Elles (2011) Script


There's no more Cocoa Krispies, Mom.

What'll I eat for breakfast?

Well, I didn't finish them.

You didn't throw out the empty box. How was I to know?

And hello, by the way!

Hello, Mommy dearest!

Did you work all night again? Yes.

Either you're insane or you can't stand sleeping with Dad.

I'm not insane. I have an article to finish for tomorrow, that's all.

The Cocoa Krispies are for Stéphane.

You could eat the organic stuff I buy you.

What made me do it?

Well, actually...

It wasn't really a conscious decision.

It's the other way around...

I keep deciding I'm going to quit.


It's like smoking.

It's hard to stop.

So repetitive...

So hard... and hostile.


I've told you not to leave your shoes lying around!

No, not first thing in the morning!

It's time to go to school.

Hurry up. Give me a kiss.

It's OK, we're not late.

We are!

What did the fridge do to you?

I'm seeing what I need for tonight's dinner party with your dear boss.

Good morning.

Sleep well? Yes.

Is Charles coming?

No, I specifically asked you to...

See ya.

Bye, Mom.

That's what we said, remember?

Put your coat on.

This is very important.

If we don't do as I say, it won't work.

Don't forget the wine.


I'll be there in 20 minutes. The wine!

The wine for tonight.

You're listening to Classic Radio.

I can't...

There's just no way.

Nothing works.

I brought you the latest issue.

I did an interview on Tom Ford. Oh, sorry.

I've already got it. OK, well, never mind.

Mind if we go somewhere else?

As you wish.

Let's go over there.

You have two phones?

Yes, one for me, one for the clients.

Can I call back to make an appointment?

Hi, this is Lola.

You want to meet me?

You saw the photo?

I have small breasts.


Yes, I do that.

Without a condom.

The usual escort rates, you know.


See you tonight.

You don't know him?

No, but he sent me his photo on the net. He's not bad.

Cigarette? No, thanks.

What's without a condom?


What is it?


You're not afraid! No, I'm not.

Most of the men just sleep with their wives.

It's almost more dangerous with Thomas.

Thomas is your boyfriend, right?

It's not too complicated?

You have to be organized.

I'm very organized.

I started when I realized I'd never pass my exams if I worked nights.

What kind of job?

Babysitting. And I worked in a fast food restaurant.

It's horrible!

Never again. It's exhausting.

I still work there occasionally.

It's a sort of cover, but it's so horrible.

How could I explain to my parents and my boyfriend the money? I see.

It's like smoking.

It's hard to stop.

'Cause all of a sudden, I've got money.

So, to go back to the way life was before... with the crappy earnings you get doing student jobs...

And yet it's not...

It's not easy.

Well, it is in that it doesn't take much time... and you get used to the money.

Why do you buy this crap?

You were less picky as a kid.


So, Charlotte... how's life in Paris?

It's OK.

Your Mom told me you're in a top school now.

That's great... Excuse me.

I'm stuck. Come on, Snowy.

Don't tell everyone things like that.

I'm not in a top school yet.

A clementine delight is always what I recommend as a desser...

Why aren't you eating?

I'm not hungry.

Isn't it good? Yes, it is.

Put your slippers on.

You'd be more comfortable.

Just a second!

I'm Benoit, I'm the...

I answered your ad on the net, you know...

The other day...


Can I talk to you for a minute?

Open the door. What do you want?

I'm doing an article on Paris students for "Elle".

I wanted to hear your side of the story.

Open the door.

I'll pay whatever you like.

I won't use your real name.

I think it's a good deal for you.


Do you... do it just for the money?

We need some vodka.

I don't want any, I don't drink.

Here you are.

I don't drink. It'll do you good.

I'm sorry, I don't drink.

Shit, it disgusts her!

Is this better?


No, drink it all.

OK, down in one.

You'll like it here.

You'll see, the room is small, but very comfortable, very well-lit...

I mean, it's bright...

It's very quiet and overlooks the courtyard.

I don't need much cleaning done.

I just need you to dust around the books.

Can I see your breasts?

Excuse me?

You do realize how much rooms cost in Paris...

We can't find a room for you just like that!

There's a waiting list.

What'll I do, then?

I don't know anyone here.

My suitcase was stolen. You must help me.

Do you have a student card?

I told you, it was in my case.

Are you on a scholarship?

