Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) Script

Two points are connected by a straight line.

Simple and direct.

Like a punch.

When the time is right, I'll use the shortest way to solve a problem.

Not everyone will agree with this method.

But that's me.

I'm Zhu Fu Long.

"Fu" for Prosperity, "Long" (Dragon) from the little Dragon.

Weight 66.4 kilograms. A quick and nimble policeman.

(TV) - I didn't do it, I didn't do it...

I'm gonna beat you to death...!

Please don't hit me again!

I'm really innocent, Sister Lin.

I'm really innocent, Sister Lin.

Get lost!

Chloe, are you done?

Are you done? Hurry up.

Oh, coming... On my way.

Getting ready for this long!

Everything is ready, except you!

Are you waiting for an invitation?

Quick.. run faster!

Quick, the director is waiting!


I'm ready, Boss.

Shh! The director's reviewing the script...

Hurry...! Hurry!

Is this okay?

What's the hurry? Wait a minute.

Hey, phone!

Hello, Chloe?

Finished work?

I'm doing my final scene, are you ready yet?

Don't forget the red envelope for my mum...

And be at the photo shooting before 1 pm.

Or I won't marry you!

I'll be in trouble if you don't marry me!

Since you already know, please don't be late.

Also, I've prepared a suit for you. It's in the closet.

Remember to wear it, okay?

Yeah that's the one...!



That's in fashion, don't you know?

Alright, enough talk.

Time for work, see you later...

Bye, bye...

Move aside!

Excuse me, aren't we just shooting the one scene?

It'll look great if we get it done all in one take.

One take?

No way, I'm scared of heights...

Can't we just wait for the stuntman, okay?

Why did you jump? The camera's not rolling yet!

Do it again!

Hey Rong, what a surprise.

Buying some snacks and drinks. -We're in action today.

Do you need help?

Huang-sir is just hungry -No need...

Want to help?

No need...

-Aren't you on leave today? -Sharp dressed man!

Taking my wedding photos today.

Remember, come to my wedding next month.

Hey, take care.

Got it, what's most important?

People's safety!

Have you eaten enough?

You'll get fat quickly.

Today we're catching network marketers (MLM).

Going to the bank?


What? Do I look handsome?

Exploding with handsomeness!

Looking like a hotel manager.

Why? Taking your wedding photo with Chloe at a hotel?

That's in fashion, what do you know?

People who're getting married have their brain full of water.

-Good morning -Good morning Dear customer, please wait...

Wow, too many people!




Station, there's a minivan parked on Queen's Road.

Please call a tow truck, thank you.

Boss, can I borrow a lighter?

I don^t have one. Find one at the mini mart nearby.



What's your name?

Huang Jing Chen Mr. Huang, what's your birthday?

27 March 2000 Sir, you're more mature than expected, identification number?

What do you intend?

I'm Hong Kong SAR traffic police Huang Zhu Rau, number: 71337.

You have parked illegally and will be fined 320 dollars.

You can pay via internet banking, check or cash, doesn't matter.

Driving license?

How about I report you for obstruction?

Hope you die.

Hello darling, I'm at the bank waiting in line.

Have you withdrawn the money?

I came here as soon as possible.

Did I stress you out?

No, I'm just too slow.

So, did you take care of it?

I'm next in line.

Then, it's my fault?

No, it's my fault...

Three distinguished guests...

Wow, go the flu?

If you'll definitely want to sign up for this insurance...

It's OK...

There's no signal.

Don't worry.


Get down on the floor!

Empty your pockets...

Open the vault!

I don't have the key.

Dare lying to me?

Empty your pockets, or you wanna end up like him?

I don't want to give you my (toy)car...

Kiddo, uncle just wants to play with your car...

I'll just barrow it, okay?

-Why are you taking his car? -I'll just barrow it, okay?

Please don't take his toy.

Kill him!

If everyone would just pay up...

Gotta be kidding me.

Don't push it or I'll kill you!

Damn hotel manager.

Show yourself!

Alarm, let's get out of here!


Move, move!

Boss, just wait a minute.

Don't move, you rotten cop.

Police! Don't move!

This car?

Doesn't matter.

Let's go!

It's none of my business, please just let me go.

Why'd you hit me?

Swerve til' he falls off!

Zhu Fu Long?

Yes, he's there right now.

Call for backup immediately!

