Enter the Dragon (1973) Script


P.A.: Announcing the departure ofJapan Airlines flight number 538, leaving for New York.

Passengers, please proceed to Gate 4. Thank you.

P.A.:Japan Airlines flight number 1 8 has just arrived at Gate 20. Thank you.

[Stomach Growls]

Go right on in.


Tang Lung?

Miss Chen Ching Hua?


And why weren't you waiting for me at the exit gate?

We were early. l was starving hungrt so l ate a little.

Ah. And how is my uncle? l'm afraid he's not feeling well, so l came instead.

He didn't write vert much about you.

How can you help me?

What can you do?

Hey! Don't be so formal. Don't worrt. l know that l can help you.

And how can you help me?

You know my problem?

You can tell me later.




Hmm. lt's a Rolls.

[Screeching Tires]

Miss Chen: Last month, my father passed away and left me his restaurant.

Uncle Wang and the others have helped me out a lot.

Business was vert good at first.

But then, a big syndicate stepped in.

They're interested in buying my land.

They want me to sell out.

Tang Lung: So, what's the problem? lf you won't sell it, they can't buy it.

What can they do?

Miss Chen: ln theort,you are quite right.

But they won't listen to any kind of reason. l realize they'll stop at nothing to get my land.

They've got some thugs watching us all the time, and when customers arrive, these thugs threaten them and scare them all away.

We can do nothing. What can l do?

You tell the police?

Police? Ha!

They disappear as soon as the police arrive.

Hmm. Now business is bad, getting worse and worse.

And the workers-- how can l pay them?

Also, the expenses. l have no money.

They're pressing me. They want an answer right away.

What do l say? l told you. l'm here to get you out of this mess.

Miss Chen, don't worrt. just leave it to me. l'll get them.

Please sit down.



l rent this apartment.

All the men live at the restaurant. lt's much more convenient.

There's always a room. lf any of them get sick, they can come here. lt's much quieter,you know.

You can stay here now.


You're my uncle's friend, so feel at home.

Anything that you want, tell me.

Can l use your toilet?

Over there.


lt'll soon be New Year.

Evertone in Hong Kong is happy and celebrating.

Do they have New Year here?

l haven't been home for years.

Hmm. l guess it's changed a lot. l don't know if l'd like it.

Ah, say... how's the restaurant business doing these days?

Ha. l live way out. ln the new territories.

And evert day... l practice martial arts.

Unh! You see. Watch out.


About the same.

Sit down.

Now, here's the key.

The phone number of the restaurant, you see, is on the back.

The restaurant's not far. lf you get lost,just show that card to a taxi driver.

He'll take you there.

Taxi? Uh-uh.

They're expensive here.

Say,you have minibuses here?

You need money?

Don't worrt. l've got plenty. ln that case, we'd better go right away and deposit it in the bank.

Hey, it's much safer to carrt it.

And that way, l can look after it much better. l won't argue. How much you got?

Not much.

Really. Not much. l still say it would be safer in a bank.

Come on.


Ah, Miss Chen.

How are you?

This is Mr. Tang.

He wants to deposit some money.

Aha. My friend.

All your money. Let's see it.

This way.

How much do you want to change into our currency?

Come on. How much do you want?

Oh. Only $20. l don't trust this weird foreign money at all.

There. $20 will do.

That was the bank manager, not a thief.

You must learn to be more polite to people like that.

Not evertone you meet is a criminal.

Also, l know him well, and you have embarrassed me.

The foreigners here are quite friendly,you'll see.

When people smile,you smile back. lt's only right.

And when they put their arm around you, they're being friendly. lt's OK.

You should behave in just the same way.

So remember that.

While you're here, just don't be so uptight.


Ah,you must be Tang Lung.

Welcome to Rome. l'm Ah Gung. l'm from Miss Chen's restaurant.

Ah,yes, Ah Gung. That's right.

