Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) Script

Well, here we are!

You're Tony and you're Tia.

Ma'am. Hello, Mrs. Grindley.

Oh, such fine-looking children.

I know you're anxious to see your rooms, but first we have some forms to fill out.

Then we'll join the others for dinner, all right?

Tia, what a pretty case!


It ain't nothing writing out those entry forms.

Wait'll she lays one of those enlightened punishments on you.

"After you watch the 5:00 news, you can write a 500-word composition."


Tony, what should I put after sports?

Hmm, put "spectator."

Dumb pen's out of ink.

I'm finished. You can use mine.

Hey, I lost one just like this when I was coming in this barn.

Tia's had that since Christmas. Sure she has.

Give it back!

Take it.

Now, children, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

No, ma'am.

Now, then.

Truck, I want you to wait for me in my office.

We'll read this together.

I keep forgetting what it feels like to sit down.

Now then, I know how both of you must feel.

Your foster parents are the only parents you remember.

Now that they've passed away, you're just a little bit scared.

We loved them very much.

Yes, ma'am, we miss them.

You only remember your adoptive name? Malone?

Tia was around three and I was five when the Malones adopted us.

Did either of you ever receive a birthday card from a relative?

Or perhaps a phone call at Christmas?

Something you may have forgotten.

Oft times the most trivial thing is important.


What is it, dear? You look as though you're remembering something.

No. No, Mrs. Grindley. I'm sorry.

Why, there's nothing to be sorry about, dear.

You're out, Truck.

Nobody can jump that high, Malone. You stood on something.

Great catch! How'd you do it anyhow?

You're just trying to rip me off. I was safe at third.

Safe. There's something funny about this. I'm gonna teach you a lesson.


Cut it out, all right?


Tony, why'd you do that?

You don't think we're gonna get away with it, do you?

You see?

Tony, you promised me and I promised you.

We wouldn't... You know, do the kind of stuff you did with Truck.

You remember how it used to be, when we thought it was all funny.

Like a game.

All the other kids thought we were some kind of freaks or witches.

I know, Tia.

We lost all of our friends until we quit doing all the spooky stuff.

You should've let Truck beat up on you.

Are you kidding? He's got five inches and 50 pounds on me.

Then you should've made it look like he was winning.

I suppose.


Do you hear the dogs?

No. How far?

Oh, about 20 miles.

Big dogs, six or seven.

Yeah. I can hear them now.

That's awful far. Even for us. Why are we hearing them, Tony?

I think it means that we're gonna see 'em someday.

If the bus is any later, Mrs. Grindley, we'll miss the beginning of the picture.

Yeah. I'll see what's keeping them.

All right, Truck.

You guys, wanna see something really neat?

That's my star case, Truck.

And you're his sister.

Tony, please, not another fight.

It's your star case, Tia. He might smash it.

Give it back to Tia now.

I'll fight you with one hand.

I'll fight you with none.

Come on!

The bus is here.

Nice going, Winkie.

Hey, Tony and Tia, come on! What's taking you? Come on!

Hurry up!

Tony, across the street!

Big car? What about it?

Something's going to happen to it.

There's a man. He mustn't get into that car.

There he is!

Come on!

Please, sir, don't get in that car.

It's no joke, sir.

See, my sister gets these feelings.

So, you mustn't get in the car. Please, sir.

Children, you know the rules about leaving the group.

No. I'm terribly sorry, sir.

That's all right. Excuse us, please.

I've changed my mind. I'd like to take a walk.

Pick me up by the park. Yes, sir.

Are you all right? Yes, sir.

The moon is moving into Aries.

Friday it will near the middle of the transit.

The bottom line, Mr. Michael-John.

The bottom line, Mr. Bolt, shows considerable indications of some advance toward your goals.

What about the house guru? Do you concur, Ali?

There are profound vibrations, Mr. Bolt.

Are there indeed?

Vibrations. My moon in Aries.

Mysterious words and phrases have not added one red cent to my fortune.

Wealth, gentlemen, is like flesh. It has to be nurtured and coddled.

Ah, Mr. Deranian.

I'm sorry, Mr. Bolt, but when you've heard my report, I think you'll understand.

