Escape Plan (2013) Script

Yo, are you up? Yeah.

Jax has got the jump on you tomorrow.

Two bell.

I figure I owe you.

Yo. Did you hear what I said?

I heard.


Everybody down now! On the ground!

You! Inmate! On the ground!


Get down!

You heard him!

On the fucking ground!

You're up.

To your left.

On the line.

All right...

Step to the right.

Let's go.



Against the wall.

Let's go.

Lunchtime, inmate. Eat your veggies.

There you go.

Hey, Roag!


Got the time?

Fuck you care? You got a date?


Maybe you got a sister or a cousin?

Wanna get your head smashed?

No, not really.

It's five to 4:00.

Wise ass.

Hey, Fruitcake! Let's go.

Two... Three... Four...

Five... Six... Seven...




290... 291...

292... 293...


295... 296...

297... 298...

299... 300.

What the fuck...

Come on!

You okay?

I got everybody. I got everybody.

What the fuck's going on?

We've got a fire, gate two.

All prisoners back to their cells.

Copy that.

What the fuck...

We got a runner! Repeat, prisoner is running!

Let's go, let's go!

Nice look.

Hush's idea.

Nice, right?

How was inside, boss man?

Inside's great. Everyone's asking about you.

If you weren't out soon, I'd be breaking into that motherfucker and pulling your ass out.

Only ex-con I know gets out, wants to go back in.

I didn't say "wants." I said I would.

There is a difference.

Don't spend it all in one place.

We have an escape from Bendwater Penitentiary.

Step out of the booth with your hands in the air!


Put your hands in the air! Now!

Get them up, now! Hands in the air!

Put your hands on your head! Interlock your fingers! Do not move!

Beautiful day.

What the hell is going on here?

Calm down, Warden. I'm Lester Clark.

I'm the CEO of B&C Security.

You might have heard of us. No?

All right, well... We're an independent security company hired by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to test the integrity of their maximum security facilities nationwide.

This is Ray Breslin. He's my partner and resident Houdini.


For the last seven years, Ray has been inserted into every maximum incarceration facility in the system.

He is there to ensure that each and every one of them is 100% escape-proof.

And apparently yours wasn't, and he got out.


Okay, fine.

I suppose you're gonna tell me how you did it?

Think he wants to know? Doesn't seem like it.

Ray, you're on.

Warden, let's start from the top.

Any break requires three things, knowing the layout, understanding the routine, and help from outside or in.

If you know the layout, the weak side is obvious.

In Bendwater's case, it's the Secure Housing Unit.

The government expenditure was 17 million dollars building that facility.

It's state-of-the-art.

The only problem is, it's located next to an unsecured fire garage.

First I needed to get inside, so I made some enemies.

Once inside, it was obvious you were short-staffed.

Federal guidelines recommend two guards are present when transferring high risk inmates. You only use one.

Knowing the guards' routine was the next step.

Thirty seconds into my rec time, my CO took a smoke break.

For seven minutes every day, there were no eyes on me.


After I knew the routine, all I had to do was pick the day and arrange for a distraction at the front gate for exactly 4:00 p.m.

But at this point, you were still locked inside a steel box.

To get out, you had to have a key code.

You have very good chocolate milk.

See, the cartons contain a thin layer of wax laminate.

Lay it over the keypad, the impression will indicate which four keys were pressed.

With the four keys, it's just a numbers game to identify the correct sequence.

I just needed to get to the keypad.

After I covered my tracks, I had one minute to make it to the fire response shed before the team did.

I knew the guards were still on the roof doing what they do, which is wasting time.

What the fuck are you saying?

And before you know it, I'm right where I want to be.

Just in time to catch my ride.

Then your men drove me right off the grounds.

You have any questions?

Yeah. One.

What kind of man would choose to spend most of his life in prison?

Don't take it personally, Warden.

Over the years, Ray has broken out of 14 of these institutions.

Some people have a talent to paint, some to sing.

Me, I sing.

Ray Breslin, he possesses a unique set of skills.

