Elvis Has Left the Building (2004) Script

Elvis Presley died in August 1977.

When he died, three Elvis imitators were known .

Today there are over 50,000.

If the number continues to increase at current speed, every fourth person in the world will be Elvis imitator in 2012.

In the midst of this potential threat to normality, a miracle happened ...

... and her name was Harmony Jones.

It's like I'm singing to one of your records. But it's you.

In both cases, it's me.

How should I thank you for the lift?

Maybe you'll do something special for me someday.

Elvis, that's me. Harmony.

I always knew you wanted to help me, because you saved me once.

I have a pink Cadillac. A newer model than yours.

I have traveled thousands of miles and sold millions of lipsticks.

But lately I've been feeling empty.

I hope my destiny is anything but eyeliner and lipstick.

Maybe you can help me?

Your bank accounts will float like lava and creating islands of Swiss accounts. It is true.

But it's not about money, is it?

It's about beauty and about enriching people's lives.

It's about walking the streets and say with your whole body:

I'm a goddess.

I ... am a goddess.

I am beginning to doubt that there is anything beneath the surface.

I can't even say the word ... pink.

It is 4 pm and we are in a pool with our cocktails. Why?

Because we sell loads of makeup and we score the box on doing so.

If our honored ancestor Lydia Pink's bum floated to the surface, I wanted to kiss it.

Stop! Mom has a cocktail. You can play on the bottom.

I think you should reread the Pink Lady manual page 1.

Career ... family ... balance.

I'm driving you home right now, and then your dad will kill you.

One man, Harmony.

A man would make you calm down.

It's not good to be alone. I don't need a relationship.

Something has you need, and I do not think you get it by Pink Lady.

Elvis, do you think Shirl is right?

Maybe I should settle down.

It seems Pink Lady is the only thing I've ever known.

What are all the silly things for?

I let go of the beauty in us.

Don't you just do it with dogs? No, sweetie.

"Release" is to make sure that the exterior reflects the interior.

How about coming in and letting me make you a nice princess?

Do you want? Yes I will.

I don't know who I am anymore.

My company is some shit.

Marriage: end. Divorce: tough.

Do you know my priest is in prison?

That's probably why I came home again to talk to you.

That's probably why everyone comes back to talk to you about things that ...

... which they usually ca n't talk to others about, and ...

I even get upset when I talk to the dead.

Excuse me.

What will you? Do you have the divorce papers ready?

I want an end to that.

Stop at Bergdorf's so I can pick up my furs.

Why don't you take a coat and stuff it into your big, fat ...

Don't take it too heavily. I've given you three years of consciousness-raising sex.

Three years? Don't you mean three weeks? Yes yes, lynch Chinese.

If you also want to sign the papers, so bring them to me in Las Vegas, as we agreed.

Don't forget the suit. King Mart, Amarillo, Texas.

Up the ass with your suit. No Elvis suit, no divorce.

Have a good day, nusertoll.

There are so many things that make up a man's life and they only remember the clothes.

You can make extra money and develop a passion.

And you can make people feel like something special.

Sell ​​and be happy.

All that, and then you still have time for the family?

You see ... no. I have not.

Goodbye My friend. Say goodbye to the sweet lady.

Thank you very much.

Thanks. We'll be right back.

But I'll stay here with you, little lady. So just relax.

I take the usual. And a fire truck for the girl child.

You are the king. Quick in perception.

Are you one of those Mary Kay cosmetics girls?

We're pink. They are more salmon colored. You are guaranteed good.

You could conjure me. Make me the "selfish Elvis".

I do not think. Come on. "Pretty please".

"It would Mean the world to me."

Maybe I could help you a little. Thanks. Thank you.

Shut up, where am I good.

Come on in. Welcome to the King Suite.

Right there, please.

Here smells of booze. Sorry. Here.

This should be enough. I do not think...

I wouldn't blame you if you went.

Look at me. I am a loser.

All my life I've wanted to be Elvis, but I'm just Sid Gluffman.

A grim loser.

I thought if I were Elvis Gluffman now, maybe I would have a chance.

I just need to wash myself and then I have to see what I can do.

When I come out, we will try to find your best pages.

Lead as much as you want.

And I have a new, light makeup that can do miracles.


Mr. Gluffman?


I can't take the phone. I'm out to make the world more beautiful.

Come on, Shirl. Pick up the phone. I need you.

I'm not a killer, I'm not a killer.

Why does the agency worry about a dead Elvis impersonator?

Elvis was an agent.

