Emmanuelle (1974) Script

Hello, emmanuelle.

Is that you, emmanuelle?

Hello, Marie. Are you on your way?

I'm about to leave.

Are you taking a taxi? What time's your plane?

It's at ten. You should hurry.

I will.

Why don't I drive you to the airport?

Sure! Pick me up, if you like. Christian can come.

Not Christian! Just you.

Around 11 then? In an hour? See you then.

Paris to Bangkok takes 17 hours.

But alone, it seems like forever.

You're never alone in a plane. Same as on a ship.

Your worries, your love affairs become unreal.

You can do what you want. But that's impossible.

It's not. It's amazing how many people screw in planes.

I wouldn't dare.

You should always dare.

If it's true what you say, aren't you worried about emmanuelle?

I didn't marry her to keep her for myself or keep her caged.

No, you married her for her beauty. Not at all.

I married her because no woman I know enjoys making love more.

What if other men take advantage?

I told you, I'm not jealous.

Jealousy is out of date.

Look at this girl. Her skill is mixed with innocence.

It's no miracle. They had to learn.

Do they do what you want?

More than that. It's a question of price.

That's what bothers me.

I don't like paying for it.

Paying makes me go limp.

It's not quite that simple.

I have to go to the airport. See you at the embassy.

Always the same people.

A small world of ex-adventurers, public servants, diplomats...

All impatient to see you, especially since seeing your photos.

You mean you showed them my photos?


I like showing them as much as looking at them.

Maybe more.

I'm very proud of you.

Tell me, that photographer...

What about him?

Did he...

Did you sleep with him?

Oh, Jean, he never even touched me.

Really? That's funny.

I thought all artists slept with their models before painting them.

If not before, then after.

The poor guy must have suffered.

I rather doubt that. He's homosexual.

What's up, darling? Let's go. I can't take any more.

It's horrible. The child, the blood, the beggar...

I hate this place.

It's not all like that. Don't worry.

Here. Welcome to Thailand.

Now calm down. Thank you, my darling.

You'll see, you'll like the house.

You won't see anything like you do around there.

I go by that street every day on my way to the embassy.

I guess I'm used to it.

Come, darling.

Thisis Tim...

Jean. They do the cooking.

Oh, no, not that way. This way.

And add, Noe... they're the chambermaids.

They're lovely. Did you choose them? Yes.

John, the houseboy.

He runs everything. Come and have a look.

This place is more than 100 years old.

It belonged to a Princess.

I begged her for months, to get her to rent it to us.

It's really lovely.

It's magnificent.

I never dreamed of this.

It's amazing.

Are the servant girls as good as me?

Impossible. You're incomparable.

You say that to pleasure me.

Pleasure, pleasure!


I'm not bored fixing my house up. I'm happy here with Jean.

Just wait, wait a few months.

Here, we have only one enemy: Boredom.

And to fight boredom, one ally: Love.

You'll find out.

Unless your Jean suddenly becomes absurdly jealous.

But it's my own choice.

Jean would love to see me in bed with his friends.

I never tell my husband anything.

Well, if Richard doesn't want to know!

Good morning. I'd like you to meet emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle, you missed out yesterday.

A Navy warship was anchored here over the weekend.

I wish you could've seen it. It had a marvelous crew!

All able, handsome and horny.

Pity you weren't here.

You'd have been a hit.

I was in pattaya with my husband.

Jean's smart. He took you away on purpose.

No, I don't think so.

Too bad... we don't have luck like that very often.

I didn't go home for 2 days. Luckily, my husband Gilbert is overloaded with work. They work so hard at the embassy!

How's your house? I heard it's lovely.

It is. Why not come over? Jean fixed it up.

It's marvelous. You know it?

Jean had me over when you were in Paris.

Paris! You'll have to tell us all your adventures.

You can tell us everything. We're as quiet as a tomb!

What is there to know.

It may sound silly, but while I was alone in Paris, I never betrayed my husband.

Think she's as good as she makes out?

I fear she may be!

Ah, it's you! You startled me.

I startle lots of people.

You're very beautiful... everywhere.

But I wonder if you aren't a little liar.

Why do you say that?

You've never betrayed your husband?

No. I haven't.

To betray means to hide.

Or more precisely, lie.

Who's that girl?

Her name is bee.

She's outside our group.

Have you ever cheated on your husband with a woman?

Does it count with a girl?

Try it once with me to see if it counts.

I'd like to talk to you. Can I come by your house?

Do you know where I live? Yes.

Tomorrow afternoon? Sure.

