Enter The Wild (2018) Script

Anyway, can I just finish this story?

Anyway-- In high school.

It was a silly danger to you.

Can I just finish this story?

In fact, it was a major danger to you.

Can I just finish this story, please?

Yes. No.

Okay, so it was nice, right?

And we'd been waiting all day.

Yeah, in a toilet, right?

Who makes you wait in a toilet for an entire day?

Well, it was wait in the toilet or wait in the cleaner's closet.

Oh, I don't like the smell of ammonia.

I can't wait in the closet.

Hey, doesn't sperm smell like ammonia?

That actually smells a little bit more metallic.

But anyway--

Please, guys, please.

So, it's dark, right?

The last of the students leave, and we creep out into the corridor and he's all like blah blah blah blah, moaning about something.

I was actually just pointing out the illegality of the situation.

Well you'd be pointing at no--

Well because if we get busted--

You're like an old married couple.

The illegality of the situation all day.

Kiss and make up.

Anyway, we're going down the corridor, we get to the staff rooms.

There's all these pictures up on the walls of like trees and shrubs and complete shit.

No not shit.

Come on mate, it was all misty, Vaseline, turn of the century type crap.

Uh, is this all going somewhere?

So basically we walk in there and there's all these pictures right on the walls and there's one that stands out above the rest.


It's the picture of the Wollemia Pine.

Yeah, so there's this picture, right?

Hey, hey seriously, I love this tree like.

He's been going on about this tree since he could masturbate.

Basically so he was like, no, before that.

Since he was like 12.

Seriously, this guy, this thieving bastard just rips it off the wall-- Yeah, thieving bastard.

And then turns it over and on the back is...

Oh, bad boys!

Now property of Carl Racen.

That's the map to the Wollemia Pine.

We're gonna find you that tree, brother.

And one of these.

50 cents.

♪ I should be somewhere else ♪ They suit you.

Mm, do I look like a star?

Like the sun.

♪ It's all just pictures ♪

♪ On the house wall ♪

♪ But I've been ♪

♪ Spending a lot of time over you ♪ Got you something.

♪ Yeah I've got a lot of time ♪

We better get back.


♪ Disappear when the going gets rough ♪

♪ And when we're ♪ Babe? Mm?

You haven't said anything to Carl or Toni about...

You wanna keep this a secret?

It's a secret.

Are you gonna fuck him when you're out there?

Oh, of course.

Breathe, Carl.

You gonna go for Carl?

He's a bit short.

Mm, but smart.


Got a joke for you.

Why are pirates angry?

Come on, you work on boats.

Why are pirates angry?

Because they arrr.

Sorry we're late mate it's just traffic, you know.

Easter, everyone heading up to the Blue Mountains.


You drop me off at Mount Victoria?

My car broke down last weekend.



Wet itchy groin.


Does it have to be dirty?


Like who is God?

No, it's gotta be filthy.

It's gotta be filthy like worm-infested gonads.

Ew. Ugh.

Come on mate.

It's Good Friday, it's good fun day.

If he starts snoring I'm just gonna push him out of the car, alright?

What could I say?


Shrinking yellow penis.

Slimy yelping puppies?

That's embarrassing.

Okay then, suck your prick.

That kinda works.

You have to be really careful with disease.

If one tree gets sick, they'll all get sick.

That's why I brought disinfectant and rubber gloves.

Oh, hello.

This isn't about tree hunting.

You guys just wanna shag the tree, right?

Hello, tree shagging's not a crime.

As long as it's true love between man and wood.

Actually crime's normal in my books.

You know Emile Durkheim?

Is that that cool French--

Sociologist, yeah.

Well Durkheim says and I'm paraphrasing here but he says--

Crime is normal and...

She's gone, rooted.

She's cracked the head.


Do you know what cracked the head means?

No, not really.

I can't get out of here til Tuesday.

Fucking Easter!

You finished with that?

So what are you gonna do, Zac?

