Embraceable You (1948) Script

"New York is the city of tall tales."

"It is the city of strange contradictions."

"Of unending variations."

"Some of us know it as the city of steel and stone."

"A staggering mast upended into space."

"But whether we look up or down."

"New York cannot adequately be described."

"It can only be felt."

"Sensed. Experienced."

"And those who have been caught up by New York's swirling life .."

"Have their own stories to tell."

"For out of the city's best and worst."

"The people live and love in a search for happiness."

"This is one story about a boy and a girl who had a rendezvous with fate."

"And to tell it, Warner Brothers present .."

Let's get the show on the road.

What you want to do, stick around?

Get going, stupid.

Somebody go in there and call a doctor.

Call an ambulance will you.

Someone call an ambulance.

She's hurt.

Somebody will be here in a minute to take care of you.

Is she hurt bad? I don't know.

Relax, kid.

You forget where you picked me up. I forget I saw you hit her.

Where have you been? Hotel Royale.

Get anything? He's dead.

Very dead. Shot with a 0.45 by the size of the holes.


Buzz Sorenson. Occupation: gambler.

Looks like it was a fight over cards.

So it could be anybody he ever played with.

Which means half of New York.

The dame upstairs said she heard the shots around a quarter after eight.

Said she knew exactly what time it was as she had a date with a guy for 8:15.

And men don't keep her waiting.

Naturally, she didn't tell anybody.

And? That's all.

That's a busy little street.

The night watch turned this in.

Didn't run, huh. At the corner.

Hey. 8:25.

It could be. There was a getaway car.

It could be a coincidence.

It's worth a little spade work.

Give it a run-through.

Bronislavski. Yes, sir?

You're the conservative type. You handle the routine work.

Yes, sir.

What were they playing? Poker.

Who was winning?

The guy with his own deck of course.

The corpse.

Should I heat it up for you?

[ Telephone ]


I am coming.





For the rent he pays me I should take messages like a secretary?


Wait, the man said ..

Ballet Girl across the board.

Ballet girl? Maybe.

Forget the horses, Sammy. Stick to milkshakes.

Ballet Girl.

Yes or no?

Yes or no?



Is Miss Willens on this floor? They told me the 3rd.

Oh, are you her brother?

No. I just wanted to find out how she is.

Well I am glad you've come. She hasn't had any visitors.

We haven't been able to reach her brother. Do you know him?

I've met him.

Right this way.

Are you from Milwaukee?


Well, that's where he is but we can't reach him.

Well, that's where I knew him but I haven't heard from him lately.

I read about this in the papers and I thought I ..

This is her room.

Try and cheer her up. She needs it.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Who is it?

I am a friend of your brother's.

I read about you in the paper and I ..

I thought I would kinda look you up.

You are a friend of Jerry's?


You're from Milwaukee?


That is, not exactly.

But that is where I knew Jerry.

How do you feel?


I have shock and internal injuries.

They are real worried about me.

They had three doctors in here to see me this morning.

Maybe I ..

I'd better go away and let you sleep.

I can't sleep.

But I am supposed to rest.

May I can come back and see you sometime?

What's your name? Eddie Novok.

Oh, you.

You can go outside again and knock.

Did your company make you feel better?

Never mind how I feel. Did you catch the guy that hit me?

Not yet.

Not yet?

We're doing the best we can for you, honey. But it isn't easy.

Sure, I know.

You're all too busy hoisting your feet up on to your desks.

It could only happen to me.

Ten morons standing around keening over me.

And not one of them with the brains to get the license number.

Three is a kid who said he saw the car but that's all.

It isn't only a matter of catching, honey. We also have to prove he did it.

Who is your boyfriend?

Eddie Novak, A friend of my brother's.

Oh swell. Then they found your brother?

Nah, he hasn't seen him for ages.

That's too bad.

I think maybe he works for an insurance company.


He's not a friend of my brother's.

I haven't got a brother.

But you said that .. Well ..

