Eraser (1996) Script

You couldn't hide, Johnny! Nobody hides from us!


Get some ice. I think I broke my goddamn hand.

Sure, Boss.

Fuck you!

Just do me!

Sure, Johnny. But first...

Mr. Canelli wants a little souvenir.

Open up!

Open up!

We'll send this to your Witness Protection buddies.

See if it sings on its own.

They can take it to the trial.

Open up, Johnny! Open up!


Who in the hell are you?

Close your eyes.

Who are you?

Shut up!

You too!

It's okay.

Do what he says.

Don't move. You're dead.

I need the clothes you're wearing.

Your ring.

Your watch.

All your lDs.


Do it!

Come with me.

Grab the other one.

Let's go.

Put your clothes on them. Move!

There's been a murder at 232 Alden Drive.

Send the police.

What are you doing?

They killed you, then turned on each other.


Sons of bitches!


This doesn't work without an audience.

Outside. Let's go.

Get in.

Thank you.

Thank you. Anything you ever need, just ask me.

You endangered your life and the US Marshals protecting you.


You went to your old restaurant.

You went back to Gennaro's? Johnny, are you stupid?

It's the osso buco.

I was fucking dying for a decent meal!

Next time, you're dead! This only happens once.

Get out.

That was our ride!

Let's go.


You won't see me again, but I'll know your every move.

Use your heads, lie low and no one will hurt you.

If you try to skip out on your testimony, I'll deliver you to the Canelli family.

I promise.

I owe you big time. I'm a stand-up guy, you got it?

You ever need anything, you let me know. What's your name?

Honey, he doesn't want to be pen pals.

Smile. You've just been erased.

John, would you look at something?

One is from our shop, the others are real. What do you think?

That's the fake.

Who the hell is that?

If I tell you, I'd have to kill you.

Shut up and run this again.

With a little sleight of hand... one very dead John Doe trades places with one very live scumbag.

Robert, sit down.

You know...

if God was as forgiving as WITSEC... hell would be one empty joint.

God doesn't have our court system.

I understand you had a busy night.

Some witnesses got careless.

I see. I had to defuse the situation.

Did that include breaking into the county morgue?

Someone taught me that improvisation is the heart of field work.

It was you.

In the old days. Weather's changed.

Now every asshole in Congress is down our backs.

I'm telling you to walk softly.

Is that why Beller called me in? Because of the morgue?

No, no, no.

He doesn't know anything about that.

I don't think he has to.

Shadow Ops still has some privileges.

You're right.

John... good work.

I had a good teacher.


You had the best.

14,640 some-odd people under WITSEC protection... and not one with a profile like this.

That bad?

That good. This young lady, Miss Cullen... is a real live, bona fide... honest person.

Then why does she need us?

She's a senior executive at Cyrez Corporation.

They're major defense contractors.

Top-secret weapons research.

Looks like someone inside Cyrez is selling out Uncle Sam.

Feds need her to prove their case. If they do... she'll be the key witness in the hottest scandal since lran-Contra.

When does this go down? Tomorrow.

The sting's in place. When it's over, she's all yours.

Sealed file on relocate. Your eyes only.

As usual, only you and I will be privy to the exact location of your witness.

But, John... there are some serious players in Washington... who could be badly burned.

So could she.

Welcome to Cyrez Corporation.

All visitors are required to stop at the security station on the right.

Good morning, Dave.

She's in.

Anything yet?

Not yet.

That's right, lady. We're right here.

We're on.

You hear me?

We hear you.

I look okay?

Tell her she looks great.

Not bad, Miss Cullen.

Not bad for an amateur.

We're right with you.


Then let's do it.

Good morning, Miss Cullen. Good morning.

Station C?


And how long today?

Ten minutes max.


You're doing just fine, Lee.

Let's hope we bought the right combination.



It's okay. We lose transmission in the vault.

What now?

Now we wait.

She better move fast. She's only got five minutes till the shift change.

