Escape from Tomorrow (2013) Script


I don't understand.

Jim, listen to me, don't let your imagination run wild.

It's a transitional period.

So you're firing me for no real reason then?

Well, there's a little more to it than that.

What do you mean? I can't really discuss it right now.

Why not?

What else is goin' on Roger?

Sorry old boy, I'm just the messenger.

Do give my best to the family.

Oh, and don't forget about Soarin'.

My boys just won't stop talking about it.

They say you actually feel like you're flying.

Sounds lovely... Well...

Hey wait Roger, please!

Best of luck.

No don't! Elliot!

Elliot. Get back here!


Come on, open the door.

Open the door.



Where are you?

Let's go. Hey guys! Sara, wait up!

Oh my god. She doesn't even listen to me.

Well she's just excited. It's this place, you know.

Hey now, you're way too nice to her.

You have to, like, not be so nice to them.

Not make me look like the bad person.

What about him?

Elliot, apologize to your father.


What? Did you hear that?

I don't know what's into him. He's acting a little strange today.

He's just a little different, that's all.

Um, who were you talking to on the balcony?


Yeah, who were you talking to?

Nobody, I wasn't talking to anybody. So, you're lips were moving?

What are you, a lip reader now?

Yes I am.

I was just talking to... I wanna believe you.

But it was a little weird. Tell me what's going on.

Honey, it was no one.

Look, I wanna have one final decent last day here, okay?

That's all I ask, alright?


Alright. It's our last day.

Let's go guys. Get in honey.


Look, the train's about ready to come.

Look, it's gonna be coming down those tracks down there.

Can you see it? Yeah!

Please stand clear of the doors.

Come on guys. Here we go.

Everybody in.

Let me sit over here in the corner.

Okay guys.

Elliot, sit down.

Sit down, Elliot.

Elliot, sit down! Sit down honey.

Please sit down, Elliot.

Now stopping at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

Please hold on to the handrails and stand clear of the doors until the monorail stops completely and the doors open.

Oh, the humidity, my gosh!

Can we go on Buzz Lightyear?

Ask your father.

Can we Dad?

We'll see, honey.

Depends how long the line is.


Okay, we need to get a picture with the castle.

The whole family.

Picture of the castle.

Let's do it.

That will work!

Say Mickey! Mickey!

And Minnie! Minnie!

There you go!

Oh, that's beautiful, wow.

That's so cute.

They do have everything.

You wanna go on the, uh, thing?

Are you scared, sweetie?

I don't like the witch.

Nobody does... nobody does.

She's afraid. No I'm not!

Uh huh.

It's not scary. I've been on it before.

See, it's different.

They make this for little tiny kids.

It's not scary. You can hold daddy's hand really tight.

Honey the line, the line. Okay, okay.

Oh no, here she comes.

There she is, the wicked witch!

She's just pretend, right?

That's right.

Witches aren't real.


And they lived happily ever after. Yay!

This is so cute!

Look at flying Pooh. Hey baby, come on.

No, honey, not now, the kids! What are you worried about?

The kids! Not now! Come on.


No one's around. Come on.

Not in front of the kids. Tigger!

No, keep your hands... honey...

Not here. No.

Not in front of the kids. No. Stop.

Come on. Jim.

You're such a downer.

You're such a Debbie Downer. No.

♪ La la la la lala lala la ♪

♪ lala lala la lala la la la la la ♪

Sit down Jim. Sorry... it's just...

♪ lala la la la la la lala la la la la la ♪

I hate you.


What did she say?

Hate's a bad word.

No, Mommy didn't mean it, honey.

Something's wrong with Elliot.

Oh, you're not his father.

♪ lala lala la la la la la ♪

♪ lala lala la la la la ♪

That was fun.

Hey, honey?

Did that... seem normal to you?

What do you mean?

Now can we go on Buzz Lightyear?

I don't like that ride.

Guys. I wanna go on the teacups.



Wanna take her?


Uh, no, no actually you take her and I'll take him on Buzz Lightyear.

Yes! Alright!

Okay, then.

We'll meet you back at the carousel in an hour.

