Eskil & Trinidad (2013) Script

Should we help each other, Eskil?

There we have, for example, Ritsem, Vietas, Seitevare -

Akkats, Letsi. Can it be any of them, you should move to?

Maybe. And if it's not there, I've probably lived there once.

Well, I must...

Goodbye, Eskil. Screw you.

It was fun to get to know you. You get it here -

So you can remember how we looked.

Nice to meet you. You too.

Goodbye, Si. See you maybe in the series.

Damn, Eskil!

How'd it go? Did you go with this time?

No. One day we catch the photographer.

How long should we stay there? They must be ready for Easter.

And Easter... Do you think she will?

I do not know if they have Easter holiday in Denmark. I ask.

Or I can travel there. What did you say?

Nothing. Speak Swedish.

You, Eskil...

Is not it time for the trick?

Cross, I'm tired. Wake up!

Take the wheel. No! Wake up!

No! Father, wake up!

Your new home arena. I thought you would see it.

Krister called the trainer. They also lack goalies here.

The first training is tomorrow at six.

Is not Roger Lundin? You played here for the inauguration of 96 Löven.

What are you doing here? Is it a comeback? No, I'm here with my boy.

Eskil be responsible for the boy team. Well.

They have had a bad season. However, if your kid says, will be in control.

We'll see.

"Control it." It may be good with the bad teams.

So you get plenty of playing time and can focus on the mental.

Is it you who will train me?

No, we are the only for Easter.

Where are we going? Vattenfall has, Eskil. I do not know.

Ice hockey is a sport. It is played in a frozen layer of liquid. Ice.

The course is 60 times 30 meters.

Man playing with a rubber washer. Puck.

First they played with a square puck. But we had no helmets.

When goalkeepers were affected by the sharp corners. Were they injured-

And sometimes died.

Is this it? No, I just need to pick up the keys.

Hello. Come and say hello, Eskil.

We just need to pick up the keys.

Are you already in place? When did I?

Yesterday. We are trained to unpack.

Come in. I put the coffee over. Come in now.

You know what it means, right? Storage Renovation has said.

A turbine broke during the test run.

Were they not in operation? No, the power plant is new.

They want it to go fast, so no one discovers errors.

We must control the turbine 2 There I am. Have you ever been with?

Messaure. Have you lived there? Maybe. I do not know.

Mirja! Will you come and help me?

This looks odd. It is well-General.

There, also in the center. And up there.

Great. It's something.

That's it. Covers you board?

Look, Mom! Now I look. What a jump!

I have it on the tongue... Your wife? Mette.

Is she here already? No, she's at home in Denmark.

She could not get a job up here. No, it's not easy. I understand that.

She is a journalist, right? Yes, she is working on a newspaper.

She'll probably visit on weekends?

No, she works. But I have to go there for Easter.


It is mother's box. It is good if she can take care of it.

This is my ship. She has built for me.

I have sharpened skates. Keep protectors on as long as possible.

And then this...

What I have been ticked. There is school. There need to be at 10 And so are you going to hockey hall there at six.

I'm late home, but there is money and shopping lists in time.

It can well clear, is not it? It's fine.

There is a surprise for you in the hockey bag.

Please do today. See you tonight.

We welcome Mirja and Eskil, which will be with us until Easter.

We have made the benches down there ready for you.

Shoot! Come on, Benny!

Hello! When training is over? Maybe at seven.

We start at six. Why?

There's been skating afterwards. Is that what you're doing?

No. Actually hockey. But they have no girls team, so I must wait.

Do you know where you are going next? No. And you?

Vattenfall has, you know.

Hey, Eskil! See. It is Trinidad!

Come, Eskil!

There she is. Trinidad. She gives candy to toddlers in school.

Then she takes them home and boil them in there.

So she hides greasy. Why is that?

If you drink young children fat, hepatic you anymore. She is over 150 years.

Do you know someone who has disappeared? No, it's so long ago.

I know what it is. A sweat box.

One steamer tree to be able to bend it.

Who bend wood? It was in a book.

Now it is in hockey. Come on.

Welcome, boys! Today I have changed little in the program.

Who is this?

