En Brazos de un Asesino (2019) Script

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I always adapt to the worst.

Living in paranoia, moving carefully.

This is my life.

In a world of drugs, murders, slavery.

I do not believe that I will ever realize what has happened in the last 9 years of my life.

I do not know.

Everything could have happened in many ways.

I know he had to have his reasons to do what he did.

Based on JA Redmer's novel To Kill Sarai.


My home is your home.

I invite you.

Sit down.

Would you like something?

The best tequila in all of Mexico.

You don't drink it at once.

It seeps slowly ...

"Six fruits".

I agreed to come because you promised me, I would not waste time.

Take the whore, otherwise we have nothing to talk about.

I'm his sister, you idiot.

Who is he?

I do not know.

But it's definitely not from here.

That's better.

So ... Let's talk about business.

3 million for Guzman's head.

As instructed, your price is 2 million?

What a generous offer.

Or very desperate ...

I wonder why I think the one you want me to kill would be willing to pay me double for your head?

Don't let the reasons interest you.

You're right.

The only important thing is to tell Guillermo standing behind me ...

That he would lower his weapon and that if he did not do it within three seconds, he would be dead.

Clean it up.

What are you doing?

Take your things. We're leaving here.

Where did you get it from? - We don't have time, Lydia. Let's get out of here.

No Sarai I can't leave.

Trust me. Everything will be fine.

This man is our only way out. - Javier will kill us both.

I'll be back for you. I promise.

Cover yourself Pretend you are sleeping.

Yeah ... You proved your point.

I haven't tried to prove anything, Javier.

Damn it! Three million.

Do you accept the offer?

3 and a half.

My price just jumped.

Son of a bitch.


But only if you do it in less than a week.

I will talk to you when the task is completed.


Take me out of here.


What's your name?

My name is Sarai.

Javier kidnapped me when I was 14 years old.

You have to help me.

Why do you think I will help you?

Why don't you do that My job is not mixing.

So, what is your job?

Killing people with cold blood?

Can you bring me to the border?

You can do what you want, but please let me cross the border.

If you mean the US border, you must know that the distance is greater than I want you to be in my car.

How long will it take?

Can you tell me where we are?


If you don't want to help me, stop the car and I'll go on alone.

Sarai, get up. Javier wants to see you.

I'm talking to you, stupid.

Where's Sarai?

I do not know.

How you don `t know?

I'm different from others.

I'm Javier's favorite.

You can use me as a guarantee.

Why do you think I need a guarantee?

And he paid you all three million dollars?

It does not work like that.

And I know how Javier works.

If he has not given you the full amount now, he will never give it to you.

He would rather kill you than do it.

You Go?

No! You will drive me to the border!

Javier, Sarai escaped.

I have looked everywhere for her and she is not there. You have to catch this bastard. She definitely ran away with him.

Javier, are you listening to me? I'm talking to you.

Sarai escaped!

Why are you his favorite?

I wasn't bought.

My mother brought me here.

Javier saw something in me that he didn't see in others.

He calls it love. And I am a sick obsession.

I just want to go home.

I can pay you and I will find a way.

I will keep my word.

That's all I have.

I will not hide from you. I will pay my debt.

If the drug dealer thinks he's in love with you, then you shouldn't hide from me.

So, you know my danger.

It still doesn't make you my duty.

If you had a daughter or sister, you would care.

I had my life before my mother brought me from Spain.

Not much, but ... at least her.

What are you doing?

Do not kill me.

Do not move.

Don't open or leave.

Where's Sarai?!


Javier wants to know why you didn't hand her over.

Sit down.

No, I think it's wrong, if you think I came to visit here.

Bring me Sarai.

Or if you want, we can be alone for a moment. You and me...

Wouldn't you like

Would you rather shoot me than fuck?

I prefer.

Bring me Sarai.

I told you to sit down.

You can tell me what Javier's real purpose was when he hired me.

What do you mean?

If Javier wanted to kill Guzman, none of his men would shoot at me.

Javier wants Guzman dead.

Otherwise he wouldn't let you go with the money.

If I kill Guzman, I won't have a problem getting more money.

Exactly. You didn't even think that ...

This woman was not bought or sold.

I didn't ask you.

You did not have to.

I understand that you play the role of a hero.

Let's say this is my payment guarantee.

Javier will not like this idea because this woman is not part of the contract.

I don't care what Javier thinks.

Go tell him that this is the deal from now on.

The girl will be with me until I kill Guzman.

We will make a replacement later. A girl for my money.

You don't understand anything, you fool.

