End of Days (1999) Script







Oculus Deum.




She must be killed!


She was chosen to bear his child.

If she lives to bring about the End of Days, there will be no redemption.

All our souls will perish.






MALE DOCTOR: Okay, now give me a big push.

That's it. You're doing great.

That's it. Okay, stop pushing. ...five, six, seven--

I have the baby's head. (RAPID PUFFING)

Don't push yet.

One little push oughta finish this off. One little push.


You have a beautiful baby girl.


She's so beautiful! (CRYING)

She's so beautiful!

Just gonna take her and clean her up.

Not yet. NURSE: Hospital rules.

Please. You'll have her back before you know it.










Here she is. (BABY COOS)

All fresh and clean. (CHUCKLES)

You thought of a name for her yet? Christine.

Her name is Christine.

Happy birthday, Christine.

MAN: WBAZ time is 8:06.

Three more nights, New York. Three more nights left in the century.

Three more nights left in the millennium.

Three more nights until every computer fails.

Three more nights until the biggest celebration in the history of this city... starts in Times Square.

Where will you be?

MAN: Hey, Bobby, come over here. Something weird's goin' on.

What do you got there, Charlie? I don't know.

Pressure's climbin' off the gauge. (RUMBLING)



Go the other way!




Excuse me.







What the hell are you--


MAN: You're on Gotham Talk. Say something interesting.

WOMAN: I'm trying to figure out what everyone's predicting here.

Is the world going to come to an end at exactly 12:01 on New Year's, or--

RADIO SHOW HOST: I'll tell you what. You should play it safe, not quit your job just yet.

Tell you something else: in two more nights, this place is gonna see the wildest party ever.

We're gonna be there with the first hundred callers, we're gonna make the most noise, and we're gonna be the craziest, and if the world comes to an end, what the hell, we're all gonna be together!

And if it doesn't, and I don't think it will, then we'll all have the best time anybody has ever had.



(POUNDING ON DOOR) MAN: Let's go. We're gonna be late.

Honey, I'm home.


(GROANS) I was just pulling myself together.

(CHUCKLES) It's gonna take a lot more pulling.


You are looking very sharp this morning.

Thanks. You're welcome.

You got about five minutes to get ready. Here.

There's enough caffeine in this to kill an elephant.

Oughta get you started.

So what's today? Transport.

Anyone special?

No, just some Wall Street scumbag.

Why the hell does he need all this protection?

Well, I guess he fucked with some people... that didn't like being fucked with.

Personally, I like scumbags. They pay better.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

No, I'm good. Thanks.

RADIO DISPATCHER: Striker One, F.D.R. Drive--

MAN: Follow Three, F.D.R. southbound.

DISPATCHER: Striker One, stay close.

Striker Four-- MAN ♪ 2: Okay, you zeroes.

These people are paying us good money.

Get your heads out of your asses and start earning those paychecks.

MAN # 1: Follow Three, give me a visual sweep.

PILOT: Striker One, rooftops 125 to 136 clear.

Keep them clear. Striker Four, advise and contact the--

MAN # 1: Follow Three is on approach. E.T.A., two minutes.

Striker One, Follow Two and Three to report tight formation. Do you copy?

MAN # 2: Air One, make a final sweep. AIR ONE: Roger that.

MAN # 1: Follow Three. We have nest in sight.

DISPATCHER: Air One, westbound over zone two.


DRIVER: Ten seconds out.

DISPATCHER: Roger. Ten seconds.

MAN # 1: Follow Three, we have arrived.

Keep everyone close.

We're exposed. PILOT: Roger.

Sky Two, fire escape, southwest corner.

Fire escape's negative.

You're wrong! Shooter! Evac! Evac!

Get in the car!



Call N.Y.P.D.! Get me an ambulance!

What the hell's goin' on? MAN: I see him! I see him!


Oh, shit! Tell me you remembered! Come on!

Get up, you pussy.

(GROANS) Where's the shooter?

Headed for the roof. So are we.

Sky Two, get the fuck down here, now!

Come on! Hurry!

Take us up there!

Move in! Move in!

Set us down! Hurry! There's too much crap on that roof!

We'll tear off the main rotor. Then get us down as low as you can!

Hurry now! Go!

Strap me in!

You're good!

(HOLLERING) He's gonna jump off the roof! Shit!


He's got him!

Gun! Gun!





Oculus Dei! The thousand years has ended!

The Dark Angel is loosed from his prison!

Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head.

You don't know what you've done!

Get down, or I'll put you down! The thousand years has ended!

You don't know what you've done!



Priest that drinks. Can't be all bad.

I think the police may want that at some point.

They call it evidence. I like to get a head start.

