Eteros ego (2016) Script

-Happy birthday, my love. -Happy birthday to her!

Thank you all.

I can still remember singing her to sleep... and now she's a young lady already.

Let me tell you a story about these pendants.

He came from a Greek island, Samos. -He was a philosopher. -Is that what true love is like?

Something like that.

And you will give this one to...

Whoever I come to love the most?

To whoever you come to truly love.

<i>Happy Birthday to you...</i>

<i>Happy Birthday, little girl...</i>

<i>Happy Birthday to you!</i>

-Happy birthday, Clio. -Thank you.

-Happy birthday, sweetie. -Thanks.


-So tonight is the night? -Yes.

Have you thought this through?

-What about you? -What about me?

You and Danae?


Clio, we should get going.

-So soon? -Yes. Let's go.

I've got something to tell you.

We are out of here.

Give me a call tomorrow to tell me how it went.

You'd better take good care of my bestie.


-So this is it? -Yes.

-Where are we? -Don't you like it here?

It's nice.

This kiss will give me strength.


I've been thinking about the future.

Yes. And...?

-Do you want to talk about it? -Clio...

I've been thinking about the future a lot.

Baby, come on now, the future is yet to come.

Maybe we should just relax, live in the present... and wait to live the future when it comes.

That's what you think?

You're right.

I want us to spend the rest of the time together.

Please, just say something, I'm freaking out here.

Is that a "yes"?

-I adore you. -Me too, baby.

<i>As an autonomous science, Criminology...</i> answers the question...

<i>NEW YEAR'S EVE 2015</i>

"What's really a criminal?"

What leads someone...

to take another person's life?

Are murderers distinct and peculiar creatures... or do we all harbor a potential killer inside us... waiting for the right circumstances to rise to the surface?

During the following year, together... we will be exploring the magical world of this science... which affiliates with Art more than any other science does.

This is because Criminology seeks to find the light... delving into the darkest nooks... of the human mind.

It seeks for the cause... not just for the mere solution to a crime.

Thank you all very much. Have a happy new year.

Every time I listen to you...

I take pride in my choice.

Thank you, Mr. Chancellor.

I have a great feeling about you... regarding the coming year.

So, where are you spending new year's eve?

With my father, as usual.

Dimitris, son, for how long are you planning to go on like this?

People spend these days with their families...

and he's the only family I've got.

Besides, I always get the holiday blues... and I opt for some alone time.

Alone time is just fine, as long as you don't overdo it.

Only when all thinking stops can the brain find the solution.

That's drawn from personal experience.

What happened to your father was a tragic thing, I know.

He got extremely unlucky.

It wasn't a matter of luck.

Good evening.

Good evening.

It's ok, miss. I'll stay by him tonight.

If you have any plans for tonight, I can be by him all night.

My night shift has just started.

No, thank you.

If you need me, just call me.

Come on, it's turning.

Ten, nine, eight, seven...


Good morning. Happy New Year.

Good morning. Happy New Year. What time is it?

It is morning already.

Thank you.


<i>Where are you, man?</i>

Happy New Year, Nikos.

Happy New Year to both of us, mate.

You stood me up again last night.

You know how things are.

<i>How's Mr. Sotiris doing?</i>

The same.

He doesn't even understand you are there.

Well, I do.

You're such a jerk. Ever since all this happened to him... it's like you avoid joy, as if you're allergic to it or something.

<i>Even your own father would hate seeing you like this.</i>

<i>So when are we going for a beer?</i>

<i>We'd never speak again if it wasn't for me.</i>

You're right.

I'll call you.


Don't be a stranger.

<i>The government spokesman confirmed there'll be no more emergency measures.</i>

<i>And now, to our daily police report.</i>

<i>Former Judge Christina Dessyla was found dead a few hours ago.</i>

<i>According to initial police estimates...</i>

<i>her death was accidental...</i>

<i>as the victim seems to have slipped down her building's staircase.</i>

<i>The weather tomorrow...</i>

I've brought you a cup of coffee.

I already got some.

He is a lucky man to have a son like you.

Is that true?

Do you know how many abandoned people we treat here?