Okay. Have fun!

Okay. Alright. Muah muah muah, love you!

Get your astro-blasters ready, space cadets!




You know honey, this might be a while.


You sure you don't want to get a fast pass, we'll come back later?

That's okay.

We could ride something else.


You really like this ride, huh?

Let's wave to our fans! Hello!

Hello! Hello!

Let's see how long the line is.

You see how long it is?

Whoa. Yep.

It's gonna take forever.

Oh man.

Alright! Wooh!


No, we're still in line.

I don't know, it's not really movin'. You? We're gonna get something to eat, because this one looks like she's about ready to fade.

Okay? Alright.

I'll call you if we ever get out of here. Alright?


Bam bam bam bam bam.

I sliced him apart.

Sorry space rangers, this ride is no longer in service.

Please proceed to the nearest exit and have a great day.

Oh my... you gotta be fucking kidding me.

I'm sorry little man.

Looks like someone does not want us to go on this one.

What happened?

I don't know.

You hungry? No.

Hey, you wanna go on Pirates?




This is fun.


Don't slow down no matter what.

Let's step on the gas!

'Moi' is 'me' right?

Oh my... you like a big nose?

Oh my! Ooh-la-la! Wow. Oh-la-la!

You alright?

They like it.


Come on.

Yes. Okay, right here.

Dad? Yeah?

Why are we following those girls?

Girls, what girls?


Those girls!

Oh... well, um...

I guess they just like the same rides as we do.

Oh. Dad? Yeah?

They're pretty, huh?

Well, yeah, pretty? It depends on your definition of pretty.

Do you think they're pretty? I guess.

Well then, there you go. That's your definition.

Is Mommy pretty?

You're mother? Yeah, she's beautiful.

I think so too. Yeah.

I mean not in a classical... sense.

But more in a... Emily Dickinson... kind of... bookish... Tina Fey kind of thing.

Yeah, but she's beautiful, yeah.

Hey, hon. We're over here by the castle.

Just wondering where you are.

Call me when you get this, okay?

Where's Daddy?

I don't know!

Let's go find him, okay?


Space Mountain?

What's the matter? That's a big kids' ride.

You're a big kid, aren't you?

What? Hey... do you remember when you were afraid of the teacups?

Same thing.


Come on. Let's o.



Oh there's Mommy. There she is.

What's wrong baby? What's wrong?

Jim, we've been waiting for you for over an hour.

I am so sorry, Em... Why didn't you answer your phone?

I'm sorry Em.

Is this vomit?

I threw up.

Oh, sweetie...

What happened?

Dad made me go on Space Mountain.

I didn't make him go.

You took him on Space Mountain?!

What's wrong with you?

Did you black out again?

He could barely handle the tea cups!

You didn't think Space Mountain would freak him out?

Thanks. Thanks so much.

Did she eat?

No, she did not.

Well why not? I don't know.

Why don't you ask her?

Why didn't you eat, baby?

Come on, let's go.

Wait, wait, Em, what?

You wanna go lie down with Mommy?

Yeah. No, wait!

I don't wanna go, I wanna stay here with you.

Fine, fine.

Alright fine. I'll stay here with her.

Okay, fine.

Wait wait wait, Em... Em.


Alright. Feel better, little man.

Come on Elliot, let's go. We're gonna go lie down.

Feel better, honey!

I'll see you back at the hotel.

You're not hungry? No.

At all?

Oh I'm gettin' the train, honey.

Alright ready? Here we go.


That's not funny, is it?

There we go. C'mon, let's go.

Fun, huh?

Wow, look at this!

Look at this.

Hey, hey, come here.

Come on.

I've seen enough of this tree house. Let's get down.

Do some other fun stuff.

Excuse me.


Wow. Here we are on a new island.

Come on!

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Come on! I'm coming.

Come on. Here it comes.

Keep goin'!

Whoa, Jesus Christ.

I'll be right there, sweetie.

Where are we going?

Whoa, are we serious?

Can we go down there? Alright.

This is cool!


I think I'm too fat for this cave, honey.

I smashed my head.

