Ethan Frome (1993) Script


This stop is Starkfield!

This is Starkfield.

W-What is?

Reverend Smith!

Mr. Smith!

You're the only one who got off, so it must be you.

Hale... Ned Hale. I'm the sexton.

Uh, the snow... It's so bright.

I'm sorry. How do you do?

Ah, yes.

No boots?


Must be a relief getting out of the city.

I been to the city myself once, and it sure was a relief getting out.

Was it?

I was there for nearly three days...

Three and nearly the half the next day.

I figured two was more than enough. Shouldn't we give him a ride?

Him? Nah, he wouldn't take it.


Good day!

The new minister.

Good day to you.


Did you see what he did to me?!

Oh, wait.


Let's go.

The... the... the... The poverty...

You would not believe your eyes in Boston that... that people...

Well, that we could allow such degradation...

Reverend, if I could...

Especially amongst the Irish.

May I introduce the Reverend Smith?

Mr. and Mrs. Howe.

How do you do?

How do you do, sir?


And their daughter, Sarah Anne.

It's a pleasure. Hello.

Let me get you some tea.

Isn't this a beautiful dress, Reverend?

Oh, it's, yeah, beautiful.

We never have so many visitors.

I was talking about Boston.

Would you like some more tea, Reverend?

Uh, perhaps. Yes.

Thank you.

Boston... uh, h-h-have any of you ever been to Boston?

It's, uh... Boston.

It's, um... to the east.

Good morning, Reverend.


Maybe, maybe, but I think before I have any opinion, I.. I've only been here a week, Mr. Gow.

A week's enough for anyone to know Starkfield.

One day's enough. An hour, maybe.

If you spend too much time in Starkfield, you begin to look like Harmon.

Just the dumb ones are left, Reverend Smith.

The smart ones get away.

But the importance of a church Surely is not the state of the building but in the spiritual comfort it can offer.

Smith... Your new preacher.


And everyone...

Everyone... They just... it was like the parting of the Red Sea.

Now, I-I-I don't want to be too quick to judge, but if we are to foster a Christian community, then everyone must play their part.

No one can be left in the cold.

I mean, if the man had a disease... I wouldn't.

You wouldn't what?

You wouldn't try to talk to him?

You wouldn't try to ease his burden?

Wh... where... Where does he live?

Over the hill towards the flats, on the back road.

It's a long way.

I-I'd like to see him.

Would you take me there?

We leave the Fromes alone, Reverend.

It's what's best.

Mother is here! Mother is here!

Remember me?

We met the other day at the post office window.

The new minister.

I-I-I was passing by.

I'm trying to visit all my parishioners...

In time.

I hadn't realized that you were quite this far out of town.

I-I would have driven had... had someone...

So, I-I guess it's no wonder that, uh...

I was told that you're not, uh, regular church on sundays.

We met the other day?

That's right, at the... What you want?

Uh, I-I'm... I'm in need of a driver, as you can see.

I can pay 50 cents a week.

Here. I..I..I've got the...

I've got the first week's right here.

We can start tomorrow if you're free.

Goodbye. I-I hope to see you on Sunday.

Whoa. Whoa.



It's not moving.


I hate... putting you out, but you're... You're very kind.

What other choice was there?

Mrs. Hale is going to wonder where I am. Ahh.

Ohh. Thank you.

This one is still warm.

This morning...

The sky was so clear, you never would have imagined.

Is that your wife?

Please, I-I don't want her to feel...

You can sleep in here.

It's warm till the fire's out.

The Allens this afternoon...

Good people.


You could have come in with me.

I heard their whole life story.

People don't have anyone to talk to.

I think you can be too much on your own, left alone.

Maybe that's how they like it.

Oh. Maybe.

That's how they've been treated for so long, that's all they're used to.

"Let us now remind ourselves

"that charity never faileth."

"But whether there be prophecies, "they shall fail."

"Whether there be tongues, "they shall cease."

"Whether there be knowledge, "it shall vanish away."

"For we know in part, "and we prophesy in part, "but when that which is perfect is come

"then that which is in part shall be done away."

"When I was a child, I spake as a child."

"I understood as a child."

"I thought as a child."

"But when I became a man, I put away childish things."

"For now we see through a glass, darkly, "but then, face to face."

"Now I know in part, "but then shall I know, even as also I am known."

"And now abideth

"faith, hope, and charity, "these three."

"But the greatest of these... is charity."

It's not what you think, Mr. Smith.

There isn't one of those men who hasn't wrestled with his soul about what was or wasn't the right thing to do about Ethan Frome.