Miss Chen is at the restaurant.

She asked me to come and take you there.


Uh, where did you go to just now, huh?

OK, let's go.

Come on.

[Door Opens]

Hee hee hee. Go right in.

Hey there. Tang Lung's here.

Cook: Ohhh.

Tang Lung, this is Uncle Wang.

Ha. Uncle Wang. l tell you. lt's good to see you, man.

You, too.

Sit down. Sit down.

Ah Gung? Yes.

Make some tea.

Sure, right away.

Well, ha ha ha.

Your trip out here... a long flight.

That's right.

Now that you've looked around and seen the sights, you like Rome?

Ever since l got off the plane, it's been terrible.

Well,you'll get to like it, l think.

lt's ages... since l was there.

How are things in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong? l'm from the countrt, not the town. ln the countrt-- Hee.

Here. Have some. Thanks.

Come on. Drink up.

Thank you.

Here you are.

All these tables. Where are the customers?

Ah, Tang Lung.

With all these thugs around, nobody dares come in here to eat anymore.


Tang Lung, some more workers are out back.

We've got them training.

Let's go watch them? Right. Fine. l'll see you.



There's no work.

So, all the time, they just practice.

OK, let's go. Right.

Before Mr. Chen died, they all started learning karate so they could deal with those damn thugs.

How about you?

Ah, it's foreign. Uh-uh. lt doesn't interest me.

Ah. Foreign or not, if it helps you to look out for yourself when you're in a fight, then you should learn to use it. lt doesn't matter at all where it comes from.

You should realize that.

Ah, my game is Chinese boxing.

Hey,you know Chinese boxing?


Hey, really? Mmm.



Take a break.

Ah Gung: Hey!

Hey,you guys.

Come over here.

This is Tang Lung.

Hey, introduce yourselves.

Hi, l'm Tony. jimmy.


Robert. l've no English name. just call me Ah Chuang.

Hello there.

Come over here.

He doesn't look too great to me.

Hey, can you box?

Tang Lung has come from Hong Kong to help us.

You know, he's a great Chinese boxer.

Eh. [Laughs] l've just learned a little.

Ah, Chinese boxing. l have heard that Chinese boxing lacks any real power.

Well,you only lack power when you're a beginner.

Ha ha. See.

Well, then.

How do you develop any power?

By putting your whole body behind it.

Like this. Put your hip into it.

Come on. Now will you show us?

How do you get your hip into it?

You'll get hurt.

Ha. What? You're kidding.

Ah, come on.

They're all wearing some protective padding.

You can't hurt them with your Chinese boxing.

Come on. Let's go.

OK, get ready.

All right then. Come on.

Wang: Hey, hold on.

Hey, we got customers out in the restaurant.

Go and change your clothes. Quickly.

Ah Gung: Let's go. Come on. Back to work.

Get out!


Get the hell out of here.


Come on.

Miss Chen: Uncle Wang!

Hey! Come on out here, quick.

The foreigners are here again.

Stop! Don't.


All right. But l'll tell you... if you don't give us an answer by tonight, we're going to tear this place into little pieces.

Oh, no, no. No.

Huh, Mr. Ho.

Please give us a break.

Tell your boss we need some more time.

Ask him to give us a few days more.

You want... more time.


You stupid bastard.

Let's have it.

So sell. Or we'll make you.

[All Shouting At Once]

Now, don't fight. Don't fight.

You'll only wreck our own restaurant.

Remember. We'll be back for your answer.

Let's go.

Oh, oh, oh. Excuse me.

Watch where you're going.

Ah, sure.

You're so crazy. You don't know these people.

Why did Uncle send you?

Ah! Nah!

Tang Lung, they're young and vert inexperienced.

You mustn't blame them. lt'll be all right, see?

Miss Chen: Please sit down.

Sit down, please.


May l help you?

May you help me?

Sure. l'd like some Chinese spareribs.

Chinese spareribs?