Avoid casualties and protect the citizens.

Kill him!

Damn hotel manager.

I won't give up that easily.

How are you holding up, Huang-sir?

Long, kick their ass... kill them!

Let's attack together!

Long, take your shoot... Do your special move!

Stop! Pull over!

Go to hell!

Who told you to be a bad guy...

This is your last chance.

If you surrender, I'll tell the judge to give you a reduced sentence.

If not, you'll die too.

It's you who forced me!

Damn police, you're dead.

Now you made me get serious.

You won't stand a chance.

Banana Daily Post, always with you 24/7.

With a special live report for you.

We're looking at this handsome and dashing bank robber engaged in a fight with a brides groom. Hong Kong counts on you!

Yes, Boss Lao, what's up?

What do you say?

Many people are watching, keep broadcasting?


Here, take this hammer.

Don't give up!

How are you viewers?

Do you really wanna know what's going on?

Take a look.

A handsome groom is currently in a fight with a ruthless gangster.

Let's look at the brides groom.

How handsome!

What about the gangster?

Very ruthless.

You two fight keep fighting...

-Many people are watching, you know? Bald turtle! You're in my way.

Go lost with your bald head! -Who're you calling bald?

It's you, bald turtle! -Say that again if you dare.

Gangster, how are you feeling?

What the...

Truly a gangster!

A few words from the brides groom...


Hit the gas!

Stop the car!


Banana is finished.

Hold on!

No worries.

Thanks for your concern Baldy.

Now the situation is very dyer.

Our 7 million Hong Kong citizens... Charging toward the police station?

Wow, that was fast!

What's happening...?

Move aside!

Move aside!

Out of my way!

Chief, are you alright?

Are you alright? Why didn't anyone tell you?

You worried me to death.

Zhu Fu Long!

Wait a minute!

Today I... rushed back from Shenzhen to Hong Kong for our photo shoot.

And you?

You left me behind and went on a live broadcast!

When I saw Huang in mortal danger, How could I not help him?

He's like my brother, we're both policemen. What police?

Are you the only cop in Hong Kong? Have the others all been wiped out?

I followed you for ten years, you told me that this time I would be the lead. And now?

All of Hong Kong is laughing at me... I've lost face!

That's just gossip. Gossip, my ass!

You've never even been promoted, how can you take care of me?

If you could then I wouldn't have to work anymore!

I've been telling you not to work. How can I not take care of you? If I stop working, who's gonna look after me?

I'd better stop talking.

It's okay, just say it...!

Say it! I'll let you say it.

Say it!

Tell me!

In fact...

What kind of actress are you?

That's not even a proper job...

You're an actress on TV...

Besides getting beat up by others and still getting beat up by others.

Why bother?

You have only one expression from head to toe...

What are you saying?

Stop forcing yourself.

One expression?

One expression?

I'll give you ten different expressions!


You hit me.

Zhu Fu Long, you bastard!

-It's you who attacked me! -Now you're talking about me?

I'm not done with you yet!

Alright, I'll lay it out for you today...

On my mother's 60th birthday, you dived into the sea...

I was saving someone.

-Who were you saving? What were you wearing? -Swimming Trunks!

Those were the pink trunks I gave you!

You embarrassed me!

Do you think you're Superman? The Earth will stop spinning without you?

You're the person that's disrupting the Earth!

What are you talking about?

You care more about those criminals than me!

I'll ask you...

When did we first meet?

Answer me...! Quick!

8 July 2006 What's my favorite color?


My family dog's name?

Sunny, Dolly, Bobby!

When did my parents first meet?

October 7th, 1957.

How did you know?

Doesn't count.

My favorite actor?

Brad Pitt. -Wrong!

Gary Oldman. -Wrong!

Al Pacino. -Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Last week you said you liked Al Pacino, This week you changed? I don't like him this week, okay?

You're messing with me! Yes, I'm messing with you.

I'm going to beat you too.

Hey, careful...!

There are more than 30 thousand police officers in Hong Kong.

Why did you crash in front of the Commissioner?

Don't you know he's petty?

He's said it before, you're too much troubles.

I tried my best.

Let's hear it...

Tony's three brothers, how could you forget...

That year I was at Nam Sang Wai. It was one versus three.

Destroying their entire syndicate.

Even so I wasn't credited for all the hard work.