It's a joke, right?

He's right, Sal. President Nixon hired him as a special agent.

Everything that concerns his kingdom is our problem.

Where's the cheeseburger?

He was probably knocked over while he was smoking and his costume caught fire.

They found it here in the trash can by the door.


They do not change the bedspread.

The bedding, maybe. Where do you want to go?

Anyone grilling themselves on a bedspread, which has been lying for years and collected body fluids shed by hundreds of foolish fools, which are too lazy to fold it and put it away, is a big, fat, lazy sloppy.

May I just talk to my new partner?

What the hell is wrong? Sorry I...

... have a thing with bedspreads. They do not shift them into such a hole.

We should not move in.

Do you think you could swallow your neuroses so we can continue the investigation?

I should probably check the bedspread. I just hope I don't get a rash.


A Pink Lady classic. Delicious. Very hot.

Do you have any samples?

I don't need this one where I'm going.

Where are you going?

Ad hell to. Surely by hell to.

"Surrender"? It's not even Pink Lady.

ELVIS IMITATORS INVITE LAS VEGAS If we can eradicate the buffaloes, why not grab some of them too?

I think work is being done on it.

Oh yes. Oh yes.

What? "Oh, yes. Oh, yes." What are you doing?

If you can tell what a dinosaur looks like by looking at its bones, can i reproduce the woman's face using the lipstick imprint.

So what? You made some lips. Your beautiful new world stinks.

You fight technology when you should embrace it.

There's a spider in here. Stop it.

No, there's a spider in here, so stop the car. Stop the car!

What? Where?

It's not a spider.

It's a stinky leg.

Now it's gone.

I have a thing with spiders. You can imagine that.

Welcome to the largest Elvis store west of Mississippi.

Buy your Elvis suit today. Give the king your tribute.

If you just want to have a look, go to the museum, your greasy little bro.

Sorry, do you know where the exit for Highway 40 is?

Maybe I look like a guide? Shit, you old crow.

Hello, buddy. How about a contribution?

I gave in the office. One is probably smart.

Everyone should pay tribute to the king.

I've been driving all night to find an Elvis costume to my feeble imitator wife, so I'm a bit grubby, and if I were you, I'd keep a low profile.

Just drive. Take it, your loser.

Who also wants your dirty money?

I've had enough of you near mine.

Elvis, you saw what happened. It went so fast.

The fire was completely out of control. What should I have done?

I wish my life was as simple as it once was.

Gearbox, Mom? Precise.

"Heartbreak Hotel" is for gearboxes.

What if I had sung "You Were Always On My Mind"?

Then you would have cleaned. Again, right.

A girl who can fix a car gets a guy in style, and which is rich and gentle.

Do you just take a wrench and help?

Who gave you sugar coating?

Miss Belle showed me how to be beautiful. I can show you that.

Your father has never been so much for getting up.

Do you know what he says?

The look is one thing, the personality is another.

Go out and play and let me finish, and later we two have to give it gas.

Yes, Mom.

I could have sent her weak clothes, but I personally had to bring it to Las Vegas.

And then the car broke down in Albuquerque of all places.

I need good news. Do we get the lipstick campaign?

They don't like the slogan. They don't want "A Better Life".

Do they want it with an anchor beer and some naked ladies?

Close. You will probably be glad to hear that I have undertaken to take some people for conversation.

Who said you should have conversations? You think it's a lie what's happening.


I really want that job. Aaron, what's going on?

You will too.

You can't imagine what these women look like.

The old man can't do that to me.

If it was a bad product, I would say: Let's get some cavalry.

It's a bad time ... I want to do everything for this job.


Take it easy. I'll probably fix it.

I'm just about to fix it. Goodbye.

If you want to lick something, then lick your nuts.

We promise three. Clear? One two Three.

Is he dead?

Now he is.

If it was planned, it's a genius behind it.

Check out a blue 65 Pontiac GTO with the number G5C56JY.

How hard is it to understand that if you don't sing like Elvis, you have to put on a Planet Hollywood T-shirt and shut up.

Where would anyone murder Elvis imitators?

Maybe a psychotic reaction to the bad hairstyle, the bad taste, the bad singing voice ... I got it.


Baby. Great.

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby...

Don't stare like that. You're burning a hole in my suit.

I've tried that.

What's the problem? Elvis has a problem with the car.

But Elvis doesn't fix cars. Elvis arranges for women.

Listen, loverboy. Do you want help or not?

You have legs in your nose. That's what I like about lesbians.

