Enemy Lines (2020) Script

Damn it's cold today. Put more wood on the fire.

Watch him!

Is that it?

I risk coming all the way out here, for this?

It cost my father his life.

It’s everything.

♪ Là ci darem la mano ♪

♪ Là mi dirai di sì ♪

♪ Vedi, non è lontano ♪

♪ Partiam, ben mio, da qui ♪ So, General.

♪ Vorrei e non vorrei ♪ Maybe you'd like to enlighten me what you need from us.

British Intelligence have passed us information about a scientist the American High Command is very interested in.

He's being kept at one of the Nazi's top-secret installations.

They've code named the project... what is it?

Project Feuervogel.

Fire Bird.

And you'd like us to what, eliminate this scientist?

No, Sir.

We need him alive.

♪ Vieni, mio bel diletto ♪

♪ Mi fa pietà Masetto ♪

♪ Io cangerò tua sorte ♪

♪ Presto, non son più forte ♪ We know you've a great bunch of guys for this type of thing, Colonel.

I have orders from High Command to requisition your team for this mission, under the command of Major Kaminski, here.

♪ Vorrei e non vorrei ♪ I wasn't informed about this.

We're tellin' you now, Colonel.

♪ Là mi dirai di sì ♪ Look, things developed quickly on this.

Washington wants this scientist, and they want him yesterday.

They talk to your people, then here we are.

All on the same side.

♪ Ma può burlarmi ancor ♪ Very well.

Let's reconvene at Staff HQ.


♪ Vieni, mio bel diletto ♪ General.


♪ Io cangerò tua sorte ♪ This isn't goin' to be easy.

♪ Presto, non son più forte ♪ Look, I know the odds are against you.

But what is it you want the most?

♪ Non son più forte ♪ I want this war over with.

♪ Non son più forte ♪ I wanna go home. Hmm.

You pull this off and we'll all be one step closer to doin' exactly that.

Bloody briefin' in the middle of the night?

What's this is all about, Sarge?

They don't tell me anything.

I heard they're sendin' us and a couple of Wrens to Bognor for a two-week holiday.

At ease, men.

This is General McCloud, US Army Intelligence.

Major Kaminski, US Marine Corps.

These men need you to run a little errand for them to Poland.

Your target for extraction, Dr. Aleksander Fabian.

Fabian is one of the world's leading experts on solid fuel propulsion.

A rocket scientist.

The Nazis have him.

We want him.

The installation he works at is under very heavy guard.

But one day a month, his captors allow him to spend a night visiting his wife and daughter.

They're being held under house arrest elsewhere.

It's a pressure point to keep his mind focused on this job.

You will attack the convoy transporting Dr. Fabian en route to see his family.


The best place to attack is here.

4 miles from the meeting house at this crossroads.

It has good cover and Polish resistance tells us he's escorted with only a handful of guards.

It's the perfect point to extract him.

Okay, so we grab this scientist, but how do we get in and out, Sir?

Parachute drop?

It's Hitler's back yard.

Flak and fighters everywhere.

Airborne is out, but the Colonel has something lined up.

You travel to Sweden, tonight.

The Swedes have offered us their limited co-operation.


Seems they can sense the tide of war turning in our favour.

In Borgholm, you'll rendezvous with a Swedish fishing boat captain, who'll drop you here, near Polish coast.


Then, we'll head to the crossroads.


When we have the target, we will make our way into these woodlands to connect with Polish resistance, who will then guide us to the coast and transport us by boat to our rendezvous with a British Navy sub in the Baltic.

You'll be joining us, Sir?

That's right.

Major Kaminski speaks Polish.

He'll be leading the mission.

This is a tough one, Sir.

Hitting the ground running like this.

New CO out of the blue.

We all have to play the hand that's dealt to us.

You know that.


Do we have a problem? No.

These men are professional soldiers.

Good, 'cause there's an invasion of Europe on the horizon.

We need to be shoulder to shoulder all the way to Berlin.

US Marines are meant to be hard as nails.

Had a few ribbons on him anyway.


They're smooth bastards, those Yanks.

My sister went out with one.

Yeah, but she'll go out with anyone.

Alright, Sarge?

Yeah, bloody marvellous.

Yanks breeze in three years into the bloody war and start ordering us about.


I want an end to the war, though, right?

Amen to that.

Sturmbannführer Lehmann. How can I help you?

Why is there no new progress on the latest round of tests?

I am working twenty hours a day on the project.

May I remind you that seeing your wife and daughter every month is a privilege...