No reason to make it easy for them. Yeah.


Watch the lines. Go through here.


She doesn't look happy with the statements.

Should've just killed that son of a bitch. Less paperwork. Yeah.

Hey, Detective. Bobby. Hey, Jer, it's been a while.

Hey. How are you, Marge? Can't complain. You?

It's a nice day to jump out of a helicopter.

Well, just doing my job.

Now, listen. Something I gotta ask you.

JER: Yeah, what is it? You still drinking?

BOBBY: Oh, yeah, we got all liquored up this morning.

We start every day that way. I'm just reading his statement.

You said here the guy spoke to you. Yeah. So what?

The guy doesn't have a tongue.

What? He has no tongue?

Why don't I just leave that little detail out for now.

No big deal, right? Are you saying that I imagined all this?

No, I'm just saying. I saved a life today.

What the hell did you do? All right, let it go.

No, no. I know what I heard. All right.

MARGE: Those people who don't belong here, get them out of here.

Make sure this place is secure.


A drunk hangs out in a neighborhood bar, passes out enough times, people would know where he lived from carrying him home.

I mean, it's one thing I know.

Yeah, well, it's important to be an expert at something.

Oh, it took years of research. This must be it.

BOBBY: What do you want to bet it's rent-controlled?



Well, I don't think this is paint.

A real art buff.

BOBBY: I don't go for this look. It's just too damn busy.

Listen to this.

"I have seen the Earth laid to waste.

"I have seen the horror to come. Is it a sin to wish you were never born?

"The thousand years have ended.

Twenty... seven."

It ends in a football score. That's nice.

JER: Hey, I found something.

Can you see what it is?

His tongue.

He must have cut it out himself.

Okay. And why is it someone would cut out their own tongue?

To keep from talking. Right.

Well, I could eat.


Shit! What?

All right, I knew that was gonna happen.

No, it's all right.

There's something in here.

Have you ever seen her before? Nah.

JER: This guy is no ordinary hit man.

No, this one's extraordinary.

Let's get the hell outta here. This place is making me itch.

Drop it! Don't move! Freeze! Don't move! Freeze!

Oh. It's us.

Jesus! How the hell did you two find this place?

Lucky guess. So what did you find out?

His name's Thomas Aquinas. He's a priest.

Why don't you tell us something we don't know?

A homicidal priest. That's good. Yeah? Well, it gets better.

He studied at the Vatican. He was one of their alleged visionaries.

Came here in '81 to St. John's Church downtown.

Six months ago, he disappeared.

Priests there say he was having a spiritual crisis.

Oh, yeah. That's what this is about.

Spiritual crisis. Doesn't make any sense.

What's a priest doing shooting at a Wall Street banker?

A Wall Street banker, by the way, who suddenly disappeared.

Maybe we should ask the girl.

What girl?

Uh, the guy. The guy. Priest guy. (JER CLEARS THROAT)

JER: There's five million women living in New York City.

How we gonna find her without a name?


Look, I already gave you some money. Can you just move on, please?

He's comin' for you. He's comin' for you, Christine.

How do you know my name?

He's gonna fuck you. He's gonna fuck you, Christine. Can you see him?

(CHUCKLES) Can you see him? Who are you?

How do you know my name?



He's gonna fuck you, Christine. (SCREAMING)



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.





The thousand years have ended.

Thousand years have ended.



"When the thousand years are ended, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison."

"Twenty... seven. "

WOMAN: Christine?

Christine? I'll be there in a sec!

(PHONE RINGING) Doctor's office.

Hello. Is Dr. Abel in, please?

Who's calling, please? It's Christine York.

Christine, listen to me. We've been over this before.

It's a terrible thing to lose your parents. I know it was a long time ago.

The holidays always make something like that feel much worse.

Understand, these dreams are your creation. There's nothing real about them.

You control them. They don't control you.

Take another Xanax to relieve your anxiety.

You are fine. Trust me.

Another vision? Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want you to worry. I'm your stepmother. It's my job to worry.

No big deal, really.

Just someone on the subway car turned into porcelain and shattered.

What's wrong with me? Why do I see things? Why am I so different?

Oh, you don't know how special you are.

You're better than everybody else. Just remember that.

I don't want to be better or worse. I want to be normal.

I want a normal life. You have to have patience.

All good things will come to you. You'll see.

Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry, we're closed.

I would like to talk to you about Thomas Aquinas.

Father, please, I need you downstairs. Just take these.

Father, please. Go.

I've already told the police. Thomas was a friend of mine and a colleague.

He had nothing to do with what happened today.

There was no one else on that fire escape.

You don't understand. I understand getting shot at, and I don't like it.