I have found what you're looking for.

Wait here a minute.

I haven't had a chance to thank you.

Was the man in front all right? The chauffeur, yes. He's fine.

But then you knew he would be or you'd have had him get out of the car, too.

I suppose this sort of thing happens to you all the time, hmm, young lady?

Knowing about things before they really happen?

The lunch bell. We have to go.

Excuse me.

Those two children that just left. I've been trying to think of their names.

Tony Malone and his sister, Tia. A couple of weirdos.

Suppose somebody else had walked in?

Everybody knocks. Pine Woods' rules.


Must've happened when Winkie knocked it out of Truck's hands.

Can you fix it?

It's a map, isn't it?

"Stony Creek"?

"Misty Valley"?

It's funny, Tia, but every once and a while you get that look on your face.

Like you're remembering something.

I kind of do, but then I forget again.

It's not someplace big, like a state or a country.

But more like a road map. I just don't know where.

When I can figure out where this place is, we'll go there.

Tony, what were you drawing?

It's the place where those dogs are.

They're barking now.

Yeah, I know. I was listening to them before you butted in.

I began to visualize this castle...

Tony, you can only visualize places we know something about.

Or places we're gonna be at.

I must've been drawing someplace we're going to.

Soon, Tony.

We're going there soon, and I'm afraid.

Since the Malones lived in a very small village, I had little difficulty finding people who knew the children.

These insights, these sixth-sense incidents...

The postman, the schoolteacher, the woman who lost her parakeet, how do I know these aren't the result of your desperation?

Figments of your very fine imagination?

I have sworn affidavits.

People lie very easily. The very young can deceive the very wise.

I'm not lying.

If I'm in any way disappointed in this Tony and Tia, you are through here, Deranian.

Yes. I understand.

Then bring them here.

You say they have no family. Well, now they do.

You are their family, Deranian.

You are their uncle, do you understand?


Alter records. Forge documents. Provide proper papers.

Whatever it takes. I will back you with every means at my disposal.

Just bring me the children.

I think there's no question, considering these documents your uncle has produced, that he has custody of you.

The judge signed those papers just today.

Mr. Deranian...

Uncle Lucas, Tony. Better get used to it.

Uncle Lucas, did you tell Mrs. Grindley about the first time we ever saw you?

Yes, he did.

The day the tow truck ran into your uncle's car.

That was a lucky day for all of us.

You see, Tia, you bear such a remarkable resemblance to Mr. Deranian's sister that he's convinced you both are her children.

My sister, your mother, died six years ago.

Now, if you have any doubts, I'd be happy to show you these documents that prove he is your Uncle Lucas.

I won't have to leave Winkie, will I?

He's very smart and he knows how to deal with dogs.

Did I mention dogs?

Well, thank you very much, Mrs. Grindley.

I'll see you out, Mr. Deranian.

Children, don't forget your coats.

Do you have any feelings about this Mr. Deranian?

Only that he isn't our uncle.

Must we leave, Tony?

That's what these papers mean.

We haven't got a choice.

It's all right, Lorko, I'm just bringing through the children.

I'm sorry, but I'm allergic to cats.

Let us through.

Those are the dogs we heard.

There's the mansion. Just the way you drew it, Tony.

Uncle Lucas, what's "Xzanthus"?

It's "Xanthus," Tony.

Mr. Bolt calls his house "Xanthus."

Who's Mr. Bolt?

Mr. Bolt is my employer.

And your host.

I have spacious apartments here.

And thanks to Mr. Bolt's generosity, they've been enlarged and redecorated to accommodate the two of you.

So, this is your long lost family?

You have a very beautiful niece, Deranian.

And a most attractive nephew.

You're Tony and you are Tia.


Our favorite flavors, vanilla and strawberry.

Thank you! You're welcome.

After that long drive, I'm sure you youngsters would like to see your quarters. Come with me.

Wow! It's beautiful.

Isn't it cute? I must be dreaming.

Tony, look at that!

Hey, look!

Oh, wow!

Look at these dolls and stuffed animals.


Hey, Tony!

When all this is completed... There's more?

Oh, yes!