That can change at any time.

I have new results to discuss with the team.

I would also like to remind you of what will happen...

...should you decide to withhold results of this vital research.

That would be considered sabotage against the Reich.

This is as far as I will take you.

We're still miles from the shore.

See that?

Those are German patrol boats.

They go up and down the coast here.

If we are boarded and they find you here...

It's dark.

We can make it without them spotting us.

Maybe you signed up for a suicide mission, Major, but I haven't.

Or I can just commandeer this boat if I choose to.

It's not about who's at the wheel.

Those patrols are still out there.

What do you want us to do?


There's a boat down on deck.

You row to shore.


What would the patrol boats do if you turn your lights on?

They would board, check things out.

I will say I got lost or something.

And once they realize it's just me, they will let me go on my way.

So that's what you're gonna do.

When we reach the shore, you turn your lights on, you draw them to you.

That I can do.

Make it lower, boys!

Alright, let's go.

How's the radio looking? We live?

It's not looking good, Sir.

I mean it could just be a mixture of the cold and moisture.

Can you fix it?

I'm gonna need some time to open it up.

Alright, listen, next time we stop, see if you can fire it up.

We gotta get moving, alright?

We're behind schedule.

Do you think he can handle himself, Sarge?

I don't know.

We'll find out.

Lucky, he's got us with him.

Let's go.

Time to leave.

The Swedish contacts have reported the trawler dropped them on schedule, but still no confirmation from the team.

They also said they had to drop them short of the coast.

They what? Here.

They made their way to the landing site by a smaller boat.

Okay, well, let's just hope they don't sink like stones before they even hit the beach.

That's my team out there.

I have every confidence they can adapt as needed.

Well, maybe they wouldn't have to adapt if your Swedish contacts could do their jobs.

May I remind you, General, that my team are well-versed in dealing with situations in the field.

I just hope Major Kaminski can keep up.

Eyes on these trees, both sides.

Alright, look. the crossroads is 2 miles down the road that way.

But we're late.

We missed the convoy on the road.

Oh no, shit.

Shit, indeed.

Alright, look, we're gonna aim for the meeting house.

Catch up with the target there.

Surprise a few people.

Let's move.

Churchill’s not invading tonight, look at it out there.

Sure, you go back. Skip the patrol, warm your feet.

Then get court-martialed. Fine by me.

Bloody hell.

That's got to be five times the number we'd have had at the crossroads.

Maybe 20 or more staying in those two huts.

Looks like our scientist's wife and daughter arrived by their own armed guard, too.


There's a lot of the buggers, alright.

Well, do you think we can pull this off?

I'm not willing to risk the lives of my men if the odds are stacked against us.

We came here to do a job, so let's get that job done.

You understand me, Sergeant?

Yes, Sir.


Any luck with that radio? No.


It's as dead as Cooper's love life, Sir.


I won't let it go.

Hold it, hold it, hold it No, no.

I won!


We are just having a little bit of fun. It won’t do any harm.

Hmm? One more time?



Look at us.

Look what they are doing to us.


Come on.

Smile, sunshine.


It'll be okay.

Seven hours and forty-seven minutes before we leave, Doctor.

Listen to me, listen carefully.

This is the only way for us to survive. Do you understand?

We don’t have any choice.

When my work is finished...

Then what will happen to us? When they don’t need you anymore?

Mama, can I play a new song for Papa?

That would be wonderful.

Please play.

He has a few hours with his wife in a whole month, and he wastes his time listening to the piano.

Here's the compound.

Cabin's here, road's here.

Fact is, we're outnumbered, but it's nearly dark.

So we scout around, find the weak points.

Here for instance.

We hit 'em here and here.

But we'll need a distraction.

So good, create a distraction here.

So they think there's an attack coming from the road?

Right. Throw them off.

We take out the armed guard here and here.

Use the cover of night.

Use their anti-airguns against them.

Spread their numbers out a bit.

That way we got a chance.

I'll have that fuel they got, too.

Get 'em jumpin'.



Let's run it back one more time.

Watch him!

Let her go. Mama.

I'm going to walk out of the house and get in the car.







Check the inside of the house.


I've checked, There's no more in there.

Check it again!

No survivors.

Got that?


Kalina! Kalina.

Dr. Fabian, my name is Major Kaminski.

I'm with the US Marine Corps.

These men are with the British Army.

We are taking you back to Britain.

Mama! There's a British Navy Sub scheduled to pick us up tomorrow.