Sweetie wait, Sara.

Not so fast, not so fast.




Honey, where did you go?


Okay, Sara, it's not funny.

Ooh! Ugh!


It hurts.


Sara. Is that your name?

There you are.

He pushed me.

See, they kind of... bumped into each other.

Tell your kid to watch where he's going next time.

Come on, honey, let's go.

Are you having lots and lots of fun?

Uh-huh. I went on Snow White and wasn't afraid of the witch

'cause... she was just pretend.

Wow. You're a big girl, huh?


There you go.

Good as new.

How's she doin' otherwise?


No coughing or flu-like symptoms?


And you?


I take vitamin C.

Everyone's so worried about cat flu, now.

Children are most at risk so we have to be extra careful.

Mommies and daddies, too.

You could be a host and not even know it.


How 'bout one for Dad?

Um... sure, thanks.

Okay, better get goin'.

Come on, sweetie.

Thanks again. Mm-hmm.

Be careful out there.

This one's a little hotter, it's about 2,350.

That's gonna be our base, I'll show you how fast this goes.

You think that's good?

Turkey leg?

That's gonna be eight dollars. Thank you.

Come back! Stop!

That's not turkey, you know.


What you're eating. It's not turkey.


Well if it's not turkey, then what is it?

You really wanna know?


Now you have to tell me.





It's a bird.

Well, uh... why don't they just call it that?

Well, would you really buy it if they did?

No, I guess not.

Which one's yours?

Oh... over there.

She's beautiful.


No, I mean, she's lovely. A real princess.

Looks like they're friends already.


Oh, the boy, he's mine.



Hmm. Oh!

I have a little... Here.


It's humid today.

I don't really mind it, though.

Oh, thank you.

You okay? Yeah.

Has she met all the princesses yet?

She has indeed.

Don't you think it's strange? The princesses?

Pretending to be someone else, hugging all these kids.

Um... yeah, I guess.

I wonder what age we stop wanting to do that.

Hug a perfect stranger.

I suppose they aren't really strangers now, are they?

Everything alright?


Oh, I'm sorry, I...

Oh, your necklace... you're necklace.

I meant your necklace, sorry.

You like it?

Yeah, it's uh...

It's um...

It's what?

I dunno, there's just... something about it though...

It's an heirloom from another time.

Yeah... wow...


Fuck me. Feel my vagina.

What the... wait a minute...

I think you found my hidden Mickey! Hysterectomy.


Sorry, I...

Oh god, here it comes again! Oh!

Help! Shhh!

You'll wake the kids!


Oh here, let me help you.

Oh, you like that, don't you?


Ooooh! You're incredible!

Can you believe it?

They call this the presidential suite. What a joke.


You're welcome to stay a while.

My husband won't be back 'til later.

No, I think I'd better be going...


You know the princesses?

They're high-priced courtesans.


Rich Asian businessmen now pay thousands for one in costume.

You don't believe me?

You're right.

I'm joking.

Well, uh...

It was, um...

It was nice meeting you. Yeah.

A real blast, wasn't it?

Come on baby, let's go.

Em? Where's Mommy?

I don't know.

Marco! Polo!

Marco! Polo!



You gotta say Polo!

Hey, you wanna swim over and surprise 'em?


Marco! Polo!


Hi Mommy!

Oh! My goodness, Sara, is that you?


Elliot, look who it is!

Where's Daddy?

Over there!

Oh! I see!

Did you have a good time? Yeah!

Oh, good.


Hey guys!

Daddy! Hi.

Hey. How'd you find us?

Oh, it was Sara, actually.

She noticed your suits were gone.

Oh! So smart!

Yeah, it's crazy here today.

I know, tell me about it. This place is a mad house!

Yeah, someone's looking like they're better.

Feeling better, huh?

Yeah! We had a nap, watched a movie.

How was the park?

It was uh... It was good.

That's it? Just good?


Oh I got you something. Hold on.

Is this the, uh... Yeah, it's the one you wanted.



Dumbo, Jim? What's the matter?

You got me Dumbo?

Isn't that the one you wanted?