You could come along with us if you want?

Yeah Carl?

Oh hey ah, you know what we're out there til Monday afternoon, you gotta work Monday so that won't work.

A stupid suggestion.

You all good?

I don't think this is all gonna fit.

Can I put some in yours?

Carry your own accessories.

Grab your uniforms.

Celebration of life tour.



The Bluff, Stepping Cascade, Firefly Gully, Water Canyon, Wollemia Nobilis.

That's Wollemia Nobilis.

I love it.

Nice one, chief.

My mum.

Mrs. Racen, hi.

You alright?

Well, we'll probably be out of range but I can take a message.

I really like Cashmere.

I prefer cotton, I get itchy with anything else.

It's a Zeppelin song.

Right, of course.

Oh wow.


I am a useful human being.

So am I.


Toni never shuts up about you, you should have a crack at her.

Would you shut up?

Are you gay?

Green chicken curry.

Carl, you know I don't eat meat.

I got you tofu.

And you can cook it in a different pot.



I'll cook yours first.


Mm, yes please.

Hey, Zachary daiquiri!

Come join us!

It was delicious.

I'm completely stuffed.

Yeah, it was excellent.

Thanks mate.

I actually got a cramp, sorry.

Yeah, the man has talent.

Oh, did you like it, Zachary daiquiri?

I only brought enough for four.

Don't be a knob.

No, no.

Don't touch it. Why?

Puts it out of tune. Oh, really?

Oh, what's that?


Yeah, it's a little GI Joe.

It belonged to Carl's brother.


Yeah so why do you have it?

'Cause he was a friend of mine.


And-- He's dead.

I'm sorry Carl.

No, it's okay.

Happened a long time ago.

Eight years.

What happened, Carl?

Luke got hit by a car.

He was out riding his bike one afternoon.

Was Easter Saturday, late afternoon.

Were you guys there? No.

No, he was alone when he died.

He was a little speed freak.

Carl was always trying to make him go slow but he always wanted to go faster.

He always wanted to go as fast as us, didn't he mate?

As fast as me.

Yeah, he had a sweet bike, didn't he?

Like this BMX with spring shockies, he had the whole--

Spare us the detail! Alright, give me some love.

Come here, give me some love.

Give me some love!

Oh he's got a woody!

See this is what happens, every time we hug he wants to fuck me!

Get your dick out of my ass!

Fuck off!

You know, I reckon, wrestling, sport, it's just another excuse for men to touch each other.

You're weak!

That's a big drop.

Why don't we find an easier way down?

This is the quickest way.

How do we get back up?

Uh, there's a gully out not far from the tree.

Let's do it.




Does my bum look big in this?

You're doing good.

You good?


Look at that, you're a pro.

So where's this gully back up top?

It's just here, near the tree.

See, not far.

If that's the gully then why didn't we climb in there by the tree?

Would have been easier.

Well everyone's already down there, mate.

How many days is this trip?

It's four, it's two days in and two days out.

So that means we find this tree this afternoon.

Here's hoping.

Here's hoping. Yeah.

Here's hoping.

You done this before?

You got a favorite song?

Sing it for me on the way down.

Takes your mind off the drop.

Come on Zac, sing!


This man can really sing.


How far to the Stepping Cascade, chief?

Dunno. Maybe check the map.

It's spooky down here.

I'm so sleeping on the uphill side tonight.

Is that the one of my bum?

Pippa! No?


I forgot the map.

You what?

I left the map at the top of the cliff.

I was helping Zac, I put the map down...

Well just climb back up and get it.

We can't, we need climbing gear to get up there.

We don't have--

No we don't have any climbing gear.

So how do we get out?

The map was only a loose guide.

No, Dylan.

It was the guide.

It was precise.

It was a fuckin' map!

Do you understand the point of the map?

No map, we get lost.

That's why they have maps, that's why, you know, they were invented so people aren't wandering around lost and bumping into each other, you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I get that Carl but we're not exactly gonna be bumping into anyone down here, are we?

