Elefante blanco (2012) Script

Stay together! Don't spread out!

Shine a light over there.

I think he is there. Where?

Move forward. Forward!

Be careful!

Tell me where he is! Where is he?

Where is he? Tell me!

Tell me!

Where is he?

Fucking shit! Where the fuck is The European?

Check the back! Bring the people here!

Tell me!

You! All move fucking shit!

C'mon! All of you! Get down!


Check the houses! Don't kill us!

You! Damn it!

Check every damn place!

["Quechua" speaking.]

Up there? Thanks.


It's me.

Let's go.

Bye. See you tomorrow.

Thank you Julian.

Thank you.

C'mon motherfucker!

Dare to shoot, you faggot!

C'mon, you son of a hitch!

Shut up cocksucker! You shut up douchebag!

Shoot you bitch!


It's so big. How many people live at the slum?

It's hard to know. At least officially. Besides, this is not even on the maps.

We tally during baptisms for an estimate.

Between kids, godparents and family it's around fifteen thousand.

The whole slum probably doubles that.

Thirty thousand? Yes. This was meant to be a hospital.

Three hundred families live here now. Plus us among them.

The original project dates back to 1937.

Created by a socialist, Alfredo Palacios.

It was approved by the Congress.

Construction was stopped... and reinitiated almost 20 years later during Peron's term.

Then it was stopped again, after the coup in 1955.

It was going to be the biggest hospital in Latin America.

Now they call it "White elephant".

Good morning! This is Father Nicolas.

-Good morning, Father. Hello.

Anything to drink? Tea? No thanks.

I want to show you the site then... Julian! Come!

Hold on. Sure.

“What is it? I be there later...

What is it? They need help at the kitchen...

Stay with Nicolas. Okay. Bring the buckets.

Hi Nicolas. My name is Lisandro.

Welcome. Let's go to the chapel. Thanks. Sure.

Need any help? Sure.

Did you rest? Yes.

We are proud to have you here.

Julian told us all about your work at Amazonas.

Come back later...

-Hello Luciana. Hello.

How are you doing? Fine. You?

This is Nicolas... Yes. I've met him. Feeling better?

Yes. We have water in the chapel.

Are you coming? In a minute.

You better wear your collar or people will not recognize you.

A couple of weeks ago they put a gun to the head of one of the kids volunteering for school tutoring.

They thought he was with the cops.

It's the first time anyone's told me [ look like a cop.

Hi there! Hi.

Hold this. Sure!

Morning! Hey there.

There's plenty of water! Come to the baptism, girls...

I's next week.

Thanks. It's really damp.

It takes five days to dry.

Roberto... Hello. Everything okay?


How are you doing, Irma?

Bring your kid to the baptism. Okay...

Good morning. Hey guys! Here are some flyers...

Spread the word. Next week. On Thursday.

Good morning. Hey there! Let's keep going.

Did you get any water in here? It's so muddy!

-How is your leg? Better.

I'm glad. Careful where you step.

-Julian... “What?

-There are sixteen on the list already... Really?

Seven more with no ID. Did you talk to Luciana?

I told her. She will look into it.

Good morning! I guess we'll be okay...

It's so muddy... Good morning! Good morning, Father!

Good morning. Good morning.

That's a lot of water!

Let's see what we can do.

Is this it? Yes.

This is our chapel.

-Julian... Hello!

Good morning. Hi there, Cruz! This is Cruz.

This is Nicolas. The foreign father!

Everyone's talking about you. Father Nicolas.

Cruz gives us a hand with the workshops and pretty much anything else he can!

Let's take the water out. We are taking the pews out so they don't rot.

It'd be a pity if these got wet.

Lord Jesus Christ, You said to your friends:

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.

Look not on our sins but the faith of your Church, and, as You say, grant peace and unity.

You live and reign and love us.

Forever and ever. Amen.

Peace be with you always. And also with you.

Let us offer each other a sign of peace.

Peace be with you.

When I was a kid, every time my father wanted to beat me...

I climbed like a monkey to the roofs and he used to say...

Get down here, "Monito" I'm not going to hit you.

So everyone started calling me Monito.

I don't like it. My name is Esteban.

It's a pain in the ass...

Now everyone at the slum calls me Monito.

I like it here anyway...

You like it here? You're here for the fix, man!

Don't mess with me, man! I'm talking serious stuff.

I'm going to tell you something because I'm fed up with you.

Do you want to be here at the slum? Sure!

