Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) Script

We're ready, boss.

You can go.

Move, let's move the cars.

Let's go.

Move, let's move the cars. Let's go!

Mum? Hello!

Can you hear me? Is it you, my son?

Yes, it's me! I can't hear you.

Now you hear me? Yes, yes! Now it's better.

I want to pray with you.

You do the introduction.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Tomorrow I'll go to jail and I'm scared you'll abandon me, my Lord.

And that you might not understand my actions.

I just want to remind you that everything I do, I do out of love of my family, to protect them from all evil and danger.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Put every thing under the bed.


Hurry up-

Hi Nick. Get ready. Pablo wants to see you.

What now?

Tell my brother to push the tickets one day. ok?

Ok. Ok.

Don't worry.

Follow me.

Good evening. Good evening, Pablo.

We are all family, right?

Have a seat.

Nico, sit over there.


I've made a deal with the Government.

Tomorrow, I'll surrender to the authorities.

I'll be in jail... for a while.

Till things get quiet again.

I've called you all in person because I need the help... of the people I trust the most.

Our job is to hide our economic power from our enemies.

And this treasure is the life and the future of our families and children.

And we'll be the only ones to know where it's hidden.

So... the question is: are you ready to help me?

I am, Pablo. We're family.

Till death, patron. Whatever may come.

And you, Nico?

Me too.

Very good.

Reach hands.

One, two, three! Let's do!


Heavy metal, the workers can come out.

Come on, people!

Pepito, you're gonna be in the first car.

Alfonso, you're gonna be in the second car.

Nico, the third one.

Ricardo, in the fourth.

Felipe, you're in the fifth. And Juan, in the sixth.

Group One, load the trucks as fast as possible.

Take these. Water too. Thank you Boy, take care.

May God be with you.

I see you've got two sandwiches.


You're ok?


Nick, I need you to go to the town of ltuango.

We're right here.

You take the fifteen, come around here... and this is the town right here. Ituango.

When you get to the main square, park in front of the church.

A local campesino will come to you.

He's your guide.

He will ask you: what's the number?

And you will say setenta y dos.

Setenta y dos...


Don't forget this number.

Then he will take you to the cave and you will put everything inside. In that cave.

Once everything is secure, the campesino will blow up the entrance.

When the cave is sealed, then you can drive back down the mountain.

When you see the town of ltuango and you know you can get back on your own, you're gonna stop the car and you're gonna tell the campesino you're having problems with the wheel.

Ask him to get out of the car and then you're gonna walk up to him and you're gonna shoot him in the head with this.

This is a 9mm.

He is loaded, ok?

The safety is on. Off, on.

Off, on. Off, on.

Now, let me put this right under your thigh.

That That way you can always get to it.

Then you're gonna drive back to the main square.

In front of the church there is a restaurant.

Inside that restaurant there is a phone.

I want you to call me on this number to confirm that everything went well.

When you shot the campesino make sure you put that gun as close as you can to his head. ok?

Now Nick, listen.

It will be easy to kill him if you don't know anything about him.

So don't engage a conversation.

You're ok?

I've never done anything like this before.

We're all making sacrifices, Nico,

and I'm very proud of you.

You're like a son to me.

Good luck.

It's gonna be over quick.

That's for all: 20,000 pesos for transport.

Transporte... We never talked about any money for transport.

What are you talking about?

In this car.

Guys, when I will tell you, pull at the same time.

This is all I have.

Nick! Hold up.

This guy is trying to cheat us.

He wants more money for transport.

Ok, this is all we have, ok?

Take this.

The truck don't go.

Good, Ricardo.

Eso. That's good.

Excuse me.

Do you speak English? Yes.


I was wondering if we could rent your truck?


Yes. To help us transport our wood.

For how much?

I could give you surf lessons in exchange?

Are you planning to import more Yankees around here?


Yankees! Yeah... Maybe.

Seriously. I don't rent my truck.

You can have it for free.


Are you serious?

Go with him.

That's amazing. Thank you! That's gonna help us so much.

By the way: we're not Yankees, we're Canadians. It does make a difference.

Does it?

Thank you.