Benny, you're hockey card king.

Look closely. Roger Lundin, keeper Björklöven.

And Luleå Hockey 1990-96.

Then he draftet the Flyers in 94 No, the New York Rangers in 95 It did not happen because of a knee injury. Well, Benny.

The guy on the map called me the other day.

He had to move here and asked if we could look at his kid -

Which is also the goal. Houses male. A week before the fate of the match.

He has no idea how welcome he is. Eskil Lundin!

Okay, gentlemen! Today we warm our new goal up.

Then we started.

Okay, slap shot from the top J-O.

Did something happen? You can just get some rest.

I gather here!

Well, Eskil. You'll soon into it.

The training was for his sake.

Not yours.

Now we make "idiot"...

From hell. It is for your sake.

The extended finish line!


Bottenhavet northern part. Easy to fresh wind.

First good. Later poor visibility.

The Bothwell Gulf from. Easy to fresh. Mostly southerly winds.

Observations at seven...

Hello. Mother. Now we have moved. And everything is of course as usual.

We live course of a river and a power plant.

The city says something in the same language. And of course there is hockey here.

The only. There is not, of course. Are you.

Although bruises can air all -

It would have been better. If you had breathed on them.

I hope not. I have ice in Denmark. So the ships can sail. Eskil.


What the hell... Eskil!

What is it? A søting. Yrvinds sextant.

You measure the sun's altitude above the horizon.

Where does it come from? I got it from mom.

Of course. Why I asked?

One must know what time it is, and then you go into a table...

What benefit do you have of this? Do you see a sun or horizon?

No, but with the mother in Denmark... For the rest, you know where you are.

Damn it.

Soon we must also to the coast.

Is there sunshine, you can try it there and see if it works.

I've tried it. I know it works.

Impact Target on the right! Nice.

Reflectors are important. Reflexes and...

Mod. Exactly. Excellent. See you tonight.


Holy shit!

It was Trinidad, our original.

Pentecostal and pacifier. Amazingly, it can go.

She lives by the old sawmill and comes only to retrieve packages.

She had found paradise and would take all of us. We had to be naked -

And goof off, she said.

So hot that she claimed there was, it was certainly hell.

She was a fool. Since then, she comes only to retrieve packages.

I would not let my children approach sawmill. You never know.

No. Thank you.

Eskil! Hello. Is this where you're hiding?

No, I need to send letter to mother. Stamp to Denmark, thank you.

You are visiting us might soon again?

What are you doing tonight? Come and eat. Mirja would be really happy.

It sounds nice, but I coach. A second time.

You say the word.


Eskil Lundin. It is you who is the new hockey goalie, right?

I am Benny's mother. Yesterday, even within the same class.

Nice. Yes. Maj-Lis.

Wait a minute! You have received a letter from Denmark.

"Dear Eskil. I send a picture of our new winter guest Freja -

A Marstal-ship. In came the other day."

"We have no ice. So the ships can come and go. As they will."

"I hope. That you soon. I miss you and your bruises."

"Kiss from Mom."

We gather here!

Thanks for today. See you tomorrow.

Do not forget to take a shower. Neither do you, Benny!

You and I must talk to you.

Come on.

As I see it, goalkeepers fools are constantly looking for the puck -

Even though they know that it does fucking hurt. I would never even think of that.

And even if you are Roger Lundin's kid, I do not think that you will.

I thought that I could offer you a back space instead.

So we let important Benny stand. He needs to be shot at.

But will he?

He will win.

I will too.


I will ask you a favor.

I understand if you say no, but I want to borrow your stuff.

Of course!

I can shoot if it is. Thank you!

Are you in?

Come on!

Yes please.

Who is it? One of my class. Mirja.


Hed she Mirja? And you are just old? Yes, she is in my class.

Have you thought about if you want to play back?

It must be an important game, since you do here.

Eskil, it has nothing to do with you. We have not done us so well.

We have not taken points since Christmas, and the team is tired and says -

If we do not move, they leave me go. Then it ended with hockey.

We were missing one game. Yes, it's an important game.

In such a struggle I would still not stand.

When your father called and said, you should stand...

I thought, that it would be bailout.