What's taking so long?

Sweetheart, you've got two minutes left.

Shouldn't have used her.

Shit! She's out of time.

Welcome back, Lee. We're with you.

Miss Cullen...

Mr. Donahue would like to see you.

In a minute.

He said, 'Right now.'

What's going on? I think they made us.

Check the directory. Where's Donahue's office?

Twenty-fifth floor.

I know.

Twenty-fifth floor.

Get backup ready to roll. This could go south.

What is it, William?

That's someone I trusted for five years.

Someone I told others could be trusted.

I was pulling...


We're way beyond bullshit here.

Who are you working for?

Shit, we're dead.

I should ask you that question.

I thought it was for the US government.

Come on, Lee.

What do you think we do here?

This isn't the Red Cross.

We make weapons, things that kill people.

If the government won't pay the price... it's my job to find someone who will.

Treason is part of the corporate strategy?

I asked who you were working for.

You didn't tell me.

My God.

Holy shit.


Get her out of there.

What is this?

A camera?

I'm working for the FBI, William. They heard everything you just said.

They're watching us now.

And you think that makes you safe?

You... have no fucking idea!

How could you do this to me?

I hope you understand, Lee.

You leave me no choice.

Wait a minute! Stop her!

Stop! Hey!

Go, go, go!

Hard evidence.

It's all yours, gentlemen.

We've handled these situations before.

You haven't answered my question.

We told you there'd be risks.

You told me I'd have complete protection the entire time.

It didn't go as smoothly as we anticipated.

That's an understatement.

Remember, Miss Cullen, you came to us.

I came to you with a clerical error. You asked for my help.

And we got it.

If Cyrez is selling weapons' technology, that's high treason.

This disk and your testimony will put them and their co-conspirators behind bars.

You've done a great service for your country.

Now, it's time to think about your safety.

This is US Marshal John Kruger, of the Witness Protection Program.

He'll handle your personal security.

My protection?

Your new identity, relocation. I'll take you through it step-by-step.

What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere.

You're in an extremely high-risk situation.

That should have been explained to you.

Your boss was just a middleman, Lee.

There are more dangerous people involved.

You expect me to give up my whole life?

Until the trial. Then you'll be completely out of danger.

And how do you know that?

How do you know?

Look, I will keep up my end of the bargain. I will testify.

But that's it.

I'm going home.

Put people on her right away... or we'll need a seance for her testimony.

Who brought her into this?

She volunteered. She had security clearance...

You told her it's a walk in the park.

When she finds out her life isn't her own anymore, it's too late.

We had no case without her.

It's easier to put her ass on the line than yours, isn't it?


Frediano, how're you doing?

Good. I have something for you.

Let's see.

Your receipt.

Gentlemen, always a pleasure.

It's me.

Your music has arrived.

Get Mr. Morehart down here.

It's me. Lee?

I heard about Donahue. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I shouldn't have trusted them. Of course not. The Feds are idiots.

They'll blow the case or bury it.

The Feds are here.

They're watching me.

Let me write this story and I'll nail Cyrez all over the front page.

It may not be safe to talk on this phone.

I'll call you later.

Wait. Did you make a copy?

Yeah. That's your insurance, Lee.

Go public. They won't dare touch you.

Lee, what's wrong?

I don't know. I got to go.

Hi, baby.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you. How are you doing?

So you just let yourself into my house?

I've been worried about you.

I haven't heard from you in days.

There's nothing to talk about. it's over.

You know that.

Come on.

That doesn't hurt you to say that?

It hurt me three months ago.

But after the phone calls, after the notes on my car, and tonight... it's getting a lot easier.

Get down.

Who're you seeing?

Come on, Darryl.

I know you're seeing someone.

Let's see who that is.

What's this?

And a card.

Get down!

Oh, shit! Go, go, go!

Come here!

Stay down.

I don't have a shot.

You, go, go.

What are you doing? Lighting a fuse.

Are you hit? What?