They kept asking me questions about my family.

Who were they?

Who was my nearest relative? Who should I notify?

I just felt so funny, like I was a lost soul or something.

So I said I had a brother.

Then I said Milwaukee because it was far away.

What do you think?

Well, maybe he read about you in the papers.

Then why are you so interested in him?

Hey, I'm not.

I just want to see you get your kicks. That's all, honey.

Hello, doctor. Oh, hello.

I just saw our patient. She looks pretty good.

Yes, she does. But watch this chair.

What do you mean, something wrong? Well, she is not the usual case.

Got a minute? Sure.

A complication has developed.

Come in and read it for yourself.

In plain English it means she is in a critical condition. We can't operate.

She doesn't know? Uhuh.

I'm going to tell her she's alright and release her.

Release her? What else can I do?

She isn't even supposed to have a private room.

I can't keep her here without treatment.

Not if there isn't any treatment.

You sure about this?

A couple of specialists looked at her this morning.

Sometimes I don't like myself.

Me and my cop's mind.

I thought she was faking. You know, working up a case for the insurance.

She is.

Now wait a minute, Doc. She can't have it both ways.

That's what she's trying to do. She is pretending to be in pain.

Actually there's no pain and there won't be until she begins to have attacks.

She feels fine.

Can I use your phone? Sure.

Oh, sorry.

"Hello. Records." Ferris. Homicide squad.

Have them get me a make on Eddie Novok.

"N-O-V-O-C?" That's right.

"Just some juvenile delinquency charges."

No convictions? "No."

No other record, huh?

"No. Did he kill anybody?"


If he didn't, somebody did.

Thank you, nurse.

That bad?

I feel weak. Everything hurts.

No it doesn't, Marie.

I know when I hurt. I'm the doctor.

Now listen to me.

I understand what you are trying to do.

There is no use.

There is nobody to collect from.

Maybe if there were I'd stretch a point and help you build it up.

But there isn't.

You really do feel better, don't you?

That's a good girl.

We're going to send you home soon. Maybe the day after tomorrow.

Then everything will look different.

Oh sure.

Everything is going to be wonderful.

But I haven't got any home.

That's show it all happened.

They'd locked me out of my room.

I was walking around driving myself crazy.

Trying to think of a way to get my hands on some money.

Come on, now. Maybe we'll find your brother.

Or something else will turn up.

Not with my luck.

I haven't had a job in two months.

And then it was dancing in some crummy little dive in Brooklyn.

Then it folded and I didn't get my last week's pay.

It's not fair.

There was a girl at the Geddes theater who broke her leg and got $5,000 for it.

And I can't even have a good accident.

Eddie, please. What's the matter with you?


For the first time you are hanging here all day long.

There is no important business in the pool room with the big-shots?

All quiet.

Sammy, do you think the Greek down the way will give me a break on some roses?

Oh .. a girl?

No, it isn't a girl.

For boys he buys roses?

They're beautiful.

Goodbye, Miss Willens. Marie.


Must you go?


I've got some important business to take care of.

I'm glad you're feeling better, Marie. Thanks.

Thanks for being so nice to me.

Oh, it's nothing.

I'm ..

I'm glad you are feeling better, Marie.

You already said that.


Goodbye, Mr Novok. Eddie.

Goodbye, Eddie.

I'll be here until 4 o'clock tomorrow.

Oh, the doctor wants to see you.

Who me?

You're Mr Novok, aren't you? Yeah but ..

Come right this way.

Go right in.

Hello, Mr Novok.

I'm Doctor Wirth.

Have a cigarette.

Sit down.

I want to talk to you about Miss Willens.

You have no idea where we can reach her brother?


I thought he was in Milwaukee.

How well do you know Miss Willens?

I don't know her at all.

I mean I ..

I thought I'd come to see her because I knew Jerry.

That's her brother.

I don't know him very well.


Because she is liable to die.

But I just saw her.

She's fine. She told me so.

She doesn't know.