If you want to be here, then clean up, man!

Because if you leave, the slum will go out and find you, man.

Cut the crap! It's not the slum's fault.

So why do you think we are this way? Okay, shut it man!

At school, the posh girls ask me: "How can you live in the slum?"

I tell them I'm okay here.

I feel well. That's good.

Oculta rules!

Yes, okay. The slum is our place, we don't have to deny it.

But it's also good to get out. Change the air for a while.

That's what the farm is for. So you can be away from the stuff that hurts you.

I have nothing, Father. What are you talking about?

You have God... What would you do in my situation?

Would you be in my position? Getting out is your choice.

You can get support from the group, from us, from your family...

Family? We were all abandoned when kids!

There's people who care for you, Chato.

It's the way it works. You have to take it day by day.

Then if I do drugs God will punish me.

God is not there to punish you.

That's how people who don't understand God think.

Try to think of God as a friend.

Friends don't always choose the right path.

Besides... the wrong path is always cooler.

Yeah! Isn't it?

What did the other Father make out of all this?

What did I just say?

That you like to party.

You're one of the cool ones!

How do you say party in French?

What about bullshit?


And go fuck yourself? Enough!

Doesn't it translate? Yes, it does.

Who's been missing? For how long? Two weeks. Good morning!

Morning! Don't know. Let's ask Cruz.

Let's. Hi there.

Hello. Hey guys. How do you do?

How are you? We are just a few...

Yes! I can tell! There are many missing...

What happened? Anybody knows? I don't know, Julian.

Don't you speak with the others? I've told them a million times, Father.

So? They don't want to come.

But if you are friends, try to talk them into coming.

It's important that they come, right? They keep saying they will but...

This is Andy. He wants to be part of the workshops.

Hello. Hi Andy!

Make room for him!

Thanks... Sit here.

I'll see you later. Okay.

Bye bye. Shall we continue?

See you later, Julian.

Okay. Let's put one. Hold this one for me Marga...

Hail Mary, full of Grace. Our Lord is with thee.

Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

All this must go. This is where the housing project will be built.

The people living here now, will be the first to get the new apartments.

Good morning, Father. Hi there!

Are they happy?

Yes... Mostly they are.

Not only the conditions get better, they also get to stay at the hood.

They stay here among their people, their family and friends...

Someone always complains...

It's the same everywhere.


This is the project. Come.

Do you know what's best?

All these people are building their own houses.

Over there...

A refectory for 300 people will be built.

A day care center...

A community clinic...

And right here... at this pit...

The chapel. The chapel?

We all want that, Domingo!

You want it, they want it, I want it.

-We are all working for the same cause. Hello.

We won't be able to finish construction if we never get paid.

What happened? Same as usual, Father!

We haven't been paid in over a month and she doesn't get it...

I do get it! I'm just saying there are other ways.

We need to be patient. Sorry... Let's get this straight.

She is not part of the construction company nor the city council.

She is a social worker lending a hand.

We all want the houses built and a better neighborhood.

If something's wrong we'll try to fix it. Have some faith, Let's do something. 'I talk to both the city council and the construction company to see what they have to say.

Is that okay with you? But you have to keep on working. Okay?


The problem is not just them. They are not getting materials...

< know! I'll talk to the bishop... They can't work this way!

Give me a couple of days.

Can I talk to you, Father? Sure. Give me a minute...

What's going on, Father? What's going on with what?

With these, the money... People can't hold on much more...

I don't know. I'm trying to find out. But you need to have some patience.

How are you doing so far? Good.

What about you? Good.

Today we'll finish filling the forms for your new home.

Look this way...

There we go... One more!

Birth date? January 29th, 1965.


What's your current address?

Block 27 bis, house 25.


Let's see... Sit.

I don't deserve God's love.

I'm ashamed.

I'd rather it was me...

It's easy to be a martyr, To be a hero too.

The hardest thing is working day after day knowing your work is meaningless.

These are the words of Father Mugica:


I want to die for them.

Help me live for them.

I want to be with them when the light comes.”

I did nothing.

I did nothing!

There was nothing to do.

I feel guilty for having survived.

The guilt won't let me breathe.

Staying alive is your obligation...

Your duty.



I absolve you...

of all your sins in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...



I baptize you in the name of the Father.

And of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Very well... Thank you.

Thank you. Congratulations!

Come on! Let's see! Looking handsome!

Let's see. I baptize you in the name of the Father...

And of the Son... Cut the crap, dude!