That we all thought.

Okay. Mirja can borrow my stuff.

But then you must obtain licenses to her.

And make sure Dad does not find out.

Yes. Thank you, Eskil.

You understand that, right? Yes. So we say it.

Should you run somewhere? I kick sledges no. Mirja will.

Mirja, come on! You must drive your car.

See you tomorrow. Hello. Krister.

Mirja. Come on. Jump in!

Goodbye, Eskil! We need to have a little talk.



Colin Archer. At least 40 feet.

42 Go now.

Can I come back? I told you not to go?

Colin Archer boats with their soft spring are sharp sailors -

Balanced and seaworthy.

To this day prevented the world.

There are built one right now right up to the Arctic Circle.

Fact: Colin Archer42 foot.

Displacement: 22 tons.

130 square meters of sail. Built afbådebygger Trinidad.

Krister can not get a license, so we have to hide the fact that I stand.

Should there then be that I play?

Is that why you get a haircut? No, tips should just cut.

But I have an idea! And you must help me.

Cut around it here. No. So it looks awful.

No. Cut now.

Hello! The tips, we said. I changed my mind. Beautiful, is not it?

Remember skates.

Lok her now not in a match. No, no.

Roger also working late at night. What do you do with food?

I cook and look a little fernsyn. Then I go to bed.

You know, that you can just come whenever you want.

Have you heard any more from your mother? You had to go there at Easter.


When seen in lately? Ljulen.

It is more than three months ago! Do you miss her?

No, what joy I have of it? She's good down there.

There is light, and ice is not. Come on!

Nice to meet you again. Goodbye. Goodbye.


Stig-Arne! The helmet. Damn it! The I forgot.

"Giro". Are you in there? Yes.

The kid plays in the boys team. Benny.

My kid is also there. Eskil, yes. The new goalkeeper.

It's a small town. We know who you are, and what you have meant for hockey.

In our eyes, you are a great man.

You did well its best.

Well, shall we get started?

Are we ready for this Sunday? That's the plan. Why?

I will see when the boys play. It is the fate of the match.

You should probably also with? We'll see. Hello.

I know what's at stake.

The battle must be won, otherwise we do not exist next year.

It would be more fun if it was gold, we struggled. Sorry.

Gold we do not this year. But completely empty-handed is not.

Today we start with a slap shot from the blue. You get a gold coin for each goal.

How many do you have? Eskil can not take a single puck.

Shut up!

Hell, Eskil! I knew you tricked me! Now we take it here!

Move it, fat boy! What the hell?

Yes, most people know the Mirja.

New member of the club. She will stand for us on Sunday.

We do not say no to, right? For us to win this.

Bid the new goalkeeper welcome.

Go and lie down!

Two quarter-inch holes. I have calculated it.

Do you have a name? Eskil.

Sweep properly. I should paint freeboards tomorrow.

Do I need to water the floor? Yes, that would be fine.

Mette. This is not about us.

I will shit on your depressionl How long will he go around here without knowing it?

No, I do not know. It was you who progressed.

It is hard, that he should walk around here without...

Yes, but then you must come and talk with him!

Have I not made it clear? He gets nowhere.

It is safe enough.

I heard about the game. An on the job have a kid on the team. Benny.

Now you've got your challenge. I do not want you to look at.

I know you're nervous.

When you get older, I'll help you with your workout.

Then just look bleak.

Also, I still do not have time. I have to work all weekend.

Where are we going? There is a course in Luleå at Easter.

What about Denmark? And the mother? You had to go talk to her.


There are some things that me and mom must resolve before you can leave.

These are things that we... Actually it has nothing to do with you.

I must go. Listen.

Concentrate on the game instead. An important battle -

Requires mental preparation.

Good sleep and...

A lot of fruit. Impact Target right!

I have an hour to do so. The style should be called "Where I live".

Miss... it must be right?

Do you live there? So in style?

No. It is just fine, If you fantasize.

Denmark is a flat and fertile country. Which lies to the south.

It's hot. So it grows well there.

You can go out without a hat on for the most part -

And in winter it is like a day.

The Danes are constantly outside. You see them everywhere. They laugh.