Are you hurt, are you bleeding?

I don't think so.

Are they following us? No. Just calm down.

You'll be fine.

I'm not fine.

They tried to kill me!

Darryl's dead.

You're alive.

And I'll keep you that way.

Your hand.

There's a first-aid kit under your seat.

That weapon, or whatever it was... was from your company, wasn't it?

It's an E.M. prototype.

It's not supposed to exist.


Electromagnetic pulse.

No gunpowder, no conventional bullets.

They fire aluminum rounds at almost the speed of light.

A rail gun.

Yeah, that's another name for them.

The Navy's been working on them for years.

The smallest one I've heard of is mounted on a battleship.

Cyrez was contracted to scale them down... to design a compact, hypervelocity pulse weapon.

The most powerful assault rifle on earth.

They took millions, then said it was impossible.

They looked real enough to me.

Maybe Cyrez found a higher bidder.

They're connected everywhere: Defense, CIA, NSA... maybe even your people.

Still want to put them away?


I'll hide you until the hearings.

No one will know where. Not my boss, not WITSEC.

No one.

Can you do that?

The Feds knew it'd be a death sentence for you, and let you walk right into it.

I was stupid.

You trusted them, that's all.

Now, trust me.

This is Morehart.

We have a problem.

Go ahead. This line's secure.

The Cullen woman is still alive.

Are you serious?

It gets worse.

She has a disk.

She tried to access our program with it.

Do you have any idea the risk I took to get this back?

I know. She must have made a duplicate.

Then get it.

Whatever it takes!


One other thing.

I checked her phone records. And?

She called a woman named lsaacs.

A reporter for the Washington Herald.

I see.

You know what has to be done.

Do it.

The Joint Chiefs are ready, Mr. Undersecretary.

I'll be right there. Thank you.

That's it. That's everything I am.

That's nothing.

It's a few numbers and some plastic.

What you are is in here.

No one can take that from you.

They'll try.

We'll stop them.

I need the rest.

That's all.

No. This.


It's St. George.

It's silly, but when I was a kid I used to have nightmares about dragons.

He watched over you.


Well, that's my job now.

Get some sleep.

We'll leave at dawn.



There's a place I know, where it's easy to disappear.

There's a woman there I helped.

She testified against the yakuza bosses in San Francisco.

Her new name is Mei-Ling.

You'll be safe with her until the hearings.

Your new name is Deborah Elliott.

You think of me as a 'Deborah?'

I don't know.

I could have used something more fun, like...



Deborah's fine.

AAA credit.

What's my limit?

It is not a license to shop.

I want you to lay low right now.

Mei-Ling will take good care of you.

You know the signal.

911. I get out of the apartment.

Go straight to the pay phone and wait for my call.

It's a public place, with six exits and six ways out.


I work alone.

If anyone comes to you and claims I sent them...

use this.

You just pull the trigger.

I guess I won't see you again.

If everything goes well... no.

At least not until the trial.


Thank me when it's over.

Undersecretary of Defense, Daniel Harper... spoke before Congress today about the Cyrez scandal.

The use of private contractors is within the parameters... of Defense Department spending.

I look forward to the Cyrez hearing. I'm confident... we'll be vindicated of any mismanagement of funds.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for the opportunity.

Thanks for coming.

You know I don't like meeting outside our normal channels.

It's not my choice.

Are they with you?


Whether I like it or not...

Listen, John...

we've got a problem.

What's going on?

Someone's murdering our witnesses.

We've got three confirmed kills in the last 48 hours.

Who? Not one of yours.

Not one of mine. Not yet.

Did they break cover? No.

No, that is the problem.

And there's no way anyone could know all three of their locations.

There's a mole inside WITSEC.

Beller thinks so. He may be right.

All three singers were witnesses in some high-profile federal cases.

All with international ties. That's our common thread.

Other singers fit the profile.


One's yours and one's mine. So... we have to replant them immediately.

The jet is fueling as we speak.

I work alone.