He shot at you? No, he shot at my client.

I happened to get in the way. Who's your client?

That's irrelevant right now.

What I want to know is why would a priest try to kill someone?

You've been drinking. I've got 14 years sober, and I can spot that.

Well, good for you. Your friend and colleague, was he working for someone?

Yes, he was working for God.

So God ordered a hit on an investment banker?

There's a lot that you don't know. You think you've seen everything?

You haven't. There are things you never dreamed of.

There's another world out there. Thomas saw it, and it destroyed him.

I've seen a lot too, but there's nothing that would make me cut my tongue out.

Yeah, well, wait a few days. What happens in a few days?

Did Thomas tell you about a girl?

No. I see. Do you believe in God?

Maybe once, but not anymore.

What happened?

We had a difference of opinion.

I thought that my wife and daughter should live, and He felt otherwise.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss. Maybe it's time for you to renew your faith.

This girl.

Is she in trouble? Does she need help?

I have a lot of things to do here. Excuse me. Excuse me.

I have more questions, if you don't mind. I've got a question for you.

If you don't believe in God, how can you understand his adversary?

Now I have to believe in God in order to solve a crime?

I'm sure that you can find your way out.




How many have received the stigmata? She's the third this week.


What is she saying? For your own good, get out and forget what you've seen!

Was Thomas part of this? There are forces at work you couldn't possibly comprehend!

Now, please, leave!

RECORDING: (OVER P.A. SYSTEM) ♪ God rest ye, merry gentlemen ♪

♪ Let nothing you dismay ♪

♪ Remember Christ--♪♪

No, it's just I hate the fact that they put finals after the holiday.

It ruins the whole meaning of vacation.

I wouldn't worry. You always do fine.

Besides, a bad grade isn't the end of the world.


(PANTS) It's you.

I didn't-- Where is she?

The girl is safe. And what of the world?

Everything is as planned.

Our acts go unnoticed, unquestioned.

We're everywhere. Daddy, who is it?

Is this your daughter? Yes.

And this is your wife? Yes.



♪ Oh, you insist you gotta talk that shit ♪

♪ You gotta keep that dog ass breath ♪

♪ All up in my face ♪

♪ And I remember when ♪

♪ You would never lie to a friend ♪

♪ 'Cause you were so high you were so shy ♪

♪ You were so fucked up anyway ♪

♪ Life keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin', tickin'♪♪




What's wrong, baby? What's wrong? It was a dream.

He came for me again. It's only a dream, angel.

It felt closer.


FEMALE NEWSCASTER: Throughout the country, the National Guard... has been put on alert as a precaution--

MALE NEWSCASTER: Mayor Giuliani urged all citizens and police... to stay calm during this holiday season.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: No explanations for how blood on the hands of the Christ child, depicted in Michelangelo's famous sculpture of the Pieta--

MALE NEWSCASTER: ...atmosphere of fear and panic, random acts of violence... are being attributed to satanic cults who seem determined... to disrupt New Year's celebrations throughout the world.

Here in New York--

Sorry, pal, you can't come in here.

Ahh. The young boys that you seduced have left their scent upon you.

Remember who it is that you serve. Hmm?

Open your eyes, Thomas.



Look. Look at the face that has haunted your dreams for a thousand years.


They say you can see the future, Thomas.

Then you must know exactly what I'm going to do to you.


BOBBY: I don't know what we hope to get from this guy.

He's got no fuckin' tongue. He can write.

Fuck me.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: There is still no explanation... for the devastating explosions that rocked midtown two nights ago.

In the wake of Tuesday night's explosion, investigators from the New York City Fire Department are still at a loss to explain... why the restaurant suddenly burst into flames, killing at least 35 people.

Hey, asshole, watch where you're going. Hey, I like the shirt.

Screw you, man!

Hey, kid.



I'm tellin' you, no one entered the room. Maybe he did it himself.

Then how did he get the last scalpel in!

DOCTOR: Oh, my God.

It just keeps getting better. DOCTOR: I've never seen anything like this.


I think this is written in Latin.

"When the thousand years has ended, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison."

Uh, this next part is not clear. I-I-I think it's in English.

It says, "Christ--

Christ in New York."



Well, it's official. I'm never sleeping again, ever. You okay?

A guy cuts words into his chest. Someone else nails him to the ceiling.

What's not okay?

(SIGHS) So where we going?

The girl. I gotta talk to her, find out what she knows.

W-W-Wait. We don't have a name. That would help.

Maybe we do. Maybe it's not "Christ in New York."

Maybe it's, "Chris in New York," "Christine in New York."

"Christine York." Let's run a D.M.V. check and find out if any of those names come up.