Because you burned down half of Nam Sang Wai.

Those environmentalists are still pissed.

Saying you ravished nature and burned those poor birds.

What about Prat Ave?

I was alone in the back alley, only armed with a broken baton.

Against that... National Wushu champion Jin Mao Zi.

I nearly died!

You've got the wrong guy!

Still denying...

It's not me, I'm not the one -It's you!

I'm only wearing a white coat -It's you!

It wasn't always like this...

I solved the case and saved people.

You got promoted, I went down.

The rank on your shoulder, what's mine is yours Doesn't count

Now even my wife has left me What's wrong with this world?

Told you not to chase after foolish girls.

Actress... very professional.

Bringing the whole community... Happiness.

A noble career, okay?

Still a foolish woman.

Never mind.

How long have I been in this division?

Seven months?

Tonight at seven, At Fook Lam Moon, let's celebrate my promotion.

Don't be late.


Guys don't worry about me.

Remember three things:

Keep your promise, maintain your appearance, stay fit!


The important thing is that people are safe.

Be careful everyone, stay safe.

Take it easy, we will solve your case.

Take care of your health.

There is still more, next month...

Don't save money for my wedding.

Now we can go home on time!

It's been troublesome, sis.

Zhu-sir, you've worked so hard.

Always cycling during your free time. We should go for a massage instead.

I got news... There's some commotion at Nam Ya Zai.

You gotta get me transferred.

I am really worried.

That our brothers might be in danger.

Long, think about it...

Every time a hero saves the world, destroying half of it before saving people, Is he demonstrating peace?

What are you saying? I don't understand.

Since you left, everyone's been motivated.

We've got less crime and everyone gets home for dinner on time.

Taking care of yourself, doesn't stop the Earth from rotating.

Look at these beautiful trees.

Take it easy... just appreciate the scenery, alright?

No need to treat it like a contest every time alright?

Most important is to follow the flow...

Be comfortable, be relaxed.

I can't go any further

Be comfortable, be relaxed Nonsense!

Who planted these trees?

Without urban development, who will repair the road?

I need to keep going...


Hey! Who's in charge of repairing this road?

Just a minor setback, nothing to be embarrassed about.

Because with intensity and vigor, there's also success even in setbacks.

It's not me who said it.

It's this brother who said it.

Golden Dragon Fist...

Tang Lung asks the way...

Big dragon's tail swing.

Chloe, after being nominated for the Golden Broom award, have you improved your acting?

What do you know about acting?

-Chloe, don't give up. -How about we talk about your past loves?

Do you have any millennial men after you lately?

-Actually ... -Are you looking for one?

I'd rather not talk about love matters...

Can we talk about work instead?

Actually, I want to go to Japan... -Oh! Ping Ping, move...!

Hurry up, Zhu Fu Long.

I want to eat lunch.

Alright, brother.

Found it already.

Is it this one? -That's right.


Stay safe -I'm going to eat.

Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday to...

Zhu Fu Long.

What's the most important?

That people are safe.

I'll beat you..!

Next week is the transfer of the Tsukiji fish market rights.

You better check it carefully, old man.


How unfair!

Takashi, you're finally here?

Don't be noisy! Come here!

Watch TV and learn Chinese.

Book her for our upcoming event.

This is Yuji Yamamoto.

The one who's throwing bananas, or the one eating it?

You're kidding?

The one throwing bananas.

This Japanese man was injured during that bank robbery case He's a JAV Director There's a blood clot on the left side of his brain, pressing on the surface.

But it's okay, Just a bit of memory loss.

Hey, there.

It's like this...

Japanese police confirmed He's linked to a traffic accident in Tokyo.

Therefore, we have to return him to Japan.

I want to leave this matter to you.

Documents and tickets, you'll depart the day after tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow, so soon?

Stupid, urgency has its perks You're capable After that I'll write a report and have you transferred.


Of course -I'm counting on you.

It's your opportunity, Long -I'm really counting on you... Of course -I'm counting on you.

It's your opportunity, Long -I'm really counting on you...

I'm too good to you, you know?

Why are you running away?

What are you doing?

Nothing -Why are you in such a hurry?

It's nothing...

Hey! Huang...

Officer Huang We've been looking for you all over.

You still haven't paid for your checkup.

Don't worry, he'll help me out.

Long, I'll just leave this to you Don't mess this up.