You know that.

Not today.

Beller's orders.

Buddy system, CIA escorts... three teams. We're one of them.


We do yours first.

This is John Kruger.

These are agents Schiff and Calderon. I forgot which is which.

I'm Schiff. And I'm Calderon.

Know her?

Should I?

She was doing a piece on Cyrez. There could be a connection to your witness.

Did someone take her out?

Peeled her like an onion.

If she knew anything, she talked.

This here is Deputy Monroe. He's one of ours.

Monroe, you're looking at a legend: Mr. John Kruger.

Deputy. Sir, it's a pleasure.

Nice rig.

How many of these you got? Three.

Different parts of the country.

Handy for quick relocates.

Sometimes we run violent felons for the Feds.

Chauffeurs for degenerates.

Don't you get tired of babysitting scum?


But in your case, we'll make an exception.

Who the hell does he think he is?

He thinks he's the best guy in the game.

I think he's right. Try not to piss him off.

You're east.

You're west.

You're north. Here.

We've got the boathouse, garage, back door.

We take the front entrance?

You and me, buddy.

I don't want to get shot today.

Keep your safeties on.

We'll probably find her inside baking muffins.

This is my witness.

Her name is Allison. She's a very nice lady.

Let's bring her out safely.

Here you go.

Let's go, big guy.

The engine's still warm.

Shut up!

You're early.

You're late.

Hush, now.

He won't hurt you anymore.

Get an ambulance!

Go on!

Sorry, honey.

We lost her.

Why send five men to kill one woman?

They were waiting for us.

We've been set up.

Is she yours?

Call her now.

There are no phones. We must live-contact her.

Where is she?


Let's move, then.

Here. You'll like this better.

Are you all right?

I think so, sir.

First time under fire?

It's okay to be shaky.

Hell, I'm shaky.

The thing is, sir...

I don't know what I feel.

It was terrible and...

Exciting at the same time?

Nothing to be ashamed of. It's perfectly natural.

Tell him.

It's natural.

The whole game's that way.

It's like a drug. You get hooked, there's no turning back.

Take me.

My old man... a little nobody in D.C.

Nice, quiet guy.

Anyway, on his deathbed... he tells me that all those years he was working for the CIA.

I had to be part of that world.

I joined the CIA, couple of years... now I'm at WITSEC.

Hey, buddy.

What about you, sir? Why did you join WITSEC?

Sir, is something wrong?

Answer the kid.

Go ahead.


Come on.


What the hell is going on?

He cleared the numbers.

What the hell?


Did you capture that call?

Got it. New York prefix.


City Zoo.

New York. Tell him to change course.

I'll call WITSEC. No, that won't be necessary.

We must report flight-plan changes.

Monroe, you did great work back there. Sit down.

Sit down.

Did I give you your evaluation yet?


A-plus, kid.

Damn it! Get me a Wet-Nap or something!

Who's in New York?

Four or five guys we can trust.

Get them ready.

Clean this mess up.


New York.

You're off course.

No, we're not.

You're going to take us to her.

You did a very, very bad thing.

You killed Monroe.

Now that makes you the mole.

That makes you a murderer.

Easy, Big John.

I'm a businessman.

A very, very serious businessman.


Selling weapons with your old CIA pals?

Is it just the money?

Trying to start your own dirty, little war somewhere?


Wars, John?

Wars come and go.

We did Nam, we lost.

We did the Gulf, we won.

What changed?


Nothing ever does.

The only difference is who gets rich and who gets dead.

Personally, John, I prefer rich.

You must be a very rich man by now.

It doesn't have to end like this.

I can make you part of it. A big part.

Just give up the girl. What do you say?

Drop your gun.


If you drop your gun now...

I promise I won't kill you.

I'll have to take my chances.

You nailed me with this cheap piece of mail-order shit!

Think about it!

You jump, you'll go through there like shit through a goose!

You're right!

Engine fire!

Turn this thing around!

I'm trying to keep us in the air!

