El dia de la bestia (1995) Script

Father, l want to confess.

What have you done?

Nothing, father. l haven't sinned...

...but l intend to commit all the evil l can.


-Why? -Because it's necessary.

What do you mean? l don't understand. l've discovered it. l've deciphered the code.

Listen to me. l'm speaking as a friend. Why do you keep at it?

We've been trying for years.

We both know it is...


You'll only harm yourself.

Now, will you listen to me?

Have you told anyone else?

-Will you help me? -Yes.

We don't have much time.

Remember one thing.

Our enemy is powerful. He will do away with us...

...if he gets the chance.

He may have heard this conversation.

Holy God!


Can we bear this cross?

Yes. lf we stay united, we'll manage it.

With God's help.


Give me a few coins, father. lt's for the child.

l hope you rot in Hell!


TRAMP BURNED ALlVE WHlLE HE WAS SLEEPlNG His body was removed last night...

...by the Police.

This vandalism...

...with the slogan "Clean up Madrid"...

...is rampant at present. in the capital.

lf you want to know what your future will be, call me.

Taxi! Taxi!

Happy are the merciful...

...for they shall have mercy shown them.

Happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall see God.

THE FUTURE lS lN YOUR HANDS. New Athenaeum Lecture Hall

-Why did you give me this? -To read it, of course.

Who sent you?

The agency.

Give me a break. Throw it away, if you want.

-Let me do my job. -You know who l am, don't you?

What is this? ls it "Candid Camera"? l'm in no mood for cameras.

-l want to be one of you. -You want to hand out leaflets? l want to see the Devil. l don't give a fuck what you want to see!

Go away, you're scaring people!

l always get stuck with the crazies!

Fuck it, anyway!

What is this?

You want to pay for one and take four?

Don't fucking come back!

Shit! Another glass case.

-Good evening. -Good evening. l'm looking for this.

Heavy stuff.

Look in that drawer.

-You're a priest, right? -Yes. ln that gear...

Well, l'm really a theology professor.

That's Catechism, isn't it? l studied Ethics, you know.

And look where l ended up!

May l hear this one?

Heavy, right? lt isn't bad.

-Can you play it backwards? -Yeah, sure. lt'll sound the same, but it fucks up the turntable.

No, no, no, it isn't that.

What are you looking for? l'm looking for a message, a signal.

Listen to this.

They're not famous but they're good.

The words are real sharp.

Lots of message.

And they're local guys.

lt's a different sound.

Well, it's a demo.

Wait till they make a record.

Here, take it. l won't pay.

No problem.


On the house. l like your taste.

A pleasure meeting you.

Going on a trip?

-Actually, l've just arrived. -Tomorrow, you can...

...see them in Hell.

Where? ln Hell. lt's a music venue. Great name. lmpossible to forget.

But tomorrow's Christmas Eve. l doubt if l can go. lf you need a hostel, l know one. l'll write down the name. My old lady runs it.

A nice friendly atmosphere.

Here, call round.

Thank you.

So long.

SATANNlCA ln Concert Garcia's Boarding House.

Good evening.

-Who is on the line? -This is Mari Carmen.

Where are you calling from?

-From Valladolid. And what do you want to know?

My husband is unemployed. Will it take him very long...

...to find work?

Let's see, Mari Carmen.

Mari Carmen, your husband isn't going to find work...

...for a long period of time. At least five years.

-But there's something else. -What?

A serious health problem.

-For my husband? -No, for you. l'd like a room.

The only one left is being done up. l'm not fussy. l can't accept anyone at this time.

The boy didn't tell me about that.

What boy?

One who works in a record shop.

Come in.

The room costs 3,000. The bath tap doesn't work.

No visitors or pets allowed, and l'll need some l.D.

Thank you.

The front door key.

And l'll always be here to open this door.

Thank you.

Can you hear me?

Yes, yes. l think you should get ready for the worst.

-Are you staying a week? -No, just tonight.

This is too much. lt doesn't matter.

This is the room. l told you it was being done up. lt's perfect. Thank you.

-Need anything? -No, not just now.

All right. Happy Christmas.

l've told you before.

You accept nobody at night!

-You open the door, that's all. -lt was a priest.

Even if it was the Pope!

You can't trust anybody.

They pull a knife and that's it.

The world is full of bastards! The woman on the second floor...

...was robbed on the stairs by a guy with a syringe.

She got off lightly.

Look at what this street is like at night time.

Full of whores, blacks, drug addicts, killers. lt's disgusting!

You know what? l wish that one of them would come here.

First, l'd blow his balls off with a shotgun!

For being a coward!

Then l'd break his bones.