Let it down!

Take that shit down.

Wake up! Get up!

Get up, get up, get up! Everybody up! Get up.

Wake up! Wake up!

What the hell are you doing! Don't do that!

Let's speak.

Let's speak. You are the boss?

Yeah! Yeah, I'm the boss.

Come here.

Come here.

Nothing's gonna happen to you.

You think you can come to my woods and do as you like, or what?


They told me that this doesn't belong to anyone.


This place is mine.

Everything around here is mine.

If you want to do something here...

Business... You have to pay.

Come to the village.

Ask for the Rolando brothers.

Everyone knows who we are.

All right.

All right.

Move forward, sissy!


What was that, Dylan?

What do they want?

What do you think they want?

They want money.

So guys, we just met the local thugs.

Don't worry, brother. They'll forget about us.

Are you looking for someone?


I was looking for you.

Yeah, the truck really helped. Here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Flowers! Thank you.

I'm Nick Brady by the way.


Maria, that's a beautiful name.

Thank you.

Is this your house?

Yes. Well, until the clinic is finished.

We do charity work for poor communities.

That's great!

Who is "we"? My uncle.

I work for him.

Oh! Uncle Pablo!


Can I have a glass of water?

I'm really thirsty.

So what is it that you have against yankees?

I'm so sorry, I was rude.

Yeah. You were very rude. You were like...

"Are you going to import more "jankees" around here?"

It's just that all of you foreigners come here and think you found paradise.

All I see is what is wrong with it.

Malnutrition, illiteracy, poverty...

A lot of people need help around here.

You could find more fulfilling ways to live here if you wanted.

What do you mean?

I don't know...

I mean that surfing is not the only option.

Who said I came here to surf?

You know my brother... He lost his ability to surf.

But he always had this dream of coming back and living here.

I just want to see him happy again.


I have to get up at five tomorrow.

That's early.

Thank you.

That was a great glass of water.



You know it's a... It's kind of a long walk back in the dark.

You're a big boy. You can do it.

Maria! You almost had it!

No Nick. I don't want to do this, ok?

I hate surfing, really, you are a bad teacher.

I'm not a bad teacher, come on! You're so close!

You almost had it.

I have to go! ok?

Oh you're killing me. You're killing me.

Will you come?

I don't know. Please say yes.

Maybe. Yes.

Yes, maybe. Yes or maybe?

Yes, maybe. That's it! Ok.

Off you go.

I kill you.

You're gonna kill me?

Yes. You have to be there.

Special greeting for the young people of this town.

I'm thankful to all the people who have helped renovating this clinic.

This hospital...

This hospital is but one small step towards the life you deserve.

I'm proud of my humble origins.

My family never had great means.

And we experienced the same problems most Colombian families are faced with daily.

I promise you...

I promise you that if I can do anything I'll keep fighting for your rights.

Civismo en marcha will provide you with a shield that will protect you from all evil.

Thank you very much!

People from Turbo, once more let's thank Pablo Escobar Gaviria.

Come on!

Why didn't you come over?

Why didn't you come over?

Not in my shorts, you know...

Ok. You might be right. He's kind of old style.

He really wants to meet you.

That's nice.

What is it?

I'm not ready for you to leave here.

Everything is going to be find for us.

I know.

This jacket... with these pants.

If it fits big, I'll fix it. Thank you.

Can I help you, Sir?

No, you can't.

Gringo, get out.

Come here.

Come on.

Come on, man.

Stop it! Please stop it, it's going to kill him!

Stop it, it's going to kill him! Stop it, it's going to kill him!

It's beautiful, no? Very beautiful.

Hi! What's up, bonita?

Juanita! Your dress is beautiful!

This is Nick.

Nice meeting you. Maria's spoken so much about you.

I really want you to meet him.

So nice to see you!

You're so elegant! How are you?

Now I need your attention. This is my boyfriend Nick.

He's my uncle, the doctor Prieto.

His wife. And all my cousins.

See you later.


Aunt! I was looking for you.

This is Nick. Nice meeting you. You've had lunch?

Yes. Where is Pablo? Over here, in the water.

Can we go say hi?