Sometimes for no reason. But they are happy. And then you become smug.

When you want out. Is it good. That there is a place to go.

It is of course in Denmark. Tivoli is a fun amusement park-

Beautiful location beside a iskagebod.

I won!

Snow and ice are not so often. When it comes. Is it a bit unfamiliar.

It called for the rest snow on the Danish. It goes well. What they think about it.

Ice cream is not available as own words. This means, therefore, mostly ice -

And it's more fun.

What good is a word. There is not is necessary? The sea is always open -

And the ships go. As they will. You can always see the horizon -

So you can imagine throughout the world on the other side.

Where I live is called Denmark. There I will soon move to -

If God and mother will. Eskil Lundin 5a.


What is that?

I've done my best... Yes, but what is it?

Grab rails. Guard rail. But they say...

I know it well.

You have painted. Yes.

Do you travel? Yes.

Far away? Trinidad, I'm going.


It is okay.

When the test station comes, we go.

KI. 20 comes Anders with the wires.

So we combine just shit and running.

Are we talking about a flying sølvark, which leads us to Jerusalem?

No, a real vehicle built by me.

It should lead us to the place I visited four years ago.

How I got my revelation that our Assembly -

To restore the warmth, the joy and the beauty of the island of Trinidad.

You have often talked about the revelation. But we are a Christian church -

And the Bible does not say that the earthly paradise would take over the heavenly.

I know, says Trinidad is not mentioned in the Bible, because the sailors then -

Not ventured out of the Mediterranean. Had they done so, had we known -

That there is a paradise, that can be experienced while alive.

And return from, if you thrive!

Now then. We continue prayers.

Thanks for the word. You're welcome. Send a postcard!

Now I fucking hear! Should we settle with this bottom frozen hell -

The only consolation is the blessed country awaits us when we die?

No, I say. Now I ask for the last time:

Who wish to Trinidad?

Now we just calm down with a hymn.

What are you doing here? Here.

Sven Yrvinds sextant, you know? Yes, yes. Do you like that?


You may need it if your fine instruments stand out on the ocean.

Let me see.

Yes, it was the...

Mirja, beware!

The one with the boat. Is the Trinidad? Yes. What do you know about her?

At school they said, that she was a dangerous idiot.

She is not a dangerous lunatic. She builds a boat.

You know Pia Therese in sixth? The one who can not talk?

Yes. And you know why?

When she was little, she was gone for several days.

They found her in Trinidad.

Since then she has not said a word. She's at least not crazy.

Moving on, Mirja! Otherwise, Krister furious.

I'm coming! See you. Goodbye.

Come on, Mirja!

Hello, Eskil.


Do you remember that? SIS Myrna. It was the one we were on board in the summer.

It's great. Thank you.

You're not coming out and play? No, it's a replacement today.

If you do not speak Danish? We are in Sweden.

It's a long time since you called. He took the phone. It was too expensive.

Clear. He is angry with me. He does not want that we have contact.

He thinks I betrayed you. Did you not it?

I had it because I was sick. The doctor sent me home to Denmark.

But now you're the healthy. When will you do?

Listen. I will not... I would not be sick on the way back.

The darkness and the cold and never to unpack and get to know people.

I could not work. It could be any other course.

Yes. But not me.

You do not know how sorry I am.

What should I do, Mom?

This autumn you 12 So, you decide where you want to stay.

So he will not. No.

But so choose.




Do not run away like that.

Go away!

Go and lie down!

My goodness.

Good evening and welcome.

This is the vessel, which will lead us to paradise.

There is room for 12 Sorry to bother you...

But my son ran away.

It's my mother.

So she comes not to travel? No.

A mother, my word. Yes, sir. Well sorry then.

It's a great gift you have devised to everyone here. You must be proud.

They do not have her. How did you get the idea?

It began with...

I stole timber from træfirmaet, since there were sawmill here.

They just sticks ended up here in the barn.

But I got pangs of conscience and told the pastor.

Then he said to me that there the construction of a church in Sundsvall -

And advised me to bestow the timber to them.

They needed a floor of 640 m2.

So I go there and laid the floor, sawed it all up.

But things went wrong.

