El pacto (2018) Script

Mom, I feel sick.


Clara, darling, come here. What's wrong?

Clara, please. Álex.

Come here.

Please, open your eyes, darling. My love.

Clara, please, I'm begging you, open your eyes.

Garrido. Clara.

An ambulance... to my home. No.

I don't know what's wrong.


Why isn't she saying anything? Please!

Wake up!


Here. What is this shit, Garrido?

Three months without smelling of gin. You've earned it.

Are you trying to learn to cook?

No, my wife made them. Even the dog won't eat them.

Jump or fall?

They saw her jumping.

It seems it isn't the first time she's tried to kill herself.

The poor woman.

Husband? Widow.

Any other witness?

Her son. He saw her falling.

Tell me know when the judge arrives.

When he got down here his mother was still breathing.

Inspector Santos.

What's your name, son?

Like that since we got here.

Kid, do you hear me?

I can't. I can't do it.

Do what?

I can't. What is it you can't do?


Careful with the moles, OK?

Perpendicular, love. OK, mom!

Tomorrow's the last day for handing in the signed permit.

Forget it, it's all been discussed.

Mom, it's the end of year trip.

Everyone's going.

Yes, love, but you're not like everyone.

Well, if you let me, maybe I would be.

No. It's too long, you're not ready.

Oh, no? Look, maybe I'm not the one who isn't ready.

Good morning. Good morning.

They really suit you. I love them. You shouldn't have.

How is your father managing on his own?

Still getting used to it. How's your little girl?

My "little girl"? if only she were still my "little girl"...

Here. What have you got for me today?

Good morning, Mr. Navarro. How are you?

My name is Mónica Molero and I've been assigned as your public defender.

I'm going to do everything I can to offer you a fair defense.

I asked for a man. Excuse me?

A woman won't defend me.

I have no doubt you'd prefer a man to defend you.

Under age, if possible.

Shall we begin?

Take him away.

I'll see to the paperwork.

He doesn't deserve a lawyer like you.

What do you want, Alex? We know each other.

We have to talk about Clara. About Clara or the money you owe us?

Don't worry about the money. This week I get paid the overtime.

Clara rang me last night. And?

She wants to live with me.

Did you tell her she could?

You want her to mature, don't you? Let her make her own mistakes.

Not a chance.

Are you never going to speak to me again?

Clara, your grandfather's boat is no place to live.

It's barely afloat.

What your father should do is buy a normal house with foundations.

He'll fix it. Yeah.

Do you know how long I've been hearing that?

Since you were born.

Do you think I like being the bad cop? No, I don't.


I can't bear it when we get angry like this. Say something, please.

Last night Fran Ortiz's mother jumped from a ninth floor.


Sweetheart, you have to eat.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day for handing it in.

Fine. Be careful.

I'm leaving!

Love, I don't mind taking you. Really, it's on my way.

I do.


What are you doing? It's my mother's car.

Get in.




Her phone is switched off. I can't trace her.




We don't know how long she's been in a diabetic coma.

The reaction time is vital.

I'm sorry.

Will she get better?

I don't want to give you false hopes.

The possibility of her waking up some day is unlikely.

Unlikely but not impossible.

In my 30 years as a doctor I've seen other patients in Clara's state, and I've never seen any of them wake up.


Why? I don't understand.

Garrido took a statement from the kids who found her in the old cement works.

She was on the ground, with no phone, no backpack...

Probably a mugging.

What was she doing there?

I shouldn't have left her on her own. Mónica...


I should have gone with her. I knew it.

My little girl.

My little girl.

If she doesn't wake up, I'll never forgive myself.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

We're in the same class.

My mother is in here too.

Fran Ortiz?

Clara mentioned you.

How's your mother?

Will she get better?

I'll be back soon.

Could you take care of her?





Why have you got her phone?

Put that down.

Put that down, Fran.

Don't do anything stupid.

Save her.

