Escape (2012) Script




Okay, okay, okay. No problem, no problem.

Easy. Put those guns away.

No problems. No problems.

Okay, good, good. Okay.

Anything you want.

What is it you want? Please tell me.

You're right. Have it.

Take it, take it. It's okay, it's okay.

Okay, you want this? Okay.

(female) Did you put numbers on these?

Um, I kind of forgot.

(female) These are going into storage for a very long time.

We'll never remember what's in them without a system.

You'll thank me later.

[door bell rings]

Who's here?

(female) The Bacardis are bringing us dinner.

Oh, good.

Maybe Steve brought that 5 bucks he owes me.

(female) Funny.


Oh, all right. Fine, no problem.

But you know what, we're really excited for you guys.

Kind of jealous, you know?

Wish we could just, what, pick up, go off on a new adventure.

Then again, you know how it is, you got a house and you got pets and you got kids and you got--

(Mrs. Bacardi) Well, tell us anyways all about what you're gonna be doing there.

Well, for the first couple of months, we'll be traveling with a mobile clinic, practicing basic healthcare, disease prevention.

I'm gonna be part of the surgical team, and Kim will do all of the general health screenings.

After that, we plan to start a clinic of our own in one of the locations.

It's gonna be awesome. I'm so excited.


(Mrs. Bacardi) Hey, are you okay, sweetie?

Yeah, you know, there's just so much to do, it's overwhelming.

I have something for you.

I know how Paul feels about it, but it's not for him.

It was the one I used a lot last year after my mom passed away, and I have marked a lot of Scripture.

I just thought--

Thank you, Michelle.

It really was comforting for me.

Honey, I can't find the permanent markers.

On the table.

Thank you.

Should we be going so soon?

It wasn't a rash decision.

We thought this thing through, we're qualified, and it's a good thing to do.

Should we send this to storage?

The Hope Center needs one.

They're sending someone over to pick it up.

If we ever need another one, we'll buy one.

Hey, you remember when we first got married?

How we wanted to be trailblazers?

We were gonna travel the world, but it wasn't a couple of years and that was all forgotten.

We became clock-punchers.


(Paul) Listen, tomorrow morning we're gonna get on that plane and we're gonna forget about this place forever.

We're gonna start a brand new life.

We're gonna travel. We're gonna help people.

Everything's gonna be new, including us.

What if it doesn't work?

I love you.

Do you trust me?

I love you, too.


It's a book.

Everybody reads books on planes.

Hey, as long as it makes you happy.

Just don't go falling down the rabbit hole.

Definitely some French influence here.


It's not bad, eh?

Excuse me, could you--

Could you take our picture?

--Take a picture for me?

Thank you.

Really? Come on.

What do you think?

You see? You're gonna fit right in.

What do you think?

Huh? No?

Come on!

I'd like one of these for work, huh?

We should bring one.

When we open up our first clinic, it'll be like the ambulance.

We'll have a bed on the back.

That's excellent.

Are you glad we came?

Yes, this is paradise.

This is it.

(Paul) Wow, now we know why they need help.

(Kim) Do I do the bowing thing first, or do they?

Just bow to everybody and you'll be covered.

(male) Doctors Jordan!

Dr. Kiet, nice to meet you.

You guys ready to start?

We have a very busy day today.

I think so.

Take your bags in the back; there's a room with your name on it.

And then a quick tour. Come on.

You ready for this? Yeah, let's do it.

(Dr. Kiet) Triage, everyone starts here.

Then either to emergency, the ward, or to surgery.

(Kim) Paul, I'm gonna need your help here!

Test the vitals.

[shushing] Just relax. Just relax. Just relax.

Just relax.

Do you speak English?

What happened?




This is not paradise.

I can't believe some of this equipment is older than we are.

Yeah, it's amazing what they have to work with.

What? What's the matter?

(Kim) We should find Dr. Kiet.

No, he left to fill up the water tanks.

What's the matter?

Please, help my-- she-- her baby.

Your mother?

Please, please help my mother.

Okay, show me where she's at, okay?

Look, I'm sure this is nothing I can't handle.

I'm gonna go check it out.

We don't open for Do you need me?

No, Dr. Kiet needs you, okay?

Tell him I'll be right back.