He is able to break out of any prison designed by man.

So have you been good?

Yeah. You? You a good boy inside?

Of course.

Okay... How did that thing with that guy go?

What guy? What guy?

When I was going in, you were about to have dinner with some guy, some bozo.

Oh, yeah. That bozo ended before dessert.

Well, that's his loss.

Yeah. They're all losers.

How many times have I told you that?

You want to get something to eat when we get back?

Is there a problem?

You're a horrible cook.

That's nice. Well, you can complain in the morning.


Morning, sir. How can I help you?

Oh, Mr. Breslin, I'm so sorry. I'm Jules.

That's okay. You're new here?

No, sir. I've been here five months.

Five months? Yes, sir.

What do you got for me?

Check it out.

That's good. Very smart.

Did you do this all by yourself? I'm impressed. Genius.

You're smart, but...

Sorry, not smart enough.

Don't be bitter.

Mr. Breslin, they're ready for you in the conference room.

Morning, Les. Abby.

Jessica Mayer. It's an honor to meet you.

Your work is the gold standard in the field.

What you've accomplished is remarkable.

Thank you. And you're here because...

She's Agency, Ray. As in...

Central Intelligence Agency.

You a spy?

Worse. I'm a lawyer.

Ray, hear her out. She's legit. I called Langley myself.

Fine. I'll just listen. Go ahead.

Mr. Breslin, after ending "extraordinary rendition," the Agency is looking for alternate situations for incarcerating the sort of people who commit acts so despicable they're best... Well, how can I put it?


Disappeared. And we're currently testing a prototype to deal with people no government wants on their books.

But first and foremost, the people financing this need to know these facilities are escape-proof before the whole system goes online globally.

What she's really saying is that none of this is officially sanctioned by anyone.


What I'm saying, Miss Ross, is that these facilities are privately funded and administered.

So the word "official" does not really apply.

So if anything goes wrong, nothing comes back to bite you people in the ass.

Whoa! This is not your concern.

Hey! I owe him. I don't owe you.

My job is to make sure the United States is safe and clean.

All right, can we just cut the crap and call it like it is?

These institutions are off the grid.

There are no trials, there's no convictions.

These people are just disappeared.

And you want him to go in and test it?

Maybe it's time for me to interject into the conversation that they have offered double your standard fee, that's five mil, right? In advance.

So you like this?

Look, I'm a numbers guy. You're the artist, Ray.

From a financial standpoint, I like it. Yes, I like it very much.

Beyond the money, Mr. Breslin, the people that are sent to this place should not be allowed out into the real world.

Every one of them is a potential game changer. For the worse.

All right.


The usual. Full work. Alias. Cover story. Contact. Evac number. Right?

Well, the only difference is to fully test the security of the system it's essential that none of you know the location of the incarceration.

Will that present a problem?

Yes. Yes, it would.

When do we start?

We just did.

You and your new identity will be picked up from this location by private contractors 24 hours from now.

I don't like this.

And you don't like her.

Um, don't flatter yourself.

We're going against every protocol and guideline that you yourself have insisted on every single time that you've gone in.

And I don't like her.

You're right. There's nothing to like about any of it.

Then why do it? Because he's ambitious and greedy.

You say that like it's a bad thing.


Name, Anthony Portos. Born Madrid.

Mother died when you were 13.

Raised by your father in the U.S.

You were suspected of manufacturing bombs that have been used in a dozen political bombings across Europe and South America for the last 10 years.

Contact on site?

Warden's name is Roger Marsh.

Evacuation code?


All right. Let's do it.

Tag him.

No. I don't need this. Really.

Yeah, you do. It's non-negotiable.

You think I'm letting you go in cold?

This gets old.

Man the fuck up.

Try it some time.

Sounds good, boss man. Any time you want to retire...

I've been takin' notes. I'm ready to step up.

Where am I gonna find another techno-thug as gifted as you?

Freak of nature.

Yeah, very rare.

There you are, baby. Transponder's good.