You'll be flown back to the USA from Britain.

No, no, no, no, no.

I don't go with you.

It's for the best.

You will be looked after.

Is this how you look after us?

You just killed my wife!


I'm sorry.

I truly am. Ma!

But do you think they were gonna let you live happily ever after once they'd gotten what they wanted from you?

Right now, I'm offering you a way out.

A chance of freedom, a chance at your real life.

But we gotta move.



Irena, come here.


Listen, I go with you only with my daughter.

It's clear? Of course.

She's gonna slow us down.

The girl comes, too! No question.

He's right.

Get Cooper to help you move the mother inside the house.

Then we'd be ready to leave.

Should we take the jeep?


We stay off the roads.


Uh, I'm... I'm sorry.

I never... I never... I didn't think...

She hated this war.

She hated everything about it.


Please. Come on, everything is going to be alright.

Hush, hush. It's time.

Are you ready? I know.

Please, give us a minute, alright?

Doctor, you're alive.

Your daughter is alive.

I plan on keepin' you that way, understand?

But I can't do that if we don't move.

Okay, okay.

Listen, we have to go.

Come on. Here, hold on to me.

Here, hold on to me.

Hold on to me and let’s go.

Make sure they get some food.

American Intelligence have information that Soviets may be out to extract Fabian, too.

An NKVD Squad sent undercover through Poland.

And how long have your people known this?

I just got word now.

Look, I'm not playing some poker game with you.

I'm telling you all I know.

I guess it makes sense.

If we want Fabian, that the Soviets are gonna want him, too.

Try and contact them again.

Blue Jay, Blue Jay, this is Cuckoo.

Do you read me? Is there anything else American Intelligence have neglected to tell us?

Like I say, I'm telling you all I know, as I know it, live from Radio City Music Hall, Colonel.

We're late.

There's no one here.

There’s a dead woman inside. It could be the scientist's wife.

So who did this?

British shell cases. But this is an American Army issue boot print.

Either way, they got what they came for. That’s for sure.

They're a group of six or seven. Going north.

Judging by the footprints, two are civilians, one is a young girl.

Now all we have to do is find them.

They wont get far. We should get moving.

We'll catch them up.

Let's change clothes, it's time to switch sides.

Sit over there.

Where are they? These partisans?

Camp must have been discovered.

They moved on.

Well, they left in a hurry.

What now, Sarge?

How are we gonna find them?

We remain calm.

Find a way.

We left her there.

In that house. On her own.


Listen to me.

Mama is far away.

In a peaceful place.

Do you hear me?

There, there.

We have to believe these soldiers will save us.

That they can get us to a safe place.


It's a small village.

Someone's gotta know where we can find them.

Is that such a great idea going to a village?

Hopefully, my Polish is good enough.

To be honest, I'd feel a whole lot easier right now if we could make contact with HQ.

They don't even know we got to the shore in one piece.

Worth trying again?

Needs a good hour's work with a soldering iron.

Right now, it's scrap metal.

We go to the village.

It's the only option.

...to a safe place.

Mama would want that.

So we're just gonna walk in there and ask?

Not all of us.

Davidson, come with me.

Keep everyone else out of sight.

I still think it's a hell of a risk, Sir.

It's 20 miles across enemy territory to the pickup.

We need the partisans.

They know the routes.

Maybe they have some safe transport we can use.

And most of all, a radio.

Plus, Lee needs medical help.

Look I know it's not ideal, but I can't see any other option.

Take this.

You know, my Polish isn't too hot, right, Sir?

In Poland, if you stay quiet, don't speak too much, they think you're the smart guy.


Two beers.

Yes, yes.

My friend! So good to see you back.

Hey! Good to see you.

Come, let’s have a real drink.

Is that beer? Vodka for my friends here!

You know I keep the best stuff in the back. Go get a bottle. I’ll join you soon.


Let’s go out there. Come on, guys!

Let’s go.

Are you crazy coming here?

The whole village could be shot because you’re walking around like fools.

We had no other option.

Your boat was found.

Your boat was found.

Every German in the whole area is on alert, looking for you.

So help us.

We need to find the partisans.

Their camp was abandoned.

There are German collaborators all over.

Someone in the village sold them out.

So the partisans moved on two days ago.

Look, we need to find them.

We need to make contact with our HQ.

Go north.

The main road out of town.

At the first crossroads, leave the road.

Head up the hill.

You'll find them, but be careful.

Thank you.

Now, go before you get us all hung.

They planned to meet people here.