I told you I'm not.

I can't help you, then.

Try the office for foreign students.

But I just came from there. Try again.

Is that it?

That's it.

Excuse me.

Here's a phone card.

It's cheaper for international calls.

It's OK, thank you.

Don't play the haughty princess, I'm trying to help.

Yes, Mom, the room's good, and the man's nice.

I need you to add the goddam... roaming plan to my cellphone.

So I can make international calls.

I know you can't pay for everything, you're saving up...

Yes, I am wearing warm clothes! Bye!

This looks just like Poland.


Teach me an insult in Polish.


Yes, really.

In Arabic.

Arabic? Yes.


Is that OK?

It's good. Good!

Tell me...

Are you doing all this to sleep with me?

Yeah, sure.

I bet all men want to sleep with you, right?

I only sleep with girls who want to sleep with me.

Do you have any Arab friends?


But that's just how it is. I'm not prejudiced.

Typical French hypocrisy.

Your shoes aren't bad.

Are they expensive?

Yes, very.

What kind of man do you see?

What kind of clientele?

Bored husbands.

Are you happy?

With my first client, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Because you cooked for him?

He taught me to make coq au vin with Riesling.


Was it good?

I love you.


You're mean.


You're not nice to me.

Be nice.

It's a song Which is just like us You loved me I loved you We both lived Together, you and me You loved me I loved you But life separates Those who are in love Ever so slowly Without making a sound And the sea erases On the sand The footsteps of lovers Who are divided

I was really lucky.


After 1 month, I had a great apartment.

Do men often ask you to do things like that?

Are you surprised?

He couldn't do it with his wife.


You don't find it humiliating?

The way he looked at me was actually exciting.

Don't you like that?

I don't think we're here to talk about me.

Why did you phone me?

We haven't spoken since Christmas.



In the hospital?

I don't think I can go today. I'm too busy.

2 croissants?!

He's diabetic.





What's more...

I feel like you can still smell it on me.

I know, it... it must've been terrible.

A terrible experience.

You mean "that"?

No, I...

I'm talking about something worse than a blow job.

I'm sorry. What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

The smell of housing projects:

I don't know, the...

Acrylic sweaters...

The cheap furniture...

You can read Flaubert or Proust like everyone else, but it makes no difference.

I can see I'm not like you.

I'm not...

It's not against you.

I don't take it badly.

I wanted to go back to... to the first time... when you...

You remembered the beauty spots on... on the man's stomach.


I think back on it...

I remember the beauty spots.

They seemed so... so human...

The first time must be difficult?

I was stressed out.

But it was so easy.

I placed an ad.

And in no time, I had 50 or 60 emails.

Did you phone anyone to tell them you were pleased?

Could you share it with anyone?

No, I didn't tell a soul.

Doesn't that... make you feel a bit lonely?

No, not really...

We're all alone, aren't we?

The obvious...

consequences... of a... new generation.

Yes, it's going well.

I've written 10,000 characters.

We said 12,000.


No, listen...

There are 2 girls. I think you'll love it.

It's a great article. I've...

If I cut it down to 8,000, I don't know how long...

We said 4 pages and a catch-line, so now...

Tomorrow morning, as agreed.

I know we have to go to press...

OK, talk later.

I know you're the boss. OK, bye for now.

It's just straight sex.

I do exactly the same with my boyfriend.

But with the clients, I'm more in control.

So, you decide everything?

There are certain things I won't do.

For example... sodomy.

I don't feel like doing it with clients.

They pay by the hour.

When they arrive, they take a shower.

That takes time. That's good.

It's good they're clean.


They like to say things, too.

Do you like my big cock?

You like this, little bitch?

You think it's funny?


Does this make you wet?


It's what they say. Oh, OK!

OK, sorry.

Excuse me, which way is Room 21 6?

Straight ahead. OK, thanks.

What do you want me to do?

Whatever you like.

Don't worry.

It doesn't matter.


That's it. You're fine here.

Oh, yes.

It's nice and quiet.

Yes, it's good.

It's funny, the thing about getting old...

Old people...

I know I'm getting there.



Know what I'd like? What?

A foot massage.

A foot massage? I was going to suggest it.

Do you like him to touch your breasts?

Do you prefer fellatio?

Do you feel like you're dominating or being dominated?

What do you prefer? Being dominated?

You won't answer?

