be even more fun.


Turn left from the HDFC bank.

Whatis it now, Sachin?

What does this messagemean?

What do you mean it's over?

What do you mean it's over?

What do you mean?

No need to yell. Stop it!




Weneedto talk.

Herel am,just for you. lnetead ofbeing at the shoot, at work.

What do you want?

Where do you want to go?

What's theproblem? lt's all over, Sachin. Please let me go. lt's over.

You wrotethatin themessagealready.

But why? Why.. that's what l want to know.

Nothing's so wrong that you're doingthis.

Everything was fine 20 days go. Things weregreat.

What's theproblem now,Jessie?

Threedays ago you wantedto leaveeverything.. and cometo me.

And now.. lt's over!

The moment has gone, Sachin.

Thatmoment is no more.

Because l told you not to come?

Don't comenow?

That's why? Right,Jessie?

Because l told you not to come?

Or is it yourdad.. he said something again? l'll talk to him as well! l don't care, Sachin.

l don't love you anymore. l don't careanymore.

And stop talking such rubbish aboutmy dad.

What's happened, Jessie?

Where did l go wrong?


lt's not you. lt's not my dad. lt's not our religions. lt's me, Sachin. lt's me. l'm not made foryou.

Why did you lovemelike crazy.. what had l done? l just walked past you,that's all.

You kept on chasing me..


Jessie. l told you not to.

But you didn't listen.

And l too fell in love with you. l'm so sorry.

And you know what, now ithurts, yes.

Butl likeit.

And l hatecinema. l hate yourworld..


And you want to make films?

Yes, Sachin?

Wewerewrong from the etart.

Completely wrong!

Butl'venever felt better.

But weboth should feel it right? That isn't happening.

And somehow, l can livewith you hating me, but not my parents. l'vegiven it alot ofthought, and l'm tired now.

This can'tbefixed. l mustgo, Sachin. l can'tlet you go,Jessie. l'll wait.. forever. Don't worry..

Thereareproblems but problems can be solved,Jessie.

Sachin, letmego please.

l can'tlet you go,Jessie. No way! l don't love you anymore.

And itwill beeasy for you to forget me.. it will probably be more difficult for meto fall..

..in love with you again.

You don't mean that, Jessie.

Thatwas it.

Jessie walked out ofmy life.

l etoodthere for an hourthat night. Shedidn't comeback.

She should havecomebut..

Pleasedon't hate me.

l'm sorry Sachin.

This is madness!

Nothing made sense! ltwas a one way ticket to heartbreak city.

Jessieshowed me the middle finger, and walked out ofmylife.

Was shethere?

She's married.

Sheisn't herenow.

She is in UK.

Sachin, forgether and move on.


Rolling. - 96 by 2 take 1.

Clap. - Sachin out.- Action.

Follow him closely. Water should not fall on thecamera.

Because of you, all ofus got yelled at yesterday!

As ifyou're the only one who does anywork around here.

Anyway, l forgive you.

You don't need to kneel down.

You'veassisted sir in the scripting as well, right?

Don'tjump on ahigh horse.

Sirwill cut you to sizeoneofthese days.


41 by 7 takeA.

Film-making is a creativeprocess.

There's abit of creativetension..

..and a bit ofcreative shouting as well. l love you all! Absolutelyno problem. l introduced you to Ramesh Sippy.

Now you're upset that he's angry.

'He yelled atme'.

Which cameraman treats you to sweets like this?

After you. lt's okay. You go.

There's something l have to say.

l don't know what's on your mind.. orwhat you feel about me.

But l like you. l really like you.

lt's like..

l hated you at firet.

What l seein hereyes..- And now l justwant to bearound you. was in my eyes forJessieonce. was.. l cannotaccept.

So l felt that l should immortalize this into a story.

My etory andJessie's story.

Jessie's etory and My story.

Sir, my film is finalized.

What? Really?. l personally wantedto give you theadvancecheque.

So sweet of you!

And l specially spoketo the producers about it.

Sir.. please.



And thank you.


Thank you, sir.

What's thetitleof your movie? Jessie?

Sir, you'reagenius.

Also l.. l justlove the wayitbegins.

Why didthecircle of love haveto stop atJessie?

Brilliant.. sirthis is the one, l definitely want to do this.


You should play Jessie.


Whatare you saying?

Why don't you playJessie's part?

Are you mad? Tell mewho you want.

We'll go look around. We'll find someone.


So you havebecome a directorfinally!


Do you have someonein your lifenow?

Thereis someone, isn't there, Sachin?

l'm surethere mustbesomeone.

Someone better than me, less confused.

Yes,thereis someone.

Who is she? l mean, tell me about her.

She's beautiful.

She loves me alot.


Oneday shetold me.. that she fell in love with me at firet sight. lt's been two years now. l was very angrywhen you left.

Nothingwas making sensein life.

But when l met her, everything becamefineagain.

She's verynice. She's agood girl.

Tell memore..

Sheis simple.

No make-up.

Only alittle.. when she's outwith me.

Her hair curls at thebottom, and is etraight nearthetop.

Sheneverraises her voice.

She's oneofthose delicate, calm girls.

l don't even notice anything else when she's with me.

Saree.. she looks amazing in a saree.

She loves to wear sarees.

She's madlyin lovewith me.