A broken piece of radio.

This camp was abandoned, so there was no one here to meet them.

According to the tracks, one of them is bleeding.

Egorov went into the forest and saw patrols.

They’re searching for them.

There’s a village a couple of kilometers south east, in the valley.

This meeting didn't happen.

They must have gone to find them in the village. Their footprints lead that way.

They’ve either got balls, or they’re crazy.

Either way.

They have a valuable asset, and wounded in the group.

Their radio isn't working.

If they can’t find these locals, maybe they won't have a way out.

Sturmbannführer, are you joining the search too?

No, we're on other business.

Very well sir. We're needed on the other side of this forest here.

By the river...

What's wrong with him?

He's bulletproof.

Could be any numbers of reasons why they haven't reported in.

I don't even wanna think what those reasons could be yet, Colonel.

Weather report, Sir.

That storm front is building in the Baltic.


Well, this isn't good.

These men won't be able to get a boat out to the sub for the pickup.

There's got to be another way of gettin' them out.

We've done a supply drops to the partisans here using C-47s out of Italy.

That's a long haul, but extra fuel, at night, a C-47 could make that.

And we'd still have to find somewhere for it to land.

Somewhere the men can get to.

C-47 is a good rough field performer.

They just put down, and pick up, and take off.

You make it sound easy.

This plane still has to travel miles across enemy territory, pick up the men, and then get back in the daylight without getting shot down.

And we have no way of contacting the team.

If Kaminski's got a chance in hell of gettin' what we came for, you really wanna leave 'em marooned, because we didn't back 'em up?

No, I agree.

A plane could land there. What's that?

Polish Airfield, it's no longer used.

If he could lead 'em to the causeway instead.

They still have to coordinate perfectly.

But it's not gonna wait for 'em.

Taxi, and pick up, take off.

Harris, see if you can contact them again.

Blue Jay, Blue Jay.

This is Cuckoo. Do you read me?

Blue Jay, Blue Jay, this is Cuckoo.

Do you read me?

Let's take a break.

Lean on this.

Like this.


That's it. Alright.

Nice one, Doc.

Simple physics.

Maybe you can take look at his leg when we next stop?

I'm not that kind of doctor.

Do you really think we can trust these partisans?

They got us the information on where the doctor was.

The timetable of when he'd be there.


Look, someone wears a uniform.

I know which side they're on...

You know damn well, civilian armed groups or partisans or whatever you wanna call 'em, get mixed up in this war.

It's just the way it is.

Right now, we gotta hope we can trust them...

Stay there! Don’t move!


German patrol!

Five, maybe six!

Guys, get down!

Papa! Help!

Don’t move!

Thanks for gettin' us out of a hole back there.

We are an American and British joint task force.

You in command?

Major Kaminski.


Are you Polish?

On my father's side.

Look, we... Save it.

All of you, this way.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Whose side are you on?

We had orders to rendezvous with you at your camp in the forest.

And how were we to know you decided to move.

Look, we know it was risky, but it was the only way.

Listen to me.

We moved camp, because of traitors in the village And you walk in there.

Damned Americans.

You have all the manpower, but you have no idea how to fight a war.

Do you know how many graves litter the countryside around here?

Those who helped the resistance.

I'm sorry, but it was the only way.

You need to understand how important this mission is.


You come all this way, risk our necks for this.

This Nazi collaborator.

We should shoot him!

Then the pigs...

Then the German pigs can't use him anymore!

Hey! Listen to me.

He's important.

We need him on our side.

He's been working on all the rocket tests for the Nazis.

Uh, sorry.

Uh, I... I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I know nothing about rockets.

No, uh, I'm working in the field of nuclear fission.


Everything is made of atoms.

This metal.

This... the dirt here.


Even you.

All made of these tiny building blocks.

So small, but perfect.

What are you talking about?

When these atoms are split, they can generate the huge amount of the power.

And this kind of power could light a million light bulbs.

Bright as the sun.

We can use it to power whole cities.

Or in theory, it could have the great explosive power.

That's what I was working on for the Nazis.

They want me to make a new kind of weapon.

Like mustard gas?

No, no, much... much more terrible.

Where is this weapon?

There is no weapon yet.

But I had to keep them believing I could do it.

If not, they would have killed my family.

Alright, listen to me.

Now maybe we weren't told everything.

But this potential weapon he's talking about, sounds like it could kill more Nazis than you or I could kill in a lifetime.

Do you understand?

We need to get this man back.

We will do what we can.

But if it comes to it...