BOBBY: Hello, Christine York.

Sometimes you border on competent.

I know. It's scary, isn't it? (BOBBY CHUCKLES)



Mabel called. She'd like you to get dressed and join her for lunch.

Grazie, Carson.




No! No!

Ahhh! Goddamn it, get off me!

Go downstairs and watch the front door! Please!

Help! There is no sanctuary but heaven.

(GRUNTING, GASPING) You must go there now.

What are you doing? I commend you to Almighty God and entrust you--

BOBBY: At what point is this considered... interfering with a police investigation?

Hey, we are private citizens having a conversation with another citizen.

I mean, I don't think they've found a way to outlaw that. At least not yet.

CHRISTINE: Please! No!

May you return to Him who formed--

Go down there. Do whatever you can. I need more time to finish the last rites.

(SHRIEKING) May Christ, the true shepherd--

CHRISTINE: Help! Stairs.



May you see your redeemer--

...forever, amen. (YELLING)

CHRISTINE: Son of a bitch! (GROANING)


You all right?

Yeah. Check the body down the stairs.

What body?

Call the police, and get an ambulance.


Take it easy. We're the good guys.

All right? What happened?

Carson. Those men-- Th-Those men--

They tried to kill me. (PANTING)


Eight jets, variable speed. That's what I call dying in style.

What kind of girl lives in a house like this, anyway?

Oh, she's an orphan. Both parents deceased.

After the mother died, the home nurse married the father.

Now the nurse is the sole guardian.

I think it's adorable the way you talk like a real cop.

Yeah? So you think after they clean up this mess, we could...

MARGE: Don't tempt me. soak a little?

They relax me. You want one? Oh, no, thanks. I drink.

My little girl had one just like it. Really?

Mm-hmm. Yeah? You snoop through her stuff without asking too?

When I was looking for something.

What are you looking for?

A connection.

Most days, I don't feel connected to anyone.

I noticed a lot of religious books outside.

Mm. They're my stepmother's.

Is she a big believer? No, not really.

It's mostly just kind of like a hobby with her.

Do you know a priest by the name of Thomas Aquinas?

No. Is that your connection, religion?

I've seen a lot of attempted murders, but I've never seen anyone perform the last rites before.

MABEL: Christine? In here!

Are you all right? Oh, my God, I just heard what happened!

Did they hurt you?

I'm okay, but Carson--

I know. Oh.

I'm just so glad you came along when you did.



I didn't realize you knew where the library was, let alone had a card.

Well, there's a lot about me you don't know.

MABEL: They're right outside.

DR. ABEL: (ON TELEPHONE) You must bring her. He is waiting for her.

No, that's impossible! They'll follow me and find the temple!

I couldn't convince her to come here.

Yuck! Then I shall have to go to her.

Did I mention I had a date tonight?

Not just the inflatable kind. A real live girl.

Did you break up with the inflatable one?

Yeah. She was just too needy.

Everything was about her.

It's just that this is starting to feel a lot like work.

Normally, I wouldn't mind work because, well, you know, we'd be getting paid.

Watching rich people for free. It just seems odd, doesn't it?

Okay, I'll wait here.

Change your mind about the pill? I found something.

Christine, what are you doing? Why is that man here?

I'll be five minutes.

She loves me to death, but she's a little overprotective.

I took this from one of your attackers.

Did you show that to the police? No.

If I did, it would end up in a plastic envelope on one of their large shelves.

That's pretty cynical. Well, I've put a few of those envelopes... up on that large shelf myself.

I used to be a cop.

Now, this amulet is from a Masonic order... in a former sub-herald of the Vatican knights.

JER: The Knights of the Holy See.

They await the return of the Dark Angel to Earth.

So, the men that attacked me are devil worshippers?

No. This says they're the good guys.

They're the ones that are supposed to stop the devil worshippers.

Those were the good guys? What does that have to do with me?



I'm sorry. I have a medical condition.

Sometimes I see things that aren't there. No. I saw it too.



I've been having visions ever since I can remember, but I've never shared one before.

There must be an explanation.

I hope so. I've been waiting all my life to hear it.




Let's get out of here! Come on!

(GASPS) You're not going anywhere.

What are you doing? There's no time to discuss this.

After all these years of waiting, it's finally happening. What's happening?

You can't run away now!

CHRISTINE: Stop it! Let her go! No!


Don't you love me?

Didn't I give you everything?

(GRUNTING) Haven't I been a mother to you?



(SCREAMS) No-o-o!

Christine. You know who I am. Oh, no.

I've come for you. Let's go. Come on.



You only had one simple job, and you couldn't even do that.