That's a mistake.

She feels good. She looks good. I'm sorry. It is not a mistake.

She has an aneurism. An inoperable aneurism.

What's that?

It's a blood tumour in an artery.

Like a bruise inside. Caused by the accident.

She'll be alright for a while.

Then, possibly in a month or so a blood clot will form.

When it reaches her heart ..

You're sending her home.

She told me you're sending her home. That's why I wanted to talk to you.

I'd keep her here if I could but it is impossible.

And she has no place to go.

And I thought since you are her only friend ..

You might want to help her.

Why me?

Why should I help her?

You can't put it on me.

Sorry, Mr Novok. I asked you because there was no-one else.


Sure I understand. You had to ask me.

We'll see what we can do with one of the charitable agencies.

Did you ask any other doctors?

Did you take an X-Ray?

Quite a few.

Hello Eddie.

Been waiting to see you.

I want to ask you something.

How does it feel to find out that you're a murderer?

Maybe you know what you're talking about but I don't.

And I ain't got no interest in finding out.

Don't go.

I got things to say to you.

When I look at you I get sick to my stomach.

Everything you get you've been asking for.

If you've something to say, say it. Otherwise go peddle it somewhere else.

I've been watching kids like you all my life.

The same story. You're so smart.

Hanging around the big-shots. Playing the angles.

Only thing is you never figure out any good angles.

You never get next to anyone really big.

Something like this happens and you're a scared rabbit.

Praying for out.

I told you before.

I don't know what you're talking about.

When were you in Milwaukee?

Is there any law that says I had to be in Milwaukee?

There is no law about this.

You're in trouble, kid.

In trouble with the cops.

I can't take you in. I know you hit her but I can't prove it.

But I know what you and Kelch did before you hit her.

What do you mean?

Read the evening papers and you'll find out what trouble is.

Where was I? Oh yes.

I was telling you what I know. What I can't prove.


Now I'm going to tell you what this adds up to.

It means you do what I tell you the way I tell you.

Otherwise I'll make you my personal pigeon.

If you walk down the street just once without money in your pocket and no job.

I'll pick you up for vagrancy.

If you sit in on a game.

The game gets raided.

If you put a slug in a telephone I'll run you down like you robbed a bank.

What do you want? The doctor told you, didn't he?


Did he tell you she has no place to go?

Yeah. Get her a place.


Me? You.

Take care of her. Treat her right.

Buy her presents.

See she has a little fun before she dies.

But I can't.

How can I?

I ain't got no dough. Get some.

You are a smart boy.

Find yourself an angle.

Don't forget to read the evening papers.

Like I seem to have said before, don't you knock?

How do you feel? Swell.

You will.

Your problems are all over, honey. You are going to have a place to stay.

Eddie Novok is going to take care of you.

I don't get it. You don't have to.

Take all you can get. You are entitled to it.

Just don't be a dope, baby.

Not that I think you will be a dope.

Why, Mr Ferris.

How you do go on.

Hey, Sammy. Two scoops.

Yes, two scoops.

Did I ever cheat you?

Money, money, money.

They were here. Asking for you.


The police were.

What did you tell them? What could I tell them?

What cream and sugar you put in your coffee?

You are in trouble.

Nothing that a couple of grand wouldn't straighten out.

Can you spare it?

Before I answer your proposition.

I should look up my financial holdings.


USD went down three points.


Hey, where are you going?

I want to see Kelch.

He ain't in.

I've got to see him. He ain't in.

Give me a beer.

I'll catch you later.

You said he wasn't in.

Don't get yourself in an uproar. He isn't.


I'm going to wait.

Suit yourself, friend. It's your time.

I'm getting myself a case of beer.


Hello Bernie.

What plays?

I got to talk to Kelch.

I don't think he wants to see you.

He got me into this.

I'm in trouble.

Right now kid, he has troubles of his own.

He thinks you should stay away from here.

But he's got to help me.

I need dough and the cops are on my tail.