My name is Marie-ange.

Hello. Good afternoon.

I bet you're Jean. You win.

I'm Marie-ange. I'm a friend of emmanuelle.

I didn't know my wife had such charming friends.

We only just met. But she invited me to your house.

Well, she's here.

She's in her room. Go right in.

Thank you.

I hope we meet again.

Oh, it's you.

I didn't hear you.

How lovely you are! Who took that photo?

A photographer friend of Jean.

Any other ones”? Others?

You know, photos of you making love.

Of course not. What an idea!

Know why I eat lollipops?

You like them, I guess.

No. It turns old guys on. You should've seen your husband.

He's not old! What's his age?

32. There you go.

You were sleeping at this hour?

It's huge. How many can sleep in with you?

Actually, these are twin beds that we pushed together.

Don't believe the stuff those girls tell you.

They're show-offs. They make most of it up.

They don't do half of what they say.

What do you mean? The girls at the pool...

Come, let's go some place else.

Your house is beautiful. What a great view!

It's very nice of you to come by.

Yesterday it seemed like you had something important to tell me.

No. I chose you, that's all.

Chose? Do you mind?

Oh, French magazines!

Where are they from? Jean got them at the embassy.

He's very handsome. Can I have a photo of him?

I love touching myself. It's so good.

Do you like it? No.

You don't? Well, yes, but I don't want to now.

Not like this.

You seem ashamed? Not at all.

But I'm a little surprised. You're so young.

I've done it since I was 12.

No one taught me. My hands found out by themselves.

I think it's normal. No?

How did you begin having sex?

It was Jean who took my virginity.

The day after we met.

We first met at a dinner party with my parents.

He managed to find me alone.

He asked me questions. Like you do.

The next day, he invited me for a drive.

He pulled over in the forest of Fontainebleau and took me there and then, in the car!

It's not very roomy, but it's not that unusual.

Statistics show that 11% of girls lose their virginity in cars.

What does marriage change?


Oh yes... at first, it seemed funny making love at night.

Jean left soon after.

He wasn't afraid to leave you alone in Paris?

No, because he always tells me that I'm quite free and can do whatever I want.

In a way, it shocks me.

Then it was true what you told those girls.

You've never betrayed your husband.

No, I said I had never betrayed him in Paris.

I said I had never betrayed him in Paris.

What did you do today, my love? Nothing.

I did nothing all day.

No more or less than all my friends in Bangkok.

What is there to do here?

There are lots of things to occupy you.

You can play tennis, golf or squash, go for a boat ride on the canals, visit the pagodas.

Or make love. Even when you're not home?

You're not my possession, you're not my beauty.

You are beauty.

And I love you.

How far can true love go?

It wouldn't be true love if you could measure it.

Am I really the woman you want?

You're a lot more.

But I want to be even more.

How can I explain it?

I think love should be something more important and more intelligent than just making love.

But we can be even closer through pleasure.

It's a question of state of mind, of mentality.

And a different way of looking at love?

Not only love... everything.

I want to drink you down.

Marie-ange got me sort of upset.

Why Marie-ange?

She's so precocious.

Can a little girl reveal the mysteries of love?

Why not? I'm sure I have progress to make.

Things I must discover to become a real woman.

Your real woman.

Marie-ange is so innocent.

She has no quilt.

Whatever she does, she does with purity.

Compared to her, I feel so full of prejudice.

You want to sleep with her? Is that bothering you?

It doesn't matter.

I'd like to as well.

No, it's not that.

Marie-ange, in a way, is sort of my teacher.

Like you are.

She's so... natural.

That's it. She's natural.

For example, one can say, "I dreamed of his nice nose last night," but one can't say, "I fucked his nice dick last night."

But you can say it. You just said it.

That's not the way to hold it.

Like this. And keep your relaxed.

You know, you're so beautiful.


That's enough! My legs are going to give out.

Legs like yours don't give out.

They're too beautiful.

I'm dead.

Sweetie! We'll carry on another day.

Come on, darling.

Poor darling, you're all wet.

Apparently I'm free. You are.

Do as you like, as long as I can too.

I'm that way with all my husbands. I thought I was your one and only!

I mean future husbands. Hear that, emmanuelle?

I may become even freer. Just in case you're interested.

One husband suits me fine.


Your young friend wants you.

Will you excuse me?

I've never seen that before.

Darling, this is yves, whom I told you about.

Delighted to meet you. Jean's told me so much about you.

He doesn't know Bangkok. You could explore together.