I'll ask him. I'll be right back.

She's going to ask Pablo. Ok.

Pablo, go get dressed.

Maria wants to introduce her boyfriend to you.

Come over, Maria love, come!

Hi Maria! Hi prince, how are you?


Did you have a good flight? Very good.

Happy birthday, uncle Pablo! Thank you.

At last, Pablo, this is Nick.

Hi. Welcome, Nick. Thank you.

Does he speak Colombian? No. No, English.

Well, Maria says very good things about you.

Thank you. Happy birthday, Mr Escobar!

Call me Pablo.

Maria, show him around the house and introduce him to Grandma.

Go, go see Grandma. We're going to now, Pablo.

We are so proud that Maria opened up a clinic for the poor.

She's adorable.

My uncle has an obsession with gold.

That's an expensive obsession.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you,

Hey to Pablo!

A Speech!

In the sky fly the clouds going toward the sea.

God, how I love you.

I cannot...

embrace... so much happiness,

How did he make all his money?


People here in Colombia have been chewing coca leaves since the beginning of time.

Pablo is just exporting a national product.

Most of the money he makes goes to the poor.

You go to any of the barrios and ask the people there: they love him.

Come on. Dance with me.

I'm sorry Nick, did I wake you?

It's ok.

Maria wanted us to talk.

She's been going: "Tio Pablo. Nick this, Nick that."

"Nick, Nick, Nick..."

"Nick this, Nick that."

ls everything ok? ls your room ok?

Yeah. Yeah it's great. Thank you.

So Maria tells me that your brother lives at the beach?

And what does he do there?

He has a small business, they serve food and drinks, and I give surfing lessons. It's like a surf camp, sort of.

Ah, it's nice. Yeah...

That's nice.

That's nice.

Nick? Do you believe in God?


That's good.

Do you take drugs?

No. No I mean, it's not really for me.

That's good.

I've seen drugs eat the souls of many great men.

Well, listen, Nick.

I just wanted to say that Maria is like a daughter to me and we're very happy if she's found a good match.


That's good.

Are you serious about her?

Yeah, absolutely.

Do you love her?

Yeah. More than anything. Good.

True love.

True love.

That's the best.

True love.

Good. So what happened to your arm?

I got attacked by a dog.

That's a big dog.

What happened?

Just some locals... They wanted us to pay to be on the beach and we didn't give in.

And that was their dog? Yeah.

Nick, did you like this song I sang to my wife tonight?

Yeah, that was great.

I didn't understand all of it, but it was beautiful.

- I'll get a translation. Perfect.

Maybe one day you'll sing it to Maria?

In front of all your friends.


We had a good talk.


Get some rest.

I'll see you in the morning.

Good night. Good night.

Light, camera, action!

Kiss again.

Nick and Maria will soon be married and they will give many babies to their family.

Right, Nick?

Yep. Yep. Hopefully.

You'd better be fast or we'll extradite you back to Canada.

Now a big round of applause to the new member of the Escobar Gaviria family.

Come on.

Did you tell Escobar anything about the Roldano Brothers?

They were killed. Two days ago.

They were hung upside down and burned alive.

Everyone in town is saying that Escobar and his men did it.

It's not true, brother.

He would never do something like that.

He offered me a job at the Hacienda.

Wait, he did what?

I want you to be happy for me, ok?


Nick, you've gotta listen to me on this one...


Good morning, Carmen. Good morning, Nick.

Daniela. Good morning, Nick.

Good morning.

Keep going. Keep going.

Are you tired? Yes.

Yes? Yes.

Nico, come!

No, buddy. I can't. Look at his face.

He's dead, Luis.

There you go.

Yeah. I don't want to.

It's your turn.


Luis, get ready!

What are you doing? It's sunday.

That's ok, I'm just grabbing the pony for Luis.

Nick, there's no one there to help you!

It's ok, I can do it.

Watch out!

Who's that? Nick. Maria's boyfriend.

Finish it off.

At last we meet, Nick. It's a pleasure.

My name is Drago Gutierrez, I work for el patron too.

I know Maria since she was a little kid.

Everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Look at me.