He'd be in a wheelchair the rest of his life!

He'd know what suffering was!

He's really a priest?

He wore a soutane.

And so?

Look, your son sent him. And this is Christmas Eve. lf he's a friend of my son, that's even worse!

He paid 25,000 pesetas for one night!

That's different.

He probably taught my son at the Jesuits. l don't know. l still don't like what you did.

-l'll speak to him. -He seems very nice.


"l can help you achieve the impossible." Cavan.

You have to pay for the book.

What? What book?



-Angel what? -Angel Berriartua.

-Are you a priest? -Yes.

Priest. That's great.

"The Magic World of Professor Cavan."

Aren't you a bit old to be stealing books? l need that book. l need lots of things too...

...but l work all day to pay for them. l can't buy it.

-You can't? -No.

Why can't you?

You have no money?

-No, it isn't that. -So what is it? l must learn to do evil.

Why is that? l have to contact Satan.


That can't be easy.

No, that's why l need the book. l'm a theology professor. l've studied the Apocalypse of St. John for 25 years...

...and l've discovered that it is just a cryptogram.

-A kleptogram? -No, a cryptogram. lt's a message in code.

A secret message hidden behind the words.

-And you've discovered it? -Exactly.

Last week. l based my work on a numerical transcription of the Apocalypse.

At first, l used Tritheim's Steganography. Have you read...


Tritheim? l think not.

Well, it's fundamental. lt inspired me to see the Apocalypse...

...not as an allegory but as an equation.

Each letter has its own number. So, for example...

...Daleth is worth four, and Synn...

...is worth three hundred, so we can...

-Excuse me. -What is it?

Could you come up to the toy department? l'm busy now. l'll come up later.

We can do this with all the words and...

Father, does anyone else know this?

Yes, of course. But he died.

-Two days ago. -l'm sorry.

Don't worry, l believe you. We can sort everything out.

But what does the message say?

The message is a figure, a date.

The date of the end of the world.

Today, to be exact.

Yes, that is very important.

Just wait here for a moment, please.

One second.

Check the asylums to see...

...if a priest has escaped.

And tell them to send someone.

Well, father...

Mr. Cerezo!

Are you all right?

Mr. Cerezo!

Look, this is all burned. Totally burned.

Hey, father!

-ls your room all right? -Yes, it's fine. l must talk to you...

...Jose Maria. lf there's any problem, l'll get them to change you.

Jose Maria...

Hot stuff. l've been trying for a year to shag her.

-But it's no go. -What?

Shag her. Know what l mean? lt was no go. She's from a village in Toledo. l hear you're in the new room. l'm Rosario, Jose Maria's mother.

A pleasure.

Will you have some rabbit?

No, l have to talk to Jose Maria.

We've got lots.

He's working now...

...in a record shop, but he's really an artist.

Fuck off!

He's doing a drawing course just now.

But as the shop won't give him a contract...

Enjoy your meal. l bet you that we'll have rabbit again tonight.

She always buys the fucking special offers!

May l ask you a favor?

Sure, anything.


This is my grandad.

He likes going around the house starkers.

This is a friend, Father...

Angel Berriartua. l love him.

This is just...

...to jazz him up a bit, because he's pretty old now.


That's it.

They say it's bad circulation.

The other day he said he saw the Virgin.

He's too much. Want some acid?

No, thank you. lf it weren't for me, my fucking mother...

...would put him away.

Jose Maria, l have a mission.

Where? ln Africa?

No, l have a mission to carry out.

Something l have to do here in the city.

-You're a Satannic follower? -Yeah, sure.

Can you invoke the devil?

-l have to invoke the devil. -Why?

Because of the Apocalypse.

-The film? -No, no.

The book in the Bible.

Never mind.

Tonight, the Antichrist will be born, but l don't know where.

-So l must invoke the Devil. -Heavy! l'm a sinner now. l've betrayed Christ to make salvation possible. l'm one hell of a sinner too. l must sell my soul to the devil but l don't know how. l stole a book, but it's no good. lt doesn't explain it very well. lt's Cavan, from the TV!

My mother loves him. He's a bastard.

There isn't much time. Can we do anything?

Cool it, we'll manage it.

THE DARKZONE Here he is, the investigator of the occult...

...the magician of mystery...

...the master...

...of the supernatural.

The man who knows the present...

...the past and the future.

The internationally known Professor...


Tonight's program is going to be very special.

We're not going to talk about UFOs or miracle cures.

Nor will we be taking your calls.

Tonight we have with us a guest who is...


Someone about whom we have all heard...

...but only a few really know. l am talking about the Devil!


How do you feel now it's over?