We haven't had time yet to install the carousel or the gymnasium.

The tennis court's being resurfaced.

You can start your riding lessons first thing in the morning.

Oh, wow!

We love horses. Oh, I forgot!

Winkie's private quarters.

Look, I think he likes it.

They're really great.

Of course, you still have your schoolwork.

Your tutors arrive the first of the week.

Mr. Bolt, where are the others?

Other kids? Neighbors, I mean.

There are no neighbors.

Look out the window, go on.

Look as far as you can see.

Mr. Bolt owns everything in sight.

Well, I can see the sky.

I saddle him myself because this is your first time out, but one thing to remember, always mount a horse on his left side because...

Tia? You better pay attention or you'll be sorry.

Mr. Duncan, that horse over there.

That's old Thunderhead. He's never been broke.

I don't envy the cowboy who'll try it.

I know it should be "ladies first," but I think if you show Tia how easy it is...

A little filly the size of your sister, sometimes they get scared.

Thunderhead, that's not nice.

My name's Tia.

And I want to be your friend.

All right, Thunderhead?

Tia! Stay away from him!

Hold on, now!

Good boy.

You know, I've never seen anything like this in all my life.

Tia! Come here.

Hey, Tony, why don't you try it without your harmonica?

I forget how.

Come to think of it, you can do a lot of things I can't.

Like working locks and the way you can talk to me without moving your mouth.

Maybe it's because you're a girl.

That's the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

Thank you, but we've a long way to go.

I'm having more hidden cameras installed and as soon as I have enough evidence, I'm going to show the tapes to the children.

Good. If that doesn't put them on my team, then we'll have to resort to cruder methods of persuasion.



Tia, what's the matter?

Oh, everything and nothing.

I mean, maybe it's because we've gotten everything we've ever wanted.

More, even.

It's... I don't know.

It just doesn't leave us anything to wish for. Is that it?

I think so.

Tony, we've got to get out of here before it's too late, please.

What do you see? Mr. Bolt, and he's mean.

He's never gonna let us go, Tony.

You're not always right about things like this.

I think this time...

This time...

You're right.

I've enjoyed this.

You should ask Uncle Lucas to arrange it so you can dine with me more often.

Thank you, Mr. Bolt.

We had some fine, stimulating conversation.


Let us dispense with the kid gloves, and acknowledge the fact that we're dealing with two remarkable children.

Mr. Bolt, I really don't think you...

It doesn't matter what you think, Deranian.

If these youngsters are psychic, it's obvious they've begun to see through us by now.

Don't lay all... You have power. I've seen it.

Now, I don't mean to ridicule those gifts of yours, as others might.

I revere them. Do you believe that?

What power do you mean, Mr. Bolt?

He knows. He knows all about us.

I don't think we know what you mean, Mr. Bolt.

What you did with Thunderhead and the marionettes.

And the dozens of things I've seen on my TV console.

I want to know. I want to be able to understand these powers.

But that's impossible without your help.

You can make it possible.

You could walk across a field and tell where there's oil far beneath it.

You could foresee a revolution. A natural disaster.

Please, Mr. Bolt, you're too excited. You're going to make yourself sick.

You should go right to bed, sir.


Yes, I will.


Anything in this world you ask me for, I'll bring you. Just never leave me.

Not another word. Into bed.

Uncle Lucas, you look like you could use some extra sleep yourself.

You heard what he said. He wants to learn all the things we know.

We couldn't teach him, even if we wanted to.

We... We don't know why we do all these things.

We don't know how it all started.

Tony, we've got to get out of here, please.

But to what, Tia?

Where do we go? Not to mention how.

The map.

Mr. Bolt... Listen a second.

Don't lay all your cards on the table now.

They're very cunning.

I don't know the full extent of their powers.

Here they could escape.

But the chalet is an island in a sea of blinding snow.

They'll never escape from there.

Nutty as a fruitcake.

You see, we have to get out of here.

I know, but there's all that high fence and the guards... Children.

Finish up your ice creams and I'll show you to your bedrooms.

He's coming.

Come on.

So far, so good.

Come on!

Those dogs have ruined all my plans.