They paid me for both wood and work -

And that was an awful lot of money.

It was not supposed but I said nothing.

The priest in Sundsvall had a brother with a travel agency.

They would also give me a nice trip to Trinidad.

I would not go there. I was satisfied with the trip to Sundsvall.

But the afflicted, and so I came over.

It was there that I got "revelation".

And did you build the boat? Yes. In a way, we should get there.

Here. It's for your keys. Thank you. Where is the fine.

He erfiks on the fingers. Yes.

I have to run now if I have to catch the plane. Promise me that you call.

Take me with you, Mom.

I can not, Eskil. It does not right now.

Talk to you later, okay?

See, Mom. Trinidad.

Yes, we are finished.

But if we are connected to the grid tomorrow night, I can not promise.

Roger... It is about Eskil.

If I suddenly knocked, do you think she would let me in?

Yes, of course. How are mothers. You are always welcome.

And you know it? Do you have children? No. But I've had.


What do you mean you had?

If I went with you to Denmark... No, then all hell breaks just loose.

Not if you sail at night and when the Baltic Sea. So they will not find one.

I had a job and you have yours.

40 distance south of Brest.

Crossing the Bay of Biscay.

You want to reach the Canary Islands, before the storms begin in the Atlantic.

There are gale warning. 50 percent chance of over 20 meters per second.

From where? South-south turning west.

And the depth? 15-20 meters.

So we come to knock piles. You can bite the tip of.

We can go into Penmarch. No. Are we short of time, we continue.

For we see Casas de Vila. Yes.

Deed, Eskil!

What directions? We hold 185!

Are we gonna make it? No, the power is three knots!

Then track 190!

Yes! Fired! We are right on!

We can do it!



Did she say anything? She touched you? No, I told you.

How do you know her? I've been helping her with the boat.

Even in the Sahara had you found one. Do not you think it was great?

Yes, but she must be a little crazy. Spend as much time on a boat.

You would be ice hockey pro and spent a lot of time on it.

And so it was not anything. It was...

The knee was... I did not know.

Have you got it there afhende? No, the mother.

What? When? Today.

What do you say? Mette has been here? Yes.

And she's not coming back.

For fuck's sake.

Today DO IT LOOSE KL. 14.00

They are afraid that the ice leads piers north. We are half a meter high.

So we must ease the pressure. Will you call me?

Then we run forfuld force one day.

So we can do it maybe. Or maybe not.

Welcome to Norrskenshallen.

There are 20 mins for Face Off.

20 minutes to face off.

It's sieve! Was it for this asshole, you had to?

Old friends from the previous location. Funny.

We're moving in the morning. I know. We do too.

What do we do with the suitcase? Leave it. I'll get it later.

Bye, "Si." Goodbye.

See you maybe somewhere else.

Good luck-pøj with the game. Keep your mouth shut.

Hello. Will it be tonight? Yes.

Can I help with anything? Yes, the rails must be swept.

It is understood.

There is a green light. Run.

A big hand to our home favorites in red and black: Giron HKI

An extra warm applause the team's new acquisition:

The goalkeeper Eskil Lundinl We also welcome the guest team Moskitos -

Under the leadership afishockeylegenden Malte Lind.

Now we provide the gas. Both turbines at full power, and then we open the hatches.

Either face of the turbines, or else we clear river.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Eskil Lundin has presented SIGL

It was weird. As low river has never been.

The ice carries her all the way out.

We must put more poles under the rails.

Girol Girol

They called from the hall! There are 0-0 after extra time!

Is it Eskil that ...? Yes! Come on. We can achieve criminal dealings!


Come to break you.

It takes you easily. Eskill


Before last sentences lap is still 0-0I

Come on, Benny. What the hell do I do?

I do not fucking. Surprise me. Low goal.

Eskil has never kept a clean sheet. He's been a little mentally tough.

Shut up! Benny need to put the last one!


Giro takes the lead with 1-0 after a marvelous måll Mirja if you take it here now... Shut up.

Come on!

Come on, Eskil!

Eskil! Eskil!

Giron HK!

We will see Krister in the shower! We will see Krister in the shower!