Great, thanks to you and the Dark Zone team.

Juan Carlos Cruz is eleven years old.

A month ago, Juan Carlos had a strange illness...

...which no doctor could diagnose.

Juan Carlos behaved as if he were someone else.

As he said, "Like l had a man inside".

The Dark Zone team got a call from his desperate parents...

...unable to find any reason for their son's behavior.

Soon after, we went to their home.

This is what happened. lt's you! At last, you're here!

-Where is he? -ln his room.

Take it easy, ma'am.

Whatever happens in there...

...remember it's for your son's good.

Let's go!

This way!

What a fucking set-up!

Here! The boy is in here!

Hold him down!


Our Father, who art in...

That's the man l need.

That's for sure. l have to talk to him. Come on.

Wait till the program's over. l exorcise you by the blood of Christ...

...and return you to your lair!

Our Father...

...who art in Heaven...

...hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Juan Carlos...

Juan Carlos, how are you? Are you all right?

What happened?


That's him.

Yes, that's Cavan, the creep.

Let's go!

Last week's program was real heavy.

-Hurry, we're losing him. -Cool it. l've got him. lt was about a chick...

...who was raped by aliens. Did you see it? lf you'd seen her! She looked like a real slut. l bet you anything she provoked them. l don't have a television.

You don't? What do you do at night?


Pray? But you must have seen programs like...

..."Final Questions" or "Sister Citroen".

No, that was the first program l've ever seen.


Stop! Stop!

He didn't indicate!

Clean up Madrid

l'll leave the money here.

There he is!

Didn't you see "Jesus Christ Superstar"? lt was fucking great. "Hosanna, hey...

...sanna, sanna sanna hey, sanna hey, sanna!"

Or the other one that went, "Jesus Christ, Superstar!"

-Stop! He's parking! -All right.

Here, father, it'll bring you luck.

Ennio! This is Susana! l'm on my way over. We can have dinner together.

But remember, tomorrow we're taking my mother to lunch.

See you in a little while. So long. See you soon.

Good evening. You must listen...

Who are you? l am Angel Berriartua, from the University...

Who gave you this address? This is my home.

Yes. l'm from the University of Deusto...

Please, call the program for an appointment.

Or write a letter.

But we can't talk now. Good-bye.

But l've discovered something incredible!

That's great, but this isn't the time.

Call me tomorrow. l'll deal with it personally.

No, it has to be tonight!

Why can't it be tomorrow?

The Antichrist is coming!

All right, let's see.

Leave me your address. l'll call you tomorrow morning...

...you come to the program and we'll discuss...

...the Antichrist. All right?

Wait, l'll get my diary.

Now, your name was...?

My God! What have you done? Are you crazy? l'm just desperate.

Now you'll listen to me...


Have you read Tritheim?

Pope John Paul ll receives Spanish theologians Heavy, man!

-You can't park here. Move on. -What?

-Move on. -Am l in the way?

-You're badly parked. -My pal's coming now.

-ls this your car? -No, it's my mother's.

Your papers, please. lt's always the same fucking story!

You see?

Metraton can even substitute Shaddai. But unfortunately...

...this system only works with single words!

That's a shame.

There had to be something...

...that had confused thinkers over the years. lsn't that so?

What? Yes, yes. Please, continue.

Well, l found what it was!

All the Christian cabbalists were trying to find a message.

A word behind the Apocalypse.

The Word of God.

They were wrong.

The message isn't a word. lt's a number.

A number!

The sum of the value of all the words in the text.

Two million...

...one hundred and twenty six thousand, four hundred and ten.

That number is a date.

2,126,410 days in the Jewish calendar of the time.


A date, a specific day in the calendar!

Yes, a day.

Yes. The Day of the Beast.

The Jews counted time...

...from the beginning of the world...

...which they dated 3,761 years before the birth of Christ.

Given that they used a lunar calendar...

...and we use a solar one...

...that is equivalent to December 25, 1995.

You mean, tomorrow.

No! Tonight, before dawn. What is the Apocalypse about? l don't know, l can't remember.

The beginning of the end of the world. lf we don't prevent it...

...the Antichrist will be born tonight.

But l need your help.

You must help me contact the Devil.

What? l know the date, but not the place!

Where will it be? l don't know. l haven't the slightest idea.

To find out, l have to join them. l must sell my soul to the Devil. l'll be at the ceremony tonight and l'll kill him there. l'll kill the Antichrist...

...and the world may be saved.

That's why l need to contact the Devil, and you can do it.

But this is all... This can't be happening!

Will you be much longer? l'm badly parked again and we'll have to move soon.

You're the TV guy?