It's like having me right on your shoulder.

Where else?

Hey, don't forget to write us. All right?



Hold it!

Put him to sleep.

Prisoner 7458. Anthony Portos.

Welcome to the International Detainee Unit intake.

I'm Warden Hobbes.

Hobbes. Where's Warden Marsh?

There is no Warden Marsh.

What, am I disoriented? Is that it?

I guess that must be it.

And I didn't see a man killed on a transport helicopter and thrown out either, right?

Mr. Portos, your intake is finished.


My evacuation code is 3-1-0-2-7-5.

Evacuation code?

Yes. Evacuation code.

Meaning you give me a number and you walk out of here free as a bird?

No. I don't think so.

You're here now. And you belong to me.

Your intake is finished.

Wait... I have an evacuation code!


Getting a ghost bounce, same as yesterday. I can't find him.

You ran a full diagnostic on the system?


Run it again.

All prisoners A-Block proceed to Babylon.

All prisoners A-Block to proceed to Babylon.


Everybody's days are numbered in Babylon!

Babylon, death, death!


Go make some friends. You're gonna need them.



Stay down! Stay down!

New fish. We own you!

Back off!

Last time.

Back away.

Portos. Hmm.

Rottmayer. Emil Rottmayer.

Really not much in a hand-shaking mood right now.


Your name.

The fourth Musketeer. It's a good name.

Why are you in here?

Why do you care?

I used to work security for a guy by the name of Manheim.

Victor Manheim. Have you heard of the name?

Manheim, let me see... No.

He's a genius. Really?

He has this habit of taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor.

You've heard that story before...

I've heard that story. Yeah.

Now they're trying to find him.

But I'm not gonna help them.

Okay. So fuck 'em!

Right. Fuck 'em.

Portos, don't get killed.

If you say so.

Last time they killed a guy in here, they let his body rot for three days. Hmm.

Oh, and they canceled the prison dance.

Wouldn't want to fuck up the prom.

Morning, sir.

That's another beautiful piece, sir.

You lied to me.

I lied to you? I'm not sure what...

No, no.

You say nothing.

What am I supposed to tell the client about the man you killed?

That he just jumped, like you said?

This isn't a free-for-all. We're paid to prevent him from jumping.

And I can't get proof of life from a dead man.


You will be docked the entire price of the asset.

The entire price of the asset equals a month of my pay.

Then you're lucky the man you killed was not high value.

That is all, Drake.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Hey, Portos! Look at this.

There's no sunrise, no sunset, but still they pray all the time.

Don't you find that interesting?

Not really.

You look like the kind of a guy that finds things interesting.

You've done time before?

Allahu Akbar.

Why all the questions?

That's how I learn things.

You really ought to study somebody else.



Need a favor?

The favor man.

For a man who is not interested, you're doing a lot of looking.

What do you need?

I need to get into the isolation area.

No, you really don't.

Yeah, I really do. Call it a favor.



Good. Ah!

That's a favor?

Sometimes favors hurt.


Come on. Okay.

Let's see what you can do.

All right.

You hit like a vegetarian.

Do I? You can do better than that.

Come on.

All right. Let's see it.

Try this.


That was good.

Look what's coming!

Relax. It's pretend.

Guess boys will be boys.

That's enough.

Ah! Ah!

Put them in the box! Now!

You can thank me later.

They knew he was tagged.

Of course they knew. Who do you think these guys are?

What do you think, they're a bunch of yahoos from one of those BOP facilities?

This is the shadow world. These guys, they invented this shit.

Why do you think they pay us all that money?

Remember what the guidelines were.

What the fuck are you talking about? There are no guidelines.

Now, you call that CIA bitch. Hush...


All right. I'll make the call.

Abigail, you got to keep him away from me, all right?

Give me your arm.

You'll live.

How does a doctor work in a place like this?

Would you prefer there wasn't a doctor here?

Where is "here"?

Hey, Doc, let's wrap it up.


What did he ask you?