What? If you want Clara to live, you can't tell anyone what you'll see there.

Go to that place and save her.

I couldn't... I can't...

Did he do anything to you? Monica, are you all right?

Mind your head.

I can have them take you home. You should rest.

No. I'll stay here till they throw me out.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Ma'am, I'm sorry but you should go now.

Keeping quiet won't help you.

We've found your prints on her things and on your mother's car.

Fran, we know you tried to kill her.

Tell us why and the judge will take your collaboration into account.

Well, as you wish.

I'm in as much of a hurry as you are.

I knew she'd try again.

Try what?

My mother.

A month ago she slit her wrists. In the hospital the tall man told me she'd try again. But she didn't have to die.

That's why I went there, in case she did it again.

Where's there? Where did you go, Fran?

That man was right. She's alive.

She jumped from a ninth floor and she's alive.

Now, someone has to die.

I've run out of time.


No, please, no!


No! No, please, no!

Calm down, Fran.

No, I don't want to die. I don't want to die!

Fran, where...?

Fran, where did you go? Fran, where?

What's wrong with him? Fran.


Get a doctor, quick!

What's wrong with you?

Fran! Fran!


Is anyone there?

Can I help you?

How did you find me?

Who told you about me?

I'm sorry. This is a mistake, I shouldn't have come here.

I can save her.

She doesn't have to die.

What do you know about me?

If you're here it's because only I can help you.

How? That isn't the question.

What matters is, what would you be willing to do not to lose her?


Then she can be saved, but the price is high.

How much?

I don't want your money.

You'll pay... but in due time.

For now, I just want one thing.

Your worst nightmare.


Wake up!

Wake up, please! No!


We can begin.

You have nothing to lose.

Yes? Mónica, where are you?

At home. The hospital called.

What's happened? They want to see us. Hurry.

I've never seen anything like this.

Clara's case is like a miracle.

A miracle? One in a million.

I've spoken to other colleagues. No one has seen anything like this.

When can she come home?

We'll keep her in observation for 24 hours.

If she continues like this, you can take her home soon.

Just one thing...

Clara doesn't remember anything about what happened.

That's the best thing for now.

I'm going to work, sweetheart.

Look after mom.

I'll speak to the inspector.

I'll ask for a few days, at least until everything gets back to normal.

Are you all right?

A bit tired. That's all.

I'll pick you up tomorrow.

Call me if you need anything. OK.

Ma'am, if your purse isn't in Lost Property, I don't think you'll find it.

I just want to make sure it isn't there.

I don't know where else to look. Can we keep going?



There's your purse. Will I fast forward?

No, please.

Are you sure this is from last night? Yes, of course.

What's wrong? A power cut.

Ma'am, you didn't leave the bag here. I'm sorry.


Are you all right? Let's go to...

How did last night go? Fine.








Ángel Martos?

I'm sorry to bother you. I wanted to speak to you for a moment.

Just a few questions.

About what?

May I?

This is the last photo I took of her.

The doctors couldn't do anything more for her. But I could.

So I did it. What did you do?

Only he could save her, that's what he told me.

I didn't believe in those things. No one does, right?

Until you've got nothing else left to believe in.

Have you told anyone?

Even I don't know what I did. I don't remember anything.

It's better like this. It's a trap.

That's why when I got out of prison I shut myself away in here, to stay away from the people I loved most.

Knowing that you have this power for all your life is a curse.

The temptation to do it again is too great and the price is too high.

Did she get better?

The doctors had never seen anything like it.

One in a million.

Where is she now?

She had a relapse.

The time to pay ended and...

She died because I didn't pay.

I wasn't capable.

Capable of what?

Capable of killing.

That's how the pact works.

You save a life in exchange for another.

You have to take someone else's life or your worst nightmare will come true.

What are you saying? I'd never kill anybody.

That's what you believe now but he'll tempt you.

He'll put you to the test time and again, like he did with me.

Like he did with him.

Fran never killed anyone.