A woman who ignores this and fixes cars? It's obvious, after all.

Well spotted. You have a hole in the cooler.

Talk to me, baby.

Now let's see.

Take your gum and wrap it around the lipstick.

It holds for the next gasoline tank.

Are you going to Vegas? Las Vegas, Nevada.

To the International Elvis Imitator Congress. Hallelujah.

Okay. Hop into the car and see if our little patch works.

You know what, sugar gull?

Why don't you sit down and gasp while the king looks on?

As you please, Your Majesty.

Does it hold? Just give it gas.

I can't take the phone. I'm out to make the world more beautiful.

Shirl, where are you? Before hell! Shirl, this is some real shit.


We have been looking for you. We are waiting for your cosmetic genius.

I come now.

Think it's her. Yeah right?

Oh yes ... I ... Your bank accounts, yes.

Your bank accounts will float like lava ...

... and the lava will form islands of bank ... by Swiss accounts.

But it's all about ...

It's all about beauty as inspiration ...

And about enlightening and enriching life so you can go out into the street ...

... and say with all your body: I am a goddess.

She is insane. Can we get our money back?

Do you like it? Yes!

Yes I can do that. Give me an offer.

Let's change lives. Top.

Don't want to know what you're getting?

No, that's half the excitement.

You want excitement.

That was your offer.

Thats it. Keep your keys.

I need to go. Did I say something wrong?

It is to protect you. You don't have to do anything.

Wait a minute, you don't get it.

"A Better Life" is styled. You talk about ugliness.

Gravity that places your brain where women can utilize it.

Can't we do a campaign in which sex expresses more than crazy desires?

Mr. Croft?

Hello? Excuse me, mr. Croft.

What did you say to the customer? I am stressed. I exaggerated enough.

Overdrev? He has either had a lighter stroke or an orgasm.

I am not completely sure. Revive him. I'll figure something out.

I'll call later. Have a good day.

Here at the company, we recognize the importance of sex.

Do you want to have sex? Then you get sex. A whole lot.

And with your whole body say:

I'm a goddess.

Let's give Harmony Jones a big hand.


It is me. Hey.

Do you have something to eat?

I need to go. Hold on.

I will say it as it is.

You seem like a sweet guy and you are really attractive.

I wanted to give you the whole trip. You have persuaded me.

You are not my type. How do you know?

I just want to get to know you and know what you're doing.

It's all in the brochure. Let me have a drink.

I do not think. I am dangerous.

Come now.

"Makes the world smile, one woman at a time." Not bad.

What a lousy day. This case pisses me off.

Would you mind? You've been listening for an hour.

I can not help it. Is it lavender?

What is lavender? Your aftershave. I'm allergic.

Take a pill.

Nice cooler figure, right? You could try something citrusy.

It might also suit your natural body scent.

Liberace tried to put the cooler in with this one.

It flew out as the engine malfunctioned his face.

Thanks for the visualization. Does it look like anything suspicious?

It looks like an old bucket that gave up.



"Makes the world smile, one woman at a time". It's your turn. Miles.

Elvis was sitting right here. He was listening to this radio.

He held his hands around this steering wheel.

And he cried his courageous tears as Hank Williams sang:

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry".

He never drives in a Buick.

Where is she dear. Clayton Pool was the previous owner.

All cars look the same to children. But I promise you ...

If this car did not belong to Elvis Aaron Presley ...

... let the Lord strike me to the ground with one blow.

He was even out about it. Exactly.

I think "Surrender" the people will like this.

We have a new angle to the slogan:

"I smile."

So I used a model and flicked something together. Try to look at it.

I use "Surrender You" and I smile.

I've tried all the others. But they dried me up.

And did not satisfy me at all. But then I surrendered.

And if you surrender, you will smile too.

What do you think?

Are you on drugs?

You can't say "I'm smiling" just because you're naked.

You say "I smile" because you feel love or joy.

"Surrender to your feelings." Did you get it? Wake up though.

"Surrender to your feelings."

It's perfect. I'll be back tonight.

Here's something. The lipstick on the napkin was called "Surrender".

It is the same brand we found in Mr Hole in the Head.

It doesn't have to mean anything. Everything matters.

If semen on the dress can get a president to court, can DNA on the napkin trap an idiot.

A little good old-fashioned criminal education would benefit you.

Old fashioned can't give you this.

I can unfortunately ...

Ladies. Move. Away, away, away, away, away.

My heart beats. How's my Harmony?

Hi, Darren. Why the sad face?

I've had a few bad days. Men can be such a beast.