-A pleasure. -Who is this? l'm Jose Mari.

Neat place!

These masks are plastic, aren't they? lf you want to rob the house, go ahead...

...but there's no money.

How can l make you believe me?

All right. lf you want me to believe you, l do.

But why is it going to be here? lt could be somewhere else!

No! lt will be here, in Madrid!

You don't believe me. There are hundreds of signs!


Newly born babies are disappearing. Just look!

Fifty cases!

Desecrated graves.

100 cases here in Madrid in just one year! ls that not enough? lt just proves you're crazy!

And if it is true, how will you fool the Devil?

Will you turn up like it's a wedding?

No, it won't be like a wedding.

There won't be thousands adoring him. Nothing like that!

-Oh, no? -No!


The Devil tries to imitate God in order mock him.

The birth of his son will imitate the birth of Jesus.

Like a secret, but visible to all...

...as in Bethlehem.

Will the Wise Men be there too?

-We'll be the Wise Men. -Us? Fucking great!

And is that asshole going as the pageboy? l don't like...

...your attitude.

Listen carefully. l am sacrificing eternal life...

...to fool the Devil...

...and to kill the Antichrist!

Great! Kidnapped by a saint!

Quite the opposite. l'll take every chance to commit evil.

The Devil will trust me.

The first thing...

...is to draw...

...the pentacle.

lt's in the middle pages.

A circle with symbols.

You must draw it on the floor, and then we stand inside it.

-So the Devil can't pass it. -That's right.

What else?

Be patient! There are lots of things to remember!

Calm down. You know what's vital.

A sword.

A sacred sword, or a large knife. lt's like a magic wand.

There'll be one in the kitchen.

What else?

An Amanita muscaria.

A mushroom? What for? Are you trying to fool me?

No, mushrooms are psychotropics. You know, like drugs.

Yeah, l've tried those. lt's like a kind of acid...

...like LSD. l have some here. lt isn't for me, father.

Some pals of mine are having a party.

Got the lucky gloves?

Yeah, this is it.

Will it do?

This is absurd!

Don't you see that this is just a farce for assholes?

Assholes who watch my program and buy my book!

-That's the truth! -Are we back to that?

You think that l enjoy this?

That l like using violence? l have no other choice. lt's the only solution.

You should collaborate.

We need...

...a goblet, with four consecrated hosts...

...anointed with a maiden's blood.

Got any maiden's blood?

-That isn't in the book. -l know.

Not everything is. That's why you need me.

Look, without the maiden's blood...

...the invocation will be of no use! l think it's time to forget it!

Excuse me. l've made a mistake.

Susana! Run!

Get away! He's crazy!


What are you doing?

What happened?

-She fell down the stairs. -My God! lt should have been deliberate but it was an accident.

Christ! What a dame, father! How did you do it? l could only find sliced bread...

...but l cut some of the symbols on it.

Good, thank you.

You do the pentacle. To what?

-You said we needed some blood. -Wait a minute!

Now what is it?

-She's no use. -Why is she no use?

She's no use. She isn't a maiden.

She isn't a virgin. Her blood is no use.

Sure she isn't a virgin?

Absolutely. l swear it.

And you need a virgin's blood.

Otherwise, it's no good, l told you.

You're right.

Jose Maria, finish the pentacle. l'll be out for an hour.

-Where are you going? -To find some blood.

You think you can find a virgin in one hour?


With God's help.

"Christmas Eve is coming, Christmas Eve is going.

We are going too and we won't be back again."

You're soaked! lt's raining.

-Will l fix you something hot? -No, no, no.

Well, yes. A coffee.

"The Virgin is combing her hair...

...in amongst the veils..."

-Are you alone? -No way!

Madam is asleep, nothing will waken her.

So l have to prepare everything.

-ls there a celebration? -Christmas Eve.

Of course, Christmas Eve! What was l thinking of?

-Won't you have something? -No, l won't.

You could have some tea, or camomile. l just had some, and anyway, l have to fix the salad. l won't insist if that's how it is.

All right then, l will.

Are you staying for dinner? We have some lovely rabbit.

Rabbit? That's nice!

But l can't, l'm in a hurry. l have to go out again.

-May l ask you a question? -What is it?

Are you a virgin?

-What? -Are you a virgin?

Don't worry, l'm a priest. l'm asking like l was your father or mother.

No, no, l don't mind. lt's just that...

...l wasn't expecting it.

You took me by surprise.

-You don't have to answer. -l don't mind!

-Mmm... -What?

Yes, l am.

Until l get married...

...nothing doing.

That's very good, child.

Was Madam behind this?