He told me to tell you to stay away.

He told me to make sure you stayed away.

You know Eddie, I like you.

But I'd do what he tells me.

Be a good boy.

Don't make me trouble.

Alright, you hate it. Now come on, let's get down to business.

Who needs it? Who wants it?

"Honest Peterson" it says will buy anything.

You'd have to pay them to take it away. You must have had it pushed in here.

Six hundred and fifty. Six hundred and fifty?

Who said you were crazy? It says "Get more money from Honest Peterson".

I need new signs. I can't afford them.


I got to have more dough or I can't do business. Come on will you, Peterson.

What am I running here, a charity bazaar?

Seven fifty and I'm being good to you.


Drive it away. Eight.

Sign here.

Any messages?


And what can I do for you mister .. mister ..?


I want an apartment.

I don't have a single thing. Not a thing.

If you'd been in here half an hour ago I just took a young couple up to a place.

Charming people. A dentist and his wife. They snapped it right up.

Look, let's kip the double talk. I want an apartment today.

This afternoon.

I don't think I understand you, Mr Novok.

Sure you do. I want an apartment and I'm ready to pay for it.

That's a very bad philosophy, Mr Novok.

We don't do business that way. We're not a fly-by-nigh concern, you know.

We've been here at the same old stand since 1945.


It just occurs to me.

There might just be ..

Of course, this may not suit you.

How much?

A yard and a half a month. Three months in advance and ..

Three hundred for the janitor.

That's seven-fifty.

Wrap it up.

You are going to be very happy there, Mr Novok.

Not as happy as the janitor.

Oh, it's lovely.

And the best thing is the fireplace.

It works.

It winks.

Just think. If I hadn't had my accident we never would have met.


Here. I'd better give you this and get out of here.

Aren't you going to show me around?

There are more rooms aren't there?

Sure. There is a kitchen, bedroom.

A kitchen and a bedroom?

Come on.

I insist on a complete tour. Hey. You ought to rest.

Yes, I should.

But .. please.

Eddie, it's stunning.

I don't know how to thank you.

I'd better run along.

When are you coming back to see me?

Oh. I'll drop around.




Marie Willens.

Don't you remember me from the Spade Club?

Oh yes. How are you, honey?

Where have you been?

Oh, around.

Well, have I got stuff to tell you.

Well, tell me all. Who is he?

An apartment?

I don't get it.

To tell you the truth, neither do I.

But it's gorgeous.

Now if I could only get myself a job.

Everything would be perfect.

I think something can be done about that.

I'm going to see my agent tomorrow.

If you hear of anything will you call me?

Sure, of course I will.

Give me your number. We'll make a date anyway, huh?




And don't trip over any of those pink clouds.

I won't. Goodbye.


"Miss Dennis is here."

Send her in please.

Don't forget, dear. A week from Tuesday.

Alright, you character. And don't forget your appointment this time.

Don't worry, honey. I won't.

Oh, and ..

Keep in touch.

Libby, darling.

Matt, my love.

What can I do for you?

What have you ever done for me?

Oh, things are tough all over.

Why don't you drop in more often.? Sort of ..

Keep up my personal interest. Give me .. enthusiasm for my work.

You've got plenty of enthusiasm, brother.

How about tonight? I'll invest a dinner in you.

I can't tonight. I'm going to a house-warming.


Do you remember Marie?


Marie Willens. Oh yes. Yes.

Do you know, I just can't believe it.

She's found a rich friend. He sets her up in a gorgeous apartment.

So I have to go there tonight and make like I'm not jealous.

Why should you be?

You can have the same thing any time you wanted. All you got to do is ask.

But don't change the subject, Matt.

You know, up to now Marie has had some very bad luck.

I always thought she was a pretty girl.

What is she doing these days?

Still dancing. Is she working?

I don't think so. Why?

I might find a spot for her somewhere. Send her in tomorrow. I'll talk to her.

Not tomorrow.

You see, she's had an accident.