Bambi, get me the boss. We have a problem.

You know who died in this car?

Clyde Barrow.


Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker... Oh, yeah, yeah.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Get in.

No fear, Nico, no fear.

Bonnie Parker died right where you're sitting.

She had fifty bullet holes in her body.

Someone close to them betrayed them and they fell into a trap.

If I fall into a trap like Bonnie and Clyde, that's no good.

That's why I have to trust everyone near me.

So, if you see anything strange around here, you come and tell me, ok?

Not a word to anyone.

Not even Maria.


I understand.

Feind hiort mit.

The enemy's listening.


You didn't sleep all night.

Everything's ok?

Let's go back to the beach.

Please. I miss that life, Maria.

Trust me, let's go back there.

I thought you loved it here.

It's just so different. Go with me, please.

This is my family, Nick.

What is it, Nick?

You are not happy with me?

You want to leave me?


Maria, I can't even imagine a life without you.

Then what is it?

Everybody loves you here.

You're part of my family.

Nico. Come and sit next to your fiancée.

Please be careful with those frames, put them here.

It's the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Congress.

Senator Pablo Escobar has been found to have a criminal record as a drug dealer.

This operation is having significant results so we need to have the national public and armed forces support it.

This will give you an idea of the magnitude of the narco trafficking problem we have in this country.

First, the Minister of Justice lied when he said that...

Pablo Escobar had a criminal record in the United States.

Hello, Nick. Hello.

Hello, Nico.

As you can see we're moving everyone out of the Hacienda.

For a little while. You and Maria will go to your brother's until we find you a place in Medellin.

Drago will show you how to use everything inside this bag.

What is this?

It's for self defense, Dylan. Are you shitting me?

I don't want a gun in my house!

What is it?

Is it the money? ls it?

Is it really worth it to become like them?

I'm not like them.

You're breaking my heart, man.

I don't want Anne to know anything about this.

So, you make something up, you pack your bags and you leave.

Don't make a scene.

Guys! Come to the radio!

The Minister of Justice has been killed.

They say it was Pablo.

They say that he's declared war on the government.

This is your bedroom.


This is the kitchen, and this is Pablo's bedroom and Pablo's bathroom.

And this is Pablo's money. You don't touch it.

He needs to keep moving around these days.

But don't worry, this war will soon be over.

Are you done with the cash? lt's all done boss.

Let's go! Let's go, chiquitin!


Have fun.

The assassination of the Minister of Justice, Rodrigo Lara Bonilia has Colombia on the verge of a civil war.

These are chilling words from Pablo Escobar's last interview.

The Minister of Justice lied to the country six times.

He said he wasn't going to resign.

Let's see what happens in the next few days.

Everyone who opposes Pablo Escobar is a potential target of his assassins.

The epidemic of violence is unprecedented.

Innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire.

American forces have now joined the biggest manhunt in Colombia's history for the drug Lord.

Escobar, confronting this new threat, responds with a brutal wave of terror.

The cartel will soon pay for their crimes.

Escobar and his allies are an enemy of the state.


Boys, try these delicious beans that Maria made for patron.

It's Ramirez.

Dursi, how are you?

All set.

Boys, we have to get going.

I'll call you later.

This son of a bitch.

Nico. I'm just gonna watch the game and then I go.

Have a beer, have a beer, here.

How's Maria feeling?

She's fine.

Just fine?

Yeah, she's ok.

Maybe she's pregnant.

No. Definitely not.

What are you waiting for, Nico?

Attack. Attack, Nico, attack.

We're working on it.

He's working on it.

Shouldn't be work, Nick, shouldn't be work...

Your brother has a kid, hum?

Yeah. And they're expecting another one.

You can do it.

They're actually thinking about going back to Canada.

She's kind of homesick and wants to go back there.

I want to ask you, I think that it might be good for me and Maria to go back too.

At least for a little while, until things cool off around here.

That's not a good idea, Nico. Not now.

Does Maria know about it?

Yeah, we talked about it.

It's because they're hitting like goats.

Why does your brother wanna go back?

Has he been having trouble at the beach?

No, that's all over, thank God.