Hey, Marge? Marge, over here! We need your help!

Easy with the hardware.

Jesus, Marge! What the fuck?

MARGE: It's okay, Jer. We just want the girl.

Okay, tell me. What the hell is going on here? I don't know.

I don't believe you.

All right. I'm coming out. Throw out the gun.

Please don't don't leave me here. Please!

COP: Hands on your head.

What? Hands on your head. Now!

What do you want with her, Marge? Huh?

Why is she so important? Just the girl. You can kill him.


Come on! Quickly!

You, I don't need.

But you--

Call your people. Find them.

Over here.


Goddamn it!

Get up! Come on. Get up!

My best friend is dead. Everyone is trying to kill us. I just shot two cops.

Why is everyone after you? I don't know.

I swear. I don't know. Why is this happening?

I know it's my fault. I just don't know why.

That man on the stairs, what do you know about him?

Nothing. Come on. I saw your face.

You recognized him. I don't talk about it.

(SOFTLY) Tell me. I need to know.

I've seen him before... in my dreams.

In your dreams? They're-- They're nightmares really.

He takes me, and-- and he makes love to me.

I've been making love to him my whole life.

I thought I was crazy, but he was never real before tonight.

Oh, he's real. I've seen him before.

I'm afraid. Don't be afraid. I won't let him do any harm to you.

I'm afraid of me. I'm afraid that if I see him, if he tries to take me, I'm gonna want him to.


Where we going? To get some answers.


(GUN COCKS) You don't need that. You have no enemies here.

I'm not so sure about that. This girl was just attacked by your people.

Your Vatican knights almost killed her! Vatican knights?

Oh, my God.

Well, they're not my people. They think they're doing God's work.

But they're not. I want to know what's going on, and I want to know right now! Put the gun away.

Did anybody see you come?

No. Good. We should be safe here.

According to the Scriptures, he can't see inside of the house of God.

Who can't? Maybe now you're ready to believe.



Her hands are healed. That's the power of faith.

Who is she? She's a Polish peasant.

She fell into a trance about two weeks ago, and then she began to speak in a language she couldn't possibly have known.

She made a prophecy about End of Days. "End of Days"?

Of man's destruction and the unholy's reign upon the earth.

Why don't you stop all this church talk and tell us what the hell is going on.

Who's after her? Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll try to explain.

KOVAK: You know anything about the number of the beast?

Revelation of St. John? From his dream?

Six-six-six? The number of the beast is not six-six-six.

Often in dreams, numbers appear upside down and backwards.

So, six-six-six becomes nine-nine-nine.

Like in 1999, the year of his return.

What does that have to do with me?

Regressus diaboli: The return of Satan.

Does any of this look familiar to you?

She's been chosen. He's in her blood.

The Holy Church has been searching for you since the day you were born.

Chosen for what? Every thousand years, on the eve of the millennium, the Dark Angel comes and takes a body, and then he walks the Earth, looking for a woman who will bear his child.

It all has to happen in that unholy hour before midnight on New Year's Eve.

If he consummates your flesh with this human body, then he unlocks the gate of hell... and everything as we know it ceases to exist.

So, the Prince of Darkness wants to conquer the Earth, but has to wait until an hour before midnight of New Year's Eve?

Is this Eastern time? It's got nothing to do with New Year's Eve.

It has to do with a temporary celestial alignment.

The Gregorian monks studied the heavens.

They were able to calculate the precise moment of this event.

They created our calendar by mapping this event... and counting backwards from that moment.

It was a mistake to come here. It doesn't matter whether you believe or not.

He's real, and he won't rest till he finds this girl.

Why did he pick me? Because the stars were right when you were born.

A man's body was also chosen, just like yours.

If the devil does exist, why doesn't your god do anything?

It's not my God. It's our God, and He doesn't say that He will save us.

He says that we will save ourselves.

Save myself? What am I supposed to do? Get a restraining order?

We have to have faith. Faith.

Yes, faith. It's an interesting concept.

If you read the Bible, you can't miss it. Faith!

Between your faith and my Glock nine millimeter, I take my Glock.

Come on. Let's go.

I'm afraid it takes a person of pure heart to defeat pure evil.

You did your job. You brought her here to people of faith. We'll protect her.

We'll hide her. You know, you live in a different world.

We have some real serious problems here, and this is not solving them.

Satan's greatest trick was convincing man he didn't exist.

I don't, uh-- This all feels true to me.

You'll be safer with me. At least I can fight this guy with something real.

You know what to do. You feel it.

(SOFTLY) I'm sorry.

Let him go.


It gets easier when you accept what you are.

A fallen soul. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.


Door's locked, no windows broken.