What Mr. Frome needs... Who knows what Mr. Frome needs, Mr. Smith?

Who can presume to know a thing like that?

In Boston, it is not presumptuous to be charitable.

So perhaps it is in Boston that I truly belong.

Someone should have just told you.

That's what we've done wrong.

Someone should just tell you.

We're going to lose you if someone doesn't.

I can see that.

And you're a good one.

Tell me what?

What do you know about Ethan, about Zeena?

Who is Zeena?

Ethan's wife, Mr. Smith.

You... you said you stayed there. You didn't meet...

I stayed the night in the kitchen.

It was warmest there, Ethan said.

The door to the rest of the house he kept closed, so...

Then you don't know anything, Reverend.

You can't.

I try to go out there once or twice a year.

Maybe the time's come 'round again.

Maybe we should go together.

Zeena and Ethan are distant cousins.

She grew up in a town, uh...

I forget which one.

It's... it's a good ways from here.

And she was sent for to take care of Ethan's mother.

And then, after some time, his mother died.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection unto eternal life through our lord Jesus Christ.

What were you, uh, studying at, uh, Hartford, Ethan?


Um, I didn't get that far yet in my studies, but, um, people have said already they can see I've got the feel for it.

But, um, I only just started, and now mother... She got ill and I come home, but everyone says it's... It's there waiting for me.

Wish I could have helped you more, Zeena, but you seem to be doing just fine.

I'm sure Ethan would want to say how grateful he is that you could come.

His mama would have been grateful, too.

Let me.

Then you're gonna sell the farm, Ethan?

Huh? Yep, I'm gonna sell the farm.

I plan to move out west. Or Florida, maybe.

You don't have to leave yet.

You can stay for...

I came to take care of your mother, Ethan.

That's all my family expected.

My work is finished.

Would you like something?

I'll bet you didn't have anything to eat yourself.

I'll make your supper in a minute, Ethan.

I w... I wasn't saying... I'm not hungry.

I can't see how you could be after all the pie I saw you eating.

Sit down if you'd like.

Make me nervous, darting around like that.

You can sit on the bed. Move some things over.


I'll do it. You just sit there.

Let me do that.

You should have asked me. You could have hurt yourself.

It's stuck.

Well, don't hurt yourself.

I think Zeena Pierce had been noticing Ethan Frome for more than just that one afternoon.

He was a big, strong man, and he was going to need someone sometime to do the work his mama had been doing.

And if there's one thing every woman looks for in a man...

It's to be needed.

Your breakfast will get cold.

I'll, uh... I'll bring it down later.

She never did leave.

Maybe they shouldn't have stayed together.

Maybe if it had been spring, it might have been different.

But it was winter.

Watch the ice! So they married.

Whoa! Whoa!



The big tree there on this hill where they're coasting...

Right after, they wanted to cut it down, but they never did.

That's where it happened.

What happened?

I hate showing you this.

After five winters had passed, Ethan found himself with a wife who'd become quite sickly.

Folks said about Zeena that she'd caught every illness she'd ever heard of, and leaving Starkfield was no longer even something to talk about, to dream about.

I don't see why we need someone.

Well, she don't cost anything 'cause she's a relative.

She's got nowheres else to go.

She might be someone to talk to.

Where is she going to stay?

Where I stayed when I came to help your ma.

In my old room?

Should she sleep in the kitchen?

But that's my room, Zeena. That's where I keep my books...

I made you a good breakfast, Ethan.

Just knowing I'm going to get some help has made me feel a lot better.

Isn't that strange?

This is Starkfield, miss.

Mattie Silver was the daughter of Zeena's cousin, and she'd had her share of hardship...

Her father's death, the disclosure of his many debts, her mother's death.

She was left with $50 to make her way from the sale of her old piano, all of which made her kind of... fragile and shaken and hardly the best choice to take over the chores Zeena was too sickly to attend to.

But Mattie Silver needed somewhere to live, and Zeena needed someone to help.

And so these three were brought together.

How was the trip, dear?

Cousin Zeena.

Never been so tired in all my life.

Ethan will get you a cup of tea.

You're looking as tall as Aunt Clara.

Must run in the family.

Is she asleep?

You see how she looked?

The child is ill herself.

You didn't tell me she was sickly.

It's a long ways from Stamford. She's tired.

I know when someone is ill.

How is she going to get better in the cold?

We need someone to help, Zeena. That's what you said.

We need a strong girl. A healthy girl.

What are we going to do?