Do you have a feeling of power?

I don't really understand.

Often they go straight home afterwards.

Actually, they talk.

I didn't expect them to talk so much.

The first time, I was scared. I thought...

I was going to be screwed for hours!

But in fact, no, they...

They tell me about their lives.

Their jobs.

Their wives.

I don't like that much.

But mainly their work. Weird, huh?

They love talking about that.

I mean, I go to college, so...

What are these men like? Do they have...

a particular psychological profile? Do they have problems?

Not at all, they're... completely normal.

It's not at all what people think.

They're not losers!

So, it's like... any other relationship?

Well, not exactly...

Most of them are old enough to be my father.


Classic Radio. Your radio.

You didn't hear what I said.

It must require a lot of organization.

Yes, of course.

I can't put it on my résumé. Pity.


How are your studies going?

Your studies...

My studies are going just fine.

At the moment, I'm studying Mankiw.



You have to chew to get it to the other side.

Like Mom!

I have to...

And so...

Mankiw is a great economist.

Heard of him?


Do you think you'll tell your children?

One day...


What does that mean?


How about some music?

Shit, she's spitting at me!

What happened? What?

What happened? Dunno.

Me neither.

See you soon.

You're hurting me.

Not now.

Why not?



You seeing someone else?

Don't be silly.

Patrick, I can't reach you. Call me back.

Florent hasn't been to school for 2 days.

Patrick, why haven't you called back?

It's about Florent. Call me back.

Oh, it's you.

I thought it was Florent.

I don't know what he's up to.

You told me to call if it happened again.

Of course he's cutting class.

Hang on a sec.


I'll call you back as soon as I have any news.


No, coq au vin with Riesling.

You're better than me. I can't choose.

See you later.


I have to go. I have to be clean.

Am I OK?

Does it show I had a screw?



No, it doesn't. Really?

It's important.

What're you doing?

Taking your photo.

Don't move.

Stop it.

No-one knows you. I can...

I said, stop it!

OK, Lola...

It's not funny.

Erase the photos if you like, but give me my phone back.


Give me that fucking phone!

It really isn't funny.

Open the goddam door!

Open the fucking door!

Florent? Is that you?

What do you think you're doing?

What've you done? Nothing serious.

What are you doing all day long?

I draw.

So, you want to fail your exams?

No, but I don't really care.

Yes, but I do care. And so does your father.

I see.

So you called Dad? What do you expect me to do?

Start by solving your own problems.

You're overstepping the line.

Have you any idea how lucky you are?

People fight to get ahead, and you do nothing.

What are you talking about?

You had to fight, did you?

The world owes you everything.

Your books just fall in your lap!

Vegetables grow in saucepans!

The whole works...

Sorry! You been smoking?

You been smoking? Yes.

You should give it a try.

Let your hair down a bit.

Mr Smart Aleck!


Little bitch...

likes to be screwed.

Cry out.




Louder or I'll stick something... up your ass!

Cry out.


Stick it in me. Louder.


Beg me. No...

"Stick it in me!"





Dad bought me a new game.

Is Florent home?


Oh, you're heavy!

You could've told me.

I thought we said no more video games.

You've time to play Scrabble with him?

A new drill...

When did you last drill a hole?

It's the latest model.

Let's stop this, OK? OK.

It smells good.

What did he say?



No explanation.

Did the plumber come?


I'll talk to him.

I forgot the cheese.


It'll be too cold otherwise.

It did this all day long.

It's OK. Calm down.

And promise me just for tonight you won't say your feminist stuff.

I made a meal for your boss, I ran around all day.

Is that feminist? Just for tonight.

It's not my fault if they make sexist remarks.

You know what I mean.


You know Tom Ford? What's he like?"

What they really want to know is if I have special rates at Céline and elsewhere.

"50%? Oh, only 30%!"

OK, but don't forget she's my boss's wife.

You can put up with her for 2 hours. Please...

I'll talk to Florent.

Take off the plastic. It won't look nice.


No! You're not going out!

For once, you agree on something!

What do you take us for?

You're not going. Tell us what you're up to!

He doesn't realize...

I do. I don't want to be like you.

You're not 4 years old. Just listen.

What about your future?

Just take a look at yourselves.

OK, bye, Mother dear!

I don't believe this!

Get your pajamas on.

I don't know.

You'll have to explain it to me.