-lf she thinks her son and l... -No, l just wondered.

He's never touched me!

He's a drug addict, he's a pig, and he's fat! l don't know what to do.

Don't worry. l'll talk to him. He won't bother you again.

-Really? -Yes. l'm here to help others.

Have your coffee.

-l don't feel like it. -Have it at once! l'm a bit edgy.

l get edgy and...

-l'm very edgy, that's all. -l can see that. What's wrong?

-lt's very serious. -What is? l can't explain it all now, there isn't time.

-l need your blood. -What?

Not all of it. Just a little bottle.

Why do you want my blood? For a transfusion?

No, for an invocation. l have to invoke the devil.

This will sound odd...

...but we had a girl who wasn't a virgin...

...and as it seems we must have a virgin...

...l thought of you.

No, l don't want to. l don't like the idea, really.

Look, you needn't worry. lt's a real emergency.

Keep away!

Now, don't be like that. lt'll only take a moment.

Look, we can do it with this and no one will ever know.

-l'll stick this in you! -Look...



Where are you?

Mina! That girl!


-ls Tere there? -What?

-ls that the whore house? -No, it isn't.

You've made a mistake.

You want the house opposite.

The whores are over there! People come here to sleep! l'll call the police.

Mina! Where are you?

Mina! Are you asleep?

Where the hell are you?

Mina! ls that you?

No, it's me.

Excuse me, father. l can't find Mina.

Do you know where she is? l've been in here for ages, l've seen nothing.

Are you ill?

No, l'm perfectly well, thank you.

Why is the light off?

The light!

That's much better.

Don't worry about me. lt was the rabbit...

-Police? -This is police headquarters.

-There's a murderer in my house. -Name, address and l.D. number?

What? What did you say?

Give me your name, address and l.D. number.

Hello? Hello?


What are you doing?

You don't have to fuck up the floor!

The book says you must do it with the magic knife. l put that in for the sake of it.

Fuck you! You shouldn't have put it!

All you TV people are real fuckers!

You're always laughing at people!

-You're in real trouble. -Who, me?

Yes, you.


This is a kidnapping, and that woman...

...may be dead.

You could go down for a few years.

You're aiding a psychopath, a dangerous madman!

Who knows what he's up to now?

All l'm doing is drawing something.

But you're helping him. You're helping...

...a murderer.

Listen to me!

Can you hear me? Untie me!


Do you want money?

-Say something! -That'll be the cops again.

Damn the bastard!

Fuck it!

That fucking tow truck! For Chrissake!

-What's up? -l'm sorry.

-Where's my car? -We waited for ages.

Then we called the tow truck.

Some friends are expecting us at a party and...


What's going on?

Untie me! Hurry!

He's coming back!

-What happened? -Untie me! Get the knife!


Are you in trouble?

Come on, hurry up!

-What are you doing? -Calling the police!

There's no time. Get the fucking knife!


Good evening!

Now, don't panic!


He's coming! Hurry up!

Forget about that! Hide!

She's gone. She went to call the police!

Get out, Susana!

Run, Susana!

l brought this.

Will it help?

A tape? What's it for?

You know, demonic music.

Heavy? You want to play heavy? lt's Death Metal. lt isn't the same.

Sattanica. They're very good.

-Right. -lt's a form of invocation.

Some have to be played backwards.

Look, do whatever you want. Listen to it backwards.

Play heavy if you want, but l'd rather you didn't.

You're the expert.

Thank you. ls everything ready?

Knife, bread, LSD, immaculate blood. ln under an hour!

Let's get started, please. And in silence.

Read this.

Out loud. lt's your pact with the Devil.

"My lord and master Satan...

...l recognize you as my God and promise to serve you. l now renounce Jesus Christ. l promise to adore you every day...

...to do all the evil l can...

...and to draw as many as l can to do evil. l surrender to you my body, my soul and my life...

...dedicated to you for ever...

...with no intention of repentance."

That's it.

-Now, sign it with your blood. -Heavy!

And now?

Burn it.

Now what?

Nothing. That's all.

What did you expect? Are you convinced?

-Nothing's happening. -Of course not.

This is just messing around. l told you. The Devil! lt's incredible!

Be quiet!

Will we try the music?

No, we won't. We're going to wait.


You see? lt was scared off! lt couldn't cross the pentacle!

My God!

Have they gone? What happened?

Nothing, it's all right.

-lt's better if you go home. -What? And leave you here?

Go home and l'll call you later.

They almost killed us, and you want to stay here!

What's wrong with you? l'm perfectly all right. Nothing happened.

Now, come on. Let's go.

Don't worry, l'll call you tomorrow.