Give her two or three days, huh? Okay.


Let's talk about ..


You do that, Matty.

Let me know how it turns out.

Bye now.

Miss Willens. Oh, good.

Hello. Glad to see you.

Mr Hethron - Mr Novok.


You really threw me with this job talk, Mr Hethron.

Well, first we've got to sell you. I've got my piano player in there.

Think you can run through the speciality of yours?

Oh sure. Good.

I should have my costume.

It's a tap number you know.

Oh, that's alright.

But Mr Hethron.

I wear a leotard. A sliver leotard.

And I wear a top hat and black stockings and I carry a cane.

Miss Willens does the tap routine with a silver leotard, the hat and a cane.

Yeah, that's my tempo. Now would you start from the top please.


That was my big break.

Wouldn't you know I'd do that to it.

You had an accident.

Mr Hethron knows it. He'll give you another chance.

What does the doctor say?

He said you were still weak. That's all.

But it ..

It hurt, Eddie.

I really hurt.


It's alike a Charley horse.

I'm a dope.

I got so scared.

Do something for me will you, Eddie?


Don't go away.

I'm scared.

Stay with me.


Sure, Marie.

Hello Eddie.

What you trying to do? Finish her off quick?

I thought I made myself clear.

I thought I told you to fix it so she won't kill herself trying to find a job.

You told me alright. But you didn't tell me how.

What do you think I'm trying to do, save up for her funeral?


That's all I've got left. Three bucks. I'm bleeding for you.

Why don't you get a job?

What kind of a job can I get?

I never had one in my life that paid more than coffee and cake.

Seen Kelch?

You are a cop.

You think like a cop. You haven't got what it takes to understand.

I am going to take care of her but it hasn't got anything to do with you.

Right now, anything you'd do with me would be a pleasure.

It isn't hot. I paid three bills for it.

A hundred down and two bucks a week for two years.

So you were robbed.

Seventy-five dollars is the best I can do.



I'll take it.

I want to see you, Kelch.

Sure, kid.

I want to see you alone.


What is it? Money or the cops?


How much?

A grand.

You got a gall, I'll say that for you.

Now why should I give you a grand?

I'll pay you back.

I swear I'll pay you back.

And I'll make it up to you. I'll work for you. I'll ..

You will work for me. You will pay me back.

How much, two bits a week?

You will do me favors.

Right now I got 50 guys like you to do me favors and I don't have to pay them.

You forget something, Kelch.

There is one favor I can do you that nobody else can.

And I have been doing it.

I made a mistake about that guy.


Yeah, I did.

I don't like it the way it is.

You guys may have to fix it.

No, no Matt.

Come on baby. It's like I told you.

If you really want me to behave why not marry me? Then I'll be a good boy.

I've got a picture of that.

You being a good boy with all those blonds around.

Honey, give me a chance and I'll prove it.

There won't be any blonds. I won't even handle them.

Just acrobats and jugglers.

So funny.


No, Eddie. Give me the check.

Wait a minute. This is my party. After all it was my idea.

It might be pretty steep.

Just my left arm. That's all.

I feel good.

Very good.

More wine, brandy, cordial anybody?

And me.

Darling, after that dinner?

We'll have to diet for a week.

Well let's not stay here all night. What will we do?

Go somewhere where we can dance.

I want you children to put yourselves in my hands.

I know just the spot. The show will kill you.

I've got an act there. It's a honey. The most beautiful ..

Comic, dear. Yes.

Take a taxi or shall we walk?

We can walk. It's only a couple of blocks. Okay?


Please Eddie, let's dance.

Pardon us. Yes. Marie.

Hello Eddie.

I want you to meet Miss Willens.

This is Mr Bernie Sallin. How do you do.

See, I told you I wasn't too tired to dance.

Honey, do you think .. Don't spoil it, Eddie.

I'm having so much fun.

What is it?


I just felt dizzy for a minute.

You alright? Yeah.

I'm alright.

Here, sit down.

