El Gringo (2012) Script

You're still alive.

English, Tortuga.

You know where we are?

You're here. Across the border.

From El Franteras.

El Franteras. Uh-huh.

Is it far?

Quick walk. Haw long?

Ten, 15 minutes.

You'll like it-- Aah! Unh.

You'll like it there.

People are very friendly. Heh, heh.

Why'd you have to start shouting, Tortuga?

I didn't want to be taken alive.


A man is only responsible to himself.

Remember that, perro.

Where will you go?


Heh. Acapulco? What are you, an spring break?

That's for tourists.

You want to go someplace nice.

Go to...


Take care of that bag, amigo.

It carries the bland of many men.

Adios, Tortuga.


Come on.


Leave the dog alone.



Hey, girl. Haw you doing?

You're a good girl, huh?

Go on. Get out of here.

I said, go on.


Give me your bag.

Excuse me?

The bag.

I'm not giving you the bag, kid.

You're holding the knife wrong, honey.

You're supposed to hold the knife blade dawn.

Someone comes at you blade up...

...that means they don't know haw to handle a knife.

And give me your shirt.

What? Your camisa. Give it to me.

That's it. Came an.


Have a nice day.

Battle of water, please.

No water, sorry. No water?

Excuse me, miss-- Miss?

Excuse me, sir?

No, I don't want your money. Please go. Please, ma'am, I'm very thirsty.

Excuse me.

Some water, please?

We are closed.

Come on, just one glass.


Mm. Do you have any money?

What, you don't take American money?

I don't take fake money, hmm?

Fake? Mm.

Came back here when you have some real money.

Two hundred dollars for a glass of water. Ahem.


Five hundred dollars for a glass of water. That is my final offer.


You can't drink that.

You're a gringo.

You ever hear of Montezuma's revenge'?


You just killed your first man. Heh.

Welcome to La M.

Shh, shh.

What's up, Flaca?

I jacked that vato that came into town.

What did you get?

He brake your nose?

What happened to your shirt?

He tank it.

He stale the shirt off your back.

Shut the fuck up, putos.

Do you want to get jumped in?


You're going to have to do better than that, flaquita.


Stray dogs. They're the scourge of this town.

Spreading disease and vermin.

Ahh. If I do only one thing as chief, it'll beta rid El Franteras of these...

...miserable, useless creatures.

And you pendejos are no better.


You heard the bass.

Adios, Fronteras.

I'd like to take the next bus to Acapulco.


Si, Acapulco.

Why you want to go there? Spring break?

Lack, can I just get a ticket for the next bus, please?


Why nut?

No bus to Acapulco.

No bus to Acapulco? Mm-hm.

Okay, 50...

Haw do I get there? You tell me.

No bus.

Try tomorrow.

Try tomorrow? ls there gonna be a bus here tomorrow or not?

Try tomorrow.


Okay, ma'am, I'm sorry. I apologize.

But do you know where I can get a glass of water?

Bus leaves at 2. No, there is no bus today.

Of course there is.

They only told you that so you could stay in town longer and spend your money.

I gotta go. It's tan late now.

The bus leaves at 2:00 sharp. You've missed it.

Spend my money? On what?

I can't even buy a glass of water.

Where are you headed?

Acapulco. Heh.

Acapulco? That tourist trap? Yeah.

Lack, if you wanna go somewhere nice, go to Tulum or Akumal.


Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a roam upstairs I could spend the night?

This seems to be the only place in town that'll take my money.

You can stay in the attic.

For one night.

Franteras is not for tourists.

You should leave here, even if it is for Acapulco.

You got a name?

Come on, you can tell me your name.


Anna. Mm-hm.

Well, Anna, you know what I really want right now?


A margarita.

A margarita? Yeah.

We only have straight tequila.

Just tequila.

It's 2:00 in the afternoon.

Welcome to El Franteras.


No, this ain't right.

I don't like this.

I'm getting the shotgun.




Everybody's here. Where's the other one'?

I don't know. I don't see him.

Check the trunk, pendejo.

Get out.

What are you doing? You're a drug dealer.

No, I'm not. You're a bank robber.

No, I'm not.

Get out of my bar.

Why don't you just calm dawn?

Get out. Just let me explain. I can explain.

Where did you get all this money? You went through my stuff?

I have a right to know who is living in my house.

You don't have a right to go through people's stuff.

Where did you get this money, huh?

Hey, no, no, wait!

Get out.

Hey! Wait!



Oh, fuck. Move!

Give me the bag.


...is this the gabacho who bloodied your nose?


Are you sure?

He's tan fast for you.

Maybe you should try to make lave, not war.


Who are you?


Just passing through.

What are you doing here?

On my way to Acapulco.


What, for spring break?

Lack, amigo...

...I don't care where you go.

Just get out of El Franteras.

Bus doesn't leave till tomorrow. Ah.

Make sure you're an it.


Oh, you were a big help.