Nothing's wrong. We'll talk tomorrow.

There are hundreds of combinations.

Thousands of millions. There are 15 letters.

A permutation of 15 elements with three repeated twice...

...and two, three times, giving us a total of...

...4,540,536,000 possibilities.

My head's spinning. l think none of them makes sense.

-Almost none. -We use all the letters?

-Yes. -That's it.

This is not a game.

Holy God!

Don't answer. lt might be Susana. lt isn't Susana. l can't help it!

-ls there another way out? -No.

We must get out of here!

Come on!

Follow me! Don't just sit there!

Come on! Hurry!

-lt's him. He's come for us! -The window!

This way.

We're going to die!

-Stop laughing! -This is very high!

Don't push. We have to hold on to the bars.

-Hurry! -Don't push me! l'll fall!

Don't look down!

Be careful!

Be careful!

Take it slowly.

We're at the top.

Only six more letters!

-Just as well! -Wait for me!

Cool it, father.

We'll wait for you.

Don't crowd me!

What are you doing?

-Be careful! -Cool it, man.

Fuck, this is high!

Look up here, folks!

Be careful, you fool!

l can't stop! l can't stop! We're so high up!

-Don't look down! -Look!

Shut up!

You'll knock us off!

Hey, cool it, man.

Going down! l'm going to kill myself!

Fucking great!

Let go of me!

-Let go! -Climb up!

Now, be careful. We're going to move down bit by bit.

-He isn't thinking straight. -Am l not?

What if l jump off right now?

Stop talking rubbish!

We'll all be fucked!

We're going down! We're going down!

Look, father! Look, l'm flying!

Like the angels!

My God!

Don't let go of me!

Don't let go of me!

Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is in the house!

Mom! Dad! Come here!

Santa Claus has come in through the window!

Are you ready, love?

Let's see Santa Claus.

-Happy Christmas. -Good-bye.

And so ended the attempted kidnapping...

...of Ennio Lombardi...

...better known as Professor Cavan...

...from "The Dark Zone"...

...shown on this station.

The motive for the kidnapping is unknown...

...and those responsible, as yet unidentified... l've just heard the news! l rang the hospital but you'd gone!

How are you? Will l get you a chair?

-Do they know where they are? -We have no idea!

Just as well.

You should be in hospital. How are you?

Leave me be! l want to talk to the TVguy!

-Why? -We're on in two hours.

-What? -A special program.

And we stop the Christmas programs? l think you must be in shock!

That is absolutely impossible!

What you asked for...

This? This is garbage! Shit! lt's all they could find in Madrid!

There must be more!

Have you checked the program on sects?

That's true! What about the sects?

Very well. lf that's all there is, you're fired. lt would be easier if we knew what we were looking for.

Don't you fucking listen? l told you!

A place, a fucking site! l don't know.

A building, a square, gardens.

The place where Satanists meet here in Madrid!

But don't bring me another boy possessed by the Devil!

But we only had an hour. We didn't even have any dinner.

We need time. lf l don't get it by tonight, you can shove your dinner!

Ennio, wait!

We can't wait.

-Calm down! -We can't wait!

Mr. Cavan, your autograph?

ls someone going to clean this, or do you expect me to do it?

Ennio! Ennio!

Mr. Cavan...

Can you leave that for later? We're trying to work.

-How are you? -What the fuck are you doing?

Excuse me, happy Christmas.

Can't you see we're busy? l'm glad that you're better. Will you sign your book for me?

My wife and kids love your program.

This book is shit. A fraud. Tell your wife and kids that.

-Fuck! -What?

-l've lost my pen. -Use this.

You're a genius!

We'll slay them tonight!

Everyone else has carols and we have the Devil!

We'll have to do a re-run.

-Your wife's name? -Mari-Angeles.

Dump the program.


Forget the program!

Are you crazy? Why have you sent everyone to look for...

...the Devil's temple?

The Antichrist will be born tonight.


Shut up. Here you are.

Thank you. l got a fright when l saw you on the News, climbing...

Why don't you fuck off?

Wait a minute! The book...

Thank you.

What is it, Cavan? Aren't we paying you enough?

Do you want to be fired and go to another channel?

Are you trying to annoy me so we'll throw you out?

You hurt my eye!

What are you looking at? ln all the time...

...we've worked together, you've never listened to me!

You know that?

Keep moving.

Keep moving, don't stop. Keep moving.

We're stuck. The cops are all over.

Time is running out. lt'll be dawn in a few hours.

We won't last five minutes out there.

What will we do?

We must be very close by now. lf only there was a...

What? What do you want?

A sign. We need a sign.


