Enter the Ninja (1981) Script

Surrender or die. I surrender!

Please review for me... the 9 levels of power. One.

Strength of mind and body.

Two. Direction of energy.

Three. Harmony with the universe.

Four. Healing... self and others.

Five. Premonition of danger.

Six. Knowing the thoughts of others.

Seven. Mastery of time and space.

Eight. Controlling... the elements of nature.

Nine. Enlightenment.

You have done well... you have passed every test.

This scroll is your license as Master in Ninjitsu.

It contains the wisdom of every generation of Ninja that has passed before you.

Years from now... you will add your knowledge to this scroll and pass it on to your closest student.

To the new Ninja, Compai.

You did not drink it, Hasegawa? He's not a Ninja.

He has earned the right, Hasegawa. No.

You are not to say anything more. Let him speak, Master Komori.

My ancestors were samurai from Iga, I come from a great warrior family.

Cole came all the way from overseas to study with us. He has mastered Ninjitsu. He is a ninja!

He is not a Ninja.

You will stay in the Philippines long? Long enough to visit a friend.

Then... I like to keep moving.

No matter where you go, you must always hold your power. It is very easy to go wrong.

Like Hasegawa, he is bitter and frustrated.

I'm sorry about what happened yesterday.

Master Komori, why is Hasegawa so frustrated?

Because it is now the 20th century.

In Japan there is no samurai, no Ninja.

In a different time, Hasegawa would have been a great warrior.

I understand. You have been a good teacher, Master Komori.

Cole, always be strong enough to avoid bitterness.

And use your strength to help the least fortunate.

I will do my best.

Stop! Right there.

The bag... put it down.

Find anything interesting?

Cole, you old sonovabitch, how the hell are ya?


I see you've met my wife.

Nice meeting you.

How are you, my war buddy? How about a drink?

Yeah. Something cold and wet.

Do you have to have a drink? You've just got up.

I don't have to, I just choose to.

I guess I should have mentioned that Cole was coming. He and I go back a long way.

What a way to wake up.

So, how's married life? Two years of absolute bliss.

Does she always greet your friends with a shotgun? Always!

No, I don't drink alcohol. Yeah, since when?

Perhaps you'd like to have a glass of cold orange juice? Yes, thank you.

I take it you'll be joining us for dinner? Do I have a choice?

Frank, show your friend where he can clean up... before we eat.

The old days.

Are you sure you won't have a liqueur? It's good for the digestion.

So what were you doing in Japan? Studying geisha gals?

Studying Kung Fu, likely. Kung Fu my ass, I know him.

I'm sorry I hurt you... and it wasn't Kung Fu.

Well whatever it was, maybe you should give Mary Ann a few lessons.

Maybe he should...

Mm... she's got a lot of spirit to her, doesn't she? I love her for that.

Thank you.

Ok Frank, what's the problem? Problem -What do you mean?

You sent a cable.

I haven't seen you in a long time, and I missed you.

Come on Frank, you never send cables unless you've got a problem.

It's the land, Cole. They want to take it away from us.

What do you mean they want to take away the land?

They want us to sell.

Then sell it. Make a profit for yourself. I can't do that.

Mary Ann loves it here. It's her whole life.

Ok then don't sell it.

That's the problem. They won't take no for an answer.


This is where I like to spend most of my time, with the workers.

Pee Wee, I want you to meet my old friend Cole. He'll be staying with us for a while.

Sir, you want me to setup a cockfight for your guest? We'll win today boss.

You bet your ass we will. Here put 200 pesos on it. 200 peso?!

Get your bets up here! Come on, put them suckers down!

Fight! Fight! Kill that guy! Come on, fight! Fight!

I will win again! C'mon you're doing it baby!

Let's do it! C'mon! Alright!

Morning. Morning.

I'm going into town. You want to come?

This is my first stop. I have to pay the workers today and pick some money up from the bank.

If you want to look around town, I'll pick you up in 30 minutes. Alright.

Good day.

New in town?

The names Dollars.

Dirty pictures? Oh, maybe you're the religious type?


I'll make you a hell of a deal. This one's even cheaper, if you've got dollars it's $20. Make it $10.

What the hell is that about?

I told you to give me the money! Ahh! Ow!

I usually charge for information. But this one's on the house.

He's called "The Hook". For obvious reasons.

When he had both of his hands, he was a real sonovabitch.

Now he's a lot worse.

Thank you. You're a very nice man. Thank you.

Looks like the problem has been solved.

But nice man... if you are late again!

The next time you pay on time!

I wouldn't if I were you.