And what happened him? He died, didn't he?

His worst nightmare.

What adolescent isn't terrified by his own death?

Soon you'll know how much time you have. The spider will tell you who your victim is.

Let go of me or I'll scream! Listen to the spider.

Another thing, your own life doesn't count.

Suicide would be too easy. Leave me alone.

Don't waste any more time or your daughter will die.

Come on, love, give me a hand.

It'll do you good to do something.

What are you doing?

He told me he knew a place.

That no one would see us.

He took my things and locked me in the car.

Please! Please, let me out! Please!


He told me he didn't want to do it, but he had no choice.

Please! I could die!

Please! Please!



I don't understand, dad. I don't understand!

There, there.

There, there, love.

How long?

I said, how long?

The prosecution wants for 20 years, but considering that the victim is 15 and he admitted you didn't force him, 10 or 12 years.

And if I claimed temporary insanity?

You aren't mad.

You can distinguish perfectly between right and wrong.

But insanity would be a mitigating circumstance.

I wouldn't even get two years.

If you did your job I wouldn't have to go to prison.


Any other lawyer would fight to get me declared sick. Yes or no?

Yes or no?


Fucking bitch!

I'll report you. I'll have you recused.

Go ahead. Do me that favor. What are you doing?

Where do you think you're going? Don't dare open that door!

Sit down!

Get help! Get help, please!

My pills...

I'll leave the towels here.


why do you carry an unloaded gun?

I wish I'd always carried it like that.

But you were doing your job, right? You saved your partner.

Yes, but no one should be able to decide about another person's life.

Is that why you started drinking?

Is that why you separated?

I haven't had a drink in three months.

Get in the bath.

I'll get my jacket. OK.

Clara is a bit better. She's going to have a bath.

Álex, listen.





Clara, can you hear me?

Clara, open the door!

Clara! Clara!

Look at me. Are you all right? Are you all right?

Look at me.

I'm going to die. No.

We're all right, my love. Trust me.

Sit down.

Hello, this is Álex.

Leave a message after the tone.

Álex, I need to see you. I'm on my way with Clara.

I have to tell you something.

Are you OK?

Are you OK?

Don't move.

Emergency, 112. Hello?

We've had an accident.

OK. Send someone quickly.

Can you give me the exact address? No, not exactly.

Just a minute.

Yes, it's the... C42, kilometer 94.

Very well, the emergency services are on their way.

Has anyone been wounded? Clara?

Ma'am? Clara?

Clara... Clara!

Clara, come up!

It's dangerous, get out of there!

Come up! Come up! Come up!

Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

Clara, come up!

Come up! Hurry up!


How are you? They got out unharmed.

And the other car?

Let's go home. Come on.

I'm going to bed.

Come with me.

What's wrong?

What happened tonight.

I let the driver die. I could have saved him but I didn't.

No. No one could have done anything.

Clara and you were in danger. You saved her life.

You don't understand.

I went to a place the night Fran died.

He sent me an address and told me... I know.

Today Garrido arrested that fraud. I talked to him.

I know you went to see him and I know what he told you.

If you know everything, you know what I had to do so as not to lose Clara.

That man... I killed him, Alex, I killed him.

Mónica, it was an accident. No, you don't understand.

Clara had no possibility of recovering.

Yes, she did. Come on, one in a million.

Mónica, we've been under a lot of pressure these days.

You need to rest.

No, things are happening that I can't explain.

No, no, look at me. Look at me carefully.

Look at me, Mónica.

You went to that place and no one can blame you for that.

You were desperate.

But that man didn't help you.

He took advantage of you, and not only of you.

He's taken advantage of a lot of people over the years. And you know why?

Because no one wants to accept that all of us, some day, will lose the people we love. No one does.

But it's inevitable.

And you and I will have to accept it too some day.

That's cheating.

Mom! You could easily have got that.

Mom, go on.

Mom, go on.

Grandfather's compass. I've fixed the boat.