Turn it around and take him out! Now!

I want his face all over this windshield.

Oh, man. Did that hurt?

It had to hurt. I saw it.

Where is this?



Is that your daddy's truck?

Think he'd mind if I borrow it?

I don't know.

Is this yours?

Like it?


What about a trade?

Fifty bucks.

Fifty bucks?


We traced her to Chinatown, but she was long gone.

No shit, Dick Tracy. That was a run signal.

The cab companies?

Three pickups of solo women within 15 minutes of the call.


Madison and 53rd. 89th and Central Park West.

New York City Zoo.

That's it. The zoo?

First a run signal, then straight to a public meeting place.

Your shooters? Standing by.

I want two teams to sweep from the north and the south.


Ladies and gentlemen, the zoo will be closing in ten minutes.

Miss Cullen?

Ma'am, I'm here to help. I'm a US Marshal.

Where's John Kruger?

On his way. He sent me to be sure you're safe until he gets here.


Then he showed you the secret handshake?



The bitch just shot me!

We're on our way. Don't kill her. Do you hear me?

What's going on?

US Marshal. Close all exits.

People are inside.

Get them out, now!

Let's go.

You two, here.

Everyone, please exit the zoo.

Let's go, immediately!

Police emergency! Thank you!

Come on!

He's here.

Hold your fire!

Lee... just drop your weapon.


You're late! Traffic.

How's your ammo? I'm out.

Damn it! Two rounds left.


Ready to go?

Stay down. When I tell you, head for the door.


Let's go.

You're luggage.

How many casualties?

Three. Kruger took them out like that, cold.

I can't believe this. His prints were on the weapon.

You've run prints on him already? That's moving fast.

I was there. I saw it.

Why would he do a thing like this?

Look... the man has nothing to keep him honest. He's been bought.

I've known John for years.

We're losing time.

If he's innocent, why's he on the run?

And his witness?

She's in it with him.

What the hell do you mean?

We identified ourselves. She shot one of my men.


Do whatever it takes to bring him in.



Bring him in alive.


Put out a citywide APB.

Lock this town up so tight it'll make his balls ache.


Captain. John, where are you?

DeGuerin is the mole. He killed the others to flush out my witness.

Come in.

I must protect my witness!

You'll put her in danger. You'll both end up dead.

DeGuerin has been bought. My witness knows too much.

Federal agents say you are the shooter.

I'll call you back.


When I have proof.

It's gone too far.

We're on our own.

What can we do?

We can't stay on the run for long.

We need some hard evidence.

You kept a copy?

I was supposed to give it to a friend of mine, a reporter.

She asked me... Claire lsaacs?

How did you know?

She's dead.

They killed her.

How could they have known?

I didn't tell anyone. I know. it's not your fault.

They probably tapped her phone.

There are many ways...

Everything's going to be all right.

I was just trying to cover myself.

I didn't know who I could trust.

Now, I'll get us both killed.


This may be all that keeps us alive.

I don't even know what's on that.

We'll find out.

It's completely hacker-proof.

There's no way to run it outside Cyrez.

Then we'll run it from the inside.

It's like a fortress. We can't go back there. They'd expect that.

I'd hate to disappoint them.

The streets are clear. The police have returned to the safety of their donut shops.

This is Father Rodriguez.


I was not always Father Rodriguez.

I was born again, with a little help from our friend.

His Colombian associates wanted to introduce him to God personally.

I've been given a second chance at life.

This time, I'm using it for God's work.

Anything else I can do?

We need a car. Just for a day or two.


It burns as much oil as gas, but it's yours.

You sure about this?

There's no one else I can trust.

"It's raining men, Hallelujah, it's raining men"

Hello, Johnny.


I need to talk to you right away.

I've got one question.

Was it your idea to hook me up with the Village People here?

You're safe?

From the Mob, yeah.

No self-respecting wiseguy would be caught dead in a joint like this.

Do me just one favor.