You should take someone with you, a translator, Paul. Paul?

Wait! Hey!

Hey, hey!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Wait! Hey!

Can you tell--can you tell me more?

Where are we going?


You've gotta be kidding me.

Where'd he go? Kid?


I take it neither of you are pregnant.


Okay look, there must be some kind of mistake.

I'm an American, okay?

If you want some money or-- I have nothing on me.

If you want--if you want drugs, they're at the clinic.

I'm in a marriage. it's--

Any word from him?

He's not answering his phone.

If it was complicated, he would have sent for an assist.

If it wasn't, he'd be back by now.

You don't think he should have gone?

I understand he wants to help people.

But I think if he wants to help people, he should do it here with our team.

Maybe the boy lives farther than he indicated.

We should get back to work.

Your husband will show up.

Most likely he helped the one lady and now her house has turned into his own personal hospital.

Your husband will show up.


That kick to the knee may have fractured your kneecap.

You should have a doctor look at it.

You funny.


That's free of charge.

This is island.

You run, we find you, or snake find you first, ha ha.

His pulse is racing.

Here, uncuff me.

You want me to help him, right? Uncuff me!

What happened to his leg?

I know you can understand me. What happened to his leg?

His leg, a bullet.

There's a bullet in there now?


Look, I need my trauma kit.

My medical bag. l need it

Do you have any medication at all?

Any antibiotics, painkillers, anything?

Look, this bullet's gotta come out of here now.

There's a ton of dead tissue here.

How long ago did it happen?

Three night.

Three nights?

I'm afraid he's septic.

He's our captain.

Help him.

Your captain's gonna die if I don't get my medical kit and a nice, sharp knife. Do you understand me?

(Kim) I'm looking for this man.

His name's--yeah?

Thank you.

Hi, hi, hi.



Hi, I'm looking for this man.



Will you please take this?

Hi. excuse me. Have you seen him?

Hi, excuse me--



Stop him!

Do you know where my husband is?!

Where's my husband?!

You know where my husband is!


Grab that kid!

He knows where my husband is!

Grab that kid!

Do you want some tea?

Oh, no thank you.

I don't need anything else that'll make me--

When you speak with the inspector, don't let them see that.

What happened?

My husband's missing.

A young boy needed help, and he went with him.

I haven't seen him in over 8 hours, but I saw the boy with his bag, empty.

I just prayed for you to find your husband.

Thank you.

(male #2) Next.

This is all you brought me?

No syringe?

Come on, I know one of you shady characters has a syringe.

I need one to irrigate his wound.

Look, I'm gonna do this for you, okay?

Do you really need to point that gun at me?

You will tell me everything, or I bring it out again.


I'm gonna clean his wound with this, all right?

Captain want to drink.

Look, I don't recommend that. Dehydration.

Okay, the good news is he'll probably pass out from the pain.

Look, I have to cut away the dead tissue and then I'm gonna remove the bullet, but it's gonna really hurt so I need you to hold him down, and I mean hold him down.

You ready?

Let's do it.


Hold him!

[screaming continues]

(Kim) My husband has been missing all day.

I should have come to you first and reported it, but I kept thinking he'd be back any minute.

How long has he been missing?

Since this morning, around 8.

There are many things American men like to do here in Thailand.


He may return this evening smelling with a strong scent of Singha on his breath.

No, he isn't like that.

We're here on business.


If you insist, you may file a missing person report and contact your Embassy.

And if there's no evidence of an accident or a crime, we're under the assumption that he's fine and may not want to be found.

Sir, there is evidence.

We work at the medical clinic.

The boy I was chasing came into the medical clinic saying his mother was in need of medical help, that his mother was in labor.

Your husband's a doctor?

(Kim) We're both doctors.

And I found the bag on the boy.


The driver, he recognized the boy you were chasing.

He's a street boy that travel town between coves.

I've run into him many times before.

But the boy, he has no mother.

Do you know where to find him?

Find out why he did this.

Of course.

We do all that we can. We will try to find the boy.

You're gonna need to fill out some forms.

(Paul) Look, I had to cut away the dead tissue and then take out the bullet.

You didn't close it.


This kind of wound you pack with gauze so it can soak up the pus and the ?uids.

It's the only way you can remove it.

It heals from the inside out.