-Let go! Cut the crap! What is it?

Stop, Esteban! Cut it out, dude!

I'll get the gang! Take it easy!

C'mon man! What's going on?

Let me go! Calm down!

Come here! What is it?

I'm fine! Why is always me? Are you okay?

Hey! You get out of here, man! No, no, no! Take it easy!

I'm going to kill you, man!

Look at me! Look at me!

Let's take him out!

Hey Monito! Take him to the house.

Who let him in? Yeah! Take him before I get him!

Come here! Take it easy.

Get out of here! Get out!

What happened? Look at you!

Why don't we try it for a while? Did you talk to his father?

He won't hear.

We have to try again.

Look at me.

Look at me. Is this what you want for yourself?

Is it really?


Go. I'll go with you.


Take a shower. You'll feel better.

-Trust me. No!

Esteban is on constant relapse mode, I thought he was on a good streak.

He used to deal for Sandoval. He got into trouble with the police.

That's why his father is wary about him going to the farm.

It's tough for the kids to be here.

How many years have you been working here?


I did my internship at Bajo Flores.

A less dangerous slum than this one.

Why are you here now?

What about you?

I like the sun.

Good morning, Luciana. Hello Mabel. Did you go to the office?

I go next Wednesday. I promise.

Don't sit on it! It's due this week. Go!

Okay... It's here.

These are the papers I need you to sign if we want Esteban to get in.

But you know he has a record... Yes.

If someone from the court finds him, he's going to jail.

Don't worry. We can trust these people.

What? I know it's hard but we need to do something.

He is not well, Ramon. I mean it.

He just made a terrible mess at the chapel.

He is running wild.

If he stays he'll get worse.

Think about it. I leave the papers.

'I come back later or you can find me at the office.

Esteban! Are you okay?


Get down!

Get down!

You'll kill yourself! Get back here!

Stuck-up priest!

The Father is here, dude...


Esteban... Drop that.

Hey man! Don't mess with me!

You made me come up here, you're coming with me now.

Come on! You guys shut it!

Cut the crap, Father. Let him be...

C'mon. Let's go.

Give us the stash back, Monito!

The pigs raided Villa 31...

Twelve hundred pounds.


That's a lot of dope and it's good it's not near the kids.

But if they found twelve thousand, it means there's a lot more around.

That should happen here. What should happen?

They should get all those motherfuckers inside the soccer court and fucking shoot them all.

You think that's going to fix it?

I don't know. Who would do it?

The cops?

Or you? Whatever!

You know a lot of Sandoval's people. Some are even your friends.

What about the kids?

Your students at the day center.

Some of them are or were dealers. What about them?

You'd fucking shoot them also?

What about Monito? Who keeps hanging out with Sandoval?

What would you do with him? I don't know...

Oh! You don't know.

Please, let's get a picture of the Secretary and the Father.

Good... Congratulations, Julian!

Thank you.

Everyone get tighter, please...

Gentlemen... This is the first housing project we open of a long series planned for this coming year.

Very well, gentlemen...

Of course, supervised by the Bishop and his team of... slum priests, That's the right term, isn't it?

Britto and Ojeda are going to come, plus some other people from the government.

They will announce the new housing project bid.

It seems like they have a right to be here, don't you think?

I think they ought to pay up first. Then they can come.

Are you aware of all that's going on?

It was us who put the project together, so it's us dealing with all the complaints.

You're right. Don't worry, Father. Everything is going to be fine.

How could I not worry? It's okay, Julian.

Rafael, for more than 10 years I've been illegally occupying building areas that no government ever finished.

If we want to succeed, we need to do something right away.

Our reach is limited, there's no need to explain that to you...

Then go to Town Hall and find out what's going on.

I've already been to the City and Town Hall. I spoke to the Minister...

Then go back and demand to be heard! Use your rank as a bishop!

Stop it, Julian, I'll go again.

Julian inherited many properties.

He sold them and invested in the parish.

He helped a lot of people, without the Bishopric knowing.

Is your family wealthy too?

Yes. Sort of, So you both can afford to be poor.

I'm kidding.

You don't like to talk much.

You haven't said more than twenty words the whole trip.

I'm listening.

It doesn't seem so.

Did you know that Julian spent like six months at a silent retreat?


Did you ever do something like that? Yes.

When I was ordained. Almost a year.

One year without speaking?

How did you do it?

I kept quiet.

After something like that, you really think about each word before you speak.

Now I feel anything I say is going to be lame.