Thank God?

What do you mean thank God?

Nothing. Just a figure of speech.


'Cause God has done nothing to do with it.

It was you, Nick.

It was your intervention that got those people killed.

You're as guilty as I am.

Camillo, can you come help me with this?


Nick, we forgot the salt.

Thanks so much for doing this. It's been impossible to get away.

How are you getting to the airport? Just don't worry about it.

Just buy us tickets for Friday, ok? We'll meet you guys there.

I'm glad to have you back, brother.

I love you, Dylan. I love you too. Get out of here.

Bye bye.

Hi, Nick.

It will be easy to kill him if you don't know anything about him.

We're all making sacrifices, Nico.

And I'm very proud of you.

You're like a son to me.

You want melons?

Take some. No, thank you.

Two for 80 pesos. Take them, they're delicious.

Take them.

Take them, take them. Take them.

Take them. They're delicious.

No, no, no, thank you.

Ok then.


Let's go! Come on! Start the car.

Start the car, brother. What are you waiting for?

Who are you?

I'm Martin.

Broke leg.

No come.

He can't come. I'm Martin.

I take you.

I'll take you.

What's the number?

Don't look. Don't look!

Don't move, understand?

It's not working.

This phone never worked.

If you have another one, it's very important.

Follow me. It's here.

This way. Thank you.


I need to speak to the man that gave me this number.

Nico, tell me.

I'm here at the church.

The campesino couldn't come cause he broke his leg so he sent his son.

He seems to know how everything goes but... he's just a kid.

Am I supposed to do everything the same

until the end?

Call me when it's all over.

Everything okay?

The number is 72.

We have to go this way. 72. That's it.

Let's go.

If I had been driving, we would have been here like an hour ago.

But you're driving like you're scared or something.

Well whatever, there's your cave.

But I know these mountains like the back of my hand and you're driving like one or two kilometers per hour, you feel me?

Hey, here it is, 72.

It's nicely done.

Brother, it's almost time to eat.

Es que hay hungry.

My wife prepare very good food.

You have a wife?

Yes, of course.

Of course, brother.

This is my wife, Estrella.

And my son, Martin Junior.

This is my son.

How old are you?


We have to work, we'll eat later.

They're heavy, no?

What's inside?

Just go wait for me outside.


All right. I'm going to set the dynamite and the cable.

Good job.

Do you want I drive? No, I'll drive.

You ok, Nick?

I'm fine.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Get back in the car.

Come here.

Come here.

You need to listen to me.

It's very important.

Your life is in danger.


I will take you to your house.

You'll have five minutes to get your family and leave ltuango.

Leave ltuango.



This... is a lot of money.

A lot of money for you and your family.

But you have to leave, Martin!

You have to leave right now!

I knew it, brother.

There's treasure in those boxes, huh?

No, no, no. You have to forget.

How am I supposed to forget this? This is a treasure.

Listen to me, Martin!

You have to leave ltuango now!

Please, understand me, Martin!

Please, listen to me!

Why do you want me to leave ltuango?

I don't want to leave ltuango.

I have family.

I have friends.

I work.

No, I can't leave here.

I can't leave ltuango.

Thanks, but there's no way.

Keep them.

Thank you.

With this, I'll buy my son some really nice clothes.

And for my wife, I'm going to buy her a huge bed.

So she'll feel like a princess.

Thank you.

Do you wanna drive?

You sure?

Yeah. Just go around the car.


Finally I'm going to drive.

With this, I'll even get myself a gift.

Maybe even buy myself a car one day.

Stop! I'm trying to help you! I'm trying to help you!

You have to leave!

You have to take your family and leave!

Do you understand me?

I will kill you! I swear to God, I will kill you!

Do you understand me?

Which way?

Which way?



I need another way.


You have five minutes o get your family and get out.

Do you understand?


Where is your house? This is my house.

Do you have a phone? No, but there's one in the hotel.

You go up and start. I'll be there in five minutes. Go!

Don't be stupid, I'm watching you.


Yeah, I found him on the street and you know how his wife is really sick.

Yeah, his wife is real sick and he's real sad.