You mean to tell me you--you don't know what Chinese spareribs are?

Well, let me show you, man.


Man: Hey, what's going on?



What are you doing?

You know what we're doing.

Don't they?

You all should have left this restaurant.

Quick. Go tell Uncle Wang.

Help get them out of here.

Get up. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey. Be careful.

Be careful.

Don't wreck our own place.

Don't let them get you riled up. lt's no use.

You. You want to step outside?




Come on. Tang Lung?


Aaahh! jimmy!Jimmy! jimmy! jimmy!Jimmy!

Mmm, Chinese boxing.

Bastard. We'll get him in the end. lf only l knew how.

He'd see Chinese boxing can beat any of his barbaric tricks.

Waiter: l'll go.


We'll show him...

Chinese boxing.

Yeah... Chinese boxing.


Movement number 4:

Dragon seeks path.


Dragon whips its tail.

Hey! Terrific!



Waiter: Hey, great!

Ah Gung: Oh,yeah!

You did a great job.

Beautiful. Great.

Hey, don't be so overjoyed.

Now that they've been whipped, they'll be screaming for revenge.

Ah Gung: So what?

With Tang Lung on our side, now those damn thugs won't be so keen next time.

Men: Yeah!

You men understand nothing.

You should remember, there's a saying:

Thugs are safest at home.

This is their home, where we are now.

We're all foreigners.

All around us is their territort.

Now we must be even more careful.

They'll be back, and we must be ready for them.

Ah Gung: Don't worrt. Now our dragon has entered.

You'd all better listen to me.

They'll be back for their revenge.

Who cares?

Come on, fellas.

We can discuss it later.

Ah, Tang. lt's late, and you're tired.

Let's go home now.

All right.

You want to eat?

No. You see, l want to get up early, do some training.

Uh, can l buy a gun around here?

Sure. Anyone can buy one. lt's no problem.


Hey, what's that? They're darts.

What, darts?

Hey. [Chuckling]

Hey. Aha! Gee, looks good.

Come on. Dig in.

Hey! Hey, what are you--

What do you think--

What's up?

You're hungrt?

Well, if you men think you're as good as Tang Lung, you can have this.

But right now, you had better go and practice.

Oh, it's for Tang Lung?

Well, why didn't you say?

Tang Lung...

Hmpf!. lt's always Tang Lung.

Say, Tang Lung! Hey... Come on in!

Have a seat. Come on in! Tang Lung!

Come on down here.

Tang Lung, hi! Hi! Hey.

Nice to see you.

Tang Lung, this little meal, l made especially for our new champion.

Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!

Go ahead. Go on. Eat up.


Oh, Tang Lung, your kung fu is just terrific.

Yeah. Who's your teacher in Hong Kong?

Hey, take a look!

You see? Hup!


Hup! Little dragon finds its path.

Big dragon whips tail.

We beat the foreigners last night!

Hey... you said that Chinese boxing was weak.

Hey, Tang Lung, you were too fast yesterday.

We couldn't see what you were doing.

Hey, will you show it to us again?

Yeah, come on.

Let's see it. Yeah. Come on, man.

Yeah, why not?

Let's see the great master... if he can really do it again.

Hey, come on...

Tang Lung, let's see it again.

Yeah! -Join us. Come on!

Teach us. Come on, outside.

Yeah, we'd like to see that.

All right, here you go.

Move back, move back, give him room.

Come on.

Evertone says you're fast and vert poweftul.

Well, l didn't see those things last night.

But you told us, you've got to learn to use your hips and legs properly.

Well then, let's see you do it.

Hey,you keep quiet. lf you watch, you'll learn something.

So just get out of the way.


Hey, come on!

Dig him out of there.

Pick him up. ls he OK? You OK?


Tang Lung! Yeah! What a fighter!

Tang Lung, do me a favor.

How about teaching me that?

Hey, hey, l thought l heard you say physical training was quite useless.