No, no! Goon.

-No! That's it for me. Please!

Shall I put on some music?

How did you meet Julian?

When I started working in the slum.

He helped me a lot at winning the local's trust.

He's very appreciated there. He was sort of my bridge to the people.

You two met during one of his trips, right?

Yes, when I was finishing the seminar.

[ Followed him, listened to him...

Later on, he was my confessor.

We were very close for many years.

He really trusts for you. You can tell he cares for you.

Are you okay? Yes.

I can carry it. Okay.


I think no one's in.

Let's drop it at the chapel. Okay.

-Do you need any help? No, it's fine.

Keep going, man! Shoot him!

Keep going! I'm going to kill you, fucker!

You're going down, man! Shoot, man! Shoot!

He turned there! Keep going! Calm down.

Come at me, bro! You're going down, motherfucker!

Calm down.

Don't run away, you pussy! Let's go Luciana!


This is for Sandoval, you son of a bitch!

Let's go! You are going to pay, douchebag!

He turned into that alley, man!

Let's go! This is for Carmelita, fagots!

Turn, turn! Long live Sandoval, motherfuckers!

Get out of here, fuckers...

They killed my nephew.

They won't give us his body. I need to do something!

They will eventually...

My brother-in-law won't let them go in peace!

This is going to get worse every day.

I need help, please!

Calm down...

I can't calm down!

Julian is not answering...

I can't calm down!

I need you to bring Mario. Please do something!

You need to do something! You need to calm down.

Where is this place? I know where.

No. Hold on, Cruz please...

We need to wait.

-We can't get into Carmelita's zone. Why?

Sandoval is the kid's godfather. This is a war between them.

We can't get involved. We have to wait for Julian.


Cruz. Let's go. Let's go.

Where are you going, Nicolas? You can't go there.

Wait, Nicolas. Nicolas!

Let's wait for Julian. Don't go! Nicolas!

Just past the comer, you can find door 102...

Kids come here to buy. It's her lab.

She's been at war with Sandoval for a while now.

Over who gets to own the hood.

This is as far as I go.

He comes to meet Carmelita. I work with Father Julián.

Go in, Father. Thanks Take care. I'll wait here.

What's up, Father?

I'm here to see her.

Hello. The priest can go in.

Okay. C'mon.

Let him in.

Beware! The Father is here.

Let him in. What is it?

Watch out! Stop it!

Keep walking. Don't be afraid.

This way, Father. Don't look!

It's all good. Go in.

That way, Father. That way.

Hey! Move along! Out!

Keep going!

It hurts, man! Help me! Keep moving

The priest is getting in!

Come this way.

Ma fir“!

Good evening. Evening.

You're the new priest, right? What do you want?

I'm here for Mario.

Just tell Sandoval to stay out of my zone.

We want peace.

That's a lot to ask for.

Release him.

You can use that wheelbarrow.

-Tum there. Here?

Yes! C'mon.

That way.

What do you have there, Father?

It's Mario! We need to see Sandoval.

Let's take him inside! We'll take him.

No. You stay. What is the matter?

I said stay! Hey c'mon! Stop it!

You stay. You go Nicolas.


Open up! We have Mario.

Thanks, Father.

Make this... stop now.

Get out. Leave.

We never went there, It's not our place to go.

It's not a priest's job to negotiate with a drug lord.

I didn't go to negotiate, I went to ask.

Same thing, it sets a precedent. But, Julian...

How do we keep the kids from getting close to these guys if we go to their houses asking for favors?

It was a way to avoid further deaths. Yes, but it's not your call.

The decisions we make can jeopardize a project which is bigger than us all. Is it so hard to get?


I thought it was for the best.

I was probably wrong. You were wrong.

Please forgive me.

Where are you going?

Wake up, Mario!

Come on Mario! Wake up!

Mario... May the angels be at your side...

May the Saints receive you in heaven.

Rest in peace.

Don't go, Mario!

Where is God now? In the name of the father

-the Son and the Holy Spirit -Wake up, Mario!

Motherfuckers! I'll kill you all!

You're here so we can work together! That's not a priest's job.

Then what is a priest's job? Don't be a smart-ass, you know what I mean. We're a team. But I'm the parish priest.

I apologize to you all. I don't understand what you want me to do.

If I asked you to come work with me, it's because I know you.

I respect you. I know who you are.

I value your character, your courage. It's not what it seems.

But I need to know if you can lead this parish.

Lead the parish? Why? Never mind.