Paying for them is not enough.

It's being present that counts.

Well, I don't want to be a burden.

-Miss Sophia? -Yes?

I'll have the coffee, thank you.

-Can I ask you something? -Sure.

Do you believe in God?


Do you speak to Him?

No, I mean, do you pray?

Yes. Why?

Does He ever listen?

Come in.

Would you like me to stay more, doctor?

It's almost midnight.

Is your Saturday night ruined?

-That's not what I meant. -Go.


You bitch!

He is a bit peculiar, but he is a genius.

He will be of great help. Trust me.

You could say it's a form of autism. Don't let the term scare you.

He is extremely introverted but a great scientist.

He's been my assistant for years.

No, no. I'm objective.

I'm calling him right now.

Good morning, Mr. Chancellor.

I apologize for calling you that early in the morning... but I need your help, son.

<i>I'm all ears.</i>

A doctor was found murdered a couple of hours ago.

The Homicide Department Deputy Chief is a good friend of mine.

In delicate criminology cases he turns to us for consultation.

His name is Apostolos Barassopoulos.

I already informed him that from now on you'll be teaching Criminology... and that maybe you could meet him.

Of course. What's the address?

Can I help you?

I'm here to see the Deputy Chief, Mr. Barassopoulos.

Your name?

Dimitris Lainis. On behalf of Aristotelis Adamantinos.

Just a second.

Good morning, Deputy Chief. Dimitris Lainis, on behalf of...

Yes, I know. Come with me.


They're taking shots now and then taking him to the morgue.

Estimated time of death is approximately six hours ago.

His throat was cut, as well as his fingers... between the middle and the distal phalanges.

Who found him?

A neighbor heard some noise and called us.

There was no arranged appointment on his secretary's agenda.

If he died six hours ago... he must have met the killer some time after midnight.

Are you done?

Yes, sir.



Good morning. Mr. Barassopoulos' office, please?

Thank you.

Come in.

If I may, was the lady who just left somehow connected to the doctor's case?

No, no. A man committed suicide.

She was his ex-wife and she came to testify.

Have a seat.

Based on the ferocity of the doctor's murder... we could probably presume... that this was neither a crime of passion, nor a hot-blooded murder.

I agree. It looks more like a score being settled.

Especially taking the symbolism into consideration.

Yep. The cutting of fingers and the ancient quote.

"Say what you should and don't listen to those you shouldn't".

Plus the 220 euros in an envelope, put in place after the murder.

That, seeing that it was blood-free whereas his uniform was soaked in blood.

Maybe the envelope suggests bribing and is then symbolic. We'll see...

We've already confiscated his computer and his files.

His secretary has testified, but that didn't help much.

We are also investigating the hospital he was working at.

Deputy Chief, I'll deliver the murderer's psychological profile... based on the evidence we have.

In the meantime, if anything new comes up, please let me know.

Good. You can go then. We will be in touch.

Deputy Chief, it would really help if I had a copy of the case file.

Of course. No problem.


After 37 interrogations... the one thing we got is that the deceased was no saint.

We questioned almost all the staff of the hospital he used to work at... his family and social network, but we got nothing.

We didn’t get any leads from his files.

-The tox screen? -All clear.

So were the DNA tests. No trace at all.

The only thing verified... is that the quote was written in the victim's blood.

-What about the handwriting? -The killer had gloves on.

Our graphologist couldn't match it to any of the samples we had.

The quote, however, is by Pythagoras.

What can we make from that?

Maybe it's an indication of our killer's educational level.

Couldn't it just be an attempt to mislead us?

Could be.

Anything is possible.


Deputy Chief, good morning.

What about surveillance footage?

We got one here and another at the entrance... but they're both out of order.

-You know, our clients... -He got here on his own?

Yes. He had made a phone reservation.

He came here by himself.

Dimosthenis Argyriou. Lawyer.

Our killer has some background on anatomy and surgery.

We can make that by the cutting of the tongue.

There's a small syringe puncture on the victim's neck.

I guess he was given some anaesthetic, but the tox screen will confirm it.

Maybe the victim was tied up for extra precaution.