Yes, please. Well then, I'll call you later.

You can use the phone.

Thank you.

Nick? Maria.

Listen I think I'm in trouble, ok. I couldn't...

Oh, my God.

I'm so happy to hear your voice!

Calm down. What's going on?

Everybody was shot today.

Juanita's father called her and told her that you were with him and Felipe and Juan...

And now they are all dead, Nick! I thought you were dead!

I thought you were dead, Nick!

Maria, I need you to listen to me and don't think I'm crazy, ok?

I think that Pablo is trying to kill me.

What are you talking about? I don't have time to explain.

You need to get out of the house right now.

It's not safe.

Martin de la Pena Vasquez.

At last we meet. A pleasure.

Where's the gringo?

If you tell me, I'll let you live.

So you can give your family a decent funeral.

If you don't, I'll kill you.

Let's meet in Bogota.

Tomorrow morning at 9 AM in front of the Canadian Embassy.

There's a Church across from the embassy, let's meet there at 9 AM.

I'll be there, I promise.

I'm scared, Nick.

Me too.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

"They decided to take Mowgli to the men immediately.

From here on out, you'll take care of yourself.

As Mowgli got up and left the jungle..."

Hello. Who's there?

I wanna speak to him.

Speak to me. Where are you?

I wanna speak to him now.

I wanna know why all the men that left with me are dead.

Why aren't you calling from the restaurant?

How do you know I'm not calling from the restaurant?

Because no one has called you to confirm they've killed me yet.

Is that it?

Are you still there? I thought you said it.

I didn't say shit. Put Pablo Escobar on the phone right now.

You can tell him his treasure's in danger.

"When Mowgli stopped to rest, a happy bear wandered over, named Baloo.

Baloo figured that the elephant had much to learn..." Excuse me, patron.

There's a little problem with the Canadian.

He never made it to the restaurant.

Darling, you know who's calling?

Nick, Maria's boyfriend. Do you want to talk to him?

Ask him where he is. And tell him we thought we lost him in the jungle, like Mowgli.

Nick, where are you? You got lost in the jungle lost like Mowgli?

No. I'm not lost. Can I speak with your dad, please?

We're drawing the animal from the hacienda I know, I know.

And I'm going to draw you too.

I need to speak to your daddy right now.

What's up, Nico? Everything good?

You want me dead?

Where are you, man?

Pablo, the man that answered the phone made a mistake.

How could he know I wasn't calling from the restaurant?

Who's over there waiting for me?

Answer me.

Nick, when you was a kid, did you read The Jungle Book?

Stop this bullshit and answer me! I am answering you, Nick.

Just listen.

Remember the end? When he leaves his friends in the jungle and goes to the village where the humans are?

Well, today I am Mowgli.

Unfortunately... you're one of those friends that I have to leave behind.

You said I was like a son to you.

Nick, there are laws of nature and once they take control, you have to accept them.


The man is not coming to the restaurant.

He's somewhere outside.

Cap y, Drago.

Get out of there and come over here.

I see Drago.

Just say hello.

Nick, Maria is gonna be fine.

Please, help me. The way out is back there.

I know, I know, please.


Open. The exit is back there.

Please, please.

It's a different key.

Where the hell are you going? There's no exit over there.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Have you seen the gringo? Yes.

How long ago? He left this way a minute ago.

Sit down and don't move.

The man is nearby. Go check the houses over there.

Allo? Patron.

He escaped when I was about to catch him.

I'm going to ask the police for help.

Don't worry, patron. Trust us. He's not going to escape us.

Don't worry.

I've already checked the car.

Go check the hotel, the houses on the block.

Get going!

Captain, this is Drago Gutierrez.

I need a few men here to close a perimeter around ltuango.

Send quite a few men. To return the favor to the boss, is that clear?

We're looking for a gringo!

He's dangerous!

This gringo is an enemy of Pablo Escobar!

Don't hide him!

Don't help the gringo!

If he gets into your house, get him out.

This gringo is an enemy of Pablo Escobar!

Come on, let's go!

Good afternoon, captain.

He's hiding out somewhere around here.

We'll look for him.