What's going on? Never mind.

“What is it? Never mind.

I'm tired.

Very tired.

Sometimes I just want to tell everyone to go fuck themselves.

When they come to ask for breakfast.

Just tell them "I don't have any". "I can't get any".

Go fuck yourself, ma'am.

Go fuck yourself, sir.

Sometimes I can't even look them in the eye.

This has never happened to me.

I'm full of anger.

And it gets worse day after day.

I'm afraid.

I don't want to end up hating everyone.

C'mon, Julian.

You don't know how to hate.

You are suffering.

Let's pray.

Let's pray.

Julian, I wanted to talk to you about something that concerns me.

Are you aware that the Mugica file is sort of locked down?

Yes. We tried the martyrdom angle...

But the Roman law won't accept he was murdered for his Catholic ideals.

That's why I thought the miracle angle would work better.

Miracle? Yes...

How do I fit in all this scheme? I don't get it.

There's a woman, at the Rodrigo Bueno slum...

Doctors said she had not more than two months...

But she healed! It's said that she prayed to Mugica.

Go see her. Dig around. Maybe we can use her story on the file.

You stay still...

There you go!

-Nervous? No!

Come walk with us Holy Mary come.

Come walk with us Holy Mary come.

Jesus spoke to his disciples:

Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them;

And their great ones exercise authority upon them.

But so shall it not be among you:

But whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life as ransom for many.

This is the word of God.

Today is the thirty seventh anniversary of the death and martyrdom of Father Carlos Mugica.

The slum is very different now than it was then.

We have new problems. We are a lot more.

But we are here.

And I find absolutely the same spirit in all of you.

Because we are all united.

Today we remember a brother... a friend...

And in his memory... we are united.

To confront violence...

To fight violence with love.

Violence today is not the same as in the past, but our love is the same.

That's why today... at the parish founded... by our beloved Father Mugica, The Cristo Obrero Parish, we are going to witness an act of faith. Of birth.

The same way the slums have seen doctors, teachers, lawyers...

today... our brother Danilo devotes himself to God.

Today we will have a new Father...

A son of Villa 31.

Danilo! Hooray for Danilo!

The slum parties tonight!

Hey, Cruz! Pass those sandwiches, man!

Careful. It's hot. These look really good!

A Frenchman in charge of the grill! I'm not French, asshole! I'm Belgian!

It's all the same!

Are you going to finish it or give it back?

I'm sorry!

Excuse me! It's okay.

Here doggie. Here.

Do you want some beer?

Here, have some beer.

-Thank you. What is it?

“What is it? I'm sick!

-Open the window... I think I'll...

Stop the car! can't stop here! Open the window...

Stop the car!

This is gross!

Are you okay? Lay on your back.

Open the window!

Take this.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Easy. Breathe.

Open the window! Yes.


This is Tatiana. This is Father Nicolas.

Hello. Okay...

-There is Monito -Esteban!

-How are you? Hello, Father!

Hold on a bit more. You'll be well soon.

I am well. Can't you tell?

You're still kind of skinny...

That's because I've got a girlfriend... Really?

One of the girls here. What's her name?

Anahi. Anahi? How is that going?

Cool! I'm having a good time.

You have no idea what you're missing.

-It's so good... I know.

When was the last time you were with a girl?

Many years ago...

But you were already a priest!

That's a sin! A sin!

I missed you, Father.

Me too.

Being here is good for you.

Congratulations. Thanks.

Words that use G-E- and sound like a J.

Let's see? With G? Gerónimo.

Very well! Or "messenger".

Any others?

Passenger. Passenger, challenger...

Give me some more...

Any other with G-E?

-Astrologer -Astrologer.

Any other? Avenger.

Good! Danger...

Stranger... Any more?

How are you doing?


Genie, gentle, German...


Geometry, geology, gene, gender...

General, generic, generality, generation...

Here. Start setting up for mass.

It needs a good cleanup.

I'm going to bless a house and then I'll go buy hosts and wine.

But take a good look while cleaning. Some dogs got in there...

Rosa didn't lock up... Are you listening?


-Hello... Hello.

Come lend me a hand with the kids, we are flooding here...

Go play elsewhere! You are getting us all wet!

Father Mugica came to me in a dream...

[ told him I was I, and that my faith in recovering was lost.

Talk to me about how you felt before Father Mugica appeared to you.

I was sure my life was getting to an end.

I couldn't walk, my head was not responding...

Can you understand, Father, what feeling like that is?