Minnie Mouse, Jim. I said I wanted... You know what? Never mind.

Hold it. What?

Is she wearing sunscreen?

What's the matter? You mean from this morning?

No, Jesus, Jim. You have to reapply the sunblock before they go swimming.

Sorry... I'm sorry.

Watch Elliot.

What happened to your knee?

A boy pushed me.

Oh! That's not very nice.

Yeah, he was mean. Oh!

How long?

That was super long.

That was super duper long!




You're not even watching Elliot.

Come on, Em.

Are you crying? No.

Ten minutes, then out.

Ten minutes?

Yeah, if you still wanna go to Epcot and see the fireworks.

We gotta change and get ready. Why'd you put sunscreen on her, then?

This is Florida, Jim.

Ten minutes.

What are you doin'?

I'm fine. What are you doin'?

I was just playin'. What's going on?

Hey, leave me alone! I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm alive.

I'm fine. Just kiddin' around. Geez.

I don't wanna take a bath!

Sara, you come back here! We've got to wash you up!

Wash the chlorine off you.

C'mon, we're gonna take a bath and clean you up.

Oh shit.

Perfect. Splash!

Let's get you clean sweet pea!

Splash splash!

There you go. You are so clean now.

This bathroom is gonna be a mess!

Dry! Oh wait, there's another spot right here.



Ow, shit.

Let's go find Daddy.

Let's go see what he's doing. okay?

Does that sound good?

Oh look!

Daddy! Hey!

Did you find it?

What? The Geosporic!

The Geospor... Yeah, yeah.

It's right over there I think. Hold on.

Wow. It's a giant testicle.

I don't like Epcot.

I wanna go on Buzz Lightyear. Elliot, look...

If you mention Buzz Lightyear one more time... Jim!

Your father's not feeling well.

Hey, you don't tell him that.

Well, how about a little consideration?

I want a balloon. She wants a balloon.

Maybe later, sweetie.

Okay, fine. Why don't we all just go back to the hotel, okay?

Is that what everyone wants? That sound good?

Hey, hey! What?

Over there. What?

That guy. That fat guy on the scooter.

His kid pushed down Sara.

What the hell are they doing here?

I don't know. They probably just came to watch the fireworks.

What's the big deal? Shit!

Don't swear in front of the children!

What? Why are you acting so paranoid?

I'm not acting paranoid. Yes, you are! You're acting strange!



Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower!


Cute! These are cute!

Okay. Jim!


Okay, wait!

Hey Sara.

Yabba dabba do. Yabba dabba do.

Come on. What?

No, put it back. Come one.

Look how pretty those are.

They're so big.

Look at the gold one. I know, that gold one's good.

Look at that one. That's my favorite one.

Yeah, thank you!

Thank you, frau! No, no.

Don't give him anymore. Honey. Enough, enough.

No, no.

Are we gonna fight now?

Eins, zwei, drei!


Come on, no! Jim, Jim, you've had...

No! You've had enough!

Just let me have fun! It's Disney World.

Lighten up!


Deutschland forever!

Babe, just for the kids. Just for the kids.

Smile big! Show me some teeth!

This is for our mantle. Oh, cool.


Did you thank the princesses? Thank you!

Do you wanna take your picture little boy?


Hi. Oh my goodness!


Rich Asian businessmen, they'll pay thousands for one in costume.

Jim, Jim! Come on, Jim.

It's time to go. Jim, come back here.

Lime margarita.

Hey guys! It goes over your head.

Hey baby. No, not now.

Come on. No, no.

What's with your mommy? No.

All right, let's go. Come on.

Mexico! Meh-hee-co, everybody.

Chop, chop! Jim!


"Fiesta hoy!"


Leave me alone.

What's wrong with Daddy?

I don't know, babe. I don't know.

Oh my gosh. You guys, look over here.

Look at the city. Come on, look at Mexico City.

It's so pretty, all the lights!

Oh, Jim.

Oh my God.

Look at the fireworks, kids. Look up at the fireworks.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Come on, you guys. Stay close.

Stay close.


Come on, son. Let's go.

We're not washing hands? No.


