El Angel (2018) Script

Are people crazy or what?

Doesn't anyone consider being free?

Go wherever you want to go.

However you want to.

We all have a destiny.

I was born a thief.

I don't believe in "this is yours and this is mine".

I had good role-models.

My parents are decent people.

My mom couldn't conceive until a doctor said to her:

"Go on and pray to god, ma'am."

He gives to the world what the world needs.

So here I am.

Straight from heaven.

A spy for God.

Hi Mom.


Where did you get that motorcycle?

A kid from school lent it to me. What are you making?

Fried steak and mashed potatoes.


People are always lending you things.

Of course, I'm a good guy, people trust me.

It's dangerous for you to be riding a motorcycle.

Don't worry, I drive carefully.

What if you break it?

You'll have to pay for the repairs.

We don't have that kind of money.

We're out of mayonnaise.

I love you, Mom.

What's up, Dad? You're still playing good...

I haven't practiced for ages; my fingers are stiff.

Listen, Carlos, I want to talk to you about some things.

This new school...

It's a fresh start for you.

Make the most of it.

I'm doing really good.

Your mother told me that you showed up on a motorcycle today.

Yeah, a friend lent it to me. I gave it back to him.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

I don't want you borrowing things and bringing them home.

No more of that.

Don't use things that don't belong to you.

What if someone gives me a gift?

You don't accept that either.

You've got what you've got and what you haven't got, Relax, just be patient.

You'll get it with hard work.


Are you my girlfriend?

No, I'll get her.

Marisol, Carlitos' here.



What's up with her?

You're so selfish, Carlos.

I went by your school, but I didn't see you there.

I don't go to that school anymore. I changed to a vocational school.

It's good 'cause I don't have to study as hard.

You know, it's really hard for me to concentrate.

In the neighborhood they were saying they put you in reform school.

Who said that?

Just people.

"Just people"?

Be careful with people.

Did you go to reform school or not?

Ok, I went for a while, but it was just a misunderstanding.

Now I'm a free man again.

Oh, look what I brought you.

For me?

How lovely. Thanks.

It was my mom's when she was little.

She told me, "Give this to Marisol to make up for all the time you didn't see each other."

Want a drag?

Want a drag?

What do you think you're doing you little shit?

Wait for the Principal here.

If you stain my pants, I'll make you lick 'em clean.

Nice punch you gave me.

I'm gonna have to put a steak on it.

You must be a retard to try to burn me, you know that?

Do you like getting slugged, or what?

You hit me like a girl.

Should have seen the look on your face.


You're welcome.

Where'd you get it?

Don't worry about it.

It's yours.

You're pretty Blondie, you know that?

You remind me of a girlfriend I had once.

Keep the record too.

Have you ever stolen anything big?

An elephant.

No kidding. Really.

Cars too, just to take a ride.

That's better than owning it.

I go for a ride and then leave it with the keys in the ignition for someone else to take.

I'm not gonna deal with parking the thing.

You're quite a character, Blondie.

You should meet my old man.


Could you please stop calling me "Blondie"?

What do you want me to call you?

You're blond.


Hi. Hey, Mom.

This is Carlitos, a classmate of mine.

Hi Carlitos. Hi.


Don't call him Blondie.

Can I get you something to drink?

Some orange juice would be good.

Ok. You don't like being called Blondie?

Go tell your dad you've got company.

Let's go into the kitchen.

That's some real good potato.

Did you forget all about your friend?

Come over here, Carlitos. This is my old man.


How are you, Carlos?

I'm good.

Have a seat.

Want some potatoes?

No, thank you.

What circus did you run away from?

Have you ever shot a gun?


Would you like to try?

Be careful.

Right here?

It's safe. This is a family home.

Are you left-handed?


Right arm.


Finger off the trigger.

Shut your mouth.

Breathe through your nose.

Relax your anus.

That felt amazing!

These are the ones cops use.

What the hell do you know?

It's true.

Once I robbed a pair of jeans from a terrace and some military guy came out and started shooting at me with one of those.

Scared me to death.