Hey... Huang, my transfer is counting on you.

Sir, for payment this way...

How much does he owe, nurse? all in all 58,000!

Including free hemorrhoid removal.


Chloe It's me...

Zhu Fu Long?

Why are you so fat?

Did I get fat?

You're much fatter than before -Just a little fatter...

A lot more?

I hardly recognized you.

I was transferred to another office The evidence room Did you know Just sitting there, keep eating and sitting.

Turned me into this I'll do a diet when I return.

Where to?

Going to Japan for work, how about you?

Me too Just in case, remember to be careful.

Don't try too hard.

Most importantly... -Stay out of trouble.

Oh yeah, lately...

Congratulations, your drama...

It's extremely popular, I watch it too.


Everyone, the plane is about to take off Please return to your seats and put on your seat belts.

I'll return to my seat. Bye, bye.

Chloe Let's have lunch some time.


Hello, this is Endo-san in charge of repatriation.

I'm your translator, Maggie.

Long -san, please -Thank you

Did you just fart?

Did you fart?

It wasn't me...I don't eat spicy food.

It really stinks!

He took a shit.

Let's head to the toilet No problem? -Yes, I'll bring him along

Zhu-sir, would you like to buy something?

My treat.

Sure, alright.

What about you?

No thanks, I'm okay.

Okay, thanks.

Zhu-sir, is this your first trip to Japan?

Not really.

-Did you come here with your girlfriend? -Yes But we've separated It's in the past

I don't want to poop, there's nothing I know, it was me who farted


You're dead this time.

Oh no!

Don't come any closer...!

My neck Being a translator is my part-time job Actually, my dream, is to be a tap dancer

Now, I want to be a helicopter pilot


He ran away! Mr Long!

Catch him...!

My neck...

Are you ok?

How unfortunate!

Being unfortunate from Hong Kong to Tokyo?


Vehicle in front, stop immediately.

Endo -san... Wait!

Suspect at the back, put on some pants.

I'm Maggie, translator for the Japanese police.

I am Chinese.

I studied at Tokyo University

-Not Beijing University, but Tokyo University. -Excuse me.

22 years old.

Hey... Excuse me Which hot spring? I like hot springs too.

Hey, Huang-sir How's it going, Long?

Everything is smooth-sailing

Everything is smooth-sailing Fantastic, did you buy any gifts for me?

No problem, I got face masks and diet pills for you Hey But we have a problem That is...

The suspect escaped Escaped?


No... Listen to me... -Escaped? How could he have escaped?

Don't worry The suspect is only 75 kg, how could he escape?

Do you want me to join you in the evidence room?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why? -The Japanese police are very proactive They promised me within 2 hours, they will definitely recapture the suspect.

If there's any news I'll call you, okay?

You'd better pray they find him Or you won't even be working in the evidence room -Don't worry...

Good people getting bad karma...

I'll call you if there's news, okay?

Ouch, it hurts... Sir.

You did your best.

Very very strong -I can't understand your English.

I will lose my job, I still need to eat.

I don't understand, translator...

Maggie, come here...

They can't find him, now what?

Endo -san...!

Why did you lie to me?

They said they are unable to find the suspect I supported you!

How did you know?

I told him Zhu Fu Long, I'm warning you, I know where you stay -Huang-sir, listen to me...

-You lied to me, that's it -Am I not telling you now?

Okay, I swear If we can't find him, I won't return to Hong Kong.

I'm getting my buddy "Thor" to assist you If there's any problem just talk to him, If you run out of cash get it from him.

Thor! Remember his name, Thor!

There's been a mistake.

Endo -san, This is not my bag!

Excuse me!

Zhu Fu Long?

Who are you?


Hello Finally found him.

Yes I'll bring him right away.

Yes, see you later

My farts are useful after all. No way it's too smelly!

Thor There. That's my chestnut stand Iron Palm?

-Hang in there! I'll do my best!

It's not even hot Everything's not hot, it's just for show As long as you can earn money and make everyone happy.

I live upstairs, let's grab a seat.

Even this will do?

We can't do business like this

Why did you come to Japan?

I'll tell you next time I came more than 10 years ago.

Huang Se Chen is my junior Back in Hong Kong I was also a cop.

They call me the Hot-Handed Detective Your title All of mankind knows Huang Se Chen has informed me of your case No need for him to say My name is on the news headlines daily

Good environment.