You must kill him.

He cannot get into German hands again.

Thanks, Major.

Do you have a radio?


Cuckoo, Cuckoo, this is Blue Jay.

Do you copy?

Cuckoo, Cuckoo, this is Blue Jay.

Do you copy? Over.

Oh, thanks.

I've done a few of these missions.

None quite like this one, though.

It's just getting to me a bit.

Men should feel something when they kill.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo, this is Blue Jay.

Do you copy? Over.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo, this is Blue Jay.

Do you copy? Over.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo, this is Blue Jay.

Do you copy? Over.

Blue Jay, this is Cuckoo receiving you. Thank God.

We were a little worried.

Do you have the egg?

Repeat, do you have the egg?

We have the egg, Cuckoo.

We ran into some problems, but are now receiving help from the cousins over here.


Blue Jay, we have a new venue for your coming out party. Copy?

Here's where you need to be, Mallard 53.

Goose 72.


Mallard 53, goose 72.

Copy, Blue Jay?

Copy that, Cuckoo.

The party starts at 07:00 tomorrow.

The bird will be there, but they can't wait for you.

Do you understand?

Copy, 07:00 tomorrow.

One more thing, you may have some unwanted company from your Uncle Joe.

Repeat, you may encounter some friends of Uncle Joe's.

Be ready for that, Blue Jay.


Do you copy, Blue Jay?

Did he get that last part?

I don't know.

Sub pick-up is out.

They're picking us up by air tomorrow.

This old airfield here.

Well, they must really want this guy.

Then we better keep him safe.


My name is Sara. And you?


If you like, I’ll teach you how to shoot.

I could shoot when I was fifteen.

This might save your life, or your father's.


Unlock safety catch.


Pull the trigger.

You try.


Irena, what are you doing?

What are you doing? Leave it, let it go.

Give it here.

You shouldn’t teach a child to shoot.

A German patrol is rounding up half the village.


We leave now.

There are Germans in the village.

Let’s give them a run for their money.

Sons of bitches.

The Germans have rounded up half of the village.

Will you fight with us?

Look, we just fought hard to get our hands on him, I can't just lead him into battle.

We will help you get to your plane, Major.

But will you help our people in return?

What did you say, your father was Polish?

Then these are your people, too.

You need us.

Is it not the least you can do?


We support them, no direct combat, coverin' fire only.

Keep them out of the way. Okay.

We're running low on ammo, though.

Do you have any spare guns?


Move, move!


Fire now!

Tank, 2:00!

Round them up!

Him! Do not shoot him!



Hold the fire!

We need to move!

This way.

Move, move!

Come on!

We'll take the road around to the east.

And catch them up.

They’re exhausted, wounded. It should be easy.

We need a C-47 on the ground, 07:00, tomorrow.

Map reference and full briefing.

Look, as you know, the weather over that whole area is...

We need that plane there.

I don't have to tell you how risky this is.

I'm putting good crew on the line here.

Flying half way across Europe.

Your men better be there at the right time.

They'll be there.

Jesus, I don't know how in hell you guys made it through this war with all your red tape and bullshit.

He's right to point out the risks.

And you're right.

We did make it through without you.

Thank you, General.

Look, I know I'm putting the screws to you guys, but you gotta understand Fabian is the key.

He's the missing piece to a puzzle that could end this war and save millions of lives.

Where are we going?

I know a safe place.

We can hide out until your plane arrives.

Come on, Waitesey, you're slowin' us up.

What's wrong?

We lost Cooper and Lee, Sarge.

Did you not notice?

Come, sit down.

How's the wound?


I've had worse, Sarge.

I've had worse.

Let me see.


We have some medicine.

I'll see if there is something for the pain.

Just a scratch.

Lot of hot water.

I will take care of it.

I don't know what's what here.

This one.

There is some food here, too.

It's Spam.

Spam, I can recognize.

I want to show you something.

Your father was quite a collector.


He was a good fighter.

One of our best.

That's okay, it's just a bit of shrapnel from those bloody mortars.

Let me see.

No, it's fine.

Take off your coat.

Sit down.

I need to clean it and get a dressing on it.

I want to explain to you.

Earlier, when my hand was shaking...

I can still do what I need to.

Like I... I can still do the job.

You can.

You know, everything in this line is secret.

I can't tell anybody.

And some of the things I have done...

...I'm not proud of them.

What things?

About a couple of years ago, we were parachutin' into France.

And there was this town where the locals were being paid by the Germans to give 'em information.