I guess a year went by.

Mattie never did get the feel for housekeeping, but she was worried Zeena would send her away, so she kept trying.

And Mattie got better.

Spring came, then summer.

And instead of getting sicker...

She got better.

Mattie, he asked me.

And by the next winter, everyone began to notice that this pale, fragile girl had become a healthy, youthful, and very alive young woman.

The whole village had noticed the change in her.

Even me.

Want to go down the steep slope?

If you want.

Come on!

Come on.

Are you hurt?


I didn't know you were such a dancer.

What happened? What? Ruth?



I ain't hurt. It's just a bruise.

We jumped off just in time. Ow!

My foot got stuck. I couldn't steer.

I was scared, and I thought he was trying to tickle me!

Thanks, Ethan.

I'll see her the rest of the way home, Ned.

All right.

Bye-bye, grandpa.

I'll just be a minute.

Good night!

Good night!

How are you getting home?

I got my dad's sleigh.

I even got the roan colt hitched to it, so we'd be there in no time.

I'll see you back at home, Mattie.

Wait, Ethan.

Denis here can give us both a ride if he's driving out.

It's a... two-seater, Mattie.

Good night!

You should have taken the ride.

It's cold.

Maybe I will another night.

Tonight I feel like walking.

You should've come a little earlier.

Everybody was dancing.

I said I was coming to fetch you.

Did you think I'd forget?

Zeena don't like you walking home alone.

I don't either.

That was something with Ruth and Ned, wasn't it?

Ned doesn't know how to steer. No.

I should take you coasting sometime.


Oh, Ethan, I love coasting!

Ruth and I are always saying...

Always saying what?

That we both love coasting and we never go.

Denis Eady must have asked you.

Well, why would I go anywhere with him?

Didn't see you.

Isn't that Orion yonder?

And the big fellow to the right is Aldebaran.

And the bunch of little ones, like bees swarming, they're the Pleiades.

Doesn't looking at it make you feel like it's all a picture?

It's so pretty.

Makes me happy just watching it.

I can see the moon in your eyes.

The key ain't here. Maybe Zeena forgot.

Zeena wouldn't forget something like that.

It must've fallen.

But it's so late, Ethan.

We should have been home an hour ago.

We'll find it.

It's open.

You forget about us, Zeena?

No, I felt so mean tonight, I didn't go to bed yet.

Fox here again?


Oh! I'm so sorry! I...

Can't you be careful?

I'll clean it, Zeena.

I'll do it!

I will have to do it.

You going somewhere, Zeena?

Is something burning?

Oh, god!


Zeena's going to aunt Martha's in Bettsbridge for the night.

For the night?

There's a new doctor there.

I got such shooting pains now.

They're clear way down to my ankles.

I can't go on much more like this, Ethan!

I ain't never felt this mean before.

What you got to do you got to do.

I'm praying this new doctor will have something for me.

You must be hurting.

You ain't never stayed away the night before.

I'd go with you myself, but there's the work to do.

Well, for one day, Ethan, I can...

Can't do what I got to do.

Got to haul them logs to Mr. Hale.

We ain't finished loading them yet, Ethan.

I'll take what we've loaded.

Mr. Hale, he told me he was in a hurry for any logs.

He's building that new house for Ned and Ruth Varnum.

I promised him.

You didn't tell me...

And he said he's going to pay me a $30 advance.

He did?


Well, I won't be feeling so bad spending money on this new doctor.

Of course, I'll take you over to the flats for the train.

Jotham can take me.

You have to go see Mr. Hale.

You'll take me, Jotham.

I sure hope this doctor can help, Zeena.

If you can get the taste out, that'll do for pickles.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa. Whoa.


Come on.

Let's go, boy.


Good morning, Ethan.

You treat them horses like they were pets, Ethan.

Your father would be proud.

That ain't a full load you got out there, is it?

I was going into town anyway, so... I thought...

I was, um, wondering if you could give me an advance on the lumber.

Ethan, business is downright slack to begin with.

You know I'm fixing up a little house for Ned and Ruth.

I'm glad to do it for them... For the cost.


You ain't needing money, are you, Ethan?


Uh... I just... Just wasn't thinking.

'Cause if you are...

I just wasn't thinking, Mr. Hale.

Oh, just the man I wanted to see.


Uh, take this and tell Mattie that I forgive her.

Forgive her?

Yeah. For not riding with me.

Oh, and say, "To my favorite dance partner."

Whoa. Whoa.



Now, you watch where you're walking.