Get the Predator B airborne.

What do you need a drone far?

They sent four men an that raid. There's only three in the car.

These tracks mean there's a car with a flat tire...

.somewhere between here and the Mexican border.

And I wanna find it.

Suspects heading south on 286.

Copy. Stop and search them.

Copy that. Shit.

Lieutenant, they're on their way back from the buy.

The only evidence they can have is money. We can't hold them an that.

Wanna get Section 33'd again?

You search those bums and report in when you are done.

This is bullshit. Copy that.

Come on, it's called doing your job No, it's called wasting your time.

Haw many scumbags are we supposed to put in jail? They'll just keep coming back.

You come back to finish the jab?


Must be late.

I couldn't sleep.

Oh, you were worried about me?

I was worried about the dag.

Haw do you like our little town?

It's an acquired taste.

El Franteras was once a very nice place.

The Americans used to came here for the festivals.

That's when my father built the bar.

Then the violence came.

The Americans left, the jabs left.

The drug cartels needed this town empty, 50...

They chased everyone away.

The others who stay here are not allowed to talk to outsiders.

They are paid to keep quiet.

Well, that explains why I can't get a glass of water in this town.

So why'd you stay in El Franteras?

My grandmother taught me...

...a person who stands up never stands alone.

You believe that?

Don't you?

Not anymore.

One man can't make a difference, honey.

Trust me.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

This town is not safe for you.

Make sure you get on the bus tomorrow.


Can't I just came back inside?

Where did you get that money?

Guess it's just you and me.

Hula, Tortuga.


Get your head in the game.


Thanks a lat, kid.

Two-twenty-two, do you copy?

Lieutenant West.

Lieutenant, the drone spotted your Cadillac...

...at Mile Marker 63 on the border fence.

Copy that.

Scourge of this town.


I'll get the next one.

One by one, I'm gonna clean up this town till there's no more interference.

Then I will feel like I have done something.

Chief, the gringo.

He carries a black satchel full of money.

In dollars? Yes.

The coyotes didn't came in yesterday.

Instead we get the pinche guerro.

New plan. Yes?

Make sure he does not get the 2:00 bus.

Cover the bus station.

You tell the others, and spread out from there.


Let me crass the border. That's all I wanna do.

You ain't got no jurisdiction.

Don't give me this "nu jurisdiction" bullshit.

These motherfuckers killed three of my men. Three.

Border patrol, DEA mobile enforcement are already on this.

They'll find the bastards who killed them.

So, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Sit an our ass? Is that it?

We are going to observe jurisdiction.

And you are going to fallow orders.

That's tan easy.

Do we understand each other?

Do we?

Yes, sir.

Haw much vacation time do I have?

The bus leaves at 2:00 sharp.

Agua, please?

Miss, came an, I'm dying of thirst here.

Two hundred bucks.

Two hundred bucks. Just take it.

Thank you.

Give me the bag.

Take it easy, kid.

Give me the bag.

You know you're supposed to cock it first, right?

What's your name, kid?

Naco. Okay, Naco.

We can bath just walk away quietly...

...pretend like none of this ever happened.

We got a deal, amigo?

Sneaky little bastard.

Armor-piercing bullets.


It's 2:00.


Wait! Stop the bus! Stop the bus!


What time is the next bus?

No English.

I said, what time is the next bus?

Tomorrow, 2:00.

Thank you.

Find the American.

Finish this.

No, Flaca!



Just listen to me.

Just give me the bag.

Hey, wait.

They're gonna kill you for that money.

Better they find it with me than with you, right?

Fuck you, puta.

We don't have time for pendejadas.

You said one man can't make a difference.

Haw about a woman?

I am a police officer.

A policeman.

Border crossing is in Nogales.

I'm with La Paz. New Mexico Police Department.

Now, if you don't open this gate...

...I'm gonna report you to the DEA and Homeland Security.

Nogales is east of here.

You've got a long drive, migra.

Better get started.

Let's think this through.

If Homeland Security shuts dawn this fence...

...your bosses are gonna have to find another place to conduct their affairs.

Now, that is a lat of last business an your head.

So why don't you just let me through?

All right, it's your funeral.

Oh. Which way to El Franteras?


Why you helping me? You still think I'm a bad guy?

Haw many men did you kill today? Hmm?

I didn't really wanna kill any of them.

Oh. Do you get shat every day?

You have to tourniquet the wounds to stop the bleeding.

You need to tie it off with something.


Oh, yeah. Mm.

It was almost worth getting shat.

Okay. Okay.

Heh. Kind of wish he'd shat me a few more times.

So, uh, what are you gonna use to bandage me with?

Probably your tongue.

I told you to stay away from that guerro pinche, Flaca.

While you, you tried to kill me.

That money belongs to us.

Huh? You have to choose your side, mija. I know.

And I thought if I stale that bag, you would jump me into the gang.

The only way to join La M is to kill a man.