Yes. I thought I was going to die.

But God, and faith... like the Father taught me, saved me.

The doctors say it was a miracle.

How do you say nose in French?

What about eyes?

Have you ever thought of starting a family?


That's when I force myself to stop thinking.

How can my calling... live alongside my desire for a family?

Is it possible?

Don't you feel lonely sometimes?



Not now.

Never mind.

Julian! Yes...

I went to City Hall. Did they pay?

They say it's the construction company who is holding the money.

Yes, sure. They blame each other...

But you guys are the construction company.

What do you mean us? The bishopric, Julian!

I don't get your point. You need to talk.

I can't do much more., The ball's on your side now.

Come here, please.


Have to leave the slum. “Why?

I can't take it no more. What about the kids?

The work...

All we still need to do.

There's nothing else I can do. That's why I have to leave.

I'm sorry... I don't get you.

You have to forgive me. This is not about forgiveness.

I'm a good man Julian, you know it.

The only thing I ask... is to be forgiven when the time comes.

I don't know what you did, Cruz, but I think you need to forgive yourself to start with.

You can keep painting.

The pigs are coming! Run!

What is it? Run! The pigs are coming!

C'mon! C'mon!!

“What is it? I don't know.

The pigs are here! Run! Hey! What is it?

No! Watch out!

Hurry up man! The pigs are here!

Come on! This way.

Motherfucking pigs!

“What is it? Come!

Get inside the chapel!



Nicolas! Get inside the house! Julian!

Hold on! Who is in charge? What should I do, Julian?

Take the kids to the house!

Take them! Hold on!

Hold on!

Please don't! Don't!

Don't! Listen to me, please!

Stop it! Get out of here!

Stop throwing stuff at them! Get inside!

Let's go!


Yanina! Give her to me!

Has anyone seen her mom?

Where is your mom?

Has anyone seen her mom? Come here!

Come with me!

Okay. Ready.

We're here.

Close it. Close the door.

Close the door.

Open the door, Father. Open the door.

I can't open. You can't come in.

You know these are all crooks. Open. Only with a warrant.

Come back with a warrant. We'll be back.

-Get a warrant, -I sure will Okay. I'll be waiting. ['I be back.

Hold on... Luciana! Hold on...

-Julian! What is it?

What is it, Julian? Bring some water! Water!

“What is it? Call an ambulance!

Get a doctor! Julian!

Breathe quietly. Relax.

Let's get him up. Easy.

Easy. Easy. Make way!

Make way up there!

Go away, drug pusher! Douchebag.

Copy dispatch! We have Sandoval in custody.

Hope you rot in jail, you son of a bitch!

This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Happy are those who are called to his supper.

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.

The body of Christ.

The body of Christ.

How are you? How's everyone?

You scared us. We're scared.

Is everyone okay? Yes.

Good. How do you feel?


My throat is sore...

I need some clean clothes. Sure.

I thought you knew.

Now I understand why you are here.

How is she? Confused, I guess.

- Just like me. You are not confused.

You are only thinking on yourself. You forgot about the rest of us.

I know. I know!

It's not easy for me. What will you do?

You can't be selfish! What will happen to the project?

With the people, the parish? don't know!

I don't know.

You need to decide what to do with all this.

We don't have much time.

What's with this strike? I'm trying to get your money.

We can't even pay for our food!

You do realize we are trying to do everything we can. Don't you?

It's not enough. Excuse me Father...

You take care of the church and let me handle things here.

Our problem is not about faith, will and the Holy Father.

It's about money.

All you need to do is get them to pay. That's it!

I'm going every day, Domingo, to try to find out what's going on.

Easy to say for you! You have a house of your own.

I am working 50 you can have a house too.

You can't talk to me like that!

Why do you go to Town Hall every day? So you can get a home too, asshole!

You're going for your cut, right? How much did you get?

We'll find a solution... How much did I get?

Get out of here!

Fucking asshole! Go sleep under the bridge, fucker!

Fuck off, bitch!

What are you doing?

I'm sick of this.

Why on fucking earth did I get involved in this?

I'm tired.

Leave. It's probably easier.


Do you know what it takes for me to come here every day?

I know it's hard. It's hard for me too!

I didn't choose to be here.

But I can't do it on my own.

If you leave...

I need you.

I'm sorry. I can't take it any more.

Hold on.

Wait! “What?

We'd better not.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

So what did they tell you?

I don't know for sure.

I'm fine. I feel good.