What do you mean, it's too late?

Now! Dogs, stay.


Good dogs.

There are some very bad men after us.

Go get 'em!

There's still the main gate.

They're not going to stop chasing us, even if we get past this gate.

Call Thunderhead.

Thunderhead, remember what I told you?

We're at the gate now.

Lorko's on that lever. I'll help.

Winkie! Winkie!


Find them! I don't care how you do it.

Chase them on a magic carpet if you have to, but I want those kids back!

They rode out of here!

They're... They're quite a challenge.

I will not rest until I get those children back and neither will you.

I'm a vengeful man, Deranian. I don't make idle threats.

Find them!

You'll be all right here, big fella. Thank you, Thunderhead.

We'll miss you, Thunderhead.

Those sirens are for us. We've got to keep moving. Come on.

They're getting closer.

Looks like you're taking a mighty long trip, friend.

Yeah, I figured I'd drive all over these United States.

Well, sir, a covered wagon pulling out of St. Joe didn't take near as much supplies as you got yourself here, Mr. O'Day.

You're sure one well-informed man, aren't you?

Now, do you think you could hand me that carton without straining yourself, or are you just tuckered out from sticking your nose in my affairs?

We're looking for two children. A boy and a girl. Runaways.

Mister, if I did see 'em I'd just as soon let 'em keep running.

As long as they're going opposite to where I'm headed.


What do you know about that? A drifter, huh?

Hey, you're a friendly little fellow, aren't you?

Hey, I've got some canned tuna for you.

Hey, what are you doing here in my...

Uh, yesterday when I was loading supplies, they were looking for two kids.

Ah, a boy and a girl! You two.

Well, let's get one thing straight right here and now. I ain't no bus line.

And I ain't partial to hitchhikers. And I don't like kids.

And what's more, I'm a mean, impatient, selfish man, so come out of here and get on your way. Out! Out! Out!

Come on, out. On your way.

Wait a minute.

It ain't right for no human being to go hungry.

I'll make you some breakfast before you go.

Now don't get any ideas. I got no patience with kids.

Especially runaways.

But it's just the opposite, sir. We're trying to find where home is.

Excuse me, but did you see a black cat?

Oh, yeah. Yours, huh?

Well, she's around somewhere.

Go on down to the water and clean yourselves off.

He just likes to bellow a lot. He's not really mean.

You've got to be kidding.

Sorry, Mr. Deranian. No sign of them.

A grocer reported loading up one of these big campers, about the time they got away.

They could have hidden in there. Any one of you spot a camper?

I let one go through. The driver was alone.

Big fellow? Older guy? A zip-up jacket with fair-colored hair?

That's the one. He was in a recreation vehicle heading north on highway L-38.

All right, north on highway L-38.

Now get out an APB on an RV heading north on L-38.

You see, Mr. O'Day, we don't expect to find our real parents, but maybe someone who knew them.

And can explain things to us.

We've got to make sure Mr. Bolt and Deranian don't catch us.

Well, maybe that's the truth, and maybe it ain't.

But I'm not going to complicate things.

I'm gonna be on my way.

What did I do with my keys? I know I had them in my...

I must have lost them out there.

You should have a spare key, sir.

I know that, young lady.

I am not a losing man. Least not till you showed up.

Sir? Do you know a place called Stony Creek?

Stony Creek? Yes. Good fishing there.

If we get the motor started... And clean up the back section...

Will you take us there?


So that's it!

You're nothing but a conniving pair of undersized land pirates!

You swiped my keys to make sure you'd get a ride!

Give me my keys. Sir?

The engine will start now.

All right.

You go back there and you clean up.

Make everything shipshape.

I'll see that you get to Stony Creek.

You just remembered something.

It has something to do with the ocean.

Come on.

Go on back, clean up. Let's get on the way.

Sure is a nice day.

Not with the prices you charge for gas.

Keep real still. This fellow's acting mighty peculiar.

Nobody can know we're with you.

Maybe not. At least you'll be out of my hair by tomorrow.

We should make it to Stony Creek by then.

How much? $10 even.

There you are.

Mr. O'Day? I think you bought too much.