It is not.

I seem to ...

People seem to ...

... die ... when I'm around.

Are you killing them? No, I think not.

Then it is good. I guess it is.

It's not the one ... Elvis stuff?

Well, I'd better go to the police. Do not.

They are dead. Elvis's everywhere I come.

How...? Cuddling.

That's some shit. I am so afraid.

How many have died? Three.

It's probably over.

Then maybe you can move on to lawyers.


Are you okay?

Harmony? What's wrong?

I'm not Harmony. Then you must be her new lipstick.

My name is Shirl. I am her best friend.


Died like everything else out here.

Have you found anything?

Yes, the guy has a mailbox where he should have had a head.

Anything else? I found this one close by.

It is evidence.

Pink Lady.


My wife would love this place. Are you married?

35 years. What about you? Sign. My ex used a lot of makeup.

I've always thought about what was downstairs.

Hi. Hi.

If you want to sign up, I think you would be good Pink Lady ladies.

We're from the FBI. Have I been a bad boy?

It's your own case. We would like to ask a few questions.

Yes. I get up while I pee and I'm into older men.

Mom, it's Harmony. Are you there?

I come and visit you now.

Is nobody taking the phone anymore?

Have you seen this one before?

Let me see. This is a Pink Lady store.

A Pink Lady receptionist and a Pink Lady brochure.

We're investigating a suspected murder case!

Don't yell. I'm gay, not deaf.

We follow up on these Elvis imitators who are killed.

We think Pink Lady may be involved.

One of my girls? Barely. Harmony.

There is a telephone for you. Okay. Will you take my samples?

It's Miles. I don't know how, but I have saved your mobile.

You have to do the paperwork. I'm free in five minutes.

I can't speak right now, but I'm calling you on my mobile.

Can you say something about this? "Surrender"?

It is twice as expensive and half as good as Pink Lady.

I think it belongs to a woman.

Wouldn't a man use it? Where's the fun.

And very hurtful.

I'm sorry.

My partner wouldn't bump you.

I accept the apology. Thanks.

Come on, Sal.

You have to charge like nothing. People are very different.

How did you become an expert? Born and raised in San Francisco.

Thank you for covering me. What do you have girlfriends for?

I don't know what this is about, but be careful.

Harmony Jones, please. What is it about?

We were at a hotel together ... or not together. Nothing happened.

But she drew a heart on my car window and gave me a brochure.

I found her mobile next to a guy with a mailbox on his head, and I called earlier and she would call back, but I don't think she knew the cellphone was dead, so ...

So now I call back. Was that it all?

Harmony is not here. I can take notice.

Do you know where she is? No. I can take notice.

There is no message.

It was weird.

The nerds must inherit the land.

Rejuvenate your visual nerves with this.

You good god.

When I started as an agent, they had a cartoonist, which scratched a face down on the back of notes.

And now this. Pretty smart, right?


Where do you look beautiful, Mom.

Getting away from Memphis was a fresh start.

Sometimes I look at you and think if you really are mine.

I'll take you to the best barbecue bar at this end of Memphis.

What would you talk to me about? It was nothing.

This is sinful.

Dad always said this is a barbecue and your arms were the two places closest to the sky.

What's wrong? That's the song.

I remember exactly where I was.

I was making the car, and I sang the song that I always did when I was setting brakes.

Then your father came in with the news ... that Elvis was dead.

My Elvis was something very special. "Heartbreak Hotel".

"I want you. I need you. I love you."

You were born in Elvis' sign. Hot and wild.

And so polite.

And when he came into your life, you never became the same again.

I still miss him. So do I.

I've been sitting there on the front seat.

Thinking about where I was going.

Is it really you, Mr Elvis?

I come to pick up my car like all other hard working men.

It's my favorite place.

When the world is going crazy, I take the Cadillac and drive out there.

I don't have to drive in reality. This is only where I can be myself.

I don't like being alone.

How about if I drive you home so you don't have to?

Hey. Oh, my goodness.

What can I do for you? You can ask me anything.

I'm looking for one of your Pink Ladies.

You found her. But I don't kiss on the first date.

In fact, I'm looking for Harmony Jones.


We were at a hotel together and we were not together ...

Wait a minute. You are the telephone guy.

Yes. It was me. It was you.

It was you. It was me. It was both of us.

Nice to meet you, mr. Swirl. Call me Darren.

Do you think you could tell me where she is?

Maybe. Thanks.

But why should I say that?

I met Harmony yesterday. I can't help but think of her, and I just know I have to see her again.