If I close it with bacteria inside, we're gonna have some serious problems.

But it's okay. It's simple.

I'll teach you how to do it, and you can repack it yourself--

You will do it.

You're gonna take me home tonight.

I'll still help you.

I'll get you medication from the clinic, antibiotics; otherwise, it's just gonna fester for a week and his vital organs will start shutting down, his kidneys, his lungs, and eventually heart failure.

You're gonna end up with a dead captain.

You keep him alive.

You will finish the job.

Excuse me, wait.

I wanted to say thanks for the advice.

I think he's gonna help.

You're welcome.

What do you do here besides educate foreigners?

Oh, I don't work here.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It seemed like you belonged here.

Oh, I came here a lot over the last week.

That's all.

I hope everything's okay.

My husband also missing.

A ransom was demanded; we haven't heard anything from them since then.

Well, you're very calm.

If I'm still here in several days, my jai yang will not be.

It peace that passeth understanding.

I'm Kim.


Thank you, Somsri.

Your husband will be fine.

I have faith.

Thank you.

(Paul) Maybe if you get a chance, you can let room service know that I'd like to place an order.

You sleep. Tomorrow you work.

Yeah, that's why a little food would be nice.

Steak or shrimp?

Who's the funny one now?

Steak or shrimp?

(cellmate) Death, life, angels, principalities, powers, things present, things that are to come, height, depth, and all creatures.

Death, life, angels, and--

HEY I heard you talking. What are you saying?

Well, I'm so sorry.

I've been repeating things that I memorized by heart.

It helps to keep your mind alive.

I would have gone with the periodic table, myself, you know, instead of the whole angels-and-death thing.

Periodic table?

Why, that's-- that's brilliant!

That's hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium.

That's brilliant!

Mine's good, too. It's from the Bible, you know.

It's a list of those things that cannot separate us from the love of God.

Really? Yeah.

Well, I'd say being chained up in an animal cage is about as separate as it gets.

You're the doctor?

How'd they get a farang?


Farang, a white man, American?

Who are these people?

Well, at first, I thought they were just pirates.

But I think it's a bit more than that.

They do regular runs.

They referred to a cargo, but I think it's just their way of saying people-

Human traffickers? Yes.

These are not the brightest of the suns of the morning.

They're not the masterminds.

This is just the transportation department.

How did you get here?

Wrong place, wrong time, nice boat.

Oh, by the way, I'm Malcolm Andrews.

Paul Jordan.

(Malcolm) So did you treat the captain?

Well, I removed the bullet, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Do you know what happened to him?

Did you notice a girl at the house?

There were two.

One of them grew so tired of her terms of servitude that she grabbed his gun and shot him in the leg.

His men shot her in the head.

Do you know why they're keeping you alive?


I managed to plant the idea of ransom into their greedy little minds.

Now listen, you take these blankets.

The name of the game is survival.

You and I are going to stay as fit as we can.

We're going to keep our morale high, and we're going to keep our eyes open for that opportunity that we will get to escape.

All right?

And don't worry.

As long as you're useful, they will keep you alive.

What happens if I'm not?

Well, I will cover your back, and you will cover mine.

Glad you're here. It will make escape easier.

(Kim) Michelle, hey, it's Kim.

Sorry to call so late. I needed to talk.

Something's happened.

Paul's missing.

His brother and my dad are getting ready to ?y out.

Can you pray for us?

And call me as soon as you can.


"And the peace of God which passes every thought will guard our hearts and our minds in Jesus Christ."

[sighing] Paul.

[Malcolm singing]

Could you just stop singing for a second, please?

(Malcolm) Willingly.

Tell me, is it the song you object to, or all the singing?

Nothing personal, but both.

(Malcolm) Do you know that song happened to be true?

It's the truth.

Let me tell you something quite amazing about that.

The song writer composed that as he was sailing over the very waters where four of his daughters had drowned.

And that was after he lost a son, and he lost his entire business in the Chicago fire.

That's the worst story I've ever heard.

Who would write a song to a God that doesn't have enough power to stop a tragedy like that?

If snot a question of power.

The guy lost everything.

His innocent children were killed.

If God had any power at all, why would he allow that to happen?

Unless he has some twisted sense of justice.

You mean why do bad things happen to good people?