Actually, he knows all the dives. I never set foot in them!

A virtuous man. How exciting!

Not virtuous. A hypocrite.

It's not his fault, it's his social background.

Hello! Hello, sweet nymph.

I'm kidnapping emmanuelle.

I found you a man. Who says I want one.

Idiot. You have to take a lover to become a real woman.

But I love my husband.

You're a virtuoso violinist fiddling alone.

It's time you joined an orchestra.

Promise me you'll do just as I say.

And what's that? You'll see.

If it amuses youl!

There he is. Who?

Mario, the man I chose for you.

But he's old.

Knowledge gives you eternal youth.

Forgive me for not being seduced and sticking to my sad life.

Your conversation repulses me. All you talk of is sex.

I'm sick of it. Goodbye.

She's angry.

Hello. Hello, Marie-ange.

This 1s emmanuelle.

Your friend's beauty far exceeds your eulogies.

You can borrow her, if you want.

What if I don't want!

You have a lovely body.

You could say, "you have a lovely dress." I'm not naked!

It doesn't matter what you have on, I'll still see you nude.

Don't I even get a smile?

Let's have a drink and make up.

Why, did we fight?

Marie ange has told me quite a lot about you.

God, what could she have told you?

About your little girl's game.

She thinks it's time you became an adult.

But maybe you're satisfied as you are?

Not really. It's very easy to change.

Will you dine with me one night?

You haven't answered me.

Perhaps. We'll see.

Excuse me.


Well, how's Mario? What do you mean how?

Isn't he sensational?

I don't find him so irresistible. He waxes lyrical, loves to hear his own voice...

Be nice, introduce me to her.

No way!

Ariane, I've a favor to ask.

Excuse me.

A favor?

You're nude under your dress.

Have you made love since our game?

Who with? I won't tell you.

Really? Now, what do you want?

To be introduced to bee.

That wicked, sinful girl?

We're birds of a feather.

And birds of a feather flock together. Right?

Go and speak to her yourself.

I'd like to talk to you.

Certainly, go ahead.

But not here. I'd like to meet sometime.

Impossible. I leave Bangkok tomorrow night.

How about tomorrow afternoon?

No, I have to work. You work?

You're the only girl here who does! What do you do?

I'm an archaeologist. My name is bee.

Yes, bee. Like a honey bee. Because you're hard-working!

I'd never thought of that!

What are you doing?

It suits you.

If you don't want it, return it tomorrow.

It must be a joke. No. See you tomorrow.

Oh... where shall we meet?

2 pm down by the klongs.

At the watsali klong. Watsai?

Klongs, the canals. Know them? Oh, sure!

I'll find them.

"Dear emmanuelle.

"You vanished into thin air.

"I'll expect you at my home at 9 pm.

"I'l send my car for you. Mario."



Here, take this for me.

This way.

Sorry, I don't have much time, I'm leaving earlier than expected.

It was lucky we met yesterday.

I never go to that sort of party. A friend made me go.

You mean the officer?

He was so insistent.

He wanted to show off his new uniform.

Why did you keep staring at me?

Because you're so lovely.

You want one? No.

And you, bee the honey bee, tell me all about you.

That's difficult. I prefer to hear what you think of me.

Well, I think you're a girl who is happy in her work and who never gets bored.

I ike to be.

Are you married?


But you're in love?

No, I'm not. You know, I haven't the time.

When two men meet in New York, they ask how much they earn.

When two women meet here, they ask...

"Are you in love? Are you married?"

Funny, huh? No, it's not.

Youre judging me. Now I won't know what to say.

Then don't say a thing.

Why were you?


Why were you staring at me yesterday?

Because I immediately felt you were different.


Yes. To the other women I meet in Bangkok.

Here, idleness is an art form.

But now I feel as though I've escaped from jail.

Have you been so bored?



Are you bored in Bangkok?

Perhaps. I'm not really sure.

I'm not bored right now!

Are you all right? Fine.

Are you going far? A 2-day journey.

One day in the Jeep, one on horseback.

Time to go.

I'm glad we met. Sorry I didn't see more of you.

When will we meet again? Who knows!

I don't even know your name.


Goodbye, emmanuelle.


Your forgot this. Keep it, please.

No, thanks. Please!

It's my favorite bracelet.

No. I refuse.

Goodbye, emmanuelle. I like you.

You're a doll, but I've no time to play today.

What are you doing?

Whatever I want. I'm a free person.

If you say so!

She's never stayed out before.

You've got what you wanted.

What do you mean?

You wanted her to be free.