That wasJapanese karate.


This is Chinese, understand?


Right. Then we'll all give up karate.

Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, right! Sure!

My boss wants to see you. ls he tough? lt looks like we'd better go.

Shut up!

Now move.



See you.

l told you you were good for nothing...

You. Didn't you have a gun?

What l like, l get, and l want that restaurant.

Yes, boss. Yes, boss.

''Yes, boss,yes, boss.''

Haven't you wasted enough time?

Uh... but l... l always do my best.

Then how come you failed?

Ahh... l found out that they are helped by a man called Tang Lung.

A man? Only one man?


But this man knows Chinese... kung fu.

Kung fu?

Good morning.


Sit down.


ln Rome,you won't often find this food. ls it OK?

Hmm. lt's better in Hong Kong.

Sure, l know that... but l cooked it myself.

And you? l've eaten. Want some more?

Hey, after you've eaten, l'll show you around the sights of Rome.




Boss: Wait.

Over there.

Now... ha ha!

Move! Move! Come on!

Where's the man from Hong Kong, Lin Chang?

Speak up!


Trt it! Trt it!

Uh... trt it.

Come on, you better tell me where he is.

We don't know.


Come on. Where is he?

OK, OK, that's enough. l'll tell you.

He's coming here.

Well... where is he now?


These monuments are all ancient Roman relics.

This is...

What's wrong?

Our slums are just like this.

Come on.

This garden was built by an ancient king for his queen.

The time and money it took to build all this-- l think he must've really loved her.

Are you married?

How do you like this place?

lt's a big waste, all of this. ln Hong Kong, l would build on it, make money.

We'd better go back.


Close the door.

Ha ha!

Better quit, baby.

Bring him down.

Chinese kung fu.

Oh,you must understand the boss.

He really has vert good intentions.

With a man like you, he can appreciate your talent--

Oh... what rippling muscles...

We don't want to kill you.

Oh. Uh...

Here's a plane ticket. just go back to Hong Kong for a few years.

You wouldn't want any trouble, huh?

All right. Take him out, but be careful with the gun in public.

Yeah, boss.

Come on, let's go.

Go and see if anybody's around.

Put your hands down.

Put your hands down!

Come on-- Unh!


Ooh... oh...

Listen... listen.

Boss, that bastard got away!

Go and get him... but no guns.

Get him!

Get him!

Let me get-- Hyah!

Get him!



Hunh... hyah!

Get him...

Get him.


Get him.

Go on.

Mamma mla!

Hyah-- Oh!

Ho: Come, Miss Chen, why don't you quit while you can still afford to?

You better give up.

We'll give you a good deal.

There's no way you can lose by accepting it, huh?

How about it?


Oh! Oww...


Let him know... if l see him here again...

he won't leave alive.

Ho: Uh... uh...

Tell him!

Uh... uh... he told us... not to come and cause any more trouble.

Get them out.

Hurrt up and pick up evertbody!


Yeah, go on!

Get out!

Come on, get out of here.

Go.Just go.

Come on!

Oh! What...

Hey, Tang Lung, be careful!

They're customers!

Oh... welcome.

Come in, come on.



Come on now.

Some service!

Now you see? l told you to be patient.

You wouldn't listen.

Now look at that.

You young kids asked for it.

So what now?

Let's fight. We can handle them.

Uh-uh. You're really crazy.

This is no time for jokes! l know, but... l know how you feel, but...you must realize, they also want Tang Lung.

Those thugs will do anything to stop him.

You don't mean...

Keep Tang Lung quiet.

Tomorrow is New Year's. l'll explain it all to him then.

But... lf he refuses?

Oh, l know he's stubborn.

You must trt to convince him that it's the best thing to do. lf we lose him, we've no chance of keeping the restaurant.

Oh, we'll see.

We have to... wait a while, take care. lf there is no other way, we can just cooperate.