We have to find him, and kill him. Ok, we'll kill him.

Look in that house over there.

Over here, and up there. Hurry before he escapes.

You are the man of the family.

Your priority is to take care of your mom and your little sister. Yes, sir.

For you, Papa-

Take care of yourself. You know that we need you.

Don't worry, my love.

The hard part is over.

I'll be safe, don't worry.

You look nice in that.

I'll call you when I'm inside.

Please do.

Chiquitin. Come.

What is it, patron?

What happened to Bambi when he crossed the street?

He got run over. Affirmative.

Let's go.

Go and get it.

Go, go.

Colombia News.

Greetings to our audience from Colombia News.

The whole country is on hold.

The top drug trafficking capo in Colombia and boss of the dangerous Medellin cartel, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, should surrender to the authorities on a soccer field in Envigado ending a war that has brought the country to its knees.

A huge crowd have already gathered here, calling out his name.

This confirms the controversy about this criminal who is loved and feared in equal proportion.

Today is a great day for Colombia, because Pablo Escobar agreed to put an end to this violence which had spread all over the country.

Don't move or I'll shoot you!

Don't kill me. Please, don't kill me.

Handcuff yourself.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Get in the back!


We are looking for a white male from the age of 25 to 30.

Suspect may be impersonating a police officer.

Suspect is wanted in connection with the slaying of a family of five in ltuango, including a five month old baby.

He is armed and very dangerous.

To all units in the ltuago area:

I didn't kill anybody.

The subject has a police officer as hostage.

I didn't kill anybody.

Get out!

Get in the front.

Handcuff yourself to the steering wheel.

Come on, quickly, quickly.

If I don't come back for you, someone will find you.

Today is a very important day for Colombia.

Pablo Escobar has turned himself in to the demand of Justice in a deal that will end the violence that has gripped the country.

The authorities who will escort him to prison will rendezvous with Escobar at the Evigado soccer field, where thousands of his supporters are waiting for his arrival...


- Anne, it's Nick. Hi, Nick.

I need to talk to Dylan, right now. He can't come to the phone right now.

I need you to go get him, ok? It's very important.

Where are you?

Anne, are you listening to me? I need to talk to Dylan now!

Sorry, Nick. He's not here.

You need to take the baby, get my brother and get out there, ok? It's not safe!

Your lives are in danger! Do you understand me?

Are you listening to me?

Please, do what I say.

Nick, where are you?

I need to know where you are, please. Just tell me.

Tell me where you are.

I need you to tell me something.

Are you alone?

No, no.

Is my brother okay?


Anne, please, talk to me.

Do you know what's happen to Dylan? Come on, tell me.

I'm sorry.

Anne talk to me. What's going on?

I can't.

You need to tell me what's happening.

Tell me what's going on.

What's the matter with Dylan? Where is he?

Anne... Anne!

Anne, talk to me! Please!

Anne, listen to me! Where is Dylan?


Make sure everyone gets a little bit of money.

Come on.

Make sure everyone gets a little bit of money.


Tell me, patron. Get Maria out of here.

Why? Get her out here.

Where is she? I don't see her.

Where do you think you're going, Nico?

No one escapes Pablo Escobar.

I will kill you,

as we killed your brother.

Drago, what happened with Nico?

I'm still alive.



Pablo, it's time to go.

You made a deal, Pablo. You have to go.

Did you want the blessing?


May the strength of God Almighty and the Holy Spirit guide you in the decision you made.

I will ask the Lord to keep an eye on you.

When you talk to God, the Almighty, remind Him how much I do for His church... and for the poor of Medellin.

And tell Him that today I saw my family for the first time after months of solitude and distress.

And I probably won't see them for a long time.

He seems a bit distracted lately.

You tell Him, Father, that I'll have a powerful telescope...

pointed to the sky.

And from time to time, when I'll remember His existence, I, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, will keep my eye on Him.

Forgive me, Father.

And God bless you.

What happened?

No. Please.

No! Please!

Please! Nick!

Stay, stay. No, I'll be back.

I'll be back.



Help, please!

There is wounded man!


Nick, run!

Nick, run!

This is something, huh?