Wanted to know how his dehydration compared to the other detainees.

And what did you tell him?

I don't care.

That's what I told him.

Get him out of there.

Did you find what you were looking for in the box?

All prisoners back to their cells.

All prisoners back to their cells.

Who were you before you came in here, Portos?

You're always watching the room, always watching everything.

Are you asking what I used to do?


I'll tell you, but I need a little favor.

Fuck that.

All right, don't do it.

All right, I'm listening. What's the favor this time?

I need a piece of metal, about three inches wide.

Round, smooth.

Oh, no problem. I'll hit the Home Depot, and I'll be right back. Okay?

If you get me that piece of metal, I might be able to get you out of here.

Tell Hobbes I want to talk.

Interrogation, ready for inmate.

Interrogation, ready for inmate.

You've been here six months now, Mr. Rottmayer.

So you know how this works.

Ten seconds.

Where is Victor Manheim?

You know, to many people, he is a hero.

Nine seconds.

Do you have a pencil and a piece of paper?

Eight seconds.

I could draw you a map.

Of what?

Where you could find him.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist.

My God, you are pushing it.

Problem was, I had no talent.

Six seconds.

I tried and I tried and I tried...


Do you ever have dreams?


Or did you always want to be...

...this? Two...

One... Done.

Look. There.

I told you.

No talent.

The records indicate that you are a highly intelligent man.

As such, I would have expected you to see the situation and understand it for what it is.

In here, you have no control over any part of your life, except your breathing.

And you just lost that privilege.

Get him down!

Keep going.


What happened?

Nothing. I'm still here.

Now it's your turn.

I break out of prisons for a living.

For the past eight years, I've been breaking out of facilities for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

I think Hobbes used my reports to make this place unbreakable.

Someone wanted this place tested, but it was a set-up.

They wanted to bury me. I don't know who, but I'm gonna find out.

I need you to set up another diversion.

What now?

You've got to go back in the box.

No fucking way.

Want to get outta here?

Okay. I'll do it.

But if I don't get out, I kill you.

Fair enough.

A successful breakout depends on three things, layout, routine, and help.

But they've taken those away.

For now.

There's something under the box. I think it's a conduit.

If it is, how do you know where it goes?

I don't. But I'm gonna find out.

This is good.

It's disgusting.

The mind of a man confined works differently than someone on the outside.

He sees things different. The architecture is vertical.

The cell blocks, Babylon, the box, the mess...

Everything's in large vertical compartments.

Best guess is they built out underground in large natural fissures and caves.

In a vertical structure, 70/30 says whatever's under that box goes up.

If I can get in there, follow where it goes,

Let's say you're right. How do we cut metal?

We don't cut. We don't cut at all.

This place is subterranean. There's moisture in the air.

Whoever built this place should have used aluminum rivets to hold those panels down, but they used steel.

Steel rusts over time.

We apply that. We'll concentrate the heat to those rivets and they'll expand and snap right the fuck off.

Concentrated heat?

Yeah, from the piece of metal you gave me.

You expose a toothpaste-polished piece of metal to sunlight...

Or the lamps in the box. Right.

At a hundred degrees centigrade, steel expands .03 cubic centimeters and those rivets are gonna come right off.


You don't look that smart.

You don't either.

So most prisons are built around small towns.

No matter how remote, they need supplies and a work force.

If I can get to the surface, I'll know what it's going to take to get over the wall, get out of here.

But first I'm gonna need that diversion in the box.

How much time do you need?

Three to five minutes.

No problem.

Step back.

I know you.

You don't know shit, you cunt-eater.

Now step back.

Oh, now I remember.


Your mother, she was my favorite whore in Marrakesh.

Man, she could polish a helmet!





You're killing me! You're killing me!

Bringing up box four, sir.

Now, what is he up to?

Hey! Shut the fuck up, you German dog!

Master control, please advise.

Just hold him till I get there.

I've got a camera malfunction, box two.

Roger that. Just reboot the system.


Shut the fuck up!

Hey, Rottmayer, shut up!