Some businessmen, eh? You better believe it.

He comes down on my business too.

Boy I'd like to see him get his.

So tell me, what do you think of our town?

Well, you've got some people that play pretty rough, I'll say that.

I know. It wasn't like that when we came.

You're lucky you live out of town.

Oh my god, they're back!

For god sake! Leave him alone!

I said leave him alone! Bitch!

You ok? I am now.

Mrs. Landers? Yes, Pee Wee.

We are all leaving. We cannot stay.

No, I know. I understand, after all you've been through.

Can we get our money now? Yes... yes of course.

See. Now we've got three boys left.

Can I help?

Have you ever been a farmer? Nope.

No... neither have I. Not until I came here.

Do you know this plantation has been here for 200 years?

Some of the workers. The ones that left today. They were families. They were born here.

It's a great pity.

How long has Frank been like this?

The drinking? Since the problem started.

This place has become a haven for criminals, and it's getting worse and worse.

Maybe he doesn't care anymore, but I care.

I love it here, it's become my home. And nobody... nobody is going to drive us away.

You see. I'm stubborn. So I've noticed.

Morning, friend.

Did you change your mind? I still got that watch.

I see you know Dollars, our Minister of Information.

He tried to sell me a watch, probably stole it off a corpse.

If you're looking for your wife, I know where she is. Tell me.

Money talks. Put it on the house account, Dollars.

In Alberto's bar. She's looking for workers.

Come on Cole, let's get a morning drink. Uhm...

I've worked on plantations all my life... Thank you.

Mr. Trinidad, can you tell me how old you are? I'm 65 years old.

Yes, good morning to you. Good morning. How's everybody this morning.

It's terrific to see you all...

Did you find any alive ones? They're all frightened.

I'm glad you dressed for the occasion. We were jogging all morning.

You see who's here? Yeah I see him, screw him.

What about you sir? Lemonade.

Lemonade? That stuff'll kill you, Cole. Can we choose some people? I'd like to get out of here.

Hey what about my lemonade? Look, please...

Listen to me. Listen. We are looking for people to work for us... we pay well.

You'll have good quarters... and we need you to stay for at least a year.

Now... who will work for us?

Please... don't leave. Mrs Landers... you cannot work your land without help... so you'll have to sell it.

We will find help and we will not be selling.

Excuse me... does that happen to be stainless steel?

Alberto, it's time for another iced tea.

Excuse me mister... are you looking for a job with them?

So what are you doing in here? Having a drink.

Ooh I'm sorry... I'm terribly sorry.

Why don't you do your drinking somewhere else! What did you say?

You heard me...

Gentlemen... gentlemen let's be reasonable. Why don't we talk.

I thought we were gonna talk?!

Frank... No, no, he's terrific... he can handle it.

Go ahead baby, give it to em. Ooh! Right, right! Good, Cole!

Sorry about your friends.

Be more careful swining this thing around.

It is stainless steel, Frank.

Oh, Frank. Let's get out of here. We must find some workers.

Hang around, I'll be back.

You wait here.

Hello, girls. Hello!

Figures should exceed 37 million Euro-dollars.

Awaiting your reply... etc... etc.

Mr. Venarius wants copies to Frankfurt, Zurich and Sao Paulo. And of course our office in Rio.

Mr. San? Were my conclusions on the Landers property, correct?

1000%, sir... The oil potential is incredible.

Mr. Parker, I do hope Siegfried has good news for us.

I do too, sir. Well Siegfried, do you have good news for Mr. Venarius?

Not exactly, Mr. Venarius. You see...

Don't address Mr. Venarius directly. I'm sorry.

Mr. Parker, see if Siegfried understands our problem. Ah, you see Mr. Venarius...

I told you not to speak to him!

Yes, sir.

Mr. Parker, you know I'm a logical man.

Isn't that correct, gentlemen? Everyone knows you're a logical man, Mr. Venarius.

Then why can't a simple piece of business be accomplished without all this aggrivation?

But you see, Frank Landers refuses to sell his land, Mr. Venarius.

Mr. Parker!

Oh, Mr. Glickman...

Is Siegfried still in our payroll? Yes sir, Mr. Siegfried Schultz is still on our payroll.

Then I ask you, Siegfried, what is the problem?

The problem is a man. A stranger? What stranger?

He's a friend of Frank Landers.

Then get rid of him. It's... not that easy.

Not that easy?

No... I need more men. Better men.

This friend of Mr. Landers is difficult.

We must have Landers property! I want it! What will it take to get it?!

More men. Very well. Then you will have them.