Weridealot on my bike.

l've kissed hertoo.

We're always in each other's heart's.. and in each other's arms.

Wemeet anywhere, at anytime. We go almost everywheretogether.

Only, movies..

She doesn't likemovies. l don'tknow why.

When shespeaks Hindi, there's a slight Malayalam accent.

But l like itnevertheless.

Her nameis..


After you left, she's the onethat took careofme.

Otherwise l would have been amess.

After you left,Jessie, l had given up on life.

You can't ever forget yourfiret love.

Getting over you was very difficult,Jessie.

lt's onlybecauseshewas in myheart that l'm okay.

But l'm not apart ofher life either.

She's married.

Shealso loves her parents.

Shecan do anything forthem.

She'd even leaveme, her love.

Very few girls can sacrifice love forthe sakeoftheir parents.

l salute her.

Sheis brave.

But none ofthat matters, Jessie.

She'll always bein my heart.

Sheherselfwould not like to leave from myheart.

And if atall shedoes go, she'll tell mebeforeleaving.

Not like you.. who left without informing.

Sorry, l shouldn'thave said that.

l'm still not married, Sachin.

l left you, but l couldn't forget you.

l am not married, Sachin.

My dad didn'tlike you, and l didn'tlikehis choice.

l've been in Delhi for the pastsix months.

Dad's etill tryingto convince me.

Hewas here, heleftlaet week.

Hewants me to get married. l refused.

He left in ahuff.

l havenotbeen ableto forget you.

l will never be able to either, Sachin.

You weremyfiret love too, Sachin. lt's notbeen easy for meeither. l'm sorryl couldn't see you before l left. l thought you'd get overmewith time.

But l was wrong. l thought you'll moveon. l was so wrong. l'm so sorry.

But whyis all this happening again?

Ofall thedays l choose to cometo seethe Taj, you'rehere!

Did you haveto come heretoday, Sachin? l don't want all this again.

ln fact, l'm leaving.



Let's getmarried,Jessie!

Please, right now. Right this inetant.

lfwelet this moment pass..

Ten years laterwhen wemeet..

..you will ask mewhy we let this moment go.

Jessie, nothingwill change.

Ten years, twenty years all through life.

Nothing will changebetween us.

Wedidn't meet today by chance. lt wasn't just by chanceeven then.

What we felt in that moment that our eyes met. that was love.

There is something here, something that's just ours.

Let's getmarried. Today. Right now.

Holymother of God. lt'll beanew life, a new start.

Comeon,Jessie. Please.

Say yes.

Say yes,Jessie. Please, Say yes.Jessie, please.




There's aboard here. lt says that indecent behavior in the park..

..is a punishableoffence.

Even ifl'm arrested..

..l don't care l want to kiss you,Jessie.

Please let me kiss you. Yes, pleasekiss me.

Yes, coming!



They didn't show her father's reaction.

That's not important.

Goodthing is, the couplegottogether at last.

So, how did you likethemovie?

Verymuch. No doubt. lt's a hit.

How did you likethefilm?

l reallyliked it.

l could seemyself. l mean both ofus. our life.

Samehouse, Sachin?

Thehousehad to be the same.

But l wasn'tthatniceto you.

Yeah, agreed.

But l thoughtl'd make you look good in themovieatleast.

Yeah, Nikhil! What are you saying?

Seriously? - Hasn't Anay sir donea superb job? - Yeah seriously.

Holymother of God.. lt's a super hit!

You hit the jackpotat first try.

What agreat movie, buddy!

Even l'vedone a damn good job. Themovie's looking great.

Nikhil had juet called. Did you likeit? l liked it alot. - lt's about your life anyway eh? - Yeah.

Had a goodtime? Very good. Good.

Good. Okay, now let's headto PVR Juhu.

Let's watch it with the audience there.

Jessie, come along. You both cometogether. lt'll be great.

Ramesh Sippy Sir's therealready. vijay, Aalif, everyone's coming. Congratulations!

Anay sir gets a littletoo excited.

We'll getto know on Monday.

Everyone's praising you.

Everyoneotherthan me seems to know how talented you are.

Sachin, ..you should've married someone who's watched atleast 25 movies.

Why me?

Because l need you to make good movies.

l almost cried during the Tajmahal scene. l know. How?

While you were watching the movie, l was watching you.

You'remyreal audience, Jessie.

And hello,when didwe ever kiss in thepark?

Don'tlaugh! .

Sachin, l clearlyremember you hugged me then looked at me.. and hugged meagain.

When did you kiss?

That's the kiss that gavemy life back to me.

No chance!

ldea! Let's get dad to watch themovie.

Maybehe'll underetand you betterthen.

What say?

Now it's just a stray 'hello'. Maybehe'll start talking to you.

You gethim!

l'm not so sure such amiracle can happen.

Jessie, l'll just do the rounds of a few theatres. l'll drop you homefiret, come. l'll comewith you.

But you don't likethecrowd, thedarkness, thenoise..

Sachin, juet take mealong,will you?

Okay. Comeon. You and your dad.. !

Papa.. daddy.. father. Okay. Shall we, Sachin?

No, really. l'm serious. l can't figure you guys out.

You're bizarre folk. Bizarre?

Bizarre? What is that?!

Nowthat you'vebecomea writer and director, don't use such words.