What happened with the chapel?

We finished sealing the roof.

Is it good? Yes.

It shouldn't filter any more.


I'm not lying to you. I tell you as soon as I know more.

-Who helped with the roof? Nicolas.

-Do you know where he is now? No.

-He conducted mass. Really?

How come you don't know where he is?

Open up!

Who is it? Coming!

C'mon! Beware, Julian!

-Monito! Are you on the run? No, Father...

It's your fault Sandoval got caught!

'What? You are working for the cops, right?

For the cops? What do you mean? Be very careful! [ mean it!

Who sent you? Who? Esteban!

You've been warned, Father!

Did you know anything about this?


Excuse me! Let me through!

Please! Let me through!

Let me through, please!

It's just a second! Let me through!

What happened? I need to go!

You can'. need to go! Please!

Please! I need to go!

Father! Father! Come!

Up there! Up there, Father!

Where is it? It's up there!

It's up there, Father!

Oh no! Cruz...

There he is...

How are you?


I just can't believe it How did I not see this?

Cruz. May the angels lead your way.

May the saints welcome you in Heaven, May you rest in peace.

They say Monito is working for Sandoval.

I know nothing about that...

I can't find him anywhere. How long since you saw him?

A couple of days ago. The cops were here last night.

They tore the place down and beat me.

They also told me Monito killed the pig working at the parish.

-That Sandoval ordered the kill -Nonsense! Where did they get that?

Have you seen Monito?

Do you know where he is? Have you seen Monito?

What about you, man? What's up, dude?

Hey you! Have you seen Monito? Cut the crap, man!

You son of a bitch! Cut it out, man!

Stop it! Let him go! I'm going to whack you, man!

You're going down, piece of shit! He is not here...

I'm going to get you! You junkie! Let's go.

These assholes are taking all the machines away, man!

We are fucked, man...

C'mon everyone. Get up. We need to go.

It's done. The construction is stopped.

It's done. Let's go.

C'mon girls. Come on. This is so rotten, man!

We are a lot of families in need...

C'mon. Get up.

Let's go. Come.

C'mon. Let's go.

It's on us now... Maybe we have to do it ourselves...

Let's go.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

I'm going with them. No. You stay.

Let me go. It's madness! Think about it!

Have. You're going to ruin everything!


Marta. You and Domingo go that way.

Come this way. Start gathering there.

Come this way! This way!

Move that horse out of here!

You too! Move!

Let's pile wood right here.

Bring some of the people over here!

This way! Leave your stuff here!

Come on! Bring all your stuff here.

You too, Cuca!

Hurry up! We'll never finish this way!

Get ready...

All these are too close. You need to move some back.

We have taken the lands, now we will build the houses on our own!

The land is ours! We will not step back!

We will not surrender!

We will build the houses!

Thanks, Father. There you go.

Thank you Father. Are you okay?

We'll get some water and blankets too. Okay?

It's not the first time it happens.

I understand the frustration, the anger. I feel it myself.

But it's not our job to get the building finished...

We can help the negotiation... We can contribute our effort...

Or we can do nothing while the project fails...

We've been in the city slums for more than 60 years.

Do you think that's doing nothing?

It's not enough. I don't know what to do then.

Hello! Do you want water? Yes, water!

Thanks, Luciana! You're welcome.

Everything okay? The cops are going to kick us out...

Don't mind the cops! We are staying anyway!

We have the right to a house of our own!

The locals are occupying the lot, there's going to be trouble.

It's not just the locals. They are being manipulated by the agents of certain political factions.

Whatever. But the locals are there too. And they are even more.

Do you think they're all bought off?

No, but many are being exploited to serve political agendas.

Do you want us to be in favor of a violent takeover?

What I'm saying is that we need to get more involved!

We are not politicians, Julian.

In a situation like this one, we must be more than priests.

Let me be clear, you function within a structure...

And if you are here it's because you care about my input...

And if you don't, I give it to you anyway.

C'mon everybody! We have to keep them out!


C'mon everybody! Run!

C'mon! C'mon!

Close the doors!

C'mon everybody! Run! Run!

Hold the entrance! We're going to kill you, motherfuckers?

You are in unlawful occupation of the grounds!

If you don't leave we will be forced to make you leave!

Let's do it!

These grounds are about to be evicted by public forces.

Motherfucking pigs!

Please move out in peace...

These sons of bitches are going down!

Let the town councilors know I be with them in a minute.

Argentina! Argentina!