If you need a hooker, Javier can give you everything you want.

But this woman won't give you.

You will just wake up the monster.

And I won't believe you want it.

Hands behind the chair.

Fuck you.

You motherfucker.

Put your hands behind the chair.


Get out of the bathroom.

Come here.

Did you tell him Javier had you whenever he wanted?


Don't feel sorry for her. He treats this bitch better than me, his own sister.

Isn't it

There is a drawstring in the bag. Take it out.

Tie her up.

Lidia asked about you. Will be punished.

But you already knew that. Right Sarai What?

I don't care what happens to her.

I don't think I would go back there.


Well. Get away from her.

Tell Javier I'll call you back when I want.

Let's go.

Come back, you bastard. You're dead!

Can you hear me?!


Will you never tell me your name?


Where are you from, victor?

Finish your meal.

You know my name; you know where I come from.

Why don't you talk You can at least tell me where you are from.

I was born in Cuba.

I have a younger brother. My mother is Mexican and mine was Cuban.

Was he? - Dead.

This was my first murder.

Did you kill your father? why? - I think you know enough about me.

I have to go to the toilet.

Seriously? Will you stand in the toilet?

Either with me or not at all.

Do not go out.

What happened?

They came for you.

Let's go.

Do you want a new car?

They are all dead.

Bastard. What are we going to do now?


What is this place?

We will spend the night here.

This place is safe.

So, if you want you can take a shower.


I'd rather you didn't call me by my name.

Forget about it.

Can you explain what you did to me, Victor? The girl was not part of the contract.

Guzman's daughter was at home.

Are you sure it's her? - I'm sure.

I talked to Javier. I negotiated with him and accepted 50% of the money as they asked.

What did Javier offer you for killing Guzman?

It's not even part of what Guzman offered me to kill Javier and get his daughter back.

Everything has changed.

Plan, contract, your orders. Everything.

What are my new orders?

Vonegat is waiting for contact. Your new orders will depend on the information I receive from you today.

The girl will be useful, Nicolas.

It's important to Javier.

Are you telling me you want to exchange a girl for Guzman's daughter?

If there is no other way, then yes. Now tell Vonegat that everything is under control.

I pass. Another thing. Javier sent something to watch.

What did you watch?

Turn around.



Victor, please. Stop it ... Victor! - I'm sorry.

So, don't do it.

Get some sleep

What is the password?

You don't want to know what's inside. - Give me the password!

6, 8 ...

Lowercase letter k. 3.


5. Capital letter R.

W. 6.


I'll tell you one last time. You don't want to see it.

It's for you, Sarai. If you don't come, say goodbye to your friend!

Stop crying! - Shut up!

Nicolas. - I've got Javier on the line. You can talk?


You will die because of what you did.

Sarai should be given to me as soon as you found her.

What happened is done, Javier. What made you contact me?

I want Guzman to be dead for the price we agreed.

But I'll give you a million more if you kill Sarai.

Why do you want her dead? - We've already talked about this. You and me.

The reasons are not very important in this business.

Well. Let it be that way. You will bring me Lidia and Guzman's daughter in exchange for Sarai.

I will kill Guzman later and give you both if you pay me.

Guzman's daughter?


And I thought all the time that he wanted to kill me.

You are good, I admit.

You get two contracts at once.

You show Guzman his daughter, you take money for it.

You kill him and then collect the money I give you for his head.

We have a deal or not? - So, you won't kill Sarai.

Not yet.

She is my only guarantee.

When I return it to you, you can do whatever you want with it.

Fine. I will take care of everything so that it can be done today.

Wake up. Let's go.

Will you take me to Lidia?

Not now.

I don't care what happens to me, you have to give me back.

I don't think it would be best for you.

You have to take me, Victor. He will kill her!

Sarai, the plan has changed. - No! You must take me.

Do not understand. Only I can help her.

I'll leave with you or without you. - You'll leave when I decide.

Now get dressed.

Won't you tie my hands?

What if I run away?

The only one who knows the way to Javier's house is me.

Now go or stay.

Why does Javier want you dead?


Did he tell you he wanted to kill me?

He offered me a million dollars to do this.


No, I do not know.

Do you know.


I don't ... I don't know, Victor.

I do not understand.

I always knew he was crazy ... and obsessed with me.

And he protected me from everything he did to other girls.

Did he protect you?


He didn't let his people touch me.

Even his sister.

And he never left me alone.

Even when he traveled and was on a plane, I flew with him.

I felt like some ... trophy.

And that's exactly what you are.

Where did he take you?

It looked like holiday homes.