It's the same killer.

I'm afraid I agree.

It can't be a coincidence.

Another quote in ancient Greek.

It is not the only thing in common here.

What do you mean?

The room number, Deputy Chief.

Deputy Chief, could you please come? They're taking the body away.

You said the victim got here by himself, right?


Well, no one comes here by themselves.

He was alone when he checked in.

And nobody asked for him?

This isn't how it works here. Most clients are married people... so they don't come in couples.

Usually one of them books the room, comes here... and later the other follows suit.

We don't ask questions. Discretion is our middle name.

The tox results for the lawyer... confirmed that he was under a heavy load of anaesthetics.

First he was drugged and then his tongue was cut.

Cause of death, drowning by bleeding.

He drowned in his own blood.

Perhaps this specific murder... leads us to a woman killer, not a man.

There was no sexual intercourse. No genetic material was found.

So... he chose that specific hotel to mislead us.


Someone lured him there, to that particular room... asking to meet him for something important... or he wouldn't have gone.

"Hiding the truth is like burying gold".

That's another quote by Pythagoras.

Any thoughts?

I seem to recall another ancient Greek quote...

But that was a suicide...

Bring me the Efthymiou case file.

The suicide victim was a Classics graduate... and it had definitely been him who wrote the note we found.

His ex-wife told us he was suffering from depression... and that he couldn't get over their separation.

George Efthymiou, 40 years old, Classics graduate.

Academic career.

"All are destined to die".

-Who found him? -The house maid.

-When? -January 2nd.

What time did they find him?

In the morning. Why are you asking?

Because the watch on his wrist is stopped at 2:20.

Deputy Chief, I'm afraid that this case is also linked to...

Excuse me.



No. I'm coming right away!

-Is there something wrong? -No, nothing...

My father...

-Where is he? -In his room.

The doctor's with him. He'll be out in a minute.

-What happened? -The doctor will explain everything.

He had a severe stroke.

He is intubated.

He is on life support.

His condition is irreversible.

So, whenever you decide...

I can take him off life support.

-No. -We only prolong his suffering.

No way. That's out of the question.

Think about it. You've got time.

We'll talk again.

This is my cell phone number.

I am on a night shift tonight.

Call me anytime.

I will be by him all night long.


-What a nice surprise! -Hello, Aristotelis.

I just dropped by to say hello. We haven't seen each other in ages.

I hear your case becomes more and more complicated.

Is everything ok with Dimitris?

He's a fine young chap and excellent in his line of work.

I haven't seen him around lately. I meant to ask you about this, too.

Isn't he here today?

No, there was a nasty turn in his father's condition.

He's been very busy.

-What about his father? -Such a tragic story, my friend.

Four years ago, he was the victim of a hit-and-run.

The driver abandoned him and disappeared.

He suffers from tetraplegia ever since.

Dimitris had to take care of him.

His mother died years ago.

Some days ago, there was another stroke.

-What about the driver? -They never found him.

He walks among us, unpunished.

Like so many others.




If Muhammad won't come to the mountain...

Are we using our teeth to open them?

<i>I was nearby and I thought to check on you.</i>

What's new, man?

How's your dad?

He suffered another stroke.

He's on life support.

The machines are keeping him alive.

The killer is punishing them.

Our perpetrator is methodical and patient.

He is not of those who leave messages to taunt the authorities.

He wouldn't risk exposure... even though the first two murders, Efthymiou's and the doctor's... took place in such short period of time.

We also have the lawyer.

And we can't tell if he is the last victim.

Do you think we should be expecting more murders?

Searching the Web...

I found out that Argyriou was involved in the trial-fixing ring.

We already know that.

In the same research, every time Argyriou's name came up... so did Dessyla's too.

They've been accused of fixing more than 30 cases.

-Blackmails, murder cases, drugs. -So?

I recall hearing on the radio that she was found dead.

Yes. She died early on this year. It was an accident.

She fell down the staircase in her apartment building.

Did she really fall?

Bring me the file on Judge Dessyla.

The coroner's report showed... that the cause of her death was a fracture in her skull... and another one in her spine, following her fall.