NEWATHENAEUM Have science and technology left it meaningless?

The answer is no.

The First World War...

...Hitler's rise to power...

...or Russia's conversion...

...are pure facts.

Proof of the clairvoyant power of Michel de Nostradamus...

...the great futurologist, scorned by science...

...but praised by experts who studied his work.

Those who discovered...

A neat place, father!

We can stay here until it all cools down.

The most important thing about Nostradamus was his...

Why didn't l realize? lt will be here!

...thus showing us humanity's future.

-What is humanity's future? -What are you doing?

Well, that is the subject of this talk.

We shall try to analyze the work of Nostradamus...

...from a perspective...

The Antichrist will be born tonight.

Let's see.

As anyone who has studied the subject knows...

...Nostradamus never talks about a specific date...

...but about the Third World War...

..and when the Antipope...

Nostradamus has nothing to do with all this.

-lf you have a question... -Yes. l have one.

Afterwards, please.

-lt'll be here, won't it? -We'll be thrown out.

Why not admit it? lt's going to be here, l know. Answer me.

After this talk we'll have questions.

Don't try to fool me, too.

Listen, l am one of you.

You must believe l'm with you. l sold my soul to the Evil One.

Will you please sit down?

Trust in me! Trust in me!

Just sit down!

Father, come on! Let's go! l signed with my blood.

We're asking you politely. Get out!

What's wrong?

-Why? What's wrong? -Father, let's go!

Wait! Listen!

Wait! Listen!


What is this?

Attention, children.

On the junior floor of our store...

...you'll find all the toys you requested for Christmas.

And the Three Wise Men are here...

...to get your letters. Happy Christmas!

There he is!

Excuse me, you can't...

Stop, you bastard! Get in, father!

Hurry up! Start the car! Get us out of here, fast!

Where are we going?

We're losing them.

Where are we going?

-We have to go back. -How can we? lt's full of cops. l must speak to him. He can't have gone far.

That speaker? He's in Buenos Aires by now.

What are you looking at?

There he is! There he is!

-Stop the car! -What are you talking about?

-Be careful! -lt's him!

Stop the car!

Stop the car!





Tell me where he'll be born!


What did l do? Let me go!

Where will the birth be?

Come on! We haven't got all night!

-What are you talking about? -Come on!

Will l kill him?

But l... l've never hurt anyone!

All l do is give talks! l swear, that's all!

Leave me alone!

Don't hurt me, for God's sake! Please!

He knows nothing.

Will l let him go?

Run, bastard!

Nostradamus! Big mouth!

And watch what you do! l know your face!


Come on, get up! We can't stay here!

-l'm so tired. -We have to get a car!

-Why? -So that we don't get caught! lt's no use. He's playing with us.


The Devil. Don't you realize? He's laughing at us.

Yeah, l guess, but we still have to move.

There's something l haven't told you.

Tell me another day. We...

Your mother fell down the stairs.

-What? -Well, really, l pushed her.

She tried to kill me, when l went for the blood. lt was an accident.

-So the blood we used... -Mina's.

-ls she dead too? -l only gave her some pills.


-So Mina was a virgin? -Yes.

How do you know?

She told me.

Fuck the old lady, anyway.

But what will happen...

...to Grandad?

Go and see him.

Yeah, and leave you alone here.

-l can look after myself. -Sure!

Some chance!

Look, you wait here for five minutes...

...and l'll come back with a car.


Clean up Madrid

-You're one of them. -What? l know everything. lt'll be here. Today is the Day of the Beast.

No, Satannica are on tonight. You can check dates at the bar.

Stop shooting up!

That's enough!


What did they do to you?


Shit! The bastards! l shouldn't have left you.


Come on! Let's go!

l said l'd be five minutes.

Couldn't you have waited?



Now what?

His name is Angel Berriartua.

He is a theology professor at the University of Deusto.

-Hello? -The Dark Zone.

-Hello? -Yes?

Get me Professor Cavan.

Tell him that the priest is here with me.

-What? -He's right here.

Who are you?

Say l'm the one who fucked up his floor.

Wait a moment.

-Yes? Hello? -Cavan?

Cavan! This is Jose Mari. Wait a minute.

Father! lt's Cavan! He's alive. He's on the TV.

He wants to talk to you. He's been looking for you.

Come on, that's it.

Just a bit more.

Come on, take the phone. Look, there he is. ls that you? l can see you in the shop.

-What are you doing? -Trying to help.

That's how you help?

The best way to find you was by using the program.

Now, listen. l'm on to something. Where are you? l don't know. ln Hell.

Please, listen to me! l'm with you. We have to talk! l think l've found it. You hear?