I just love delicious men who are in touch with their female side.

It's a great song. Yes.

Where are you from? The Pink Lady shop, where a ...

... very nice Pink Lady guy told me where you were going.

I promise, this is my last attempt. I tried to call.

Yes, I know, but the funny pink phone was dead.

Need a hand?


When I was little, my dad had a workshop.

He used to say that moments like these is like licking honey off a rusty exhaust pipe.

We could be in family. My mother had a workshop.

I could use a wrench before I could eat with a fork.

Why do you keep away from me all the time?

When I get close to your kind, horrible things happen.

What exactly is "my kind"? I saw your Elvis suit.

It's my wife's Elvis suit. My Excellency.

I have to go to Vegas and give it to her, and then I get a divorce.

Very likely. It is true.

There is an inn further down the road.

It is beyond the city limits.

Want to go there and talk further? Yes.

I need something first. Can we meet at nine?

Nine are five. I mean, nine is fine.

"Surrender" to a Pink Lady lady?

To be perfectly honest, I'm allergic to lipstick, and everything else causes my lips to swell up like a balloon.

My advertising agency has "Surrender" as a customer. The new slogan is:

"'Surrender' discourages balloon lips." What do you think?

Are you in the advertising industry? Yes.

Let me see your hand.

It is okay.

Would you surrender to your feelings?

Since I get something tonight, girls, so do you.

Pink Lady is a good brand. What idiot gives something like that away?

Such a one here.

It only happens once. Take for yourselves.

At the end, as he goes and draws a heart on her hand, while she says, "Surrender to your feelings" ...

It is the most romantic I have ever seen.

I have to run. I have an appointment with her that was the source of inspiration.

Tonight it's my turn.

Have a good time. You did well.


I'm late to it, and I'm probably lost.

Is there an inn nearby? Ponderosa. A few miles away.

This way? Two right turns, then left.


I just showed a guy road that fits the description of a blue 65 GTO Pontiac on New York plates.

And the poor man with the mailbox on his head.

It was terrible. All the Elvis guys. Died.

Far out, man. Do you know what time it is?

It's a quarter to ten.



Elvis, sorry, I keep interrupting, but that's some real shit.

Do you remember him I told you about?

He wasn't Elvis impersonator at all.

He was wonderful. But he never showed up.

And now I've lost him.

Look what we have here.


The guy is not at the bar.

Maybe the guy is a victim and his body is here somewhere?

Or ... all over it? Do you just want to stop?

Maybe he's for Congress? Which congress?

How many do you think have rented this suit before me?

We need to avoid attention. Live with it.

Thanks. Thank you very much.

Hey sweety.

This is a damn nightmare.

Why aren't you here with my suit?

I'm locked in a trunk. No suit, no divorce.


Thank God you are here. What happened?

Who is dead? Who is Mr. Lipstick?

And why in heaven's name do you wear black clothes?

The next amateur imitator is Johnny Jones.

Hi, Diamond Jim.

Do you need something or are you just spitting in the other's chatter?

I'm looking for lips.

Most are decent enough to call them "women".

You're not that technical now. Have you abandoned the face hunt?

When you have seen so many faces, you can only see that people do not wash.

I need a break. So now I'm just looking at lips.

One glass at a time? It's a laugh.

There must be a better way to check lips.

Real men don't show up out of the blue. What did he say?

He said, "Life is like licking the honey of an exhaust pipe."

Is he an advertising guy?

I thought that at some point I would meet someone, and that I would get it all.

Finally, he stands before me, and what happens?

He doesn't show up.

Disappeared. Evaporated.

Dropped out of production.

Do not worry. You should probably find him.

But I didn't tell you ...

Harmony, you've found me! I'm right here!



It is not fun. I could have problems.

Maybe I should sign up.

Where's that. My friend goes and murders Elvis imitators.

Poor the next one to appear to me in an Elvis costume.

Wow, baby. I win a Cadillac.

Oh god. He's an Elvis. It's just Roy. Which Cadillac?

At the congress, they give a Cadillac to the one who looks like Elvis the most.

Hunk, hunk. Should I elaborate on that?

I don't think I've seen that costume since our wedding night.

Se her: "Since my baby left me..."

Roy? Is he dead?

The emergency center. Thank God.

I'm locked in a trunk. Where?

I don't know, but I'm with Shirl and it's raining.

It's Nevada and it's not raining, and we don't like phony.

It's ... Hello?

I'm locked inside a Cadillac, which belongs to a Pink Lady lady.