I nearly stepped on you, puss.

She's keeping Zeena's place warm.

Looks as if there'll be more snow coming.

You think so?

Do you suppose it'll interfere with Zeena's getting back?

I don't suppose she could be home much before tomorrow evening.

There's only the one train.

And I expect she's told Jotham to meet her then.

That's supposing Jotham remembers what he's been told, which ain't always the case, is it, with Jotham?

I'll get you more.

I ain't making fun.

I ain't saying nothing I ain't said to Jotham, Mattie.

Ethan, I wasn't thinking you were.

It ain't his fault.

Once his aunt died, poor man, well, he... He's got distractions.

And he's fortunate to have somebody like you.

That's what Zeena says.

And Zeena's right.


It ain't being especially hungry.

I'm always especially hungry.

It's the cooking.


Jotham's got a little shed now behind the Gows'.

They give it to him.

I'm very pleased you like the cooking.

I do.

It's been...

I don't know... More than a year since I think I was complimented for anything.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe that.

Maybe not for cooking, but...

For dancing?

Well, I ain't heard none.

I'll bet Denis Eady.

Then you mustn't have been listening.

Well, if it was Denis, he did speak, and I probably wasn't.

My hands... cold as ice.

Though it don't seem right my saying it, the last compliment I think I remember was from my piano playing, and that was...

What piano playing? You never do.

You don't have a piano, so how could you?

Sometime, maybe.

Who has...

My piano playing and for my singing...

That's what I was complimented for.


I'd like some more. I would.

Well, you haven't finished what you got.

I said I'd like some more.

While I'm waiting I'll try one of these good-looking things.

Hello, there.

You want a bite?


We don't eat like this every day, do we?

I'm always asking Zeena to let me.

I know.

Ethan, I didn't mean anything against...


Let's just the two of us sit here and eat, like we were...

Sit here and eat like we were...


It's broken!

No! It's broken!

It wasn't your fault.

You don't understand! The cat...

It wasn't meant to be used! I shouldn't have given her some doughnut.

She kept it in the good parlor.

She kept it there, and now she'll want to know why!

Zeena doesn't have to know anything.

I'll get another one.

I'll go to Shadd's Falls if I have to.

You'll never get one there!

It was a wedding present from a cousin.

Let me do that. You're cutting yourself.

What are we going to do?

I'll set it back.

I'll get some glue tomorrow.

She never looks at the thing anyway.

Nearly forgot... Got you something in town today.

Why would you get me something?

They're sweets.

It's beautiful!

It's lovely! It's so lovely, Ethan.

Denis eady asked me to give that to you.


I love sweets.

They're good ones.

I can see that.

Take one.

You try one.

Very good.

What you s-sewing?


I c...


Piano playing... Singing...

There's a lot I didn't know.

And I used to be the best reciter in my school.

Nothing scared me.

I could stand in front of everyone.

I'd close my eyes...

"Solemnly, mournfully, dealing its dole

"the curfew bell is beginning to toll.

"Cover the embers and put out the light toil... comes with morning and..."

"And the rest with the night."

I can't remember the rest.

You're cold.

Good night.

Good night.

Mattie Silver... What a wonderful surprise.

We'll be needing some glue, Denis.


Glue for the lady.

Let's see, uh...

I thought it was, uh...



Well, I don't know where my father keeps the glue.

Maybe... here.

Well, if you don't have it, maybe Mrs. Homan does.

Oh, if we ain't got it, Mrs. Homan sure won't.

Hey, Mattie...

What do you think about my present?

What present was that, Denis Eady?

Ethan, didn't you give Mattie the...


It was lovely. Thank you.

5 cents.

3... 4... 5.

Thank you.

I hope Zeena ain't broke nothing she set store by.

Come on, boy.


Whoa, boy.

For the first week, they treat me like I'm some country idiot who don't read or write.

I don't say anything...

The less someone knows about you... my father said this.

But then, Mattie, I hear them talking about Bettsbridge.

That's where they're from.

Our Bettsbridge?

Here we are in Florida on the other side of the country, and they're from Bettsbridge, and I'm from Starkfield.

Oh, Florida is a place you got to see, Mattie.


Can I come in for dinner?

We just got back, Jotham.

I ain't had time.

Zeena's been back long enough. Ain't she fixed it yet?

Z-Zeena's back?

When did she...

Mr. Gow brought her. Didn't you see them?

I thought that you would have passed them.

They, uh... they weren't here much after you left.

Mattie's going to make dinner.

Should she set you a plate?