No Eddie, it's nothing. Honest, I'm alright.

Look, I'm going to find a taxi. You sit there and wait for me.

I'm going to take you right home. But Eddie, I ..

I just got a little dizzy for a minute and he ..

So he thinks you're made of glass?

Is that bad?


I got a cab waiting right here.

Come on, Marie.

I don't want to go home.

Please honey. It isn't nice.

You are spoiling it for Libby and Matt too.


It looks like you go where I go.

Yeah. It seems that way doesn't it.

Well, you are the one that was in a hurry.

Try using the motor, Jack.

When we get to your home I want you to go right upstairs.

Oh you do? Well, that does it.

You got some nerve treating me like I was a kid.

Or an invalid.

Why did you get so scared?

I'm not scared. Will you just do what I tell you, please.

Don't worry.

I don't want to be with you any more than you want to be with me.

Look, it's not like that.

It's a thing I can't explain right now. Don't bother.

"Bus leaving for Trenton, Philadelphia and Baltimore."

How much is the bus fare to Chicago? $39.50.

"Bus leaving for Trenton, Philadelphia and Baltimore."

"Bus leaving for Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Columbus."

"Bus leaving for Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Columbus."

"Bus leaving for Cleveland, Chicago and St Louis."

How did you come, by dog-sled? You have something to tell me?

Let's get some coffee.

"Bus leaving for Cleveland, Chicago and St Louis."

You said you had a deal.

What is it?

I got to get out of town.

I got to take her with me. I want you to help us.

Later, when she ..

You get yourself a killer.

And a hit-and-run driver for a bonus.

How do I know you won't run out on me?

If I could I would be on a bus now wouldn't I?

You got enough dough to take care of it?

How did you get it?

I told you I had to leave town. You figure it out.

What's your problem?

They've been tailing me all night.

I wasn't sure of it but when I got to my place one of them was waiting for me.

I lost him but they'll be at her house waiting for her now.

I got to get her.

But I got to have some place to take her.

Wait here.

"Bus now leaving for Trenton, Camden, Philadelphia."


Come here.

You were wrong when you called me a cop.

I have a friend who's got a place in the country.

You ask what time the bus leaves for Harmon.

Wirth stops in the city on the way and how long. Get it?

And call here. Tell her to get ready. Tell her to trust you and not be scared.

What will you do?

Dr Wirth doesn't know it but he's going to help too.

Here they come now. Let's get rolling.

How dumb can you get. But look, boss.

Don't give me that "but" routine. Hoist yourself onto your feet and find him.

How can we find him ..

I said, find him.

Just find him. And leave the rest of it to me.





He paid 483.60 and 220.

Want a soda? Nah.

You came in here. You must have wanted something.

I want to know where Eddie is.

Sammy will tell you. Won't you, Sammy?

I don't know.

He didn't come in for ..

For three days.

You think he knows and he won't tell us? Maybe.

Maybe he needs a little of the treatment.

I .. I told you I don't know.

No. He doesn't know.

He would tell you.

He knows what's going to happen to him if we found out he knew.

And wouldn't tell us.


Yeah. I heard him.

I wouldn't tell them. If they killed me I wouldn't tell.

I bet you got a sore neck.

I guess you think I'm silly lying here like this all afternoon.

Well, all my life I wanted to fall asleep in front of a fireplace.

And now I did it.

Still mad?

I wasn't mad.

It's only that I thought maybe you wanted to tell me things.

But if you can't ..

It hasn't anything to do with you.

It's my own troubles that make me act the way I did.

But at the club you were so careful of me and ..

You would tell me if there was something wrong with me, wouldn't you, Eddie.


Like it here?

Oh, yes.

I thought the apartment was something but this is ever better.

I've never seen such a beautiful place.

You must have an awfully nice friend.

Only .. Only what?

I'm hungry.

That was practically breakfast we had and not lunch.

I know. I was going to fix you something.

There's some stuff in the kitchen but ..