You have?

When you come back I'll teach you how to use it.

It's time you learned to sail.

How about some coffee?

Shouldn't you go and sleep, love?

Tomorrow you're traveling.


Well, I'm going to bed.

I'll go with you. No, no. You needn't bother.

You two enjoy the night.

Shouldn't we go inside?

So soon?

Don't you like it here?

What's wrong, Mónica?

It doesn't matter.

Mom! Clara!


There's someone in the house! What? Who?

I don't know. I saw someone.

Are you sure? You two stay here.

I can see you. Come out

I'll count to five.




four! Come out, you son of a bitch!



Call the police. And stay here.




Álex, Álex.

Oh, no!

Darling, open your eyes.

We've called someone to help us.

Hang on, OK?

Hang on, we'll get out of this. I promise you.



Álex! No, please, please, I'm begging you.

Don't go, please. Don't leave me alone, please.

Please, please.


Mom, the police are coming! Mom, where's dad?

Mom, mom! Mom, open the door!

Mom, please, open the door!

I don't want to be alone! Please, open the door!





How do you feel?

What happened to me?

You passed out when you hit your head on the floor.

Do you remember anything about what happened tonight?


When you came down was Alex already unconscious?


Where did you find him?

Where you picked him up. I couldn't move him.

It wasn't there. Dad!

He hid over there.

I went after him and when he came out he charged at me.

I fell over there.

Do you remember anything else?

He was pushing me. That's the last thing I remember.

Are you sure that's where you found him?

He must have got up before he passed out because I found him here.

Are you feeling better?

And you, Clara?

I didn't see anything. Mom closed the door.

I didn't want you to see him like that, darling.

Anything else you can add?

Did you see the license plate?

The make of car? The color?

Did you pass him when he came out of the basement?

If I showed you photos, could you recognize him?

It was very dark. I'm sorry.

Don't worry. They always leave some print.


My brother...

You could have saved his life, but you let him die. What do you want?

I want you to lose everything. What do you mean?

Did you know she has your eyes?

Your daughter.

When she's scared... she has the same look.

Stop! Don't you dare go near my daughter, you hear?

Don't you dare.

If you find any prints... You'll be the first to know.

You rest, I'll see to it.

Good night, love.

How long is dad staying?

Until he recovers.

I'm not sure about Amsterdam. I don't feel like it now.

How can you not go on that trip? You wanted to do it so much.

My love.

Don't worry about us.

Dad will be fine, I'll take care of him.

You know, there's something you have to promise me that you'll never forget.

It's that everything I do and everything I've done and everything I will do, I do it for you.

You'll remember, won't you?

Promise me.

I promise.

Now, go to sleep, OK?

A pain killer. Thank you.

Do you need anything else?

The bed is more than enough. You'll get it back tomorrow.

You can stay as long as you need to. Take it.

You'll sleep well. Good night.


Where's my shirt?

The one I was wearing at dinner.

It was dirty.

Good night.

Are you sure you're all right? Yes, I'm fine, don't worry.

Don't be in a hurry to get better, OK?

Go on.

Mom, please...

I'm only going for a week.

That's true. Go on.

My bag. Your bag.



I love you.


I've just heard about last night. How's Álex?

Much better, thanks. Listen, do me a favor.


I've got a case. A hit and run.

Do you have the license plate?

Yes. We'll see who the bastard is.


Come on, come on...

Hi, this is Mónica. Leave your message after the tone.

Mónica, it's Álex.

Don't do anything stupid, you hear?

Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't do it.

Call me.

Find this, hurry.

Son of a bitch...


Close the door or I'll shoot you!

Close... the door.

Close the fucking door!

Close the fucking door.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Raúl Osorio. The guy who broke into your house.

The prints coincide.

He's the brother. What brother?

Of the driver who died in Mónica's accident.

He was thrown out of the car. He was saved from the fire.

Why has he got a file? For aggression.