(WHISPERS) How did I get in here? Who the fuck are you?

Oh, I think you know who I am.

You just don't want to believe it.

I took a bullet for you.

I protected you. Oh, no-no-no. You didn't protect me.

You protected this body. Am I-- Am I getting a pattern here?

So much pain. "Not to be taken with alcohol."

Remember that.


To lose a wife and child.

I can't even imagine what that must be like.

What do you want? To make you happy again.

(NAT KING COLE SINGING) ♪ Jack Frost nipping at your nose ♪

♪ Yuletide carols ♪

♪ Being sung by a choir ♪

♪ And folks dressed up like Eskimos ♪ A gift from you daughter? Hmm?




Don't stay in there too long. You'll turn into a prune.

Emily! Come on, darling. It's time to get out.

Gotta get you dressed. Your daddy's gonna be home soon.

AMY: I have the best daddy in the whole world.

Yes, you certainly do.

(LAUGHING) But I don't think he'll be home.

EMILY: Now, what makes you say a silly thing like that?

He never comes home. Well, honey, you know your daddy works hard.

It's not about how much time you're there. It's about "quality time."

Now, he'll be home just like he promised. You'll see.

He keeps his promises.

I can give it all back to you. Everything that He took away.


You can hold your wife again.

You can watch your daughter walk through the door in her prom dress.

All you have to do is tell me where the girl is.

Come on. She's a nobody to you. You don't even know her.

You're in the middle of something you don't really understand.

You think you're saving her from me? She wants to be with me.

You know that. What did you do in school today?

You think I'd harm her? (SCOFFS) I'd treat her like a queen.

Turn around, sweetheart. You told me you'd do anything to get your family back.

You want them? This is your chance.

They're not real. Does that matter?

Oh, yes. I think you need to be reminded... of how painful reality is.


Oh, shit! (SNARLS)



Don't hurt my baby!

Daddy! Let my daughter go!



Let go of my baby! (SCREAMING, SHOTGUN BLASTS)


(PANTING) Oh, it's true.

It wasn't your fault.

I wasn't there. No, you were just--

You were out doing your job.

I wasn't fucking there! Oh, look at you. Torn apart by guilt.

You didn't do anything wrong. You were an honest cop. You didn't take money.

You had to testify against them even after they threatened your family.

Most people would never testify against those guys.

They're not like you. You had to do the right thing.

And where was God, hmm?

He could've stopped it, but he didn't. He fucked you. Then He made you feel guilty.

Me, I don't do guilt. I didn't do what happened here.

He did. Now you just think about that.

Then you tell me who's really your friend.

I can make it like it never happened.

All for the price of a stranger's address.


You will never see the girl!

Now, you see-- Now you're upsetting me.

You don't want to see me upset, believe me.

Oh, you want to fuck with me? You think you know bad, huh?

You're a fucking choirboy compared to me! A choirboy!

You're in touch with your anger. I really like that.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to have a drink.

You and I are so much alike.

We're nothing alike! Nothing!

Look at yourself. Look at this. Look at what you are now.

You walked away from the light, just like me. You want one?

You need to get out, now. Come on. You know what's in your heart.

We're on the same side. I'm not on your side, and I never will be.

(LAUGHS) You're on His side? He's the one who took away your family.

Let me tell you something about Him.

He is the biggest underachiever of all time.

He just had a good publicist, that's all. Something good happens: "It's His will."

Something bad happens: "He moves in mysterious ways."

You take that-- that overblown press kit they call the Bible.

You look for the answer in there, what do they tell you?

"Shit happens." (SCOFFS) Please.

He treated you like garbage. You walked away.

I'm not the bad guy.

What about the End of Days?

Think of it as a new beginning.

A change of management. And you'll be right there with me on the ground floor.

It will be so cool.

Tell me what you want.

Tell me what you really want, and I'll give it to you.

I'll tell you what I want.

I want you to go to hell.

(SIGHS) You see, sometimes the problem is...

(NECK BONES CRACKING) hell... (GASPING, CHOKING) comes to you!

Don't fuck up the coat. (GROANS)

I've wasted too much time on this.

You see those insignificant little dots down there? Huh? Do you see them?

That's what you mean to me. Now, give me the girl!

(GASPS) Not today.


Look down.

Now, look in your heart and tell me you don't want to die.

All you got to do is take my hand.

(GRUNTING) And I'll give you back everything that He took away.


Come on. Okay.

(PANTING) Okay. Okay. Okay.



Fuck... you!






Hey. Hey!

I thought you were dead. Couple of seconds, I would've been.

All I remember is steppin' out of the van, then I woke up in the fucking gutter.

What the hell are you doing here? What are you talking about?