Love is best found by chance Pay for his 200,000 yen first What 200,000?

He said you would pay me on his behalf When he brought girls to Japan to play, it was me footing the bill Seriously.

He told me I could lend from you My suitcase is gone, you know.

Damn! He's playing with us

It's useless to pace up and down You still have to pay money.

No! I want to go to the toilet, Can't stand it anymore Why didn't you say so earlier. In that corner!



Excuse me One beer.


We're closing for today!

I'm looking for the lady boss All of you, get out at once!


Get the sake, hurry up.

I know you're here to collect debts.

Please give me a few more days.

Losing bets, you better pay up Five days.

Four days.

Three days...

Pay up now!

Please collect the interest first Are you playing with me?

Do you still want your business?

Can you be more logical?

You messed up my business, how can I make money?

If I can't earn money how can I repay you?

Just pay the money, asshole!


If you take my life, you won't get any money!

Destroy the place.

Do your best!

I'm treating everyone to chestnuts It's delicious...

Sorry Who are you? What do you want?

Bastard, how dare you hit him!

I can hit him, you can't!

Let's discuss things peacefully

Go to hell!

Go to hell!

What did you say?


You can't even take care of a kid Here's money, please don't hit him.

It's all I have, please accept it.

It's too late to pay now.

Please stop...!

All of you, up against the wall!

Let me see some ID!

What are you doing?

This is bad...

I need a diet...

Please move aside...

Zhu Fu Long, up here -Come...

Are you okay?

I'm fine -The police are here Just in time, let's go down Xiao Hu...

The police are only showing up after the fight.

Take a look

You did your best.

Let's go Unbelievable!

That's enough...

Director... I finally found you.

I didn't expect us to be on the same plane Looks like I was lucky, not sure about you though.

You seem to have an artistic talent...


Very good...

Try to add more emotion to it.

Now with more emotion... And Action!

No! I will never let go of my child! Shh, Shh...

Eh? There's people...

Do you know how much this is worth?

Hey! What are you doing?

What's up?



Aside from this, is there any other recording?

I don't know...

Let's play a game then...

You like baseball?

Hurry up and spill it out...

Why are you dodging?

Stop it!

I'm sorry, my mom...



I told you the truth... -Nonsense!

I just saw the Japanese police helping the Yakuza What's happening to this world?

In a large herd there is always a few black sheep

-They have already become friends -You don't care?

We have to do business everyday, there's no choice but to accept it.

Do business?

The repair cost, is enough to pay the debt three times over Meddling in others business Blame your lousy friend...

What are you looking at?

Think you're great just because you helped me.

If you like saving people why don't you be Superman!

Stopping the Earth from spinning...

Xiao Hu... Xiao Hu...

What do you think you're doing?

Nothing, I want to study Kung Fu with Long.

No need.

From what I can tell... Your Kung Fu is great!

He's great at fighting Fight, fight, fight...

Like you, getting beat up?

Why didn't you fight back?

Are you man?

Lady boss...

Shut up!


Scram, scram, scram...!

Xiao Hu over here!


Uncle Thor gave this to me...

Xiao Hu is her nephew.

Xiao Hu's parents died in a car crash She's staying in Japan to care of him.

Unwilling to return to Hong Kong...

She said I can't give provide for a family.

It's better to split up...

Women always say what they don't mean So I've been waiting ten years for her...

Why do you smoke without lighting your cigarette?

She said that I look cool when smoking.

But was worried I'd die from it.

So I choose not to light it You look cool too Millennial Man What news are you watching?

Banana Daily Post isn't to be trusted.

That girl of yours, I've watched many of her shows As far as her acting...

To each their own.

But she's very pretty Such a beauty... no way she would fall for you.

-Hey -What?


Wait a moment, I'll show you something This is me Eight-pack...

That year I fought in Prat Ave with a baton against Jin Mao Zi Haven't you heard of it?


I'm sleepy Zhu-sir The Police found Yuji Yamamoto in Tokyo Bay.

You did your best!

This is what you wanted

A corpse in Tokyo Bay Isn't it a bit suspicious?

There was traces of drugs in his blood.

He died of a drug overdose This is his farewell letter...

He'd done a lot of bad things.

That's why he escaped to Hong Kong, after his return...