There was this house.

And we had orders to shoot and kill everyone in and around this place, no exceptions.

All of them?

That were the orders.

I had to get rid of them all.

They'd come home, just be hangin' the washing at home, we'd shoot and kill them.

I mean they were collaborators, but it wasn't right.

And we shot women.

And we shot children.

You know, they were our orders, but we could have said no.

I can still see their faces.

It's alright.

It's alright.

It's alright.

I tried to do everything for the best. To protect you and your mother.

Mama knew it.

Mama understood it.

She really did.

In my work...

When something goes wrong, I can repeat the experiment.

Start over. Try again.

Work at it, and work at it, until...

I can...

...get it right.

But now...

I am powerless, I can’t start over.

I can’t turn back time...

I promise I’ll keep you safe too, Papa.

I need to ask you what are our chance, Major?

The plane will be there.

But we have another 3 kilometres to cross at dawn to get to the pick-up.

3 kilometres, in a previous life, that's a country walk.

Do you have someone back home, Major?

A wife.

And a little boy.

6 months old.

I've never seen him.

Just a photograph his mother sent me.

I know your country needs me working on their research.

I mean I know your mission is to take me back, but if it comes to saving me or her, I beg you as a father, save her.


Where is he?

I don’t understand.

Is he in the house? How many are in there?

Doc, up.


Hide in here. What's goin' on?

We got company.

This German patrol.

Four of the fuckers.

And they got the Major.


I can't see any more of 'em coming.

Something is wrong.

Their accents.

They're not German.

They're Russians.


You up for this?

Try me.

Stay with them.

He's got a clean shot on all of you.

So don't move a fuckin' inch, okay?

They're Russians, Major.


We salute you in joining us in our great struggle.

The scientist.

Where is he?

He's coming with us.

Uh, I think there's a problem.


I don't think your team are going to make it.

That is as good as handing him back to the Nazis.

Is that what you want?

Well, I got orders.

So like I told you, he's coming with us.

Well, I have orders, too, Major.

This is a little difficult.

Brothers and allies arguing like this.

I'm not your brother.

You've done just as much harm to this country as the Nazis have.

What are you doing?

Get up.

What are you doing?

Get up.

Let's go.


Drop the guns on the floor!

Who's this crazy bitch?

Drop the guns on the floor now or he's dead!

Got that?

I'll do it.

I swear I will.

You people, you tear our country apart with your wars.

You, the Germans.

Don't even breathe!

Get your people in the car.

Then nobody...

Give me the gun.

Davidson, Fabian. Get the car.

Let's go.

You won't make it, American.

Come on, come on, come on.

We need some transport.

C-47 is 20 minutes from the extraction point.

Let's hope they have someone to pick up.

They'll be there.


Follow them!

Alright, we're gonna stop.

Waites, get your grenades ready.

Come here, come here.

Maybe we can still take them.

No. We won’t get him.

But the Nazis won’t get him either.

Maybe that’s enough.

Hey, what's going on?

Pressure on it.

Pressure on it.

You should go, I'll hold them off.

No Bonderenko, I make the decisions around here.

I wont make it.

Go, or do you all want to die for that stupid American?

OK, I wont tell anyone you died for the capitalists.

I always liked your sense of humour.

Let's go.

You forgot, bitches, that I'm bulletproof.

Get 'em to the plane.

We'll cover you.


We'll catch you up.


Let's go!

Move! Move!

How you doin', Major?

Okay, Sir.


Did Fabian make it to the US?

Officially, I can't tell you.

Unofficially, I hear he did.

We lost a lot of good men, Sir.

Some of the best I've served with.

Major, this war's like a street fight.

Some street fight.

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago.

Tough place.

The guy who won there was the guy who was willing to do something the other guy didn't dared do.

Gouge an eye, pull a knife, pull a gun.

If you hesitate, you're dead.

There's a lot of dead, alright.

I bet there'll be a lot more if Fabian's research pans out.

Well, officially, I definitely can't tell you that.

Thank you, son.

Thank you.

And Godspeed.

Is that your family, Sir?

It is.

You lookin' forward to goin' home, private?

Yes, Sir.

And you?

I don't think I got that million-dollar wound, you know?

A blighty wound, Sir!

Yeah, I don't think I'll be goin' home just yet.


Alright then, one more time.


Abracadabra, hocus pocus...


Mm, mm.

I won.

Well, I never do.

You won, you won, my darling.

I have to get back to work.

Alright, Papa.

Ah, I’ve forgotten