What happened?!



How is that little darlin' of yours?

Now, I sure did like her.

Oh! Oh Lordy!

Jim? Oh my God!

Elliot, Sara. Come on, let's go. Come on, hurry.

Jim, your shirt... it's ripped. I know, I know.

Okay, let's go. Chop, chop.

Come on.

Slow down, Jim.

Excuse us. Jim.

Come on, guys. Come on.

Slow down. Jim, slow down!



There's... there's something going's on here.

Huh? It's this place!

What? I don't understand.

You told Elliot I look like Emily Dickinson?

I like Emily Dickinson. God!

They're a little young, Jim... even for you. Don't you think?

Who? Who?!

Who?! Yeah, who?

Those Parisian chicks... or whatever they are!

Okay, just calm down. Don't touch me!

People are watching. Had the sudden urge to learn French?!

Don't give me that look. I saw you at the pool.

I'm not a total idiot.

You've probably been following them all day, haven't you?

Following who?

Who was on the phone this morning?

What?! Who were you talking to?

I lost my job.

Elliot, Sara! Come on, we're going.

Emily, wait!

Can I get this? No. No one's getting anything.

Put it back. Elliot, you too. Wait, Em. What about the fireworks?

I've seen enough for one day. This vacation's over.

How 'bout just this? No.

Elliot, you wanna go on Spaceship Earth?

Elliot, what's wrong? He doesn't trust you.

Not that I blame him. That boy has one!

I don't care.

Hey, Sara. Lemme take Sara.

No, you're drunk. No, I'm not.

But I really want it! Goddammit Sara! I said put it back!

No! God!

Oh my God.

Just... just take her.

It's okay, honey. Mommy didn't mean that.

Mommy didn't mean that, sweetie... it's okay.

Don't cry baby. It's all right.

Mommy didn't mean that. It's okay.

She didn't... She doesn't usually act like that.

Come on.

Mommy didn't mean to do that, honey.

She's didn't mean to do that. She just got angry, okay?

Look at me. There you go.

Jim. Where are you, Jim?

I've been waiting for you.

I have something to tell you, Jim.

Soon, Jim. You'll be mine.

You'll be all mine.

Holy crap!

Come with us.

You speak English?

Please... come.


You won't?

I can't.

Why not?

Well, I'm afraid that if I come with you... something bad is gonna happen.

But if you don't, something will.

No, I'm sorry.

You must come.

No, I... No.

You are sure of this?


Then, I am sorry too.

For what?

Sara. Sara?




Hey! Jim White?


What are you doing?

Your father took you here as a child.

Am I correct? Huh?

That must have been right around the time this park opened?


Where am I? Where's Sara?

Consider yourself very fortunate, Mr. White.

No outsider has ever been where you are. That makes you the first.

The first?

Yes, and right now you're under the ride Spaceship Earth.

What we call Base 21.

I'm still at Epcot? But where else?

Oh, I must apologize for those.

But, you see, I had no idea what sort of condition you'd be in.

It's been so long.

Who are you?

Consider me a friend.

You work for Dny?

No, and fortunately for you, they are unaware of my existence.

Unless, of course, the French take... Oh, they are the most dangerous.

You see, I am a servant of the Siemens Corporation.



The enterprise which sponsors this attraction.

Computer, begin the scan.

You've got quite an imagination!

Just like old W himself.

He died... while all this was still in its early stages.

Epcot's real purpose remains unfinished.

You're inside my head!

Not your head, Jim. In your imagination.

But we don't want to control it like they do.

We simply monitor things, so we can know what they're up to and keep tabs.

Who is that?

That's you.


Only that's the real you, in a part of your imagination you've never sought to use.

Turn it off, please! Please!

Somethings not right.

Didn't your boss relay the message when you spoke to him?

My boss? What are you talking about?

He was instructed to remind you... you were to take the boy.

And Security was to meet you, after the ride, at the Land Pavilion.

Do you know how much depends on this?!

We even had to shut down the Buzz Lightyear!

Excuse me for a moment.


Oh, yeah, yeah, it's over there.


Holy crap!

You're a robot.