There was no sign of other injuries or struggle.

<i>The file you asked.</i>

Leave it there.

What floor did she live on?


And, despite her age, she took the stairs?

We will just have a chat with her husband.

There will be no mention of any suspicion of murder.

Deputy Chief... could we please go back to the first floor, please?


"Everything happens according to numbers".

"One is the beginning of everything".


"One is the beginning of everything".

Dessyla was the first of the murders.

What about "Everything happens according to numbers"?

The method used has to do with numbers.

Why would a serial killer who signs after his actions... thus wanting us to know his identity... make his first murder look like an accident... and the second one like a suicide?

To buy some extra time... and keep the rest of his future victims unsuspecting.

All the murders are somehow connected.

The killer justifies his acts through the messages left behind.

Then he signs them.

The ancient quotes are not the murderer's signature.

The number 220 is.

The key lies in the message left at Dessyla's place.

"Everything happens according to numbers".

With Argyriou and Dessyla involved in more than 30 fixed cases... the keys to finding which legal case the murderer avenges... are Dr. Pappas and Efthymiou.

We found nothing on the doctor... so you should focus all investigation on Efthymiou instead.

It is the only way to find out if and when there'll be another murder.


I'm sorry to bother you that late.

<i>No, you are not bothering me. What's wrong?</i>

I need to see you. I need your help.

Could we meet tomorrow at noon?

Yes, tomorrow noon is fine. We can have lunch, my treat.

It's my birthday.

I still remember it, unfortunately.

<i>See you tomorrow at noon.</i>

You seem a bit weary.

Rather thoughtful, I'd say.

It's rather usual on one's birthday.

You think about your life in retrospect.

My father, my grandfather, my uncles... they all dedicated their lives to Law.

I did just the same.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I've just been wondering... about the notion of Justice... in such an unjust world.

But let's go back to your case.

You seem worried and I sit here blabbering.

Four murders, all with ancient Pythagorean quotes.

And number 220.

I've come to a dead end.

There is a Mathematics Conference... and the keynote speaker is Marcel Dechaffe.

He is a splendid mathematician and great lover of Greek history.

Why don't you go find him?

I met him at another conference in Paris.

He might be able to help you.

All sciences use mathematics to solve their own problems.

Physics, medicine, biology, engineering, geology... even economy, they are all based on mathematics.

I'm going to read the definition given by Tolstoy to you. He said...

"People are like fractions: the numerator is their actual worth...

"...and the denominator is what they think of themselves".

The numerator doesn't change.

That is, a person's worth, ok?

The larger the denominator... that is, how we see ourselves... the smaller the fraction is, which means the person as a whole.

Thank you.

Mister Marcel Dechaffe?


My name is Dimitris Lainis.

I'm here on behalf of Mr. Adamantinos.

Aristotelis? What a nice surprise. I'm glad.

How is he doing? I haven't seen him in ages.

He is fine.

And he holds you in high regard.

Don't trust him. He's a big liar.

So, what can I do for you?

I'd like to ask you if there's any theorem in Maths... that has anything to do with number 220.

No, this number alone doesn't ring a bell.

If we had something more, another number maybe... then I could examine the relation between them.

Do you understand?

Maybe there's an allegorical interpretation?

In the last few months, I've been working on a criminal case... with frequent Pythagorean quotes plus the number 220.

That yes. It makes sense.

Pythagorean quotes and number 220? But of course.

So is there a theorem with number 220 in it?

Sure there is one. You Greeks are funny.

The whole world wants to be like ancient Greeks... and you, Greeks, want to be like the rest of the world.

I really don't get you.


"Eteros Ego".

"The other me", ok?

Want to know why?

Because Pythagoras believed he could hear the Music of the Spheres.

It was supposed to be a harmonious sound... produced by the movement of the planets.

Using this sound, he calculated the distance... between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth... and he was also able to determine the size of these planets.

Then, Pythagoreans... developed many theories on numbers... one of which is the one you are interested in.

The theory of the amicable numbers.

Or, the numbers representing "the other me".

Is that clear?

For example, numbers 220 and 284.