There is a gasoline stove and I'm afraid of it.

It might explode.

Come on.

Let's go find some place to eat.

This is an occasion.

I ought to put my face on.

I like it the way it is.

Come on.

How do you like the apple-knockers.

You think they'd have sense to turn the lights off when the joint is closed.

Wait a minute.

Maybe there is someplace else. Sure. About ten miles down the road.

Well, come on. Hey, somebody is coming.

Want something, folks? Eats.

Sorry. We're closed.

But we'll be open again in October when deer season starts.

That's fine. We'll wait.

Are you hungry?

That's a fine question.

It's just that we don't have a car and it is a long walk.

Well, come on then. Thanks.

It won't be much but I'll rustle up something for you.

A ham sandwich maybe and .. a cup of coffee.

Got some eggs too, come to think of it.

It will take about ten minutes. Now don't starve on me.

You see, all you have to do is use your charm.

I would if I had some like yours.

Well, be charming.

Go on. Try it.


[ Radio music ]

Oh, charming.

Flowers, music, soft lights.

No-one can say that I don't take you to the best places.

And exclusive too.

May I have this dance?

You can have all of them.

Unless somebody cuts in.

Look at me. I'm a wood chopper.

Woodsman, woodsman, spare that tree.

Touch not a ..

I can't walk, Eddie.

Does it hurt?

No. It did but now.

But I can't walk.

I've tried. I can't.

Where are you going?

I'm going down the road. I'm going to call Dr Wirth.

No! I don't want you to go. I want you to stay with me.

Honey, I've got to.

Look, just lie here.

It's going to be alright.

No, Eddie. Don't go. Don't leave me alone.

Honey, I must call him. It won't take long.

Eddie, please. I'll be right back.

I'll run both ways.

I'll be right back.

I'll get up and see you again.

Now you be a good girl and sleep tonight.


Wait a minute.

You'd better tell me the truth for a change.

I have told you the truth, Marie. No you haven't.

And neither has he.

You've been lying to me all along.

I'm sick. He wouldn't be so worried about me if I wasn't.

You are lying to me. I know you are lying to me.

No. I'm not lying to you.

I'm telling you the truth.

I don't believe it.

You mean I am ..

Going to die?

Oh no. No you are not.

You are going to get better. Don't, Eddie.

It's no use.

Why did you tell her?

You didn't have to tell her. I didn't really. She sensed it.

It's far better this way. I've seen it so many times.

They make an adjustment and it is easier than the uncertainty.

When do you think ..

I mean, how long?

Oh, that's hard to judge.

A month. Perhaps more.

Or she may outlive both of us.


Thanks a lot.

Eddie, will you do something for me?


Will you marry me?

But maybe you never wanted to get married.

Some men feel like they are caught.

That has nothing to do with it. I don't feel like that.

But this would be different.

This wouldn't .. I can't.

I can't explain it.

Do you love me, Eddie?

You know I do.

Then ..? I can't.

And I know why it is.

It's because you were the one who hit me.

Don't feel so bad.

Why, you did everything you could.

Eddie, you mustn't go on blaming yourself. Why, nobody is blameless.

The first day you came to the hospital ..

I thought you were from the insurance company.

If you only knew how I was ..

Trying to work you. Trying to get everything I could out of you.

Then you .. Don't say that.

Please, Eddie.

I didn't care before but ..

Now it's different.

What's that?

Nothing. Nothing.

A regular Beau Brummell.

Going somewhere?

To see my relative in ..

In Bensonhurst.

I got relatives in Bensonhurst myself but I never go to see them.

And if I did I wouldn't get that dressed up.

Yes, Miss?

Can you sell me jelly beans, please.

Yes. Jelly beans.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Let me talk to Kelch.

I'll be right with you.

Okay, mister.

Thank you, sir.

You're new here. Huh?

Yeah. The guy that used to work here is sick.

I ought to charge you extra.

What makes your big feet so large?

Any excitement?