Don't let on that I'm straight. I don't want to break any hearts.

Trust me.

You said if I ever need anything, I could come to you.

I need your help.

Wait. You need my help?


You got it.

Cover me for a few seconds. I got to help a friend.

Who's he? He looks rough!

Don't start.

Do you two need a moment alone?

We're fine, thanks.

Just an idea.

Kevin just... worries about me.

Don't ask.

You want me to help you break into Cyrez?


You shitting me?

I thought I'd help you move a sofa or something.

Pull over up ahead.

I'll help you out.

All we'll need is some tanks, a few rocket launchers... and a set of balls like the King of Bayonne.

All you need are these.

I'll meet you at his place.

Do I look like I've got gas?


What's going on?

It will be contained in 24 hours.

Not good enough.

We have problems. They're solvable.

We must cancel the shipment.

Not an option.

What do we do with ten tons of assault weaponry that's not supposed to exist?

I am the eyes and ears of your world.

There's too much heat.

You don't get it.

The money has changed hands.

These are not the kind of people you cancel on.

Get those guns out of the country tonight or you're dead.

Now... how will you contain the situation?

Kruger has to show up at Cyrez. I'll be waiting.

Why would he risk it?

The disk is the only thing that'll clear him and the woman.

This better work.

The disk. The girl. The guns.

By dawn, they don't exist. Clear?



The House Armed Services Committee announced that in two weeks... it will begin official hearings into the Cyrez scandal.

It's crawling with reporters. We've got to keep a lid on this mess.

By tomorrow you'll be chuckling about this in your kiss-ass country club.

Who's running this camera?

I am.

This is James Haggerty, head of security.


We'll keep everything nice and low-profile.

Ever do any wetwork?

On three different continents.

To impress me, Slick, do your fucking job.

How many people do you have?

Twelve experienced professionals. They'll do whatever it takes.

Plus 20 more on the security force, who'll follow orders.


Make sure my man has your full cooperation.

We've got every possible point-of-entry under surveillance... from the rooftop to the sewers.

He's a ghost.

If he wants in, he'll get in. Where's he got to go to run this disk?

The central vault. No other terminal can access it.

If he wants to read the disk, there's only one way in.

Outstanding, gentlemen.

All we do is sit back and wait for Mr. Kruger to come to us.

Where are you going?

Take it easy. I've got a delivery for Blevens, 14th floor.

We can't accept any unauthorized deliveries.

'We can't accept any deliveries.'

I'm just messing with you, man.

Call Blevens to authorize it. Pepperoni and cheese.

Maybe you don't understand.

This is a high-security facility.

You don't understand. This is a Papa Genoche's pizza.

If he doesn't get it while it's still hot, he gets two free out of my pocket!

I'm trying to save for a computer. Search him.

Get your hands off me!


I got a bad heart and a good lawyer.

Shut up.

He's clean.

Cheese and pepperoni.

Pal, hit the road.

I said, go!

What's going on?

Pizza delivery guy is having a seizure.

Who ordered a pizza?

This is all we need. Get him to the infirmary and call an ambulance.

How're we doing? We'll be on the road in an hour.

They need to be rolling or I need to know why.

Yes, sir.

Come on! Let's move it!

They've been expecting you.

Infirmary is straight through the loading dock.

Is the patient stable?

I'm not sure. Hurry.

Thank you.

He looks stable. Give him some oxygen.

He's fibrillating! Code Blue!

No, it's okay!



This way. They're waiting for you.

Here we go again. Clear!

Increase the voltage.

Let's do it one more time.

Let's not.

You, over there, against the wall.

On the floor.

Face the wall.

On the floor.

My God! Terrorists!

You want terror?

You want some freaking terror?

I'll jump-start your ass!

Tape them up.

Face the wall!

Keep the room secure.

Can you handle that?

Get out of here!

Let's go.

We have a problem.

What is it?

He's running the disk. Shit!


Any activity at Station 1?

All clear.