"She's not my possession, she's not my beauty."

Well, she's free!

You didn't want her to be free, but to dispose of her the way you do with these girls.

What is it? Have him come in.

Do you speak French? Yes, sir.

I'm to pick up your wife.

Tell your master he's unlucky. He's too late.

Too late!

Too late...

We'd better hurry if we want to be there tonight.

Is it far?

Not really. But we've wasted a lot of time.

You think so? What?

That we've wasted time.

No. That wasn't what I meant.

Let's go.

What should I wear?


Hi, there! How's life?

Great party, wasn't it?

Your wife has the greatest tits.

I never saw a greater pair in my whole life.

If I had a wife as gorgeous as that, I wouldn't waste my time in bordellos.

I have something to tell you.

Something I've said a thousand times but to only one person.

To my husband.

I thought I loved Jean as much as I ever can.

That's what I thought.

But he always said that love was the search for pleasure.

Pure pleasure, with a man or woman you desire.

It's funny... now I feel there's more to it than that.

Take when we bathed in that cascade.

I thought how beautiful it was.

But I thought it for you.

I knew then that a cascade is only beautiful if you can say so to the one you love.

Now look, little one.

I like you.

And when I say I like you, it means I don't want you to be hurt.

But it also means I don't love you.

Do you understand?

It's no big deal.

Let me tell you a story.

Once, when I was at school, I did a perfect French dictation.

I was so proud.

My teacher accused me of copying and refused to believe I hadn't.

I was so sad. So incredibly sad.

It lasted two days.

When it finally went, I was sad not to be sad any more.

But it's no big deal.

Well, the lonely bachelor!

I need to talk.

I don't have much to say, but come in.

For a night-cap.

I just got in.

I'm afraid I drank too much tonight.

Gilbert's gone to a party with the consul's daughter.

She hates being alone at night.

So dol.

That's why I'm delighted you're here.

Even though you're in no mood for fun.

Where's emmanuelle. I don't know.

And I don't care.

You introduced her to bee. Something like that.

Is she with bee?

Then she'll come back. They always do.

I'm serious. That's your trouble.

You're starting to be no fun at all, little Jean.

Or I should rather say...

You've become the laughing stock of our circle of friends.

Give me a hand.

I don't know what to do.

Emmanuelle's not playing the game.

Know what I think?

You're quite grotesque.

You're doing what you accuse emmanuelle of: Having feelings.

Well you've never had any.

Instead of whining, you should teach her to behave correctly.

And if you're not capable, leave the task to someone...

More competent.

Mario. Do you know Mario?

He seems to be interested in her.

Ariane, you're a bitch!

That's right!

Then what are you waiting for?


Why are you out here?

Don't be sad, darling.

I'm tired of playing grown-ups.

I'm no good at it.

I've been trying to match the tales they tell.

And their ideas.

But I can't.

I can't go on.

Calm down. It doesn't matter.

It's for the best. This way you won't get hurt.

A normal couple in our situation must have a balance of power.

Exclusive love and passion isn't for us.

It's too sad, too humiliating to accept that kind of dependency.

You must forget that woman. Forget her!

You'll get revenge in other arms.

It's the only way to answer her and it's what she expects.

I'll help you.

Yes. I'll help you.

Hurry up, will you!

I booked the court for 10. It's 10:10. It's always the same!

Can't you ever be on time?

I'm always on time.

When you go, not when you come!

What have you got against me? Nothing.

Nothing! I'm just disappointed in you.

I know what it is. You're jealous?

Jealous, me? You mean of bee?

My poor darling, you understand nothing.

Your affair with bee is everything I hate.

I believe in economy.

So your violins, your hearts and flowers, your strolls in the moonlight...

None of that's for me.

I like to be taken by surprise.

I made love with your husband. I know. He told me.

How was it?

He practically raped me.

He raped you? Practically.

Help me.

In what way?

Help me to unhook my bra.

I love your skin. It's as smooth as a polished stone.

Not now.

What's wrong with you?

We're late. You said so yourself.

We can play squash another day.

We can invent another game, can't we?

Let me go!

You want my advice? No.

I'll give to you just the same.

You tiptoe through life thinking everything is rosy, like a baby yet to catch a cold.

You've got to pay for experience if you don't want to be a statue.

If you want to live and to forget bee.

If you want some lessons, go to Mario.

Mario! What do you all see in that old crony?

His age guarantees his sense of the erotic.

Sense of the erotic!

Youngsters make love naturally, like eating and breathing.

But when make love at Mario's age, it becomes pure poetry.