So you're a house cat?

What's that?

Someone who robs empty houses without carrying a gun.

So now you're a translator?

He didn't know what it meant.

Stealing comes naturally to me.

I've always done it.

If I run into someone I just say hi, as if it were my house.

But you know...

Sometimes you've got to run.

And where do you sell the things you steal?

I just give the stuff away, to make a good impression on people.

Hey, don't shoot inside the house, go out to the patio.

I've got a ton of clothes that are too big for me. I'll bring it over.

I offered it to my dad, but he didn't want it.

He's an honest man.

So am I.

What are you laughing about?

That's enough. How dare you hit your father, son of a bitch.

Stop it! Stop! You ungrateful punk.

Stop, stop.

Can I fire a few more shots?

No, bullets are expensive, kid.

Why don't we rob a gun shop?

I know one that would be a walk in the park.

Me too.

But I know the way in.

Wait, Carlos.

Patricia, this vacuum cleaner is amazing.

It's comfortable, lightweight.

Here, hold it.

Gets all the nooks and crannies.

The hard to reach spots.

It's quiet, too.

Can I try it? Of course.

It's light, isn't it?

Wait, we're missing the bullets. No, we're out of here!

It'll just take a second. Just go around the block.

It's no big deal. Bastard...


Look at this...

How did you get away with all this?

Carlitos, listen up for a minute.

What you did today was great, but don't ever do it again.

It wasn't what we had planned.

But there was no plan.

We said... We said you'd go inside, check it out, and tell Ramón, who was outside, scoping the area.

We did not say to come out with a ton of guns on you without any warning.

We're risking our lives, Carlitos.


We have to go all the way!

What were we going to come back with, two shitty revolvers?

I think what they're trying to tell you is that you can keep doing your thing, but you have to be more careful, sweetie.

You're calling him sweetie?

Listen, Carlos.

If we're going to keep working together, we've got to set some rules.

Let's do it!

What do you guys want to eat?

What're you laughing at?


You guys want pizza?

Come with me, Carlitos, help me out with the pizza.

Listen up.

I can't end up back in jail.

And if you get caught while working with me, your mother will cut my balls off.

That kid is a genius.

If we train him right we can make a fortune.

But we've got to do things right.

Not the fucking mess we did today.

Don't worry about it, he'll listen to me.

I think we got a perfect band.

Listen up.

From now on, carry this ID.

Carlos Brown.

Charlie Brown!

What's the name on yours?

Roberto Sánchez.

Your cut, Charlie Brown.

Don't you have anything to say?


You know how much you'd have to work to earn that kind of money?

The world belongs to outlaws and artists, Carlitos.

Everybody else has to work for a living, do you understand that?


Who did you sell all those guns to?

Not to the cops.

Anyways you shouldn't ask too much.

The same ones who told us about this old man.

Apparently he lives alone in a mansion in San Isidro.

Only thing is, he doesn't get out much. We might have to do it with him inside.

Does he have a dog?

What the fuck do I care? I'll kick the dog's ass.

It's not all that easy.

A dog can ruin your life.

Listen, smart-ass.

The people who told us are reliable, and they didn't say anything about no dog.


Where's the cash?


Old man!

Are you OK?


Wake up Carlos, I overslept. You'll be late.


Come on.

It's fake.

It's not real.

It looks real.

Do you think I would aim a real gun at you?

Grab it!

Grab it harder!

Who lives here?

I don't know. We'll see.

What if the owners show up?

No problem, we'll tell them we're looking for a cat.

You're too confident.

They're too confident! Look how they left everything open.

Why do you have a gun?

The street is getting weird.

You can't go around defenseless.

It's for your safety too.

What do I tell your parents if something were to happen to you?

One for you and one for your sister.

Is it true what they say about twins?

What do they say?

That if one of them feels something, the other one feels it too.

That depends.

It has to be an intense feeling.

Close your mouth.

Breathe through your nose.

Relax your anus.

Need anything, young man?


Can I help you with something?

Yeah! Bring a little something to eat.

Anything to drink?