Restrain and drug him, sir?

Not yet.

Lights off, box four.

Now open it.

Rough day, Mr. Rottmayer?

Let's get 'em.

Here's what you should know. I don't care.

Sooner or later you will tell me what I want to know.

It is inevitable. Like dying.

But know this, there will come a point where I don't give a shit about you or whatever the fuck you think you're doing right now.

So have a lovely day, Mr. Rottmayer.

Emergency personnel to level two.

Emergency personnel to level two.


Valve breach on level two, sir. Electrical malfunction.


Get the assets out of there.

Open up!

Open the fucking door! Open the door!

Did you make it? Yeah.

Where are we?

Where are we? I don't know!


They froze the check.

What are we talking about here?

The payment for Ray's services. They froze the check.

It's not frozen, it's on hold. All right?

It's very common in a $2.5 million transaction.

No. Common would be a week, maybe 10 days.

This has been way longer than that.

Jesus, Abby. It's the federal government.

You know how they work.

Did you call that woman?

Yeah, I called. Everything is fine.

Then where is he?

He is on the job that he was hired to do.

So you're saying it's all good?

It's all good.

Where was the breach?

The auxiliary ballast tank system on the starboard side.

Compartments five and seven have been compromised.

And that leads to the ventilation shaft under box two.


Yeah, they're full of rust.

Water pressure must have snapped them clean off.


Portos isn't his name, is it?

Why wasn't I alerted?

Look, it's like this. There's a lot of people paying money to make sure that facility is unbreakable.

It's Ray Breslin. The great Ray Breslin.

He's there to prove that not even he can get out.

You make sure he stays there forever. Do you have a problem with that?

No. Not at all. Just the opposite.


All right, good. There's one more thing.

The Chinese banks have joined the Brazilians, the Russians, the English, the U.S. and the Swiss banks.

They're all paying to find out the whereabouts of this Manheim fellow.

Word on the street is that he has developed a program to turn the entire world banking system into fucking confetti.

Rottmayer worked with that asshole. He knows where he is.

Your job is to get that information out of him.

Well, it just so happens that since Breslin has gotten closer to Rottmayer, Rottmayer has developed a new edge to his defiance that wasn't there before.

I think Breslin is to blame.

Then break Breslin.

Thank you.

I have an assignment I know you'll enjoy.

Get on your feet!

Wakey, wakey...

Talk to me.

Come on. You must fight.

Get up!

Stay on your feet!

If we're on a ship, we would know.


Not if it was 1,000 feet long, 200 feet high, with stabilizers.

We wouldn't know a damn thing.

Wakey, wakey! Get him on his feet.

You can do it. Keep going.

Come on, go. Move it!

We can't get out of here.

Yes, we can. No!

Get on your feet!

You've got to stay strong.

Back up! Back up! It's you I want. Move it!


Piece of shit...

Stop it now, Drake.

Don't give up. Don't let them break you.

What made you want to spend your life in prison?


Tell me. What made you do it?

Tell me!

I was a lawyer. Prosecutor.

A man I put away made a promise to me.

This man thought about that promise every day for three years, planning his way out of prison, planning on how he was gonna keep his word.

Taking a man's life is nothing.

Taking his heart...

That's everything, isn't it?


You see, putting people in prison wasn't good enough.

And I had to... I wanted to make sure they stayed in there, didn't get out.

I understand. I have a daughter.

Never forget them. You have a choice.

You can die in here, or you can get out with me and punish who put you here.

You hear me?



Good news and bad news.

I was thinking about that first meeting, privatized incarceration.

Off the grid, international profile. And I started digging.

Code name, The Tomb. Completely for profit, totally illegal.

Run by ex-military assholes and Blackwater rejects. You know, bad dudes.

If Ray is anywhere, it's here.

Where is "here"?

That's the bad news.

I don't know.

No access to any layout.

No blind times.

We're in the middle of the fucking ocean.

But I'll be damned if I didn't find a routine.

They scramble the guard shifts so they're never the same.