What, do you think we deserve to be here right now, forced through the jungle at gunpoint, chained in an animal cage?

Why, because we're good people?

Oh, my dear friend, you have no idea about me, have you?

What are you saying?

That when you're not reading the Bible and singing hymns, you do bad things?


I'm saying that I have been a sinner.

And I have made mistakes.

All of us have made mistakes.

Yeah, well, surgeons aren't allowed to make mistakes.

Yeah, well sailors make up for them, then.

You know, I started off in the Royal Navy.

I was a sailor in the full sense of the word.

And when I got out, I found a very good line of business.

I made a bucket-load of money, but I left a trail of personal disaster like a big wake behind me.

But you turned it around.


I didn't turn it around.

God turned it around.

I'm gonna need him to take 500 milligrams of penicillin, 3 times a day.

Thank you for coming back today, Dr. Jordan.

The inspector insisted.

I think he wanted to make sure I wasn't out chasing kids into the street again.

You know, I'd like to prioritize as much as we can and leave basic medicine to the end of the day.

We'll be packing up tonight and moving for Om Noi tomorrow.

I don't want to leave the bigger things undone.

About packing up...

I can't leave Paul.

Until we get some word, I can't--

Paul's gonna be all right. We're only a half an hour away, and you can return as soon as there's some news.

We really need you, Dr. Jordan.

What are you gonna be doing, sitting and waiting while your skill's so desperately needed elsewhere?

I can't just leave him.

What if he comes back looking for me?

What's the word from your Embassy?

They send a regional security officer if there's evidence of a crime.

So far they're not taking it seriously.

I'm truly sorry, Dr. Jordan.

I hope they find some answers for you.

(Malcolm) You didn't like what I said.

It's your story. It's fine with me.

(Malcolm) And yours is different?

You know, my wife goes for that sort of thing.

I just--I just don't.


Because you reject the existence of God, or because you believe but disapprove?

I guess I prefer to believe in no God than in one that has the power to stop tragedies but doesn't.

I mean, if burning down businesses and killing innocent children is his MO then believe me, I've got a few choice words for him myself.

Can I hear your choice words?


Why not?

What? You think God's a bit too thin-skinned to hear your criticism?

Come on, yell it out!

I don't want to.

No, no, no, no, no. Come on. Yell it out!

I mean, if he exists, then he's hearing us.

But if he doesn't exist, then it's just jungle anyway!


It's pretty sad when you're wishing a pirate take you away right now.

(Malcolm) God?

Can you see me?

I'm in a cage, a cage!

Come on, yell.

I don't want to, okay?

(Malcolm) Is this part of your plan, Lord?

Is this part of your grand design?

Would you just be quiet? They're gonna come over here.

(Malcolm) Because I think it stinks!

I think you're making a lousy job of this universe!

Come on now, if you've got a complaint, now is the time to make it.

I'm hungry, and I wanna go home.

(Malcolm) I am dirty and I stink!

And I don't deserve this!

I miss my wife.

(Malcolm) Why do you let the innocent suffer?

We came here to help these people.

(Malcolm) Why do the bad guys always have to win?

Why did you take my daughter away from me?

Why did you take away Maddie?!


Hey! Shut up.

Stop yelling!

What's wrong with him?

He's hungry.

If he is to look after your captain, bring him food.

He must keep up his strength.

Ashes to beauty.

I know God can do that.

I know it.

I have to tell you, I don't see exactly how he's gonna pull this one off.

I believe he will.

You want to know why I believe he will?

Because he wrote it down:

"He that spared not his own Son

"delivered him up for us all.

"How shall he not, with him, also freely give us all things?"

Romans 8:32.

I wish he'd freely give us a key to this cage right now.


I'll join you in that prayer.

Know English?

It says here your hand Is it joint pain?

May I see your hand?

That's my husband.

Do you recognize him?

Have you seen him?

Dr. Kiet!

What did she say?

Where did she see him?

She saw him in an alley behind her shop.

He was being chased, possibly taken.

Who was it?

Well, from the description she gave me, it could have been hundreds of young men.

You know, this is very, very serious.

Please, contact your Embassy immediately.

But who would take Paul like this?

You want my best guess?

It could have been somebody who needed a doctor very badly.

That's a purpura rash.