He killed himself Endo -san said he killed himself.

Just like that?

Japanese are really long-winded Fine To commit suicide...

Why didn't he do it in Hong Kong but waited for his return to Japan?

There's a Chinese proverb

"Autumn leaves fall after turning yellow"

A falling leaf returns to its roots His whole body is covered in bruises and not bloated?

The corpse was found within eight hours Last night the seawater was nearly freezing That's why the corpse is not bloated Really cold...

Big brother, he was beaten like a screaming chicken...

There must be foul play

Endo-san Yes?

Your hat!

Go change it

The Japanese police have found him, Why do you care if he's dead?

Just return to Hong Kong But pay me back first No talk about money...

You're the Hot-Handed Detective You can't give up that easily Do you know how many Yamamoto's there are in Tokyo?

You've already kicked down thirty doors You're too stubborn Is it this fellow?

If it's not, Let's just take a look and leave I am hungry.

We'll definitely find a clue here I'm certain

I don't believe there is no evidence

Found anything?

I found a banana

I told you Don't give up that easily

Help, beat it with something No way! Dog abuse!

Just hit it

Quick... Hit it!

Doggy... Go away!

You dare not listening?

Once I lift him, just hit him!

You hit me!

Why did you hit me and not the dog?

Ouch... It's gotten a piece of my ass!

Good doggy...!

Don't move...!

Don't move...!

Bad doggy!

Are you okay Thor?

Still alive...

But my ass is in too much pain

How long have you been on the force?

17 years Wow... within 17 years you turned into this?

What about it?

Other people become Inspector within 17 years Everybody has a different goals... I'm OK with this.


Fixed it!

So smart...!

This phone has been in water All the files are right here.

But there's a video that can't be opened I'll need some time to fix it.

Isn't this Tsukiji?

I know the place, I'll bring you there.

A great drum performance Please give it up!

Everyone please welcome Mr. Okinawa

Chloe Isn't that your woman?

Right Wow, she's beautiful... really beautiful.

We here to work, be more professional Let's go Today's special guest... Song Chloe-San.

Hurry up, what are you guys doing?

Hurry up... Put the fish in the truck

One is missing?

Go look for it!

Why do I feel "high" after eating this?

What kind of fish is this?


So delicious!

Son of a bitch, stop!


Thor are you okay?

What happened?

Why did you fight?



Come on!

Thor, wait up...


Are you okay?

Wake up Looking for a fight?

What the hell are you doing?

Grandpa, don't worry -Zhu Fu Long!

Zhu Fu Long -Come on!

What are you doing? What are you doing here?

It's okay everyone, please don't panic.

That's the fatso... who interfered with our collection.

Chloe, They attacked us -I'm working, what are you doing?

Those are gangster -So what?

They are Yakuza Hey... Is there any police?


Don't act like you're Nicholas Tse If this was Hong Kong I'd have you arrested...

Please wait...

Chloe... Listen to me How about you listen to me?

He is my boss, I am working He's Yakuza I know!

He's Ya... I just came to work, I have my limits!

This is my first overseas job Would you be satisfied if no one wants to hire me?

I don't want anything happen to you For the last time...

What last time?

Just isten to me for once, okay?

I've always listened to you and gave in.

I don't need you to give in to me I just need your respect Chloe Leave, I'm working Okay...

I'm begging you just leave Okay!

As friends...

I'm telling you...

I don't want you to mingle with bad people.

Think about it...

Thor let's get outta here.

Thor, let's go -He...

Really missed you... -Go!

What are you guys doing? Endo -san...

Sir, How are you?

Please forgive me.

Get in...

I got it, I understand it now...

I understand too This guy is really staring to give me a headache.

Making everyone work extra hours.

Hurry up and go

Sorry everyone for the delay It's okay...

It's okay, it's okay... No problem.

What a headache!

Endo-san said the Higashino Group will not sue you guys.

As for the drugs...

The Police already know...

But they have no proof.

Do you believe me?

Thank you for bailing us out Cut the crap

I'm a 113.4 kg heavy policeman Am I really stopping the Earth from spinning?

I always thought I act correctly.

Apparently not.

Am I actually Superman?

Or a monster?

Finally we can leave on time...

If you like saving people why don't you be Superman Why are you doing this to me?

Want me to share the evidence room with you?

I've followed you for 10 years I just want to have a ordinary life.