Mnh-mnh. Don't feel I could touch a morsel.

You must be tired, uh, after the long trip.

That was a good thing getting a ride with gow.

I guess, what, he was picking something up at the station?

What train did you take? I didn't know there was a...

I didn't take the train.

Mr. Gow happened to be in Bettsbridge, so...

That was good of him.

I'm a great deal sicker than you think.

I've got complications.

Is that what the new doctor told you?

What I should have is an operation.

You've never been told that before.

What do you know about this new doctor anyway?

I didn't need to have anybody tell me I was getting worse.

Every day, everybody... Could see it.

Everybody in Bettsbridge knows about Dr. Buck.

He has his office in Worcester, and he comes over once a fortnight to Shadd's Falls and Bettsbridge.

Eliza Spears was wasting away with kidney trouble before she went to him, and now she's up and around and singing in the choir.

I'm glad of that.

You just do what he tells you, then.

I mean to.

He says...

That I should have a hired girl And that I oughtn't to have to do a single...

A hired girl?

And Aunt Martha found me one right off.

Everybody in Bettsbridge says that I was real lucky to get a girl to come way out here.

And I agreed to give her a dollar extra to make sure.

She'll be over tomorrow afternoon.

If you meant to engage a girl, you ought to have told me before you started.

How could I tell you before I started?

How did I know what Dr. Buck would say?

And did Dr. Buck tell you how I was to pay her wages?

No, he didn't. For I'd been ashamed to tell him that you grudged me the money to get back my health when I lost it nursing your mother!

You lost your health... And my folks told me at the time that you couldn't do no less than marry me after...

You'll have to send her back.

The doctor doesn't understand how I've stood it so long, slaving the way I've had to.

You don't have to lift a finger. I'll do everything!

You've neglected the farm enough already!

Better send me over to the almshouse and done with it.

I guess there's been Fromes there before now.

I thought you were getting $30 from Andrew Hale for that lumber.

Hale never pays under three months.

You told me yesterday that you fixed it with him to pay cash down.

You said that was why you couldn't come with... It was a misunderstanding.

You ain't got the money?

And you ain't going to get it?

Well, how could I know that when I engaged the girl?!

You know it now!

You're a poor man's wife! I do the best I can!

Of course you do.

We'll manage...

You, me, and Mattie.

No, there'll be Mattie's board less, anyhow.


You didn't think I was going to keep two girls, did you?

Well, no wonder you're scared at the expense.

Mattie's not a hired girl. She's your relation.

And we've kept her for a whole year.

Now it's another relative's turn.

I never bargained to take her for life.

You can't put her out like a thief.

What's she going to do?

What do you think folks are going to say about you?

I know well enough what they say of me having kept her here as long as I have.

The girl will be over from Bettsbridge tomorrow.

She'll need some place to sleep.

Felt a mite better.

Dr. Buck says that I ought to eat all I can to keep my strength up, even if I ain't got any appetite.

Jotham's going back to work.

Aunt Martha's troubles are about the same.

Even Dr. Buck says that he ain't never seen a man or woman with worse intestines than she's got.

That pie of yours, Mattie, always sits a mite heavy.

I got those stomach powders last year in Springfield.

I ain't tried them for a while.

Maybe they'll help with heartburn.

Let me get them for you. No.

They're in a place you don't know about.

Who did this?!

Who did this?!

I went to get those powders I had put in father's spectacle case up there where I keep special things.

Cousin Maple's pickle dish...

It's been up there on purpose since we was married.

It ain't never been down since except for cleaning, and then I always lifted it with my own hands.

The cat did it, Zeena. The cat?

That's what I said.

Well, how'd the cat get into my China closet?

It was chasing mice.

Oh, well, I knew she was a smart cat, but I didn't know she was smart enough to pick up the pieces and try and set them back together!

I did it.

It's my fault. Mattie...

The cat did break the dish, but I got it down from the China closet.

And why did you do that?

I wanted to make the supper table...


Not even when the minister came to dinner did I bring that dish out.

You're a bad person, Mattie Silver.

I should have listened to folks. They warned me.

Zeena! It's the way your father begun.

You waited till my back was turned...

And took the one thing that I set most store by of anything that I've got.

It'll be good when you're gone!

Get away! Get away!

Get away!

I want to see what you're taking before that gets closed up.

No. She'll hear you.

I need you.

So that's what woke me up last night.

I heard something funny last night.

That's what woke me up... That stupid fox dying.

What time did you say Daniel Byrne would be around, Jotham?

Daniel Byrne? About noon.