It's a sign there's bacteria in his bloodstream.

I told you we need antibiotics.

(Lek) You told us because you want to go back.

You want to escape.

I told you that so we'd save his life.

Why bring a doctor here if you're not gonna listen to him?


What do you need?

He needs clindamycin, penicillin, and an IV-drip in the next 24 hours or he's a dead man.

Do you understand me?

You write it down.

How is your captain doing?

If these kids don't find some antibiotics soon, he's a dead man, and so am I.

Well, they took my boat. There was a satellite phone.

You didn't happen to see it in there, did you?


(Malcolm) They'd be fools to switch it on.

They must have used it to make the ransom call, probably took it out to sea.

How long before you think they'd notice?

We will have to be out of the way before then.

Now, if I create a diversion, could you have a good look around?

You got it.


There is nothing to report.

I'm sorry.

I thought you might be hungry.

Thank you. I have another question.

There was a woman here. Her name was Somsri?

I've cross-checked everything between the two incidents, and I find no connection between the two cases, except for the fact that they're both kidnappings.

The British are combing this case, too.

We just have to wait and see what they find.

Her husband's British?

He's a retired technology magnet of some sort.

I think you should sit with her.

Maybe you two could find a connection that we didn't.

It would get you out of my lobby for a couple hours, anyway.

(Dr. Kiet) How's that inventory coming?

I'm almost done.

I hope you've changed your mind about coming with us.

Actually, do you know a woman named Somsri Andrews?

Yes, she and her husband made a very generous donation towards our coming here.

That sounds right.

Her husband's also missing.


It doesn't seem like the two cases are related, but she invited me to stay with her so I can be close.

(female #2) I'm looking for Kim Jordan.

I'm Kim.

I'm Sue Griggs. I'm from the U.S. Embassy.

Excuse me, Doctor.

(Sue Griggs) We certainly had plenty of calls and e-mails at the Embassy from your friends and family.

I've mentioned it to a few of them.

What's the Embassy doing now?

I know you're concerned.

I met with the local authorities this morning.

They're still searching for the boy.

What about the Andrews' case?

We're still following with the British Embassy on their case, if it's related.

We're all doing everything we can.

What am I supposed to do? What can I do?

There's nothing really you can do.

No. Everybody keeps saying that, and it's unacceptable.

We're doctors. We fix things.

There's always something more you can do.

Until there isn't.

What does that mean?

Ms. Jordan, everything I've read and heard about your husband tells me he's an intelligent, capable man.

We're doing our best. I'm sure he's doing his best.

What more can you ask?

(Paul) How long do you think you're gonna need?

(Malcolm) Three, four minutes.

Trust me, I was an explorer scout when I was 15.

Good luck.


Hey, I need to see the captain!

It's important!

I'm sorry.

I forgot something. I gotta see him.

It's important.

It's important, I need to see the captain right away.

(Malcolm) Doctor must see captain.

Doctor worried about captain.

If captain die, brother will blame you.

Doctor must see captain, urgent.

Doctor fears if captain dies.

It's urgent Urgent, quick.

(Paul) There's a lot of dirt in those animal cages.

I don't wanna infect him, so I just wanna make sure I'm clean, okay?

You're making me nervous with that thing.

You know, just so we don't have any accidents...

Thank you.

That's not looking so good.

Okay, okay. Hold your horses.

M Burning in my soul M M Burning in my soul M The fire of heavenly love is burning in my soul

(Malcolm) Help! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Don't let me burn! Please!

Help! Fire!

(Paul) Maybe you should go check on him.

Go, go see what he wants.

I'll stay here; I'll take care of the captain, okay?


(Malcolm) Help me! Don't let me burn to death!

Fire! Fire!

Lek, Lek, please save me!

Don't let me burn, please!

I beg you, Lek. Don't let me burn!

Hey! Shut your mouth!

(Malcolm) I beg you!

[Malcolm's yelling continues]

(Malcolm) Okay, okay, okay.

Please, if I burn, no ransom.

If there's no ransom, they will kill you.

Okay, okay, okay What do I know? Lek, listen to me.

Listen to me, I will tell them what a hero you were.

You were wonderful.

It's okay.

He's just in a lot of pain.

This hurts him a lot.

It's fine. It's just really painful for him.