I was trying to help you...

Yeah? Jim, listen to me.

Don't let your imagination run wild. What did you do with her?!

It's a transitional period.

Just tell me where she is!

I can't really discuss it right now.

Come on, you son of a bitch! Sorry old boy. I'm just a messenger.

Where are you?! Goddammit you!

Best of luck! Wait, no!

Sorry. Sorry.


Run faster.

Sara, is that you?!

Sweetie, honey, where are you?

You can't get me.


Over here!


Get off my dad! Someone help!

What's wrong with you Mr?!

You made me... drop my turkey leg!

It's emu! Huh?

Oh Christ.

Sara, thank God.


Okay, we're almost ready!

Where is she?

What's going on?

How did you get in here?

Why are you dressed like that? What do you mean?

You took her didn't you? Benji, come here!

Sorry, I really have no idea what you're talking about.

If you even touched her!

Okay, now you're starting to scare me. I think you should leave before...

Before what? Before my husband gets back.


You're not even married, are you? Get out!

What's in the bedroom? I'm warning you!


Oh, God!

You're okay?

Hi, Daddy.

That was fun! Fun?

Un-huh. Can we do it again?

Again?! Sorry, sweetie.

I don't think your dad would like it too much.

But I'm Still thirsty!

Did she give you something? Relax, it's just sparkling apple juice.

It's just pretend.

Are you out of your mind?

You don't just take someone's kid. I always bring them back.

Bring them back? Some people don't even notice.

Jesus Christ.

Wait! Jim, wait!

Have you even seen someone decapitated?

What? It's not like in the movies.

That's a pretty dress.

It happens here, occasionally.

Last time on Thunder Mountain.

I can't feel my teeth.

People just come here 'cos they wanna feel safe.

They're afraid!

But you can't escape it, you know.

Bad things happen everywhere.

Especially here.

You're a witch. No!

I'm a princess. Or at least, I used to be.

Happy day all of you! I love you!

I'm so happy to be here with you!

My beautiful princes and princesses!

Hello, Princess Minnie, you beautiful angel.

Keep smiling.

Another beautiful princess. Hello darling.

I used to be one of them a long time ago.

Back when I was young and beautiful.

And it was magical.

'Til one day I saw this little girl.

She was so perfect, like your daughter.

Like Sara?

So I wrapped my arms around her.

But then something happened.

When you're a princess, they teach you to smile.

Be cheery, merry, jovial. And you can never be sad.

Never ever!

Then something happened. I couldn't let go.

Help! I can't breathe!

Oh no, princesses must never cry!

Hey, what are you doing to my daughter?!

Let go of her! Stop it!

Hey, what's wrong with you? Let her go!

But you can't be happy all the time.

It's just not possible.

And you know smiling's not good... for the wrinkles.

And I hate happy endings.

Hate's a bad word!

That's mine!

You're sick, you know that?!

Haven't you ever had a fantasy, Jim?

Daddy, let's go home.

Thank you for playing with me, Sara.

You're a very sweet little girl.

Like a princess? Yes, darling... wait!

Your balloon!

You don't want to forget it. Look daddy!

Goodbye, Jim!

We welcome you aboard our highway in the sky.

And hope you've enjoyed the Magic Kingdom.

We're traveling to Disney's contemporary resort.

During our travels, please hold onto the handrails and stay clear of the door...

I love you. You know that?


♪ There's a long, long trail winding ♪

♪ into the land of my dreams ♪

♪ Where the nightingale is singing ♪

♪ And the white moon beams ♪

♪ There's a long, long night away ♪

♪ until my dreams all come true ♪

♪ 'Til the day that I am walking down ♪

♪ that long, long trail with you ♪



Everyone's so worried about cat flu now.

You can be a host and not even know it.

Cat flu...

Vitamin C...

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C...



I'm sick.

I need help.



You've got quite an imagination!

Just like old W himself.

He died while all this was still in its early stages.

Ah. Ah!

How much time?

We're on the floor now.

Seven... six... five... four... three... two... one!

Checking in, or...?

That we are.

Allow me to help you with your luggage.