Each is the other self of the other number.

Pythagoras defines a friend as "the other me".

Do you understand? There you go.

-And how's this achieved? -How is it achieved?

The sum of the proper divisors of the one of them... gives us the other number.

Is it all Greek to you?

Or Chinese, like you Greeks say. But it's Greek.


Hello. Are you Mr. Efthymiou?


284 divided by 1 equals 284.

284 divided by 2 equals 142.

284 divided by 4 equals 71.

284 divided by 71 equals 4.

284 divided by 142 equals 2.

These are the proper divisors, the numbers that divide 284 exactly.

If we add those numbers...

the sum is 220.

So, the numbers that divide 284... give us 220 when added.

Equally, if we add the numbers that divide number 220 exactly... the result is 284. Do you understand?

The numerical pair 220-284, let me tell you, is not unique.

Many more pairs were afterwards discovered.

The next one, for example, is the pair 1184-1210.

There you go.

I can't thank you enough. You've been of great assistance.

I'm glad.

Give Aristotelis my kindest regards.



My George was a good boy.

That bitch he got with is to blame.

I never liked her. I had told him so.

"She's not right for you", I told him.

He wouldn't listen.

She left him and...

When she testified, she told us that your son suffered from depression.

My son wasn't like that. He was a good boy.

He just always chose the wrong people.

After the accident, he went into his shell.

Wouldn't talk about it with anyone but me.

He needed someone to be there for him, to get him.

But, well, she never got him.

What accident?

We found the case connecting our victims. Here's your copy.

-So? -It's an old case.

In 2007, a young couple, Manthos Kozoros and Clio Rapti...

Why are we leaving that early?

Well, I wanted to have some time alone with you.

Why? We were having such a great time!

-Of course we were, but... -But?

Let's go and I'll tell you.

Tony Marnelis was driving that car.

He is the son of the well-known industrialist.

He claimed that the motorbike driver... had been fooling around with his girlfriend on the bike... and that he had been driving recklessly.

He said that the motorcycle crashed on the car... and then he panicked and drove off.

He turned himself in three days later.

Argyriou was the lawyer who defended the car driver at the trial.

Christina Dessyla was the judge.

Alexis Pappas was the doctor who brought the medical evidence... certifying that the car driver wasn't intoxicated.

George Efthymiou was in the car with Marnelis and the only eye witness... confirming the car driver's statements.

Marnelis was found not guilty.

What about the couple?

The girl was killed on the spot.

In her handbag she had...

70 euros in cash, a leather keychain with 4 keys... a lipstick, a compact powder and a cell phone.

She was wearing a pendant with the number 284... and an engagement ring on her left hand.

I told you I didn't want to be disturbed!




We are too late.

Marnelis has gone missing in the last 24 hours.

He is not killed yet.

What makes you say that?

-He will be killed on May 22nd. -What?

The Pythagorean theorem on amicable numbers.

Which theorem?

Take a look at the board.

Pythagoras discovered the amicable numbers' theorem.

These numbers express the "Eteros Ego".

The numbers that divide exactly one number of a numerical pair... give the other number as their sum, when added.

Such a numerical pair are numbers 220 and 284.

Five numbers divide 284 exactly.

If added up, they give us a sum of 220.

And how can you tell when our murderer will try to kill Marnelis?

Look at the board, Chief.

Which numbers divide 284 exactly?


Dessyla was killed on the first day of the year.


Efthymiou was found dead on the second day of the year.


The doctor was murdered on the fourth day of the year.


The 71st day of the year. 12th of March.

Argyriou was found dead at the hotel.

And the missing 142...

To get 220 as our sum.

The 142nd day of the year is May 22nd.

-On that day, "220"... -The killer will try to kill Marnelis.

In five days.

What was the name of the motorcycle driver?

Manthos Kozoros.

-What happened to him? -He was heavily injured, but survived.

So what are you going to do?

I have to talk to Marnelis' family... and issue an arrest warrant for...

The dead girl's "Eteros Ego".

I think you are already late.

Hello. Is there any phone number... or home address details under the name Manthos Kozoros?