-May l ask a favor? -Whatever you want.

Call the police.


Tell them to come and get me.

What is this?

Do you think this is a trick? That l'm in with the police?

Yes, l suppose so.

Listen to what l'm going to say.

This is a warning...

...for the 10 million assholes watching this fucking program!

The end of the world is tonight!

You understand? This very night!

Christmas Eve is fucked! Christmas is fucked! lt's all fucked!

While you are in your homes happily watching the TV...

...outside on the streets...

...the Antichrist's reign is beginning! l make my living telling the future.

So now you know. ls that what you wanted?

Are you listening? l've found the place where he's going to be born!

There is still time before dawn.

-l think l was mistaken. -How? ln the date?

-ln everything. -How do you mean?

This is madness.

-Maybe poor circulation. -What?

Maybe l'm mad.

The three of us saw that thing in my house!

You see what you want. l don't care if we're mad.

Fuck! Can you hear me?

Listen, l've found the mark of the Devil!

The mark of the Devil?

He'll be cut off!

Put in more money!

l'm out of change.

Tell me where you are!

-Shit! -We cut the transmission.

You've screwed up the program!

We interrupted everything so you could find a madman!

Then you go and lose him!


-What did he say? -What?

-When l asked where he was? -l don't know.

-lf it isn't taped, you're dead! -He said "l don't know" !

What else? After that, what else? l don't know. ln Hell.

What does it matter? This is Hell!

We have a minute before we're back on.

Sit here and calm down. Say anything.

Say it's the end of the world, whatever you like, but say it!

Don't destroy me, Cavan. The whole country is watching!

-l need a newspaper. -What the fuck for?

Music Venue: Hell

Let's go!

What's this?

This is all you've got?

-They're photocopies. -And the signatures?

Satan. So what? lt's the document we used in the invocation.

Notice anything...

...about the signature?

-Marks. -Right.

Now look at the other documents. You see?

They're repeated. ln all the signed pacts kept since the 15th Century.

The same mark.

-l still don't understand. -Fuck it!

One hand made the signatures through the centuries!

That proves nothing.

They were copied, that's all.

All right.

Jose Mari, take the steering wheel!

Keep on driving.

All right, they could be copies.

Now, look at this.

He's a boy we exorcised on the program.

The one we saw in the bar.

Do you still not understand? lt's the mark...

...of the Devil! Did the boy copy it?

Look at the wounds! lt's the same sign!

The Devil does it to his people with a claw.

His real signature.

Let me see.

Be careful!

What are you doing?

Stop the car!

You still don't see!


-What is the sign of Christ? -Just forget it, please.

Answer me! What is the sign of Christ?

-The cross. -Exactly. The cross.

The cross.

-You're drawing it for me? -And Christians...

Where do they celebrate Christ's birth?

-ln a church. -ln a church. ln a church.


...what is a church?

Come on!


What is a church? A cross, fuck it!

An enormous three dimensional cross.

A cross with doors and windows.

You still don't see?



...is the Devil's mark.

Remember? You said it yourself.

The Devil always tries to imitate Christ.

He's the dark side of God! lf God's temple is a cross...

...Satan's temple...

...must be like this.

Well, you have it right there.

We've found it.

You realize?

A secret visible to all.

Just like you said...

-We must go down! -What for?

They'll come up after us!

-But we mustn't fail now. -Come on, you have to hide!

lsn't he on the TV?

He's the bastard who tells the future.

My wife loves him.

Know what? l foresee things too.

You doubt it?

Listen to this. l see that very soon...

...you're going to have a health problem.

Something permanent.

But first, a carol.

"On December 25, boom, boom, boom!"

Get away!

Now, father! Quickly!

Go on! Get going!

-l think he's laughing. -He's a joker.

You think we're funny?

This is not a game.

Let's liven things up.

Clean up Madrid

Here he is, the investigator of the occult.

He knows the present, past and future.

The internationally known Professor Cavan!

Thank you.

Today we begin a new era in "The Dark Zone".

After a nine month break...

...we have returned to arise from the ashes.

We will always remember Ennio Lombardi...

...the former presenter, a great professional...

...a great friend and a brilliant communicator...

...who disappeared in such dramatic circumstance.

Wherever you are, my public sends you this applause.

But let us now turn to the future...

...in that mysterious world we explore...

...in "The Dark Zone".

He's got no style. He can't move.

We'll lose our audience with that idiot.

What really fucks me about this is that l can't tell anyone.

About what?

Fuck it! We saved the world and nobody knows it!

They wouldn't understand. Forget it.

A brilliant communicator!

What rubbish!

Come along.

Lean on me.