But there's one thing:

We will never sell the restaurant.

Yes...you decide for me.

Mm. Don't worrt.

Oh, it's late.

You better go talk to Tang Lung, huh?

Tomorrow's New Year. ls your restaurant open?

Oh, that's good.

Then we can go to the countrtside and practice some kung fu.

Remind Gung to bring some padding along with him tomorrow.




They're banned in Hong Kong.

Must be some Chinese here.

l have to tell you. You must leave Rome.

Leave Rome?

You have to.

We don't want you to leave... especially me... but you can't stay here.

Do you understand me?

No, l don't.


Tang Lung, why don't you--


Those bangs scare you?

Come quickly! We'll go to the airport.


Those men will trt--


No. My place is here with you. l know. But you must leave.

They will kill you!

Kill me? Who?

[Bong] lt's too late now. Come on!


Aah! lt's too noisy. l'll close the window--


Aah! Oh...

[Clock Striking]

Don't move.


Miss Chen.

Miss Chen!

Operator: Hello, may l help you?

Hello? Hello?


Uh... uh... 3...


What were you saying, sir?

Give me that number again, please.




Miss Chen, please don't waste time. l have here the bill of sale.

Come on, sign it.


Huh! Why are you so stubborn?

The boss has been nice so far.

But my knife here could make your face look vert ugly.

So don't annoy the boss.

Hey, come on now, why don't you just sign it?

Then you'll make evertone happy. l won't sign, and that's final.

Ah, well... you're a vert foolish girl.

We'll get the restaurant, sooner or later, so look:

You're only making things difficult.

You reckon? Huh!

Tang Lung will be along here shortly.


Tang Lung?

You think so? Ha ha ha! l'll tell you:

Right now, he is seeking peace with his maker.


Heh heh!

Oh, look out!

Get outta here!


Get him! Now! Get him!


Their boss is over there.


You're crazy! l'm warning you--

Miss Chen: Hey, Tang Lung, don't bother yourself.

Lay off.

Oh. l've thought of a wondeftul way to handle that Tang Lung, which is called

''Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.''

Well, among my friends, there is one japanese martial artist and one European martial artist.

They're both strong, but the problem is they're from different styles. l'm afraid they might not cooperate with each other.

Money will buy cooperation. lf money is not a problem, then l suggest we must call America for Colt. ls this Colt good? ls Colt good? Huh!

He is America's best.

You better pray that you don't fail this time.

Oh, he will beat Tang Lung. l'm willing to bet my life on it.

Operator, l'd like to call America.

Yes, A-me-ri-ca!

[All Laugh]

Wang: Uh, happy-- Here we are.

Happy New Year. Oh, happy New Year.

Congratulations, Uncle Wang.

For you.

Thank you.

And you. Thank you.

And George. Here. Oh, thank you.

Thank you.


Thanks. Thanks.

Well, l didn't expect New Year money here.

Ha ha.

Man: Uncle Wang gives us lucky money evert year.

Second Man: Ohh. l got to say, this is the best New Year l've ever had.

Ha ha ha ha.

Ahh. First of all, we still have our restaurant.

Yeah. Thank you.

And now we have Tang Lung, who helped us defend the restaurant. Salute.

Yeah, that's right.

Third, we finally taught those thugs a damn good lesson, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, hey, hey... this is a good day.

Let's forget all the fighting.

Ahh. Ahh. Ahh.

Oh, here's Ching Hua.

Oh, Ching Hua.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

Heh heh heh. This is for you.

Oh, thank you, Uncle.

Tang Lung, cable for you. lt just arrived.

[Men Laughing]

Ha ha ha.

Your uncle-- he wants you to go away and leave us.

Ahh. Now don't you worrt. l will be back with you soon.

Now look, l'll stay here till this whole mess is settled, then go.

[Door Opens]

Uh, happy New Year.

Ahh, what exquisite decor.



Heh heh. What a warm gathering.