<i>Who's there?</i>

Good evening. I'm sorry to disturb you.

I would like to speak to Mr. Manthos Kozoros, please.

<i>Manthos doesn't allow any visitors. And you are?</i>

Dimitris Lainis. Criminology Professor.

<i>Leave us alone, please.</i>

Mr. Marnelis is missing.

Come in.

Manthos will see you now.

Of course I've heard about those deaths.

It is the only joy Manthos and I have had these last few years.

What did you expect me to say?

That they also had a mother and all that crap?

I expected nothing, madam.

What do you want?

-My name is... -I know your name.

I've been working on the murders... related to the accident you had back in 2007.

Murders? What murders?

One of them killed himself and that bitch fell down the stairs.

We both know this isn't the case.

You know bullshit.

Did you kill them?

I will never forget that night.

I see it every night in my sleep, for the last eight years.

Every single night.

-Man, let's go. -Tony...

We can't leave them like this.

I'll get in trouble. I've been drinking.

Plus my car will get all messy, let alone there's no room for them.

Screw them, man, let's go.

"Screw them, man, let's go".

"My car will get all messy".

She had studied to become an anesthesiologist.

She had so many dreams about her job, about us.

So many dreams were lost forever that night along with her.

Was it you who killed them?

Four months in a coma.

I was not there at her funeral.

Eleven surgeries.

-Did you kill them? -Unfortunately, no.

Do you have an alibi for the days of the murders?

I do.

Since the night of the crash.

At least you're alive.

Or am I? I can't even bear to look myself in the mirror.

Even washing my hair is a torment.

You call that a life?

My mother cleans me up like a baby.

I can't even visit her grave, in my condition.

Leave her some flowers...

and tell her I'll always adore her...

and that those who ruined our lives were punished.

If you get whoever killed them... before you do anything else... bring them here, so I can kiss their hands in gratitude.

God exists after all. He just doesn't react immediately.

You had absolutely no right to visit a suspect at his own house.

You just put yourself at risk.

You've done your best for this case.

Now it's time to fully return to your academic duties.

I believe the murderer poses no threat whatsoever to anyone... but those involved in this case.

Dimitris, tread carefully!

No matter what you're thinking... he is still a murderer.

You know what the problem is?

You're arbitrarily comparing this case to your father's.

Whatever you do, son, you cannot avenge his accident.

What if I think that justice has prevailed this way?

I don't believe what you've just uttered.

It's definitely better to live in an unjust society... than in the chaos of people taking law into the their own hands.

I advise you to stop. You're in a very dangerous path.

It's not your job to judge who's to be punished or not.

Mr. Chancellor, I know what my job is well enough.

All I try to understand is where my duty lies.

Yes, Deputy Chief.

Yes. I'm on my way.

Marnelis was murdered.

How did you get to him?

The murderer set the place on fire.

The fire department found the body and notified us.

At least the killing cycle is closed. This was the last murder.

We didn't make it on time.

We visited Kozoros.

His alibi is rock solid.

"What have I done that I shouldn't? What have I done that I should?

What should I have done but I didn't?"


The anaesthetic was injected into him through this puncture.

When we get the tox screen, we will know the exact substance used.

What kind of anaesthetic does he use?

It's not just one.

The killer seems to know a lot about anaesthetic substances.

For the lawyer, he used chloroform and pentothal... which have a broad spectrum of applications... for quick and smooth induction to anaesthesia... and for a low cost too.

Neuroleptics are used, combined with brief-term action opioids... such as fentanyl.

When administered together, they result in anaesthesia... characterized by disability to move and vomit suppression.

This license plate was nailed in his heart.



Dimitris, I can't ever thank you enough.

You did what you had to do.

Now we have to check the files again, hoping to catch the killer.

I've completed the psychological profile. I'll send it to your office.

If you need anything, I'll be at your service.

Take care.