But they can't change the routine of the guards themselves.

We don't know when they start. We don't know when they end.

But I do know where they're gonna be based on habit.

See that guy coming down the stairs?

See how he walks all pigeon-toed?

The Duck.

Yeah. The Duck always works with the guy scratching the back of his neck.


Yeah, Hives.

When Duck and Hives work together, they always do a circle.

They may do it at random times of day.

It doesn't matter when they do it, it always ends up being 128 strides, then they split up. Watch.

Now they each take a side.

Duck walks 63 strides, Hives 65.

Then they meet up at the top.

The guard down there at the bottom, the heavy-set guy, he doesn't move much.

My guess is he's been here a while and only does what he has to do.



His fat ass reminds me of my first girlfriend.


That guard over there could be a problem for us.

He's always looking around.

The Chicken Man.

Chicken Man, right.

My guess, Chickie's new here. Does everything by the book.

How do you know when the shift ends? I don't.

But around this time, your girlfriend Louisa starts looking at her watch.

My guess, it's lunchtime.

Welcome back.


Now that we've got the routine, we just gotta ask the good doctor where the hell we are.

I'm not permitted to give you anything for the pain, so don't request it.

You're a doctor. You took an oath.

"According to my ability and judgment,"

"I'll protect my patients from harm and injustice."

What you're doing here is wrong.

What exactly is it you want from me?

I want to know where the hell I am.


It's okay. It's under control.

Put him back here.


So... No.

Got to push him harder.

Push him, we'll lose him.

No other options?

Plan B.

You always gotta have a Plan B.

Did you get it?

Now I need his glasses.

Sir? You want to take a look at this?

What's this?

It's a sextant.

Of course it is.

It works. You spot the North Star with the horizon.

But it will only give us half of our location.

Bring Breslin.

I'll explain how it works later, but first we've got to get it topside.

Watch out.


Welcome to your new home, Mr. Breslin.

Section E.

Waiting for inmates.

You know who I am?

I do now.

I've studied your work very closely. It's quite brilliant.

As a matter of fact, it's what I used as a reference guide in designing this facility.

If you know who I am, let me go.

No, no, no, no, Mr. Breslin.

That's not how this works. Not this time.

You see, the people who paid for you to be here want you here forever.

And knowing that, and knowing who you are, well, who you were...

I can't have you communicating with Rottmayer, or anybody else, for that matter.

This is the reality. And there's no way out.

This can go two ways.

You let me go and I'll pretend this never happened.

You don't, and I'll burn this fucking place to the ground on my way out.

Effective right now, no mess, no rec time, and no showers.

I can get you Victor Manheim.

Rottmayer trusts me.

So you say.

Not good enough.

What have you got to lose? Finding him has got to be worth a lot more than what you were paid for me, right, Hobbes?

It's a nice idea, but as it stands right now, I'm in line to get both.

You'll never break Rottmayer. He'll die before he turns.

I'm your only chance to get what you want.

I want Manheim and his whole network. Names. Locations in real time.

Get that. If it checks out, I'll let you go. But know this.

You tell me every word that you and Rottmayer share, or I will personally pull the fucking life out of you.

Fair enough.

So what happened?

I'm playing you.

Last night Rottmayer told me he started his network with five guys from his hometown.

He said he could trust his life to these guys.

Give Javed the sextant.

Show him how to use it. Tell him it's his ticket outta here.

Javed. He'd rather see us dead.

He'll be the last one they suspect.

He bragged how his network caused the bank collapse in Iceland six years ago.

I don't give a shit about six years ago.

I want to know where he is now.

You want to die?

You want to get out?


They're plotting an escape.

An escape?

Really? Who and when?

I don't know all the details.

Just some.

Well, tell me the details you know.


You give me things first.

Mr. Alfredo, Afridi, or whatever the fuck your name is...

Your opium drug cartel friends have paid a lot of money for you to be here.

Of course they did, those fucks.

So aside from your freedom, what else can I give you?