Can you give that to me?

Are you able?

There's so many things to do in life, you don't have to be an. Right?

You only have one expression from head to toe, stop forcing yourself He's Yakuza... Would you be happy if no one wants to hire me?

How many times did you tell me that I could take the lead

I have something to tell you You get off first.

Don't go, just tell me.

So simple, yet you still don't understand?

I just want to sell the restaurant and bring Xiao Hu back to Hong Kong.

You want to break up?

We separated a long time ago!

I came to Japan to wait for you for 10 years Just saying telling me to "break up", is that reasonable?

You are so great now...?

And made a comeback.

Two days ago you wrecked my shop And today this fish market...

You want to act as the Hot-Handed Detective?

Alright! How about you sell your chestnut stall?

Put your underwear on your head and be superman No need to look down on my past.

I am the Hot-Handed Detective...It's not an act. -OK, OK...

I won't argue.

After I sell the restaurant, I'll return you the money And we'll call it even.

You think you only owe me money?

You owe me more than that Are you confusing right and wrong?

Alright, let me make it clear to you...

Fine, do it, the sooner the better!

All day long boasting your roasted chestnuts are the best... Best my ass!

That blonde fellows roasting technique...

If it wasn't for me watching How else could your chestnuts be so tasty?

Don't think it's just you All those playing mahjong with you All the "aunties" on this street I pay them to play with you.

They hate you, say that your character sucks They're fighting to play with me! -Enough!

Did you two ever consider my feelings?

What do you know?

Okay Don't be like this Okay?

What are you doing?

I've been through this before Even if you think I'm troublesome, I'm telling you...

This fool, He clearly loves you so much Even though he's a little fat and ugly, Just saying the truth.

But he's really...

Really a great catch.

What about you?

I don't think you dislike him.

If you did then why help him roast chestnuts?

When he was beaten up the other day You looked so worried It's so obvious Right?

I just want to say...

Honestly, in this world...

Not many people can wait ten years for their love

What I said is right

Hey, remember Arguing is the pleasure of life.

Don't give up Thor Hey, don't just leave Go Don't give up!

Great You're really selling the restaurant?

Just like that.

Already changed?

Hey, what are you doing?

All the best!

Hello What do you want?

Let's get some ramen.

Bottoms up

Chloe, Cheers!


Keep it up...!

Is this how you act? Like this?



I have something to tell you For a long time, I...

No talking tonight Let's just drink, okay?

Okay Come I also have something to tell you About that night, What you said I had already considered Which night?

The night I confessed to your mother That night...

I know it myself Don't think about it.

I know I have no acting talent You're crazy These days the hype is all about you The film world needs this beautiful, great shaped, woman with excellent acting skills.

You have many fans Those fans were bought by you, I know...

I didn't buy them every time.

Just kidding.

Let's toast...

Damn, I said the wrong thing again

Since we care so much for each other Why do we always fight?

Not fighting We are just communicating with each other

Let's have another try...

We break up, then reconcile We've been on and off so many times The problem is that you are a cop I've never felt a sense of security I feel insecure, so I scold you I'll resign.

I'm resigning -Don't be silly!

I'll resign I'll open a shop just like this, alright?

I'll stay healthy, okay?


You said it.

That's right.

It's a deal!

I promise, okay?

Okay... Don't lie to me!

Here Cheers!






It's OK.

Good Everybody is fine Why must there be such a big earthquake?

Don't come to Tokyo next time What's up?

Are you hurt?



Did you mean what you said earlier?

Of course

You're lying to me You can't quit being a cop.

You won't be happy unless you're a cop

In this world, There are lots of people Who need someone like you.

Except for me.

Hello Long what have you been doing?

A Corpse in Tokyo Bay, a fight in Tsukiji Fish Market, Do you want to destroy the Tokyo Tower next?

No, Huang listen to me I'm not listening!

Return to Hong Kong immediately!

Do you think you're a superhero?

You want to stop the Earth from spinning?

Are you stupid?


Are you listening to me?


Huang sir, you listen to me I'm more than willing to be a fool Than to live my life with regrets and The Earth rotates on its own, you understand?

Dare to talk back You are the Fool

Boss, my informant told me The video and back-up is in Thor's hands Then what are you guys waiting for?

The Tsukiji Fish Market leave it to me...