Yeah, Winkie can't drink four quarts of milk between now and tomorrow!

Well, if you two weren't joshing me about Aristotle Bolt being after you, we might be together longer than we'd planned.

He's a powerful man, too po...

Motorcycle cop.

That attendant at the gas station.

You won't get in trouble, will you, Mr. O'Day?

It's not me he's after.

On second thought, I might not drop you off too soon.

I might be able to squeeze an honest day's work out of you.

Take you fishing.

Deep-sea fishing, maybe.

Pit you two against half a ton of blue marlin.

Tia, what are you thinking about?

About before. It had to do with fishing.

With Daddy Malone? No. No.

But we were on a boat.

A trawler.

Like Daddy Malone had.

That's all I remember.

Every law man in the county is probably looking for this camper.

There you are. Some hot chocolate?

Thank you. Mm-hm.

What's that you have there? My star case.

Here. Let me show you what we found in the secret compartment.

See where Stony Creek is, Mr. O'Day? Yes.

Well, there's a path that leads away from it. Up into some mountains.

We think that's where we may come from.

Somewhere in those mountains.

No, I don't think it was that way.

Not exactly.

There was an accident.

Well, go on!

I... It's gone.

What kind of an accident?

I don't know.

In a car? No.

At... On the ocean!

Someone helped me save my star case.

Well, who?

Whoever put the map in the star case hid it so well, it took you all these years to find it.

That's right, Mr. O'Day. Why would anybody do that?

I don't know. Maybe...

Maybe waiting for you to get old enough to do something about it.

Like now!

Very peculiar, huh?

I wonder...

I wonder how I'd handle you kids if you were mine.


Maybe that's why I never married, huh?

But, Mr. O'Day...

You were married.


A long, long time ago. And she was so pretty.

And you had a little house.

Yeah, I can see it.

It was white, with yellow shutters.

And there was a big elm branch over the whole roof.

Tony knows about people. He can see places they've been.

What else? Well, your wife died.

Only a few months after you were married. And you were so sad.

You took an oath that you'd never give your love to another woman, or to anyone.

And you never have.

I'm sorry, Mr. O'Day.

The name's Jason.

If you know so dang much about me, you might as well use it.

Jason, you understand? I like the name Jason.

We didn't mean to make you sad, Jason.

Come on. Are we going to dawdle here all night? Let's clean up here.

Get some sack time in.

We'll pull out of here a couple of hours before sunup.

They're headed towards Longview. Do you understand that, Sheriff?

Mr. Deranian, $1,000 reward speaks mighty clear in these parts.

You can count on me.

Yes, I'll do that, Sheriff. It's been a pleasure, a real...

A real pleasure.

Hey, Ubermann. Over there.

This time no mistake.

Now, listen close. We're coming into Longview.

My brother's house is about two miles outside of town up the north road.

His name is Hiram O'Day.

There's a car behind us, Jason.

Somewhere in Longview I'll find a place to make a fast turn and a quick stop.

You two jump out the side door and hide, you got that?

Sure, Jason. You watch Winkie, now.


I'll keep going. If luck is with us, Deranian and his pal will follow me.

You wait till he gets past.

Then we'll head for your brother's house, right?

Hiram O'Day.

Don't lose him.

Well, now! Welcome to Longview.

6:10 a.m. Okay, let's have your names.

Tony Castaway. Tia Casta...

Castaway? That's no name, it's a word.

Your legal name is Malone, and don't go kidding me about that.

I think I'll let you see what lying to the law gets you.


In you go.

Tony, I've been thinking about why we would have said our name is "Castaway."

I think it might have something to do with us speaking another language.

When the Malones took us in. Another language?

That's why we didn't talk for so long.

You mean we had to learn English?

We spoke a funny kind of language. Uncle Bene spoke it to us.

Who's Uncle Bene?


I think he died. Drowned.

What did he look like?

He had white hair...

I'll tell you, we don't want no panic around here, Sheriff.

Well, I've been in touch with Mr. Deranian and he's on his way.

I'll be home if you need me, Sheriff.

Tia, we've gotta think of something fast.

Hey, Tony, look.

Tony, that bear looks so unhappy.