<i>Each is the other self of the other number.</i>

<i>Pythagoras defines a friend as "the other me".</i>

<i>God exists after all. He just doesn't react immediately.</i>

<i>You're arbitrarily comparing this case to your father's.</i>

<i>The killer seems to know a lot about anaesthetic substances.</i>

<i>She had studied to become an anesthesiologist.</i>

<i>It is the only joy Manthos and I have had these last few years.</i>

<i>I can't even visit her grave, in my condition.</i>

<i>Tell her I'll always adore her...</i>

<i>and that those who ruined our lives were punished.</i>

<i>I can't even visit her grave.</i>

<i>It is the only joy Manthos and...</i>

<i>and that those who ruined our lives were punished.</i>


Wake up!



<i>I'm still on a dead end.</i>

You're still thinking about this case... despite my advice.


I think I know everything about the case now.

What do you mean?

What do you know?

You're still wondering about your job and your duty.

In such an unjust and rotten world...

when you can actually correct something... what do you do?

Whatever you can... as long as you don't rot too in the process.

Dimitris, I have no children of my own, as you know.

You've always been more of a son to me than anything else.

At the end of the day, when everything is silent... all we have left is our conscience.

And conscience is a heavy burden.

The more you have... the heavier it gets to your stomach and your shoulders.

I don't know what else to say.

Can I sit down?

Eat your food?

From time to time we have to do this too. Eat, I mean.

And after eating this... We have an apple and a banana.

-You're a true nurse, after all. -That's true.

But not just that.

Are you always so lost in your thoughts?

-It isn't the best time of my life. -I know.

-Aren't you going to eat? -I can't. I'm not hungry.

But I could drink some water.

I've had a sip already...

That's ok...

On the 220th day of the year...

220... comes to tell 284... that those responsible for ruining their lives... have been punished.

Am I right?

-Give this one to... -Whoever I come to love the most?

To whoever you come to truly love.

<i>Happy Birthday to you...</i>

-Happy birthday, Danae. -Thank you, Clio.

You'd better take good care of my bestie.

Well, here's a person who's interested.

A rare species, indeed.

So, are you here to arrest the monster?

"The future is yet to come".

It was her favourite motto.

She was so good at living the moment.

My grandfather was a mathematician.

On my birthday, he gave me those pendants.

He told me about Pythagoras' amicable numbers.

He told me to give the other one to the one I'd come to truly love.

And that's exactly what I did.

We were inseparable. She was my friend.

My other self.

Same school, same university... same field of studies, holidays together.

Always together.

<i>I had pictured our whole life together.</i>

<i>Seeing her dead, though...</i>

<i>was something I could never have imagined.</i>

No! No!

<i>I thought I'd get over it one day.</i>

<i>That at least I'd learn how to live after all this.</i>

<i>After the trial, I left Greece. I went as far away as I could.</i>

<i>I couldn't believe it.</i>

<i>It was as if they were killing her for the second time.</i>

If the law was just and fair... there would be no room for interpretations.

They were the instigators of their own deaths.

What about forgiveness?

Haven't you ever considered forgiving them?

Forgiveness is what God does.

He is the only one to absolve them.

Does God exist?

What do you think?

I don't know.

He didn't exist when your friend died...

but He exists now to help you kill five people?

He doesn't exist when He has to make a choice...

but He exists in order to judge those who decide on His behalf?

I'm so scared... that I've lost my faith.

That's why I'm asking.

What's your name?

Dimitris Lainis.

So, Dimitris Lainis... it's one thing to say, when your blood boils... that you could kill someone... and it's quite another to actually do it. It's not that simple.

You need to either have a strong heart or to be totally heartless.

I did what I had to do and I don't regret it.

Now you do what you have to do too.

I don't care where I'll end up.

Goodbye, dad.

We'll meet again.

I'll wait for you outside.

-I can't thank you enough. -You don't have to.

-I'm really sorry. -I know.

If you need anything, you know how to find me.


I believe you did the right thing for your father.

Stay strong.

When you leave all that behind... come and find me.

I almost forgot.

This envelope came for you.

-What's wrong? -Nothing.

I know you're still thinking about that case.

Our science is valuable, but cold.

People's motives are passion-driven.

It can be confusing.

<i>Many more pairs were afterwards discovered.</i>

<i>The next one, for example, is the pair 1184-1210.</i>


Sophia, hi.