But this time...

I will personally choose them for you.

Good afternoon, Mr. Venarius, Mr. Parker...

I think we will find the quality and integrity of men we need for this job, Mr. Venarius...

However, be careful in your choice, some are not to be trusted, Mr. Venarius.

Good morning, gentlemen. Mr. Venarius is very pleased to see you all.

Unfortunately we can't use all of you However... we do need 10 good men. Men who take pride in their work.

Now. How many of you think you're qualified?

I am gratified... to see that there are this many good men here today.

This man works for me. Do you think he's a good man?

He looks like a fat tub of lard to me.

And what is your name? Preacher.

Oh... and what do you preach?

My sermon for today is "do what the man wants done."

Very good. Would you kill him for me? What?!

I said... kill him.

Murder him. Smash him... waste him. Sure. Consider it done.

Fat stuff, get down on your knees and pray.

I think you have my point.

Now, how many good men do I have?

Thank you, gentlemen.

Mr. Parker...

Now then... in order to save time, Mr. Venarius would like you to form pairs.

Decide yourselves who's going to work for us. Alright, Siegfried?

Find out about the gentleman with Landers.

Find out everything there is to know, Parker.

Why aren't you playing?

Are you kidding me? I haven't been on a horse in over a year.

I haven't done anything lately.

Didn't you see me sitting on my ass, while you wiped those guys out?

I've lost it, Cole. Whatever it was, I've lost it.

Frank, what about Africa?

What about Africa? That was 100 years ago, Cole.

I'm gonna wet my whistle.

You'll be alright, easy Manny. Easy. There we go.

Hey Boss. We're back.

Pee Wee! Pee Wee!

My banker! My banker's back!

And Maria! Maria! Como esta? Hey Pedro! Hey!

Good to see you, all of you!

Let's have a cockfight! C'mon let's go!

Over here, everyone! Form a circle! C'mon, c'mon!

Don't panic! Stay where you are! Do you hear me? Stay where you are!

Mr. Landers...

Your workers have foolishly gone against the wishes of the union.

What the hell are you talking about? They don't belong to any union.

They don't? So... I will organize one for them.

All you're gonna do right now Mister is get your goons off my property before I have them thrown off.

I told you not to come back! Now I must teach you a lesson.

Get away from him you sonova...

Stop! You're breaking my arm!

You bastard!

Hey! You forgot something...

That's not my last word.

Well Siegfried, what do you think of my work of art?

Which one, Mr. Venarius?

My living mobile. Which one?

The one in the pool, you moron!

Oh! It's wonderful! It's a real masterpiece, Mr. Venarius.

Oh... I don't know. I'm just not so good today.

Not so good...

Mr. Parker, I must rest.

What is happening with the Landers affair? He says he needs more men, sir.

More men? What happened to the ones I gave him? What did he do with them?

It's not what I did with them! It's what he did with them!

He? One man? We are afraid of one man?!

Yes, he is like an army. He's like a whole army!

Mr. Parker, maybe we should recruit this army.

Well... that's difficult. It's very difficult... tell him.

Mr. Parker, I am so tired.

Please... tell this toad that he no longer works for us.

Thank you, Mr. Venarius. Thank you!

Mr. Parker... please... please, you take care of this for me. Certainly, sir.

Girls, from the top! Yes, Mr. Venarius.

Are you ready for my supreme creation?!

We obviously have a problem.

Suggest an immediate meeting to reach an understanding.

Who is the note from? There's no signature.

Who gave it to you? No one gave it to me.

A driver wanted to know where you were and I showed him the way.

Yeah, and who gets the tip? I do.

What do we do now?

Well you're not going? Not to meet that bloody hook again?

Listen, the hook doesn't mean a thing.

He's just a fat little pig working for someone much bigger.

A setup. Exactly.

You're not going!?

Mary Ann, I think he should go. Hmm?

I've got to do this, Mary Ann.

You take care of him.

Wait. Easy does it.

Like in Angola, right?

You asked me to bring him... I brought him.

Where are you taking me? You'll see when you get there.

I'll give you exactly 3 seconds to tell me where the meeting is, or I break your neck!

Fort Santiago.

Ok, let's go.

Mister, you're going anywhere.

I gave him 3 seconds, but he took 5.

Anyway, I don't like guns. Take him with us.

Should I wait for you mister?

Yeah, why don't you do that.

No, only Mr. Landers.

What do you want?

Do you know how to use this? Try me.

Up there. Keep your eyes open.

Stall. Play for time.

Ah, Mr. Landers. I'm so glad you could come.