You guys? Beer's good.

I'll leave it by the awning.

Hey, Ramón.

Are you awake?

Let me sleep, you son of a bitch.

Didn't you learn to knock?

Sorry, I was going to take a piss.

Go ahead.

Can't pee?


Try sitting down.

Ramón told me you killed a guy.

Actually he died on his own.

But you helped out by shooting him, right?


Then I heard right. You killed him.

We killed him.

How's that?

Me, Ramón... you.

We're a team. Aren't we?

You think so...

We can't have all this shit here, we're gonna get busted...



Can I get something to drink?

Sure, sweetheart, take anything you like.

'scuse me.

Do you want me to make you a sandwich?

No, thanks.



I couldn't sleep.



Stayed up thinking about stuff.

You shouldn't think.

Ramón told me that you took some girls out.

Yeah, they're twins.

And how is it with girls that age?

They're not very experienced, are they?

About kissing and such.


I don't know, just saying.

At least not with everything.

At that age I didn't do the things I do now.


Want to try with me?

I like your husband.

Tell him.

What the hell are you doing?

You left me outside like an idiot!

You look like Marilyn Monroe.

I look like my mom when she was young.

They look good on you.


Che and Fidel.

Evita and Perón.



Slow down.

What do you want me to do!? We're robbing a jewelry.


We're alive.

Why don't you enjoy it?

I'm enjoying it.

I'm enjoying...


Come over here!

Check it out.

You couldn't open that if I lent you my dick!

We'd have to burn it from behind, where it's not as thick.

Let's go get the blowtorch.

You're nuts. It'll only take a minute.

We'll get it and come right back. I'll go get it if you want.

Oh sure, I'll stay here in case anyone comes. Ok, so you go and I'll stay.

We've still got a couple hours left. No, let's go!


Do I leave the key with you?

No, you keep it.

We can't take responsibility if anything goes missing, so you lock and unlock yourselves.

How long you gonna be staying?

How long we staying here?

A hundred days.

I'll leave you a deposit for one hundred days.

Thank you.

Don't show off our shit in front of everybody, motherfucker.

Don't worry about it. Yeah, you never worry...

We can spare that ugly bitch's attention?

You're always thinking about everyone else.

What's wrong, boys? Everything ok?

Everything's perfect, boss.

See that faggot over there?

That's Federica. He's an art collector, really loaded.

They say that he pays gangsters to let him suck their cocks.

Do you let him blow you? Are you nuts?

I'm just telling you because he might be a way to get rid of the paintings.

My old man doesn't want them around.

Every time he shoots up that junk, he thinks they're going to bust our house.

Why does he do it then? How the hell can I know?

Got a light?

Hi, Ramón.

How do you know my name?

A little birdie told me.

Hey, you prick. What?

Why didn't you tell me he asked you my name? - Who?

The faggot!

Oh. I was about to, but you walked away.

You're... What?

You're the worst partner ever.

I have something that might interest you.

I bet you do.

I can show it to you.

Can I touch it?

Not yet.

What should we do?

I'll wait for you outside and we'll go to my place with some friends.

We're leaving.

Listen, man, it's ok if you're a fag but be more discreet.

What the fuck did you say?

It's just that...

Thanks for sticking up for me, man. Don't know what I'd do without you.

You didn't let me know what was going on.

You didn't hear he took us for faggots?

Come on, cocksucker.

Listen, we'll go back now and beat the crap out of them.

All right.


You came.

Come in.

Excuse me.

Be careful.

And what did your mother call you? Carlos.

From Germanic origin.

Yeah, my mom's German.

What an awful name! But it means free man, so that's nice.

I like my name. I'm named after Gardel.

Hold on a minute.

Are these stolen? No.

Don't even show them to me. I don't want anything to do with stolen goods.

But you might know someone who would.

I do, in fact: their rightful owner.

I like gangsters and wild stories, but...

I don't want to be involved with any crime.

A little late for that. The things are already here.

Carlos, honor your name and feel completely free.

But don't steal a thing from me, all right?


You're always talking bad about people.