One right here, another one over the fence...

Sons of bitches!


Motherfuckers! Stop it! There are kids here!

Stop! Stop you sons of bitches!

Luciana! Stop it!

Please! Enough! Stop it!

Please! Please!

Motherfuckers! Let's go!

Stop it! Luciana! Let's go!

Luciana! Julian!

To the chapel!


Let me through!



Come with me! Watch out!

-Stop, you sons of bitches! “Motherfuckers!

Calm down!

C'mon, you bitches!

Climb up here!

Motherfuckers! Motherfuckers!

Everyone go to the chapel!


Press this on the wound...

Easy... Okay?

Does it hurt? Don't move it.

Clean it.

Let me see that face...

Calm down...

It's peroxide. Clean that wound.

Where is Lisandro?

He went to get some stuff and he's not back yet.

Do you need something?

Just some gauze.

Here. Clean it with this.

Julian! He's been shot!

What happened?

What is it, Monito? They shot him!

They want to kill me! Stay calm!

Put your leg here! Don't touch it!

What happened? Let me see!

Don't touch it! need to see.

Gently. Breathe slowly. Calm down.

We need to take him to the hospital. He's been hit.

There's too much blood. Yes.

Who can get the car? I go.

It hurts, Father! Calm down. What happened?

Tell him, Monito... Shut up!

You need to tell me. Look at me.

What is it? I killed the cop... who worked for you.

Do you get it? They are after me, Father!

We need to get him out of here. It's ready! Let's go. Come.

-Let's go. Come. It hurts!

Stand up. Don't shout.

Help me, Father... Keep it down!

Will you take him? Yes. Stay here with Lisandro.

You stay with me. Be quiet!

Check there's no one out there. Okay.

Come with me. Keep calm.

Take care. You too.

Get in there.

Keep calm.

Hurry up, Father! Help me!

Are you okay?

It hurts!

Relax. It's okay.

Help me, Father!

It hurts!

Shut up! I'm getting you out of here.

Hurry up!

It hurts, Father! They're over there. Shut up! Hide!

Cover him!

Hold on in there! Shut up!

Shut it! It hurts, Father! It hurts!

Shut it! We just went by them!

Those sons of bitches are the ones that want to kill me!

Where did you get that from? Give it to me!

Don't take it away from me! Where did you get that?

It hurts! Leave it on the floor!

How much more, Father? Stay put!

Please cover him! Cover him!

It hurts! Don't let them see us!

Please! Shut it please!

It hurts!

Quiet. Calm down. We need to get out of here.

Yes. I know. What do we do?

Let me think! What do we do?

I'm scared, Father!

-You stay put. Help me!

Evening, Father! Good evening!

-This is a raid... “What?

I'm telling you this is a raid.

Okay. What do you need?

-I'm looking for a boy. “Who?

-You know well who, Father! No.

Who is in the car? Father Nicolas.

Ask him to step down. Get out.

“What for... I said get out of the car!

But... Get out! Is it so hard to get?

Get down for a minute, please...

Tell me what is the problem... We are going to search the car.

Can you move, so I can check the car?

What for? I'm just doing my job.

Freeze, you fucking brat! Don't! Please don't!

Freeze or I'll shoot! Please don't!

Please! Please!

Get out of there! C'mon!

Get out of there or I'll shoot! Enough!

I said get out! Out! Stop it!

Get out or I'll shoot you too! They want to kill me!

Get out of there! Officer! Please!

Put the gun down or I kill you! Yes.

Listen! He is wounded! This is not your problem!

You son of a hitch!

Julian! You son of a bitch!



Julian! Julian!

Look at me! Julian!


Julian! Julian! C'mon!



Julian! Move! Move!


Get off him!

Help me! Move!

Come. Come here!

Stop it!

Stay put, okay? Julian!

Call a doctor please!


Let me go! Call Luciana! Get a doctor!


Stay put! Spread your legs!


Don't hurt me!

Enough! Stop it!

Please! Call a doctor!

Julian! I'm going to kill you!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Justice for Father Julian!

Hooray! Long live Father Julian!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Long live the slum priest! Justice for Father Julian!


Now and forever!

Forever! And ever!

Long live the slum priest! Hooray!

Long live our fight! Hooray!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Long live the slum priest! Hooray!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Long live the slum priest! Hooray!

And ever!

Long live Oculta! Hooray!

Long live Father Julian! Hooray!

Father Julian! Forever!

Forever! And ever!

And ever!