I do not know. He used to say that I would meet new people, but I knew they were drug deals and trafficking in women.

Sometimes we would come back with a new girlfriend.

Do you remember the names of people you met?


Not now.

What is going on?

You know too much.

You are a living and free threat not only to Javier, but to his entire organization.

Are you going to kill me?

If that was my intention, I would already do it.

Why don't you do that Will you use me as a guarantee?

In a way - yes.

But I don't kill innocent people either.

I am not innocent.

Nobody is innocent.

For years, I let this bastard rape me.

I never did anything.

I stayed there.

Looking at everything.

Watching his people and his bitch sister rape, torture and sell girls.

Carmen's hands were crushed with a hammer.

And Marisol forced them to have an abortion.

And they left her to die bleeding ...

On the table. With her child by her side.

And Karen? She was killed because she didn't like the man who was supposed to buy her.

And I just stood there.

And I did nothing.


I never did anything.

You did.

Despite everything you saw, you managed to remain calm.

And wait for your chance.

Even today you risk your life because of a friend.

You are innocent.

Otherwise you wouldn't be alive.

Do not move.

All is ready.

Can you explain to me what are you doing?

It's negotiation ... - What are the new orders?

Still nothing.

But you don't have the freedom to contract.

You just have to fill them in. - I'm just trying to get the benefit, Nicolas.

Vonegat should believe me...

Could you do me a favor?

As a brother.

Not as my contact.

When did I refuse you?

Sarai, this is Nicolas.

You will go with him in his car.

Do not be afraid.

He won't hurt you.

What will happen now?

We'll meet with Javier. She'll tell us your friend.

Will you exchange me for Lidia?

That was the deal.

If that's what I have to do, I'll do it.

Promise me that nothing will happen to Lidia.

Promise me.

You have become a real attraction.

I never wanted to bother you or Victor.

I will explain one thing to you.

Everything Victor does is for the good of the "Order".

Not for you.

Javier's coward didn't come. - I would say he is not stupid.


What about Javier? - He won't come.

That's her! Lidia!

Damn it, don't panic! Hide!

I said two.


What is she doing here?

Excuse me. Look at me.

Everything will be fine.

It will be fine.

Can I know what you did?

You risk everything.

Everything. Contacts with the Order, relations with Vonegat, my life, my life.

You've become unstable, Victor.

And you know better than anyone what to do in this case. You know perfectly well.

You will tell Vonegat that they were the first to shoot.

And you will tell Guzman that Javier did not show up, but the work will be done.

As always, I will tell them what you tell me.

But tell me one thing ... Is it related to what happened in Budapest?

I have nothing to say about it.

Is everything I asked you ready? - Everything is ready. They are waiting for you.

Wash yourself in the toilet.

From now on you are Isabel.

How is that The place where we go is safe, but no one needs to know your name.

Even the woman who will welcome us.

Who is this woman?

It's safe contact.

If safe, why should we lie to her?

It's under security.

When someone is wanted by powerful people, anyone can give them information.

Will you share the same bed? I can give separate for each of you.

It will not be necessary. I will not sleep here.

Then make yourself at home.

Victor, you know where to find me.

Why are we here?

You will stay here until I remove Javier.

I'd rather go with you.

No Sarai You will stay here.

You shouldn't risk your life all the time.

If you want to feel more comfortable, there are new clothes in the wardrobe.

This should be your size.

Trust me...

Javier will kill us both.


Thank you.

The girl you came with ... Isabel.

Of course, we both know that this is not her real name.

What are you doing with her?

He's with me until I eliminate Javier.

Then she will have to deal with it herself.

I can't believe that that's all.

You want to protect her. To be killed.

Or both.

You're leaving?


You will come back?

I don't think that's a good idea.

When I kill Javier, Samantha will take you wherever you want.

Or I'll send Nicolas for you.

And what if others find out? Not only Javier can look for me.

Victor ...

I'm afraid I won't see you anymore.


What time

Good day.

Good morning, do you want a coffee? - Yes please.

I'm sure he knows how grateful you are to him for his help.

Can you tell me something about him?

All I know is what he told me about himself.

So what?

Well not much. Nobody knows too much about him.

I suppose it is not a mistake to tell you that he is a reserved man.

He loves his Cuban coffee.

Mexican food.

Since when has he been like this?


From an early age he was raised by assassins and was trained to kill.

He believes in nothing and trusts no one.

Everything he does is thought out.

Nothing is accidental.

He told me that the first person he killed was his father.

Is it true?

If he told you this just because you would stop asking.

What are you doing? Come here. Fast.