I can do it, Grandfather Please sign this.

Takashi, how dare you?

It's okay...!

Goddamn it!

Sign it, already!

Sign it now!

Takashi, that's enough!

Sign it... Sign it now!

Hurry up!

Sign it quick!



I only came to say goodbye

Help me!

Help me!

Son of a bitch You think I can't act?

I'm a professional actress!

Calling me a bitch...


Uncle Thor, where's Long?

I looked for him everywhere but couldn't find him I don't know either.

I fixed the video If there's anything else... I'll help auntie with the deliveries.

Give this to her Okay

Do you know... How much one kilo is worth?

Yes Hey, what are you doing?

Welcome back

Long Where are you?

We've watched the video It contains evidence of the Higashino Group's crimes Where's my shirt?

All the best

Hey, Blondie!

Why did you take my phone?

My fortune depends on this phone Roasting chestnuts day in day out...

My hands are burnt, what do I get?

You son of a bitch!

Speak Mandarin

All the best!

Christina The evidence of their crimes is in that phone With it we won't need to sell the restaurant Get a move on The evidence is here!

Just die already

The phone and your debt Return them to us now

Christina, quickly

Go quickly!

I'm roasting...!


Are you okay?

I'm okay, I'm the Hot-Handed Detective

Are you okay?


You again!

Thor -Don't worry...

Just a minor stab wound...

What are you doing?

I want to...

Smoke a cigarette, I'll look handsome while dying Men who don't smoke are handsome Why didn't you tell me earlier?

It's bad... -I...

What do you want to say?

I want... you to call an ambulance

I'll help uphold justice

One by one Come on!

Officer Good you're here It's alright...

There's people fighting...

It's fine, don't worry People fighting...

Everything's OK, let's go!


Too noisy!

Yuji's death must be linked to him Really?

You and Takashi Working together In the end you're just like the Yakuza

You will pay for it eventually.

Before that happens I'll tell you Everything was planned by me The fart in the car was me The one who gave Yuji to Takashi was me.

You think you're Bruce Lee?

Did you watch 《Way of the Dragon》? -What are you saying?

Bruce Lee is like this!

You don't look like him at all

Bruce Lee doesn't wear a hat

What did you record?

I hired you to as a stupid translator To make my job easier.

You keep giving me extra work.

You're fired!

It hurts!

Wait up.

He's getting away.

This way.

It hurts!

You little brat!

Stop! -Yeah!



Chloe, where are you?

Most importantly, people are safe...




Your proof is here

You scum

Long Please don't die.

Don't die!

Long... are you alright?

What will I do if you die?

How about next time...

I won't force you to watch my shows You don't need to give money to my mum.

What do you want to say?

You say, say it!

You're pressing...

My little bro!


Here, for you I just thought you were dead.

Fortunately the bullet missed.



Are you tired of living?


Are you alright, Chloe?



Come on...!

Come on

Hurry up...

You're under arrest!

Long, I only came to Japan to support you Don't worry Brothers stick together and fight together!

Damn fool, coming just now

Maggie, why are the Japanese police reacting so fast now?

Zhu-sir uploaded the evidence to the Internet

I really like my face too Take it easy I still want to visit the hot springs Watch out!

Long Hold on



Come on,

Long, be careful!

Long, catch

Long, beat this little toothpick

Come on!

Look out behind you Long!

I'm not gonna make it...!

Did you buy your license on Taobao?

Bought my license?

Long, how much longer do you want to fight?

Work harder I can't take much longer

Look out!

He's one of ours!

Alright... It's okay now...

Don't say anything


I'm not saying anything I know, I told you not to say anything

So what do you want to say?

It's my fault...

It's not always your fault

That's enough!

Long The Japanese police are on the way, If you get arrested You'll be interrogated and never get back to Hong Kong Let's go

Take off Hot springs

It's fine...

Don't be afraid!

Just hold on tight.

I won't let you go this time.

Most important is that people are safe!

You're holding me too tight.

Too tight, Chloe!

Don't let go!

Turns out... in this world, other than straight lines There are curves, circles, triangles and other shapes As in life You can use many ways to solve a problem Because if you learn forgiveness and respect No matter fat or skinny What's the difference?

Just like water No matter what shape you are Water will take your shape This quote is by Zhi Fu Long... weighing 113.4 kg.

Does it matter?