Well? Did you see it?

Did you see it?



It's under the bed.

But I think the girl and the captain may have seen me but she's got no loyalty to them.

She's not gonna say anything, right?

Paul, serving maid is a downside better position than human cargo.

She's gonna wanna keep her position.

You better pray harder then, my friend.

Do you want to come out to the children's home with me?

I'm sure somebody needs a check-up.

It'll take your mind off things.

Yeah, I think I can handle that.

Of course you can.

You are very capable.

I don't mean technically.

Paul and I had a baby girl.

She was 4 months old when she died.

It was SIDS.

We were good parents.

We did everything right.

I know you would.

It's not that I expect everything in life to be perfect, it's just-- why give a gift if it has to be so cruelly taken away?


It's a broken world, isn't it?

(Malcolm) What was the name of your little girl?

(Paul) Madison.

We called her Maddie.


That's a pretty name.

I have a son, you know.

Name's Charlie.

When he was young, I spent all my time away at work, never got to see him.

And when I had made enough to retire early, he was gone.

And so was his mom.

I suppose there's all kinds of ways you can lose somebody.

Yes, but that was my fault; yours wasn't.

That is why I am so relieved that in the scales of cosmic justice, God's grace weighs so much in the scale.

I mean, the day I went sailing, my wife was meant to come with me.

And then right at the last moment, she received a call and had to go into work.

Yeah, I think that's grace.

I'm glad she's not here.

If she was here, I know exactly what she'd be saying.

She would be saying, "In this world, you will suffer tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world."

That's John, isn't it?

Wish we had a Bible.

How did you meet?

I met him when he was a volunteer at the children's home near here.

I work as liaison to the adoption agency.

That must be rewarding.

Sometimes. Sometimes heart-breaking.

After the tsunami, there were many more children than we could place.

But you and your husband the nobel one; bringing your skill so far to help others.

Please, don't say "nobel."

The truth is, I didn't come here to help others.

I thought maybe it could help me.

Has it?

They're back.

(Paul) What are they saying?

I got your medicine.

Get out.

Just let me look at it.

Good, no?

Yeah, this will work.

Here, put your hand up.

Hold that, okay.

High, okay?

This might hurt a little bit.

His arm's gonna get tired, so you might need to find something to hang that thing up with, okay?

It needs to be high.

A little antibiotic, this is what I need.

This is good.


(Malcolm) Please, leave some for the doctor, the doctor.

Good, good.

We need to get out of here. He's sleeping now.

Shh, shh.

He's sleeping, Okay?

We need to hang that up.

Hang that up.

And we need to go, just leave him alone.

I will take you with me. I promise you.

Thank you.

Thank you. Go, go, go, go.

I'll come back and check on him.

We need to get out of here now, with or without a phone.

May he give all things freely unto you.


I got a little surprise myself.

(Malcolm) Whoa, quick hands.

Time for a little surgery.

(Malcolm) It's powering up.

It's ringing.

[phone ringing]

It's from Malcolm's phone.

(Kim) Answer it.

(Somsri) Hello?

(Malcolm) Somsri, it's Malcolm.

Malcolm! Yes, darling, yes.

Where are you? Are you okay?

We've been searching.

(Malcolm) Listen carefully: The battery on this phone is about to give up. Get someone to trace it.

(Somsri) I'm sure it's already being done.

They are monitoring for your signal.

(Kim) I'll call the inspector.

Now listen carefully: I'm on an island on the coast.

I don't know which one it is.

I'm with an American, Paul Jordan.

He's a doctor.

Paul Jordan?

Paul's wife is here with me.


Kim, she's there?

(Somsri) Are you both all right, love?

(Malcolm) Yes, yes, we're both fine.

Now listen, we have to make a break for it now.

Can I talk to Paul?

(Malcolm) Can you patch me through to the police so I can arrange a pick-up?

If we lose communication, we are heading towards the eastern shore, you understand?

I got it.

We need a boat or a helicopter to pick us up.

There are four men, heavily armed.

You understand? Four men, armed.

Eastern shore.

Got that?

Eastern shore, four men, all armed, one injured.

Got to go.

Hello? Hello, Malcolm?

(Inspector) I'm looking at his file now. It's 7-O-0--

The satellite company has a signal from the Englishman's phone. It just turned on.