Oh is that meant to make me feel better, is it?

Carl, Carl, Carl, think about it, okay?

How many times you been through the map?

You know the map.

And no reception thank you very much.

It doesn't matter, you know the map.

Hey hey hey hey, we don't need the map.

We've got this.


Yeah sure it's a guide but there's no directions there!

Buddy you know my sense of direction is supernatural.


Yeah that makes perfect sense.

Okay tell me this.

What's the distance between those landmarks?

You take one wrong stream you're lost!

I agree with you.

Let's just take the first gully out of here.


No, let's push on.

North, from memory.

So it was north to the Stepping Cascade, eh?

Then east to Firefly Gully.

No, west.

No I'm sure it was east.

I'll spud you for it.

You always pick scissors.

Then let me win once in a while.

So do you forgive me then?

I'll spud you for it.

She's amazing.

Toni, I knew you liked Toni.

No, not Toni.



She's beautiful.

She's okay.

How come she's single?

Well, we're single.

Do you think, I dunno, do you think she'd be interested in me?

Maybe I should have a crack.

You wanna give it a crack?

You could be my wingman.



Cool. Yeah.

How are we doing without that map, Dylan?

How are you doing without your vibrator, Toni?

Hey. Hey.

Hey, you got sore shoulders?


Too sensitive. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

You're not sorry. I am, I am.


Okay, I'm a bad boy, so.

Oh, well there's only one way to redeem yourself, bad boy.


Oh! Say you love feminists.

Oh, stop it.

Say you love feminists.

Alright! Say it!

I love feminists!

Say it!

Hey Dylan, do you love feminists?

Dyl, Dylan, do you love feminists?

More than life.

Hey, where's the camera?

Photo time!

You okay?

Hey where's Zac? Who cares?

Having Zac time.

A classic depressive, I reckon.

Sociopathic tendencies.

Ooh, so he could sneak into our tent and molest us?

I'm gonna eat you, you dickhead!

You pieholes!

Yeah Led Zeppelin fucking rocks man!

Except for you, why don't you stick your tray up your arse, mate?

No no no no no.

He's the one I want.

What? Nothing.


Doesn't feel right.

Here's okay, they can't see us.

No, us.



You haven't fallen in love with me, have you?


It's alright.

You don't find me attractive.

I do.

I'm boring.


What, Dylan?

I'm just fucked up.

I'm just fucked up!

Mm, mm.

Best meal ever, brother.

Something kinda sexy about a guy who cooks, eh girls?

If he can cook well.

Yeah well, I can't cook.


That's true, he can't cook at all.

Absolutely useless.


You know the only thing I am good at?

Lifting things.

You need something lifted, I'm not bad.

I'm not brilliant.

I mean, don't give me a piano.

I reckon I could lift it but

I wouldn't be able to tune it afterwards

'cause it's a very delicate thing, the piano.

All the notes and tones and things.

But what's it matter?

You don't have a piano and I can't play for shit.

You're not completely useless, chief.

You can mix drinks.

Yeah you can do the bar at Pippa's 21st.

Who says he's invited?

What's going on?

So Dylan where's this gully out

'cause I wanna be out of here by tomorrow.

I told you Zac, north to the Stepping Cascade, and then west--

To the Firefly fuck whatever.

Yeah I seen the t-shirt.

Okay Zac.

Why don't we navigate by the stars then?


You work on boats.

Sextant and stars.

Who needs a map eh captain?

Alright then give me the compass.

Oh, now you're embracing the concept.

Give me the compass, I'm not shitting you.

Carl? Hmm?

You awake?

You wanna talk?

Eight years man, eight years today.

Let's go say hello to him.

Fuck off.

Luke's with us, man.

On a spiritual level.

On a physical level.


He's with us, man.


I do it every year.

Same candle for eight years.


Why don't you say something to him?

Oh, shocking.


Carl. What?