Tia, we need my harmonica.

Now open the cell door.

When I get the star case, you run out to the edge of the woods.

As soon as I free the bear, I'll be there.

Tia, how do you expect us to get anyplace with a great big bear?

He's counting on me.

But this is an emergency. Come off it, will you?

We still have to get past the sheriff. Why don't you start thinking about that?

Hey. Hey, what?

Get that thing off of me!

I just hope we don't have to pass a zoo before we get where we're going.

Look, I know what I saw!

And I say there's only one explanation!

Those two kids are witches! And they're from Witch Mountain.

I want every available townsman to arm themselves, and we'll divvy up into hunting groups.

Hey, Sheriff. Whatcha gonna do, chase them all the way to Witch Mountain?


We'll stop them before they get there!

Now you listen close and I'll give you the areas to cover.

Those look like hunting parties.

They got away, Mr. Deranian, but we know what they are.

Evil itself. We got to catch them.

He's right. They're from Witch Mountain.

Sheriff, we need some more ammunition.

All right.

We'll get them, Mr. Deranian.

They've really got blood in their eyes.

There's no use trying to reason with them now, sir.

Security? This is Deranian.

I want a complete check on a Jason O'Day.

Tia, I know how you feel about the bear, and I think he's real neat too, but...

Well, a lot of people are gonna be looking for us, and he'll be safer on his own.

Anyway, they might shoot him. Just for the sport of it.


He'll be safe there until tonight. Then he can move on when it's dark.

Maybe you're right. I'll talk to him.

You be a good bear and wait in that cave.

We don't want anything to happen to you.

Tony, his feelings were hurt.

Watch it!



These woods are full of hunters looking for you. They think you're witches.

Brother Hiram ain't home, but I'll get you some food.

You'll have a good rest.

There's a brother. Hiram O'Day.

244 Cahill, just north of Longview.

Fifteen minutes. We can be there in 15 minutes.

But I still can't figure out why we both came up with a name like "Castaway."

I noticed that you two are very smart for your years.

You really know what a "castaway" is?

Sure. It's like being shipwrecked and left on a desert island.

Ah. Tony, I just remembered!

"Castaway." That's the name of someone we're supposed to see.

That's funny. I just remembered the same thing.

But suppose you two are castaways?

Then it would sure fit things Tia's been remembering.


We were in some kind of wreck, Jason. And we were in the sea.

You mean like a boat sinking?

I guess. But if it was a boat, I don't remember where it came from.

We had an uncle.

Uncle Bene.

He kept us afloat. And then he drowned.


For a long time we didn't understand anything anyone would say.

You must have come from some other country.

But we won't know all the truth until we get to the mountains above Stony Creek.

Like it shows on the map. Witch Mountain.

My brother Hiram mentioned that place to me in his letters.

He said some strangers came and settled there, kept pretty much to themselves, and nobody ever knew where they came from.

You think they might be your people?

They must be!

Security? Have you notified Mr. Bolt of our destination?

Then do so.

We've just received communication from Mr. Deranian, sir.

He's on his way to a Mr. Hiram O'Day's cabin in the hills north of Longview.

Don't just sit here, get going! Yes, sir.

Well, when Hiram gets home he's gonna find his cupboard is bare.

Gotta get going.

Come on, camper's out in back.


Can you hear me?

We need another favor.

Tia, come on. Come on, Tia.

There's no way we can get by them without their seeing us.

I remember more.

It wasn't just Uncle Bene who died in the ocean when our ship went down, a lot of other people died too.

And those people, the people that live here in these mountains, well, all of us came from the same country, but on different ships.

Why then now, you mean yours sank, and the others made it to port?

But, Tony, it wasn't a country. It was a place.

Yeah, a place that isn't there anymore.


That's why my people called themselves that, and...

And this was the emblem for where we used to live.

Two stars? I don't know no place named that.

It wasn't called that.

No. Two stars... Because our world had two suns!

Double stars! Another planet!

A whole other solar system!

Well, then... It wasn't a boat.

It was a spaceship!

Our planet was dying.

The only industry left was the manufacturing of spaceships.

Like ours.

And we had to find another planet to live on.