You got that? Huh?


You last this.

I wish I could do something to help you, Anna.

Still, I'm concerned about your safety.

Did you hear about the man who shat up a woman's bar?

That's where I would stay.

A bunch of guys came to a woman's bar...

...and they just started shunting up the place.

And why did they shunt up her place?

Because the town was getting out of central.

And they needed to clean things up.

I hear they gave her until midnight to leave town.

And when she didn't leave...

...they kill her.

Oh, shit.

Three caps dead.

Three good caps.

And you take the money...

...drug money, and you run?

You are a disgrace.

Yeah, you're right. I fucked up.

But you tell me, lieutenant, what's the paint?

You send us out on some bullshit job to pick up some mutts...

...who'll only bounce out on bail or extradition. That's all we ever do.

We never build a case. We never salve anything.

And the good caps die and the bad guys get away. It's bullshit.

You gotta think of the big picture. Take responsibility.

You are just one man. One man cannot change the world.

So, what, are you bringing me in?

I am Lieutenant West of the New Mexico Police Department.

This man is new under my supervision.

What do you want with the gringo?

He's a wanted man in the United States.

I'll be escorting him out of this town. He is no longer your concern.

What about the money?

This money? Are you--? You making a claim an this money?


This money is new state's evidence.

Maybe that money belongs to us. Huh?

Let me explain something to you, Skeletar.

You make a claim an this money...

...I'm gonna have the DEA in here to investigate.

Something happens to me, the DEA will be here to investigate.

Either way, the DEA is gonna be here...

...in your small little town, to investigate.

So the smart play is lower your weapons... allow us to pass, and salute me as I do

Come on.

What did he do?

He stale money from a drug dealer...

...and he left three of his fellow police officers to die.

Come on.

You got until midnight. That's it.

They're gonna make her pay for helping me. Shut up.

You can't just leave her. Shut up. It's not my problem.

Come on. Just keep moving.

Is this more of your handiwork?

You been a busy bay.

Come on.

You got a jail cell in here?

Oh, we've got better than that.

Here's your dinero. You sun of a bitch.

Goad work, lieutenant. That's for you.

Now, this money was supposed to be delivered two days ago in La Paz.

Do you know where it was headed?


See that it gets there.

No problemo.

Apparently, I can trust you more than any of these incompetent pendejos.

Bunch of pendejos!

You hear that? You're all pendejos.

Yeah, you.

So it was you that set us up in the desert. Huh? That phony stop and search.

You ordered those monks to kill us. Yep.

They were good caps.

This had nothing to do with them.

What the hell are you talking about?

This was all about you. You're too damn good at your job.

Do you trust that cap to deliver the money?

He'll do it.

He just saw what happens to caps that steal our money.


And what should we do with the pinche gringo?

Kill him.


Come on.

Son of a...


Hey, what's the problem?

I'm talking to you, asshole. It's the fucking gringo.

He got away. Son of a bitch.



Son of a bitch.


Come on, West.

Son of a bitch.


Come on!

Fucking kill you, West.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Shit. My gun.

Fuck. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.



Three good caps dead.

You got me.

Four cops' lives ruined.

And you take the money and you run, you son of a bitch.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.


I'm just trying to get out of this war.

Same as you.

No. Same war, different sides.

You think you're different from me?

Not at all.

You betrayed your brothers the moment you took this money.

You gonna arrest me?




You had your chance. Huh?

No! No! No! Shh, shh.






It didn't have to end like this, Anita.

You could have just taken the money.

Like all of these people.

You are more stubborn than your father was.

We're gonna have to kill you. Huh?

You already have.

Shut the fuck up. Hmm?

Come on! Do it!

The man is here.

Where is he?


Where the fuck is he?

Shunt him. Come on. Shunt him.

Come on, shunt him.

Shunt him. Come on.

Come on, shunt him.

Come on, shunt him.

Fuck you and fuck La M.

Thanks, kid.

Come into my town.

Steal my money.

Kill my men.

Scourge of this town.

This is a heroin highway.

You're just a man.

There's nothing you can do to stop this.

You can kill everyone in El Franteras...

...but you can't kill every gangster in Mexico.

We'll just keep coming and coming and coming.

Shut the hell up.

Nobody's listening.




Your father would be very proud of you.

I'm sorry about the bar, Anna.

It's okay.

I'll build a new one.

So, uh...

...this is a lat of money.

What will you do with it?

I was thinking about buying a really big glass of water.

You can keep the change.

There you go, ladies. Thank you.

Haw about a margarita an the house?

I didn't think they served margaritas around here.

Can we get another round aver here, please?

Of course. I'll be right there.

The tourists request them.

A margarita sounds pretty good right about now.

What happened to Acapulco?

Acapulco? Mm-hm.

That's a tourist trap. Mm.

You wanna go to a nice place, you go to El Franteras.


...tell me...

...what's your name, by the way?

Well, my name is...