It was animals.

Probably possums or rats.

Well you can't control the animals, Carl.

You can control putting the food away.

I was drunk.

No shit.

Hey, what's going on?

All our food's been eaten by animals.


All I've got left are these Easter eggs.

It's okay, we'll be fine, trust me.

So who left the food out?

Hey, I've got an apple.

I can slice this up.

Shit, I'm so stupid.

Let me have a look.

No no no no leave it alone, leave it alone.

It's not deep, you'll be alright.

What are you doing?


Do you have a plan or are you just running away?

We keep looking for the tree.

Keep looking for the tree, yeah Carl?

We've got no food, no map, we're over schedule.

What's your problem?

Fuck the tree.

We head downstream.

Downstream's always the way out.

Yes, but the tree, downstream, and the way out are one and the same, brother.

I'm not your brother.

What are we gonna do about this food, Dylan?

I'll fish.

Give me a line I can feed us for a week.

I'm a vegetarian.

Well what if you're hungry?

I'm a vegetarian.

Well I'll catch you some berries!

Harder to hunt, easier to kill.


Come on.

Dead end!

So what's going on, brother?

Unless you have the powers to move through rock.

That's what happens when we follow Zac.

Can I have an Easter egg?

In a couple of hours.

I've got low blood sugar.

We've gotta ration, Toni.

We've gotta ration.

I can't.

I'll faint, I'll fit, I'll die!

Do you get that?

Turning into one of those girls.

One of those hysterical, crying, irritating need help girls just like my mother!

So far so good eh captain?

Have mine.


Just don't tell anyone, okay?


Is that better?

Hey Carl, you know there was never a chance that you or I would have...

Well it felt kind of forced, don't you think?


Yeah it felt totally forced.

Be back soon. Where are you going?

See how high I can get, maybe get some phone coverage.


Can you just stop drawing me for a second?

Where are you going?

To get a drink.

Can I come? No.

I don't know, just draw Zac.

Whenever you're on the edge of something like that you ever get the urge to just jump?

I'm going back to camp.



That's the Stepping Cascade.

It's gotta be, look at it.

Climb the steps, west to Firefly Gully.

Firefly Gully leads to the Wollemia Pine.

Or downstream to the way out.

No no no no fuck them!

Let's keep this to ourselves.

I'm gonna find that tree for us, brother.

Not now!

Just getting my bearings.



Where's Dylan?

We found the Stepping Cascade.


To get to the tree?

Dylan's still obsessed by the tree but...

I'm freezing.

Yeah, me too.

What's wrong?

Nothing, just...

I'm just...

I'm just...




I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Happy Easter, everyone.

You know what the best thing about this time of year is?

Discount Easter eggs.

Little bunny rabbits.

My favorite.

Although I don't mind the birdies either.


I paid for that chuff.


Hey Dylan!

Come join the funeral.

Oh come on kids, what's the matter?

Alright, let's play a game.

Pippa, let's play a game.

Let's imagine we're all dead.

But we come back as a mythical creature.

What would you be?

Mythical creature? Yeah.

Like a sun god.

Or a nymph.

She'd be Mother Earth.

Mother Earth?

That's nice.

But she'd have to put up with a lot of abuse.

Oh don't worry, I'll be gentle.

Oh yeah that's good isn't it.

Oh, oh you love me.

Oh you really love me.

Stop it Dylan!

You were right.

You are fucked up.

Completely fucked up.


What's she talking about?


You tell him or me?

We've got a thing.


With him?


For how long?

It's been going on for a couple of weeks.



Hey I fucked up, brother.

I'm not your fucking brother.

Celebration of life tour!


Celebration of Luke tour!



Luke's dead.

You get it?

He's dead!

No he's with us man, he's with me!

He's not your brother, Dylan!

Not yours!

He's my grief, my loss!

He's my brother.


Luke wasn't alone when he died.

You see he came 'round to my house that day.

He wanted to go for a ride.