I have four bullets in this gun. I'll fire them every two minutes.

Unless Sarai appears. - Victor is on his way.

You're lying. You smell a lie.

Check the house.

Find her!

Victor was here.

With a girl named Isabel. But he took her with him.

I know she is here.

I know she didn't go with him because I watched him.

You have 6 minutes left. The last bullet will hit the brain.

Did you hear that, Sarai?!

Six more minutes and I'll kill her. It will happen the same as with Lidia.

I just want to take you home, honey.

I would never hurt you.

I told you nobody was here.


Time is running out, Sarai!

Samantha, are you okay?

Come here, come here ... Come here ...

What happened? Were you not happy Why didn't you tell me I would do anything for you.

Let me look at you.

Did you have sex with him?

Did you make love to him Are you still mine I will always be yours.

Don’t lie to me.

You don't know what you did to me. You shouldn't leave.

I am ready to go home.

You killed her.

That's right

Your boyfriend has arrived.

Sarai ...

We have to go.

Everything will be fine.

Let's go. Let's go ...

I haven't seen you in church for a long time.

Do you think God will forgive you everything you did?

I did not come to ask for forgiveness.

And so? What are we doing here?

Sit down, we need to talk.

Do you remember the mission in Budapest?

It never was.

I actually went to meet our father.

He sent for me.

A year ago.

Your mother was killed because she disclosed information about the Order.

But you already know that.

Then the Order couldn't trust you.

Vonegat thought you might want to avenge her death at any time.

They gave me an order to remove you.

Our father agreed.

Why didn't you do that? What?

Why am I still alive?

You were the only order I couldn't carry out.

Then our father decided to do it.

He told me that the only way to stop you is to get rid of you.

So, I shot him.

Then I convinced Vonegat that he could trust you.

Why are you telling me this now?

I think you should know the truth before you die.

What are you talking about?

Don't fuck with me, Nicolas.

Only 2 people knew our location - you and Samantha.

Why don't you ask her?

Samantha gave her life for Sarai.

You can't do it.

I can't do it?

Why did you cheat on me?

I never cheated on you. - Why?! - I never cheated on you!

I swear on my life, I'm your brother.

I'll die before I betray you!

I told you not to leave.

You told me he was dead. - I lied.

Who ...? Who is cheating on whom?

Kill me.

Kill me please.

I will not beg for my life.

If you want to kill me, do it!

But you should know that I've never, never cheated on you!

Victor, Victor, Victor ... Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me...

Why ... Why do you trust her?

It all started because of her!

She brought Javier!

It was her ...

Victor, it wasn't me.

Take off clothes.

For what?

Remove them.


What are you doing?

Trust me.

Do not move.

Get dressed.

Do you recognize it?

It's the same chip that was found in the Dubai girls.

Bought by Hamburg.

Javier was more involved than we thought.

Get rid of him.

I'll do it.

For starters, where should I take you?

Soon I will get new orders and I won't have time for it.

I want to stay with you.

Victor, I could help you. Have you ever trained someone to be like you?

I will do what you do.

No and I will never do it.


Why not?

I have nowhere to go. I have no family, not even friends.

I don't even have an identity.

Sarai ... You'll have everything you need.

Money, new identity, new life.

I will personally take care of it; you will have nothing.

I don't want you to help me in a life I don't want.

You just don't want to be alone.

Live freely, make your own decisions.

Sleep with whoever you choose. Lead a normal life because you don't know him.

But if I wanted you to kill someone as part of a task, you wouldn't have done it.

You couldn't kill someone without knowing why you kill him.

You'll never be like me.

We leave at six.

I hope you think about where you want me to take you.

You shouldn't be here.

I know exactly where I want to be.

Sarai ...

This can't happen. - Yes, it can happen.

I've never been with the man I want.

I want to be with you.

For once, I want to have control over someone.

I can teach you if you want to.

Despite my fear, I wanted to be exactly where I was.

Trapped in the arms of a murderer.

Why didn't we start earlier as you told me?

I thought you needed more rest.

Thank you.

You play the piano great.

You never wanted to do it professionally?

When I was a little girl, but now I play for myself.

Can you promise me something? Play sometimes for me too.

I do not understand. - Flight is in an hour.

There are new clothes in the bags.

Hurry up.

Your name is Isabel Sifred. You are a confident woman.

Strong. With an unbending personality.

You have to do everything I ask you to do.

It can be a matter of life or death.

I am not and I will not be your hero.

You must understand that you can die during this task.

Just trust yourself. To my instincts.

If you want as the last option, you can trust me.