Who are you? That's not important.

I've been instructed... Instructed? By whom?

That's also unimportant.

Our offer for your land is very generous.

We pay you cash, anywhere in the world you wish.

How much are we talking about?

We're talking about well over 7 figures, Mr. Landers.

Seven figures? I must admit that's a very interesting proposal... but I'm afraid I have one small problem.

I'm sure we can overcome any small problem you may have.

You see, you have no time. No time? How much time are you willing to give me?

My employer insists on an immediate answer.

I'm not selling.

Oh but Mr. Landers, you must. You see you have no choice.

Where are the men I ordered? There should be 20 of them around here somewhere.

Excuse us a moment.

Where are the other 14?

Just one minute.

We have a problem. I've seen the problem.

Gentlemen... I believe these belong to you.

They're covered, Mr. Parker. Drop that gun or you're a dead man!

My friend doesn't like guns! They make him nervous!

So why don't you put them down... now!

All of you!

Ok! The odds are even.

Get them.

I missed my old man when he was alive.

He was never there for me. Maybe that's why I'm afraid to have kids.

What about Mary Ann?

I don't know. We never really talk about it.

Don't get me wrong, Cole...

She's a very sexy lady, she wants it all the time.

But the problem is... I can't, get it up for her lately.

For chrissake, Cole, she deserves more than that... don't you think?

Anyway... we we're terrific tonight!

You know what I want to do right now? Is just get stoned out of my mind!

I feel terrific, just absolutely sensational!

I slept like a baby last night. I haven't felt this good... I can't tell you...

A few more fights like that, Cole, and I'm going to be in wonderful condition.

Did you see the left hook I gave him? Just absolutely amazing! Right across the floor!

Mmm... I feel empowered this morning.

What was the name of that guy in the Belgian Congo? Remember him, lean face, mean?

I mean he really came on to us so rough! Remember how we laid him out!

Don't you ever get tired of the sound of your voice? God knows, I do.

What's the matter with you, Mary Ann? Didn't you get enough sack time last night, huh?

Anyone for tennis?

20 men? He got right of 20 men?! That is impossible!

Impossible or not sir, he took care of them all. This is due to 1 man?

Not an ordinary man, sir, a Ninja.

A what?

Someone who has studied Ninjitsu. I made some notes.

Ninjitsu: the ancient Japanese art of assassination. The Ninjas were the private killers for the ancient Japanese clans. Preposterous. This is 20th century Manila, not feudal Japan.

Well preposterous or not sir, we're dealing with a highly disciplined person... like in ancient times, excels in martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, and poison.

These men are able men of many parts. These men are still available in modern Japan?

Oh yes sir, well some are teachers, doctors, lawyers... the superior discipline of power. But nowadays they only use it for self discipline.

And this Ninja is working for Landers?

Well I want a Ninja.

Find me a Ninja who believes in the old ways, Mr. Parker.

I'll have to go to Japan, sir. Then why are you still here, Mr. Parker?

I have all the actors... opera singers, acrobats, whatever you want, Mr. Parker.

Mr. Mesuda, you don't seem to understand.

Of course I understand. You want acrobatic swordsmen.

Not exactly, but you're close.

Well, I have the man. He's very good.

He made five pictures with Mr. Kurusara.

He played a Samurai. And also made a picture here with Robert Mitchum.

He can ride horseback, and he is the best swordsman in Japan.

Mr. Mesuda, do you represent a Ninja?

Do I what? A real Ninja.

Oh, Ninja...

No more Ninjas here in Japan.

Ninjas were here hundreds of years ago.

I want a Ninja. A professional Ninja.

You want Ninja...

I find Ninja.

You are certain your deeds are for a good cause?

Most certain, Master Komori.

We have great problems with violence in our little town.

We need help.

Then... I think I have the right man for you.


Gentlemen... please.


Gentlemen, I will now deal as agent to Ninja Hasegawa.

Who sent you?!

Who sent you! Venarius, Charles Venarius.

Why?! He didn't tell me!

Where do I find him?

The penthouse. 814 Rawhouse Boulevard.

Give him a message for me. Yeah. What message.

I don't like to be followed.

Nevermind. I'll tell him myself.

Mr. Parker speaks highly of you. Thank you, sir.

When will you do this uh... job? At once, sir.

And if you fail? Then I do not wish to live.

You fellas interested in art?

Not bad. Haha!

Step inside fellas, I'll make you one hell of a deal!

Hey, maybe we can use these? Yeah. Come on.

What a crazy place this is. I wouldn't mind taking a dip.