I've been lookin' for you all night. What the hell happened to you?

Hey. Hey. Hey. I can't trust you.

I don't know how much you had to drink, okay, but let's not point the gun at me?

I just need to know. You need to know what?

That you are you. Of course I'm me! What the hell are you talking about?

You took his body. All right. You're ill.

Okay? You need some help. All right?

Oh, fuck! Jesus!

Fuck. You're bleeding.

Of course I'm bleeding! You fuckin' shot me!

I just needed to find out! You found out, okay?

Stop being such a pussy! It's just a scratch. Pussy? Come on!

Oh, Christ. Does it hurt?

What do you think? Jesus.

What the hell's the matter with you? What's going on here?

I can't explain it.

I shouldn't have left her alone like that.

I should be with her. BOBBY: Tell me what to do.

I gotta get back there. (PANTING)

Got to get her as far away from him as I can.

Okay, we'll leave town. You get her. I'll get a Striker car.

Just tell me where to meet you.

St. John's Church... in one hour.

How much longer, Father?

Well, he has to sire his child between 11:00 and midnight tomorrow night.

So, we must keep you hidden until that hour passes. (BANGING)

We've come to help. Your Eminence.

In this hour of darkness, we need all the help we can get.

How's the girl? The girl's fine. Thanks.


No. Father! Father, they're the ones who tried to kill me!


No! Your Eminence, what are you doing?

We cannot allow this union to take place. No! No.

Please! You can't! You mustn't!

CHRISTINE: Let go! She is only one life.

How many lives are you prepared to end if we do nothing?

That's not who we are. Of course it is.

We are doing God's work. We are preventing the End of Days.

But you can't prevent evil by doing evil.

There is no time! No! (CHANTING)

It's the only way. No-o-o!

(SCREAMING) May God forgive us!


(GROANING) I can do this all day long.

(GROANING) Now, let her go.

You must let us finish.

If she is slain, his hope of creating a kingdom on Earth dies with her.

Her death is God's will. It's not God's will.

It's your will, and it will lead to our destruction. Jericho.

She must be removed. It's the only way to defeat him.

For a thousand years, we prepared ourselves for this.

We're not afraid to die. Good.

Because I'm not afraid to kill you.

Let her go.


Go. Go. Get out of here.


God help us. We're too late.

I've come for my wife. Let's go.

This is the house of the Lord, our God, and you are not welcome here.

I can stand the pain of being in church. How much pain can you bear?

Christine! Come to me.

I am the one you've been waiting for.

I am the answer to your prayers.

In the name of God, I order you to leave here now!

KOVAK: May the wrath of God destroy--


A thousand years you have waited for my return. And behold, you have failed.

And with your last breath you shall bear witness to the End of Days.



No! Jericho!



Get in the car! Run!


Jesus! Come on!

Bobby, what the hell are you doing? (ENGINE ACCELERATING)

What are you doing? Open the door! Open up!

Come on! Open up! Open the door!

Jer-- Please, stop the car! Please!







You should have taken my offer.

At least you would have been happy once in your life.


Let her go, or I'll kill you.

Ooh, so much anger, so much hatred.

You're almost there.

I'm gonna hurt you so bad, you're gonna beg to die.

But I'm not gonna let you. It's not gonna be that easy.

You're mine, and I want you to see what's gonna happen.


FEMALE NEWSCASTER: World religious leaders have asked their followers... to prepare for the new millennium not with celebrating and partying... but rather with acts of kindness, compassion--

MALE NEWSCASTER: This is it, New York. The last day of the first 2,000 years.







How long have I been out? You almost slept the whole day.

You're lucky to be alive. (GRUNTING)

(PANTING) The time?

It's almost 7:00. It's not too late.

He has the girl. But it's not too late.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.


MAN: Jesus, what did you do? Get hit by a truck?

No, the truck missed me.



Where the hell are you goin'? Doing my job.

(COMPUTER KEYS CLACKING) You know, the cops are after you.

JERICHO: They have to wait. I've got to do something.



That son of a bitch.




(GASPS) Yes. You wish entrance?

(GRUNTS) You have much hatred and vengeance in your heart.

You may pass.






Angelus obscurus.

FOLLOWERS: Angelus obscurus.

PRIEST: Princeps finis dierum.

Princeps finis dierum.



You know this is what you want.


Angelus obscurus.

Angelus obscurus.

Angelus obscurus.

You can't resist, can you? 'Cause you don't want to.

I didn't come here to hurt you. I came here to love you.

Relax. Give yourself to me.



No one move, or I kill the girl. What are you doing?

(WHISPERS) Trust me. You're not gonna kill her.