Damn, Benny! Punished! Satan! Great! Have you seen Eskil? The goalkeeper.

In Mobile home, I think.

Boys! Hockey is love!

There you are, Eskil. It could you have just said so immediately.

I am so skides tolt! The one who did it is on the arm, we report.

Does it hurt?


Sorry, Dad.

A shame if it sprængerforkert. So you get the whole barn in the head.

When do you leave? When it's done. In a couple of hours.

I have to go.

Goodbye and thanks for all the help.

I hope you get to Trinidad.

Nice to meet you. You too. Good luck-pøj with mom and dad.

Hello, Eskil!

Now you are a great man in these parts.

Criminal bailout was the coolest, I have seen, since your father was here.

I think I forgot my bag. I have not seen any. Look for.

Eskil! King!

Did you see the fight? No. Do you know where Mirja is?

No. She left before I reached to say thank you. Maybe you can ...?


I'm moving tomorrow. I heard that.

Too much! But you...

When she gets into them here, says maybe she started here -

In this hall.

And so do we, you and I, how it could be.

Yes. Does anyone know it?


I would like to say thank you, I saw here tonight.

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

Are you already at home? We travel the tomorrow morning.

How was the game? We won on penalties 1-0.

It was bloody. Congratulations.

Where's hockey bag?

I must have left it in the hall.

The bag is the home of Mirja. She's got it.

Why? Stop lying.

I saw criminal dealings.

I have boasted of you, and then it was her. How the hell could you?

She was better. She thought she was good.

Ice hockey is gone. Now you have nothing. Just as you.

Get out! Go and pack!

So, so.

We take them off afterwards. It's just Now, it goes bang, then there will be quiet.


Here we go.

Hello! Brat.

You were so close to being blown! What do you want?

I will! No. It does not go, I said.

Just down to town! I have also built on the boat!

There is no one who wants me!


What the hell? Eskil! Satan!

Hello. It was me who called. Roger! Mirja think she knows something.

I think so too. Follow!

Well so.


Farther out.

Farther out!

Eskil! Hold it!

Well, now it fits? I had the chance! We do not fripassagerer with!

There are those who have heard the northern lights. How does it sound?

A crackling sound. Like a weld.

I'll drop you off outside the city, then you must go home. It is not far.

What you can do that.

It was fucking weird.

What the hell? No! The bastards!

What? I can not get out.

They have put a power plant in the way.

There are at least 30 km to the nearest power plant. You can run up and down here.

The devil has always tried to buckle legs of the person who will in paradise.

But I will be okay come up with something.

Okay. Hello. They have released her. She had not done anything criminal.

What did I say?

She may be a little bonkers. That she did not know the power!

Well, she is not.

For the rest. We now erfærdige. Boden after Easter. Half a year.

Hannu and his family must also be there.

Mirja? Yes.

I'm a bit of hockey things. I can take them back if it is.

I was getting so angry. It was perhaps a little premature.

No, it's fine now.

Okay. Good night.


If I was dead out there... Were you also dead?

Yes... I imagine.

It was I will.

What about the mother? If she died, would you also die?

I do not know.

Because if she died, I would die.

Then you must also die.

Look! The boat is gone! Maybe she came back home.

What the hell? The crane.

Hi, this is Roger Lundin.

The crane is gone. Someone has moved it.

They first had to pick it up tomorrow.

Dad, look! The crane! Beware!

Wait. It stands there.

On gravel field below hatches. I understand nothing.

See the boat! She did it!

It was just good...

Holy shit a fool.

Vattenfall crane can lift 180 tons -

But boatbuilder Trinidad Colin Archer weighs only 22 So now she sails along our coast to Denmark and then into the North Sea.

On the other hand, waiting for the pleasure. The beauty and warmth of Trinidad.

Eskil... Here.

What is it? A flight to Copenhagen.

Have you talked to mom? Yes.

It is also a return ticket.

So if you want.

Eskil, we also need to Boden! Yes, and see Trinidad's boat!

Yes! You have to admit, it's incredible.

It's a real city with girls' teams indoor swimming pool and secure mall!

We must plan. Can I run with? Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Eskil... Should we show her the trick?

Damn fool!