No, I'm not. People use me to talk bad about themselves.

Everything that's left is mine. Your body, for example.

The desperate butterfly can't go on anymore, can't even lay on her rose...

Federica says that I've got what it takes to be an actor.

He told me where to go study acting.

And he's friends with the producer of "Sábados Para la Juventud" , he's going to get me a job acting on TV.

In our line of work, it's not good to be recognizable.

If I get real famous, though, I'm going to give up stealing.

What would they say?

"That guy from TV stole from me?"

You're going to leave me all alone, aren't you?

Don't get emotional.

You can be my manager.

What about the paintings?

It's all at Federica's. Now it's his problem.

He'll have to give us something in return.

I swiped a few things. What about you?

No. He asked me not to steal anything.

Are these the two guys that hit you?

I don't know.

I think so.

Couldn't you have waited, so that we could at least talk it over?

I think it's them.

Let's go.


Let's talk.

I don't think these guys are really dead.

This is all just a joke.


Who is it?

The receptionist.

There's a call for Mr. Carlitos.

Who is it?

It's me, Ramón. Who are you?


Your voice sounds weird. I just woke up.

What's up? Do you not sleep here anymore?

I'm staying at Federica's. He's helping me rehearse a few things.

We're on our way to Channel 9 now, I was calling to tell you to turn on the TV.

Tell us your name and what is it you would like to do.

My name is Ramón Peralta and I like everything that has to do with show business.

Singing, acting, fame.

What a douche!

So you'd like to be famous. That's your dream?


Or maybe in a cigarette commercial, something like that, to get started...

And since I smoke, it'd come natural.

Well, you've got the looks. I'm sure you've got no trouble meeting girls.



Are you happy?

Do you have a sweetheart?

Nope. But I'll consider offers.

Well, girls, you know the score. Ramón Peralta, twenty years old, single.

And he's going to sing for us. Come on.

What, are you Mr. Perfect?


You trying to steal my thoughts?

You better not, because the enemy is out there.

It's not a joke.

Hello Hey Mom.

Hey honey, how are you?

It was amazing. I just finished.

Listen, Carlitos' mom has been calling. She wants to know where he is.

Tell him to please call her because I don't want any trouble.

Just hang up on that old bitch!

Did you see me?


What do you mean, "where"? On TV! I told you I was going to be on.

Oh, right, yes! We saw you.

What did you think?

It was nice...

You didn't like it, did you?

No, it's not that.

It took Dad by surprise, I liked it.

We did have a few things to say about it, but we can talk it over later...

There's no need, everyone loved me.

You did look a little nervous, but we were probably the only ones who could tell.

It's not easy going out there like that, live.

You should really put more thought into what you want to do for a living then.

Your dad was a little bit embarrassed.

And what the fuck does he know?

They didn't like it?

Who cares...

They don't know anything about art.

They're outlaws.

I really liked it.



You looked like Frank Sinatra.

Carlos told us he's working at your shop.

Is that right?

Yes. He's really giving us a hand over there.

Though I'm not sure you'd actually call it a "shop"...

But you've been paying him...

Yes, he gets paid well.

My husband and I saw Ramón on television.

We thought Carlitos would be there with him.

No, no.

We're a bit worried about that too.


Well, I don't know what's gotten into him: he says he wants to be an artist.

Fucking moron...

I don't know what to do to keep him off the streets.

I'm scared of him getting killed by a thug.

I think about going down to the station to file a report.

No, missus, don't do that.

The police are good for nothing.

It'll just make things worse.

They'll think the boys are up to something and we'll never see them again.

If something happens to my boy, I don't know what I would do.

Ramón is older.

But Carlitos is just a kid.

Relax. He can't defend himself.

They'll show up.

And I promise you they won't get away with it.

When they come home I'll surely let them know.

I'm not sure if our kids should be hanging out together.

Good afternoon.

I'll see you out.

Stop it or I'll beat you up.

You should take General Paz. There are random police checkpoints this way.

We'll take the avenue.

All right.

What's this asshole's problem?