I want the guards to leave my people alone.

The Holy Koran...

I want one in my cell.

And I want to say the name of Allah and the prophet Mohammed in the open air.

I want to be seen by my God when I say my evening prayers.

That's all?

That's all.

I want to be seen by my God, Mr. Hobbes!

30 degrees, 22 minutes.

We're in Horse Latitudes, calm water.

North or south?

Water goes counter-clockwise above the equator, so we're north.

How do we get the longitude?

They brought a new fish in yesterday. He said it was November 20th.

We've got warm rain, warm air at sea in November.

Now, you're building a secret facility.

You're putting it on the water.

You're at 30 degrees north latitude because you want to avoid rough water.

So you're going to want to stay away from the Caribbean and the Pacific, say, east of the China Sea.

If I was a betting man, I'd say we could be off the coast of Morocco.

It's just a guess.

International waters. Calm sea.

Close enough to land for supplies. Educated guess.

I know a guy in Casablanca. He owes me big-time.

Enough to come and get you?

He'd still owe me.

There's only one way to get a message out. One way.

My God...

What is this? You swallowed clotting powder?

Listen to me. I know you think I'm playing you.

In Hobbes' office is a book.

Compromising Correctional Institution Security by Ray Breslin.

On page 88 is a detailed description of Cell Block C at Lewisburg Federal Prison.


Check it out. And remember your oath.

I can't stall Hobbes anymore. I've got to give him a location.

But we still don't have a plan.

It's in the doctor's hands.

Medical personnel, Interrogation Three.

Medical personnel, Interrogation Three.


Bring me prisoner Portos from E Block.

Hobbes' orders. Do it now.

Breathe in.


I saw the book. How did you know?

I'm Ray Breslin. I wrote the book.

Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know less for men of whom they know nothing at all.

What do you want me to do?

The doctor is in. Now Javed has to do his part.

Manheim's main base of operations is 20 miles outside of Ruse.

That's on the Bulgarian-Romanian border.


Ratting out your friends ain't so hard.

We've got 24 hours before Hobbes realizes the Bulgarian location is bullshit.

Who do you know in C Block?

They've given permission for your midnight prayer, so what do you have for me?

Lock in on Breslin. Yes, sir.

What are we up to?


Louder. Louder!

Got you.

Decode it.


Zoom in.

It's Makmar Hassan.

Breslin is gonna have Hassan start the break from Cell Block C.

We have a time frame.

And we have a location.

Cell Block C.

Triple the guard force there. I want to know everyone who's involved.

You will, sir.

Cell Block C, prepare for inspection.

Cell Block C, prepare for inspection.

Louisa and Chicken Man. They sent everyone else to Cell Block C.

You better be fuckin' right.

Don't worry.

Hey! You fucking white trash scumbag bitch!

Where are you going, you fucking towel-head al-Qaeda faggot?

Hey, your fuckin' sister gives... Fuck you, you diaper-head...

You fuckin' skinhead! You motherfuckin'...

The break was never happening in Block C.

All men from C to Babylon. Right now.

Come on!


Come on!

Where the fuck is Breslin?

Go, go, go! Let's move!

We've got 11 minutes to get topside.

Let's hope the doc made contact.

Go. Go.

What are you doing?

All the cameras are connected. We've gotta block 'em out.


Say "cheese."

Come on.

Okay. All right, this is it. Let's go.

Engage security protocol five.

Lockdown procedure engaged. Lockdown procedure engaged.

It's a full lockdown. We're all locked inside.

Eight minutes.

They're out of moves.

Drake, take two units. Drag the rats back to their cages.

Hold up.


Open gate three! Take 'em!

Go, go, go, go! Don't fucking lose them!


Breslin! Open before I break you, you motherfucker!

You'll never get out of here alive, you arsehole!

We're gonna kill you!

We've gotta move!

Smash that door down. I'll come around from the other side.

Breslin, how the hell do they know where we are?

You turned off the cameras, right?

Motion detector.