You said it yourself. I have a dark heart.

Then stand with me. I'll tell you what.

You let us both out of here, and I'll stand wherever you want.

Step back, or I'll pull the trigger. I didn't want to kill you.

But now you leave me no choice.

Let her go, Jer.

Oh, don't look at me like that.

You'd be amazed what you agree to when you're on fire.

Don't do it, Bobby. You're better than this.

You're better than him. You know, considering how you've lived your life, when this is all over, what makes you think you're going upstairs anyways, huh?

Come on, Jer. This is the main event. It's gonna happen.

Why shouldn't you have the best seats in the house?

You will never get a shot off, and you know it.

Don't do it.


I thought we had a deal?


Well, I guess the deal's off.



You son of a bitch!


Here! This way!

Up here.




Oh, thank God. I thought I hit you. Just get us out of here!

Let's go. Give me a minute.

I'd feel better if you'd show me how to use one of those things.

I want to do something. Let me help. All right. Here.

You take the gun. Line up the sight with your target.

Uh-huh. Beware of the recoil. Here's the magazine.

Put it in. Load.

Only pull the trigger when you're ready-- (GROANS)

Like that? Yeah, like that.

He's on the tracks!


Don't stop! Don't stop! What are you doing?


He's gone.



Oh, God.

Go on.

We must separate the cars. Separate the cars. What?

Jericho! (YELLING)



(GRUNTING) Jericho!

CHRISTINE: That's it. Come on.


Here. Hold on!


MAN: How can you expect to defeat me when you are but a man... and I am forever!


We must lock the doors!

Deliver us, O Lord. JERICHO: Everyone, out!

Get them to a safe place! Get them out of here!


MAN: Lady, come on!



What are we gonna do?

Hide. Just hide! No.

Please, God, help me.

Give me strength.















Are you all right? (PANTING)

What happened? It's over.

We won.

We won.

Let's go.


What's wrong? Nothing is wrong.

(GRUNTS) Everything is the way it should be.

No! Jericho! No! No!

No, please! What are you doing?

Jericho! No!



No! Stop it!

You died for nothing. You just bought them time.

Please. You have to fight him, Jericho. I know you.

You're stronger than he is. (CLOTHES TEARING)

That's why you came back for me. Don't let him win.







Run. (GASPS)


Yah! No!


CROWD: (SHOUTING) Six, five, four, three, two, one!






Thank you.








BOY: (CHANTING) ♪ Oculus Deum ♪










♪ It's not how you're thinking As you've been mine ♪

♪ You been living a dream now Believe you're a bad jump ♪

♪ Believe you're in favor And drain out your soul ♪

♪ And what can I do when there's so many liars ♪

♪ That crawl through your veins Like millions of spiders ♪

♪ And seek out their victims And who is the wiser ♪

♪ Watch out ♪

♪ Gotcha ♪

♪ Oh my God I can't deny this ♪

♪ I've been taught just to kill and fight this ♪

♪ Don't bury it deeper where nobody can find it ♪

♪ Like nobody wanted to know ♪

♪ So give it away like they're not gonna fuck you ♪

♪ How long can you beg them to come back and haunt you ♪

♪ To run past your demons and carry you to some place ♪

♪ You're startin' to bleed And they don't give up ♪

♪ Before it's too late What will you offer ♪

♪ In ways of healing Oh, I'm so confused ♪

♪ Confused ♪

♪ Misused ♪

♪ Oh my God I can't deny this ♪

♪ I've been taught just to kill and fight this ♪

♪ Don't bury it deeper where nobody can find it ♪

♪ 'Cause nobody wanted to know ♪

♪ Ooh, if it opens your eyes ♪

♪ Well, just bet on a strong compromise ♪

♪ I was willing to be lost in the shuffle ♪

♪ If only you had let me know ♪

♪ Ooh, if it opens your eyes ♪

♪ Well, then just bet on a little less compromise ♪

♪ I was willing to be lost in the shadows ♪

♪ If only you had let me know ♪

♪ And they won't give in 'cause they know what they're after ♪

♪ I'll give you them days like it's all that would matter ♪


♪ Oh my God I can't deny this ♪

♪ I've been trying just to murder and fight this ♪

♪ Don't bury it deeper where nobody can find it ♪

♪ Well, nobody wanted to know ♪

♪ Ooh, if it opens your eyes ♪

♪ Well, then you can bet on a little good compromise ♪

♪ I was willing to be lost in the shuffle ♪

♪ If only you had let me know ♪

♪ Ooh, when they're done with the show ♪

♪ Like the tide out on the ocean ♪

♪ The wave's already set in motion ♪

♪ The only one in the game who's lost is you ♪♪