Look, Mr. Pink Lady, I've had enough of you.

I don't like stuffy places. I have a problem with them.

I need some help. You should know better.

No ... Hello?

Hey ... No ... Don't go out.



Hand in the picture of me and the competition form.

I'm a winner. I can feel it.

Just be quiet. We'll probably fix it. Just drive him in.

I'm a black widow.

No. You are just a little girl who has traveled into the unknown.

You are not an angel of darkness. You have to go and hand it over here, so Roy can win his car.

It could be his last wish.

Harmony! Take it!

Thank you.

The Cadillac is mine. I can feel it.


Think I'm doing this.

From the ashes to the fire.

Elvis, if you understand what's going on, please give me a sign.

A gust of lightning, a lightning bolt. Anything.

Hey, do you know where the Fiesta Off The Strip Hotel is located?

Elvis Congress? Yes.

It is approx. 3 kilometers to the southeast. Close to the airport.

Are you a female Elvis impersonator?

I'm Priscilla. I'm looking for my husband.

If you find him, will you greet him from Wayne Newton?

And and.

Stop whining. You have to go in for it.

Not when it involves people moaning at me.

When we get to "come on, come on", you have to get your feet up.

Why don't you do it yourself? You behave like a big kid.

Then it's our last contestants who signed up at the last minute.

Give a great hand to the dynamic duo ...

"Looking For a Little More Action".


Don't forget to sign up for our Elvis look alike competition, and win a Cadillac similar to Elvis'.

You were right, Charlie.

It is much easier to read lip than fingerprint.

But the real thing is not here. Congratulations, by the way.

You won the competition. We won.

Just imagine. Charlie and Sal. Kicks ass and scores ladies.

No, you have to do it there.

Hey. I have to submit a registration, please.

In the back? Sorry?

No. No workshop here. No no.

I have to submit a registration so that no more accidents happen.

Whims? More fun?

Well, but ...

Doesn't he look like a dot?

The judges will think Elvis is alive.

Elvis is alive? Yes.


Elvis lives. Did you just say Elvis is alive?

No, not me. Miss Skøresen says so.

Wouldn't it be crazy if Elvis were alive and there was evidence?

Elvis lives and proof.

That lady just said that Elvis is alive and that there is evidence.

I just heard that Elvis is alive and there is evidence.

I have to say, you have an amazing voice. Golden vocal cords.

You ... You have the magic feet. My mother said I could move.

You were impressive. You were impressive.

We have evidence. He's alive.

We have evidence. Elvis lives. Does Elvis live?

Yes, and he's on the roof.


Hi? Hi.

Are you okay? Uh ... No, not really.

What's wrong? I'm locked in a trunk.

Elvis is alive and he's on the roof. Move, I want Elvis.

How should I thank you for the lift?

Maybe you'll do something special for me someday.

You just have to listen to your heart and be true to yourself.

You were born in Elvis' sign.

And when he came into your life, you never became the same again.

I believe in you, Elvis!

Hey, what are you doing?

Get out of my car or I'll call the police.

FBI, madam.

Yes. Is there something wrong? Give me the keys, lady.

Come now.

What the hell is that? Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!

Hello! Man locked inside a trunk!

Juhu! Such!

Hey what's up?

Hi there. Hey.

You burned me off. You locked me in the trunk.

Then we're off. Yes.

Do you two know each other?

What are you doing in my trunk? Looking around me.

Save on mouthwash.

It's been a long night. Don't you want to go somewhere else?

It's a good idea.

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!

Do you realize how many dents I have in my head?

Rented room.

It is a parking lot. Get away with you.

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!

It's a miracle!

Did those imitators fall right through the roof?

How could it happen? I do not know.

At least we know the Pink Lady lady couldn't have done it.

This is God's work. Or Elvis' or something.

If I were you, I'd throw those suits. I think the king is angry.

If this car didn't belong to Elvis Aaron Presley, then let the Lord strike me to the ground with one blow.

He was even out about it. Exactly.

What's your name? Harmony. What about you?

Miles. Miles. Maybe we'll see you again?

Come on, Miles, let's go.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Elvis, now I understand it all.

You had a plan and I'm glad I could help.

Finally, you are allowed to leave the building.

And I can start living. Not bad, what?

Elliot! Of!

Sorry! I cracked behind.

Don't you give me a sandwich with chicken, bacon, peanut butter and Ma yo?

I do not really know...

I love delicious men who are in touch with their female side.




No Elvis imitators were harmed during the filming of this film.