That trunk of Mattie's... It's too heavy for the sleigh.

And Daniel Byrne will be around to take it over to the flats.

What she has in it...

No more than what she came with.

That's all?

The hired girl's coming on the 4:00.

Jotham can pick her up, and while he's doing that, he can take Mattie to wait for the 5:00 to Stamford.

More coffee, Jotham?

A huckaback towel is missing.

I went through her trunk, but...

I'm sure I lent her one when she was sick last spring.

Feeling a bit better.

The appetite's back for now.

It's just Mattie getting down her trunk.


The stove in Mattie's room ain't been drawing right for nine month now.

I want you to fix it up before the girl gets here!

If it was good enough for Mattie, it's good enough for a hired girl!

Thank you, Zeena.

That's good, Daniel.

Mattie! No!

No! No!

Aaagh! No!

Let me do it!



Oh, Mattie...

Oh, Mattie, please.

I'll drive Mattie to the train.

Jotham said he'd... I said I'm driving her.

Give our regards to your aunts.

They are often in my thoughts.

This is for the train.

It plus what you've shown me you've saved is exactly enough.



Come on!

Come on!

Come on, hyah!

I heard about this man.

He's about my age.

He comes from over the mountain.

He went west with this girl.

He left his wife, a-and they went west.

But he came back... They did...

To visit relatives.

I saw them, Matt.

They were pointed out to me a couple of summers ago at Shadd's Falls.

They... they had a baby with them...

A beautiful girl baby.

But what's interesting is the wife, who he left, s-she didn't do so badly either.

He'd given her the farm, and she'd sold it.

And with that and the alimony, she'd started a lunch room in Bettsbridge.


It's a... it's a good lunch room.

I know the one you mean, Ethan.

For $50, Matt, we could take the train out west...

Or Florida.

I've been to Florida.

$50. I'm going to save it up.

And we'd send her money, Matt.

I owe her that much.

I... I couldn't just...




Why are you stopping, Ethan?

The hired girl will be waiting.

Well, let her wait. You'd have to if she didn't.

I'm going to buy you something. Come on.

Ethan... Come on.

Show me what you want.

I'm going to buy you something.

Hello, Matt.





Mrs. Varnum.

We don't often see you in town during the day.


Let's leave, Ethan.

What about this? I'll buy this.

You shouldn't be spending...

I want to buy you something, Mattie.

I told you that.

I didn't know it was your birthday, Matt.

Well, you didn't tell nobody.

It's not my birthday.

I'll take this, Denis.

I asked Ned for something just like it for Christmas.

But with the wedding so soon and...

And getting the house...

I... I heard about Zeena going over to Bettsbridge to see that new Dr. Buck, Ethan.

I'm real sorry Zeena's feeling so bad again.

I hope he thinks he can do something for her.

Thank you for thinking about her.

I don't know anybody around here who's had more sickness than Zeena.


And after all the help she's given other people...

Nursing people...

I know that.

If your ma hadn't had her to look after her...


Let's go to the station, Ethan. Put it on.

I don't care who knows it's from me.

We said we were going coasting, Matt.

We said we were going, and we ain't.

You want to do the big run?

Come on.

How high are we going to go?

You want... you want speed, don't you?

Come on.

That's it.


I hope you steer better than Ned Hale.

I'll hold you. Don't worry.

Whoa! Aaaah!


Aah! Aah!



Again? Yeah.



You were scared.

No, I wasn't.

Are you tired?


If I miss my train, where will I go?

Where you going if you catch it?

I want you... To take me down again.

I never want to leave this hill.


Why, Ethan?

I want to go in front.

I want to feel you hold me, Matt.

Push off.

Push! Push!

My mother and I were the first to reach them.

We were walking home.

They laid Mattie in our house, upstairs, in my room.

We were great friends.

She was going to have been my bridesmaid.

I haven't ever heard before or since...

... any human being moan like Mattie did.

May god have pity on them.

Come on. We can walk the rest.

Morning, Ethan.


You know the new Reverend, I gather.

Mr. Smith.


We were just going by.

Where's Zeena?

If she knew I was near and didn't stop in...


Oh, please.


You'll be wanting some tea.

Have you, um...

Have you met the Reverend Smith?

It is a pleasure, Mrs. Frome.

This is my wife, Mr. Smith.

And this is Miss Mattie Silver.

Let me get the tea.

Would you like me to open up the...

We like it dark, Mr. Smith.

Don't say anything...

Not yet.

Spring's coming.

Snow won't last much longer.