It's been so quiet I'm kinda worried about the business.

What about Kelch?

He went inside. He hasn't come out yet.

Call that a shine?

Well, look at all the territory I had to cover.

It reminds me of the beat I pounded before they made me a detective.

Don't cry.

Women always cry at weddings.

But not at mine.

I could never be as brave as you are, Marie.

You are not as happy as I am.

Where is the Justice of the Peace? Hasn't he come yet?

What time is it?

Ten after two.

But relax. He's only ten minutes late.

He may be lost. I'll run down to the back road and look for him.

No Eddie. I'll go. I'll do it.

When a man is going to marry, keep him busy.

And after the wedding, leave him alone.

You get it?

Wait a minute!

Hold it! Hold it!


Turn around.

Kelch, you can't. Turn around.

Walk until I tell you to stop.

There's people in the house. They'll hear you.

They'll think somebody is shooting a rabbit. Keep moving.


Listen, Kelch.

I got a girl. I got a lot of girls. So what?

But she needs me. She's sick. She is going to die.

You can keep her company.

Turn around. Kelch, listen please. Please.

Please. Look, just give me a little time.

Just a couple of days. Today, we .. Shut up!

Turn around.

Start walking.

[ Gunshot! ]

Been hanging around here all afternoon.

Aren't you going to say thank you?

I'm sorry kid. I'm afraid this means I've got to take you in.

Come on.

How is Marie?

She had another attack.

She can't walk.

We were going to get married this afternoon.

She is going to die.

The doctor said it might only be a week.


Give me a little time with her.

I can't. I can't.

I've got to report this right away.

If you want to make a statement about Kelch ..

I think you'll get off easy on the hit-and-run charge.

What do I care about that?

Afterwards, they can hang me.

I want to marry her.

I don't want her to be alone.

You said it yourself once. I am a cop.

There are some things I just can't do, kid.


Look, what am I asking you for?

You shot Kelch because he tried to plug you.

You got what you were after.

All you got left is a hit and run.

You let it go this long. Let it go a little longer.

I'll have a lot of explaining to do as it is.

If I try to stall this long enough to do any good the coroner will figure it out.

Come on.

You helped me before.

And it wasn't just because you wanted Kelch.

It was because you saw what was going on with me and Marie.

You know what I was before this happened, Where I was heading.

I guess she wasn't much better.

But it is different now.

We got something we never would have had otherwise.

I can't talk about it good.

But we got it.

I know we've got it.

And I want her to have it as long as she lives.


I'm willing to pay for it, no matter what it costs.

It must be the Justice of the Peace.


I'm afraid you are going to be late for your wedding.

I've got a little straightening out to do. I can't come.

Beat it.

I, Edward Novok.

Take this woman for my lawful wife.

To have and to hold from this day forward.

For better, for worse.

For richer, for poorer.

For better, for worse.

For richer, for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

Until death do us part.

In sickness and in health.

Until death do us part.

I, Marie Willens.

I, Marie Willens take this man for my lawful husband.

To have and to hold from this day forward.

For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer.

In sickness and in health until death do us part.

The ring, please.

Now, will you put that on her finger please.

And now by the authority invested in me.

I pronounce you man and wife.



Good luck.

Marie, we have to go.


Must you?


We got to get along.

Sammy, you coming?

Just a minute.

There is something my people do at weddings.

Maybe I could if you don't mind?

Sure, Sammy.

God's blessing.

I wish you.

Also. Broken glass brings luck.

If it is broken by somebody who ..

Who loves you.

You know Eddie.

0nce, I myself was two turns married.

The minister was there. I was there.

But the bride never showed up.

Enjoy this happiness.


We forgot the cake.

We can eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

It's funny.

It was just like it is in stories.

Were you scared?

How do you feel?

I do feel fine.


How does the doctor know? He could be wrong.


Sometimes doctors make mistakes too like everybody else.


Sure they do.



Let's make believe.

Make believe what?

That it is for ever.

It is forever.