Then the other ships in your cluster landed here in these mountains, and yours didn't make it.

I think we might have been the only ones on our spaceship to have survived.

We lost them again.

We're going to go south on highway 211. Why don't you search the north?

Not too many people around, are there?

"Misty Valley Cooperative." This is it.

Maybe they've gone out to lunch.

We'll wait.

Are you the Longview bunch chasing after those two witch kids?

That's right, mister.

My name's Cort. You the guy's putting up the reward or what?

Yes, that's right. Except that it's now $5,000.

Five thousand, huh? But there's a catch.

I want those two children alive. I don't care what happens to the old man.

They were last seen in a camper headed this way.

Those words got a mighty good sound, friend.

Any idea where to look for them?

Well, they're not around here. That's for sure.

Maybe the next town up the line. Stony Creek?

Stony Creek?

We're changing course now.

They sure had time enough for a lunch break.

There's something to do with the phone book.

Let me have another look at that map.

Misty Valley Cooperative.

I was calling the Castaway family and I was wondering if...

It's all right. Were you looking for Mr. Castaway?


Watch it! Here comes Deranian!

Is this Tony? Yes.

Is Tia with you? Yes. Who is this?

Thank the blessed stars!

We've been searching for you for years.

Now listen carefully. Everything must time out.

Take the back door and go to Mr. O'Day's camper.

Children, we want to make sure Mr. Deranian doesn't lose you.

We have a plan that should discourage them from ever pursuing you again.

Come on! Come on!

Everything's all right, Jason.

You've got a funny idea of what's "all right."

Maybe Bolt can spot the RV from the helicopter.

Hey, men, come on!

We've got a fix on them, sir. Robertson Canyon. Headed north.

There's no way he can lose us in that monster he's driving.

Close in on them.

He's not exactly crawling.

They're getting closer, Tony.

Good driving, Al.

How'd we wind up here? Another fine mess you...

Come on, let's get out... Look out. The door!

Guys, let's go.

Very ingenious, Tony.

But don't forget, we want Deranian to see what's coming up.

I don't understand, sir.

Well, we have something planned that will convince Deranian and Bolt that you're both out of their reach forever.

Deranian, listen to me.

I spotted a route that lets you cut in ahead of them.

It's the second turn on the left.

Now signal the others not to follow you. Repeat. Not.


I don't believe it.

It's what you call levitation. That ain't what I call it.

You two got powers beyond belief.

We're not doing this.

This is something too powerful for us to do.

Somebody else is making this happen.


That thing's flying upside down.

That's impossible.

That kind of vehicle can't fly upside down.

It's not supposed to fly at all.

They're not upside down. We are.

The voice says we should get out here and wait.

We'll never forget you, Jason.

Would you take care of Winkie?

Oh, no. Winkie's your cat.

It wouldn't be right for her to be with anybody else.

It would make us happy.

It sure would. And I think Winkie would like it too.

Maybe we ought to ask Winkie how she feels about that.

Winkie, how do you feel about going around now with a crusty old man?

Look, if you don't mind...

I'd like to plan on, uh, remembering you two as if you were my kids.

The kids I never had.

Uncle Bene! Uncle Bene!

Uncle Bene!

Oh, you all did so well.

Congratulations, Jason O'Day.

You're a man of courage and compassion.

Uncle Bene, we thought you'd drowned.

Well, now if you know exactly what to say to a shark, he can be very accommodating.

Ah, Tia.

You never forgot. You didn't lose the star case.

We only found the map a few days ago.

Well, I knew when you were old enough to understand it, you'd find it.

It's good to know that there are Earth men such as you, Mr. O'Day.

If the stars are willing, perhaps some of the other children who survived will find men equally as kind.

There are more? Yes.

All with star cases and maps.

So far, only Tia and Tony have found the way.

Well, now that I know what to keep my eyes peeled for, perhaps I could spot these surviving kids and bring them here.

Deranian's car.

I'll have to tend to Bolt's helicopter.

Stay and watch.

You'll see how we came into this world of yours.


Stop this thing!

I'm all right! Where are the children?

I should've known there was more than ESP with those two.

Well, they're home now.