You didn't so I said yes and we went out.

We went up the top of the hill.

I said to him, "I bet you can't beat me!"

He set out.

He wanted to win so badly.

Then that white Commodore, man.

Just plowed right into him.

And I ran.


It was my fault, Carl.

You know if you're worried, thinking this is all your fault, you're right.

I mean you asked me along.

You lost the map.

Then you lost the food.

You even dumped the girl.

You lied to Carl.

So how do you feel?


I feel brilliant.

He's taken it.

I can't believe it!


He's taken it.

My camera.

He's taken the rope too.

Why? You tell me.

This says gone fishing.

Well he's gone fishing.

With my camera and the rope.

Where do you think he's gone then?

He's gone looking for the tree, Carl.

Let me get this straight.

You're calling Dylan a liar?

Maybe he drowned.

Shut up, Zac.

Then we could all push on.

Actually maybe he's just behind that rock right there, hiding, head-fucking us.




He'll come back.

I'm hungry.


Hey where'd you find that?

It was in my pocket.

Did he leave anything for me?

Why would he leave anything for you?

Because I'm his girlfriend.

Pippa wake up.

You know this has nothing to do with you.

Yes it does, it does.

No no!


Told you we shoulda left earlier.

My temperature's all over the place.

Look at these shakes.

Yeah actually I'm a little bit chilly.

So why don't you put a jacket on?

Can you stop cleaning for a second?


Think you missed a bit.

Dylan won't be too happy about that, will he?

I'm heading downstream, are you coming?

Give me the compass.

I'll send help when I get out.

Give me the compass.


Play me a tune.

Just give me the compass!

You know it's really not that bad, Zac.

I've seen way worse, eh?


Do something.

Pippa, do something.

We've gotta get Zac out of here.

What about Dylan?

Zac is the priority.

Well Dylan's my priority.

Even after your brother?

That's none of your fucking business.

None at all.

Stop pointing at me.

We've gotta be rational, Carl.

That stick in his leg will get infected.

We'll pull it out.

We can't pull it out.

He'll bleed to death.

He's already got a fever.

He needs antibiotics, a doctor, a hospital, he needs food, food.


As for Dylan, he could be dead.

Hey, why don't we eat our Easter eggs?

I ate them.

What are you doing? I'm hot.

When's Carl coming back?







I'm not eating that.

You're getting weaker.

Still have my principles, Carl.

You ate an Easter egg.

Fuck you.

I take my vegetarianism very seriously.

We're gonna find your boyfriend.

They suit me?


You're meant to say I look like a star.

You look like a star.

Like the sun?


He gave this to me.

You okay?

Isn't that our rope?



I'm up!


Wait, wait wait wait.



I slipped off that.

I've done something to my back.

Can't feel it.

Can you feel that?


Just put your arm around my neck, we'll get you out.

Come on.

Come on.

Hey, I found the tree.

You should go see it.

It's just near in the next canyon.


The green was blinding, man.

You should touch the bark.

It was weird, it was like these ancient trees, you know?

I understand why you wanted to see it, brother.

I'm not your brother.

Thanks for taking me along.

Hey brother.

I don't think we're gonna make it, man.


Is he dead?


♪ Yeah we heard a whisper ♪

♪ That the cracks begin to show ♪

♪ And the best kept secret ♪

♪ Sometimes all we want to know ♪

♪ Something good must come ♪

♪ Now we know no one has answers that we want to hear ♪

♪ Something good must come ♪

♪ I know what we've done ♪

♪ Stood facing the wrong way ♪

♪ For all those years ♪

♪ Stop your mind from turning ♪

♪ Over every single stone ♪

♪ Cannot keep returning ♪

♪ To the friendships you've outgrown ♪

♪ Something good must come ♪

♪ Out of what we've done ♪

♪ Still facing the wrong way for years ♪

♪ Something good must come ♪

♪ Now we know no one has answers that we want ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪

♪ Wanted to hear ♪