God fucking damn it. I told you.

ID and pink slip.

I don't have my lD on me, damn it.

Carlos Brown.

Yeah, or Charlie Brown.

I need your lD and the car registration.

Officer, I don't have either one with me. But all the papers are in order, I swear.

He's an actor.

Step out of the car.

They're in my house, I could go get...

Step out of the car, both of you.

There are three explanations for your lack of lD: you're either a terrorist, you stole the car, or you're a fucking idiot.

He's a fucking idiot.

I forgot my papers at home, that's it.

What terrorist organization None.

Do we look like terrorists? We don't...

We don't know anything about that stuff. We're not even interested in politics.

I want to study to become a police officer.

Who said you could fucking speak?

Oh, well...

Why don't you let us go home and come back with the papers?

Are you dumb or are you just pretending to be?

Full name and lD number.

Ramón Peralta.


Chief, can I talk to you alone for a second?

He told you to shut up.

It's something that might be of interest to your superior.

Take Peralta out.

What're you doing?

May I sit? No.

Officer, I don't know this guy too well.

I can't vouch for him.

But he seems like a good kid.

I can go get his lD for him.

How about this.

I'll keep your lD, to keep you from any funny business.

And while I ask your friend a few questions, you go to his house, get his lD, and come back.

All right.

If you're not back within the hour, we'll go looking for you, Brown.

And I'll be giving your friend some electricity.

One thing.

You better bring a lot more than that.

I'll bring everything I've got, officer.


Carlitos is back.

Just act like nothing happened.

Nothing did happen.

You were hungry.

It's my favorite meal.

Sorry I disappeared.

I've lost all hope in you.

Apologize to your mother, she's the one that suffers.

I'm sorry, Mom.

All right.

It's not like someone died.

What's matters is that you're back.

Wouldn't it be nice to go on vacation's this summer?

We are not going through a good moment.

We're in a great moment.

What's this?

It's yours, open it.

What is it, Hèctor?

Where did you get all this money?

Where everyone else gets it.

I don't know where you got this from but you need to return it.

You can't do that, you can't go back, only forward.

Why don't you return your salary?

Because I worked to earn that money.

What I do is work, too.

Pretty risky too.

What're you talking about?

Don't know.

What're we talking about?

Carlos, I'm your father, I asked you a question.

You are my father, but I make more money.

Hèctor, I'm not entirely clear on where's exactly that he works, are you?

If you don't return it I'll take it to the police myself.

Are you crazy?

We'll end up in jail.

Excuse me.

Why do you have this?

I don't know, I just found it.


Buy me a glass of wine Who the hell are you?

What? You're not going to buy me one?

What's up? You looking for some sweet talk?

I hate poor people.

I'm poor myself. Only I choose to look the other way.

That's catchy. I think I'll use it.

Oh! Look who showed up!

Miguel, this is my wife. Oh, I meant "ex-wife."

Oh, this is Lady Treason?

Give me some dough and I'll get more wine.

I did go back for you...

Oh yes? I didn't see you.

And I was there for a while.

When I got there, I realized it was a set-up.

Come on, lard ass! Where are you from anyway, the boondocks?

Who's that cat?

A friend I made in the hole.

Couldn't find anyone skuzzier?

I'm from all over. The more you move, the better.

Sooner or later they catch up to you, but at least you see a few places along the way.

You a thief too?

The best in Buenos Aires.

Oh, really? Was there a contest or something?

I come from a family of thieves... Like this fellow.

The cops killed my dad.

He's sort of a legend in the underworld.

I didn't know that. Oh yeah, they had it out for him.

But it's a thief's destiny is to get shot.

They called him "El Loco Prieto."

Ask your old man. I'm sure he's heard of him.

Yeah, I will. Did you meet José?

Yep. Miguel's working with us.

What does your dad do, little prince?

He's a social photographer and a traveling salesman.

A real adventurer.

Let's go to the hotel.

Still renting that place?

Yes. We even got a new TV set.

You can come, little prince.

I worked at a circus in Chile, and there were these guys who imitated The Three Stooges.