You must want to, think of it, choose to do it.

That's eroticism!

Go see Mario, emmanuelle!

I don't like him. He's everything I hate.

He's so vain. A Don Juan on his last legs.

Remember you promised Marie-ange to do as she told you.

How do you know that?

She told me.

I want to see her.

She's on a trip with her parents.

I promised we'd visit her.

You saw her while I was gone?

Yes, I saw her.

Why did you invite Mario?

He sent his car for you the other night. You weren't here.

So I was polite and postponed it till another day.

And he accepted? Naturally.

You look perfect.

It's like you're giving me up for sacrifice.

Aren't you getting dressed? No.

I wasn't going to tell you, but I'm leaving tonight for two days.

You'll be alone with Mario.

You're beautiful.

I suppose so.

I'm delighted you could join me.

Come, let's drink... To the law of the future.

Before drinking, may I know what this law is?

It states that one must make love without shame or constraint.

That virginity is not glorious.

That the couple has its limits.

And that these limits must be stretched to infinity.

To the law of the future, then.

Now we shall eat. Food is very important too.

Jean says the most important thing is...

To have frequent orgasms.

I'm not afraid any more.

Fine. All fear should be totally abolished.

The fear of questioning oneself and the fear of being happy engender the values of a false morality, taboos, conformism, the refusal of life...

In a word: Lies.

Come here!


See these legs? Do you like them?

Take them then.

They're yours.

Never give all of yourself to the same man.

But what do you want? What part shall I reserve for you?

Mario, let me go home. What? Home?

Be happy with what I am.

Make love to me then let me go home to my husband.

Your husband isn't here. He entrusted you to me.

What for? If you won't take me.

I want to help you cross a frontier to a usually-forbidden land.

The land of eroticism.

How would you define eroticism?

Well, it's...

Let me see...

A belief in sensual pleasure.

Absolutely not.

It's not purely the sensual. It also involves the soul.

It's a school, an ar, that serves to humanize sexual acts.

It's about renouncing subterfuge in favor of lucidity.

Well if that's eroticism, it sounds kind of dull.

Basically eroticism is the opposite of making love.

It's notably...

Through love...

That man strives to break with his daily existence.

It's the victory of dreams over nature.

I'd rather think of love simply as a pleasure.

Making love is not important, its the way you make love.

You mean the 32 positions?

That's absurd.

But it's true that orientals consider bodily techniques as way to achieve a certain degree of fulfillment.

One must use one's body to understand others...

And oneself.

We must loosen the bonds.

We must liberate the screams that have been silenced for centuries and destroy established values.

Fill your head...

With more sensations than you can obtain...

Every man on earth.

One must use the unusual.

The unusual which is...

Beyond all that is customary.

The wife impregnated in the nuptial bed has no knowledge of eroticism.

One must organize one's adventures with economy.

One must eliminate sentiment.

My emptied head...

Has become so fearful and so avid...

That love alone can satisfy it.

Why are you saying this?

I waited until she was asleep, I left in the middle of the night.

I've no idea how I managed to get back to Bangkok.

Bee doesn't exist. You dreamt her.

I wonder if I've been dreaming for quite some now.

It's because we're abroad.

As exiles, we're reduced to futile pastimes.

Napoleon passed the time on st Helena counting his spoons.

One mustn't become resigned at any price.

But if you talk of sex, then you will have sinned against our ancestral taboos.

I'm a collector.

It's a very respected occupation, collecting.

I collect situations.

Take me now. You're yet to know me.

That would be too easy.

Let me guide you.

I'll make that ever the same moment unforgettable for you.

Love, true love, needs to be unnatural.

The definition of true love is the erection, not the orgasm.

Couples should be outlawed.

It should be compulsory to include a third person.

Wait here.

It's a thai boxing match.

Have you ever seen one? No.

Then you'll be the privileged spectator of a savage combat.

You'll see it better than anyone.

There will be a prize for the winner.

Which do you prefer?

I feel as proud as that first time my blood flowed.

On my 12th birthday.

I hate all those stupid, stuck-up people, who laugh about sex like they're being tickled.

Yes, I'm a woman now.

Daylight is not for us.

You must see this night through.

What else do you want?

First, I want you to take off your dress.

I'm very tired.

You don't want me, do you?

It's another woman whom I want. Another?

Another emmanuelle.

One I am yet to see, one even you don't know.

I want us to find the unknown by the unsettling of the senses.

Couples should be outlawed.

It should be compulsory to include a third person...

Subtitling: Teletota