Boy... is this guy loaded.

Got bad taste in paintings though.

It's the strangest office I've ever seen.

I wonder where the vault is. I used to be a safe cracker in the old days.

Hm. Now I know why Venarius wants Frank land.

It's worth a fortune according to this geological report.


Hey, they got blue movies here.

Ooh... this is one I haven't seen.

What the heck is this?

Look at that guy with the bow and arrow. What's he up to?

Is this for real?

Looks like... looks like some kind of a thriller.

Man, that guy's a mean sonovabitch.

Hasegawa. Who?

Just who the hell is that guy?

Someone I went to school with in Japan.

Where's Cole? I'm not sure, I think he went into Manila.

You like him, don't you?

Yes. Yes I do. Very much.

He's quite a guy isn't he?

Something wrong, Frank?

You know, when we first came out here, we used to have a little table.

We sat practically on top of each other, now you're a million miles away.

Know what... you look much better clean shaven. I think you should do it more often.

It suits you. Maybe I should just grow a mustache?

You know, Mary Anne... there are times when I wake up in the morning... and I look at this guy in the mirror and I say:

"what the hell are you doing with your life, Frank?"

Sonovabitch never answers me.

I think you're being a little hard on yourself.

Unnecessarily so, I think. Maybe I've just played out my hand.

Frank, please.

I don't know anymore, Mary Ann. I just don't know.

Mary Ann! Be careful please. It's alright, Frank.

Guards! Mary Ann, wait until the guards come!


Is anybody out there?

Mary Ann, wait for me! Where's my goddamn pistol!

Mary Ann, where are you?

Where is everybody?

Mary Ann...

Mary Ann!

Mary Ann answer me! Ahh!

I'm sorry, Mary Ann, I'm sorry. Forgive me!

Where are the guards?

Where is everybody?

This really is too much, Mr. Parker.

I think we should activate our visitor from Japan.

I have already, sir. He should be well into his work by now.

Cover me.

You've got it! Keep running and leave it to me!

Cole, listen to this. The war is over. The goddamn war is over. What do you say?

What are you going to do now?

I'm gonna find myself a good woman and live to be 100.

What about you?

I don't know, find another war, I guess.

Mary Ann!

Stay where you are, mister!

Pity he wasn't Japanese. He might've enjoyed his harakiri then.

You didn't have to kill half our guards, you know? Mr. Venarius' is expecting you.

Come on. I'll take you to him.

Interesting outfit. Who's your tailor?

Unlock the gate.

Where is he? He's waiting outside in the car, sir.

He killed Elliot and a couple of guards back in the office. Why didn't he kill you?

He doesn't want me sir. I've got a message. Oh really?

Yes. He says he'll kill you if you don't release the girl and leave her property alone.

Is that so? Well bring him in to me, Mr. Parker.

I'm a reasonable man. Sir.

Sir! He's gone and he's killed all the guards, and the bastard has disappeared!

No... no, he's here. Ah yes, he's here somewhere.

You are here, aren't you Ninja?!


Ninja! Show yourself! I'm ready to talk!

Don't just stand there! Find him!

Mr. Parker, bring me that woman! And where the hell is my Ninja!

What's this jazz?! I don't know, brother.

Ninja! Ninja!

Ninja! I told you I was ready to talk!

Mr. Parker!

I want my black Ninja and I want him now!

Ninja, I've got the girl!

I'll shoot her if you don't show yourself, now!

Just one moment, Mr. Parker!

Ninja... listen.

I really do want to talk to you, and I don't want to kill the girl.

Don't let her go!

I think I've been hurt, sir.

There you are. Perhaps we better give in, sir.

Now we can talk.

If you want your Mr. Parker alive, you better listen to me.

Who said I wanted Mr. Parker alive?

But, sir...

Now, wait, wait, Ninja... wait.

Why don't we speak like civilized men.

You, are a Ninja. A hired assassin.

Why don't you come to work for me?

A position has become vacant. I'm not for hire.

Then what were you doing working for... Frank Landers?

He was my friend. You... you killed him. And now I'm going to kill you.

Mary Ann? Are you alright?



Go home.

What about you? I'll see you later. I hope.

You have won with honor... allow me to die with honor.


Here. Let me take that.

Are you sure you won't change your mind?

I have to stay. I owe it to Frank.

Will you write?

I'll be back.

So... who are you going to kill next, Mr. Ninja?

My dear friend, a true Ninja doesn't kill... he eliminates, and only for defensive purposes.

Are you looking for a porter, mister?

But there are exceptions.