What do you want?



Well, since it's New Year, l came here to tell you...

Ahh. lt was all our fault. l apologize.


So now we can all be good friends.

Our employer would like to see Mr. Tang Lung, have a little chat.

Do you think Mr. Tang would be so kind?

Certainly. l'm sure he would be happy to go. l can see business getting better already.

We can work together instead of fighting each other.

Ah, excellent.

We'll meet at the Emperor's Restaurant tomorrow. Bye-bye.

Ha ha.

Ho: Hey, hey.


Stop it. Stop fighting.

Oh, come on. Both of you, come on, please.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Oh, oh, no, no, no.

Please, listen to me.

Oh, oh, oh.

Please. We are friends.

Tang Lung is our enemy.

Please, wait for our boss to come back to decide which one of you will take care of that Chinaman. OK?


Stop. Stop. Stop it.

Uh, uh, stop it. Stop it.

Oh, oh.

Stop it.


Tom's my student.

He will be the one who will personally take care of that Tang Lung.

Yes, boss.

Who can do karate better than Japanese?

Ha ha.


Boss: Wait!

Now that we've decided, is everything arranged?

Yes, boss. First of all, l'll meet them at the Emperor's Restaurant early tomorrow morning.

Ah,you come.

Here, here. Sit down. Sit down.

[Giggles] l'm sorrt. The boss couldn't make it today.

Huh? So what's going on?

Uh, an urgent matter came up.

Uh, he's vert sorrt.

Oh, my car's outside. We can go meet him now.

Your what? And where do we go?

Never mind. We'll go. Come on, let's go.

Ah,you're vert quick. l like to see that.

Uh, let's go.

Where is he?


Huh? He's gone.

Hmm. Doesn't matter. We'll get him.

Hey, this is a trick.

They're trapping us.

lt's all right. Don't worrt.

The three of us can handle him.

Me first.


Aah. Hyah!




You... Tang Lung?

Tang Lung.

ls your name Tang Lung?



ls your name Tang Lung?




Hey, leave him if he gives up.

Tang Lung, we were lucky this time that we weren't completely trapped.

Tang Lung.

Hey, come on, if you dare.


Tang Lung,you go. Don't let him escape.

Tony and Jimmy can manage thatJap. Go on.


Tony,you OK?

My body... hurts all over.



Heh heh.


Uncle Wang...you.

Why did you--?

Don't blame me for all this.

The blame is on Tang Lung.


Tang Lung.

Tang Lung caused all of this.

He stirred up this trouble. The fool!

You... You're a...

What does this--

What does this mean?

What's it mean?

You must know. l've got nothing. l've worked hard all of my life, and l've got nothing at all to show for it.

My own wife, the children, are waiting for me in Hong Kong. lf the restaurant cooperates, they'll pay me well for all this trouble.

After that, l can go back to Hong Kong a rich man.

You understand. l have to do this. l have to do it! Heh heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh heh.

Ho: Tang Lung, you're a brave man!

Echo: You're a brave man.

You're a brave man.

Ho: Tang Lung... the man you saw just now will kill you!

Echo: Will kill you!

Ho: Tang Lung, you are trapped inside!

Echo: Trapped inside.



Ho: Tang Lung, soon you will be a dead man.

Heh heh heh heh!

Echo: Heh heh heh heh!

Heh heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh heh.








[Bones Crack]


[Neck Snaps]

You bastard!

Oh, my God, we're all finished.

Hold it!

We've been betrayed.


Now look. Look there.


Ho: Mr. Tang. Uh, uh... don't be upset.

Uh, Mr. Tang, please, hear what l say.

Hey, boss.



All right, hands up.

Back up against the car.

All right, let's go.

Now that it's all finished with, l must go.

l'll take you.

No need. Ah Chuang has a car.

You take care.

ln this world of guns and knives, wherever Tang Lung may go to, he will always travel on his own.