You can play your games all day, Mr. Breslin, but I'm still in control.

Whatever you do, I have the power.

I own your ass.

You guys have gotta get up that ladder.

I've got to find the engine room and shut the power grid down.

Those magnetic locks will stay open for about five seconds before the back-up generator kicks in.

You understand? That's all the time you're gonna have.

Take this. Take it.

You're a good man.

Go do it.

What about you? I'll be right behind you.

What if you're not on the deck at 5:00?

Do what you've got to do. There's always Plan B.

Come on. Let's do it.

We're dead men. There's no way out.

Come with me. I won't make it up that ladder.

I'll carry you up the ladder. But I can hold them back.

No. I can carry you up the ladder.

I'm not gonna leave you behind.

Give me your gun.

Just give me your gun.

Allah be with you.

I'll see you up there.

Now go.

Take care.



Fuck you, you motherfucker!

We're taking gunfire on the lower deck!

If he made it to the lower deck, he's going to the engine room.

Meet me in the engine room. I'm coming down.


Get that fucker out of there!

Yes, sir.


Yeah. Whatever.

Having trouble breathing?

I'm gonna fucking kill ya, motherfucker!

Back off!

Did you see him? Yeah, he's here.

We're on our way... I'll take care of it.

No, wait, wait!

He's still on port, sir.

What the fuck?

Go! Get down!

We have a situation up here!


Go low!

Go, go!

Go low!

Plan B.

No one gets off this ship.

Shoot to kill.


Go, go!


We have to go now!

Not yet!

Give yourself up, Mr. Breslin.

You can run around, make some noise...

Spill some blood.

You can't get out.

Not really...

I know about your wife, your son.


I know every detail.

So thank you for pointing out all the small flaws in my creation.

I'll be sure to fortify them.

But your time's up.

You hear me?


Your time is up.

No one in. No one out. Search every inch of this fucking room.

And power this thing back up!

Come on! Let's go, let's go!

Let's roll! Go!



Go down!

Come on, let's go! Down, down!

We're gonna have to back off!

Rottmayer! Gun!

Gun! Give me your gun!

Boom. Hmm.

Have a lovely day, asshole!

Now what?


You met her before.

Jessica Mayer. It's an honor to meet you.

Your work is the gold standard in the field.

She has been my eyes and ears inside the Agency.

Hello, Dad.

And she's also my daughter.

Hello, darling.

Thank God you made it.

I missed you.

What happened?

Oh, nothing. Don't worry about it.

You're Manheim.

Didn't see that coming.

You should've.


How'd you do it?

We have code names.

Code name Rottmayer meant maximum security incarceration.

When my dad was picked up, it activated the code.

And that's when you called Les Clark.

I needed the best. And after you agreed to do it, I used my contacts deep inside the DHS to get you in.

And the name you gave me was the I.D. code.


Rottmayer. Emil Rottmayer.

And I became your best friend.

You are not user-friendly. I had to work very hard.

And that damn box. That was hot.

It did get warm, yeah.

But it doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm out and so are you.

We both served enough time.

You want to try it again?

You son-of-a-bitch...

I hope I never see you again.

That hurts.

One more thing!

How much did Les really know?

Only what I told him, at first. But the next thing I know, he's gone around me and offered his services to the backers of The Tomb.

So he knew where I was being sent?

He arranged your transport.

Need a ride?

No, thanks. I made my own arrangements.

Wasn't tracking. We knew something wasn't right.

Red flags going up all over the place.

Clark was too calm about it, so we started digging.

We found out he'd been offered the CEO job of running the whole Tomb program if the prototype you were buried in proved inescapable.

At a salary of $5 million a year, plus stock options.

Tell me you tracked him down.

Just like you asked. The plan's in motion as we speak.

It's sleepy-time, motherfucker.

Oh, fuck!

No, no... Come on, come on, come on...





It's Hush. What did he say?

It's all good.


What's that? Job offers.

Maybe later. Why don't you and me have a very special dinner.

I'll cook.

Haven't I suffered enough?