I agreed to take you on this mission because I want you to understand that this is not life for you.

This man's name is Artur Hamburg.

It organizes luxury events in various places.

How do we know where he is?

We will be invited.

Good evening. Welcome.

Having fun?

We are having a good time.

Thank you for the invitation.

You are speaking Italian?

I speak seven languages. - Really?

Where are you from? - I am not from here.

And Mrs.? - She's from Spain.

Where from Spain?

From Madrid.

She is yours ... - She is my good.

She is my property.

Actually ... part of it.

And the second part?

The second part is independent thinking.

I prefer a woman who resists.

My Isabel does everything I ask her to do.

Although sometimes he doesn't want to keep his mouth shut.

I would like to meet you in a more intimate place.


Wonderful, let's go.

Check them out.

Is that necessary?

I'm sorry, honey. You have to be careful.

You can go through.

Come back in an hour.

Come on. Make yourself comfortable.

Thank you.


I'll tell you what I want.

Let me offer you a price.

What do you want?

I want to watch you.

I want to look at what you do.

You'll fuck her.

And from time to time, you will do what I tell you.

And then for an additional amount ...

... you will look away.

I will not do it.


You will do what I tell you.

If you want it, you can do it before me.


So, health.


Sit down.

Spread her legs.

Let him feel you inside.


Let him cry.


If you want, I have toys.

I don't need toys to make her cry.

But it wouldn't be bad.

I haven't hurt her for so long.

Will you do this for my wife too?


This was not in our contract But ... we can try.

Where she is?

He is here. Right over there.

It won't impress you when you see it.

She is just like your Isabel. Maybe a little more obedient.

But you'll like it.



There's a gun and an envelope in the top drawer, take them out.

Give me a gun.

No, I am begging you I will give you a lot of money. As many as you like, but don't kill me ...

There's a letter in the envelope, take it out.

Your wife left a letter with a signature.

What are you talking about? - Victor, we have to help her.

Forget about her, read the letter.

"My dear husband, I can't live with you like that anymore."

'' We embarrass our family, our children, ourselves. ''

'' I can't live like this anymore, I feel powerless. I'm sorry I didn't ask for your help ... ''

'' But I just wanted to finish it all. And that's what I do. ''

'' I'm done with all this. Goodbye Artur. Your wife, Mary. ''

No ... Tell me why you came.

The envelope has a memory card, give it to me.

Listen to me well.

All information on it will be forwarded to my boss.

Your customers, your bank accounts ...

Including the movies that your wife made without your knowledge.

If you don't report her death as suicide, we'll come for you.

All this information will go directly to the FBI.

No no.

No, I'm begging you ...

Please. - Do not move.

I beg you.

Recently you wanted your wife to watch it.

And now your wife would like you to watch it.

Please please...

No! No!

You son of a bitch ...

I'm sorry, Hamburg.

You have an hour.

Make up a story.


Victor Faust!

It was a pleasure.

See you soon.


You said you don't kill innocent people.

She was innocent.

She was the target.

Mery Hamburg organized her death.

They were both involved in rapes and murders.

A year ago, she tried to give up everything.

But Hamburg wouldn't let her.

He made her addicted to heroin.

And he locked it in that room ever since.

Do you think they'll be looking for us?

I do not think so.

Hamburg has a lot to lose.

Hamburg has to pay for everything he did.

Just like her.

Sooner or later someone will order his murder.

If Hamburg hadn't opened the room door in time, would you fuck me in front of him?

Of course not.

But you wanted it.


But this is not the place.

Not in these circumstances.

Do you still want

What happened, Nicolas?

Vonegat has just posted a new quest. It's here in town.


I just sent you all the information you need. 9:00 in the morning.

It's less than an hour.

Enough time. Let me know when it's over.


Nicolas here, open it!

Victor sent me for you.

Where is he?

He's on a mission. But don't worry, you'll meet at the airport in the afternoon.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Don't do it, I'm staying here.

I'm trying to protect my brother. - I know. And you are absolutely right. I'm only...

They will kill him! When the Order finds out what it has done for you, it's only a matter of time.

Victor, don't do this.

He is your brother.

How long have I been sleeping?

Three days.


Here's everything you need for a new life.

You're leaving?



Victor Faust has done much more than free me from abuse and slavery.

He changed me.

He made me feel real emotions.

Set me free There is no day that I don't think about him.

Or about a life I could live thanks to his help.

But this is the life I have chosen.

With or without Victor.

Welcome. Do you have a reservation?

I have a meeting with Arthur Hamburg.

Your name please.

Isabel Sajfred.

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