I'll call you back.

O Lord, I feel your presence here even now.

(Paul) We're gonna have a little company.

I'll stall for as long as I can.

You kill our captain.

You kill him. He's dead.

No, no. Your captain was septic.

He needed that medicine days ago.

If anybody killed him, it was you for not getting it to him soon enough.

You know good English? We kill you now!

Someone came, they are arguing, but I cannot hear the words.

(Somsri on phone) Hello? Hello, Malcolm?

M Heavily peace divine has come forth M M Here by faith in him to dwell M M For I know-- M

(pirate) Shut up! Shut up!

(Malcolm) Sorry, sorry.

It's just that Paul and I just love to sing, don't we?


(Malcolm) We love to sing, especially when we're alive and well.

(Pirate) Shut up!

I love singing.

There was a gunshot.

We heard it.

I'll tap in, and we'll take it from here.

Mr. Andrews?

You have the attention of the Royal Thai Police.

We have a bead on your location, working on your helicopter.

Please give me a signal you can still hear me.

Mr. Andrews, are you there?

Mr. Andrews, give me a signal you can still hear me.

Is everyone okay?

Where is Malcolm?

Malcolm, where are you?

They don't see you.

(Kim) Paul?

(Somsri) ls everyone okay?

It's just a ?esh wound.

Keep this on there, okay, so you don't lose any more blood.

Tell him, keep this on here.

I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

We're going now, running east.

Battery is almost dead, so I'm gonna switch off.

Please be there.

Get me the helicopter clearance now!

(whispering] Come on.

(Malcolm) Need a little help right now.

(Malcolm) Paul, wait! Wait!


They'll kill us on sight.

I promised the maid we would take her.

You're kidding me?

The maid of the house gave us the phone.

I gave her my word that we would take her with us.

We'll find some help and we'll send it back.

Look, the moment they connect her with our disappearance, she is dead.

You go, I will join you at the beach.

I gave her--


(Malcolm) --my word!


(Malcolm) Easy, boy. Easy, easy, easy.

It's okay.

(Paul) That was close.

They killed the girl.

(Malcolm) Go on, quick!


Come on, come on.

Keep going! I'm fine.

Come on! Come on!



Okay, okay. Don't shoot.

I'm unarmed.

It's okay.


Malcolm, you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine Why'd you do that?

He was about to kill you.

I told you I'd have your back.

Can you make it to the beach?

I'll tell you what, you go on ahead.

I'm not leaving without you.

The bullets are still in there.

Paul, it's all right.

It's all right.

I'm ready.

I'm ready.

Now, remember all I told you about how I got turned around.

Tell Somsri I love her.

Tell her I never lost faith.

With Charlie, tell him-- tell him I'm sorry.

Lord, thy will be done.

We were so close!

We were so close!

Why did you take him away?

I don't know.

He didn't deserve to die like that.

I can't do this.

I can't do this any more.

I try to be a good father, you took my child from me.

I try to be a good friend, and you take Malcolm from me.

Please, Lord Jesus, don't take my wife away.

Please, please.

I surrender.

I surrender.

I can't do this by myself any more.

God, I need you now.

I need your help.

Lord Jesus, please help me.

I surrender to you.

I know I haven't been a devoted man, but I have tried so hard.

I came here to help these people, and now I need your help.

I need your help, please.

[phone ringing]

Hello? Mr. Andrews?

No, no, this is Paul.

Oh my God, Paul?

Kim, I'm so sorry.

Don't be sorry.

There's a helicopter close. Hang on.

Mr. Jordan, we have a bead on your location.

Helicopter is ls everyone okay? Where is Malcolm?


Paul, where is Malcolm?

He didn't-- he didn't make it.

He saved my life, but he didn't make it.

I'm so sorry.

Kim, Kim, tell her I'm so sorry, please.

Thank you, God.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Everybody out. One at a time, one at a time.

[children cheering]

I think we've poked and prodded just about everybody there is to poke and prod.

(Somsri) Malcolm would have loved to see this.

Oh, believe me, he's watching us right now, seeing this moment.

Oh yes, you are right.


How are you?

Is that bothering you still?


Did she just say "daddy"?


Time for gifts.

Shall We?

Of course.

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