He left his neighbor tetraplegic because his music annoyed him.

He went to a psychiatric hospital.

I was there.

I saw it all.

You killed my brother.

He was all I had! Don't accelerate!

Calm down or I'll shoot.

That's why you're following her, for revenge.


What were you going to do? Nothing.

I wasn't going to do anything. I just wanted to scare her.


You shot my husband, son of a bitch!

Start driving. No.

Start driving or I'll shoot. Drive, you son of a bitch. Drive.

I've got it.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

It'll come on the right.

Stop here.

Give me the key.

Get out.

Get out!

Turn round! Don't look at me!


Don't kill me, please. I've got a family.

My wife, my children, what will become of them?

You have no family. What?

You have no family!

Before, in the car, you told me that your brother was all you had.

So you're lying.

What were you going to do to my daughter?

What are you doing?

Turn round.

Turn round.

Are you going to kill me?


What have I done?


I don't deserve this. Stop!

You don't really want to do it.

You don't have to do it.

Don't do it.


Don't hurt me.

I like your eyes.

You have the same look as your daughter.

It's a pity you're never going to see her again.

Mónica, open your eyes. Look at me.

That's it. I'm here now. Take it easy.

No. No!


Press on that... and don't move.

They'll come and get you.

No, no, no.

Álex, no.


Clara, say something. Clara...

Hey, Clara.

She took her insulin before she got on the bus.

How low should it be by now? 150.

Hi. I'm still here waiting.

He's in the abandoned cement works. Who is?


You'll find him there, handcuffed. Send an ambulance.

An ambulance? What are you talking about?

He was going to hurt Clara.

Tell me where you are. I'm sure you can explain all this.

Shut up and listen.

He's got two bullet wounds, I shot him.

How are you feeling?

What am I doing here?

Where's that man?

An ambulance is going for him. What?

No, you have no idea what you've just done.

I know you can't understand... but that man should be dead.

You have to believe me. Time is running out.

I believe you.

Clara is in the hospital.

The insulin isn't having any effect.

The doctors don't know what's wrong with her but you and I do.


I know what you did with Clara... and I know what you did with me.

My clock.

Ten years ago when Clara was in hospital and they told us she wouldn't recover, he appeared.

We arrested him trying to leave the country.

At that time, he was involved in various murders.

He looked into my eyes and he told me that Clara was going to die, but that I could prevent it.

So... I made a pact.

If I helped him he'd help me.

I bribed the judge.

I was just thinking about Clara... and you.

It happened exactly as he said.

Despite what everyone told us, Clara got better.

When I shot that man to save Garrido,

it wasn't in self-defense, it was an execution.

The price I paid for saving Clara.

And I've been paying it for ten years.

What are you doing?

I won't let you make the same mistake I made.

Open the door. I'm sorry.

The keys, Álex. What for? What are you going to do?

Save Clara.

Are you going to kill the first person you meet?

Clara doesn't deserve to die. Nor does the person you'll choose.

Give me the fucking keys!

No, I don't want to listen to you! I don't want to listen! Give me the keys!

During this time, I saw my brother die.

I could have saved him but I didn't.

The price is too high and you know it.

I wish someone had done this for me 10 years ago.

What are you saying?

She's your daughter, Alex. She's our daughter.

Don't you see? Fear has led you here.

Saving you has brought me here. Exactly.

And you shouldn't have done it.

You could have asked for help, but no, you were scared.

And if you use that gun again, you'll live with fear the rest of your life.

Darling, believe me, we have to put an end to this.

Together. We should do it together.

I'd rather live with fear than live without Clara.

Get out of the way.

Open the door.

Open the door.

Open the door! Open the door!

I swear I'm capable of anything for her.

So am I.

Go ahead.

Pay the price.

Come on. Come on!

Do it.

Do it!

Time's running out. Come on, do it!

I can't!

I can't.

I can't.

I can't.


Translation: Deidre McCloskey Subtitles: LASERFILM