My ass! He's in. He just didn't use the door.

Get your men down there, now! Go!

What are you doing? No, I know this.

We change it every week.

Screw that. Get out of the way.

Check it.

Somebody talk to me.

He must be at a remote terminal somewhere in the building.

You said he couldn't. He can't.

Donahue designed it so no outside activity...

Donahue is dead.

You'll wish you were too, if you don't find out what's going on... and you find out now.

Holster your weapon. Take a hike, junior.

I said, holster your...

Some people take things for granted, like the ability to chew solid food.

I can find him.


I'll scan the terminals, eliminate them one by one.

If he stays on-line, I'll nail him.

Do it.

How're we doing?

You were right. Donahue left himself a back door.

But we still have to break his code.

We've got another five or six minutes until they trace us.

Recognize any of this?


We're getting warm. It's an accounting format.

Stop me if I get lucky.

How're we doing?

Eliminating low-clearance programs.

South wing is clean.

Two to go.

Two federal investigators downstairs want to talk.

Do what you've got to do, but get rid of them.

You can't be seen here. I won't be. Go.

I need a chopper on the roof.


Those are offshore banking deposits.

'UBS.' That's United Bank of Syria.

$52 million.

If it's an arms sale, it's a major one.

Let's see who their buyer is.


'...lvanovich Petrotsky.'

Who's that?

Bad news.

He heads a cartel in the Russian Mafia... selling drugs, guns and influence to very unpleasant people.

He's in the north wing.

Get moving.

Let's go.

How much longer? I don't know.

Fifteen terminals are running secure programs.

You got five minutes. Find them and call me.

Let's go.

There it is. Delivery date... tonight, midnight.

1,000 units for delivery at Baltimore Harbor.

1,000 units of what?

1,000 E.M. guns.

Are they insane? if these get offshore...

There will be a whole new era of world terrorism.

Got him. Twenty-fifth floor, Donahue's office.

Scramble. Alpha Chief to the north wing, now!

They're on to us.

They're erasing the goddamn disk.

Come on!

I'll cover you. Meet me at the ambulance.


Lee, run!

Listen, John!

My rules now!

Mess with me, I'll slice her up and mail her back to you in little pieces.

Fire alert.

Fire alert.

This is not a drill. Please proceed to the nearest exit.

In this car I can get us to Baltimore in 40 minutes.

You're not coming with me.

I'll drop you off.

Don't give me this, 'l work alone' shit.

You've already done enough. This is not your fight.

Look, just indulge me for a minute, okay?

If it weren't for you... my tongue would be hanging on Canelli's trophy wall.

Look, you need me.

My cousin Tony runs those docks.

If your ship is there, he will find it.

You're short one envelope.

Infantino didn't pay.

What do you mean he didn't pay?

What'd he say?

He said, 'Tell that fat fuck, Tony Two-toes...

'...I ain't paying him another dime.'

I know that voice.

But it can't be him.

Not unless he's a ghost.


Johnny C.!

You got whacked!

Must have been another guy.

Another guy rat on Canelli too?

Canelli's a piece of shit.

I got no love for Canelli, either.


this time you went over the line.

I'm still here.

What you did was wrong.

He got a drug dealer and his poison off the streets.

Who's the tree trunk?

This is the guy who saved my ass.

This is my cousin, Tony Two-toes.

That's Sal.

Little Mike.

Your funeral was absolutely beautiful.

Canelli finds out he's still breathing...

Screw Canelli. We got bigger problems. Tell him.

There's a major arms deal going down.

A US contractor's selling out to international terrorists.

'Mr. 60 Minutes.' Tell me something I don't know.

It will happen tonight on your docks.

That I didn't know.

Quite a lot of security.

Expecting trouble?

I'm a Boy Scout. 'Always be prepared.'

Is that why she's here?

Just think of her as an insurance policy... in case someone crashes the party.

You're not telling me something.

Just a bump in the carpet. Nothing for you to worry about.