I'll look. Just a second.

I understand, but still...

Bye, Mom.

Sorry, I have to go to class.

I'm not as stupid as you think.

I never thought you were stupid.

Explain what you're up to, dammit!

What is all this?


You didn't buy it with my money!

What did you do? I cut myself.

Where did Florent go? Why did you let him leave?

I don't know where he's gone.

Do you want me to fight with him?

Claude will be here in 1 hour.

You could keep a closer eye on him.

Screw you!

I'm to keep a closer eye on things?

Well, I sure did today.

In this damn house, all the men watch porn on their computers.

Except Stéphane.

Think it's funny?

He'll be at it soon once he's finished his war games!

Since you started this article, you've been weird.

We do what we can.

Is that all you have to say?

It's my fault.

Do I go through your computer?

Why are you shouting? I'm not.

Do you want me to keep an eye on things or not?

Going through my things! You're crazy!

It's not the same.

You decide whether it's the same, do you?

It's driving you completely crazy, this article on whores.

Sure you don't need to see a shrink?

I'm not so sure they're whores.

No more than anyone else. A whore's a whore.

You know a lot about it!

This really isn't the moment.

When is it the moment?

Aren't you getting changed?

Everyone sees whores. All women are whores, is that it?

Why do you walk off when we start talking?

I'm here.

Don't touch me!

Aren't we a little bit responsible?

Isn't it our fault somehow?

Responsible for what?

Stop it, Anne.

What do you care about... apart from your job?


You OK?

Do you have a bathroom with a view?

A bathroom with a view?

I guess. I've never thought about it.


No reason.

Anyway, what's the hardest thing for you in all this?

The lies.

Having to lie all the time.

Well, goodbye.

Can I...?

Thank you. Don't mention it.

Oh, my real name's Charlotte.

Lola is just...

Bye then.

Thank you.

It was delicious.

They loved it.

You look good.

Are you sexy for my benefit?

You have to get back.

They're very busy, you know.

They're chatting. I'll finish this.

Not too hot?

No, it's perfect.

So, when's your daughter getting married?

Soon enough.

They plan to.

No-one gets married now. They do!

She's in London now.

An English wedding, just think!

People still get married.

He's English.

She'll stay on in London.

We'll see. That's up to her to decide.

Will you have some more of this Brane-Cantenac?

It's sublime.

Yes, please.


The beauty of French village names!


Margaux... What magical words!

Don't I get any?

Sorry, I thought you had some left.

I heard that... you or rather your company helped to finance the exhibition of...

And we're proud of it.

Well, bravo. Thank you. I mean...

Anne will tell you...

I wrote an article...

How can I put it? About the artist...

There's a visit soon.

I've written several about the artist, but the exhibition...

Come to the private showing in 1 0 days' time.

Really? Which artist?

The same one, but there's a party...

I hope it's a success.

I'd be delighted to come. Of course.

Actually... What's interesting about Lucian Freud...

I was told an incredible story about Lucian Freud.

It's just a trivial story.

He spent 2 days, stuck...

Yes, in London. Right.

In a taxi.

It's true.

It's an amazing story.

How did you hear that?

Well, I heard it, because...

You loved me I loved you Actually, they're not all quite...

Those who are in love Ever so slowly Without making a sound And the sea erases On the sand The footsteps of lovers Who are divided It's a song Which is just like us You loved me I loved you Didn't we first see you at the Orsay Museum?

I doubt that very much.

Orsay is a place I never set foot in.

Of lovers who are divided But life separates Those who are in love Ever so slowly Without making a sound

On the beach, I stay fully dressed under a parasol.

Handy for reading! Why do you go?

Excellent question!

I've stayed in touch with certain friends who love Brittany, who love...

So, occasionally I go with them.

Come with us this summer. Sure.

Another good reason.

Excuse me.

It's nothing...

She's been overdoing things lately.

Her article is due. Do excuse her.

Do you want some salad?

Let's go straight on to dessert. It's ready.

No, it's OK.

If you insist. It's refreshing.

With some cheese, then!

But of course!

Oh, to hell with it!

You scared me. Where were you?

What're you doing?

I'm doing something for us.

Get up.

That's enough.

I can't!


'Morning, Mom. 'Morning.

Sleep well?

I'd like a cookie, please.

It's apple flavor.

Want one?

I doubt you'll like it.