They were better than the real ones.

They're here. Let's go.

No. Let me do this one on my own. You'll get your share.

Where you going? I have to go.

See you both tomorrow at La Biela at eleven.

I think I may have a job for us.

I'm busy at that hour.

That cat's really something, man.

I put the whole deal together and he doesn't even toss a little something my way.

He thinks he's a big shot.

He goes to La Biela with that fag who got him out of jail.

Gabriela, Graciela...

We're at the station and he goes, "Oh, a friend's coming by to bail us out."

I was embarrassed to walk out of the pen with that fag.

We looked like a pair of bitches.

Two faggots...

And then in the car, he made Ramón swear he'd never steal again.

I was in the back seat, couldn't believe it.

It looked like a love scene.

I think the old queen is planning to take him to Paris.

I can't believe the nerve on this guy.

Carlitos, you asshole, wake up.

Here it comes!

Hands up! Hands up now, son of a bitch!

Stay cool and you'll be fine.

Where's the gun?

Where do you keep it, motherfucker?

No faces, you son of a bitch! Head down!

It's offensive for people like us who risk our lives to see people getting subdued. Being just an employee.

Did you ever think about it?

You have to do something with your life.

Let's hit the road. Let me get a sip of that.

How did it go? Not so good.

What happened? Ask Happy Trigger...

Hi José.

Hi Migue... Everything OK?

Sure? Yes.

You boys head out to the patio and I'll bring out some refreshments.

Want some help, Ana?

No, that's all right, I've got it.

Look at that ass...

I'd fuck her brains out.

Hey man, we didn't count the dough.


They took off with the bag.

We did all the work, what's our cut?

Thanks, Ana.

I wish I'd had a mother like you.

Carlitos, the guys say you've got to burn the car.

By myself?

Yeah, by yourself.

What's up, Charly?

I was just leaving.

Come with me.

I've already been here a long time.

We got to do something, man. I'm broke.

Now it's on us.

Ramón and his nice family were fucking with us.


Look what you made me do.

You weren't opening.

Want some help?



Did you open it?

Yeah. There's nothing in there.

What do you mean, "there's nothing in there"?

It's empty.

You look like Marilyn Monroe.


I don't believe it was empty.

I'm heading out to buy a few things, you need anything?

Get me a pack of cigarettes. Wash your face before you go out.

Be right back.

Give me two packs. Ok.

And one of these red honeys.

Here comes Mr. Motorcycle.

Are you Carlos Robledo Puch?

Yes. It's me.

Do you know Miguel Prieto?

Miguel Prieto... No. Who's he?

Arson, robbery, two murders...

You burned your friend's face with a blowtorch.

Keep up the smart-aleck act and we're going to electro-shock your balls.

So what's it gonna be? You gonna tell me how it went down?


But get him out of here.

I want to keep this just between you and me.


You got a smoke for me?

Who the fuck do you think you are, asshole?

I wanna smoke.

They took away mine.


Do the beast have a cure?

Well, this is an odd specimen who's broken the Lambrosian theories that tie natural born criminals with physical ugliness.

Ugly, dark, big-eared, an eyesore.

It's uncertain if his alleged sexual deviation influenced his acts.

Society blames the parents of the monster for not putting limits or keeping him in check.

They could even face a life sentence.

A lawyer got in touch with your father. He made us a proposal.

He says you should plead insanity, so you won't have to spend the rest of your life in prison.

You want me to act like if I was crazy?

Do you think a normal person could do what you did?


You won't be able to shit out a spoon.

They're gonna have to open you up like a chicken to get that out.

And after that, six months in the hole.

I'm afraid so.

Expensive joke.

Keep an eye on him. Going to the bathroom.



Hi Mom?

It's me.


Are you alright?

Yeah. I'm fine.

You can't live on the run, son.

You have to turn in to the authorities.

Come home.

Who are you with?

Your dad.

Are you guys OK?

You sound weird.

We're fine.

But I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

I want to see you.

Where are you?

At Ramón's house.

There's no one here.

Can you come now?