Relax. You'll be out of here in 20 minutes.

What do I do with her?

Whatever you want.

Once you're in international waters, her policy expires.


I'd put a bullet in her head and throw her overboard.

It would be such a shame.

Don't even think about it.

I think and do what I like. You will soon learn about this.

Last crate's on its way.

I'll leave you lovebirds alone.


This is Kruger. Get me Beller.

Start a trace on this.

I've got proof Cyrez is selling weapons on the black market.

Daniel Harper's in on it.

Undersecretary of Defense Harper?

Yes. DeGuerin is their facilitator.

He is the mole. It all goes down tonight.

Come and get me. Baltimore docks.

Pier 57.


Range is clear.

Not a creature is stirring.

Clear on the south.

Quiet on the east.

Listen up. This is the last load.

Keep your heads up and your assholes puckered.

If that son of a bitch is out there, I want him.


I want to talk to you.

This is a restricted area.

You're telling me. What the hell are you doing here?

Excuse me?

We're from Local 129, sonny.

We heard you was loading a ship without the assistance of bona fide union labor.

Say it ain't so.

Sir, we have a situation.

You certainly do.

Stand by. We're coming to you.

What's going on?

Let me explain something to you.

Nothing moves off these docks without it getting loaded by the union.

I don't see no union people around here.

Do you?

This is a matter of national security. Clear this area immediately!

Are you threatening us?


What was that?

Gunfire at the warehouse!

Nobody screws with the union.

Perimeter, check in.

Talk to me!

We have a security breach.

Check it out! Get that crane moving!

Movement in the southwest corner of the warehouse.

It's nothing.

There they are.

Commie bastards.

Not Communists. They're a federation of independent, liberated states.

Don't make me hurt you, Mikey.

Keep your eyes on the guys on that crane.

Think I can hit that guy from here?

You're lucky if you hit the floor if you fell on it.

Got him.

Thirty yards.

Fry the bastard.

Jesus Christ.

Fuck me!

I think we got him!

He's toast!

I think we even got the roaches.

Royce, Somes, you're recon.

Bring me back the good news.

E.M. team, cover them.


Come on, goddamn it.

Nice shotgun, asshole.

Schiff! Calderon!

They missed.


I'll be right out.

Open fire!

It looks as if your friend has arrived.

I'll enjoy introducing him to you.

I won't have the pleasure. He's forced me to hasten our departure.

And yours.

Goddamn it!

Now you are pissing me off!

Drop the guns.



Shut up!

Take it up! Now!

Here. Grab the ladder.

Hold on.

Say good-bye, John.


John, buddy!

Don't let me go like this.

Help me!

Son of a bitch!

Drop the gun!

Get him out of here!

Thank you, John.


Let's go!

How does it feel to be indicted for treason?

He has nothing to say.

Marshal DeGuerin! What about you?

I'm proud.

You admit to treason?

I admit to patriotism.

Our actions stopped a secret alliance... this administration has had with some of our worst enemies.

The public deserves to know the truth.

When we have our day in court, they will.

They could get away with this.

If Morehart takes the fall.

You did well.

I couldn't have done it without you.


Pretty impressive speech.

Learn to keep your mouth shut in front of the press.

It doesn't matter, anyway.

This will never go to trial without her testimony.

I'm not sure we should start again.

Why not?

With this bitch gone, we can spin-doctor ourselves clean.

What if she's been in contact with her friends, her family?

Fuck her family and friends.

I'll kill them one by one.

Next year, she won't even be a memory.

Robert, you never fail to amaze me.

Me? Thank you.

But I got to hand it to you, Danny.

That was brilliant work back there.


The van.

It was beautiful, clean, swift.

There were witnesses to say we were never near it.

I like your style.

You know, you remind me of me.

I thought you set that up.

Didn't you...

What the hell's going on?

What is it?


It's for you.

You've just been erased.

Oh, my God!

Let me out!

Break it!

Get off of me!

What happened?

They caught a train.